High Notes, Vol 20 No 14, May 17 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Hunar Verma (12T) on his selection in the U19 NSW cricket team. Well done also to Aikaansh Ahi (9E) on his selection in the U15 Thunder Cricket NSW Academy. High’s representatives in the Open CHS Volleyball team are Joshua Reid (10F), Oliver Yang (11T) and Samuel Yu (12T) – Congratulations! Julian Markworth-Scott (12E) was selected in the CIS open basketball team to play CCC and CHS in early June. Well done, Julian! Thank you so much to Andy Xia (9R) for his outstanding work in submitting a detailed proposal with drawings for the re-modelling of the Library staff room and storage space.

Interpreting Semester 1 Year 12 Reports

All Year 12 students should have their reports. For the first time during their high school life, the students have an ATAR calculation based on their best ten units. However, not all parts of their courses have been examined at this time. The full examination doesn’t happen until the Trial HSC in August. A limited number of topics have been completed in the HSC courses so far this year. Despite these limitations, the May report is extremely important as a yard stick for possible HSC performance. Every year I would love to be proved wrong. Every year I would be glad to applaud students who do much better than their ATAR prediction derived from their April performances. Inevitably, if nothing changes in the students, the predictions will be accurate, assuming our quantum and spread of marks earned this year are similar to those earned in last year’s HSC. The first report in Year 12 is often a wakeup call for boys who have been coasting. Many teachers are frustrated because of the number of students who have not taken advantage of practice tasks or early submission of drafts of essays to receive very useful feedback prior to submission. Individual Faculties also provide targeted coaching for students with weaknesses in the period up until the HSC Trial examination. Students with their backs to the wall start to listen when we talk to them about study routines, life balance and focus. I hope parents will support us once again this year by impressing upon their sons how important it is from now on to get themselves organised, stick to a study routine and find the time each week to work hard.

Technology-Free Days – Junior School

Parental responses and a recent survey of faculties by Head Teachers have confirmed that from an adult perspective, technology-free days are beneficial for student social interactions. Whilst the students might complain about an infringement of their liberties, the school has a genuine concern for their health and wellbeing. The school executive decided to extend the device-free days for students in the junior quad to three days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In their free time, at lunch or recess, students ought to be away from their screens and interacting with others. They spend too much time with their eyes glued to screens. Students are reminded that they are not allowed to be in school corridors during recess or lunch unless a wet weather day has been declared, and even in that case, they are assigned to particular corridors. Our hope is that, in Years 7-9, our students will have more active break times and get to know each other a little better.

Vale Alan Grover SHS - 1961

Alan Grover passed away on Sunday 12 May 2019 after a long battle with illness.  Alan Grover was Sydney Rowing Club’s principal coxswain in the 1960s and through into the 1970s.  He joined the club after coxing Sydney High’s eight in 1961. He was a man of outstanding ability, highly respected by his colleagues and peers. He was a triple Olympian, coxing the Australian coxed four in Tokyo in 1964, the Australian eight in Mexico in 1968 (silver medal) and the Australian eight in Munich in 1972. For NSW,

Alan steered two winning Penrith Cup lightweight fours in 1965 and 1967, and the winning King’s Cup crews of 1968 and 1972.  He steered five King’s Cup crews in the period 1968 to 1980.  Alan was the cox of numerous successful Sydney Rowing Club crews over that period.  In his business career, Alan Grover was a marketing executive and spent many years employed by the Australian Olympic Committee.
Dr K A Jaggar

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