High Notes, Vol 20 No 13, May 10 2019

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Jadon Yang (12T) who was awarded an Oxford Classical Dictionary from Mary Washington University for achieving four consecutive gold medals in the National Latin Exam. Well done, Jadon!

SGHS-SBHS Musical Production – Oklahoma

Come and support music and drama at our two schools on Thursday 30 May at 7pm at Sydney Girls Multi-Purpose Centre, on Saturday for the matinee 1 June at 12pm or evening performance at 7pm. Bring the family to enjoy a classic musical and show your appreciation for the efforts of the students, staff and production team.


Students in Years 7 and 9 will have their NAPLAN tests next week and the week after. I urge all students to try their best during these tests to reach their personal bests. We expect that you will work carefully and methodically. Select your answers after weighing up all the options. Watch out for distractors – answers that have elements of truth or parts of the answer to the question but are incomplete. They are there in order to entice you to pick them because you have not thought the problem through fully. Use all of the available time. Check your answers for any careless errors or omissions. Remember that the purpose of the tests is entirely diagnostic. That is, the tests are used to show you and your family how far you have progressed on the national learning continuum since Year 5 or Year 7. Stay calm and focussed during the busy weeks ahead – good luck!

Full School Uniform Policy

High is proud of the fact that its boys wear their school uniform. We expect boys to be in their appropriate uniforms at all times. In winter, there can be extreme weather events but where adjustments need to be made in clothing, the High Store has responded to the requests from the SRC to supply approved supplementary items. Uniform items are approved by the school community through the P & C. The school beanie and school scarf can be worn at all times as part of the official school uniform. Students feeling the cold should not improvise with random items of clothing of various colours and designs. It is permissible to wear white skivvies underneath school shirts when it is really cold. Students are allowed to wear sports clothing on sports days (Wednesdays for Years 10-12 and Thursdays for Years 7-9) and can add the school tracksuit for warmth. When it is raining, umbrellas, disposable ponchos or the new school wet weather jacket are authorised. Non-uniform anoraks, jackets, caps, beanies, scarfs and wet weather gear are not permitted under any circumstances. Teachers are reminded to ask students to remove items of clothing that are not school uniform and warn them about the need to comply with the school dress code. Explain the options they have available. Put students on detention if they re-offend. If the student still does not comply with school uniform, report the recidivist student to the relevant DP, for persistent disobedience in his failure to wear approved school attire

The Sydney Boys High Student Research and Resources (Public Library) Fund  

The Sydney Boys High School Student Research and Resources Fund is a fund to resource our two school libraries. Purchases of books, e-books, subscriptions to magazines, databases and streaming services such as Clickview and minor equipment, are paid for from the Fund. In addition, the wages of 0.8FTE of a second Librarian and staff employed to extend library hours and run Library archives, are paid for from the Fund. As contributions to the Fund are tax deductible, it provides a very cost effective way for parents and Old Boys to help fund an important and growing area of school life – online learning. There are 40 boys in our Online Learning elective in Year 10 accessing these facilities. As well, 224 students can enjoy the library facilities simultaneously. The opening balance for the Fund in 2018 was $83,950. Total receipts during the year were $142,371. Expenditures included: wages for Library and archive staff; physical and electronic resources; furniture; ‘Clickview’ subscription and maintenance. Total payments were $150,788. Balance carried forward was $75,533. I commend the Student Research and Resources (Public Library) Fund to all parents and ask for your financial support in the form of tax-deductible donations before the end of the financial year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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