High Notes, Vol 19 No 9, March 29 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

At the season-ending GPS Swimming carnival there was a large and enthusiastic crowd of High supporters. It was super tough competition for us. We trailed behind the field in Junior and Intermediate divisions but finished sixth in the senior division. Allen Guo scored High’s only win of the evening in the 17 Years 50m breaststroke division. Patrick Yi came second in the U14 50m breaststroke championship and was third in the U14 100m freestyle. Jaden Yi placed second in the U13 50m breaststroke championship. Congratulations to our boys who placed and to all those who competed. Congratulations in particular to our GPS combined representatives who will compete at CIS: Adam Feng (12S), David Goh (11R), Ike Matsuoka (9M), Patrick Yi (8F) and Jaden Yi (7T). These selections prove that you can be a representative swimmer if you train very consistently and race hard at every carnival. Well done to Anthony Vlatko (11F) who won the Australian U18 800m in 1.50.02. Rowan Tan won gold in the triple jump with a record 12.89m. Kane Shields, running up a year in U15s, claimed a bronze in 2.03.40. Great work, boys!

School Athletics Carnival

The school athletics carnival was managed efficiently again by Kurt Rich. I want to thank him particularly and staff generally for their work on Monday last. The event is about participation, so it was pleasing that so many boys had a run or two and did a field event. School records were broken in U15 100m (11.57) Kazi Hasan (10S) and the U15s House Relay 49.69. Age Champions were: 12 years Safiy Zanjani (7E), 13 years Joshua Suto (8S), 14 years Rowan Tan (9M), 15 years Felix Cao (10T), 16 years Sudaraka Pieris (11M), 17+ Julian Markworth-Scott (11E). Congratulations to the age champions!

Year 7 Progress Reports

Parents should have been notified about our Year 7 Progress Reports. These reports are aimed at giving parents an understanding about how their sons are transitioning into high school. The emphasis is on socialisation and how boys are coping with the work. Their ability to get organised and meet their commitments is being assessed. These are dispositional rather than academic reports. Faculties have varying styles of reports and methods of communication to parents. Ask your son about his Interim Report.

Driving on School Grounds   

Students move around inside the school grounds very frequently, presuming they are safe. They frequently do not attend well to their surroundings, being distracted by their friends or technology. They may run out from behind a parked car or across a driveway. In the area in front of the UTS gymnasium there is a great deal of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Several cars driven by parents have been observed travelling towards the school building at speeds well in excess of 10km/hr. They also execute three point turns in the bus bay area where visibility down the hill is poor. We ask parents to respect our speed limits and to use designated drop-off zones.

Parking is rear to wall or rear to fence to maximise driver views of the roadway. There have been several tragedies involving SUVs and small children in recent years in schools. In the interests of providing the maximum possible safety for our students, staff and visitors, please be careful when parking and when exiting the site and please drive slowly in school grounds. Try to enter by gate 1 and exit by gate 2 whenever possible.

Keeping Offseason Fitness 

At various public occasions I have spoken of the need for our boys to maintain their offseason strength and fitness. Some boys pursue a high level of performance in one sport but then do not compete with the same intensity during the next season. Many of our boys become ‘detrained’, that is to say, their level of strength and fitness falls below their in-season capacities. This means that summer season coaches inherit detrained boys from winter sports and vice versa. Our performances overall are limited by fitness levels at the beginning of a season. The rationale for having only full year memberships for the weights room included the idea that boys would train all year because it was paid for already. There are three remedies. First, the school should enforce the Sports Policy so that all sports do two intense, meaningful training sessions each week. The top two teams in each sport should have three organised sessions. Second, boys should do off season sessions of their own eg rowers could do an erg session each week in the off season in their own time. Third, boys should want to compete for the school at the highest level that they can during each season.

Sick Students at School Policy

Many students present to ‘sick bay’ with a variety of ailments. A School First Aid Officer makes an assessment of their condition. Many injuries are treated on the spot and the cases are managed between the school and parents. If the presented symptoms are serious, an ambulance is called and parents are notified of the School’s action and where the student has been taken. If the student just needs time to rest, lounges in ‘sick bay’ are provided. In the case of sprains and minor injuries, parents are notified and arrangements are made for students to wait until the end of the day or make their way home straight away, if the parents and the School agree and there is someone at home to care for them. There are cases where the student is clearly ill but is not serious enough to be hospitalised, and parents are contacted and asked to come and pick up their son. Usually, parents find a way to pick up their sons within an hour of being notified. Parents are reminded that the School has no resources to devote to caring for sick students at school if they need constant supervision. The School reserves the right to call an ambulance and have a sick student taken away if parents do not agree to attempt to pick up the sick student within an hour after notification.
Dr K A Jaggar

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