High Notes, Vol 19 No 38, November 30 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

In GPS cricket, the first century maker this year was Ramin Hossain (7T). He scored 101 for the14b team last Saturday. Great work, Ramin! Tennis first and second grade will contest the finals of unofficial ‘Plate’ competition against Scots college this Saturday. Good luck, boys!

Orientation Day 2018

Thank you to Sharon Kearns and her staff, teachers, students and parent volunteers who worked so well together to make the orientation / enrolment process as smooth and efficient as possible. The enrolment processes were completed in record time thanks to the smooth organisation and hard work of the SASS staff. They had to process 215+ new students.  The Great Hall was full for the assembly at the new time of 1500. Many new students and their parents were shown around the school by School Prefects. These boys also did a wonderful job assisting the SASS staff in the Common Room as they processed applications. Volunteers who attended the various activity stalls did a great job too, as did the parents who gave up their time. Thank you also to the P & C for providing refreshments. Thank you to all the people involved in setting up the stalls (Stewart and George in particular) and serving in them for the afternoon. Ms Chan, Ms Powell and the Year Advisers, made sure everyone felt welcomed to our school. The day ran very efficiently again. Thank you to everyone involved.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for scholarships have now closed. A panel of teachers, including the Principal, will now assess the applications and the successful applicants will be notified personally.

Student Award Scheme

No more points can be earned for the Student Awards Scheme for 2018. It is very important that individual students go to the R drive to check up on their activities and points. If there are discrepancies, Mr Dowdell needs to know about them so he can contact MICs or program organisers so everyone gets what they deserve. We are on a tight schedule. Medallions have to be tallied, ordered and names engraved on them. Workplaces start to wind down for the holidays from now on so we need to be efficient with our process. The outcome is that all medallions and awards are ready in time for our Student Awards Assembly in week 4 next year.

Interpreting Year 7 Reports Semester 2

Check your son’s progress in future oriented earning skills – problem solving, evaluating, working with others, communicating ideas, creating and innovating. They are reported twice each year in their own text box on the school reports. Every Faculty has an opportunity to report at least twice on one of the five ‘earning skills’ during the six reporting periods during Years 7-9.You can understand more deeply about how your son is building his capacity in the discrete dispositions that we have targeted for development as a school. The idea is that you can track your son’s growth over his three years in the Junior School. These PEWCC skills are very contextual. Hypothetically, your son might be really good at ‘working with others’ in English where he is confident and comfortable but not so effective in mathematics where he is weaker, is reticent and defers to the strong mathematician in the work group. Consequently, skill growth might not be a simple progression from 1 in Year 7 to 3, 4, or 5 in Year 9 (depending on the scale in the rubric for each subject). Your son’s progress might be uniform neither across the subjects, nor across the dispositions. I look forward to an informed dialogue between parents and teachers on the individual student’s development of these important life skills. Find out more about PEWCC reporting on our website www.sbhs.nsw.edu.au/curriculum.  

Students have their second opportunity to choose a subject when they decide on their language/s for next year. Will they do one language or two? What are the commitments if they take offline classes? Will their other activities suffer? Please discuss language choices for Year 8 with your sons.

End of Year Reports

All boys in Years 11 have now received their reports. Boys in Years 9 & 7 should have discussed their reports with me. Boys in Year 7 requiring ‘Clearance Forms’ who have not collected their reports have had time slots available to book in for interviews next week. Thereafter, they will join Year 9 in having appointments by writing their names in available time slots on the ‘Stragglers Reports’ sheet put out on the Waterhouse desk each morning that the Principal is available.. Please make sure that your son meets his obligations to the school and then books in for an appointment. Get him to check for time slots on the sheet on the desk in the corridor leading to the Principal’s office.
Dr K A Jaggar

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