High Notes, Vol 19 No 33, October 26 2018

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From the Principal

Staff changes

We welcome Mr Algyris Giantsis into the LOTE faculty. Mr Giantsis is qualified to teach Latin and Classical Greek to the HSC. He replaces Mr Dane Drivas who has taken up a position at Cranbrook.

High Talent

Congratulations to our students Ben Kernohan (10S) and Etkin Tetkik (10E) who won the Australian National Robocup Open Rescue Competition. The boys will now represent Australia at the International competition in July next year. Very impressive, boys! Well done to Branko Stajic (11T), who won a medal in the UNSW Global – International Competitions and Assessments (ICAS) – English. At the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science ceremony, Associate Professor Jack Clegg (SHS-2000), The University of Queensland, was awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year, honouring his work making flexible crystals and new separation technologies. Ricky Pachon (SHS-2016) continues his great form, being crowned as Oceania Champion for a third year in a row. He was ranked No 1 in Australia by the Australian Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation (ABJJF), for 2017 & 2018. Congratulations, Ricky!

Summer Sport Co-payments: Term 4

The rolls for summer sports and activities have now been finalised. In many activities co-payments are levied for the season – in this case Term 4 2018 and term 1, 2019. Other sports have a policy of fixing co-payments on a term-by-term basis. In either case, invoices have now been posted. For years 7-10 this means that the summer invoice will be included on individual Clearance Forms. These will need to be cleared prior to boys receiving their reports. The base co-payment for sport for a season is $160 for 2018-19, as adjusted for on costs. Higher charges are levied by individual sports as a result of resolutions passed by the Associations or P & C Support Groups responsible for supporting particular sports. Year 11 boys have been invoiced for term 4 or their full summer sport, too. It would help the MICs for these sports greatly if families could pay for their sports in the next ten days.

Boom gate

We have installed an automatically opening boom gate at Gate 10 on Anzac Parade. The purpose of the gate is to allow people on site after the cleaners have locked the gates to leave via gate 10. As they approach the gate in a car, the boom will lift. It has a hang time of fifteen seconds before it descends, allowing a couple of cars to pass below it. It can sense whether a car is directly underneath it and will not descend. The gate has a key lock to enable a parking supervisor to leave the boom up when they leave the site to allow patrons to exit without having to wait for the boom. We feel its installation will also allow staff not to have to rush out at six in fear of being locked in. It will be most beneficial when we have school functions at night to allow people to exit from the site at will. 

Buzzers for staff to activate the boom gate both ways are available at a cost to the school below $50 each. If this gate proves to be a success, we will move to install more of them on the site. We hope that we can secure Cutler Drive against through traffic and enhance student safety by having more boom gates. Set up costs will be high initially.

Transition to the new payroll system

I am asking for the forbearance of Managers in Charge and coaches during the next month. The transition of the school to the new HR SAP system is taking place during the next three pay periods. For the week ending Thursday, November 1 (for work from 26/10 to 1/11) timesheets need to be submitted in advance by Monday, October 29. Coaches need not worry about signing off on work not yet done on this occasion. The data will be entered on the current system. MICs will have to keep track of these pre-payments. For the week ending Thursday, November 8, authorised time sheets will have to be handed in by 0900 on Friday, 9/11. On that day, all pays will have to be processed by 1300. This is not going to happen given our large number of employees.

Inevitably, there will be delays in coaches receiving their pays. There is absolutely nothing we can say or do to change things, so let us work stoically together, to get through the difficulties ahead. Rest assured that our SASS people are doing everything they can to get you paid expeditiously.
Dr K A Jaggar

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