High Notes, Vol 19 No 32, October 19 2018

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From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 4

I trust everyone had a relaxing school vacation, despite the weather. The HSC commenced this week and the assessing and reporting of other years will occupy us right through to the second week of December. I am pleased to announce that long-term temporary science teacher, Natalie McKenzie, has been appointed permanent at 0.8 FTE. This term HT English, Michael Cinquetti, is on leave. Ms Julie Eggleton will be relieving HT for the term. Mr Rhett Boland has accepted a permanent position in Industrial Arts, commencing in January, 2019.

High Talent

Congratulations to Alex Yeung (10S) who represented NSW and won gold medals in the Under 18 boys’ teams and Under 18 doubles events at the Australian Junior Table Tennis Championships held in Townsville. Wentao Ruan (SHS-2017) won the B Grade NSW Queens competition in target rifle shooting.

Tell Them From Me Survey

The online survey of parental opinions about aspects of school life is about to close. This is your last chance to have your say before the survey closes on October 26. Information given is confidential and will not be used in any way that identifies a person or the school. Additional information for parents, including parent FAQs, can also be found on the CESE website at: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/information-for-parents. I urge all  parents to participate. Parent voice is very important to us at High.

To have your say about our school go to https://sbhs.co/pil18

Foundation Day Assembly

My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special guests: Geoff Glover (SHS-1968), former Principal Bob Outterside, Life Governor George Lewkovitz, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Kellerman (SHS-1942) Professor Ron Trent, President P & C and SBHS School Council; School Captains Ben Wilcox (2012), Hugh Bartley (2017), Vice Captain Vishal Karanamadakala (2016); Senior Prefect Dharmesh Sharma (2017)  distinguished Old Boys from the Class of 1968, staff, parents, Prefect Interns and students, welcome to our Foundation Day Assembly for 2018.

"It is our pleasure to host 1968 Old Boys to celebrate Founder’s Day with us this morning: Geoff Barnard, Ross Feller, Ian Gilbert, Ken Ho, George Minucos, Gary Nairn AO, Boris Patkin, Richard Sleeman, Geoff Symonds, Dave Whyte, John brand and Norman Yee. Thank you so much for coming. We gather again today to celebrate the opening of the School on October 1, 1883. It is an annual rite of passage to remind ourselves, and our student leadership group, about what the school was established to achieve. Our foundation principle was to develop our students to qualify for entrance to university. In addition, our membership of the AAGPS since 1906 is celebrated. Our school nurtures scholar-sportsmen. It provides opportunity for excellence.

"We honour the impressive student leadership traditions that have developed over 135 years since our establishment. The investiture ceremony for Prefect ‘Interns’ restates our belief in our core values, preserves our past traditions of service, revives the stories that bind us to our understanding of those traditions, and reaffirms our vision for the future. Modelling cultural values through leadership is, and has always been, an integral aspect cultural sustainability.

"In January, 1968 Harold Holt went for his last swim at Portsea and John Gorton was sworn in as Prime Minister. In April, Billy Graham the evangelist toured Australia. In April, Sydney’s water was fluoridated. In July one hundred students were arrested in during anti-Vietnam War protests. In October, mail deliveries were cut from two per day to one. At High, the first XI of 1968 were co-premiers in cricket with Scots.  High has won the GPS first grade cricket only three times since then. Campbell, Glover (1st)  and Brand (2nd) were selected in the combined GPS sides.  Geoffrey Glover took 12-44 in High’s outright win against St Josephs a rare occurrence in our history. Ross Miller and Mick Wheeler were selected in the combined GPS first XV and John Brand in the 2nd XV.

"Derek Luxford, in his 1968 School Captain’s message, wrote that “Sydney High depends very much on people who have either left the school or never attended it”.  He called on students to show equal support for the school from within as the Old Boys and parents displayed from without.  The reputation and traditions of the school depend for their maintenance and enhancement on the participation of current students.  Students, he concluded, “have inherited from the past, and must use the present wisely to provide for a worthwhile future.”  The leadership group in our school are the custodians who must ensure that current students contribute fully to the accomplishments  of the school in 2019.

"Fifty years on, I can reiterate confidently the sentiments of Murray Callaghan, Headmaster (1964-73).  He wrote in The Record in 1968, ‘I know of no school, of any type that offers to its students more opportunities than does Sydney High School!  He listed: first-class teaching and resources, guidance in study, personal problems and future career, physical development in the gymnasium, mid-week and weekend sport, interest and social contact through interschool and intraschool activities and service and leadership opportunities through Cadets, Prefects and School Union Committees.  He challenged his readers to ask themselves whether they were taking advantage of all that was offered to them. His challenge has been repeated often by Principals and School Captains since 1968.

"High has held steadfast in the intervening years to its ethos of providing opportunity.  We also want to facilitate those students who want to pursue excellence in one or more areas of school life.  Our visitors from the 1968 graduating class will relate to the current ethos of the school.  Fifty years ago, there was less organised competition in co-curricular activities such as chess, so many boys with common interests formed themselves into clubs to share them. We provide more structure, supervision and resources than were available 50 years ago, but what is common to the activities of 1968 and 2018 is the necessity of effective student leadership to get things going and hold them together. Committed participation is necessary.

"Turning to those who will carry on the fine leadership traditions at High, I expect our Prefect Interns to be great role models and demonstrate high quality leadership. Each one of you must pledge to uphold and enhance the traditions of this fine school. You will have to maintain a high academic standard, in state terms, throughout your internship. You will need to participate in two GPS sports in your final year, starting with summer sport in term 4. You will need to earn 100 Student Award Scheme points and qualify for an Award in this current year and in 2019. You will need to demonstrate to all your peers by your dress, demeanour and self-regulation that you believe in the ethos of the school. Your behaviour, attendance and punctuality will need to be exemplary. We have set a stern test. Some of you may not pass it. You have all shown that you have the makings of a School Prefect. Your Internship will be successful if you can reach the standards required with dedicated effort. I congratulate all Prefect Interns who will be inducted here today. I trust you will uphold and enhance the Foundation principles of the school."
Dr K A Jaggar

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