High Notes, Vol 19 No 29, September 14 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

Day 1 CHS results: Dylan Huynh, Justin Lee-Nonis, Nathan Wang and Rowan Tan won gold in the 14s 4x100m relay in 46.84. Eric Holmstrom in 3000m, ran 8.56.19 for a silver medal in 17s. Raghav Ramanathan earned silver in the 16s high jump with 1.83m. Rowan Tan earned a bronze in the 15s triple jump. Day 2 results: Kane Shields ran a school record 2.02.28 to win gold in the 14s 800m. Joshua Suto also broke a school record that has stood since 1971, winning gold in the 13s long jump – 5.68m! Pico Dos Santos-Lee won silver in the 17s hurdles in 15.06. Day 3 results: Rowan Tan won gold in the 14 400m in 53.91. Kane Shields won the 14s 1500m in 4.16.66. In the 17s 1500m, Eric Holmstrom, earned a silver medal with a PB of 4.07.81. Brandon Nguyen, Pico Dos Santos-Lee, Archie Fox and Julian Markworth-Scott earned a silver medal in the 17s 4x100m relay. High’s tally was- 5 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze. Thank you to Neil Song for managing the team for the three days.

Athletics Assembly

Special guest John Hodgkinson AM (SHS-1962) delivered a humorous and entertaining address at the athletics assembly on Wednesday, recounting the preparations the senior athletics team made in the lead up to the 1962 GPS athletics carnival. High won the senior division in the GPS athletics in1938 and 1962, but has not won since. John contrasted the track conditions, school support, training methods and facilities with what is available today. He stressed the need for team training of baton changes in relay preparation. The team’s success was attributed to each member striving to earn one place better than before in the GPS carnival. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special guest John Hodgkinson (SHS-1962),staff, parents, students, coaches and possible GPS athletics representatives, good morning and welcome to our annual athletics assembly. I acknowledge this morning the Gadigal people of the Eora nation as the custodians of the land on which we meet and pay my respects to elders past and present and extend that respect to any Aboriginal people here today. We gather this week one week earlier than usual to celebrate our short athletics season, which culminates in the GPS Carnival. I appreciate the effort that every one of our students in the program has made to prepare himself for his event or multiple events. The final representative squad will be chosen next week, just before the GPS carnival. You should all know how each extra point earned matters on a day when the team performance is what counts. Sometimes the margins between schools are very small at the end of the day. Every result in every race matters to all our team members.

"On behalf of the High community, I want to thank Kurt Rich once again for his highly effective management of our program as MIC of athletics. He has gathered a team of loyal Old Boy coaches who can relate well to the boys. This year there were unprecedented numbers of boys participating in athletics. Thank you to Natalie Luu who has helped organise the athletes on Saturdays. We are fortunate that we have so many dedicated coaches to look after a large and enthusiastic group. Thanks again to Head Coach, Joshua Tassell (SHS 2010) who is back guiding our program. For sprints we have Neil Song (SHS-2015), Bovan Lin (SHS-2016), Elias Hall (SHS-2016) and Desmond Cai (SHS-2016). Thank you again to Lachlan Youll who coordinates the middle and long distance team, comprising: James Tinker (SHS 2015), Kenneth Liu (SHS 2015), Adam Booth (SHS-2012), Marco Yu (SHS-2017), with Luke and Hayden Schofield (SHS-2016) when available. Christian Lozada is building capacity in our hurdles program. Neil Song, Rick Saha (SHS-2015) and Jason Huo (SHS-2017) support him. Thank you also to Davina Strauss, our long-term coach for long-jump. Ray Gu (SHS-2017) is working with her this year. Myles Cole-Clark is developing our high jumpers again. Jerry Gek (SHS-2016) has stepped in to help with shot put. Ethan Kwan (10M) enters the weekly results to monitor athletes and performances – a big job! Thank you to everybody for working so hard to raise the bar in our athletics program.

"At the Australian Junior Athletics Championships held in March this year, there were some interesting variations in performance in the finals from first place to eighth. Today, I thought I would share with you a set of results, highlighting the spread of accomplishment among the athletes in the toughest competition in the country. In the 18s competition: 100m, 10.52 to 11.00 seconds;   200m, 21.84 to 22.55; 400m 47.46 to 50.41; 800m, 1.51.05 to 1.57.04 (won by Anthony Vlatko 11F); 1500m 3.58.02 to 4.04.92; and in the 3000m 8.32.90 to 8.53.22. Based on preliminary heats and then finals, these are the fastest U18 male athletes in the country.

"If you were to take the slowest time in each final as a benchmark, we have competitors at High who are not far from this standard. What this means is that aspiring athletes at High should know that large gains are possible from consistent training over a number of years, and that excellence is not beyond the reach of many. Like academic study, sport is about self-regulation, sticking to training schedules, maintaining a balance and being committed to goals.  That is why training for both is so complementary in our philosophy. That is why we believe in the ideal of the scholar-sportsman. It’s all about character and how strongly it is developed through tests such as set by athletics competition.

"I congratulate in advance all the boys who will be selected next week to represent High at the AAGPS Athletics Carnival. I wish you all the best of luck. Let’s work together to be proud of each other’s efforts."

Unauthorised Parking On School Grounds 

We have recently had a number of vehicles parked without permission on our school grounds, in some cases for multiple days. We all need to be vigilant – staff, parents and students – when driving, parking or walking through our car parks. Please report to the school office or inform a Deputy Principal if you see someone getting out of a car and then exiting the site. Commuters can save a considerable amount of money by avoiding paying for a car space in the city. Sometimes people working in our immediate vicinity try to use our grounds as their car space. Car spaces for staff and visiting parents are already at a premium without the burden of freeloading commuters making things worse. Let’s be alert together to report strange vehicles on our site!
Dr K A Jaggar

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