High Notes, Vol 19 No 28, September 07 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Allen Fang (8F) who was selected in the NSW U15 badminton team to contest the U15 National Championships later this month.

Important Meetings Next Week

On Monday 10 September, during period 3 in the great Hall, Mr Dowdell will be explaining to Year 10 students the options and procedures for subject selections for Year 11, 2019. On Tuesday 11 September in the Great Hall at 6.00pm, there will be a meeting for parents and students, hosted by Mr Dowdell and me, to explain how subject acceleration works for those students currently in Year 9 who are interested and who will qualify as a result of their academic standard in the Year 9 examinations. We will also explain about the OLE or online learning elective option. Selected students will be able to choose their own online courses of study in Year 10, 2019.

Illuminate Festival

The festival opening night was very well attended and the displays and performances were of a very high standard. Our guests Peter Kampfner and Jason Phu were very impressed with everything they saw and heard. Congratulations to everyone involved. My speech to open the festival is reprinted below:

"Good evening and welcome to Sydney Boys. Tonight we are opening our ‘Illuminate festival’ – a week of activities celebrating those of our students who articulate, create and innovate. This is the second year celebrating the achievements of students with the creativity and courage to tackle new challenges and to step well out of their comfort zones. I’m taken by what Georges Braque (1882-1963) observed – ‘Art is meant to disturb, science reassures’. As a society we always need people to question why we are doing what we are doing, and how we are doing it. We need to be evaluated, renewed and refreshed through art. It is the job of science to make things better for us in our daily lives and to push the boundaries of our knowledge. We have students here who have decided to ask questions through their work and others who have shown how to make things happen through their science, as they applied its principles to problems in the real world.

"Students have chosen to express themselves in many media across a range of disciplines. Tonight you will witness a celebration of practical intelligences. We have HSC works displayed in design and technology and visual arts. Students are demonstrating their creativity in English extension 2 through film and poetry. Our Music 2 and Music extension students are expressing themselves via musical performance. We have stage 5 students displaying their abilities art, sculpture,  film, drama and robotics. We are proud to showcase the achievements of our students during this week of celebration of artistic and technical endeavour. It provides a forum for creativity to be heard in a school where mathematics and theoretical sciences dominate the culture

"Tonight we welcome back as special guest Jason Phu (SHS-2007) who is now a celebrated artist in his own right. Jason, along with Visual Art teachers from SBHS and SGHS, chose the five finalists and ultimate winner of the inaugural Judy Cassab Art Prize in honour of Judy’s wonderful contribution to Australian art. There is an extensive collection of Judy’s work hung in McDonald Wing. Her son, Peter Kampfner is with us tonight to present the prize. Peter has generously endowed this prize for five years with a further five years to follow. I want to acknowledge and applaud Peter’s generosity this evening and thank him for making a difference to young people with a passion for art.

"Illuminate was made possible only due to the hard work and dedication of many staff members from the the Visual Arts, music, industrial arts, drama and English staff at High. Thank you to Rebecca Dam, Paul Scrivener, Daniel Comben, Dat Huynh; Jenni May, Lynnea Stewart, Claire Reemst, Elianna Apostolides; Rita Miller; Sarah Kim, Susanna Lim; Michael Cinquetti, Courtney Powell, and Julie Eggleton. Thank you to Tyler Harapin and Jevon Somanader for being MCs this evening and to the P&C for providing refreshments.

"I welcome you all here to High and hope that you enjoy the exhibits, displays and performances our boys have prepared for our mutual enjoyment."

Judy Cassab Art Prize

As part of our Illuminate festival, which was enjoyed by many students, staff and parents this week, the inaugural Judy Cassab Art Prize was judged and the winner announced on opening night. The prize was established by Peter Kampfner, son of Judy Cassab, and a High Old Boy. There is a gallery of artworks by Judy Cassab in McDonald Wing. Judy donated, or selected and purchased, the artworks for the first Ethel Killip Memorial Art collection in 1963. The prize is for painting in any category, is open to any student from SBHS or SGHS and is based on artistic merit. The finalists were judged by the Visual Arts staff from the two schools. The finalists were Brandon Nguyen (12), Thomas Zheng (9), Vivian Phan (9), Cyan Hong (8) and Chloe Huang (7). Chloe’s still life won the very significant prize of $2000! Congratulations to her, the finalists and to the collaborative staff from the two schools. On behalf of Chloe and the schools, I would like to thank Peter for his generosity and for his commitment to sponsor this Art Prize for a decade.

Anti-bullying Committee Policy Review

At the beginning of the year, Ms Powell established an ad hoc committee to review how policy and procedures in respect of dealing with instances of bullying in our school. That work has now concluded and Ms Chan, HT Student Wellbeing, is providing laminated flowcharts to be displayed in every teaching room. Essentially, the charts provides a clear set of steps to be taken by various school personnel in the event that anyone receives a report of alleged bullying. We hope that a uniform and consistent response to bullying incidents will reassure students that something will be done if they report bullying. We have a further hope that the under reporting of bullying incidents will be reduced as students become more comfortable with the policy in operation. Our aim is to understand more about both the victim and the perpetrator. Our desired outcome is that the incidence of bullying reduces as staff and student awareness builds. Everyone has a right to feel safe in our school. I commend Ms Powell and her committee for its work this year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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