High Notes, Vol 19 No 25, August 17 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

Our first grade debating team did a great job opposing Smiths Hill on the proposition ‘that we should stop commemorating wars’ in the final of the Hume Barbour PDC Debating Competition. Symeon Ziegler, Alex De Araujo and Guy Suttner brought the trophy back to High for the 27th time. Great job, boys! Justin Lai, who would have been in the team, flew to Darwin to represent NSW in the ESU Plain English Speaking Competition. The last time a High boy won the national competition was Mark Swivel in 1983. Justin was successful and now will fly to London next year to represent Australia. A wonderful result for Justin!

Cyber Management

Around 30 parents attended the P & C meeting this week and were impressed by the presentation on how to manage the cyber and phone activities of teenage boys. The presentation can be viewed by parents through the P & C intranet portal under ‘miscellaneous’ or at https://sbhs.co/screen18. My thanks go to Rachel Powell, Joanna Chan, James Rudd, Natalie Luu, Daniel Comben and Estelle Harman for giving their time in the evening to demonstrate to parents the important work that the Cyber Management Committee continues to do in promoting the understanding and management of problematic internet usage and BYOD misuse by our students. In the Junior Quad, ‘Technology Free Monday’ will be supplemented by ‘Technology Free Friday’ as a response to overwhelming parental support during our trial period.

Prefect Interns Elections Process

The Executive has considered the list of potential candidates for the Prefect Internship. Students who have been nominated may be vetoed for a number of reasons. An important prerequisite for School Prefect is acceptable academic progress. That means estimated ATAR of 90 for students who started in Year 7 (calculated on 12 units) and 86 for those who joined the school later. Strong, ongoing participation in the Student Award Scheme is the next benchmark to be met. We expect School Prefects to be role models for participation. Each year they should earn at least 100 points (even if they are carrying over points). By the time the ballot nominations close all students nominated should have earned 70 points this year towards an award. Boys who already have Platinum Awards, have until the closing date of the Award Scheme for the year to complete their 100 points requirement. Nominees can be vetoed for recent acts of misbehaviour at the discretion of the executive or because of attendance and punctuality or school uniform issues. Boys who have not maintained the academic standard, but have been close to it,(ie 5 ATAR points below 90 or 86, depending on year of enrolment), have a right of appeal in writing to the Principal. They need to supply testimonials from at least three teachers, supporting their claims to have improved their academic standing since their first report, and assuring the Principal that the benchmark will be reached by April of their HSC year. Nominees successful in their appeals are automatically on probation until their Year 11 Preliminary reports. A further investigation of academic standings occurs at the beginning of term 4. Probationary Interns may lose their internship at this review. Prefect Interns who have slipped in their academic standings, will be placed on probation and given until their first Year 12 report to meet the standard required. Ms Rigby is the Manager in Charge of School Prefects and is in charge of the nomination and voting process. The ballot is currently proceeding and will close this Friday.

Caught Doing the Right Thing

Well done to the boys who stood for adult passengers in the aftermath of the train breakdown last Wednesday. The commuter who called Ms Powell were impressed by how quickly you all responded to the influx of new passengers. You all stood up without being asked. She was also impressed by your manner – courteous and polite at all times. By contrast, some boys on the 397 bus from Kensington, buried their noses in their phones and were not aware of their surroundings – perhaps deliberately. You boys need to lift your game! Lift your head up at every stop to see whether you need to vacate your seat in favour of a fare-paying adult.
Dr K A Jaggar

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