High Notes, Vol 19 No 13, May 11 2018

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to our Marching Band and Sarah Kim for continuing to present High to the public in the Anzac Day March. Thank you to Mr Stuart Vandegraaff, conductor, who prepared the boys really well Thank you to Mihir Marathe (9M), Dinan Pingamage (11T), Alan Jessup (10R) and Shengkang Li (11S) for their service representing High at the dawn service in Moore Park at the obelisk on Anzac Day. Thank you to Meredith Thomas for organising the cadets in two venues and accompanying them. Great news for Old Boy Daniel Arzani (SHS-2013) who was selected in the squad of 32 for possible selection in the World Cup football squad for Australia. Campbell Green (SHS-2016) has been selected in the Australian U17 basketball team to compete in Argentina for the World cup. Well done, Campbell!  Hunar Verma (11T) has been selected into the U17s Metropolitan Cricket squad to play in the U17s National Championships. Great job, Hunar!

Welcome to Ms Elly Harcourt who was appointed permanently to the History faculty recently after a merit selection process.

Holiday Refurbishments

Taking advantage of the major recarpeting program being undertaken by the DoE at High, we gave the main office a complete makeover.  It was repainted, recarpeted and had new furniture installed with an additional work station. The office was last upgraded in 1994 so the work was well overdue. The COLA had its gutters cleaned out and new guttering installed on the southern roof, along with new gutter guard. A new roof section was added to cover the area where the three water tanks capture run off. New and additional downpipes were fitted to the roof to disperse water flow during a major weather event. The works cost $23k. The facility has now much improved weather proofing and is ready for the next stage – resurfacing the artificial grass area and replacing or repairing the cricket nets. That work has been pencilled in for the end of term two holidays. Thank you to Jim Crampton, Brett Montgomery and Brett Harrison for all their efforts during the recent school holidays. James Rudd and David Isaacs had the job of disassembling all the electronic hardware in the office and repositioning it and reinstalling it after the refurbishment works. Their dedication meant that the office was functional for the first day of school this term.

Our Wi-Fi equipment is now end of life. We brought forward a plan to renew it in order to mitigate the risk of system failure. Due to the DoE having negotiated some keenly priced contracts for supply, we have recently installed Aruba units in many classrooms. We will complete the upgrade this term. This project will come in under budget at $55k.

Literacy Update

Our whole school focus on literacy for term one was ‘audience’. It is important for students to understand the differences between spoken and written language. They need to appreciate writing for different purposes. They need to craft their work with a reader in mind. They need to be aware of the existence of multiple perspectives taken by individuals according to their unique lived experiences. Writing is a product to be interpreted by an audience. Writing in examinations is a skill that needs developing. Overwriting is a problem as is omitting salient points. The examiner is the audience and must be given what they want. Our students need to develop the nuances of their writing with an appreciation of the differing perspectives of their audiences.

This term we are focussing on sentence construction. Teachers are forced by many students to pick their way through sentences of extreme length, punctuated by random commas. Saying something concisely is appreciated. Students need to know more about subject+verb+object. They need to build coordinate sentences of two clauses using: and, but, for, or, so, yet nor, either…or, neither…nor. These conjunctions connect discrete ideas of equal importance in the sentence. They should experiment with complex sentences by establishing principal clauses, modified by adjectival or adverbial subordinate clauses. Students need to vary how they commence sentences, by starting with a phrase, clause or infinitive.

Our boys should appreciate that they have to work on the elements of literacy with the same dedication that they are prepared to work on elements of numeracy.

Cars Travelling On School Grounds   

Parents and visitors to the school are reminded that they must travel at a safe speed (10km/h) whilst in the school grounds. When entering from Cleveland Street by Gate 2 they should park rear to the buildings or tennis courts. Parents are asked NOT to travel up Cutler Drive in the mornings. Staff use that driveway from the east. The designated area for drop off is between gates 1 and 2. Parents and visitors should avoid using the Anzac Parade entrances to drop off their sons. If they have to come that way they should come into the carpark before dropping off as halting in or near the gates blocks other traffic. Exit is by gate 10.  Three-point turns in the bus bay area have posed serious risks to students walking beside the Great Hall and the buses or walking along the path next to the tennis courts and coming down the stairs. The bus bay area is not a drop-off point for students. Parents should drive in gate 1, drop off their sons and drive out gate 2, as per school policy. Please be vigilant in the interests of the safety of our boys!
Dr K A Jaggar

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