High Notes, Vol 18 No 36, November 17 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

Samuel Zheng (12R) has been nominated for consideration for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS 2018 for his body of work, Speak no Evil. This is a significant achievement. Congratulations, Samuel.  Congratulations to our Year 9 French students who gained 3rd (aeq) place in the Alliance Française Option Chanson schools competition: Sam Colgan, Khobi Deep, Gautama Desaraju, Ikko Ehode Arimoto and Xavier Klee. Well done boys.

Interpreting Year 9 Reports

All Year 9 boys should now have their reports. Parents should be aware that large fluctuations in points earned and rankings in the cohort can be caused by a few marks more or less at the cut-off scores for HDs, Ds or credits. Sometimes boys underperform in subjects that they have decided that they will not continue (such as history or geography) or an elective that they didn’t enjoy. Such actions can also result in movements in the rank order. Encourage your son to maintain a high standard in the core subjects, English, mathematics and science, as these are compulsory in Year 10.

Electives Process for Year 9 Boys Going into Year 10

Students make an initial free choice with their electives. They are also asked to rank their choices so that if they do not get one, they will be considered for the next ranked choice. Many boys have shown interest in robotics, code-based game development and the online learning elective. Many others have aspired to accelerate in a particular subject. For those attracted to acceleration, a process is in place to apply and have your application assessed. For robotics and game development, Ms Dam culls applicants based on their demonstrated mathematics proficiency and previous interest in IA subjects. Usually, a D in mathematics is a minimum requirement for entry into robotics or game design. Boys who applied for both will only be allowed to do one of these subjects. Mr Cipolla has been asked to choose the 30 best autonomous learners with advanced computer skills for his OLE. Boys needed to have an interest in autonomous learning and rank inside the top 100 students on the raw scores submitted by HTs and used by Mr Dowdell to calculate the dux of the Year group. I cull the accelerant applicants. The criteria are academic in nature. Students have to be above average across their subjects at the Year 9 yearly examinations. They have to have a HD or D in the subject area in which they wish to accelerate. They have to be in the top 100 in the rank order. On rare occasions, highly talented students in just one subject area may be considered if they fall within a few places of the cut-off rank. Year 10 electives are designed for students to branch out and test their interests before settling into stage 6 study. Students need to choose carefully and follow their interests in a low stakes learning environment.

Student Awards Scheme

The Student Award Scheme for points to be earned for this calendar year will close on Friday 30 November. All students will have their points calculated as of this date. Check your points’ status on ‘r’ drive to see how close to an award you are so that you can make up the difference. If you see something missing, contact the MIC for the activity to make sure a text file is created and sent to Mr Dowdell. Year 11 Prefect Interns will have their final points calculated and must have qualified to continue as Interns by earning an award this year. Even if they have carry over points, they must earn 100 this year to stay as a Prefect. The 2018 Scheme commences on December 1, 2017. Boys who are close to getting an award should fire up now. Look for service areas in parking, school working bees or volunteering to reach the threshold required.

Scholarships Offered at High

SBHS offers only two scholarships/bursaries – the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship and the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship. All enrolled or enrolling students are eligible to apply for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. It is a one-year credit on the school account for $1,500. The Selection Criteria covers talented boys in an academic area or a co-curricular endeavour. Good all-rounders qualify as do students with special needs – financial or otherwise.There are many boys in the school who would make good candidates for this award. I urge them to take the trouble to download and complete the application form. The Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc Scholarship is a two-year award with a credit at the school account for $1,500 for each Year – 11 and 12. Only boys enrolled or enrolling in Year 11 are eligible to apply. The criteria for this scholarship are different. It has an emphasis on a prior record of service to others, to the school and / or the community. Boys with initiative, compassion, a record of school or community service and leadership skills, are invited to apply.

Look for the details on the website www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarships. Do not assume that you are not worthy or eligible. Applications close on November 30.
Dr K A Jaggar

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