High Notes, Vol 18 No 32, October 20 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Rowan Tam (8M) who competed in the NSW All Schools championships last weekend at SOPAC, and placed 1st in 13yrs triple jump (12.44m), 2nd in 13yrs 400m , and 3rd in 13yrs Long Jump (5.69m). He will now be going to the Australian All Schools in Adelaide in December to compete in the triple jump and 400m. Great results, Rowan! In the recent NSW Segment of the 2017 CPA Australia Pan Your Own Enterprise Competition Division 2 (Group Entries) a High team was judged best team out of 89 entries. CPA partners with Business Educators Australasia to support the competition. Students were required to present (c3000 words)  a creative idea for a small business as a business plan. Well done to Liam Heng (10R), William Kuang (10R), David Tsai (10S) and Leo Wang (10E). The boys won a $200 gift voucher. In the individual section (Division 1) Marcus Borscz (10T) was a NSW finalist in the competition. Congratulations to our participants and to Mr Dolan for supporting our contestants. A great ICAS result was earned by Nicholas Ma (10R) who won a medal in the English Competition for Year 10 students. Good job, Nicholas! Sydney East School Sports Association has endorsed Sydney East Blues for 2017 to: Benjamin Coan 12E (Volleyball), Jerry Chang 11F (Volleyball), David Chen 12T (Athletics) and Eric Holmstrom 10T (Cross Country). Congratulations on this prestigious sporting award, boys!

Boggabilla Exchange Support

I would like to thank the parents of Year 9 boys who supported their boys by allowing them to experience the Boggabilla cultural exchange visit this week, despite the fact that Year 9 exams commence next Monday. Our participation was affected by the proximity to exams but enough boys went along to preserve our traditional visit. Four days away from study and exam preparation is a big sacrifice, but a worthwhile one in my view. Academic endeavour is central to our ethos, but so also is experiencing the world broadly. It is a salutary experience to visit a school so different to ours and with a completely different set of challenges. Personal development is important in the Junior School. We have been interacting with Boggabilla Central School (established 1879) since late in 2003. Con Barris has been the point of contact between the two schools ever since.

We have two artworks from Boggabilla in our Na Ngara collection. We refurbished an old classroom as a Community Centre at Boggabilla for use by the community. The project took five years to complete, with funding raised by Year 9 students at mufti days and barbecues. We funded raised vegetable beds in the school grounds to assist in growing vegetables for the breakfast program. We refurbished a greenhouse on the site for plant generation. We financed a native bushes walk at the front of the school entrance. We subsidise student visitations to Sydney for State -of -Origin games. Despite an extensive replacement of key leadership at Boggabilla and the untimely death of community elders like Uncle Dave, our relationship continues. We need to ensure each cohort of our Year 9 students becomes aware of why the project nominated for their year is important. Our corporate history of offering hope for a brighter future, one student at a time, needs to be preserved. Thank you to Matthew Cotton, Con Barris and Emily Stephens, who gave so much time to the project this week.

Harassment Or Bullying

Students and their parents should be aware that the school has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on homophobic harassment, sexist or racist slurs, bullying or teasing. At High we are proudly anti-discriminatory. No individual should be discriminated against by virtue of his sexual identity, race, religion, philosophical or political views or cultural custom. We promote ourselves as a band of academic brothers and must put our actions where our words are. Students who discriminate against others, verbally, physically, in writing, on social media, or online, can expect strong negative consequences. Any defence based on the idea that teenage discourse customarily encompasses the use of homophobic language to the extent that it has lost its original meaning, will be disregarded. The essence of the problem is in repetition of discriminatory words or phrases and multiple perpetrators repeating them. Reasoned argument, measured discourse and healthy debate are good for organisations. Let’s all be more respectful towards one another!

Unauthorised Parking On School Grounds

We have recently had a number of vehicles parked without permission on our school grounds, in some cases for multiple days. We all need to be vigilant – staff, parents and students – when driving, parking or walking through our car parks. Please report to the school office or inform a Deputy Principal if you see someone getting out of a car and then exiting the site. Commuters can save a considerable amount of money by avoiding paying for a car space in the city. Sometimes people working in our immediate vicinity try to use our grounds as their car space. Car spaces for staff and visiting parents are already at a premium without the burden of freeloading commuters making things worse. Let’s be alert together to report strange vehicles on our site!
Dr K A Jaggar

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