High Notes, Vol 18 No 25, August 18 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

Oscar Wu (11E) and David Wu (12S) have both received the 2017 Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement-Community Languages Schools.  The award ceremony will be held on Monday 25th September at the Clancy Auditorium, University of New South Wales. Congratulations, boys! Jaspar McCahon-Boersma (12R) and Louis Saunders (12R) won the NSW Dr Evatt competition and now go on to the National Finals. Well done indeed!   Alexander De Araujo (11R), Justin Liu (11E), Guy Suttner (11T) and Symeon Ziegler (11M) won their Mock Trial in record time, won their Debate the Future of America Debate at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and their debate against Kings on Friday, but were knocked out of the PDC Debate at Semi Final Level. Great work boys!

Illuminate Festival

After the success of last year’s festival, Illuminate is back again this year. Come and join us in our celebration of our students who articulate, create and innovate. There will be art, drama, music and students’ creative products on display. Exhibition viewing commences at 5:30 pm on Monday, August 28. The official opening will be held at 6:30 pm to launch the week-long celebration of our students’ work. This event replaces the end of year function that we held for many years. The timing of this exhibition allows HSC works to be viewed and music repertoires plated ahead of the HSC examinations. Our boys would appreciate your support.

Tell Them From Me Survey

The School and The Learning Bar support team are looking forward to working with our school community this semester, to maximise the opportunity to collect feedback from our stakeholders using the TTFM surveys. Important information and updates for preparation and implementation of the surveys will be communicated during the next two weeks. The upcoming survey window is open next week from 21 August and will remain accessible until 13 October. You can complete a survey at any time during this window. Over recent years we have built up a data base of staff and parent opinions about various aspects of school life. We appreciate the feedback – both positive and negative – as it helps us with our forward planning in our search for continual improvement. Information given is confidential and will not be used in any way that identifies a person or the school. Additional information for parents, including parent FAQs, can also be found on the CESE website at: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/information-for-parents. I urge as many parents to participate as possible. Parent voice is very important to us at High.

To have your say about our school go to: https://sbhs.co/pil17

Prefect Interns

The ballot for Prefect Interns was held this week. The Prefects-Elect for 2017-18 are as follows:
FOX Archie – School Captain-Elect;
DE ARAUJO Alexander – School Vice Captain-Elect;
LAI Justin – Senior Prefect-Elect.

Prefect Interns:
AHUJA Harjas, BELULKAR Nikhilesh, CHANG Chih-Chun, GUANG Andrew, GUO Allen, HERIJANTO Albertus, HUI Lincoln, LALWANI Dev, LI Kevin, LI Leo, MERRICK Sam, NGUYEN Brandon, O'SULLIVAN Matthew, PAN Edmund, PATEL Jay, PERICLEOUS Theodore, RAHMAN Rakin, RALPH Jack RUAN Shuyi, SANJOYO Dimas, SHEN Yirong, SINGH Abhijot, SO Clinton, SRIRENGAN Arunan, SURIYADEEPAN Nishant, TRENT Timothy, TRINH Nathan,WEI Jason, WIDYATAMAKA Widhiwipati ZHANG Jason Yang, ZHANG Jeremy, ZHENG Ryan and ZIEGLER Symeon.

I want to congratulate Archie, Alexander, Justin and all the other successful candidates on their election. They will all be engaged fully in school life to walk the talk of their pledges. As always, we are proud of the boys elected and will support them in their roles. All students need to cooperate with these office bearers and communicate any concerns they may have to the appropriate Prefect Intern. I am sure they will make fine role models and ambassadors for Sydney High.

End of Winter Sport

As the winter competition season has now ended I would like to thank and congratulate MICs, staff, coaches, parent committee members and students for the great effort they put into High sport. Many thousands of voluntary hours are added to the paid hours served in our programs to support our boys sport. Without this generosity of spirit by all concerned, we would never be able to deliver programs of such quality for such a comparatively low cost to parents.

Winter Sport Co-payments

All winter sports depend on payment of invoiced co-payments to pay coaches. Parents are reminded that all programs have to meet their budgetary obligations and cannot do so without maximum support from everyone. Our sports are delivered at a fraction of their actual cost, being subsidised by a school annual grant, parking revenues and ASF donations, along with the structural support and supervision provided by the school with assistance from the co-curricular support levy. Winter sport has now concluded. If you have an outstanding invoice for winter sports participation, please pay it now.
Dr K A Jaggar

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