High Notes, Vol 18 No 24, August 11 2017

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From the Principal

Annual Photographs

Our large number of team photographs were taken last week. Considerable organisation is required to assemble all the boys, liaise with the photographers at the two stages, set up to take the pictures, check on the correct attire for the sport, arrange the composition of the shots and record the names for the caption. Thank you for their great work to: Taryn Evans for taking over the organisation from Mark Gainford while he is convalescing, Mr Baldock for his great management of the schedule on the day and John Prorellis for overseeing the smooth running of the day.

The End of the ‘Before and After Shot.’

More than a dozen years ago, after a photograph of Year 12 looking immaculate in their school uniform, a student asked the photographer to take a companion photograph in which boys were allowed to express themselves in different dress and poses – a celebration of individuality after a formal example of conformity. For many years this ‘second year photograph’ was seen as some harmless fun by Year 12. Regrettably, in recent years a small group of students has behaved inappropriately after the candid shot was taken. They have stayed in costume and paraded around this school and at least once at SGHS, causing consternation and distress. This year the added dimension of social media, exacerbated a deteriorating attitude surrounding the photograph. An offensive image was uploaded onto social media. Despite being taken down within 35 minutes, the damage was done. The day has degenerated into a kind of rite of passage. There will be no more second shots of Year 12 in the future.

Parents – Have your say about our school

The School and The Learning Bar support team are looking forward to working with our school community this semester, to maximise the opportunity to collect feedback from our stakeholders using the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) surveys. Important information and updates for preparation and implementation of the surveys will be communicated during the next two weeks. The upcoming survey window is open between 21 August and 13 October. You can complete a survey at any time during this window. Over recent years we have built up a data base of staff and parent opinions about various aspects of school life. We appreciate the feedback – both positive and negative – as it helps us with our forward planning in our search for continual improvement.  Each year we are able to customise a few questions and add them to our survey. These questions help us to gauge parental opinion about specific aspects of school life. Information given is confidential and will not be used in any way that identifies a person or the school. Additional information for parents, including parent FAQs, can also be found on the CESE website at: 


I urge as many parents to participate as possible. Parent voice is very important to us at High. Your responses will inform our School Plan (2018-2020).

Enrolments for Years 8-12 (2018)

Enrolment applications have been assessed by a team of teachers and a check score added to the top ranking candidates. A ‘best fit’ addition of three of the closest four scores is calculated and the group re-ranked. An interview list is generated comprising the top rated applicants. The number of interviews depends upon how many places are vacant and on how many should be on the Reserve List. We normally operate with a Reserve List of five places. Given the high numbers of applications and places offered in Year 9, we are extending the Reserve List to six for this year’s process. Interviews are being held each afternoon for short-listed applicants. A round of offers will be made next week. No offers are made for students entering Years 10 and 12. Thank you to Maria Glen who oversees the enrolment process and Brooke Ashton and the SASS staff for their rapid and accurate processing of applications, recording of data, arranging interviews and responding to enquiries. Thank you to the High team of Teacher Assessors who read, assessed and scored the >200 applications so efficiently and quickly.

Winter Sport Co-payments

This is the last week of winter sports. We roll over into the short athletics season next week. Participation in athletics is a key educational goal we have for our boys. Consequently, we provide a program each year at no cost to parents. Now that the office is back up and running to take money and the online payment system is operational again, parents are able to pay for their son’s winter sports activity. All winter sports depend on prompt payment of invoiced co-payments to pay coaches. Parents are reminded that all programs have to meet their budgetary obligations and cannot do so without maximum support from everyone. Our sports are delivered at a fraction of their actual cost, being subsidised by parking revenues and ASF donations, along with the structural support and supervision provided by the school with assistance from the co-curricular support levy. Our programs offer unbeatable value for money. Please settle up your son’s winter sports co-payment now.

The Record 2017 – Reports for winter sports

Captains of winter sports teams have a responsibility to prepare a short report about the season their team had. A focus on the positives is appreciated and also highlighting any good individual performances. Reports should be submitted electronically to Ms May. One enduring feature about The Record is the pleasure gained by Old Boys returning after 30 or 50 years who relive moments of their teenage years through the photographs, names and summaries preserved in The Record. Co-curricular activities need to submit reports also. Supporters with good action photographs are asked to email them as attachments to Ms May who might be able to use any interesting ones in The Record. Captains, please take this responsibility seriously.
Dr K A Jaggar

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