High Notes, Vol 18 No 22, July 28 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

Our open volleyball team achieved another state title when they beat Kelso High School 3-0 in the final of the CHS Knockout Volleyball Competition. Congratulations to Mick Kay as coach and the team: Kalvin Xu (12E) captain, Shane Chen (12F), Ray Gu (12F), Ben Coan (12E), Wanyu Tang (12M), Jerry Chang (11F), Jon Luo (12F),Eli Montuno (11R), Nathan Trinh (11M) and Alec Liu (11E). Great job, boys!

Well done to Alexander De Araujo (11R), Justin Lai (11S), Guy Suttner (11T) and Symeon Ziegler (11M) for the victory in the Regional Final of the Karl Cramp PDC debating competition. Hugh Bartley (12R) and Alexander De Araujo (11R), were selected in the NSW CHS debating teams. Well done, indeed!  In the 2017 Australian Geography Competition, High was placed third amongst Australian Schools. Dharmesh Sharma (12S) was equal first in Australia among Year 12 students in the competition. Congratulations to Dharmesh and the other successful participants.

Our boys achieved great results at the AFC Cadet and Under 15 National Championships as representatives of NSW Fencing. The event was held in Perth, Western Australia on the 5th-9th of July. In the Under 15 Boys Sabre Teams competition, Yu Ming Lee (7) won Gold as part of the NSW Sabre Team A. Adrian Leong (9) and Ethan Kwan (9) won Bronze as members of the NSW Sabre Team B.In the Under 15 Boys Foil Teams competition, Lachlan Ho (9) won Silver as a member of the NSW Foil Team A. In the Cadet Men’s Sabre Teams competition, Arshad Aman Mohamed (10) won Gold as a member of the NSW Sabre Team. Congratulations, boys!

Caught doing the right thing

Last Friday we received an encouraging email from a commuter:

“Hi, I wanted to let you know that I was on the bus yesterday with some of your boys – they were commenting and were concerned that they had missed their bus stop – they were on route to UNSW. I let them know that the buses were re-routed because of the light rail work on High Street and they were so incredibly polite and grateful. Amazing ambassadors for your school”

Your behaviour in public is always being scrutinised. I’m glad that so many boys behave so well on public transport.

Full Uniform Policy

High is proud of the fact that its boys wear their school uniform. We expect boys to be in their appropriate uniforms at all times. In winter there can be extreme weather events but where adjustments need to be made in clothing, the High Store has responded to the requests from the SRC to supply approved supplementary items. The school beanie and school scarf can be worn at all times as part of the official school uniform. Students feeling the cold should not improvise with random items of clothing of various colours and designs. It is permissible to wear white skivvies underneath school shirts when it is really cold. Students in Years 7-9 are allowed to wear sports clothing on Thursdays and can add the school tracksuit for warmth. When it is raining, umbrellas or the new wet weather jacket are authorised. Non-uniform anoraks, jackets and non-approved wet weather gear are not permitted under any circumstances.

Second Joint School Development Day

This year’s School Development Day with SGHS featured a keynote by June Maker, one of the top three world leaders in programming curriculum for gifted learners. Staff attended a series of workshops on: talent development laboratories, using SOLO taxonomy, creating innovators amongst gifted students, wellbeing for teachers of gifted students, physical exercise and gifted learners, Na Ngara tour and MOOCS. Feedback from the day was very positive again. Staff from both schools expressed their interest in collaborative sessions between the two schools. Many wanted joint faculty time to work on areas of mutual interest in gifted education or programming. Workshops on underachievement and self-management were also suggested. I look forward to working again with SGHS on another joint staff development day next year. Thank you so much to the organising team: Rachel Powell, George Barris (SBHS), Geoff Denyer and Carina Dennis (SGHS) for their efficient, effective and collaborative organisation of the day.

Term 4 Staff Development Days

In Term 4, the last two days of school are gazetted as School Development Days. At High, we have sought and received approval to vary that arrangement. This term we will hold a Twilight Staff Development evening – 1530-1830 on 1 August and another of the same duration on 16 October. These two sessions will count as one of the scheduled Staff Development Days. Each faculty, by arrangement during two terms, can organise two twilight evenings independently to develop programs and materials pertinent to the school’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020. Such evenings will then comprise the second Staff Development Day. As a consequence, on the last two days of Term 4 (18 and 19 December), the only staff on site will be teachers who did not attend the twilight sessions, the Principal and SAS staff.
Dr K A Jaggar

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