High Notes, Vol 18 No 20, June 30 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

At the NSW Schools Fencing Championships it was a trifecta for High in U15 Epée – Lachlan Ho (9T) gold, Matthew Pellen (9R) silver and Mathew Bui (9E) shared bronze with Kevin Fernando (8T). Yu Ming Lee (7T) won silver in the U13 sabre. In U13 Epée Dylan Huynh (8M) won silver and Thomas Nguyen (8T) bronze. Congratulations to all our competitors. Ricky Pachon (SHS 2016) finished in the top 16 at the Jiu-jitsu World Championships held recently in Long beach California.

Transitioning to LMBR

When we recommence next term there will be a period of time during which the school will not be functioning normally. In order to transition to a completely new system of: receiving money, accounting for it, receiving and processing orders, acquitting and accounting for them, entering student data and managing student wellbeing, we will experience a period of adjustment during which we are asking for your patience and forbearance. In the first week of next term we will be setting up the new system. We will not process payments or order goods and services for the first few days. Our bank accounts will then be closed. There will also be a ‘dark period’ when data is being uploaded into the new system and we will not have reports on our activities, so information flows may be patchy. Anyone in need of urgent transactions should come and see me personally. MICs and parent committees will have added priorities to understand and manage the new system. Be patient when dealing with our support and administrative staff who have to start a new system from scratch. Bear with us and we will manage the transition.

Sick Students at School

Winter is a time when the spread of colds and flu is most likely. This last week or so we have had boys needing to be collected by their parents because they were too sick to continue at school. In the interests of public safety, we ask parents to keep their sons at home when they are unwell. In the first instance, rest and medical intervention are more likely to lead to a speedy recovery than continued attendance at school while not fully functioning due to illness. In the second, they may infect others and then we have more students needing to take time off school.

Caught Doing the Right Thing

This week I was sent the following email by a commuter who was impressed enough by the behaviour of our boys on train journeys to take the time to write to me about it. 

“I am sending this email to let you know the students from your school that are on my train at St Peters station every morning are so polite & extremely courteous. They get off the train to let others on, & if they are sitting down they get up to let others sit down. This behaviour is very pleasing to see in this day & age, it certainly portrays your school as an excellent place to educate & teach young adults how to be fine members of the community. Well done to you, the teachers, their parents & these students alike”.

To all our boys who bring kudos to the school for their behaviour on public transport – thank you for making the effort to be responsible, particularly when you are not supervised.

End of Term 2

This has been both a challenging and very productive term- both in academic and in co-curricular activities. Thank you to all staff for their efforts in completing another reporting period so successfully. With the process taking on an extra dimension of complexity with PEWCC reporting in Years 7 and 8, everyone coped very well with the pressure of keeping to deadlines for setting and marking assessment tasks, recording and processing marks, writing on reports and conversing with parents on PT evenings. We need to tell everyone we can – students, parents, colleagues and the community- about what our boys know, understand and can do. From my observations in classrooms this term, they are accomplished in all three learning aspects.
Dr K A Jaggar

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