High Notes, Vol 18 No 13, May 12 2017

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From the Principal

High Talent

Stephen Young (12R) was a member of the victorious NSW Schools Tennis Team who won the National Secondary School Teams event – the Pizzey Cup. The Pizzey Cup is a prestigious national schools tennis championships open to students from Year seven through to Year 12 inclusive. Great job Stevie!

Role changes

Thank you to Hazel Stephens (Social Science) who has taken on the role of Coordinator of Legal Debating and United Nations debating. Cassandra Pride (English) is the new Coordinator of Public Speaking. Thank you to these teachers for taking up these positions, which provide great opportunities for our boys.

Armidale Visit

Another successful trip to Armidale was completed last weekend. Thank you to all the boys, parents and staff who attended. The TAS hospitality was up to its usual high standard. The behaviour of the boys was good and the weather unseasonably balmy. TAS were too strong for us everywhere except in basketball. The 16As had a good win in rugby. It is a pity that our third grade soccer didn’t come up to play their usual fixture. My special thanks go to Mick Aldous, Julie Eggleton and the 22 boys who had to fill in hours waiting for a replacement bus for the one that broke down in the main street of Scone. They were very cheerful, even though they didn’t get to TAS until after 8pm!  It was a fine demonstration of school spirit and stoicism. Thank you to everyone involved.

Year 7 Progress Reports

Year 7 parents should have seen the Interim Report for their sons for each subject. The reports were distributed by each Faculty towards the end of term one. The idea of the report is to let parents know how well their boys are adjusting to school life and the workload involved for each subject. Also, having so many teachers is a fundamental change for students used to having one only for most of every day. Talk to your son about how he is going in each of his subjects and about how he is responding to high school life.

Thinking Routines

Developing thinking dispositions—whether it is a disposition to strive for understanding, to figure out the complexities of fairness, to seek truth, or hunt for creative solutions—occurs within a cultural context. It is within cultural contexts, that we develop our patterns of behaviour and thinking that become our habits. Therefore, Visible Thinking uses an enculturative approach to develop students’ thinking, immersing students in a rich culture of thinking in classrooms. In order to engage more of our boys more often in more lessons, teachers in the Junior School are employing ‘thinking routines’. These are structural frameworks for investigating concepts, skills or content. Because thinking routines are aimed at an individual’s thoughts, feelings or imaginings, there are no right and wrong reactions. This learning scenario allows everyone to be confident enough to be in involved in the activities of the lessons. In term one there were at least 75 lessons where thinking routines were employed by teachers across various faculties. My aim was to have 100 lessons use these techniques in semester one and 250 by the end of the year. The purpose of recording the frequency of the lessons is to enable us to make a judgement about whether we have evidence that it is a school wide technique, likely to be making an impact on students’ approaches to learning

Walk To School Day

National Walk Safely To School Day is in its 18th year and will be celebrated next Friday, May 19. It is targeted at primary schools but would be a healthy alternative for any of our boys who live within reasonable walking distance.

Year 12 Reports

If you have a son in Year 12, ask to see your son’s report. Only boys requiring Clearance Forms may not have them by this Friday. I encourage boys and parents to meet the requirements noted on the Form and for boys to then book a time for their report interview with me. I really need to speak to all Year 12 boys about their progress in this really important last year at school. 

Winter Sport Co-payments

All winter sports depend on prompt payment of invoiced co-payments to pay coaches. Parents are reminded that all programs have to meet their budgetary obligations and cannot do so without maximum support from everyone. Our sports are delivered at a fraction of their actual cost, being subsidised by parking revenues and ASF donations. Also, structural support and supervision are provided by the school with assistance from the co-curricular supervision levy. Even with these resources and parent co-payments, the school has to use its budget to contribute funds to each sport. We are going to have to close the register for transactions very soon as a prelude to migrating to the LMBR suite of programs, so there is more urgency in our request for your compliance this year. Please settle up your son’s winter sports co-payment now.
Dr K A Jaggar

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