High Notes, Vol 17 No 13, May 13 2016

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Luke Schroeder (12T) who was selected in the NSW Combined Independent Schools Basketball team. Great effort, Luke! At the All Schools Swimming Championships William Lee placed 3rd in the boys 14 50m breaststroke final (32.55) and in the 12-14 years 100m breaststroke final (1.11.94). Nathan Wang placed 3rd in his final of the boys 12 years 50m breaststroke (38.77). Terrific results, boys!

Walk To School Day
National Walk Safely To School Day is in its 17th year and will be celebrated next Friday, 20 May. It is targeted at primary schools but would be a healthy alternative for any of our boys who live within reasonable walking distance.

Year 12 Reports
Ask to see your son’s report. Only boys requiring Clearance Forms may not have them by this Friday. I encourage boys and parents to meet the requirements noted on the Form and for boys to then book a time for their report interview with me.

UNSW – Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
The School has a total of 1324 students. The School is a leader in photovoltaics, quantum engineering and energy storage. It has opened a new phototonics laboratory. Phototonics develops optical electrodes for the brain / machine interface. Biological neural networks are studied with a view to developing technology to treat disorders from epilepsy to visual impairment. Another field of study is microelectronics. Miniaturised integrated electronics are developed as active biomedical implants – deep brain stimulation, pain control and bionic eye – are examples. Overall UNSW graduates 20% of all the engineers in Australia. Demand for engineers exceeds supply. Currently, there are more engineers coming to Australia on 457 visas than are graduating from Australian universities. The university is training engineers in Myanmar for international accreditation. Myanmar was described by the Dean of Engineering, Prof. Mark Hoffman, as ‘the last frontier in Asia’. Australia is well positioned to help open up interactions with Myanmar through education and export trade. There are strong links between the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications and Industry. Employers are at the table in regular dialogue with the Prof Ambikairajah, Head of School, and his staff via Industry Advisory Board meetings, and are very interested in UNSW graduates in engineering.

Caught Doing the Right Thing
There was a call from a woman this week who has travelled on the Bankstown line.  She said that there were SBHS students who were very polite and who always stood up for people on the train. They were always very respectful and quiet.  To those seniors and juniors who were travelling in this lady’s carriage – thank you. You are modelling the ethos of the school really well.

Solar Project – Update
Since last week’s publication High received a wonderful donation of $10,000 towards our first stage 10KW solar system. I want to thank Mr Richard Harding (Elias Hall 12S) for his generosity. Mr Harding sees his gift as an investment in sustainability – think globally, act locally. We want to model at High how much we care about saving on greenhouse gases and reducing our carbon footprint. It is a gift that keeps on giving – perhaps for fifty years at several thousand dollars of saved electricity costs per year. The efficiency and longevity of the new generation solar panels make this likely. A separate sub-dissection has been set up within the Sydney Boys School High Building Fund to sequester the funds received there until required for the project. I invite parents, Old Boys and friends of High to invest in the future, too. With school community support we will quickly achieve our first target of $30k. We plan to get the system installed in December / January.

Full Uniform Policy
High is proud of the fact that its boys wear their school uniform. We expect boys to be in their appropriate uniforms at all times. In winter there can be extreme weather events but where adjustments need to be made in clothing, the High Store has responded to the requests from the SRC to supply approved supplementary items. The school beanie and school scarf can be worn at all times as part of the official school uniform. Students feeling the cold should not improvise with random items of clothing of various colours and designs. It is permissible to wear white skivvies underneath school shirts when it is really cold. Students in Years 7 & 8 are allowed to wear sports clothing on Thursdays and can add the school tracksuit for warmth. When it is raining, umbrellas are recommended rather than non-uniform anoraks. Waterproof over garments were researched and sourced by the SRC but insufficient pre-orders were submitted so the purchase was abandoned. A cheaper line of clothing is being discussed. Contact your SRC member to express your interest!
Dr K A Jaggar

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