High Notes, Vol 17 No 12, May 06 2016

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Nathan Wang (7R) and William Lee (9R), breaststroke and Jake Rowlands (11R) individual medley, who qualified to compete at All Schools this week – a great achievement boys!  In their final swim for High, the 4 x 50 relay team of Kalem, Christian, Luke and Andrew, set a time of 1.42.41 to beat the other two GPS representatives at the CIS Swimming Carnival, finishing a close 4th to the CAS schools. They have claimed the record for the fastest relay swim ever by High boys! Great job! Well done to Esmond Ye (12M) and Arthur Chao (12R) who have made it as one of the top 5 teams in Australia in the AusCase competition.

Staff Changes
As a result of a merit selection process Mr Michael Cinquetti, a teacher at SGHS, has been appointed as Head Teacher of English at High. He takes up his appointment on day 1 term 3. Mr Geoff Stein, Head Teacher PDHPE, is taking on the administrative and supervision functions of the LOTE faculty. Mr George Barris is the executive member in charge of the Practicum Program / UNSW partnership.

Our HPV dose 1 coverage in term 1, 2016, was only 90.6% of students. To be most effective for everyone, the vaccination rate needs to be as close to 100% as possible. Many schools are in the 95-100% range. In the interests of public health and personal security from infection by preventable disease, parents are asked to enrol their sons in the full program of vaccinations as and when offered by the school.

Carpark Safety and Protocols
Parents are requested again to drop off their sons between gate 1 and gate 2 rather than driving up to where the buses are parked and then doing a three-point turn before driving out again. Also, parents waiting for their sons should not occupy staff car spaces, nor block entry to these. Staff members have priority and need to be able to park and get to class on time.

Weights Room Memberships Now Available Until 27 May
The Weights Room operates much more effectively if all boys get their training in how to use the various pieces of equipment and in proper lifting technique as soon as possible. Kurt Rich provides this service at the beginning of each year and can tailor individual programs for members after the introductory sessions. Having a fixed clientele makes his job more productive and leads to a better training experience for members. Hence, we decided to close off memberships by the end of February each year. Boys who had not paid by that time could no longer attend the weights room.

As a transition measure for 2016 only, we are offering boys a second chance to join the weights room for the rest of the year at a cost of $200. Memberships will not be available after Friday 27 May for the rest of the year. It is not our intention in 2017 to have two periods of time for boys to pay for their memberships. Boys should be organised this year to join up by the end of February 2017.

Student Awards Scheme - NAPLAN Results
Boys in Years 7 and 9 sit the NAPLAN tests this month. We want to incentivise performance in NAPLAN. We will be offering up to a maximum of 20 Award Scheme points for the four tests – 5 points each. Boys maintaining their expected growth trajectory will receive three points and those exceeding it, five. The idea is for all boys to try their best in each test to prove to themselves that they are progressing well at school, from Year 5 to Year 7 or from Year 7 to Year 9. Often, boys don’t treat the tests as seriously as they might – rushing through just to finish early or working carelessly because the results don’t count on their reports. We want to give them an extra reason to try hard, to use all the available time and to check their answers for careless errors or mistakes of logic or judgement. In short, we want to nurture the process of performing to your best ability under pressure.

Solar Energy Project
Since October 2009, High has had 35 solar panels generating electricity which is automatically consumed by the school and is not separately metered. The tracking technology on our school site indicates that since installation, the 6.3kw capacity system has generated 41.2 megawatts of electricity with a calculated CO2 saving of 36.3 tonnes. Regrettably, this output represents only 1/72 of our electricity consumption in the last 6 years. Our electricity bill exceeds $100k pa. Our technology is superseded and the new generation of photovoltaic panels are much more efficient. To make a substantial difference to our costs we would need to put in a lot of panels. One quotation indicates we could install 300 panels on the north facing roofs of A block and the Great Hall. Our energy production could then exceed 54kw. For Stage 2 a more modest proposal is to install sufficient panels to generate 10kw of power and a second inverter. Whereas the initial system cost $65k including a solar grant of $50k., this system can be installed for c$28k (approximately twice the generation for less than half of the cost). Not all investments are purely driven by economics. We are doing two things – modelling sustainability to our students and doing something locally to address a global climate change issue. Our fundraising target is $20k. The remainder will come from school funds. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to this project, donate to the SHS Building Fund. Include a notation ‘solar project’ to distinguish the gift from those preferred for the Governors Centre Project. For more information about the project contact me on 9662 9320 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Invoices for Summer Activities Co-payments
Families have had invoices posted for term 1 activities. Despite these charges, most activities are also heavily subsidised from school funds, particularly in direct grants from school funds (general service contributions), provision of MICs, teacher supervision, WHS compliance costs and first aid costs (co-curricular supervision levy) and parking allocation support. Co-payments are used primarily for the provision of coaching. In basketball alone, a team of over 50 people delivers the program! We have staff, students, Old Boys, parents and volunteers working to make your son’s school experiences more enjoyable. It would be appreciated if you could make your co-payments promptly. Thank you.
Dr K A Jaggar

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