High Notes, Vol 15 No 8, March 21 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
At last Saturday’s Head of the River, two crews achieved benchmark results for High. The 2nd Year 10 VIII rowed to the winner’s time +9.93% - a solid performance inside the 7.51-9.99% band. The 1st Year 10 VIII achieved the second benchmark +6.21% – within the range 5.1-7.5%. Only 31/108 crews have done this in 16 years. Both Year 10 VIIIs performed better than any other Year 10 crews since 2004. Congratulations, boys!  At the CHS Championships, held on Thursday and Friday last, the High team retained the Peter Bond Cup for Champion Boys School in the points score and the Rowing Association Trophy for Highest Points Score School Overall. High crews had a clean sweep of the medals in five events! Competitors can only be entered for three events. Champion Junior Rower was Roy Yi with two gold medals and one bronze. Champion Senior Rower was shared between Steve Comninos and Sam Musgrove with 3 gold medals each! Ray Fang, Shawn Noronha and James Tinker earned two gold medals and one silver each. Two gold medals were earned by Joshua Maloof, Yi Dong Luo and Jesse Nixon. Well done to all the competitors! Our sculling policy has certainly helped to make our boys better prepared for CHS events in recent years.

Trusts for the benefit of High boys
The audited accounts for our trusts show that as of December, 2013 balances of:  $122,026 for the Ethel Killip Memorial Trust; $85,816 for the Prizes Trust; $77,717 for the Phil Day Memorial Scholarship Trust; $17,104 for the ANZAC Trust Fund and $7,348 for the Mitchell Seow Memorial Prize Trust. Half of the interest earned on these Trusts is donated to the School for uses determined by the Trust Deeds. The Seow Trust funds a specific prize. The Anzac Trust supplements the Student Assistance Scheme with direct financial help to students in necessitous circumstances. The Phil Day Trust funds an annual scholarship worth $1,500. The Prizes Trust helps to pay for some of the $31,400 worth of prizes awarded each year to students. The Ethel Killip Trust pays for the replacement and upkeep of honour boards, memorabilia of Old Boys, photographs on walls and the school artworks collection.

Tennis Court Refurbishment
Our tennis courts are going to be ground back, prepared, the layout of two courts repositioned and all four courts will be repainted during the next five weeks. The area is now out of bounds until further notice. New net winders will be installed along with a set of posts and wires to hold a retractable net to aid in training and tennis coaching by keeping balls from entering adjacent courts. The new courts will be in Aussie Open Blue. The facility will then be first class in terms of playing conditions for GPS tennis and also a valuable commercial asset for the school. The Sydney High School Foundation has management of the courts and has made provision for resurfacing costs over several years.

A compound has been erected in the car park opposite the gymnasium to allow machinery and materials to be stored securely and waste material collected in a dumpster. There will be significant noise and dust pollution in the area for a couple of weeks while the grinding is done. I know the wider High community will understand that periodic maintenance such as this is necessary and will bear with us until the job is completed.

Sydney High School Building Fund
Thanks to the great support by parents our Sydney High School Building Fund, as at December 31, had funds held specifically for the joint project Governors Centre of $483,000. Year 7 parents should be particularly keen to support this Fund as their sons have every prospect of using the new facility in 2018-19, more certainly if a higher percentage of parents each year join in the giving program. Many parents, Old Boys and friends of High have given before you so this major addition to our learning facilities can be achieved. Total funds available for the project are now $2,263,990. We achieved our first target of $2,250,000 by December 31, 2013 and now we need to reach $3,000,000 by December, 2014.  If you haven’t made your donation yet, I urge you to do so. Forms are available at www.sydneyboyshigh.com/donations/governors-centre.

Early Bird Discounts
Thank you to the 571 families who supported the early bird discount scheme by paying for all of the invoiced items by February 28. A small increase from 47.8% to 47.82% of families shared the discount pool of $100,859. Big contributors this year were Year 7: (66.67%), Year 8 (57.78%) and Year 10 (52.68%)! It would be very encouraging if we could reach a majority of parents overall who realised that the High experience represents very good value for money.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the High Store

Pre Rugby Season SALE
Last WEEK!

The High Store is offering a discount for purchasing your training mesh, cap & water bottle in the month of March.

Training Mesh $55 NOW $50
Rugby Cap $20 NOW $16.50
Rugby Water Bottle $9.90 NOW $8.50

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From the Canteen

Thank you to our volunteers last week:-

MON: Alana Liang, Olivia Yinzhu, Tina Chang
TUES: Farrah Chew, Marian Elton, Penny Chan,
WED: George Haddo, Jim O’Sullivan, Lesa Katsilis, Maria Dos Santos-Lee
THURS: Ha Tran, Tina Chen, Rita Wu,
FRI: Theo Tsiribas, Soogie Sim, Frances Salmon
Sharon Hughes

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Free workshop for supervisors of learner drivers

Ensure your learner driver has the best possible introduction to driving; their life could depend on it!

The City of Sydney aims to improve road safety with a workshop for supervisors of learner drivers.

Wednesday 9 April 2014
6pm -8pm
Customs House
Alfred Street, Circular Quay

The two hour workshop will provide pertinent practical advice regarding:

  • laws for learner and P-plate drivers.
  • how to use the Learner Driver Log Book
  • how to plan on-road driving sessions and supervise learner drivers
  • understanding the benefits of supervised on road driving experience

Bookings are essential, please phone The City of Sydney on 9265 9333 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to reserve your seat.

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC Report

For the last two weeks we have been going through Senior trials to select our Years 11 and 12 Premier’s Debating Team and our GPS Firsts and Seconds team. Antony Paul and Christopher Chiam who are the Firsts and Seconds coaches would like to thank everyone who trialled for Senior teams this year. They have had an incredibly difficult time trying to decide between some of the boys. We appreciate the time and effort you all put in, as students and, in addition I appreciate the time and effort the coaches have put in.  They have made every effort to make sure we have the best chances of success in the GPS and PDC competitions and, as such, this year, for the first time, we allowed last year’s Year 9 GPS As to trial as well as Years 11 and 12. This was a very useful experience for all four of them and has been particularly successful for one who has made it into the GPS Second Squad. Another unusual decision this year has been to have quite different GPS Seconds and Year 11 Premiers Debating team. Finally we have announced the team captains of Firsts, Seconds and Thirds at the start of the season. Well done boys - the serious work starts now. Commiserations for the unlucky boys, but remember we are still looking for two students to work with Andrew Liu in the GPS Thirds team.

I am very pleased to announce the 2014 Sydney Boys High School Senior Debating teams.

GPS 1st Grade
- Jon F
- Lokesh Sharma
- Riley Irwin (Captain)

GPS 2nd Grade
- Ganesh
- Peter Stephens (Captain)
- Thomas Shortridge

GPS Third Grade
Andrew Liu is Captain and will also be the reserve for the above teams. The other two team members will be chosen in Week 4 of next term.

Hume Barbour
- Jon F
- Lokesh Sharma
- Peter Stephens
- Riley Irwin

Karl Kramp
- Ganesh
- Gautham
- Nick Phillis
- Thomas George

Now that the Senior trials are finished we have started Year 10 trials and we are hoping to have both Year 10 and Year 9 trials finished by the end of term 1.
Rachel Powell
Debating MIC

Debating Prefect Report

This week, we had a mixed bag of results with only 2 out of 6 wins in FED against Knox but 5 out of 6 wins against Cranbrook in Eastside. In FED, seniors were given the tricky topic “That racial background should be a factor in court verdicts”. All senior teams were unsuccessful with this topic on both sides but no doubt we learnt some valuable lessons about characterising arguments. In Eastside, the senior topic was a relevant one – “That universities should determine admissions based on interviews as opposed to the ATAR.” All out teams were successful in arguing their respective sides of this notion, giving nuanced points about the objective nature of the ATAR (and HSC exams) in contrast to the subjective nature of the interview. Today we face two of our biggest rivals in debating, Newington (in FED) and Grammar (Eastside), both at home. Hopefully we are successful all-round this week.

Tip of the week
Eye Contact: This week’s tip is particularly relevant for junior debaters at High. Maintaining eye contact with your audience (and adjudicator) makes them feel like you’re conversing with them allowing them to feel more inclined to support your argument. It also is the foundation of a confident speaker who knows what he is talking about. A good way to do this is to make sure you are not writing out your speech in full, but rather using palm cards and making bullet points about the things you want to cover in your speech.
Lokesh Sharma
Debating Prefect

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From the Junior Library

Wednesday  26th March – have a look at a short film – next year create your own and send it in?

Both libraries will be celebrating Harmony Day by showing related short films. The Junior Library will show films next Wednesday at lunchtime.

http://tinyurl.com/sbhs2014libsurvey (Award Scheme point applies)

There are separate surveys for the Senior and Junior Libraries.  Please complete one by the end of Cyber Week.

The little link above will take you straight to Moodle which will record your answers for our library’s information.  Of course you can also find this survey by going into Moodle / All courses / Library / Library survey.

This is the first time the Junior Library has asked you about our information services and we are really interested in your responses – please take the time to complete this survey and get an award scheme point for your trouble.

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?  

Term 1 2014 has been a busy and productive time as usual in the Senior Library with many individual students making use of the facility and teachers with their classes booking in to use the computers or the resources on offer. The collection has expanded giving a wider range of materials available to borrowers. This has been due to purchase of many new resources last year and the injection of a large bequest from the late Old Boy Gregory Babic. The collection will continue to expand after the librarians at SBHS attended a purchasing day at Kinokuniya where they offered 25% discount on books or DVDs selected. Many of the titles chosen will support the new Australian curriculum as well as provide wider reading choices for our seniors.

This term our old computers have been replaced by 25 brand new desktops with beautiful, large screens. These are already enthusiastically used by individual students and booked classes and give greater flexibility in use of more programs for art and visual design and the viewing of any graphic application.

The Senior Library will be running a survey during Cyber Awareness Week, March 31 to April 4, to gather information about library services, amenities, atmosphere and resources. The last time we surveyed our senior students was in 2011 when the library was relatively new as a facility, so it will be interesting to find out what students think and provide us with feedback to assist us to ensure that we meet student, teacher and school community needs.

Harmony Day (21st March) will be celebrated at our school next week. The Lak Saviya BBQ and mufti day will combine with the Harmony Day multicultural celebration and the libraries will be screening short films from the Colourfest Harmony Day 2014 collection. The Senior Library will show these on Thursday 27th March and the Junior Library will show them on Wednesday 26th March. These films showcase the best of migrant and diaspora stories from Australia and beyond. Last year we screened the first of these entertaining and relevant films to our school community and hope that they attract an interested audience this year
Mrs Gordon

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Clean Up Australia Day 2014

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

So far in 2014, approximately 572,400 volunteers removed 15,700 tonnes of rubbish at 7,140 sites across the country. Our school was one of them.  The Sydney Boys High School ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ event took place on Friday the 14th of March, as part of the ‘Every day Clean Up’ initiative.  Thirty-one students, from various years, contributed to the national effort by parading the school grounds and Moore Park West for litter from 6:45am-9:15am. The student volunteers were able to surpass the contents of the Clean-up Kit and fill 30 biodegradable garbage bags which were then recycled. The school’s participation in this event seeks to explicitly outline its attitude towards cleaning up the environment, and the improvement in student volunteer numbers from previous years helped to do so.  The results were promising and future participation will aim to change the attitude towards cleaning up our school grounds and the environment. As a thank you for our participation we received certificates and several free vouchers from Clean Up Australia. For any student who participated in the event out of school, make sure you obtain your certificate from the organiser on the day. If you would like award scheme points, you can drop off a copy of the certificate to the box outside Mr Phillipson’s door before the end of March.
Nader Haidar
Year 11

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Music Notes

Thanking all parents who attended the music committee meeting on Tuesday evening (18th of March). A list of agendas that were discussed in the meeting included the Music Camp BBQ and fundraising especially for the upcoming 2015 USA music tour.

Music Camp will be on Wednesday 28th May - Friday 30th May @ Naamaroo Uniting Venues. Camp forms have been handed out this week. Forms will be placed outside the music staffroom. Please remember to also complete the online form (Online form instructions on last page). Payments and forms must be completed by Wednesday 2nd of April (Term 1 Week 10).

Students who are borrowing music instruments from the school are to see Ms Kim ASAP with their instrument(s)!

The SBHS Big Night Out event will be on Saturday 29th of March commencing at 5pm. Intermediate and Senior Stage bands including the Saxophone Ensemble will be performing at this event. All parents, friends and family are welcome to come along to this eventful evening!

All students in Junior & Intermediate Concert/Stage Bands, Senior Concert/Stage Bands and the Saxophone Ensemble must attend Marching Band rehearsals as there are only 3 weeks left till the end of Term 1.

A reminder that there will be 2 holiday rehearsals at school:

  • Wednesday 16th April 9:30-11:30am
  • Thursday 24th April 9:30-11:30am.
  • Anzac Day- Friday 25th April (Watch the boys on live broadcast)

The 2014 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
unless stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Training Concert Band
Room 202

Terms 2, 3, 4
Junior Stage Band
Room 101
  Saxophone Ensemble
Room 102

Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Intermediate  Stage Band
Room 101
Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4

Chamber Choir
Room 101
Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4

3.30 - 4.30pm
  Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
  Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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SHS Rowing

Rowing Assembly

All rowers attended the traditional Rowing Assembly as a prelude to the NSW CHS Championship Regatta and AAGPS Head of the River. It was a moving occasion with parents and students present to hear Dr Jaggar and guest speakers, Karl Kruszelnicki (2005) and Josh Scharfegger (2005), address the assembly. Karl spoke of the camaraderie, the memory of particular events, and the teamwork involved to achieve the common goal of boatspeed. Josh elaborated on the preparation involved for Head of the River, how to make the most of the opportunity, and finally on race day, the execution. Captain of Boats, Ray Fang, introduced the 2014 GPS Head of the River crews, inspired the crews for racing at CHS and Head of the River, and finally rallied the rowers with a heartfelt war cry.

NSW CHS Championship Regatta Results

Sydney Boys rowing once again had a very successful outing at the NSW Combined High School Championship regatta last Thursday and Friday 13th and 14th of March. Co-hosting the event this year with Sydney Girls at the Sydney International Regatta Centre meant that we were under pressure to perform and perform we did.

The boys had an incredible haul of 9 Gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze medals out of 15 events, a great effort. We won the CHS schoolboy point score trophy and for the second year in a row we won the overall CHS championship point score trophy despite our lack of any schoolgirls to speak of - a great feat!

Notable mentions must be given to Roy Yi, who won the Junior Competitor of the Championship and to Sam Musgrove who won the CHS Overall Competitor in conjunction with me. Also to the 1st Year 10 VIII who rowed exceedingly well to get within 1.6 seconds of the 1st VIII and push them all the way to the line. Flidon Wang, Roy Yi, Kevin Guo and Oliver Lethbridge should also be commended for their impressive efforts to medal in the 15s, 16s and 17s single scull events, the hardest events at the championship.

All in all, the boys should be proud of the way they raced on Thursday and Friday, showing skill and determination to dominate the opposition.
Steve Comninos
Vice-Captain of Boats 2014

CHS Medal Winners

CHS Events 9 State Gold Medals 10 Silver Medals 9 Bronze Medals
U15 Single Scull Flidon Wang Roy Yi
U15 Double Scull Roy Yi, Timothy Trent Alan Guo, Ryan Zheng Anderson Chan, Lachlan Goff
U15 Quad Scull Flidon Wang, Nathan Quan, Roy Yi, Tommy Weng, Cox: Jack Zhou Jason Zhang, Jack Ralph, Connor Fisher, Eric Chen, Cox: Kevin Jin Lachlan Goff, Timothy Trent, Allen Guo, Ryan Zheng
U16 Single Scull Kevin Guo
U16 Double Scull Kevin Guo, Jason Qiu
U16 Quad Scull Richard Ding, Tony Dong, Darren Lim, Robert Yuan, Cox: Alvis Leung Jason Huo, Shane Wei, Ethan May, Kevin Guo, Cox: Jefferson Chan Tushaya Mehndiratta, Kieran Shivakumaarun, Tony Li, Kevin Zhong, Cox: Jack Zhou
U17 Single Scull Oliver Lethbridge
U17 Double Scull Jing Li, James Tinker
U17 Quad Scull Jing Li, James Tinker, Oliver Lethbridge, Jacob Katafono, Cox: Daniel Xu Kevin Fan, Edward Belokopytov, Wesley Zhang, William Chen, Cox: Remington Lim Stuart Benjamin, Jiachen Lu, James Merlo, Ricky Pachon, Cox: John Chen
Championship Double Scull Ray Fang, Shawn Noronha
Championship Pair Steve Comninos, Sam Musgrove Louis Huyen, Chi Mao
Championship Quad Scull Sam Musgrove, Steve Comninos, Ray Fang, Shawn Noronha, Cox: Kenneth Liu Tim Medley, Jin Tan, Terry Fong, Jake Davis, Cox: George Han-McEvoy
Championship Four Joshua Maloof, Jesse Nixon, Yi Luo, Neil Song, Cox: Kenneth Liu Alan Qi, Chi Mao, Louis Huyen, Luke Hoad, Cox: George Han-McEvoy
Championship Eight Yi Luo, Jesse Nixon, James Tinker, Joshua Maloof, Sam Musgrove, Steve Comninos, Ray Fang, Shawn Noronha, Cox: Kenneth Liu William Chen, Wesley Zhang, Edward Belokopytov, Jayden Forday, Jason Qiu, Jacob Katafono, Kevin Fan, Oliver Lethbridge, Cox: Daniel Xu Terry Fong, Alan Qi, Louis Huyen, Tim Medley, Neil Song, Jake Davis, Jing Li, Jin Tan, Cox: George Han-McEvoy

Head of the River

A supportive and enthusiastic crowd of High students, parents, Old Boys and supporters turned up to cheer on the crews at the AAGPS Regatta on Saturday. Congratulations to every boy who rowed for High, and I’m sure the experience will be a positive memory.

  • Y10 1st and 2nd Eight – Rowed exceptionally well, maintaining rhythm and technique throughout their races to achieve personal best times of 6.43.27 and 7.06.89 respectively.
  • School 1st and 2nd Four – Congratulations to those crews for competing and representing the school. A gallant effort racing against much older and bigger boys – Times 1st Four - 7.50.44 and 2nd Four - 8.43.20
  • 2nd Eight raced closer to other crews than recent previous years, and kept the power, skill and rhythm throughout the race – Time 7.00.55
  • 1st Eight rowed well under pressure of high expectations. Despite the 1st Eight being a very athletic and skilled crew … the High rowers were up against outstanding GPS crews in the premier schoolboy race in the world - Time 6.38.86

Rowing Dinner

250 people filled the Great Hall for the Rowing Dinner to celebrate and acknowledge the rowers’ efforts and achievements as a culmination to three days of racing at CHS and Head of the River. The speeches and presentation of crews were outstanding by Ryan Zheng, Year 8 Quads, Roy Yi, Year 9 Quads, Jacob Katafono, Year 10 VIIIs, and Captain of Boats, Ray Fang.

Certificates for ‘Outstanding Contribution to teamwork, training and performance’ were awarded to –

  • Year 8 Quads – Dimas Sanjoyo, Widhi Widyatamaka, Jason Zhang, Keanne Nyugen, Brenda Kwan, Bryan Herijanto
  • Year 9 Quads – Ethan May, Shane Wei, Connor Fisher, Matthew Whittaker, Jonathan Gao, Jeffrey Sung
  • Year 10 Eights – Oliver Lethbridge, Richard Ding
  • Seniors – Steve Comninos, Tim Medley, Dan Tran, Stuart Benjamin, and Alvis Leung

Trophies awarded–

  • Ken Robinson Trophy for top oarsman of 2014 – Steve Comninos
  • Alan Grover Trophy for best performing coxswain of the season – Daniel Xu
  • Merv Wood Cup awarded to the rower with the most potential to row at an elite level – Shawn Noronha
  • High Senior Crew Shield awarded to the most impressive performance by a Senior crew – Championship 3rd quad at CHS - Andrew Rong, Chris Ketkeo, Dan Tran, Luke Hoad, (c) Alvis Leung
  • High Junior Crew Shield - awarded to the most impressive performance by a Junior crew  - Y8 2nd quad at Schoolboy Head of the River – Widhi Widyatamaka, Jason Zhang, Isaiah Wibowo, Anderson Chan, (c) Jiaming Sun
  • CWP Barris Shield awarded to the ultimate clubman of the season – Kenneth Lui
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AAGPS Athletics Invitation Meet

 AM Carnival @ ES Marks

Time Event Age Group
8:10am  3000 m ALL AGE
8:30am    Hurdles U/13 – Open
9:10am    800m U/13 – Open
9:50am    200m U/13 – Open
10:30am    1500m U/13 – Open
11.00am    100m U/13 - Opens 
11:40am    400m U/13 – Open
12.10pm    4 x 100m U/13 – Open 
8.30 am SP  Open
SP U13
LJ U/17
LJ Open
HJ  U/13
HJ U/14
9.30 am SP U/16
SP U/17
9.45 am LJ U/13
LJ  U/14
10.15 am HJ U/15
HJ U/16
10.30 am SP U/14
SP U/15
11.15 am LJ U/15
LJ U/16
HJ Open
HJ U/17

Please note: Timings are only a guide and numbers of competitors and events will determine the exact timings for the Carnival. Events WILL be moved FORWARD if possible so please ensure you arrive well in advance of the scheduled program

Lane Allocations

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

We are hosting this event so any parent or teacher willing to help will be much appreciated.

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SBHS Cricket

Cricket Results – 2014 Term 1 Week 6

Team Score Result Highlights
GPS Round 7
1st XI SBHS 10 – 112 v NC 6 - 165 Lost by 53 runs  
2nd XI SBHS 10 – 165 v NC 8 - 167 Lost by 2 wickets
3rd XI SBHS 10 – 99 v NC 10 - 194 Lost by 95 runs Michael Yu 46*
4th XI SBHS 2 – 94 v NC 10 93 Won by 8 wickets Jason Lin 50*, Renjith Joseph 5-34
5th XI SBHS 7 – 131 v NC 9 - 130 Won by 3 wickets Anantnath  Thakur 41*, Yilun Zjou 3-19
16A XI SBHS 7 – 158 v NC 117 Won by 41 runs Michael Yu 50, Peter Yu 40
16B XI
15A XI SBHS 9 – 133 v NC 7 - 137 Lost by 3 wickets Tully Moffat 57, Tully Moffat 4-30
15B XI SBSH 5 – 137 v NC 7 - 135 Won by 5 wickets Ishan Mohammed 46 
14A XI SBHS 4 – 145 v NC 4 – 144 Won by 6 wickets Subesh Murugananthan 47 
14B XI Social game in school nets Draw  
13A XI SBHS 10 – 141 v NC 10 - 131 Won by 10 runs
13B XI SBHS 8 – 88 v NC 1 - 88 Lost by 9 wickets  
13C XI  

Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Cricket Report

Saturday 8 March was a successful day for Sydney High against Newington. This term has been disappointing in regards to results going without a win across all teams. But the school managed to leave on a positive note winning five matches, two of which are A Teams. This shows positive signs to come in the future seasons. The 1st XI played extremely well restricting Newington to just 85 runs after 38 overs. Newington then fought on and set a par score of 165. The boys got off to their usual start of 2-50, but again failed to capitalise giving Newington victory and also giving them the GPS Premiership. Also on the day was the Inaugural Joseph Coates Trophy which the 1st XI played for. Joseph Coates was a former Headmaster at both Newington and Sydney High. He had a strong passion for cricket; therefore it was fitting to name a trophy after him. So congratulations to Newington on winning the Inaugural Joseph Coates Trophy and the GPS premiership. The 2nd XI was in full control of their match, setting another par score of 160. They had Newington 8-61 and the boys could sense their first victory in four seasons. Unfortunately the boys were unable to finish them off and Newington came away with a miraculous victory.

Well done to Tully Moffat from the 15As in scoring a half century and also taking four wickets. Unfortunately the team was unable to support him and get the victory. The 13As had their first win for the season. They were in a spot of bother, but they fought hard all the way to the end and put pressure on Newington that caused them to have a batting collapse. Well done to the 16As who were our most successful team only losing a couple of matches for the season. Next season is looking very promising with 13 players returning from the 1st/2nd squad and the strength of the U16As and U15As looks very encouraging.

I would like to wish all the Year 12 boys the best in their future endeavours and good luck with the HSC.
Geoff Tesoriero MIC of Cricket

1st XI Report
In the Year 12s last ever GPS match for High, a fighting effort against the GPS premiers was testament to courage shown over the past season. After a tight start thanks to the leg-spin of Raunak Sura, who was once again given the new ball, we had Newington College 0/19 after 12 overs. It was up to the towering off-spin, of the recalled Sudarshan, to finally get the breakthrough; taking a juggling effort off his own bowling to put the boys on a roll. Barry’s rocket from fine leg then caught Australian schoolboy, Gauci, short of his crease to further stifle the innings. Jesse and Barry followed suit in the middle session, taking a wicket apiece, and choking NC on a typically slow McKay outfield, with Vishnu even getting lost in the long grass at one point! The High boys ensured they didn’t go out quietly thanks to the voices of steadfast keeper, Shashank, and team totem, Vivek.  Tushaar bowled fast and full at the death to finish with 2-16 from 9 overs, complementing Vishnu’s economy rate of only 2.4 from his 8 overs. The chase began well, with Jesse easing through the new ball with his deft punches and vicious pull-shots, complementing Vishal at the other end who eventually made his way to 16. Jesse fell soon after, an anti-climax in what was shaping to be a fairy-tale chase. Wickets did not fall, but NC’s bowlers showed why they were at the top of the table, choking all scoring areas. Vivek and Tushaar managed to put on 40-odd for the fourth wicket, but to little avail as, despite Lasith and Barry’s typically stoic batting styles, High was unable to get over the line, being bowled out in the 48th over. This season has had many positives despite the clear disappointment in performances, the Year 12s can take pride in the fact that not once this season did we fold without a fight, showing the true values of courage and nerve instilled in each and every High boy. As a team we thank you for all the support we got through the season from coach Nakul Pednekar, MICs Hugo Richards then Geoff Tess as well as Anne Wall, who ensured we had the best lunches in all of the GPS.
Tushaar Garg
Captain of Cricket

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Sydney High Tennis

“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.”

Room 204 was the host of the 2nd Annual Tennis Dinner which proved to be another success. The night’s purpose was to celebrate the contributions and efforts of Mr Wright, the coaches, parents and opens players but more specifically to send off the Year 12 tennis players who have just finished their last tennis season. A few of the Year 12s have been playing for their six years at High and have been vital in the progress of the tennis program. The delicious food thanks to the catering helped to make the evening even better.

The Annual tennis BBQ provided a great evening of tennis with fun and games such as beat the pro and speed serve where you could see just how fast you can serve. There was a great turnout from all age groups. The sausage sizzle was a success and the tennis season of 2014 finished on a high.  

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at:  http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/ 

Thankyou to everyone who helped to improve Sydney High Tennis.

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SBHS Big Night Out- Tickets Available Now

Tickets are on sale NOW for the Big Night Out from the cashier in the general office.

Ticket Price: $20 ($25 at the door)

Parents interested in helping with cooking for the event should contact their Parent representative or Nan Chen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Minhua Zhang This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We look forward to seeing you on the night.

Parent Information Evening - Cyber Safety

Parents and carers are invited to an information evening organised by the school on Cyber Safety to be held on the 31st March at 6.30 – 8.30pm in the Great Hall.

The evening includes a presentation from Psychologist Jocelyn Brewer and Senior Constable Craig Parkinson, Crime Prevention Officer Surry Hills Local Area Command. Jocelyn Brewer will speak to: How much is too much? Screen time and digital nutrition.

Senior Constable Craig Parkinson will discuss legal ramifications of the internet and mobile phone technology for young people.

SBHS School Counsellor, Estelle Harman will be in attendance to talk to parents about individual concerns.

Big Night Out 2014


Date for your Diaries

- BIG NIGHT OUT 2014 –
Saturday 29th March
Great Hall and Courtyard

Chinese Wok & BBQ,
Curry House
Greek BBQ
Dessert and more

Raffle with great prizes
Heads & Tails (great prizes)

Ian Sweeting

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