High Notes, Vol 15 No 6, March 07 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Edric Wang has been selected in the team for the Asian Physics Olympiad. Congratulations to Edric for this significant achievement! Well done to Riley Irwin who was ranked 1st overall speaker at the UNSW Debating Competition. Lokesh Sharma was ranked third. Their team won the competition. Good job, boys! Congratulations to Jason Hong (Year 10) who won the Sydney East Region Golf Tournament at the Coast Golf Club with a two over par 72. He now must win a match play tournament in order to represent Sydney East at the CSSA NSW Playoffs in May.

Instructions for accessing Tell Them From Me Survey.
We are asking as many boys as possible to access and complete the anonymous research instrument Tell Them From Me. We hope that students will take advantage of an opportunity to express their views about different aspects of school life. Please take the questions seriously. The school is likely to respond to the accumulated data that it receives from this instrument. The site will be open from Monday March 10 until Friday, April 11. An Award Scheme point will be awarded to participants.

  1. Log into the Student Portal
  2. Click the “Student Survey 2014: Tell them from me” link in the Portal Services menu
  3. View your survey username and password
  4. Click the link to access survey website at http://nsw.tellthemfromme.com
  5. Log in to the survey site using your survey username and password
  6. Click the Go button to start the survey

HSC Results Presentation
I will be presenting a detailed analysis of the school’s 2013 HSC results at the P & C Meeting on Monday, March10 in the Great Hall. Parents in Years 10-12 in particular are urged to attend to familiarise themselves with the courses and terminology surrounding the HSC.

Financial Forum Reminder
Planning, implementing and monitoring a budget can be a problem in the complex DEC accounting system. As Principal I am personally responsible for all monies collected and expended as public monies through the school accounts. I have delegated authority to MICs and Support Groups to raise and spend money on behalf of the school. It is important that we all understand how the accountability process works. Please come to the forum/briefing with your Supporters Group representative or Treasurer on Monday, March 18 at 6pm in the Great Hall.

Community Selective Class Proposal
My proposal of February 19, 2013 to pilot a modified selection process for up to 30 places in Year 7, based on “expanded criteria including lower entry scores and proximity to the school”, was rejected by the Department of Education and Communities on February 19, 2014. The Review Committee noted “that in isolation, the proposal to include a locally selected component of the Year 7 intake could not be simply implemented”. The mechanics of selection were quite simple but the sticking point was potential effects on other schools. “The Review concluded that there was no strong evidence to suggest that the potential benefits of changing the selection criteria for an individual school would be justified against the possible impact on other schools.”

High is not able to work within the selective selection process on a modified basis to select a proportion of its intake, nor is it able to opt out of the central selection process for that proportion of the cohort and select enrolments by means of its locally-derived selection criteria. For the last eight years, these criteria have had demonstrable success in selecting appropriate students for the ethos, outcomes and expectations of the school. Ironically, the anecdotal evidence suggests that many students who do not get accepted into High and live in the local area, do not enrol in comprehensive schools but rather go to independent ones and are lost to the public education system anyway. Also, up to 30 places could have become available to other selective schools for non-local applicants to High with high test scores.

The fate of the pilot proposal has highlighted the fact that local schools are tightly constrained in their local decision-making powers by the perceived needs of the system to which they belong.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Office


Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

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High Store

Pre Rugby Season Sale

The High Store is offering a discount for purchasing your training mesh, cap & water bottle in the month of March.

  • training mesh $55 now $50
  • rugby cap $20 now $16.50
  • rugby water bottle $9.90 now $8.50

Mrs Gentelle

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From the Canteen

Congratulations to our $10 voucher winner for February, Hiroko Kitajima.  Your son has $10.00 to spend in the canteen. 

Thank you to our volunteers last week:-

MON: Stam Farrugia, Carolyn Pope, Rachel   Fowler, Shannon Hickey
TUE: Doreen Wang,Agnes Leo, David Xiao
WED: JaJa (Jiayu) Luo, Helen Kon, Maria Farrell, Dora Shapiro,
THUR: Lin Jin, Kim Ngan Do,Jian Ping Li,
FRI: Ru Zeng Rong, Rena Yin, Angela Feng

Sharon Hughes
President Canteen Committee

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Chess Coaching 2014

This year the weekly coaching sessions will be changing from Friday mornings to Monday mornings. Our coach, Vladimir Feldman will be offering coaching to committed chess players and those keen to learn and compete in inter school chess competitions and championships.

Coaching will be in room 104 at 8am every Monday. Year 7s who have played chess before are encouraged to attend along with our regular players and new interested boys from all other Years.

In 2013 Sydney Boys High School won the senior, intermediate and junior divisions of the interschool chess competition as well as The Scots College Invitational. Sydney Boys was placed 4th in the Australian Schools teams Championship.
Rowena Barr
MIC Chess

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SBHS Debating

Last week we said goodbye to one of our longest standing coaches: Laurin Lau who has, unfortunately, now got lectures on during Friday afternoons. It is sad to say goodbye to such an enthusiastic, friendly and organised coach. We will really miss you, Laurin. Good luck in the future.

This week we begin with our Senior Trials. All other trials will take place in descending order when the more Senior Year group has been selected. My aim is to get all the teams selected by the end of this term.

This week we have two away debates.  The FED debate will be at Trinity Grammar with me. Students will need to get public transport there. The Eastside debates are at Rose Bay with Ms Rigby. There is a bus leaving school at 4.30 which will take you there and it will return to school at 8pm - after the Junior debate.

Here are the recently announced topic areas for FED and Eastside. If you are debating you MUST spend some time researching the topic area for that week

FED: Round 3: Education; Round 5: Law and Criminal Justice; Round 7: The Media; Round 9: International Relations.

Eastside: Week 1: Gender Issues; Week 2 Education; Week 3 Social Issues; Week 4 Popular culture;  Week 5 Science and Technology; Week 6 International Issues; Week 7 Religion and Society; Semi and Final week are Current Affairs.

Each week in debating the boys have a current affairs and general knowledge quiz. The coaches keep these scores and they form part of the decision making process when selecting our GPS and PDC teams. It is important, as a debater, to keep up to date with the news and have a wide general knowledge.

Next week the debates are at Cranbrook and Knox. If your son wants to debate then he must speak to his coach about this. We are rotating teams through these early competitions. Those boys who show enthusiasm will be the boys who are selected to represent us in the early rounds.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

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From the Junior Library

A Cool advertising gimmick or the real deal?? I was enchanted to find that Peter F Hamilton’s Science Fiction is described as “space opera” (Thanks Guy Suttner you made me read some Wikipedia!) What a wonderful and rather accurate term to describe the grandeur of the concepts explored by Science Fiction.  Blue Mars, Red Mars and Green Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) do fit the description of space opera. So this is an excerpt of Peter F Hamilton’s Wikipedia entry

Writing style - Peter F Hamilton generally uses a clean, prosaic style. His space opera is characterised by the way it switches between several characters—often there are three or more main characters, whose paths begin separated but eventually cross. Common themes in his books are sexually precocious teenagers, politics, religion, and armed conflict.

Critically, Hamilton is often grouped with Alastair Reynolds, Stephen Baxter, Ken MacLeod, and other writers of new space opera in the United Kingdom. However, a fundamental difference is that while Reynolds and Baxter try hard to keep their books essentially grounded in solid science, Hamilton uses an abundance of fantasy-themed analogues (gaiafield, skylords, unisphere, etc), which are extrapolated with solid astronomy and physics background, including many elements from classic horror writing

 Prominent books

  • Greg Mandel trilogy (1993–1995)
  • The Night's Dawn Trilogy (1996–1999)
  • Fallen Dragon (2001)
  • Misspent Youth / Commonwealth Saga (2002–2005)
  • Void Trilogy (2007–2010)
  • Manhattan in Reverse (2011)
  • Great North Road (2012)

One of the best things about having a computer handy is that you are in touch with your friends and family without intruding too much when they are busy.  Your teachers can now more readily contact you if you have given the Portal your preferred email address.  The 2 Librarians have been emailing you new book lists for the last 2 years!  As you may know every library insists that you give them your email address so they can remind you to return books.  Our 2 libraries do this too!  Please read your emails. Go live online!

TELLING THE JUNIOR LIBRARIAN WHAT TO BUY - Years 8&9– my email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you to the boys who emailed back telling me what you think I should purchase.  One of the results of feedback from you is that I decided to make complete purchases of the 2 Ender’s Game Series.  I am sending in lists to my supplier at the moment and your suggestions are all there as well.

As you are the “bring your own devices Year” could you all please go into Portal /My Details and put in your preferred email.   You need to do this so your teachers and your school can get in touch with you without sending an Office Boy to your classroom.  Using your own device all the time means teachers can contact you much more readily.  If you have never received an email from your Librarian this is because you have never checked your DET email. So put in the one you do check or create one and go live online!

I will be emailing you also when I have time to put your “tell the librarian what to buy list” list together- probably next week.
Mrs Crothers

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Cyber Awareness Week

At SBHS we believe that technology benefits our learning in many ways and we are keen to harness the positives that ICT brings.

We have become aware, however, that for some students there are problems associated with overuse of computers: social media and gaming in particular.

We want to work with experts in all fields, parents, teachers and of course our students to promote safe use of technology. We have been working in this area for a couple of years now with a team that meet to discuss ideas and plan events. Last year we had Dr Kimberly Young from the USA come to our school to see our good practice in this area and she remarked that we were unique (in her experience) in tackling these issues in such a proactive and positive way.

This year in the week beginning the 31st March we will be holding a Cyber Awareness week where students will be involved in a range of activities that will allow them to discuss the positives and negatives that they experience with technology and consider some key ideas to help them understand about the safe use of technology (time management, internet security, digital footprint, plagiarism, bullying).

Parent Information Evening on 31st March 6.30 – 8.30pm @ Great Hall Sydney Boys High School.

There will be presentation from Psychologist Jocelyn Brewer and Senior Constable Craig Parkinson, Crime Prevention Officer Surry Hills Local Area Command

Jocelyn Brewer will speak to: How much is too much? Screen time and digital nutrition.
Jocelyn is a psychologist with a special interest in the impacts of technology on learning and behaviour.  Her 4th year thesis studied a group of Year 10 boys at SBHS and their experiences of gaming and internet overuse.  She will present on digital wellness and nutrition: ways to balance online leisure with learning, new independent games that enhance learning and cognition, parenting teens and boundary setting, and take questions from parents.

Senior Constable Craig Parkinson will discuss legal ramifications of the internet and mobile phone technology for young people.

SBHS School Counsellor, Estelle Harman will be in attendance to talk to parents about individual concerns.

Rachel Powell
Chair of Cyber Management Team

Student Activities

During week 10 many subject areas will focus on Cyber Awareness. Here are the planned activities from participating Faculties.

Cyber safety is closely linked to guiding students in understanding what it means to be a good digital citizen.  One aspect of this is developing more sophisticated critical digital literacy so that students are better equipped to evaluate on-line material.  We are developing scaffolds that allow students to make more informed judgments about websites they use for research and social purposes.

Year 9
will be learning about the Industrial revolution. In week 3 they have each been given a technological invention from the 16th – 17th century and asked to design and present an advert for it. Each student then has to answer this question: 

Which technological development had the most impact on society in the 19th century?

In Cyber Awareness Week we will ask the students to be historians in the future that have to answer the question of today

Which technological development had the most impact on society in the early 21st century?

In threes student must present their answers to the class with a clear justification of their answer.

Impact can be positive or negative.

Year 10 will undertake a medicine based unit on technology

How has technology affected progress in medicine?

The fight against infectious disease

As well developments over time they must specifically refer to cyber related changes in more recent years.

One more group may want to investigate ethical issues these changes have raised.

Industrial Arts
The Industrial Arts department will highlight the privacy issues surrounding popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat and discuss issues that students have experienced in using social media. Students will be shown practical strategies that will help them to improve the privacy of their social media profiles and better manage their digital footprint.

In subjects where English is the main teaching language, it is easier to discuss the dangers associated with computer/Internet use. In languages we will deal with vocab associated with technology and its use and Internet language games with Junior classes as they would not have the level of language skills required for such discussions. However, Senior classes can discuss  technological changes, advances and associated problems/dangers.

French is the  example, but similar work will be completed in all Language areas.

Year 7 - Course-linked activities - vocab building, grammar, listening and speaking,  including interactive games
 - Language perfect – interactive vocab building activities

Year 8 - What a French Computer screen looks like and associated vocab & terminology; terms and expressions used in emails

Year 10 - Our changing world – technological advances; future predictions – in 1955 French teachers asked a group of French students to imagine  life in the Year 2000. Which predictions were true/false? What aspects of our lives were not predicted? Were students then more optimistic/pessimistic than they are now? What will cars be like in the year 2050? Computers in industry. Futuristic architecture.

For Cyber Awareness Week the Mathematics department will be conducting a survey about the utilisation of technology with a particular focus on how students are using technology to help with mathematics. We will be surveying students about which devices and applications they are using and how often they are using them. We will explore issues of gaming, social networking, harassment, bullying, connection and productivity.

The challenge: “Can you turn it off and leave it off for a day?”

Similar to Tobacco Free Day, 40 hour famine, Earth Hour and “Sleep out on the streets” can you go without something for a period of time? Can you go technology-free for 24 hours? Students will be taking part in this activity and discussing the positives and negatives associated with it.

The Year 9 Body Systems unit of study will have an inclusion on  gaming addiction.

During Cyber Week Year 9 students will brainstorm and produce a mind map on the psychology, physiology and sociology of gaming addiction The lessons will also investigate the difference between psychological dependence and addiction.

Social Science
Financial Scams in Stage 5 Commerce.

Values Education
In the run up to Cyber Week Students will be keeping a technology diary. During Cyber Awareness week teachers will be asking students to work in small groups to discuss issues raised from their diaries. Teachers will pass on key findings, to the Cyber Awareness Committee to further our work in this area. All students will be asked to complete a Cyber Awareness Survey that was designed by the boys of 8VEG last year. Again this will give us invaluable information to plan future work in Cyber Management at High.

Visual Design
Year 9 and 10 Art students will be working on the poster competition.

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SBHS Poster Competition

SBHS needs your help to create material to help raise cyber safety awareness. Enter our poster design contest to win $250 worth of great prizes! Each topic winner will be awarded a $50 iTunes voucher and every serious entry will be awarded 2 award scheme points.

Entry requirements
Open to all students. Posters may be created using any media as long as it is submitted as a high quality digital file (preferably a jpg.). The posters must be 29.7 x 42 cm.


  • Must use correct and consistent spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalisation
  • Must be in good taste and appropriate for putting up at school
  • Must be original (your own photo’s/illustrations/drawings etc.)
  • Must focus on one of the topics below

Steps to submit
Submit to W:\Dropboxes\Cyber Poster Comp by Friday the 28th of March (week 9) at 3.15pm. Ensure that your name and Year group is included in the file name.

The poster competition topics for 2014 are Social Media, Bullying, Time Management, Digital Footprint or Plagiarism/Copyright. See the following pages for information relating to the topics.

Social media
Definition: refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks

Problem: potential problems with cyberbullying, “Facebook depression,” sexting, and exposure to inappropriate content.

Statistic: Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they did in the past. For the five different types of personal information that we measured in both 2006 and 2012, each is significantly more likely to be shared by teen social media users 91% post a photo of themselves, up from 79% in 2006. 71% post their school name, up from 49%.  71% post the city or town where they live, up from 61%. 53% post their email address, up from 29%. 20% post their cell phone number, up from 2%. (PEW Research Center)

Strategies and possible tag lines:

  • Would you put it on a billboard?
  • No one will read this poster, but millions can read your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ posts
  • Beware what you share
  • Have you Googled your name?

Cyber Bullying
Definition: cyber bullying is using electronic devices, such as computers, internet, mobile phones and social media to cause harm.

Problem: the potential anonymity of the internet makes bullying easier to do and the audience much bigger.

Statistic: 88% of on line teens report seeing someone being mean or cruel to another person on a social media site. (US association of paediatrics)

Strategies and possible tag lines:

  • Don’t say something on line that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
  • Don’t be a bystander to cyber-bullying.
  • Say no to cyber bullying.

Time management
Definition: Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities (computer recreation), especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

Problem: Good time management is essential to success at school. Planning your time allows you to spread your work over a Semester, avoid a 'traffic jam' of work, and cope with study stress. Many deadlines for school work occur at the same time, and unless you plan ahead, you'll find it impossible to manage. To meet the demands of study you need to spread your workload over a Semester. Work out what needs to be done and when. Work out how to use your available time as efficiently as possible.

Statistic: In a sample of over 7000 computer game players, 11.9% meet the researchers' diagnostic criteria for gaming addiction. Additionally, there is only weak evidence that excessive gaming is associated with aggressive behaviour. Grusser et al. (2007). Excessive computer game playing: Evidence for addiction and aggression? Cyberpsychology & Behavior, 10, 290 - 292.

Strategies and possible tag lines:

  • Use a calendar
  • Make to do lists
  • Multi Task
  • Overestimate time
  • Plan time to relax

Digital footprint
Definition: Your digital footprint refers to everything on the internet that is about you as well as the trail you leave in cyberspace.

Active digital footprints include:

  • Social profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter LinkedIn etc.
  • Photographs and videos of you that your friends, family or someone who has managed to record you have posted, shared or stored online. This includes sharing using programs that claim to ensure privacy such as SnapChat
  • Anything you have written or that has been written about you, for instance in private chats, blogs, wall posts, tweets, forums or in articles. This can even include items that you have ‘deleted’ – they may no longer be readily visible or accessible by you though can be accessed in digital archives.
  • Website log in history

Passive digital footprints include:

  • Personal information you provided when signing up to a website
  • Your web history in the form of cookies and IP address tracking
  • History of online purchases
  • Geolocation data included when uploading photos, especially those taken with mobile phones
  • Problem:  Your digital footprint allows other to search for you online. If your digital footprint is not carefully managed, it can have a significant impact on your life:
  • An employer may find your Facebook profile and find pictures or posts from your past that may be detrimental to job applications
  • Inappropriate activities
  • Private images and videos may be reshared without your knowledge causing embarrassment.
  • Once the digital footprint exists, it is nearly impossible to remove it. The only option is to manage the situation by building a more positive active digital footprint that will present itself with a higher rank in search engines.

Statistic: Internet users are becoming more aware of their digital footprint; 47% have searched for information about themselves online, up from just 22% five years ago. However, few monitor their online presence with great regularity. Just 3% of self-searchers report that they make a regular habit of it and 74% have checked up on their digital footprints only once or twice. (http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2007/Digital-Footprints/1-Summary-of-Findings.aspx)

Strategies and possible tag lines:

  • Audit – Search for yourself using your full name, nick names, aliases for status update, tweets, photos, videos and associations using a range of search engines.
  • Build – Build your online image – how do you want to be known? Establish a professional presence and ensure all posts and activities would be viewed positively by your parents, teachers and future employers.
  • Communicate – Always think public. Think twice before posting, uploading and sharing.
  • Develop – Actively craft your social and professional profiles through carefully worded posts and suitable media uploads.
  • Engage – Engage with others online who you want to be seen to be associated with.

Possible tag lines:

  • Think b4 u click!
  • What does your footprint look like?
  • What does your online image project about you?
  • Mind your step
  • What size is yours?
  • Big Brother is watching
  • What you do can be found

Definition: Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own without acknowledging them.

Problem: With the rise of Wikipedia and Internet-based companies specialising in essay-writing, it has never been easier for students to plagiarise assignments and other work. Plagiarism is both a global and local issue with criminal and academic consequences.

Statistics: In Australia, in 2012, “[u]p to 30 students at Victoria's Deakin University have been found guilty of plagiarism and nine have been expelled.” (The Australian, 6 October 2012). In the UK, “in 2009-10, more than 17,000 incidents of cheating were recorded, up 50% in four years.” (The Guardian, 7 February 2013)

Strategies & Possible Tag Lines

  • Plagiarism = stealing.
  • Out of cite, out of mind – plagiarism. Refer to all sourced materials to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  • Quote, paraphrase, reword, or summarise, but do not plagiarise!
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SHS Rowing

Upcoming Regattas -

Date Junior/Y10 Regatta Senior Regatta
Saturday March 8th Shore Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay Sydney Rowing Club Regatta - SIRC
Sunday March 9th NSW Schoolboy Head of the River – Selected rowers NSW Schoolboy Head of the River – Selected rowers
Thursday 13th & Friday 14th March NSW CHS Championship Regatta – SIRC A team of Junior/Y10 rowers has been selected to compete in the NSW Combined High School Championship Regatta NSW CHS Championship Regatta – SIRC All senior rowers are competing
Saturday March 15th Y10 – AAGPS Head of the River AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC

Upcoming Events –

Rowing Assembly Wednesday 12 March Great Hall 10am This is a very special school occasion for all Head of the River competitors and families. Morning tea is served for parents and rowers after the assembly.
Rowing Dinner Saturday 15 March Great Hall 5.00pm All rowers are expected to attend the end of season Rowing Dinner. More information with payment slip in High Notes.
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SHS Rowing: Boatshed Dinner

Boatshed Dinner

Saturday 15 March 2014
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers

It is a very special opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

All crews will be introduced on the stage and there will be speeches by -

  • Stroke of Year 8 1st Quad – Ryan Zheng
  •  Captain of Year 9 Quads – Roy Yi
  •  Captain of Year 10 crews – Jacob Katafono
  •  Captain of Boats – Ray Fang

All rowers are required to attend and should wear full school uniform.

The evening is both a formal introduction of our representative crews for this season and a great opportunity to socialise and show support for the boys in the lead up to the GPS Head of the River and the NSW CHS Championships.

The cost of the dinner is $30 for adults and $30 for students.

Soft drink and mineral water will be provided. Parents may BYO wine/beer.

We look forward to a full house with all boys and their parents attending.

Kind regards
George Comninos
Vice President

Julie Blomberg

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Annual Basketball Dinner 2014

Celebrate another fantastic year of basketball at High by organising your team to attend the 10th Annual Basketball Dinner and finish the year in winning style!!

Every team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player. 1 minute speeches will be made by staff members about their age groups and players will be able to show their thanks to them as well! (Buy your coach a present) There will be a big screen projection of the Annual Highlight video presentation and a Sydney Kings singlet signed by the current playing roster will be auctioned.

When: Friday, 21/3/14, 6:00pm. End of Night 9:15pm.
Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Who: Players, parents, friends, supporters and coaches of all teams!
1) Because the friendships made through SBHS basketball last a lifetime
2) Because the program has improved significantly again this season and requires your support for this to continue.


All drinks will be provided on the night.
Advise when booking if a vegetarian meal is required.
210 seats only= Limited seats - PAY AT THE OFFICE TODAY! Especially if you won an award; make sure you pay ASAP.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

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High vs Joeys

HIGH vs. JOEYS: Term 4, 2013

1st WIN 81-65 M.FLYNN 24
2nd WIN 43-32 E.MERRICK 9
3rd WIN 32-22 W.GONG 8
4th WIN 31-34 M.HO 10, K.DANG 10
5th WIN 20-17 C.WANG 7
16A WIN 48-19 W.CHEN 12
16B WIN 36-15 R.SEONG 17
16D WIN 24-20 H.PARK 13
16E WIN 58-12 R.SUN 12
15A WIN 34-33 A.LI 16
15B WIN 36-28 A.LEE 12

HIGH vs. JOEYS: Term 1, 2014

1st WIN 61-50 G.GERLACH 23
2nd LOSS 48-36 C.SHI 9
3rd LOSS 31-28 K.LIANG 8
4th WIN 32-30 M.NG 6
16A WIN 37-24 J.GEK 13
15A WIN 34-33 A.LI 16
15B WIN 22-19 J.YE 8
15C WIN 32-21 S.CHEN 8
15D WIN 19-13 P.YU 8
15E WIN 25-6 A.ZAFAR 10
15F WIN 65-2 D.JARIV-NGUYEN 14, J.ZHENG 14, Y.YIP 10

*All other games rained out due to weather

#dominating #success #sbhsbball #ourculture

Second grade can win a premiership and first grade a championship (undefeated) with wins this week vs Newington. Both games are at SBHS Gym at 10 and 11am, Saturday! Will you be here to make a huge tunnel for firsts, Mitchell Flynn, Geoff Gerlach, Eugene Lee and Stefan Bell’s last games?????????????

Basketball dinner- payment closes today at noon (Friday 7th). A few seats still exist.

This week High went up against Joeys and once again showed commendable results, losing only 2 games. Unfortunately, due to weather, all outside games were cancelled. High 2nd Grade suffered a defeat to Joeys as well this week, however they are still definitely in the running for the premiership if they beat Newington this week and St. Ignatius forfeits to Scots College which may happen. 1st Grade, however, has been absolutely outstanding throughout the whole season; they have the most points for and the least points against, making them the best scoring AND defensive team of the AAGPS season. If they manage to beat Newington this weekend they will be the CHAMPIONSHIP (undefeated) winners of the AAGPS 2013-2014 season. Mr B Hayman has been named an AAGPS representative coach for the fourth time in ten years.

AAGPS 1st Grade Table

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
High 6 6 0 0 450 296 12
St. Joseph's 6 4 2 0 428 375 10
Newington 6 4 2 0 412 363 10
Scots 6 4** 2 0 293 306 10
St. Ignatius' 6 3 3 0 429 401 9
Kings 6 2 3 1 329 325 7
Shore 6 0 6 0 318 488 6
Grammar 6 1 4 1 295 400 6

AAGPS 2nd Grade Table

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
St. Ignatius' 6 6 0 0 280 240 12
St. Joseph's 6 4 2 0 197 193 10
High 6 4 2 0 248 194 10
Scots 6 3** 3 0 104 163 9
Kings 6 3 2 1 211 194 8
Shore 6 1 5 0 160 223 7
Grammar 6 2 3 1 151 165 7
Newington 6 1 5 0 166 247 7

*wins indicated by forfeit.

As you would have already figured, we are up against Newington this week. Good luck to all teams!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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SBHS Cricket

Cricket Results – 2014 Term 1 Week 5

Team Score Result Highlights
GPS Round 6
1st XI SBHS 10 – 104  & 10 – 119 v SGS 1 dec – 106 & 4 - 123 Lost  
2nd XI SBHS 10 – 98 v SGS 4 - 79 N/A
3rd XI SBHS 0 – 13 v SGS 10 – 140 N/A  Ray Cheng 3/30
4th XI   W/O  
5th XI   W/O  
16A XI SBHS 6 – 197 v SGS 0 – 0 N/A Vyaas Rajan 48, Kevin Ke 43, Rick Saha 32
16B XI W/O
15A XI W/O  
15B XI SBHS 10 – 95 v SGS 6 – 287 Lost
14A XI   W/O  
14B XI SBHS 10 – 21 v SJC 6 – 123 Lost  
13A XI SBHS 1 – 59 v SJC W/O
13B XI W/O  
13C XI W/O  

Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Cricket Report

The U16As, U15As, and U14As were all in strong positions and were eager to get their first win for the term. But unfortunately the rain came down again and was the cause for all games to be washed out except for the 1st XI and 14Bs. The 1st XI still managed to play 77 overs with a slight delay to the start of the day.  See Tushaar Garg’s match report below. Unfortunately the 14Bs had to bat through the worst of the conditions making it very difficult to chase the runs down.  Credit to the boys for still turning up and playing in the right spirit.

This Saturday will be the final round for the cricket season against Newington College. Our 1st XI will be playing for the inaugural John Coates Trophy. The name of Joseph Coates, a former Headmaster of Newington and Sydney Boys High School and cricketer of considerable reputation, is to be honoured with a commemorative trophy awarded annually to the winner of the 1st XI match.

Good luck to everyone and continue with the great behaviour, uniform and attitude out on the field. I wish all our cricketers the best for the up and coming winter season, especially the Year 12 students who will be playing in their final cricket match for the school.

End of Season Cricket Dinner:
On Thursday 20th March, Cricket will be having their end of season dinner to be held in the Great Hall starting at 6pm. The night will consist of a sit down dinner and cricket awards will be presented to the best bowler, best batsman and best fieldsman within each team. All are welcome and those receiving an award are strongly encouraged to attend. Included in the night will be the raffle draw that the boys have been selling for the past month. 1st prize will be a Ricky Ponting autographed framed bat, 2nd Prize will be a small bat autographed by an Australian Cricketer and 3rd prize is a gift voucher to Rebel sports. Please remind your sons to keep selling cricket raffle tickets and to return them to me. This is an important component in providing funds for cricket at SBHS. Any help can go a long way in providing the best opportunity for our cricketers.

To all parents and players, don’t forget to go through the points below:

  • Please make sure that all the boys wear SBHS logo hats and tops.
  • They are not to wear thongs to and from their fixtures.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • Please notify their coaches if they are unable to attend training or their fixture.

Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Cricket

1st XI Report

After a slight rain delay, and a loss of only 13 overs, the High boys continued from 2/41, not losing another wicket in the first hour of play. Shashank and Jesse started to open up following drinks, making the most of the short square boundaries. Jesse played the best he has all season, with a flurry of calculated drives and sturdy flicks on show after he got himself in. Shashank batted similarly, opening up and showing his prowess, dominating an attack almost entirely three years older than him. However, both fell just before lunch and High lost more quick wickets, being reduced to 6/90 at lunch, after being 2/75. Little resistance from the lower order, despite Barry Dao’s best attempts, ended the innings on 119. Grammar were set the total of 118 to win, and Tushaar once again produced an edge first up, which was cleanly taken. Raunak had the bails flying from the other end after being promoted to open the bowling, and High looked in good stead to put up a fight. Barry soon made it 3/41, however, some uncontrolled bowling then followed. This allowed Grammar to reach the total four down, and effect another loss. The boys play their final game of the season next Saturday at McKay 1, in a one-dayer against Newington, starting at 10.10am. We invite all players, parents, coaches and old boys to support the boys, and the Year 12s in their final ever game for High.
Tushaar Garg
Captain of Cricket

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Sydney High Annual Cricket Dinner 2014

Help celebrate another great year of Cricket at HIGH by attending the annual dinner. Unlike Football and Rugby, Cricket on Saturdays is spread across many fields at different times. Events such as these are therefore a great opportunity for students and parents to meet all the other friendly faces in the HIGH Cricket Community. Each team will receive trophies for the Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Best Fielder.

Each age group captain will also give a short presentation on the highlights of their season. Students are to attend in full school uniform.

When: Thursday, 20th March 2014. 6:00pm for 6:30pm start.

Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.

Cost: $30 per person, please pay at the school front office by Monday the 17th of March
Please make sure you have paid by this date.

(Vegetarian and halal diets catered for)

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Annual Cross Country Carnival

Friday 21nd March 2014
1.00 - 3.00 pm
Bat & Ball, Mount Steele
Ms Dam, Mr Kesting

Parents: Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on  Friday 22nd March, 2013


1.15 pm 17 & 18 years 3 km 3 Loops
1.30 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
1.45 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.00 pm 14 years 3 km 2 Loops
2.15 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.30 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops


  • Students are to attend regular classes for periods 1, 2 (recess) and 3, followed by lunch & the Cross Country carnival.
  • On the day of the carnival, students are to wear either PE gear or sportswear for the day.
  • Students are to cross the road at lights only.
  • Stay in school grounds, and then move over to the venue when the bell rings.
  • When your race is called go to the starting area.
  • At the finish you will be given a place ticket.
  • If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table to have your position recorded, and then proceed to your House Roll Table.
  • All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your House Roll Table.
  • Tell the teacher your name, roll class and finishing position
  • After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher.


  • Everyone attends and must compete unless you have a doctor’s medical certificate for illness.
  • Students with a Medical certificate must hand it in to Ms Dam by 9am on Friday morning and will be put on a special roll which will be marked in Room 102 at the start of the carnival (1PM).  Students will stay in Room 102 until then end of the carnival and help pack up the equipment.
  • You must run in shoes. 
  • Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals.
  • Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course.
  • Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish.
  • To qualify for the Award scheme you must compete & finish.
  • Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
  • Only the first 15 places will be timed.
  • Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event.
  • Any MIC ruling is final.

Additional Info:

  • The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition. 
  • The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival. The first 10 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.
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Winter Sport Arrangements

Week 6 Winter Sport Trials

Senior Winter trials for Rugby, Football, Cross Country, Fencing, Rifle Shooting and Volleyball will occur on Wednesday 12 March during Sport timetabled time for all Years 10, 11 and 12 students (except for CHS Rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Junior Winter trials for will occur on Thursday 13 March during sport timetabled time for all Years 7, 8 and 9 students (except for CHS rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Students must bring the appropriate gear/equipment for these trials.

Summary of Sports Policy and follow up procedures

  • If you sign up to a sport you are expected to commit to that sport for the whole season
  • If you select a Saturday AAGPS sport - and you are successful in making a team you are expected to attend all of the training sessions
    • A/B teams- 3 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • C/D/E/F teams- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • All other sports- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • Weights/Sprints/High Runners’ Club are counted as a session
    • The MIC of your sport will inform you of when/where your training sessions are. This information will also be available in your student portal
  • Saturday Absence- If you are absent from Saturday due to a legitimate reason:
    • If you know ahead of time- speak to the MIC of your sport and tell your coach
    • Go to student portal and submit that you will be absent in the week leading up to the match or a minimum of one hour before your game starts on a Saturday
    • Follow this up with a note from your parent/doctor explaining the absence
    • Put the note inside the ‘Saturday Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am sharp on the following Monday morning.  Make sure the note has all required details.
  • Training absence- if you are absent from a training session
    • Bring a note and place it in the ‘Training Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am the next day you are at school.
    • Ensure the note has the full and accurate details on it including your name, roll class, start date and finish date for the absence.
    • Make the session up through either an additional team training session, weights session, sprints session or High Runners’ Club session
  • Training days
    • Most training sessions outside of school hours will occur on a Monday, Wednesday (Years 7-9) and Thursday (Years 10-12) afternoons. Ensure you make these times available for your team training sessions.
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NSW School Immunisation Program

NSW Ministry of Health offers all school students free vaccinations recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  These vaccines are important and protect students through to adulthood.

At your school all Year 7 Students and Year 9 males will be offered the following vaccines on the following dates:

  • Visit 1: March 12
  • Visit 2: June 18
  • Visit 3: November 5

All Year 7 Students will be offered:

  • Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine - 1 booster dose.  This dose was previously recommended at 15 years of age.  Your child will only be offered this vaccine in year 7.
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine - 1 dose.  If your child has already had chickenpox disease or been vaccinated, they do not need this vaccine.
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - a 3 dose course offered to boys and girls (a Catch up Course will only be offered to year 8 male and female students who didn’t complete it in year 7)

Year 9 male students only will be offered:

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - a 3 dose course offered

Consent Forms
Please read the information provided with the consent form to understand facts about the vaccines that will be offered and the diseases that these vaccines protect against before you sign the forms. Please note that the consent forms for year 7 students needs to be marked on the front of the card, indicating which vaccines you are consenting for. The nurses will not be able to vaccinate your child if this is not done.   

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at the clinic. Keep this vaccination records in a safe place, as they may be required for future work or travel.

Immunisation Records
Childhood vaccination records for children born after January 1996 can be checked by calling the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809.

If you have questions about the program please contact Mr C Barris or Immunisation Unit, Public Health on 9382 8333.

(For translated material on the School Vaccination Program Consent Forms for parents/guardians, please go to the following website: http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation/Pages/school_vaccination_language.aspx)

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

P&C General Meeting- 2013 HSC Analysis

Parents and caregivers are invited to our next P&C General Meeting at 6:30pm on Monday 10th March in the Great Hall.  At this meeting Dr Jaggar will be presenting an analysis of the 2013 HSC results.  The presentation helps provide an understanding of the intricacies of HSC marking and ATAR calculations and is recommended for all parents. We look forward to seeing you there.  This will be the last P&C meeting for Term 1. The next General Meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday 12th May.

SBHS Big Night Out

Mark your diary for the Big Night at 5:00pm on Saturday 29th March

Our BNO parents are busy planning their culinary surprises for the Big Night Out. Tickets will go on sale in the main office within the next week.

Date for your Diaries

- BIG NIGHT OUT 2014 –

Saturday 29th March
Great Hall and Courtyard

Chinese Wok & BBQ,
Curry House
Greek BBQ
Dessert and more

Raffle with great prizes
Heads & Tails (great prizes) 

BYO or soft drinks, beer & wine available for purchase on the night

Upcoming Parking Events

Saturday 8 March – A League: Sydney FC v Western Sydney Wanderers (Football)
Friday 14 March – A League: Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar (Tennis)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C General Meeting – 6:30pm, Monday 10th March, Great Hall.
SBHS Big Night Out – 5:00pm, Saturday 29th March.

Ian Sweeting

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