High Notes, Vol 15 No 5, February 28 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Winners last Friday at SOPAC in the GPS carnival were: James Luo (12 years 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly); Allen Guo (12-14 years 200m breaststroke); Kevin Guo (15 years 50m breaststroke; Kazuo Nakamura 916 years 50m butterfly); Jake Rowlands (15 years 200m freestyle); 15 and 16 years 4 x 50m freestyle relays. Great job, boys!

Generous Gesture by King’s School
Last Saturday at 0545 our towing vehicle and trailer were involved in an accident on the M4 at Eastern Creek. Without hesitation, Rowing MIC M James Tyree and his staff from King’s School came to the aid of Mrs Julie Blomberg, High Rowing MIC, to manage the situation. King’s supplied a towing vehicle, trailer and driver to assist in salvaging the boats and equipment from the side of the freeway. The boats were loaded onto the King’s trailer at the nearby roadhouse and Mr Pavone arrived with his vehicle to tow the borrowed trailer back to Abbotsford and from there back to King’s School. I have written to Dr Hawkes to express my gratitude on behalf of the High community for the generosity and compassion exhibited by the staff of the King’s School in a time of crisis for our school.  I want to thank Julie, Pravin, Isaac and Mark for their efforts on the day. In particular I want to thank the volunteers from the first VIII boys who gave up eight hours of their time to provide the muscle power to load and unload boats and equipment and at the scene and back at the sheds.

Financial Management Meeting
There will be a meeting for all co-curricular activities in the Great Hall on Monday, March 17 at 6 pm. The meeting is for MICs and a representative from each Support Group (Incorporated Association or P & C Sub-Committee). The agenda for the evening will be:

  1. What the DEC on costs are and how they affect co-curricular budgets.
  2. Budgeting for the season: sources of income/expenditure  dissections
  3. Maintaining monthly records: parking / co-payments / salaries / venue hire / equipment
  4. How parking works: allocations / payments
  5. Accounting for other income sources: ASF / concessions (bbqs –kiosks –hiring of facilities) /fundraising
  6. What the sports levy funds. MICs / facilities development / buses /OH&S /GPS levies
  7. Setting co-payments for the year / season / term.
    P:\Administration\Finance\Budget\Revised Financial contributions 2014-2016

I urge all co-curricular activities with budget expenditures exceeding $10k per annum to be represented at the evening. 

Summer Sport Co-payments
The rolls for summer sports and activities have now been finalised. In many activities co-payments are levied for the season, so boys continuing in a summer sport will have paid their co-payments already. However, for Year 7 one term of summer sport will be levied. Also, a few activities have term-by-term co-payments. These are due now. For 2014 the agreed figure for Term 1 only co-payments is $66. Certain Supporters Groups, with agreement from parents, decide upon higher co-payments for some expensive to run sports, such as rowing ($170 per term), sailing ($250) and rifle shooting ($150 small bore). For winter sports the agreed base co-payment will be $132, after adjusting for on costs. Individual Support Groups need to advise the Principal before the end of term 1 what adjustments they may have made for the upcoming winter season.

Student Award Scheme – Presentation Assemblies
It was a great pleasure to be able to present so many awards to boys at the two assemblies held last week. At the High Junior School assembly, Year 7 2013 earned 62 bronze awards. Year 8 2013 earned 87 bronze, 57 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum award for Hugh Bartley. Year 9 2013 earned 12 bronze, 70 silver, 43 gold, 7 platinum and one plaque!  These statistics show that boys are very aware of the Awards Scheme and get involved in school activities from term 1 Year 7.

At the High Senior School assembly, Year 10 students from 2013 earned 6 bronze, 37 silver, 61 gold, 25 platinum and 13 plaques. Year 11, 2013 were awarded: 2 bronze, 9 silver, 18 gold, 32 platinum, 25 plaques and 8 trophies. These results are very encouraging. We always hope that more boys stay involved longer during their High school career. It is a good sign to employers of your character and commitment that you can stick with activities and responsibilities for six years. Overall, participation levels were higher in 2013 than in 2012, despite the fact that electronic recording and verification procedures made compliance tighter and accountability more rigorous.
Dr K A Jaggar

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AAGPS Head of the River 2014

Attendance at the GPS Head of the River is strongly encouraged for all students to support our rowing crews. Attendance by students (in full school uniform) is recognised by 5 points in the School Award scheme. This is a big day on the AAGPS school calendar and is quite a spectacle with all GPS schools attending. It is the day everyone works towards, a day filled with history and tradition, where all schools congregate with school pride. We are there too, with our High chants, colours and banners. If there is one day you should experience while at High it is the Head of the River!

Where: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith
When: Saturday 15 March 2013
How: Supporters will depart from the school bus stop on Anzac Parade at 7.45am and return to the school at approximately 1.30pm.
Cost: $15 for a subsidised ticket (including transport and entry), paid to the school office by Wednesday 12 March

Seats are limited to the first 200 boys

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From the Canteen

Sydney Boys High School has one of the few remaining school canteens which is not privately owned and therefore all profits are returned to the school to be spent on worthwhile projects which benefit our sons.  Our wonderful Managers Karen and Tracey, along with our parent helpers, work very hard to prepare mostly homemade foods, which allow us to keep our prices reasonable and profits to remain in the school.  This week we have been able to make the first instalment of our annual donation to the P&C of $35,000.00.  Dr Jaggar will advise the P&C of the projects he wishes to allocate the money to.  Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to the volunteers last week:-

MON: Cole Gu, Thajeewa Pingamage, Julie Fox,
TUES: Anna Holstrom, Francisca Sjahry, Sharon Hughes, Lynn Chen,
WED: Fumiko Hirose-Cheong, Jackey Cheng, Kitty Chan, Hiroko Kitajima
THURS: Bernadette Snow,,Charlie Wang, Ming Ming Lee, 
FRI: Katie Young, Jenny Beer, Lien Tran,

Sharon Hughes
President Canteen Committee

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From the Office

Cashier Payments

When making payments to the cashier  at the main office please make sure your son has the correct money.
Main Office

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC’s Report

Friday was an excellent night - not only because we won 5/6 of the debates against St Joseph’s, but also because we had such a huge show of support from students and parents.  The Year 7 debating room had an unusually large audience with parents of debaters and chair people attending.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many Year 7s and Year 12s coming to watch debates and support students in their Year group. Well done and keep it up.  Nina was really pleased with both the food contributions and the amount of people that helped out on the night. Again thank you to everyone - it makes it so much easier when everyone lends a hand.

On Monday we sent three teams of senior debaters to UNSW to take part in a competition. I can happily announce that our Year 12 team of Peter Stephens, Lokesh Sharma, Riley Irwin and Sam Phillis won the whole competition and that Riley was ranked First overall speaker, Lokesh 3rd, Ganeshmoorthy 7th and Andrew McNaughton 8th out of over 100 students . Well done, boys - this is a great start to the debating season. 

Senior trials start on 7 March, and will replace regular coaching sessions. They will continue on 14 March and (if necessary) 21 March. This year we are doing things slightly differently. Antony and Christopher  will select: a GPS 1st and 2nd Grade (three boys each, from any Year group); a Hume Barbour/Eastside Yr 12 team (four Yr 12 boys); a Karl Kramp/Eastside Yr 11 team (four Yr 11 boys) (Boys can be in more than one team e.g. a Year 12 in GPS 1s would also be in HB). There will be coaching for the teams who are debating on the night though. We will be selecting based on ability, and how well boys improve based on feedback. Commitment and behaviour are also factors. In addition to Year 11 and Year 12 we are permitting the students in 2013 Year 9 GPS As to trial. Year 11 and Year 12 boys who are not selected will be in a coaching group with Tim Sullivan, and will debate in FED. We’ll prioritise enthusiastic and committed volunteers for FED debates and from these we will select a thirds and fourths team - later in the year.
Rachel Powell

Debating Prefect’s Report

Debating has made a positive start to the year as numerous competitions start up. In the first week we travelled a long way up to Barker. We were unlucky in a number of debates and came away with 2 wins out of 6. Congratulations to the Year 10 boys who debated as Year 11 with the challenging topic “that it should be against the law to insult religion” and won. Some of the other topics on the night included – “That teenagers should be banned from Facebook’, “That we should cull sharks” and “That the CBD should not have roads”. Congratulations to the Year 8 team who were also successful in their debate.  In the second week of FED, with topic area of Sports, we managed to win 5 out of 6 debates against Joeys – a very good result. Topics revolved around Performance enhancing drugs and salary caps. Over the years, High has earned a reputation of serving up the best suppers and it was great to see us continue that through in the first home debate of the season.

Success continued on Monday (24/2/14) at the UNSW Network Schools Debating Day, with the Year 12 teams (consisting of Riley, Peter, Sam and myself) winning the competition by convincingly beating out a King’s Second grade team. The day proved to be a challenge for everyone with only 30 minute prep time with challenging topics like:

  • That the government should not rate or regulate media content
  • That we should legalise all performance enhancing drugs in sport
  • Politicians should be able to nominate certain promises to be legally binding on them upon assuming power
  • That incarceration is a cruel and unnecessary punishment for non-violent offenders.

Tip of the Week

With the season just getting underway, there are numerous competitions and opportunities for everyone to debate. All boys involved in debating should be attentively listening in coaching and taking the chance to debate. Remember, practice makes perfect!
Lokesh Sharma
Debating Prefect

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From the Junior Library


What’s to know?

  1. 1Early opening – 7.30am -9am
  2. One month loan period. Renew for second month using Portal
  3. ALL PARENTS – make sure you get your own Portal – See www.sydneyboyshigh.com bottom of first page – please give your son $10 for Printing.
  4. We welcome Library Monitors
  5. We welcome Spring Cleaning Library Donations (less than 5 years old)
  6. ALL STUDENTS - put your personal email into My Details/Portal so we can directly contact you.
  7. Lost your book ?– replace with suitable one from home.


Class Area improvement: Since our return to school the Junior Library has been undergoing a minor transformation.  Shelving barriers have been constructed between the Class and Quiet Areas to better screen classes for privacy.  So our library staff hopes that teachers assigned to teach in this area in 2014 will be happier in their more intimate environment.  The Class Area which has a big screen and a teacher’s computer now houses 44 comfortably seated students and includes the reading lounges.

Quiet Area improvement: We hope also that we have created a larger and better defined area for additional classes/overflow Seniors to silently use our Quiet Area during class times.  This may also be more available for bookings. This area seats individuals in carrels and tables and houses 38 students.

Near demise of Library Newspapers / Magazine emphasis
The digital subscriptions issue threatens to kill off children’s introduction to these popular reading formats.  They will be lost among the plethora of entertainment Online.  Our library has set up a more noticeable magazine and newspaper rack.  . So enjoy them while you still can.

Impossible windows issue:
From a work safety point of view our staff is happy to see the end of the shelving under the windows which made our newly double glazed windows even more difficult and potentially back twisting to open and shut twice a day.  Our extensive non- fiction cull in 2013 enabled the movement of books off these shelves.

Fiction on one side / Non fiction the other side/ Instant New Signage
Our boys will find books more easily with our new arrangement.  Fiction and Non Fiction have been separated logically. Huge thanks to my positive-thinking staff for moving every book in our Library and dusting shelves over the last 2 weeks.  Big thanks to some very generous and mature boys who saw what we were doing and who pitched in with valuable assistance – Nathan Wong, Jeff Ye and Dallas Yan. 

Thanks to Thomas Kim, Darren Huang, Roy Wu, Desmond Ho, our regular helpers, for their part.  Thanks also to the Office Boys who also came up and assisted us at their own suggestion at this hectic time.  Thanks to the efficiency of these boys and Mrs O’Hare even our changed signage is printed, laminated and installed.

Computer Area
Big thanks to Mr Prorellis and the IT staff who are looking at installing a projector screen for the ingeniously installed teachers’ computer in this area.  Teachers using this area will then have normal class equipment in this widely used area now. Anyone may print or use a computer at break times but you may not play games in the Library even on laptops. See library staff if you urgently need a computer.

Portal and Library introductions
Thanks to English staff who donated Wide Reading lessons so that their boys could become instant Library and Computer users.  The Junior Librarian is still very keen to make sure all boys have been appropriately introduced to the Portal and the Library.


If students have given the Portal /My Details your personal email  these will be regularly emailed to you. These books have just gone out to our new book shelves for you to borrow.  We have put out more new books but we will put more covers in next week’s edition of High Notes.  Your email will show all the new books.

Mrs V Crothers
Librarian - Andrews Junior Library

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Music Notes

Exciting news! Oliver Kirk (Voice and Lmus Flute) who graduated SBHS last year made it through the 3rd phase of the Talent Development Project. Oliver Kirk was a featured artist in the 2012 ‘School Spectacular’ highlighting the talents of students in New South Wales and also performing at the 2013 Opening Ceremony of the Australian Youth Olympic Festival. Oliver was a featured soloist in a number of musical items. Both events were truly spectacular and were also televised internationally. For more information on the Talent Development Project please go to: http://www.talentdevelopmentproject.org.au

We had a great turnout by both students and parents last Tuesday interested in the 2015 USA Music Tour. The tour is open to all students in the Music Performance Program (Concert Band, Stage Band, Orchestra). For parents and students who were unable to attend the meeting last week should see the music staff ASAP as there were forms relating to the tour and first payments. Reminder: 1st instalment $500 by 31st March 2014.

This is a magnificent opportunity for all our musicians! =)

Senior Stage Band rehearsals will be on WEDNESDAY MORNING FROM 7AM-7:45AM.

The Senior String Ensemble will be performing at Government House on Thursday 6th of March from 5pm. Students must wear FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM (WHITE SHIRT & BLAZER) and bring their instruments on the day. Travel will be by school bus departing from school at 4pm and students will be dismissed from the venue at the conclusion of the performances (approx. 7pm) Ms Irwin & Ms Kim will be escorting the boys. 

The 2014 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
unless stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
  Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Training Concert Band
Room 202

Terms 2, 3, 4
Junior Stage Band
Room 101
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Saxophone Ensemble
Room 102

Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Intermediate  Stage Band
Room 101
Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4

Chamber Choir
Room 101
Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4

3.30 - 4.30pm
  Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
  Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

Year 7 House Oz Tag competition

The 2014 year 7 House Oz Tag competition was a huge success with Eedy beating McKay in the Final.

House Place
Eedy 1
McKay 2
Rubie 3
Torrington 4
Fairland 5
Saxby 6

Training program for Rugby 2014 – Term 1 and the April holidays

Weeks 3-6 Term 1
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training, Halfback passing
Wednesday Morning – 7.30-8.30 – Off-season – Old Boy coaches MPW
Thursday morning – 7.30-8.30 –Off-season – Old Boy coaches MPW

Weeks 7-11 Term 1, Weeks 1-2 Term 2
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training, Halfback passing
Wednesday during sport – Seniors minus athletes McKay
Thursday during sport – Juniors minus athletes McKay
Friday morning – 7.30-8.45 – Whole squad training 13s/14/15s/16s/Opens minus the band members. No athletes weeks 1 and 2 Term 2.

Holidays Week 2
Tuesday 22nd of April – 12-2 MPW
Thursday 24th of April – 9-11 MPW

I hope to see you all at training,
Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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SHS Rowing

Newington Junior Regatta Results

Congratulations to the following crews with the best results on the day–

Race/Crew Place Names Time
Year 8 1st Quad 2nd Jack Ralph, Timothy Trent, Allan Guo, Ryan Zheng, (c) Dimas Sanjoyo 3.54.57
Year 9 1st Quad 3rd Flidon Wang, Ethan May, Roy Yi, Kevin Guo, (c) Jefferson Chan 4.09.56

Melbourne High Rowing Exchange Report

The concluding half of the Melbourne High School rowing exchange brought the two schools together once again, providing an opportunity for the rowers to meet, this time on Sydney turf. After a brief meet and greet at the airport, we welcomed the boys back to the sheds, and after they settled in and the formalities were passed, we were able to begin the exchange as soon as possible. A brief lunch was followed by an ordinary training session on the Parramatta River, except for most of the Melbourne rowers, it was most definitely their first experience, and were yet to face the blinding fury of the Rivercat washes. The weather had turned for the worse, as the rain was more than bucketing down, drenching us. Despite this, all the crews managed to achieve something from the sub-optimal conditions, and we rowed on, until it was time to return to the sheds.

As night was approaching, we sat ourselves down for dinner, all Melbourne and Sydney crews alike, and it was definitely enjoyable to be able to share this meal with them. The parents contributing to the dinner service did an extraordinary job preparing our meals, and no food went to waste at the mouths of 50 odd boys, who were also trying to catch up with each other after such a long absence. The dinner service was cleaned early, allowing the opportunity to hang out with our billets, play cards, and just be able to show the new faces around their home for the night, before settling into bed for a quiet night, awaiting the 5:30 wakeup call the next morning.

With flat water welcoming us, we loaded the boats onto the water for a training row in preparation for the main event, the 3 races that would decide the cup holders of the Parra-Yarra cup, and as we hoped to keep possession of it, it meant a lot to make this training count. Before we could even realise, the time for racing had arrived, and we rolled up to the starting line at Hen and Chicken, awaiting our three 1.6k races that were to decide the fate of the Parra-Yarra cup. Through some extremely surprising competition, we barely came out with three out of three wins, securing our victory and concluding the rowing for the day.

Splitting into groups, we showed the Melbourne boys the heart of Sydney city, showing them the sights in the CBD, Darling Harbour, Paddy's Markets and Chinatown, and allowing them to get a general feel for the city. Once the day was spent, we all returned to our homes and settled in to return to the sheds the next day, for a lot of the same. The races were shortened to 500 metres, and the Melbourne High 1sts Crew was extremely glad to come out victorious in the last race of the day, returning to the High sheds with High hopes for the King’s Regatta at SIRC the next day.

With an early morning, we were all on the road, ready to arrive at SIRC at 6:30am, so by the time we had heard the unfortunate news, most of the rowers were already en route to the venue in Penrith.  An array of calls had been sent out, alerting all the rowers about the so called "Trailer Tragedy" which prevented us from being able to race on that Saturday morning. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and after returning to the sheds with the Melbourne billets, we realised that this could not even dampen the spirit of the exchange, as we spent our final parting moments together, reminiscing on all parts of the Melbourne and Sydney High exchange. After a final presentation, in which the Parra-Yarra cup was handed over to the school, the Melbourne boys were shipped out on a bus to the airport, and in those last moments, we were all thankful for this enriching experience.
Jacob Katafono
Year10 Captain

Upcoming Regattas -

Date Junior/Y10 Regatta Senior Regatta
Saturday March 1st Shore Regatta – Iron Cove Shore Regatta – Iron Cove
Saturday March 8th Shore Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay SRC Regatta - SIRC
Thursday 13th & Friday 14th March NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC
Saturday March 15th Y10 – AAGPS Head of the River AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC

Upcoming Events –

Rowing Assembly Wednesday 12 March Great Hall 10am This is a very special school occasion for all Head of the River competitors and families. Morning tea is served for parents and rowers after the assembly.
Rowing Dinner Saturday 15 March Great Hall 5.00pm All rowers are expected to attend the end of season Rowing Dinner. More information with payment slip in High Notes.
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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing
15th/22nd   February 2014

The last two weeks of sailing has seen consistent results for Sydney High sailors. David Evans, Daniel Fang and Kai Matsumoto and crews all sailed into top ten positions in the two short races held in ten knot southerly breezes. Vincent Xu also sailed well to a good fourth placing in race one. Angelo Yan (and crew) was again consistent over both races and he continues to progress and improve his overall standings in the Saturday pointscore.

This week was also the first racing experience for a number of Year eight skippers and Year seven crews and their performances were excellent considering their lack of experience compared to the other sailors in this competition.

In the Teams Racing, High 1 gained a number of wins against other schools, which was very pleasing after a rather disappointing set of results the previous week.
G Moody MIC
Sailing 2014

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Annual Cross Country Carnival

Friday 22nd March 2013
1.00 - 3.00 pm
Bat & Ball, Mount Steele
Ms Dam, Mr Kesting

Parents: Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on  Friday 22nd March, 2013


1.15 pm 17 & 18 years 3 km 3 Loops
1.30 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
1.45 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.00 pm 14 years 3 km 2 Loops
2.15 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.30 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops


  • Students are to attend regular classes for periods 1,2 (recess) and 3, followed by lunch & the Cross Country carnival.
  • On the day of the carnival, students are to wear either PE gear or sportswear for the day.
  • Students are to cross the road at lights only.
  • A BBQ lunch will be available for students to purchase prior to commencement of the Cross Country Carnival.
  • It will be held outside the Gym.
  • Stay in school grounds, and then move over to the venue when the bell rings.
  • When your race is called go to the starting area.
  • At the finish you will be given a place ticket.
  • If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table to have your position recorded, and then proceed to your House Roll Table.
  • All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your House Roll Table.
  • Tell the teacher your name, roll class and finishing position
  • After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher.


  • Everyone attends and must compete unless you have a doctor’s medical certificate for illness.
  • Students with a Medical certificate must hand it in to Ms Dam by 9am on Friday morning and will be put on a special roll which will be marked in Room 102 at the start of the carnival (1PM).  Students will stay in Room 102 until then end of the carnival and help pack up the equipment.
  • You must run in shoes. 
  • Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals.
  • Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course.
  • Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish.
  • To qualify for the Award scheme you must compete & finish.
  • Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
  • Only the first 15 places will be timed.
  • Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event.
  • Any MIC ruling is final.

Additional Info:

  • The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition. 
  • The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival. The first 10 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.
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Sydney High Tennis

 “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.”

High vs Grammar (4th Round of GPS Season)

1st Grade Result (WIN!) 2nd Grade (WIN!) Result
D1 1 + 6 W 6-7 6-4 10-3 1 + 3 W 6-2 6-1
D2 2 + 5 L 6-3 6-2 2 + 4 W 6-2 6-3
D3 3 + 4 W 6-4 6-1 5 + 6 W 6-2 6-7 10-6
S1 Josh Sangueza W 6-4 6-4 Carl Yang W 6-1 6-4
S2 Adam Smagarinsky DNF (Tie)  7-5 2-6 4-2 Aaron Tang L 6-4 6-3
S3 Stevie Young W 6-4 6-2 Richard Hao W 6-2 6-4
S4 Eddy Wang W 7-5 6-2 James Lian L 5-7 1-6
S5 Jack Karnaghan L 6-1 2-6 4-6 Danny Wu W 6-0 6-1
S6 Matthew O’Sullivan W 6-1 6-2 Bohan Deng W 6-3 6-3

1st Grade
Currently positioned not as high as we would like, SBHS tennis took on Grammar at Weigall Sportsground.  We were well aware of our abilities and therefore knew a comfortable win was necessary to further our stance on the GPS ladder.  The weather was fantastic and we were ready for a great day of tennis. The day began with a solid start consolidating a lead 2-1 up after the doubles. Josh and Matty showed great results in the newly formed pair and Eddy and Stevie continued their smoking hot form. In the singles we intended to improve our lead. Eddy played great tennis coming back in the first set from 5-1 down to clinch the set 7-5 and then the match. This will be certainly be good for Eddy’s confidence in the final weeks. Josh, Stevie and Matty were too good for their opponents. The day finished with a bit of fun when my opponent and I played some interesting points out due to the fact we knew we would not finish our match before 530 which is the official end time of GPS tennis matches. Next week we face St Joseph’s and we are sure of our chances and hope we can win and secure another rubber.
Adam Smagarinsky
First Grade Captain

2nd Grade
After the disappointing loss against Ignatius with a position shift due to an injured player, High were looking for redemption in the rubber against Grammar. Doubles 1, Carl and James, showed extremely aggressive net play overwhelming their opponents, comfortably winning 6-2 6-1. Doubles 2, Aaron and Danny, also showed solid net play along with baseline consistency outplaying their opponents, winning 6-2 6-3. Doubles 3, Richard and Bohan, through solid volleying comfortably won the first set 6-2. However loss of focus on volleys led to a tight 6-8 loss in the tiebreak of the second set. However, concentration was regained in the super tie break resulting in a 6-2 6-7(6-8) 10-6 win. With all three doubles won, High went into their singles with confidence. Number 1, Carl, through an aggressive serve and volleying play style comfortably won the first set 6-1. However a step up from the opponent in the second proved troublesome. However, consistency and continuous net play resulted in a 6-1 6-4 win. Number 2, Aaron, faced a consistent player and inability of aggressive net play led to a 4-6 3-6 loss. Number 3, Richard, faced a consistent baseliner, however with the baseline being Richard's personal strength, a comfortable 6-2 6-4 win was achieved. Number 4, James, faced a smart and also consistent player. Inability to force errors from the opponent led to a 5-7 1-6 loss. Number 5, Danny, through consistent and aggressive baseline play comfortably won 6-0 6-1. Number 6, Bohan, through consistent baseline play and overpowering net play won 6-3 6-3. With the overall score of 10-2 to High, we are confident as ever for the last 2 rubbers of the GPS season against St Joseph's and Newington
Carl Yang
Second Grade Captain 

3rd Grade
High played at home for the fifth week of the AAGPS season, against Grammar. With a washout in the previous week, we looked to display strong performances in both singles and doubles. Unfortunately, both 1 and 2 doubles lost their matches in tie-breakers due to an excess of unforced errors. More hope came in the single matches with two of the singles being won, and one unfinished due to time.
James Chee

Junior Results

16 As
The 16s played a wonderful day of tennis on the 22/02/2014. This week was our week against Sydney Grammar playing at Moore Park. We started off with the doubles matches, the A1&2 pair winning 6-5 and the A3&4 pair lost 6-4. The A2 singles was won 6-3 and the A3 singles 6-0. All in all the As lost narrowly by 26-25 in games. The Bs had similar luck with the B4 winning 6-5 but the B1&2 double and the B1 singles losing 6-1 and 6-2 respectively. It was a good week this week but we hope to achieve better results next week.
Ervin Zhou

15 As
This we played against Grammar, and played on their courts. Before our matches began, Mr Boros gave us some “inspiration” by showing us some excellent C and D results. This put some pressure to perform well in our rubber today. The doubles swayed heavily towards us and we took home pleasing results of 6-1 in our A1 and 2 doubles and 6-2 in our A3 and 4 doubles. Two singles were won 6-0, by A1 and A4. A3 had a fantastic comeback in his match and eventually won in a tiebreak with the final score of 6-5 and a tiebreak score of 7-3. A2 had an unfortunate loss in his singles however he can push for better results. This was a well played win against Grammar and hopefully we can keep up our form for the rest of the season.
Wanyu Tang

14 As
This weekend, SBHS 14s tennis played against Sydney Grammar and played magnificently. Despite a 3-3 draw, High played very well. Unfortunately, two people in the As did not have enough time to finish their singles match. Everyone played extremely well. Well done to the As!
Jeff Chen

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/
Please spare some of your time on Saturday to come down and support High Tennis.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Grammar

Term 4, 2013

1st WIN 100-37 G.GERLACH 27
2nd LOSS 33-44 C.SHI 16
3rd WIN 24-19 B.TRUONG 6
4th WIN 42-26 M.HO 12
7th WIN 32-9 K.LU 8
8th WIN 55-4 W.LU 14
16A WIN 32-34 A.YANG 12
16B WIN 35-31 R.SEONG 11
16C WIN 27-25 R.CHAN, L.TAO 8
16D WIN 36-6 H.PARK 8
16E WIN 46-23 B.WU 10
16F WIN 30-10 V.BUI 10
15A WIN 26-23 E. LOVE MVP
15B LOSS 19-23 H.BARTLEY 10
15C LOSS 13-20 S.HUA 4
15D LOSS 17-27 B.CHAN 4
15E WIN 20-18 D.ZHANG 8
15F WIN 26-9 J.LOH 8
14A LOSS 23-36 J.SIU 8
14B WIN 35-24 A.FOX 16
14C WIN 32-7 H.VYE 12
14D WIN 44-9 T.LAM 16
14E WIN 32-14 F.FANG 10
14F WIN 33-12 Y.JIE-LIN 10

Term 1, 2014

1st WIN 80-50 G.GERLACH 21
2nd WIN 49-22 C.SHI 14
3rd WIN 28-24 M.HO 6
4th WIN 46-18 J.YING 8
5th WIN 34-30 S.SI 11
6th WIN 24-23 G.QIN 10
16A WIN 41-21 W.CHEN 10
16B LOSS 24-30 R.CHAN 11
16C WIN 36-11 M.LI 16
16D LOSS 24-29 H.PARK 10
16E LOSS 18-32 J.WANG , B.FU 4
16F WIN 53-13 V.BUI 26
15B WIN 22-16 C.NGUYEN 6
15C LOSS 33-20 K.LOU 9
15E WIN 19-16 D.ZHANG 6
15F WIN 36-2 J.TRAN 17
14A LOSS 25-29 J.CHANG 6
14B WIN 33-17 J.SIU 12
14C WIN 14-11 S.NAWA 4
14D WIN 32-2 D.CHAN 10
14E WIN 11-55 J.KIM 17
13A LOSS 6-68 B.NGUYEN 4
13B LOSS 64-4 R.CHEN 4
13C LOSS 3-23 D.GOH 3
13E LOSS 16-10 T. 4

This week High went up against Grammar and managed to perform very well overall against the school, with Opens taking all the wins and improving from Term 4 last year. High 1st Grade started slow but managed to hold off Grammar completely, leading throughout the whole game and winning in the end by 30 points. High 2nd Grade also managed to turn the tables this week and win by a massive 27 points to avenge their loss last term. Below we see the AAGPS tables that sees High still at 1st position, as well as High 2nd Grade at 2nd position on the tables after keeping their head up and coming off strong from the close overtime loss against Riverview last week.

AAGPS 1st Grade Table

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
High 5 5 0 0 389 246 10
Newington 5 4 1 0 326 271 9
St. Joseph's 5 3 1 0 378 314 9
Scots 5 3** 2 0 201 220 8
St. Ignatius' 5 2 3 0 348 338 7
Shore 5 0 5 0 255 407 5
Kings 5 1 3 1 228 280 5
Grammar 5 1 3 1 250 299 5

AAGPS 2nd Grade Table

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
St. Ignatius' 5 5 0 0 280 240 10
High 5 4 1 0 248 194 9
St. Joseph's 5 3 2 0 197 193 8
Scots 5 3** 2 0 104 163 8
Shore 5 1 4 0 160 223 6
Kings 5 2 2 1 211 194 6
Grammar 5 2 2 1 151 165 6
Newington 5 0 5 0 166 247 5

*wins indicated by forfeit.

From the Basketball Master’s desk:

Cut-off for payment to the Basketball Dinner is next week, March 7th. There are limited seats. Don’t forget to purchase a seat with your team, buy your coach and manager a present and bid on a signed and framed 2014 Sydney Kings Jersey.

13s; Keep working hard. You have great coaches. Like all the age groups above you, you can and will turn the results around with consistent effort.

14s; Congratulations on your successful improvement this season. Keep it up.

15s; Be careful! If you are not playing in the highest grade you can you will probably get cut from basketball when you try to get into opens. If you can score more than 10 points a game in your current grade then you need to be in a higher grade. If you are not in the A, B or C team you might find yourself in another sport option in the opens.

16s; Congratulations to the 16As for an improved performance this week. I hope all players trial for firsts and seconds next season. Players who are noticeably not playing for the correct grade in terms of their ability have been noted and are officially on notice!

First and Second grade; Congratulations to both sides for playing some of the best team basketball I have ever seen at AAGPS level, thus far. The team defensive record is impressive. The First Half vs Grammar on Saturday was not your usual standard. There are two very difficult games ahead vs St Josephs and Newington. Hopefully with the support of your school peers in big numbers, Premierships and/or Championships (never been done) are possible. The focus must remain on controlling the controllables and playing our style of team basketball each possession.

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SBHS Cricket

Cricket Results – 2014 Term 1 Week 4

Team Score Result Highlights
Alan Davidson Shield Round 1
1st XI SBHS 9 – 96 v GRC - Oatley Won Vivek Kashyap 30*, Raunak Sura 3/7
GPS Round 6
1st XI SBHS 10 – 104  & 2 – 42 v SGS 1 - 106 Lost  
2nd XI SBHS 10 – 98 v SGS 4 - 79 N/A
3rd XI SBHS 0 – 13 v SGS 10 – 140 N/A  Ray Cheng 3/30
4th XI    
5th XI SBHS 10 – 56 v SGS 3 - 57 Lost  
16A XI SBHS 6 – 197 v SGS 0 – 0 N/A Vyaas Rajan 48, Kevin Ke 43, Rick Saha 32
16B XI SBHS 10 - 66 v SGS 10 - 156 Lost Denny Fu 51, Sai Sooriakumar 4/16
15A XI SBHS 10 – 144 v SGS 2 – 33 N/A Tully Moffat 41, Eli Hall 31
15B XI SBHS 10 – 95 v SGS 6 – 287 Lost
14A XI SBHS 8 – 166 v SGS 0 – 0 N/A Louis Saunders 55, Subesh Murugananthan 41
14B XI SBHS 10 - 87 v SGS 5 - 89 Lost  
13A XI SBHS 10 -84 v SGS 4 – 177 Lost
13B XI SBHS 10 – 65 v SGS 8 – 193 Lost  
13C XI SBHS 10 – 45 v SGS 2 – 46 Lost  

Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Cricket Report

Last weekend we came up against our arch rivals Sydney Grammar School. Grammar has improved their cricket over the past couple of seasons and this has shown in the results. The common difference that is separating us from other schools is our fielding. It is evident that Grammar has worked on their fielding that has ultimately transferred into their bowling and batting skills. This is an area we will be focusing on strongly over the next few seasons. On the up side our 14As, 15As and 16As are both in strong positions to give High’s first win for 2014. Well done to Louis Saunders for scoring a half century. I know he had been disappointed with his last few innings and it was good to see him bounce back. By training hard and having the self-belief I am sure they can all come away with a victory and hopefully take that momentum into the final round against Newington.

Last week our 1st XI played their first round of the Allan Davidson Shield CHS Knockout Tournament. They came up against GRC-Oatley. Winning the toss and electing to bat in overcast conditions made scoring runs difficult. With a few early wickets the pressure was on us to re-group. Thanks to Vivek who batted maturely to help the team post a respectable total. As the clouds were coming in thicker and greyer it was vital the team took some early wickets. Fortunately they were able to do this and managed to get the victory before the rain came. Well done to the boys as we prepare for our second round clash either between South Sydney or Rose Bay.

Good luck to everyone and continue with the great behaviour, uniform and attitude out on the field.

To all parents and players, don’t forget to go through the points below:

  • Please make sure that all the boys wear SBHS logo hats and tops.
  • They are not to wear thongs to and from their fixtures.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • Please notify their coaches if they are unable to attend training or their fixture.

Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Cricket

1st XI Report

After winning the toss and electing to bat on a paradise at Grammar, High got off to a poor start, losing Jesse with the score on ten. Shashank then combined with Vishal to take High to just before lunch, but both batsmen fell in the space of a few overs – Shashank to a mis-timed pull, and the usually stoic, Vishal, to a leg-side stumping. Following lunch, Vishnu and Tushaar took High to 3/81; Vishnu finally showing off his attacking flair in an aggressive 26. Chaos soon struck as High proceeded to lose 7/33, being bowled out for just 104. Once again not enough to work with, yet something which the boys could fight for. Tushaar produced a nick in his second over, but it was unfortunately put down in the cordon. The same batsman was again dropped off the threatening seamers of Lasith De Fonseka, eventually going on to score a run-a-ball 50 and allowing Grammar to pass the total with one down. A sporting declaration then followed, forcing the boys to bat with an hour left in the day’s play. High was cruising at 0/41 in reply, until two quick wickets in the final minutes of play once again put the game in the balance. Jesse Cooper went to stumps on 21*, with a pair of sublime cover drives and daring pulls enough to calm the storm at sea. High now have a lead of 40, with 8 wickets in hand, looking for a reverse outright next weekend.
Tushaar Garg
Captain of Cricket

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Winter Sport Selections

Winter sport selections are coming up on 3 March. Ensure you fully understand what is expected of you if you sign up to a Saturday AAGPS sport by reading the schools’ sports policy online. 

Boys will be asked to indicate if they want to trial for the SBHS Athletics team as well as selecting their preferred winter sport/team. This is preliminary selection only; coaches will select boys into the appropriate teams through trials. Boys not involved in athletics will be required for their winter sport training both during sport timetabled time and outside of school hours from week 7.

Week 6 Winter Sport Trials
Senior Winter trials for Rugby, Football, Cross Country, Fencing, Rifle Shooting and Volleyball will occur on Wednesday 12 March during Sport timetabled time for all Years 10, 11 and 12 students (except for CHS Rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Junior Winter trials for will occur on Thursday 13 March during sport timetabled time for all Years 7, 8 and 9 students (except for CHS rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Students must bring the appropriate gear/equipment for these trials.

Summary of Sports Policy and follow up procedures

  • If you sign up to a sport you are expected to commit to that sport for the whole season
  • If you select a Saturday AAGPS sport - and you are successful in making a team you are expected to attend all of the training sessions
    • A/B teams- 3 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • C/D/E/F teams- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • All other sports- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • Weights/Sprints/High Runners’ Club are counted as a session
    • The MIC of your sport will inform you of when/where your training sessions are. This information will also be available in your student portal
  • Saturday Absence- If you are absent from Saturday due to a legitimate reason:
    • If you know ahead of time- speak to the MIC of your sport and tell your coach
    • Go to student portal and submit that you will be absent in the week leading up to the match or a minimum of one hour before your game starts on a Saturday
    • Follow this up with a note from your parent/doctor explaining the absence
    • Put the note inside the ‘Saturday Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am sharp on the following Monday morning.  Make sure the note has all required details.
  • Training absence- if you are absent from a training session
    • Bring a note and place it in the ‘Training Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am the next day you are at school.
    • Ensure the note has the full and accurate details on it including your name, roll class, start date and finish date for the absence.
    • Make the session up through either an additional team training session, weights session, sprints session or High Runners’ Club session
  • Training days
    • Most training sessions outside of school hours will occur on a Monday, Wednesday (Years 7-9) and Thursday (Years 10-12) afternoons. Ensure you make these times available for your team training sessions.
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Fitness Assessment February 2014

The PDHPE Department has again assessed the physical fitness levels of our students, Years 7 – 10.  The most important health-related test is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance.  Our standard Moore Park West course was used for the assessment.

An assessment of 90% or better required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student.  An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age.  A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds. Each student in Years 7 – 9 should have a copy of their assessment schedule and results for February 2011 in their PDHPE theory books.  Parents are encouraged to review their son’s results with them.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including, Eric Holstrom (7T) 5m 50s, Ryan Ho-Shon (8.2) 6m 03s, Conor McGrath (9.6) 5m 26s and Luke Schofield (10.3) 5m 28s.

* Fastest times are held by Year 10 Sam Lane (2009) 4m 54s, Year 9 Sam Lane (2008) 4m 53s, Year 8 Eugene Lee (2010) 5m 12s and Year 7 Eugene Lee (2009) and Luke Hoad (2010) 5m 43s.

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
90 – 99 10 6 21 26
80 – 89 5 8 9 14
70 – 79 6 15 20 20
60 – 69 7 15 11 11
50 – 59 11 19 15 13
40 – 49 13 20 21 22
30 – 39 13 24 26 17
20 – 29 21 21 35 16
10 – 19 30 28 24 27
0 – 9 60 15 15 30
Non-starters 5 8 11 9

Mean results for each Year group    2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Feb ‘11 Sept ‘11 Feb ‘12 Sept ‘12 Feb ‘13 Sept ‘13 Feb ‘14
Year 10 42% 62% 49% 55% 46% 53% 51%
Year 9 44% 60% 51% 66% 49% 69% 50%
Year 8 37% 52% 42% 60% 38% 60% 47%
Year 7 31% 55% 31% 56% 32% 62% 34%

It is interesting to compare a Year group over time against themselves, as well as against previous Year groups. 2014 Year 10 had the highest February mean in four years. The highest Year mean recorded was 72% by Year 10 in 2003.

Again this year there is an incentive for boys to achieve and maintain a higher level of aerobic fitness. If a student can reach his personal goal time on the fourth 1.6k run or run under 6 minutes, he will receive an extra 10% towards his final PDHPE grade which equates to one assessment grade. All goal times are posted in Room 901. Year 10 students have been given the opportunity to control their own destiny by setting their own personal goal this year.

G Stein

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SHS Rowing: Boatshed Dinner

Boatshed Dinner

Saturday 15 March 2014
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers

It is a very special opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

All crews will be introduced on the stage and there will be speeches by -

  • Stroke of Year 8 1st Quad – Ryan Zheng
  •  Captain of Year 9 Quads – Roy Yi
  •  Captain of Year 10 crews – Jacob Katafono
  •  Captain of Boats – Ray Fang

All rowers are required to attend and should wear full school uniform.

The evening is both a formal introduction of our representative crews for this season and a great opportunity to socialise and show support for the boys in the lead up to the GPS Head of the River and the NSW CHS Championships.

The cost of the dinner is $30 for adults and $30 for students.

Soft drink and mineral water will be provided. Parents may BYO wine/beer.

We look forward to a full house with all boys and their parents attending.

Kind regards
George Comninos
Vice President

Julie Blomberg



The 2014 Rowing Boatshed Dinner RSVP form is
available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Annual Basketball Dinner 2014

Celebrate another fantastic year of basketball at High by organising your team to attend the 10th Annual Basketball Dinner and finish the year in winning style!!

Every team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player. 1 minute speeches will be made by staff members about their age groups and players will be able to show their thanks to them as well! (Buy your coach a present) There will be a big screen projection of the Annual Highlight video presentation and a Sydney Kings singlet signed by the current playing roster will be auctioned.

When: Friday, 21/3/14, 6:00pm. End of Night 9:15pm.
Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Who: Players, parents, friends, supporters and coaches of all teams!
1)   Because the friendships made through SBHS basketball last a lifetime
2)  Because the program has improved significantly again this season and requires your support for this to continue.


All drinks will be provided on the night.
Advise when booking if a vegetarian meal is required.
210 seats only= Limited seats - PAY AT THE OFFICE TODAY! Especially if you won an award; make sure you pay ASAP.

NB: Proceeds from ticket sales etc go into the basketball program to help improve future basketball experiences for our students.

Please return the slip below with $35/per person to the front office by Friday 7th of  MARCH 2014.

Sydney High Basketball Dinner

The Annual Basketball Dinner 2014 RSVP form is
available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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