High Notes, Vol 15 No 40, December 12 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our open basketball team who placed third in Australia at the National Schools Basketball Championships in Canberra. They lost to Sacred Heart (SA) in the semi-final but won the play-off game for a bronze. The team comprised: Mitchell Flynn (SHS 2014), Eugene Lee (SHS 2014), Geoff Gerlach (SHS 2014), Stephan Bell (SHS 2014), Max Menzel (Year 10), Jack Hutchison, Nathan Sutton, Anthony Wu, Bailey Musulin, and Noah Fowler (Year 11).  Our 15 years team played in the strong U17 division for a sixth place overall at the championships. Erratum: Thomas Shortridge was also a finalist in the Voice Public Speaking Competition at Parliament House. Congratulations to William Yang (SHS 2014) whose work My Grandparents. The Pioneers was chosen for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS.  Great news for recent Old Boys Ming Chin and Ming Pan (SHS 2012) who were both awarded New Colombo Plan Scholarships worth up to $67,000 to study at Chinese Universities.

High Praise
Well done to our students for their etiquette on the buses. A Government bus driver recently remarked to one of our parents that “those boys are the best ones”. He was commenting on the polite and friendly demeanour of SBHS commuters. Keep up your sensitivity to the good name of the school and model upright behaviour on the buses at all times.

Volleyball National Tournament
Open Div 1: Upwey (Vic) 3-0, 1-1 Heathville, 0-2 Brighton, St Peters 2-1, Mazenod 1-2 – out of top 12.   Open Div 2: 2-0 st Michaels, 1-1 Rowville, St Marks 1-1, John Monash 2-1.  U16s: 0-2 Brisbane, Billanook 2-1, St Bernars 2-1, Heathfield 2-1.  U15s: St Patricks (Qld) 2-1, Heathfield 0-3, Upwey 2-1, Monbulk 2-1, Rossmoyne 2-1. U14s: 1-2 Eltham, 0-2 Mazenod,0-2 St Bernard’s, 0-2 Upwey – out of top 12. In a very hectic few days two teams are still in the play-offs position and two are out of contention. Well done to all competitors!

Dropping Off Students
This is a reminder to parents who drive boys to school. There is a drop off zone next to the tennis courts on Cleveland Street. Our policy is that parents should enter via gate 1, drop off their sons alongside the tennis court fence, then exit via gate 2, which allows both left and right hand turns. Driving in gate 2 directly involves negotiating the car park and having to turn around in an area busy with boys making their way down to The Flat to play before school starts. Please make an effort to comply with our policy and drive in via gate 1.

Student Leave Requests
Quite a few boys and their parents have had their leave requests refused because they failed to give the mandatory four weeks’ notice. The presumption is that all boys are required to attend school until the last day, Wednesday, 17 December. Leave is not granted just for the convenience of families to take advantage of cheaper air fares to go on holiday. People who have planned holidays well in advance and give the required 4-weeks’ notice, also complete and submit the appropriate form which is downloadable from the website. Generally speaking, such properly completed requests are granted. In all other cases, approval is only granted in exceptional circumstances for medical and other unforeseen circumstances outside of parents’ control.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Last Day Term 4 for students

School finishes for students at 12:30pm on Wednesday 17 December.

School finishes for staff on Friday 19 December.

School resumes for staff on Tuesday 27 January 2015.

Years 7, 11 and 12 resume on Wednesday 28 January 2015. New enrolments in Year 9 2015 will also commence on this day.

Years 8, 9 and 10 will resume on Thursday 29 January 2015.

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Academic Merit List - Semester 2 2014

Congratulations to the following boys whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 2014 are recognised.

Year 7 Academic Merit

Timothy CHEN
James CHIA
Nam Anh DANG
Lisong DING
Ronan GAO
David GOH
Nathan HO
Anirudh JOSHI
William KUANG
Matthew LE
Kevin LIAO
Nicholas MA
Aaditya MONE
Terence MUI
Abdur-Rahman MUKADDAM
Matthew NG
Dylan NGUI
Adrian PANAS
Jinwoo PARK
James PHAM
Jeremiah SULISTO
Dawei WU
Jadon YANG
Qingfeng ZHANG

Year 8 Academic Merit

Harjas AHUJA
Nikhilesh BELULKAR
Alexander DE ARAUJO
Calvin DO
Adam Ty FENG
Lachlan FONG
Archibald FOX
Andrew GUANG
Allen GUO
Richard HU
Justin LAI
Kevin LI
Raymond LI
Anthony LIAO
Yu Jie LIN
Sinha NAWA
Brandon NGUYEN
Nicholas NGUYEN
Simon PHAM
Nathan SHENG
Chwen SIM
Abhijot SINGH
Lingyu WONG
Roy WU
Tianyi XU
Brandon YOON
Richard ZHONG

Year 9 Academic Merit

Faysal AYUB
Daniel CAI
George GE
Kevin GUO
Shadman HABIB
Patrick HAN
Daniel HU
Raymond HUANG
Harrison LI
Andrew LI [M]
Ricky LIU
Jason LOH
Andy LU
Sidney PHAM
Dharmesh SHARMA
Nigel SUN
Wanyu TANG
Daniel TIAN
Jonathan TRAN
William WEBER
Lucas WONG
Kalvin XU
Dallas YAN
Zong Jie YE
Roy YI
Wesley YU
Matthew YUAN
Ruilin ZHANG
Jeffrey ZHENG
Jonathan ZHENG

Year 10 Academic Merit

Mohammad Tajwar ALI KHAN
Arthur CHAO
Peter DANG
Richard DING
Dylan GOH
James GOH
William HA
Daniel JIANG
Masrur-ul JOARDER
Advait JOSHI
Preetham KADAPPU
Sung-Chan KIM
Kevin Jia LIANG
Darren LIM
Alexander MAO
Hoang Khiem PHAM
Star QIU
Anthony RUSLI
Ryan SUN
Julian Peng Hanh TU
Gerry WANG
Xiangsheng WANG
Andrew WU
Daniel XUE
Peter YU

Year 11 Academic Merit

Sudarshan ARVIND
Gary BAI
William BANH
Brian CHAN
Lut Ming CHAN
William CHANG
William CHEN
Hideyoshi CHEONG
Desmond CHIANG
Benjamin DANG
Kevin Wu DANG
Gary HE
Michael HO
Alexander HOSSAIN
Kevin KE
Thomas KIM
Jason LIN
Kelvin LIN
Mike LIU
Gordon LU
Yi Dong LUO
Leonard MAH
Philip MAI
Benjamin NGUYEN
Peter RYAN
Johnson TRAN
Julian VO
Ki On Alex WONG
Edward WU

Year 12 Academic Merit

Andy BAO
Anthony CHEN
Christopher CHEN
Tom DU
Wenbo GONG
Michael HAUSER
Bowrun HOU
Gideon KWOK
Kohen LAU
Lokgei LEE
Weber LIU
Allan LOI
Yu Peng MAN
Justin NG
James PHAM
Samuel PHAM
Soloman SALEH
Michael SAWANG
Andrew SHI
Charlie SHI
Robert TAN
Joseph TANG
Edric WANG
Nathan WANG-LY
Aaron WONG
Bevan XIE
Harrison XU
William YANG
Charlie ZENG
Andrew ZHANG
Jason ZHANG [E]
William ZHOU
Jonathan WU
Paul YU

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SBHS Debating

Even though the formal debating season ends in Term 3 there continues to be a lot of debating activity in Term 4 so I have asked boys involved to write summaries of their experiences. A big congratulations to these boys who have all excelled in their chosen area of interest. It just goes to prove yet again what a breadth of talent we have in the Debating Program at High. Coaching for debating begins with the Show Debate for Year 7 at Lunch time on 6th February, our First Debating Supporters group Meeting is on 11th February and coaching starts on 13th February. Remember to sign up for debating so that you don’t miss out on a spot.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very enjoyable time over the holidays, a well-deserved rest and look forward to even more debating success in 2015.

House Debating

Congratulations to our new Debating Prefect Ganeshmoorthy Chandrasekaren.  Over the last two weeks Ganeshmoorthy has organized a debating competition between the Houses. He and a number of other Year 10 and Year 11 students have adjudicated the debates and we have had enthusiastic audiences attending as well. The final will be held on Friday 12th so we hope lots of boys turn up to support their teams.

Year 8 PDC by Symeon Ziegler

The Year 8 debating side recently qualified for the Premiers Debating Challenge Finals. We stayed in the Women’s College at Sydney University for three days, with the winners of each of the 10 regions in NSW.  We were representing the Sydney Region.  It was great to get to know all the other debaters, and we became friends with the teams members from Merewether High (Hunter/Central Coast Region) and Elderslie High

(South West Sydney Region).  A team had also travelled all the way from Norfolk Island.   We had three debates on the first night, the last going until 9:30pm. We won all three. The next day we had the final debate in the round robin stage. After winning that we progressed as the undefeated champions into the Semi Finals. We won our Semi Final with a split decision. This earned us a place in the Grand Final the next morning, against our good friends from Merewether High, who we hung out with for much of the time, including the lead up to the Grand Final. We had defeated them in the round robin debate, however on the day of the Grand Final, they were the better team, winning on a split decision. Our entire team had an extraordinary time at Sydney University, where we had so much fun both debating and making many new friends.

YMCA NSW Junior Parliament by Hugh Bartley and Louis Saunders

In September this year, six Sydney Boys High students participated in the YMCA NSW Junior Parliament. These boys were Hugh Bartley, Louis Saunders, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Loius Shapiro, Ellison Zhou and Brandon Yoon and they were part of a group of 100 13-15 year olds, who, over the course of a week-long camp base at Yarramundi developed unique bills in committees and debated them in NSW Parliament House. The ten committee bills and matters of Public Importance were consider and voted on in real-life parliamentary fashion, with many politicians acting as guest speaker. Representing the school proudly, our six boys showcased their notable intelligence and skill at camp and on the floor of the Parliament. The pinnacle of Sydney High Success was the election of Louis Saunders as Premier and Hugh Bartley as Opposition Leader. Both demonstrated admirable leadership qualities and acquired unparalleled experience spearheading their respective parties. Overall the YMCA NSW Junior Parliament is a program which we all thoroughly enjoyed and valued. We improved our debating; we were educated about political and legal process and we made many new friends. We would urge all students no matter what their debating skill level to consider participating in the 2015 program. More information can be found at www.ymcansw.org.au/centres/youth-government.

Junior State Debating Championships Thomas Nguyen

From the 1st-3rd of December, I attended the Junior State Debating Championships as part of the Sydney Region team. Held at the Women’s College in the University of Sydney, I was in a five person team which was selected from schools across the Sydney region as we competed against teams across the ten educational regions in New South Wales.

The first stage of the competition involved a round robin where the regions were split up into two pools of five. On the first day, we were pitted against the Western NSW and New England teams and we were able to defeat them in education and sport topics respectively. The second day was much tougher as we debated against Western Sydney, Hunter and Central Coast and also faced the prospect of a semi-final in the evening. We won against Western Sydney on the topic, “that we should make voting voluntary.” However, Hunter and Central Coast proved to be a more difficult debate as we narrowly went down on the topic, “that the government should be allowed to read our emails.”

We were not hindered by our setback as we had the afternoon off to recuperate for the evening’s semi-final against the North Coast region. Incentivised by breaking our region’s long drought of not making it to the final, we worked hard to negate the topic, “that we should allow for opt-in experimental trials.” The debate was very close and we won on a split decision. The final was on the Wednesday morning and we were tasked with beating the Hunter and Central Coast Region who had defeated us earlier. We affirmed the notion, “that we should ban gender specific toys” and argued the harms of gender stereotyping toys on children as well as pointing out the merits of removing this stigma from society. The debate proved to be challenging and at times entertaining as we were able to pull away in the end and win in a unanimous decision. Over the three days, I was able to improve upon all aspects of my debating skills as the fun and experience would not have been possible without the help of my fellow team mates and our Sydney Region coordinator.

Dr Evatt Competition by Max Koslowski

Last week Thomas Shortridge and Max Koslowski flew to Adelaide to compete in the National Evatt Competition - a model UN meet-up with 58 other students from around Australia. The contest involved Tom and Max representing a country in the UN Security Council, with the mandate to further that country's interest through debate and negotiation. The semi-finals saw them represent the political powerhouse that is Luxembourg. After more than ten hours of debate where the Council redrew the borders of the Middle East and gave companies membership to the UN, Tom and Max made it to the Grand Final. This time representing Chad, a country which is only the best in the world when it comes to corruption, the pair unfortunately failed to place in the top 5. Yet the week gave them experiences Tom and Max will take away with them - at least until next year, where they will return with a thirst for victory.
Rachel Powell
Deputy Principal and Debating MIC

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From the High Store

High Store Holiday Opening Time

This day is allocated to students within the school entering
Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 in 2015 ONLY

NEW Students entering Year 7 or Year 9 in 2015
Will not be served on this day

Tuesday 20 Jan 2015 Hours 10.30am – 1.30pm.

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From the Canteen

Thank you to the volunteers last week:-

MON: Pam Jepson, Usha Arvind, Yoshi Kita Long
TUES: Frank Liu, Lynn Chen, Long Nguyen
WED: Kunti Ranade, Cindy Tseu, Jenny Chiu
THUR: Xing Ping Zhang, PitTrent,
FRI: Connie Tai, Sandora Chia

There will only be limited food available next week as we are running out stock for the end of the year.
Sharon Hughes

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Music Notes

P & C Thank You Party

Thank you to the Senior Strings and pianists Luke Schofield and Jayden Schofield who performed beautifully at the P&C Thank You Party on Monday evening, 8th December.

2015 USA Music Tour Holiday Rehearsals

Monday 19th January 2015 - 9.30am-11.30am
Wednesday 21st January 2015 - 9.30am-11.30am
Friday 23rd January 2015 - 9.30am-11.30am

Compulsory attendance for ALL students. Please advise music staff ASAP if your son cannot attend the following rehearsals)

2015 USA Music Tour Concert(s)

USA Music Tour Concert, Great Hall
Tuesday 24th February 2015 - 6.30pm-8pm

USA Music Tour *FAREWELL* concert, Great Hall
Sunday 29th March 2015 - 4pm-6pm

(Ticket prices TBC- all proceeds go towards the 2015 USA Music Tour)

Music Ensembles 2015

All music ensembles will resume as of Week 2 in 2015.

Please check the timetable and arrive ON TIME! There are NO EXCUSES for not attending or arriving late to ensemble rehearsals. ALL ENSEMBLES START AT 7:45AM. (unless stated otherwise). Remember a ROLL is TAKEN, and 80% ATTENDANCE is required. PLEASE REMEMBER to pack up after rehearsals (tidy up the room/and stands back on rack). EVERYONE needs to help and not leave it to one or two boys. THANK YOU boys for your co-operation! Please remember PRACTICE DAILY, if only for 20 minutes is required for you to develop your awesome musical skills and make your music tutor happy. Practice makes PERFECT!!!!!

Remember that ensemble attendance go towards your AWARDS SYSTEM.

Anzac Day- Marching Band

Marching Band rehearsals will commence in Week 2 next year. All students in stage and concert bands and also the USA Music Tour band must attend rehearsals. The boys will be marching on Saturday 25th of April 2015.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Shore

HIGH vs. Shore: Term 1, 2014

 1st WIN 99-35 M.FLYNN 31
2nds WIN 37-30 C.SHI 16
3rd DRAW 30-30(2ot) K.LIANG 7
4th LOSS 26-29 K.DANG 11
5th WIN 40-16 C.WANG 16
7th WIN 42-10 Z.HUNG 12
8th WIN 61-23 W.LU 18
16A WIN 38-26 B.LI 9
16B LOSS 12-29 L.TAO 3
16C LOSS 28-32 D.WANG 9
16D LOSS 16-28 K.CAI 8
16E WIN 40-32 J,WANG 6
16F WIN 26-19 V.BUI 17
15A WIN 60-13 J.HUA 20, J.KUROSAWA 12
15B WIN 16-11 S.CHEN 6
15C LOSS 16-22 L.VUONG 4
15D WIN 35-19 C.MCGRATH 13
15E WIN 40-18 A.ZAFAR 10
14A LOSS 43-30 N.CHAND 14
14C WIN 29-20 H.VYE 12
14D WIN 47-16 T.LAM, D.THICH 8
14E WIN 76-2 J.YIP 32
13A LOSS 21-33 B.NGUYEN 10
13B LOSS 16-41 J.WU 6
13C LOSS 4-44 D.GOH 4
13D LOSS 8-56 T.CHEN 4
13F LOSS 10-32 M.CHEW 6

HIGH vs. Shore: Term 4, 2014

1st WIN 70-60 B.MUSULIN 32
2nds LOSS 52-46 J.YING 13
3rd WIN 40-22 M.HO 13
4th LOSS 33-29 I.CHANG 8
5th WIN 38-30 C.WANG 16
6th WIN 38-19 Z.HUNG 13
16A WIN 44-34 J.KUROSAWA 12
16B LOSS 18-35 A.ZAFAR 6
16C LOSS 21-43 N.ZHANG 7
16D WIN 32-18 A.ZHU 14
16E WIN 35-24 J.YIP 13
16F LOSS 29-49 J.HUO 10
15C WIN 49-21 T.LAM 14
15D WIN 76-22 J.KIM 14
15E WIN 39-12 R.WU 15
15F WIN 47-16 T.WNAG 12
14B LOSS 14-40 B.NGUYEN 8
14C LOSS 31-29 C.TUNGKA 10
14F LOSS 20-17 D.ZENG YIN 5

Last game of the term, and first official game of the season.  First grade won 70-60 with almost half of their points being scored by Bailey Musulin (32 points).  This was an outstanding effort by Bailey.  Seconds had a close game losing by just 6 points.

This week was the Australian All-Schools Championships. Sydney High ranked third overall. 1st, 1st, 4th, 3rd and 3rd in the last 5 years is the most consistent of any school in the Nation. We can safely say they did their best.  Jack Hutchinson says, “Our shots just weren’t going in…”  It can happen to all teams and it was bad luck.

From all, congratulations to Mr B Hayman on his newborn baby Olive.

Wishing all of you the best over the Christmas break, keep ballin’, and go High!

~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by editor Archie Fox
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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From Volleyball

Good luck to SBHS Volleyball Team, participating Australia Volleyball School Cup held at Melbourne, 7-12 December 2014!
Jonathan Zeng
AVSC 15 Division 1

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

6 December 2014

This Saturday had a dark forecast, with heavy storms predicted, threatening to cancel the races. Surprisingly, on Saturday, fair weather prevailed, with light winds, the storm being held off till the evening. As other schools have all left for the holidays, this Saturday was an internal race event for High sailors only, and prizes were left on the table for the end of the day.

Each praying for Neptune’s blessing, 9 boats set out vying for top finishes. The course was a simple sausage course; start line to a top mark, then back to the start. The earlier races were 2 laps, whilst the latter ones were only one lap. The winds were just strong enough to see fair sailing, and High sailors made the most of that by sailing about 6 races.

Fortunately High sailors took all podium places, and at the end of the day the following prizes were awarded.

Overall First: Dallas Yan/Brian Nguyen
Overall Second: Kai Matsumoto/Peter Lin
Overall Third: Angelo Yan/Tim Fan
Best & Fairest: Edward Lin/Edward Heaney
Most Aggressive: Arthur Chao/Max Wharton-Jones

Next Saturday is the Sailing Fun Day. Parents can all go out on the water for a sail with their son/s. BBQ Morning Breakfast. All High Sailors and their families are welcome to celebrate the end of the year!
Arthur Chao
Sailing Media Officer

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SHS Rowing

SBHS Rowing Trailer Naming Ceremony

Past and present rowers attended a trailer naming ceremony at the sheds during the week in honour of SBHS Bus Driver, Kev Eadie.

Kev is very supportive of the school and the rowing program, and his contribution to the school is much more than driving the bus. It was a testament to his popularity that many past rowers travelled to the sheds for the ceremony.

Captain of Boats, Josh Maloof, and past Captain of Boats, Ray Fang, both spoke of their high regard for Kev. 

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From Table Tennis

The school’s Table Tennis coach, Peter Masen, is running a coaching academy during the school holidays. It’s a great opportunity to improve your skills, or learn a new sport. Any student, school Table Tennis player or not is welcome.
A Cipolla
MIC Table Tennis

Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy
January Holiday 2015 Program

at Maroubra Junction Public School
Loch Marie Street Maroubra

Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5th January 7th January 8th January 9th January
12th January 14th January 15th January 16th January
19th January 21st January 22nd January 23rd January

Time: 10:00am - 3:30pm
$80 per day casual OR $70 if attending 4 or more sessions
Full program (12 sessions), pay $770 only (1 session is free)

Family discount: $5 discount per day per child (for 2 or mroe children)

There will be at least 3 coaches in the group to help with individual skills development

Book By: 30th December 2014

To book, please call Peter Masen on 0419 386 830 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Group Training Program Features:

  • Training provided by one of Australia's most successful coaches, Peter Masen
  • Training program is open to all ages and standards
  • Well structured training according to yout ability
  • Focus on indiivuidual needs, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere
  • Games pklayed during training sessions
  • Contact Peter Masen on 0419 386 830 for any questions about the program
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‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program: Advice for 2015

Application of this Advice

The Sydney Boys High School Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program has now been finalised for 2015. All documentation has been updated and is available for you to view on the BYOD website at:


All students heading into Years 7 – 10 2015 are expected to bring a device of their own choosing and ownership to school each day. In addition, any student with a Digital Education Revolution laptop (students in Years 11 – 12, 2015) may also bring their own device to school under this BYOD program.

Recommended Devices

You may elect to bring any device which meets the Device Specification. However, selecting a technology device is not simple, and the Specification is particular. Our recommended devices are designed to simplify your choices and purchasing processes.

Sydney Boys High School has again partnered with ASI Solutions to make our recommended devices available:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

  • 12" Touch Screen
  • 4rd Generation Intel Core Processor – Core i3 and Core i5 options available
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB/128GB Solid State Disk
  • Surface Pro 3 Type Cover
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best convertible multi-touch device available. The device has an excellent quality screen and is supplied with the Surface Pro 3 type cover. The Surface is an exceptionally versatile device for use with our BYOD program.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240

  • 12.5" Screen – HD and FHD options available
  • 4th Generation Intel Core Processor – Core i3 and Core i5 options available
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Disk
  • 3 Year On-site Warranty

The ThinkPad X240 is a thin and very light device that fits well in a school bag. Battery life is excellent. Looked after, the X240 should readily complete four years of high school service.

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (Windows)

  • 11.6" HD Screen
  • 4th Generation Intel Processor
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Disk
  • 3 Year On-site Warranty

The ThinkPad 11e is Lenovo’s speciality education product. It features rubber bumpers and a thicker screen surround to help it withstand the bumps inherent with bringing a device to school. It’s heavier and a slower device than the other options, but is well positioned for our BYOD program.

Why Purchase a Recommended Device?

All our recommended devices are configured to meet the device specification comfortably. All feature solid state disks and so have no moving parts. Warranties are a minimum of 3 years. Lenovo devices feature an on-site warranty which means the device can be fixed by a technician at school, ensuring its maximum availability. A four year warranty option is also available.

Additionally, Accidental Damage Protection insurance is available as an option for your peace of mind.

Recommended devices are available at a discount from their retail pricing through our device purchasing portal.

How to Purchase a Recommended Device

You may purchase a recommended device from our purchasing portal. Visit the BYOD website for instructions to access the portal and place an order. The purchasing portal is available to all families of Sydney Boys High School students.

You need the following code to register for the Purchasing Portal:

[email protected]

Note the code is case-sensitive. Devices ordered through the Purchasing Portal will take three to four weeks to become available. You can opt to pick up your order from the ASI Solutions office in Botany (open through the January holidays) or from the school’s BYOD Technical Support office (Room 703) during school term.

Other Device Options

There are dozens of suitable devices in the market for you to choose from apart from those which we recommend and which you can buy through our purchasing portal. For example, the following transformer devices all meet the BYOD program's Device Specification:

  • Acer Aspire Switch
  • Apple iPad Air with Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
  • Asus Transformer Book T100
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

Additionally, no recommended device is an Apple Macintosh laptop, but both the 11" and 13" MacBook Air meet all the Device Specification requirements.

Take care to ensure your chosen device meets the Device Specification. Ensuring it meets the requirements for Wireless Network connectivity can be difficult when buying in store.

An important note about software

No recommended device ships with Microsoft Office, but a word processor and a spreadsheet product are a requirement of the Software section of the Device Specification. Microsoft Office for Windows and Macintosh is available to students for free. Students can log into the Student Portal to find instructions for obtaining this software.

Getting Started with a Device

The BYOD program website has information for students on what to do before bringing a device to school for the first time. Following the procedure described will ensure the device can be connected quickly and used smoothly at school.

Find Out More

All information is now available on the Bring Your Own Device website – http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/byod.

If you have questions which have not been addressed in any documentation, or you wish to make comment, please email the project team at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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