High Notes, Vol 15 No 4, February 21 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
At the Newington GPS Swimming Carnival our boys performed well. In the relays, Kalem Best, Jake Rowlands, Kevin Guo and Jason Qiu won the U15 4x50m medley and were second in the 4x50 freestyle. Christian Haddo, Andrew McNaughton, Kim Kyne and Max Menzel took out the U16 4x50m freestyle relay and came second in the 4x50 medley. James Luo won the U12 50m and 100m freestyle, the 50m butterfly and placed second in the 50m breaststroke. Christian Haddo won the U16 50m and 100m freestyle. Brendan Yoon, Kalem Best, Kevin Guo and Jason Qiu and Jake Rowlands  placed in 3 events. Eugene Lee, Andrew McNaughton placed in two events. Congratulations to our successful swimmers!

Early Bird Discounts on financial contributions
There is less than a week left for parents to take advantage of the early bird discounts on our contributions package. February 28 is the last day to receive the benefit. With the maximum contribution you get the value of one year of equivalent private school education for your son for about one-twelfth of the price. Please support the school in its goal to provide opportunity for your sons to pursue excellence in a wide range of endeavours.

Presentation Night
This week we honoured all the achievements of our boys from 2013. There were two Awards Assemblies for the Junior School and Senior School. The celebrations culminated in the awards at Presentation Night. The Occasional Address was delivered by Hon Peter Jacobson of the Federal Court (SHS 1961). He spoke about the dangers of plagiarism in modern life. He outlined the judgements he was involved in for several high profile cases in which ownership of intellectual property was contested. He warned against the modern habit of treating information as something to access and use without thought for the composer of the text. Such use undermines creativity and composition in our culture, especially if we come to doubt whether what we create belongs to us and is protected by law.

My address is reprinted below:

"Special guest, Hon. Peter Jacobson, Mr. Alex Greenwich (Member for Sydney), Dr. Sylvia Corish (Director Public Schools NSW – Port Jackson), Lieutenant Commander Paul Koerber, Mr Vince Del Zio (CEO Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation), Mr Brad Hall, Development Manager, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW, Ms Andrea Connell (Principal of SGHS), former Headmaster of High, Robert Outterside, guest presenters, staff, parents and prize winners – thank you for celebrating High’s 2013 achievements with us tonight.

"Last year at High we focussed on ‘building personal capacity in gifted boys’. We did this by increasing the quantum of processed-based teaching affecting individual learning. We implemented a 5-period day, three-week cycle timetable. It facilitated embedded learning in many classrooms but created a frequency issue for some faculties. We still have work to do to get the most out of longer blocks of time. Some staff experimented with ‘inverted learning’ in a ‘flipped classroom’ environment. We ran a successful i-pad trial. We provided small group support to senior boys. We ramped up personal accountability for learning with qualifying scores for several courses. We investigated the causes of underachievement at High and shared a range of strategies to combat it. We broadened our cyber management program. We surveyed our boys in the Tell Them From Me pilot to ascertain their attitudes to schooling. Six Year Advisers looked after 360 boys resulting in fewer students placed in the Academic Support Group for Years 7 & 8.

"At the HSC, Edric Wang came first in Music 2 and 3rd in Mathematics Advanced. Kevin Zhang was 4th in Business Studies and Nathan Wang-Ly 6th. Marcus James was 5th in visual arts. James Yang Hu was 10th in extension 2 mathematics. In music 2, fourteen Encore nominations were awarded to eleven students. Sherman Du had his film Presence selected for exhibition in On Screen. Marcus James had his work Syncretism selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS.

"Overall, the average ATAR in 2013 was a pleasing improvement on 2012 at 93.17 for 200 students – the third best result at High since the new HSC began. The top end results were not as strong as usual with only 37 boys ranked at 99 or higher. Nonetheless, the depth was very good with 78.4% at 90 ATAR or better. The tail was shorter with 8% at 80 or less. The standard deviation was narrower at 7.39. Many courses achieved or exceeded targets. In short, it was a successful year.

"In competitions there were some impressive results. Kevin Ni (Year 10) was invited to attend the AIOC Informatics Olympiad Selection School. Christopher Chen (Year 11) won a gold medal in the Chemistry Olympiad and Edric Wang in the Physics Olympiad. They both gained entry into the Science Olympiad Summer School. Shang Lin (Year 8) won a gold medal for the highest score in NSW for the Computer Skills Competition. Gold medals were achieved by James Goh and Vishal Karnamadakala (Year 9) and Kevin Liang (Year 10) for Writing. High slipped to 4th in Australia in the National Geographic Australian Geography Competition. Daniel Cai (Year 8) achieved a perfect score in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz. Scaled scores of 100% were earned by Jason Lam & Jason Hu (Year 12), Robert Tan (Year 11), Gordon Dexter (Year 10), Rafael Ng (Year 9), Dallas Yan and Kieran Shivakumaarun (Year 8). In Theatresports our senior team came second in NSW and the juniors 4th.

"Our Hume Barbour debating team captured the trophy for the 25th time for High.  They also won the Eastside Competition. Connor, Wilber and Riley were selected in the CHS debating team. The Year 9 FED team won the competition. The University of Sydney Debating Competition was won by our Year 8 team. In public speaking, Andrew McNaughton (Junior Division) and Kushaal Vyas (Senior Division) represented High at the NSW final of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition. Kushaal won through to the Nationals in Canberra where he was runner up.

"High surrendered the GPS chess trophy after seven consecutive victories. Our team placed 5th at the National schools Competition.

"The Community Services Committee was again very active in 2013, raising over $125k for various causes and running four outreach programs. Thank you to the executive: Shuming Wang, James Chan, Frank Zhang, George Dzero, Eamon Kelly and Edward Zhang.

"At the GPS Athletics Carnival Ivor Metcalf won the open high jump and long jump but was beaten into second in the 110m hurdles. At the National Athletics Championships he was awarded a bronze medal in hurdles. At the NSW CHS Athletics Championships, high won the Kippax Trophy for Champion Boys School. The U14 and U17 teams won bronze at the NSW CHS Cross Country Championships.

"In Basketball, our Open 2nd grade team were GPS Premiers for only the second time in our history. The Open first grade Basketball team finished 3rd in the Australian Schools Basketball Championship Division and the U15s second. The boys won the Ken Cole Trophy for the Sydney Shoot-Out. Geoff Gerlach was selected in the All Schools team.

"Our open volleyball team won the All Schools Competition and the GPS competition but placed 3rd. at the CHS Volleyball Knockout Tournament. Pinyan Gao and Yu Peng Man (Year 11) were selected in the NSW CHS volleyball team. The U16s won the GPS competition and bronze at the National Schools Tournament.

"High has been competing in target rifle shooting since 1918 in second grade. The boys made history to win their first premiership for High – and by a wide margin. The first grade team won the All Schools Competition but failed to defend its GPS Premiership by a single competition point! However, the team captured the Buchanan Shield for the first time since 2001. Wilbert Wu, Dominic Tran and Terry Fong were selected in the Combined GPS team, with Wilbert elected as captain.

"In table tennis at the CHS Schoolboys Shield Tournament, High teams filled the first three places. At the National Fencing Championships, James Siu won gold in the U15 sabre and John Tian won the U15 épée.

"Much of the great work for the school is done by parents. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate all those parents of Year 12 boys who helped during their son’s time at High. There are too many to list but I want to thank Richard and Sachiyo James, Anne-Marie and Patrick Keogh, Susan Adams and Andrew Kirk, Ruth Brian, Lucy Pereira and Ian Robinson for their commitment to High.  

"The environment in which our Old Boys will be learning and earning is changing and its future shape is indistinct. A Chinese slowdown, weak commodity prices, globalisation and disruptive technologies, are challenging our comfortable, mining-boom fed lifestyle. Many Australian companies are now earning more than a third of their revenues internationally. People buying online and sourcing goods from overseas through Amazon and Ebay, are impacting on the profitability of bricks and mortar retailers. They have responded with ‘click and brick’ strategies to meet the needs of online shoppers. Print media revenues have been undermined by Seek and realestate.com.au.  In manufacturing, our market is too small and too far away to compete in labour intensive production. From car manufacturing to tinned fruit processing, we are clinging onto a time that is slipping from our grasp. We are told of an end to the age of entitlement (except for Cadbury’s and paid parental leave) but I don’t foresee a new age of enlightenment, where a better balance between capital and labour is struck, perhaps with Paul Howes’s ‘grand compact’. Ross Garnaut’s Dog Days: Australia After the Boom, warns us to restore discipline in public choices, stop living beyond our means and reduce our tax breaks for the middle class. He argues that our collective complacency about government breeds complacency in government. He parodies Donald Horne from 1964 to assert we are in danger of becoming “an unlucky country, run by second rate people who share the country’s bad luck”. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic. Our coal resources may not be in so much demand, but our Australian resourcefulness is. Additive manufacturing using 3-D printing and robotics applications, has the potential to revolutionise Australian manufacturing and spare parts supply in the future. We have to start turning our home grown great ideas into marketable products. We have energetic people corporatising medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmaceuticals and law. We have great innovators and researchers in agriculture, solar and nanotechnology. I am confident you young men will combine with others to figure out how to save Australia Fair from a second rate future. You have the vision, skills and drive to keep us a ‘lucky country’.

"I honour the achievements of the class of 2013 and congratulate all other prize winners."
Dr K A Jaggar

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AAGPS Head of the River 2014

Attendance at the GPS Head of the River is strongly encouraged for all students to support our rowing crews. Attendance by students (in full school uniform) is recognised by 5 points in the School Award scheme. This is a big day on the AAGPS school calendar and is quite a spectacle with all GPS schools attending. It is the day everyone works towards, a day filled with history and tradition, where all schools congregate with school pride. We are there too, with our High chants, colours and banners. If there is one day you should experience while at High it is the Head of the River!

Where: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith

When: Saturday 15 March 2013

How: Supporters will depart from the school bus stop on Anzac Parade at 7.45am and return to the school at approximately 1.30pm.

Cost: $15 for a subsidised ticket (including transport and entry), paid to the school office by Wednesday 12 March

Seats are limited to the first 200 boys

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From the Canteen

Thank you to all the new Year 7 parents who have given up their time to help in the canteen.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  We do ask that boys be patient with new parents who are learning the routine and most importantly that boys wait in the correct line for their Year group.

Thanks to our volunteers last week.

MON: Tina Chang, Richard Zhang,
TUES: Penny Chan, Farrah Chew,
WED: Jim O’Sullivan, Lesa Katsilis,
THURS: Rita Wu, Kamala Selvakkumar, Ha Tran,
FRI: Nina Ilina Liu, Sam Guo, Soogie Sim,
Sharon Hughes
President Canteen Committee

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From the High Store


Reversible Training Shorts Normally $45 NOW $25
Limited sizes

HIGH Training Tee Normally $27.50 NOW $15
Only size M available

Be quick not to miss this ONE TIME Offer
Ms Gentele

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Music Notes

Congratulations to all the boys who received awards at Presentation Night (Tuesday 18th February). Also featured on the night were two musical performances, both nominated for Encore. Brendan Hancox (performing at the Opera House March 2014) on drums and Edric Wang (also nominated for his music composition) on piano.

Senior Stage Band rehearsals will be on WEDNESDAY MORNING FROM 7AM-7:45AM.

The Senior String Ensemble will be performing at the Government House on Thursday 6th of March from 5pm. Students must wear FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM (WHITE SHIRT & BLAZER) and bring their instruments on the day. Travel will be by school bus departing from school at 4pm and students will be dismissed from the venue at the conclusion of the performances (approx. 7pm) Ms Irwin and Ms Kim will be escorting the boys. 

Reminder for all boys who are in stage and concert bands to attend marching band rehearsals
Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm (Great Hall)
Friday 7:45-8:45am

There are a few changes in ensemble rehearsal times this year. Please make sure you check rehearsal times.

Year 7: if you are learning an instrument and are not in an ensemble yet, please come and see the music staffroom.

The 2014 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
unless stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
  Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Training Concert Band
Room 202

Terms 2, 3, 4
Junior Stage Band
Room 101
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Saxophone Ensemble
Room 102

Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Intermediate  Stage Band
Room 101
Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4

Chamber Choir
Room 101
Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4

3.30 - 4.30pm
  Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
  Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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Student Vaccination Program

South-Eastern Sydney Local Health District
Public Health Unit

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Each year, NSW  Ministry of Health offers the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the School Vaccination Program. In 2014 the following vaccines will be offered free:

Year 7 students (male and female students)

  • Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine for those who have not previously received chicken pox vaccine or had chicken pox disease- one dose only needed.
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - 3 doses over 3 visits needed.
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping cough vaccine. This is a routine adolescent booster for all students- one dose only needed.

The format for the Year 7 Consent Form for 2014 has changed. All 3 vaccines offered are now on the one consent card. You will need to ensue you tick the vaccine box(es) you want to consent for, as well as sign the consent card, or we will not be able to complete the vaccination for your child.

Year 8 (male and female only students)

  • Missed doses will be offered up to the end of June 2014, to any student who commenced, but did not complete the course of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine last year when they were in Year 7. The nurses will have the consent forms that you completed last year on the day of vaccination and we will ask the school representative to retrieve the students from class to receive their vaccine. You should have received a letter from us explaining this.

Year 9 (male only students)

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine as a catch-up vaccination program. The girls in this Year group were offered and should have received vaccination when they were in Year 7; they are not eligible to receive the vaccine whilst in Year 9 at school. 2014 will be the last Year 9 HPV will be offered. (Year 9 Consent Forms will remain the same as per 2013)

Please note that for HPV vaccine only, parents/guardians must record their Medicare Number (all 10 digits and the 11th number beside the child’s name) on the consent form, as this is required to record the student’s information on the National HPV Vaccination Register and (for female students only) link to the National or State Cervical Screening Program.

Parent Information Kits will be sent home to parents/guardians. To consent to the vaccination of child, you are advised to read all the information provided, complete the consent form and return it to your child’s school.

Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the school Principal. The procedure for withdrawal of consent can be obtained from the school and is also available on the NSW Health website at  www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation.

A record of vaccination will be given to your child to take home for each dose of vaccine they are given. Please keep these records in a safe place as your child will need them as a record of vaccination for future employment, travel and work experience.  It is also recommended that you inform your local doctor that the vaccines have been given so they can update their patient records.

To improve vaccine course completion, students will be offered any missed doses throughout the year at any of the scheduled clinics at school.  A letter will be sent home at the end of the year informing you if your child has not received a vaccine dose that you consented for.

Please note that free vaccination is only offered to the above Year groups. Vaccination outside these Year groups will not be offered at school and will not be free at the GP.

Yours sincerely,
School Immunisation Team

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Winter Sport Selections

Winter sport selections are coming up on 3 March. Ensure you fully understand what is expected of you if you sign up to a Saturday AAGPS sport by reading the schools’ sports policy online. 

Boys will be asked to indicate if they want to trial for the SBHS Athletics team as well as selecting their preferred winter sport/team. This is preliminary selection only; coaches will select boys into the appropriate teams through trials. Boys not involved in athletics will be required for their winter sport training both during sport timetabled time and outside of school hours from week 7.

Week 6 Winter Sport Trials
Senior Winter trials for Rugby, Football, Cross Country, Fencing, Rifle Shooting and Volleyball will occur on Wednesday 12 March during Sport timetabled time for all Years 10, 11 and 12 students (except for CHS Rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Junior Winter trials for will occur on Thursday 13 March during sport timetabled time for all Years 7, 8 and 9 students (except for CHS rowers) from 1.00 – 3.00. Students must bring the appropriate gear/equipment for these trials.

Summary of Sports Policy and follow up procedures

  • If you sign up to a sport you are expected to commit to that sport for the whole season
  • If you select a Saturday AAGPS sport - and you are successful in making a team you are expected to attend all of the training sessions
    • A/B teams- 3 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • C/D/E/F teams- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • All other sports- 2 training sessions a week (including 1 sport session)
    • Weights/Sprints/High Runners’ Club are counted as a session
    • The MIC of your sport will inform you of when/where your training sessions are. This information will also be available in your student portal
  • Saturday Absence- If you are absent from Saturday due to a legitimate reason:
    • If you know ahead of time- speak to the MIC of your sport and tell your coach
    • Go to student portal and submit that you will be absent in the week leading up to the match or a minimum of one hour before your game starts on a Saturday
    • Follow this up with a note from your parent/doctor explaining the absence
    • Put the note inside the ‘Saturday Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am sharp on the following Monday morning.  Make sure the note has all required details.
  • Training absence- if you are absent from a training session
    • Bring a note and place it in the ‘Training Absences’ box outside the PDHPE office by 9am the next day you are at school.
    • Ensure the note has the full and accurate details on it including your name, roll class, start date and finish date for the absence.
    • Make the session up through either an additional team training session, weights session, sprints session or High Runners’ Club session
  • Training days
    • Most training sessions outside of school hours will occur on a Monday, Wednesday (Years 7-9) and Thursday (Years 10-12) afternoons. Ensure you make these times available for your team training sessions.
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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

Year 7 House Oztag Competition

The 2014 Year 7 House Oztag Competition will be running on the 24th and 25th of February at lunch time. The teams will be made up of 9 representatives from each class, with 6 taking the field at any one time. The schedule of events will be as follows:

House OzTag Y7
Monday 24/2/14 – Game 1 Tuesday 25/2/14
Round 1 Round 3
Field 1 Eedy v Fairland Field 1 Saxby v Torrington
Field 2 McKay v Rubie Field 2 Fairland v Rubie
Monday 24/2/14 – Game 2 Tuesday 25/2/14
Round 2 Final
Field 1 Eedy v Torrington 1st v 2nd
Field 2 McKay v Saxby
House OzTag Year 7
Wednesday 14/03/2012 Friday 16/03/2012
Round 1 Round 3
Field 1 Eaddie vs. Fairland Field 1 Eaddie vs. McKay
Field 2 McKay vs. Ruby Field 2 Ruby vs. Torrington
Field 3 Saxby Vs. Torrington Field 3 Saxby Vs. Fairland
Round 2 Final
Field 1 Eaddie vs. Torrington 1st vs. 2nd
Field 2 McKay vs. Fairland
Field 3 Saxby Vs. Ruby

6 on the field, 3 reserves, no kicking, tag must be on to attack or defend, all players must be in house uniform, games start 5 minutes after lunch starts, all games are 10 minutes. As all teams only play two games for and against does count.

Pre-season Rugby Training 2014

Training has already begun and with the season approaching all rugby players are encouraged to turn up to the Wednesday/Thursday morning sessions between 7.30-8.30 at MPW.

Training program for Rugby 2014

Weeks 3-6 Term 1
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training, Halfback passing
Wednesday Morning – 7.30-8.30 – Off-season – Old boy coaches MPW
Thursday morning – 7.30-8.30 –Off-season – Old boy coaches MPW

Weeks 7-11 Term 1, Weeks 1-2 Term 2
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training, Halfback passing
Wednesday during sport – Seniors minus athletes McKay
Thursday during sport – Juniors minus athletes McKay
Friday morning – 7.30-8.45 – Whole squad training 13s/14/15s/16s/Opens minus the band members. No athletes weeks 1 and 2 Term 2.

Holidays Week 2
Tuesday 22nd of April – 12-2 MPW
Thursday 24th of April – 9-11 MPW

Week 3 Term 2 until Term 3 Week 8 (End of season)
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training, Halfback passing
Monday after school – All training on MPW
Wednesday during sport – Years 10-12 – McKay, 15s at MPW with brief session all together after school (This will vary)
Wednesday after school – 13s/14s – MPW
Thursday during sport – Years 7-9 – McKay
Thursday after school – 16s/Opens – MPW
Friday morning – 15s - MPW

Game schedule:

Date          Game
April 5       Grammar 10s tournament – minus athletes
May 17        H vs. St.Pius X
May 24        Grammar vs. High
June 14       Scots vs. High
July 19       High vs. Newington 
July 26       Riverview vs. High
Aug 2         High vs. Joeys
Aug 9         High vs. Kings
Aug 16        Shore vs. High
Aug 23        Armidale vs. High
Sep 6         High vs. Grammar

I hope to see you all at training
Mr G Barris
MIC Rugby

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Riverview

Term 4, 2013

1st LOSS 76-69 N.SUTTON 22
2nd WIN 44-39 S.BELL 19 REBOUNDS!
3rd LOSS 43-34 J.CLEMENTS-L 12
4th LOSS 27-31 B.TRUONG 9
5th WIN 25-18 E.WANG 8
6th WIN 25-23 L.ZHNAG 9
7th WIN 23-21 W.CHOI 8
8th DRAW 35-35 W.LIU 18
16A WIN 19-16 A.WU 7
16B WIN 33-23 B.TRAN 8
16C WIN 29-21 B.DANG 6
16D WIN 41-12 C.WANG 15
16E WIN 66-10 N.HOANG 22
15A LOSS 46-24 J.GEK 8
15B LOSS 18-31 J.SONG 8
15C LOSS 26-14 A.CHEN 4
14B LOSS (OT) 35-32 J.YE 14
14C DRAW(OT) 27-27 A.LEE 15
14D LOSS 26-29 D.XIAN 14
14E WIN 27-4 P.YU 11
14F WIN 42-19 J.LOH 12

Term 1, 2014

1st WIN 64-58 M.FLYNN 20
2nd LOSS 54-62 (OT) B.FATTORE 13
3rd LOSS 13-41 A.MALIK 4
4th WIN 23-16 T.ZHANG 8
5th RAIN
6th RAIN
7th RAIN
8th RAIN
16B LOSS 21-36 J.SONG 8
16D LOSS 24-25 H.PARK 6
16E WIN 23-28 J.WANG 8
16F WIN 27-23 V.BUI 12
15A LOSS 37-39 (OT) J.HUA 10
15C WIN 24-18 A.LI 12
15D WIN 23-7 P.YU 12
15E LOSS 24-22 N.ZHANG 6
15F WIN 23-7 J.ZHENG 10
14A LOSS 25-78 Y.SHEN 6
14B LOSS 25-50 O.WU 9
14C WIN 27-24 S.NAWA 10
14D WIN 44-20 T.LAM 9
14E WIN 38-14 Y.JIP 18
14F WIN 30-20 Y.LIN 8
13A LOSS 63-4 M.NG 4

This week, High saw the unfortunate first loss of the season for 2nd Grade this year, losing in a very tight overtime match against St Ignatius, a school whose 2nd Grade had always excelled for many years. However High managed to put up a very impressive fight, allowing the team to only score 8 points in the 4th quarter to put the game into overtime, before an unfortunate series of turnovers combined with strong rebounding by the opposition team rendering High with the loss. 1st Grade held up especially well against Riverview, however; winning by 6 points with Mitchell Flynn once again as the top scorer of the team with 20 points, nearly a third of the total team’s points of the game. Both first and second grade can still win or lose Premierships and need your support.

Although leading the AAGPS tables, High 1st Grade is still faced with strong opposition from Newington and St Joseph’s who High haven’t played yet this season. High 2nd Grade is now second, behind Riverview, as a result of their weekend loss. However the boys are to be reminded that it was a terrific game; and they should not be bothered by the loss and keep their heads up and aim to not lose any more games and achieve as high a ranking as possible on the table by the end of the season. Anything can happen including a possible forfeit by Riverview v Scots……

1st Grade

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
High 4 4 0 0 304 193 8
Newington 4 4 0 0 262 200 8
St. Joseph's 4 3 1 0 288 265 7
Scots 4 2* 2 0 201 220 6
St. Ignatius' 4 1 3 0 277 274 5
Kings 4 1 3 0 168 208 5
Grammar 4 1 2 1 197 214 4
Shore 4 0 4 0 177 257 4

2nd Grade

Played Won Lost Forfeit For Against Points
St. Ignatius' 4 4 0 0 217 201 8
High 4 3 1 0 199 172 7
St. Joseph's 4 2 2 0 224 158 6
Kings 4 2 2 0 211 194 6
Scots 4 2* 2 0 104 163 6
Grammar 4 2 1 1 129 116 5
Shore 4 1 3 0 125 150 5
Newington 4 0 4 0 129 184 4

Next week we have games against Sydney Grammar and it may be possible for some of our 13s teams to collect their first win of the season so keep your head up, Year 7s!

I’m still looking for an editor to take over as I’ll be graduating next year, and any interested applicants please talk to Mr B Hayman. Award scheme points apply.

Good luck to all the teams this Saturday!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball


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SHS Rowing

NSW Rowing Championship Results

A team of 32 High crews raced at SIRC in the State Championship Regatta over the weekend. This allowed them to experience competitive racing, which has enriched their rowing program.

Outstanding results –

Race/Crew Place Names Time
CMU19 1x 3rd Heat 6th State Final Steve Comninos 8.00.29 (heat) 7.54.18 (final)
CMU17 1x 3rd Heat 8th Semi-Final James Tinker 8.24.71 (heat) 8.26.85 (semi)

Joeys Regatta Results

The Junior crews found the competition a little tougher last Saturday and didn’t achieve the results they were hoping for. Effort needs to go into training over the next two weeks preparing for the last 3 regattas of the season. Don’t forget all boys are encouraged to attend the strength and conditioning sessions at the school on Tuesday afternoons.

Congratulations to the following crews with the best results on the day–

Race/Crew Place Names Time
Year 8 5th Quad 3rd Brendan Kwan, Joshua Pham, Lenny Han, Raymond Li, (c) Joseph Huangzhou 4.49.10
Year 9 5th Quad 3rd Jaspar McCahon-Boersma, Jonathan Gao, Kieran Shivakumaarun, Samuel Zheng, (c) Daniel Fu 4.35.12
Year 9 1st Quad 2nd Flidon Wang, Ethan May, Roy Yi, Kevin Guo, (c) Jefferson Chan 3.58.57

Upcoming regattas -

Date Junior/Y10 Regatta Senior Regatta
February 22nd Newington Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay Y10 - Kings/Pymble Regatta – SIRC Kings/Pymble Regatta – SIRC  
March 1st Shore Regatta – Iron Cove Shore Regatta – Iron Cove
March 8th Shore Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay SRC Regatta - SIRC
March 13/14th NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC
March 15th Y10 – AAGPS Head of the River AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC

Boatshed Rowing Dinner

Saturday 15 March 2014
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers

It is a very special occasion to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

GPS Head of the River

Saturday 15 March 2014

Hope you can make the journey to the Sydney International Regatta Centre to experience this impressive event.

  • Races start at 10.00am with the Year 10 Eights
  • School 1st IV races at 11.20am
  • The School Eights race at 11.35 and 11.50am

This is the big day on the GPS school calendar and it is quite a spectacle with all GPS schools attending. We have our own decorated marquee for schoolboys and spectators so put on the blue and brown and come and cheer! 

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SHS Rowing: Boatshed Dinner

Boatshed Dinner

Saturday 15 March 2014
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers

It is a very special opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

All crews will be introduced on the stage and there will be speeches by -

  • Stroke of Year 8 1st Quad – Ryan Zheng
  •  Captain of Year 9 Quads – Roy Yi
  •  Captain of Year 10 crews – Jacob Katafono
  •  Captain of Boats – Ray Fang

All rowers are required to attend and should wear full school uniform.

The evening is both a formal introduction of our representative crews for this season and a great opportunity to socialise and show support for the boys in the lead up to the GPS Head of the River and the NSW CHS Championships.

The cost of the dinner is $30 for adults and $30 for students.

Soft drink and mineral water will be provided. Parents may BYO wine/beer.

We look forward to a full house with all boys and their parents attending.

Kind regards
George Comninos
Vice President

Julie Blomberg



The 2014 Rowing Boatshed Dinner RSVP form is
avavailable in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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SBHS Cricket

Cricket Results – 2014 Term 1 Week 3

Team Score Result Highlights
1st XI SBHS 10 - 108 and 10 – 49 v Shore 5 dec – 125 and 0 - 33 Lost Vishal Nomula 32
2nd XI SBHS 2 - 19 v Shore  7 dec - 178 Draw   
3rd XI SBHS 10 - 16 and 4 - 40 v Shore 3d - 119 Lost  
4th XI    W/O  
5th XI     W/O  
16A XI SBHS 3 - 27 v Shore 10 - 136  Draw Kevin Ke 4/15
16B XI  W/O
15A XI SBHS v Shore 8 - 296  Draw  
15B XI  W/O
14A XI  SBHS 1 – 34 v Shore 10 - 188  Draw  
14B XI  W/O  
13A XI  W/O
13B XI  W/O  
13C XI  W/O  

Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Cricket Report

Going from the past few years it seems we can’t have a full cricket season without a washed out day. Last Saturday all matches were washed out except for our 1st XI. Shore declared early in the day knowing the conditions will be tough. Our boys fought gallantly, but with Shore’s strong bowling attack and a damp wicket it was always going to be difficult.

This Saturday sees all teams play against Sydney Grammar. Good luck to everyone and continue with the great behaviour, uniform and attitude out on the field.

To all parents and players, don’t forget to go through the points below:

  • Please make sure that all the boys wear SBHS logo hats and tops.
  • They are not to wear thongs to and from their fixtures.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • Please notify their coaches if they are unable to attend training or their fixture.

Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Cricket

1st XI Report

High’s efforts in the first hour of play, following the rain delay, were too little avail. It was tough for the bowlers to grip the ball, and Shore promptly passed High’s total; with a sporting declaration to put High straight in. Wickets fell in clumps and despite some resistance from Shashank, High were soon bundled out for 49 in two sessions. A majority of the wickets fell behind the wicket, with the top order unable to cope with the ball jagging around viciously. Once again looking to salvage some pride, the fast men made it tough for the opposition; with a special mention to Barry – who despite having nothing to work with, bowled with some real heat and had both openers in all sorts of trouble for the entirety of his spell. Another disappointing loss for the 1st XI, yet still no real question of our potential, but that of our ability to perform each Saturday. Next week is one of the biggest games of the season, against rivals Grammar, second last round of the GPS. With the 1st XI looking to finish the season strongly, the Year 12 boys now only have two games left to finish their High careers on a high. And only two last chances to sing the song of Sydney High.
Tushaar Garg
Captain of Cricket

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Swimming News

School Swimming Carnival 2014

The school swimming carnival was held on Monday the 3rd February at Des Renford Pool, Maroubra. The sunny weather contributed to an excellent attendance with over 800 boys showing up. It was great to see so many boys participating in so many events. This year, we have discovered some extraordinary talent, especially in the junior and intermediate years, with many school records broken. All results/records can be viewed on the school website listed below: 

In Summary:

  1 McKay 227 185 412
  2 Rubie 144 182 326
  3 Fairland 120 174 294
  4 Eedy 122 155 277
  5 Saxby 72 147 219
  6 Torrington 53 152 205

Congratulations McKay


Backstroke 50-100m  
  12 Male James LUO McKay '38.00 Mins 3/02/2014
  13 Male Allen GUO Fairland '36.20 Mins 3/02/2014
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 0'34.25 Mins 14/02/2011
  15 Male ELLIS LOUIE Eedy '32.03 Mins 4/02/2003
  16 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 1'10.70 Mins 3/02/2014
  17_O Male Eugene LEE Rubie 1'15.40 Mins 3/02/2014
Breaststroke 50-100m
  12_U Male James LUO McKay '43.08 Mins 3/02/2014
  13 Male Allen GUO Fairland '38.34 Mins 3/02/2014
  14 Male Kevin GUO Eedy 0'35.19 Mins 4/02/2013
  15 Male Andrew REIS Eedy '33.44 Mins 3/02/2004
  16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 1'10.00 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male Benjamin CHOW Rubie 1'05.00 Mins 8/02/2005
Butterfly 50-100m
  12_U Male James LUO McKay '35.87 Mins 3/02/2014
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '32.47 Mins 14/02/2011
  14 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '31.72 Mins 6/02/2012
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 0'29.80 Mins 4/02/2013
  16 Male Ellis LOUIE Eedy 1'03.90 Mins 3/02/2004
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 1'02.25 Mins 3/02/2004
Freestyle 100m
  12_U Male James LUO McKay 1'09.00 Mins 3/02/2014
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 1'05.05 Mins 14/02/2011
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 1'02.30 Mins 14/02/2011
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 0'58.30 Mins 4/02/2013
  16 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 1'00.40 Mins 3/02/2014
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 0'55.57 Mins 3/02/2004
Freestyle 200m
  12_U Male James LUO McKay 2'31.00 Mins 3/02/2014
  13 Male Brandon YOON Eedy 2'28.00 Mins 4/02/2013
  14 Male Kalem BEST McKay 2'17.80 Mins 4/02/2013
  15 Male Jake ROWLANDS Rubie 2'10.00 Mins 3/02/2014
  16 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 2'10.00 Mins 3/02/2014
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 2'05.41 Mins 3/02/2004
Freestyle 400m  
  15_U Male Jake ROWLANDS Rubie 4'38.02 Mins 3/02/2014
  16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 4'26.33 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male G BREWER 4'12.00 Mins 31/01/1976
Freestyle 50m
  12_U Male James LUO McKay 31.50 Secs 3/02/2014
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 29.50 Secs 14/02/2011
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 27.94 Secs 14/02/2011
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 26.80 Secs 4/02/2013
  15 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 26.80 Secs 6/02/2012
  16 Male Tom MILLER Torrington 26.15 Secs 6/02/2002
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 25.18 Secs 3/02/2004
Freestyle 800m
  16_U Male B EBEL 9'16.34 Mins 31/01/2003
  17_O Male S CROFT 9'30.91 Mins 31/01/2003
Individual Medley 200-400m
  16_U Male Andrew REIS Eedy 2'28.00 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male Barry DUBOVSKY Torrington 6'17.83 Mins 3/02/2004

Age Champions 2014

12 Years- James Luo
13 Years- Allen Guo
14 Years- Brendon Yoon
15 Years- Kalem Best
16 Years- Christian Haddo
17 Years- Michael Sawang
18+ Years – Eugene Lee


Congratulations to all participants, especially those recording their personal best. A special mention to the following boys who broke records on the day:  (As per table of Record Holders)

  • James Luo
  • Allen Guo
  • Jake Rowlands
  • Christian Haddo
  • Eugene Lee

The GPS relay (4X100m) medley

A promising younger HIGH team was unable to overcome a strong Riverview team who went on to win the event by the narrowest of margins. Congratulations to them. However, SBHS finished a pleasing 3rd. Well done, boys.

GPS Captains Dinner (St Ignatius) - Monday Night 3th February 2014

Congratulations to Eugene Lee (Captain) and Yu Peng Man (Vice-captain) who represented our school with such pride at the captain’s dinner on Monday night. They were all fine ambassadors for the school. Eugene’s speech emphasised the importance of training, HIGH’s improvement in swimming, commitment and never give up attitude and always performing to the best of your ability.  He also focused on the benefits of the GPS competition. Well done.

GPS Swimming Report: Newington Carnival 1

The first GPS swimming carnival of the 2013 season was held last Friday evening at the Newington College. Following the 14 records set at the school carnival and the 3rd place finish in the GPS Opens relay, higher expectations were placed on the High swimmers to deliver at this carnival. The competition was intense at this preliminary carnival as all schools wanted to make a point for the season ahead.

Overall, our swimmers performed creditably. Congratulations to the following top 3 finishes:

Event 2 Boys 12 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 30.50

Event 5 Boys 15 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
3 Best, Kalem 15 Sydney Boys High 27.04

Event 6 Boys 16 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
1 Haddo, Christian 16 Sydney Boys High 26.25

Event 8 Boys 18 & Over 50 Metre Freestyle
2 Lee, Eugene 18 Sydney Boys High 26.68

Event 12 Boys 15 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
2 Rowlands, Jake 15 Sydney Boys High 27.96

Event 13 Boys 16 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
2 McNaughton, Andrew 16 Sydney Boys High 27.84

Event 14 Boys 17 Years 50 Metre Freestyle
3 Sawang, Michael 17 Sydney Boys High 27.58

Event 15 Boys 18 & Over 50 Metre Freestyle
2 Man, Yu Peng 18 Sydney Boys High 27.30

Event 16 Boys 12 Years 50 Metre Breaststroke
2 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 40.91

Event 17 Boys 13 Years 50 Metre Breaststroke
2 Guo, Allen 13 Sydney Boys High 37.33

Event 19 Boys 15 Years 50 Metre Breaststroke
2 Guo, Kevin 15 Sydney Boys High 34.31

Event 22 Boys 18 & Over 50 Metre Breaststroke
2 Man, Yu Peng 18 Sydney Boys High 33.90

Event 24 Boys 14 Years 4x50 Metre Medley Relay
3 Sydney Boys High 2:18.03
1) Yoon, Brendan 14
2) Zeng, Jonathan 14
3) Luo, Harvey 14
4) Feng, Adam 14

Event 25 Boys 15 Years 4x50 Metre Medley Relay
1 Sydney Boys High 2:03.45
1) Best, Kalem 15
2) Rowlands, Jake 15
3) Guo, Kevin 15
4) Qiu, Jason 15

Event 26 Boys 16 Years 4x50 Metre Medley Relay
2 Sydney Boys High 2:06.54
1) Haddo, Christian 16
2) McNaughton, Andrew 16
3) Kim, Kyne 16
4) Menzel, Max 16

Event 28 Boys 18 & Over 4x50 Metre Medley Relay
3 Sydney Boys High 2:04.43
1) Lee, Eugene 18
2) Man, Yu Peng 18
3) Anson, Ned 18
4) Comninos, Steve 18

Event 32 Boys 15 Years 50 Metre Backstroke
3 Rowlands, Jake 15 Sydney Boys High 32.94

Event 36 Boys 12 Years 100 Metre Freestyle
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 1:07.43

Event 38 Boys 14 Years 100 Metre Freestyle
3 Yoon, Brendan 14 Sydney Boys High 1:02.22

Event 40 Boys 16 Years 100 Metre Freestyle
1 Haddo, Christian 16 Sydney Boys High 58.16

Event 43 Boys 12 Years 50 Metre Butterfly
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 35.32

Event 45 Boys 14 Years 50 Metre Butterfly
3 Yoon, Brendan 14 Sydney Boys High 33.33

Event 46 Boys 15 Years 50 Metre Butterfly
3 Qiu, Jason 15 Sydney Boys High 31.56

Event 47 Boys 16 Years 50 Metre Butterfly
3 Kim, K 16 Sydney Boys High 31.22

Event 49 Boys 18 & Over 50 Metre Butterfly
2 Lee, Eugene 18 Sydney Boys High 29.43

Event 51 Boys 14 Years 4x50 Metre Freestyle Relay
2 Sydney Boys High 2:00.38
1) Yoon, Brendan 14 2) Zeng, Jonathan 14 3) Luo, Harvey 14 4) Feng, Adam 14

Event 52 Boys 15 Years 4x50 SC Metre Freestyle Relay
2 Sydney Boys High 1:51.09
1) Best, Kalem 15 2) Rowlands, Jake 15 3) Guo, Kevin 15 4) Qiu, Jason 15

Event 53 Boys 16 Years 4x50 Metre Freestyle Relay
1 Sydney Boys High 1:49.27
1) Haddo, Christian 16 2) McNaughton, Andrew 16 3) Kim, Kyne 16 4) Menzel, Max 16

Event 54 Boys 17 Years 4x50 Metre Freestyle Relay
3 Sydney Boys High 1:51.77
1) Sawang, Michael 17 2) Mah, Leonard 17 3) Chee, James 17 4) Lai, Ian 17

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Sydney High Tennis

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog”

High vs SHORE
3rd Round of GPS Trial Season

1st Grade Result 2nd Grade Result
D1 1 + 5 L 6-2 7-5 1 + 4 L 6-1 6-4
D2 3 + 4 L 6-2 6-0 2 + 5 L 6-0 6-4
D3 4 + 6 L 4-6 6-0 10-6 3 + 6 L 7-5 3-6 1-10
S1 Josh Sangueza L 6-4 6-1 Aaron Tang L 6-0 6-4
S2 Stevie Young Tie 6-0 1-2 Richard Hao Tie  6-3 3-6 1-2
S3 Eddie Wang 4-6 6-3 6-1 James Lian L 6-2 6-3
S4 Jack Carnighan L 6-2 6-3 Danny Yu L 6-4 6-3
S5 Matthew O’Sullivan Tie 5-1 Bohan Deng Tie 6-7 1-4
S6 Carl Yang L 4-6 1-6 6-3  Junjie Kuang 6-3 6-1

1st Grade
After a close match against Shore last week, High First Grade were ready to take the battle to Ignatius, confident on a win with the constant doubles training throughout the week. The weather was proving unfortunate with slight drizzles coming and going throughout the day. Doubles 1, Josh and Matt, had intense and aggressive net play, but solid defense by the opponents led to a 2-6 5-7 defeat. Doubles 2, Eddy and Stevie, played strong servers and aggressive play, and inconsistent strokes and rallies led to a 2-6 0-6 loss. Doubles 3, Jack and Carl, played hard in the first set winning in a tight 7-5. However loss of focus and serve led to a 0-6 loss in the second and a 6-10 loss in the super tie break. Number 1, Josh, had aggressive baseline and net play, however extreme defence and consistency from the opponent resulted in a 4-6 1-6 loss. Number 2, Stevie, faced solid serves and baseline play and lack of focus led to a 0-6 loss in the first. rain however resulted in an unfinished 1-2 in the second. Number 3, Eddy, faced a consistent and strong baseline player bringing it to 1 set all at 4-6 6-3. However loss of focus in the third and lack of consistency led to a 1-6 loss in the third. Number 4, Jack, faced a consistent and strong defence player, and pain from leg injury unfortunately led to a 2-6 3-6 loss. Number 5, Matt, played a hard hitter but consistency and smart play pulled through and although winning the first set 5-1, math play was stopped due to weather unfortunately. Number 6, Carl, played a strong defensive player and lack of consistency and reckless net play led to a 64- 1-6 3-6 loss. There was bad weather during the rubber which was unfortunate and although results were not as successful as expected, High will make sure to train harder and with the return of injured captain Adam, chances are high for the next rubber.
Carl Yang
First Grade Captain (Filling In)

2nd Grade
This week Second Grade played St. Ignatius at home, looking to gain a win after a fantastic result last week. The weather didn’t look good, however the matches started on time after the courts were dried. In the number one and two doubles, the two pairs were both convincingly beaten by aggressive opponents. The number three pair had a chance to win in the match tiebreak, but unforced errors let them down. After dropping all three doubles, the boys knew the only hope of winning was taking five out of six singles matches. Aaron had a difficult start in the first set, before improving in the second, losing 6-0 6-4. James was outplayed by a big server with aggressive groundstrokes, losing 6-2 6-3. Danny could not match his classy opponent, going down 6-4 6-3. Junjie had a tough day, unable to get on top in a 6-3 6-1 loss. Richard failed to finish his opponent from a commanding position of 6-3 3-0, and the match was drawn at 6-3 3-6 1-2. Bohan had a lead of 5-0 in the first set, but lost momentum and was down 6-7 1-4 when play was stopped due to rain. The team did not play at its best this week, however we know the aspects of our game we need to work on during the week to beat rivals Grammar in our next match.
Richard Hao
Second Grade Captain 

Junior Results
16’s- Washed Out
15’s -  Washed Out
14’s – Washed Out

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/

Please spare some of your time on Saturday to come down and support High Tennis.

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