High Notes, Vol 15 No 37, November 21 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Brandon Yoon (Year 8) has been selected to attend the Volleyball Australia U15 camp from December 12 to 18 to be held in Melbourne. He was spotted and tested by Scouts from Volleyball Australia. Well done, Brandon! Congratulations to the first grade tennis team for completing the Trial season undefeated.

The Governors Centre – Monthly Giving Scheme
For new and existing parents – there is a really painless way to help the school reach its development objectives – the Monthly Giving Scheme.  Our school’s highest priority is to commence construction of the Governors Centre by Q315.  The Centre will greatly increase the school’s capacity to hold lectures, drama productions, musical recitals, examinations and receptions. In a Joint Project with SGHS, we have to raise the $8 million necessary for completion of the building. The funds are being raised entirely by the two school communities. The Monthly Giving Scheme allows you to make a deduction each month from your nominated credit card account. Deductions occur around the 15th of each month. In June, the office sends you a statement for taxation purposes including the total of your donations for the year. I urge you to do as I do and make a regular financial investment in public education.

Notifying Absences on Saturdays
Students who are suddenly ill or have a personal or family misadventure are expected to communicate their non-attendance through the Student Portal up to one hour before the scheduled starting time of their matches. It is recommended that boys also ring their coaches or supervising teachers / sports Year coordinator to inform them so that alternative arrangements can still be made. An explanatory note should then be placed in the box outside the PE staff room before 9am on Monday morning.

Scholarship Applications
There is only one week left for students to apply for the Phillip Day and Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Scholarships. If you have financial needs due to family or special circumstances; if you are a great all-rounder; or if you have a special talent that needs extra resources to help you develop, please consider applying. Application forms can be downloaded from the school website. Applications close on Friday, November 28.

End of year Reports
All boys in Years 11, 9 and 7 should have discussed their reports with me. Boys in Year 7 requiring Clearance Forms who have not collected their reports will have time slots available to book in for interviews next week. Thereafter, they will join the other Years in having appointments only out of school time or in breaks. Please make sure that your son meets his obligations to the school and then books in for an appointment.

Student Award Scheme
Last points for the Award Scheme can be earned up to next Friday. If you check your participation file and detect that something is missing, it is up to you notify the MIC in charge of the activity to have the text file of successful participants compiled and placed in the Participation 2014 folder on the school network. Awards have to be determined and medallions/plaques ordered before the end of the school year so that they will be ready in time for our awards assemblies early next year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Music Notes

Jazz in the Courtyard

Jazz in the Courtyard & Small Ensembles will be performing on Sunday 23rd of November, 3.30pm (approx. finish 5pm). There will be a workshop for all ensembles (compulsory attendance for all students) before the concert between 1-3pm. Please support the 2015 Music USA Tour as the music committee will be selling afternoon tea before and during the concert. Performing Ensembles are:

  • Chamber Choir
  • Junior Stage Band
  • Intermediate Stage Band
  • Senior Stage Band
  • Junior Strings
  • Senior Strings
  • USA Music tour String Ensemble
  • Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Saxophone Ensemble

Marching Band

The Marching Band will rehearse on Tuesdays, 3.30pm.

AGM & USA Music Tour Meeting

On Tuesday 2nd of December 2014 there will be a Music AGM @ 6pm followed by a USA Music Tour meeting for parents at 6.30pm in the Great Hall. Music Staff advise that parents come along to both meetings especially to discuss fundraising for the tour, music rehearsals, USA Music tour jersey etc.

2015 USA Music Tour Rehearsals

String Ensemble: Thursdays 7.45am, Room 101
Stage Band: 21st November & 5th December (Fridays) 7.45am, Room 101
Concert Band: Fridays 8am, Room 201

There will also be USA Music Tour holiday rehearsals for all ensembles during the break (1-2 weeks before Term 1, 2015). Dates and times will be advised soon. A concert date for the tour will also be announced.

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PDHPE Sport Skill Assessment Perfect Scores 2014

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
10 21 sec: Ryan Seong
22 sec:
Jaeco Agawin, William Chen(F),  Adam McCaffrey, Ethan Merrick, Gerry Wang, Marvin Yu, Gordon Yuan
23 sec:
Jerry Gek, Jacob Katafono, Kelvin Luu, Justin Song, Esmond Ye
24 sec:
Dylan Goh, Normorad Nadir, Ryan Sun, Daniel Wang,
25 sec:
Jayden Forday, Daniel Jiang, Nicholas Lee, Raymond Mo, Marcus Plantaniotis, Ellery Smith, Jackie Wang, Benjamin Wu, Albert Yang
22 sec: Jason Hong, Tully Moffat, Salil Shringarpure, Adam Smagarinsky
24 sec:
Thomas Nimac
20 sec: Ryan Joe Chan, Tully Moffat, Rafis Rahman
21 sec :
David Kim, Raymond Mo, Marcus Plantaniotis
24 sec:
Louis Shtein
22 sec: Adam Smagarinsky
23 sec :
Peter Yu
24 sec :
James Pope, Louis Shtein, Kathick Subbana
sec: Ryan Seong
: Manning Blackall, Jason Hong, Max Koslowski, Oliver Lethbridge, Justis Nguyen
9 22 sec: Gerard Dawson, Jeffrey Zheng
23 sec:
Ray Gu, Josh Hua, Elliot Love
24 sec:
Jack Karnaghan, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Alex Zhu
25 sec:
Hugh Bartley, Nicolas Katsilis, Chris Nguyen, Michael Qiao, Andrew Xu, Felix Zhang
26 sec:
Sadin Afsar, Jon Luo, Rahul Prabhu, StevieYoung
24 sec: Shadman Habib
25 sec :
Michael Zheng
18 sec: Lucas Wong
19 sec:
Sadin Afsar, Jeffrey Zhang
20 sec:
Gerard Dawson
21 sec:
Keiran Shivakumaarun, Udayveer Singh
22 sec:
Ryan Gu, James Snow
22 sec: Chris Nguyen
23 sec :
Aryan Vatandoust
24 sec :
Shi Hua, Sabesh Muruganantha, Harin Soni,  Marco Yu
26 sec:
Aaron Mathew
27 sec:
Raiyan Yousef
8 21 sec: James Siu
23 sec:
Sinha Nawa
sec: Yirong Shen, Brandon Yoon,
sec: Damien Chan, Jonathon Lee, Timothy Lam, Theodore Pericleous, Leonardo Wang, William Zeng
26 sec:
Chih-Chun Chang, Jeff Chen, Archie Fox
27 sec:
Jason Yip
21 sec: Nirvan Chand, Ryan Huynh
22 sec:
Harjas Ahuja
23 sec:
Justin Lai, Leonardo Wang
24 sec: Bryan Herijanto
25 sec:
Shokan Johnpillai, James Siu, Daniel Thich
22 sec: Jeff Chen, Calvin Do, Rishi Dhushiyandan, Ryan Ho-Shon, Brandon Nguyen, Isaiah Wibowo
23 sec:
Martin Ngo, Theodore Pericleous
22sec: Ryan Dow, Shokan Johnpillai
23 sec:
Oliver Avdi-Ohlsson,Matthew Tang, Leonardo Wang, Lingyu Wong
24 sec:
Mursalin Bahar, Ryan Huynh
25 sec:
Rankin Hoque
26 sec:
Lenny Han, Bryan Herijanto,
27 sec:
Long Do, Lachlan Fong,  Archie Fox, Eli Montuno, Daniel Thich, Tim Wang, Max Wiles
28 sec:
Nathan Trinh, Isaiah Wibowo
7 25 sec: Matthew Ng
26 sec:
Ramanan Linghanathan, Terrence Mui, Ben Nguyen, Anthony Qiu, Sajid Rashed
27 sec:
Joshua Xie, Jadon Yang, Cameron Pereira
23 sec:
Terrence Mui
 26 sec:
Benjamin Nguyen
27 sec:
Daniel Zilberman
22 sec: Nicholas Ma, Terrence Mui, Benjamin Nguyen
23 sec:
Martin Ng
Ryan Chan
26 sec: Liam Heng
29 sec: Terrence Mui

PDHPE Sport Skill Assessment Improved Performers 2014

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
10 Jaeco Agawin, Faiyazbin Alam, William Chen(F), Steven Dai, Jayden Forday, Jerry Gek, Dylan Goh, Raymond Hua, Daniel Jiang, Preetham Kadappu, Yousheng Li, Remington Lim, Darren Lim, Kelvin Luu, Adam McCaffrey, Karsten Michael,Normorad Nadir, Andrew Nguyen, Ellery Smith, Ryan Sun,Daniel Wang, Esmond Ye, Marvin Yu Jason Hong, Harry Huang, Joshua King, Alex Liang, Jonson Luo, Hong Ma, Vyas Rajan, Adam Smagarinsky, Johannes Szeto, Lee Yang, Anthony Yu, Kabir Agrawal, Denny Fu, Raymond Hua, Bob Huang, John Huang, Dennis Huynh, Joshua King, Alex Liang, Jun Lin, Nishathan Ravi Raj Harishan Puvanenthiran Kalem Best, Denny Fu, Jason Hong, Justis Nguyen, James Pope, Vyaas Rajan, Ryan Seong,Kentaro Takahata, Daniel Yam, Andrew Zhu
9 Sadin Afsar, Jack Karnaghan, Nicolas Katsilis, Jon Luo, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Chris Nguyen, Rahul Prabhu, Michael Qiao, Andrew Xu, Alex Zhu, Ahad-Anhiang Zafar, Berney Chen, Jordan Chung, Ben Graham, Andrew Li, Tony Li, Jonathan Tran, Nathan Wong, Rickey Wu, Michael Zheng Sadin Afsar, George Ge, Yassin Haque, Ricky Liu, Joshua Ng, Danny Nguyen,James Snow, Udayveer Singh, Leighton Vuong, Lucas Wong, Roy Yi, Raiyan Yousuf,Matthew Yuan, Nigel Zhang, Jack Zhou Sadin Afsar, Chris Chang, Ben Graham, Shadman Habib, Chen Hao Liu, Shi Hua, Jerry Kwak, Vincent Lam, Eric Shen, Jeffrey Sung, Nathan Wong, Eddy Xiong, Raiyan Yousef
8 James Bui, Timothy Lam, Jonathon Lee, Jonathan Li, Daniel Liang, Alec Liu, Eldon Liu, Sinha Nawa, Keanne Nguyen, Yirong Shen, James Siu, Adam Steele, Leonardo Wang, Isaiah Wibowo,Oscar Wu, Royce Xiao Harjas Ahuja, Alex Cai, Marcus Cameron, Anderson Chan, Rishi Dhushiyandan,  Adam Feng, Andrew Guang, Bryan Herijanto,Leo Hsu, Ryan Huynh, Leo Jia, Justin Lai, Dev Lalwani, Daniel Liang, James Liang, Eldon Liu, John Mok, Ashwin Muthayya, Michael Qian, Alex Qiu, Reagan Qiu, James Siu, Adam Steele, Jiamingh Sun, Nathan Trinh, Jason Wang, Leonardo Wang, Max Wharton-Jones, Isaiah Wibowo, Widhiwipati Widyatamaka, Kore Wilson, Oscar Wu, Felix Yi, Jason Yip, Alan Zhao, Hunter Zhu James Bui, Jeff Chen, Roy Chen, Rishi Dhushiyandan, Danny Dien, Calvin Do, Lenny Han, Rankin Hoque, Leo Hsu, Joseph Huangzhou, Brendan Kwan, Leo Li, Raymond Li, Ricky Li, Daniel Liang, James Liang, Kelvin Liang, Alec Liu, Eldon Liu, Vincent Liu, Kai Mai, Martin Ngo, Vicknesh Ravikumar, Shuyi Ruan, Adam Steele, Jiaming Sun, Nathan Trinh, Telly Tselonis, Harry Vye, Jason Wang, Isaiah Wibowo, Denzel Wong, Royce Xiao, John You, Kevin Zeng, Nelson Zeng, Roy Zheng, Edwin Zhu, Hunter Zhu Mursalin Bahar, Alex Cai, Ryan Dow, Lenny Han, Fan Fang, James Fang, Archie Fox,Bryan Herijanto, Rankin Hoque, Thomas Jiang, Brendan Kwan, Leo Li, Ricky Li, Raymond Li, Ryan Li, Daniel Liang, John Mok, Alex Qiu, James Siu, Adam Steele, Jiaming Sun, Matthew Tang, Nathan Trinh, Jason Wang, Leonardo Wang, Isaiah Wibowo, Lingyu Wong, Royce Xiao, Felix Yi, Jason Yip, John You, Jonathan Zang, Jonathan Zeng,  Alan Zhao

A special acknowledgement and congratulations to Terrence Mui in Year 7, who is the first student to achieve a perfect score in all four skill assessments in the same year. Well done Terrence and all the students who achieved perfect scores and personal bests in this year. Keep up the good work in 2015.

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‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program: Advice for 2015

Application of this Advice

The Sydney Boys High School Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program has now been finalised for 2015. All documentation has been updated and is available for you to view on the BYOD website at:


All students heading into Years 7 – 10 2015 are expected to bring a device of their own choosing and ownership to school each day. In addition, any student with a Digital Education Revolution laptop (students in Years 11 – 12, 2015) may also bring their own device to school under this BYOD program.

Recommended Devices

You may elect to bring any device which meets the Device Specification. However, selecting a technology device is not simple, and the Specification is particular. Our recommended devices are designed to simplify your choices and purchasing processes.

Sydney Boys High School has again partnered with ASI Solutions to make our recommended devices available:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

  • 12" Touch Screen
  • 4rd Generation Intel Core Processor – Core i3 and Core i5 options available
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB/128GB Solid State Disk
  • Surface Pro 3 Type Cover
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best convertible multi-touch device available. The device has an excellent quality screen and is supplied with the Surface Pro 3 type cover. The Surface is an exceptionally versatile device for use with our BYOD program.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240

  • 12.5" Screen – HD and FHD options available
  • 4th Generation Intel Core Processor – Core i3 and Core i5 options available
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Disk
  • 3 Year On-site Warranty

The ThinkPad X240 is a thin and very light device that fits well in a school bag. Battery life is excellent. Looked after, the X240 should readily complete four years of high school service.

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (Windows)

  • 11.6" HD Screen
  • 4th Generation Intel Processor
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Disk
  • 3 Year On-site Warranty

The ThinkPad 11e is Lenovo’s speciality education product. It features rubber bumpers and a thicker screen surround to help it withstand the bumps inherent with bringing a device to school. It’s heavier and a slower device than the other options, but is well positioned for our BYOD program.

Why Purchase a Recommended Device?

All our recommended devices are configured to meet the device specification comfortably. All feature solid state disks and so have no moving parts. Warranties are a minimum of 3 years. Lenovo devices feature an on-site warranty which means the device can be fixed by a technician at school, ensuring its maximum availability. A four year warranty option is also available.

Additionally, Accidental Damage Protection insurance is available as an option for your peace of mind.

Recommended devices are available at a discount from their retail pricing through our device purchasing portal.

How to Purchase a Recommended Device

You may purchase a recommended device from our purchasing portal. Visit the BYOD website for instructions to access the portal and place an order. The purchasing portal is available to all families of Sydney Boys High School students.

You need the following code to register for the Purchasing Portal:

[email protected]

Note the code is case-sensitive. Devices ordered through the Purchasing Portal will take three to four weeks to become available. You can opt to pick up your order from the ASI Solutions office in Botany (open through the January holidays) or from the school’s BYOD Technical Support office (Room 703) during school term.

Other Device Options

There are dozens of suitable devices in the market for you to choose from apart from those which we recommend and which you can buy through our purchasing portal. For example, the following transformer devices (with touch and detachable keyboard) all meet the BYOD program's Device Specification:

  • Acer Aspire Switch
  • Apple iPad Air with Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
  • Asus Transformer Book T100
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

No recommended device is an Apple Macintosh laptop, but both the 11" and 13" MacBook Air meet all the Device Specification requirements.

Take care to ensure your chosen device meets the Device Specification. Ensuring it meets the requirements for Wireless Network connectivity can be difficult when buying in store.

An important note about software

No recommended device ships with Microsoft Office, but a word processor and a spreadsheet product are a requirement of the Software section of the Device Specification. Microsoft Office for Windows and Macintosh is available to students for free. Students can log into the Student Portal to find instructions for obtaining this software.

Getting Started with a Device

The BYOD program website has information for students on what to do before bringing a device to school for the first time. Following the procedure described will ensure the device can be connected quickly and used smoothly at school.

Find Out More

All information is now available on the Bring Your Own Device website – http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/byod.

If you have questions which have not been addressed in any documentation, or you wish to make comment, please email the project team at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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SHS Rowing

Results – GPS Regatta 1, hosted by Newington College at SIRC –

Race Distance Position Time
School 1st Eight (in the B final) 2000 3rd 6.33.50
School 1st Four (in heat) 2000 8th 7.53.85
Y10 1st Eight (in final) 2000 9th 6.57.81
Y10 2nd Eight (in final) 2000 7th 7.12.14
Y9 1st Coxed Quad (in heat) 1000 5th n/t
Y9 2nd Coxed Quad (in heat) 1000 4th 3.46.80
Y9 3rd Coxed Quad (in final) 1000 7th 3.46.20
Y9 4th Coxed Quad (in final) 1000 5th 3.49.21
Y9 5th Coxed Quad (in final) 1000 7th 4.02.93
Y9 6th Coxed Quad (in final) 1000 7th 4.36.72

Congratulations to Jacob Katafono, Jason Qiu and Oliver Lethbridge on being selected to represent the school in the GPS Sculling trials at SIRC last Friday.

Upcoming Events –

  • GPS Regatta 2, hosted by Sydney Grammar at SIRC, Penrith - Saturday 22 Nov – All Year 9 Quads, Year 10 Eights, and School crews will compete in this regatta.
  • Melbourne Excursion and Head of the Yarra - Wednesday 26 to Saturday 29 Nov – Year 10 Eights are travelling to Melbourne to row with Melbourne Boys High and race in the annual Australian classic event, Head of the Yarra, on the Saturday.
  • GPS Regatta 3, hosted by Shore at Hen & Chicken Bay - Saturday 29 Nov - Senior and Y9 crews will row from the school sheds to the regatta course.

Contact Details

  •  If you would like to receive more information about what is happening at Sydney High Rowing please email your details to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Regatta draws and results can be found at the Rowing NSW website - www.rowingnsw.asn.au

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From the Canteen

Thanks to the volunteers for the last two weeks:

MON: Pam Jepson, Okhyun Kim, Usha Arvind, Yoshie Kita Leong,
TUE: Penny Chan, Frank Liu, Long Nguyen,
WED: George Haddo, Faidha Razmi,  Cindy Tseu, Jenny Chiu,
THUR: Pit Trent, Xing Ping Zhang, Jenny King,
FRI: Connie Tai,

MON: Sabrina Xu, Shirley Cai, Jeannie Vye, Tina Chang,
TUE: Penny Chan, Farrah Chew, Marian Elton,
WED: George Haddo,  Yan Yin, Lesa Katsilis, Jim O'Sullivan
THUR: Rita Wu, Tina Chen, Maria Farrell,
FRI: Shirley Cai

A special thank you again to all the mums and dads who are continuing to attend their rostered day even though their son has now left the school.  It is so helpful to the school canteen to have the roster filled until the end of 4th Term .
Sharon Hughes

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Sydney High Tennis

“It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

High vs St Ignatius ( Last Round of GPS Trial Season)

1st Grade Result (WIN) 2nd Grade (WIN) Result
D1 1 + 2 L  3-6 6-3 7-10 1 + 2 L 6-1 1-6 6-10
D2 3 + 4 W 7-5 6-4 3 + 6 W 6-2 4-6 11-9
D3 5 + 6 L 3-6 6-4 4-10 4 + 5 W 6-4 1-6 10-7
S1 Eddy Wang L 0-6 4-6 Richard Hao L 6-3 3-6 3-6
S2 Carl Yang W 3-6 6-3 7-5 James Lian L 4-6 2-6
S3 Stevie Young W 6-0 6-1 Danny Yu W 7-6 6-2
S4 Josh Sangueza W 6-4 6-2 Aaron Tang W 6-3 4-6 6-4
S5 Adam Smagarinsky L 6-4 6-0 Branko Stajic L 1-6 1-6
S6 Matthew O’Sullivan W 6-4 0-6 7-6 Wanyu Tang W 2-6 6-0 6-1

1st Grade
Determined, motivated and confident, High Tennis travelled away for the third week in a row aiming to consolidate our undefeated pre-season and in first place.  We were able to prevail with our tightest win so far with stellar, clutch performances from Carl and Matthew to seal the deal only with minutes remaining in the day. Number 1 and 3 doubles played uncharacteristic doubles, unfortunately both losing out to opponents with interesting game styles, while Number 2 Josh and Stevie continued their hot form in a solid two set performance. Josh and Stevie both comfortably dispatched their opposition and with two matches left remaining on the courts it was up to Matthew and Carl to both win their matches, or otherwise fail to secure the much needed rubber before Round 1 of the GPS season next week. Although Carl lost the first the team did not question Carl’s ability to come back from the deficit and be victorious. Matthew also, despite a questionable second set secured the day’s victory. We look forward to Scots College and to their attempt of challenging both First and Second Grade tennis.
Adam Smagarinsky
First Grade Captain

2nd Grade
2nd Grade hosted St Ignatius College for the final trial match of the year on a windy afternoon. The first doubles pair played a near perfect first set, but an increase in the opponents’ level of play in the second set and match tiebreak resulted in a 6-1 1-6 6-10 loss. The number two doubles had a tough match but their aggressive play ultimately overcame their opponents 6-2 4-6 11-9. The third pair, like the other two, dropped the second set after winning the first, but were able to finish strong 6-4 1-6 10-7. With all three of the doubles matches going into match tiebreaks, we knew the singles were going to be equally close. Richard started the match well, comfortably winning the first set. However, his opponent’s defensive skills proved too good in the second and third sets, 6-3 3-6 3-6. James played a consistent opponent and could not find a way to get on top, losing 4-6 2-6. Danny fought hard to win the opening set in a tiebreaker, before running away with the second set, 7-6(1) 6-2. Branko could not find any rhythm against a solid opponent, going down 1-6 1-6. Wanyu recovered from a difficult first set to cruise through the next two, winning 2-6 6-0 6-1. With the score locked at 4 matches all on the day, Aaron was battling at 3-1 down in the final set. His determination and fight helped the team over the line, with a 6-3 4-6 6-4 victory. Although the team did not play their best tennis, the 5-4 win is a good result against a strong team. The boys will be training hard this week in preparation for the first round of the GPS season against Scots College.
Richard Hao
Second Grade Captain

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SBHS Cricket

Cricket Results – 2014 Term 2 Week 6

Team Score Result Highlights
Group I GPS Round 2 : Group II GPS Round 3
1st XI SBHS 10 – 135 & 7 – 110 v Riverview 10 - 180 Lost Vishnu Avudainayagam 30, Sudarshan Arvind 36
2nd XI SBHS 10 – 90 & 7 – 80 v Riverview 10 – 189 Lost Raphin Hossain 4-63, Harishaan Puvanenthiran 38*
3rd XI SBHS 5 –218 v Riverview 10 – 217 Won Louis Saunders 91, Saransh Saini 40, Fayed Morshedi 3-26
4th XI SBHS 10 – 40 v Riverview 10 – 146 Lost Hayden Ou 36, Yichen Han 4-21, Ishan Mohamed 3-33
5th XI SBHS 8 – 195 v Riverview 8 – 202 Lost Jason Lim 60*, Renjith Joseph 38, Ian Zhou 3-38
16A XI SBHS 10 – 169 v Riverview 5 – 170 Lost Louis Saunders 50
16B XI SBHS 5 – 121 v Newington 2 – 116 Won Marcus Ikeda 46
15A XI SBHS 10 – 214 v Riverview 10 – 174 Won Symeon Ziegler 53, Jay Patel 5-9
14A XI SBHS 10 – 128 Riverview 6 – 325 Lost
W/O = Washed Out
D/L – Duckworth Lewis

MIC of Cricket Report
We had a good weekend of results winning three with a couple of narrow losses. The 1st XI fought hard to the end having Riverview 7 down until they passed their total. Well done to Louis Saunders for top scoring for the season so far with 91. Bad luck once again to our 5th XI who have had a very narrow loss.

This term we see many of our teams go on fantastic cricket tours. Our top Year 9 cricketers will be participating in the annual Barberis Cup which is played against Melbourne High School. This year our boys will be travelling to Melbourne from 16th – 19th November. The U15s and U14s cricketers participate in the annual East Coast Cup against Brisbane High School and they will be travelling up to Brisbane from 23rd – 26th November. Then our main tour which the 1st XI compete in is the highly competitive 5 Highs Tour. This year Brisbane is hosting the carnival and our boys will be travelling from the 30th November – 5th December.

In the July holidays 2015 we are aiming to participate in a once in a life time opportunity to play in a cricket tournament hosted in Sri Lanka. We will be representing our school and Australia in the “World Premier Schools Cricket Challenge” Tournament. This is open to anyone in the current U15s-Opens cricket team. If you are interested in attending please notify me by email.

I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighCricket

To all parents and players, don’t forget to go through the points below:

  • Please make sure that all the boys wear SBHS logo hats, tops and long white pants.
  • They are not to wear thongs to and from their fixtures.
  • Apply plenty of sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • Please notify their coaches if they are unable to attend training or their fixture.

Geoff Tesoriero
MIC Cricket

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing 

15 November 2014

A strong wind warning and a southerly buster on Friday night promised testing conditions for racing on Saturday morning, but this wasn’t to be the case, as the wind was a very light S at 3-8 knots, but sufficient for the High sailors to round Point Piper on the way to Rose Bay.

With three races held, the most successful sailors were the Yan brothers, Angelo and Dallas. Sailing with Kai Huang and Kim Nicholls, Angelo had a well-deserved second in the first short race and a top ten placing in the second race. Dallas sailed well in the first race, at one point being third around the top mark, but he tacked too early and was buried by the advancing boats on starboard. His result though was impressive and will raise his overall position on the table of around forty boats for the series.

Other crews failed to capitalise on the light conditions to advance their overall positions. Bad starts, sailing in

foul air and not enforcing their rights in the two-boat circle at congested turning marks, were all evident areas where improvement could occur in the three races held. High sailors will need to further hone their competitive interpretations of the sailing rules and not get bluffed out of rights by sailors from other schools.

Kai Matsumoto and Darren Taing and crews were sailing well, but they never gained enough clean air to press for the lead. Some of the less experienced sailors also need to perfect their starting technique to give themselves a chance of winning races.

With the wind rising to over 10 knots for the final race, High sailors again were in the middle of the fleet and finished with plenty of other boats in front of them. On the sail back to Double Bay, the crews took over the skippering and they impressed with their skills in the stronger breeze.
G Moody
SBHS Sailing 2014

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Riverview

HIGH vs. Riverview: Term 4, 2014

1st WIN 64-58 M.FLYNN 20
2nd LOSS 54-62 (OT) B.FATTORE 13
3rd LOSS 13-41 A.MALIK 4
4th WIN 23-16 T.ZHANG 8
5th RAIN
6th RAIN
7th RAIN
8th RAIN
16B LOSS 21-36 J.SONG 8
16D LOSS 24-25 H.PARK 6
16E WIN 23-28 J.WANG 8
16F WIN 27-23 V.BUI 12
15A LOSS 37-39 (OT) J.HUA 10
15C WIN 24-18 A.LI 12
15D WIN 23-7 P.YU 12
15E LOSS 24-22 N.ZHANG 6
15F WIN 23-7 J.ZHENG 10
14A LOSS 25-78 Y.SHEN 6
14B LOSS 25-50 O.WU 9
14C WIN 27-24 S.NAWA 10
14D WIN 44-20 T.LAM 9
14E WIN 38-14 Y.JIP 18
14F WIN 30-20 Y.LIN 8
13A LOSS 63-4 M.NG 4

HIGH vs. Riverview: Term 1, 2014

1st WIN 66-60 B.MUSULIN 23
2nd LOSS 57-49 B.UDLER 14
5th WIN 36-19 C.WANG 13
16A WIN 39-32 C.WON 9
16C LOSS 25-16 S.NGUYEN 5
16D WIN 41-13 D.NGUYEN 11
16E WIN 34-14 J.YIP 14
15A LOSS 40-48 N.CHAND 18!!!!!!!
15B WIN 34-29 J.SUI, F.FANG 9
15C WIN 36-31 L.WANG 10
15D WIN 29-21 J.KIM 7
15E WIN 48-9 R.WU, A.STEELE 12
14A LOSS 54-12 M.NG 4
14B LOSS 16-49 J.WANG 8
14C LOSS 32-20 H-M.NGUYEN 8
14D WIN 37-18 F.NGUYEN 16
14F LOSS 2-21 N.HO

This week against Riverview was tough.  Firsts came out as victors against the undefeated Riverview team.  A HUGE first quarter from Jack Hutchinson got the team fired up - can he play four quarters like that and boost his team over the top of everyone? Bailey Musulin was the top scorer with 23 points, but was closely followed by Nirvan Chand, who top scored in the 15 As with 18 points.  However this was not enough for the 15 As, losing by just 8 points.

This week in 15s was big, with wins in all teams from Bs to Fs.  The 16s put on a solid performance. All but Bs and Cs winning (with the Bs having an 18 – 18, low scoring draw).

Scots are up next.  Firsts however will be competing in the Raschke Cup and Seconds in the Yeend Shield.  Good luck to all teams, and go High!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by editor Archie Fox
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

P&C Thank You Party

SBHS Great Hall
Monday 8th December
6.30pm to 9:00pm

The P&C take the opportunity in December to thank members of the school family for their invaluable contributions throughout the year.

Parents and carers, teachers, administrative and support staff, volunteers, MICs and coaches are invited to share a pleasant evening with music, light supper and refreshments provided. Partners are most welcome.

As well as saying thank you to all those involved in maintaining and supporting the complex demands of this unique school, we will also say be saying farewell to our 2014 Year 12 parents who gave so generously of their time throughout their years at the school.

Mark the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing you on night.

Details for RSVP will be included in next week’s High Notes
Glen Schofield
P&C President

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From the High Store

Year 9 Students Senior Uniform

Purchase your senior uniform NOW to avoid long queues.

Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $69
Short Sleeve White Shirt 14-22 $29, 24-28 $31
Long Sleeve White Shirt 14-22 $31, 24-28 $33.

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SBHS Working Bee 2

"Don’t forget all are welcome for the Working Bee this Saturday starting at 9:00. 
Come for an hour or two or the whole day. 
We are focusing on the lunch space next to the canteen. 

email Julie: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ph 9665 7326.

See you there!

22 November - put it in your diary

Dear Bees,

After the all round success of the first B, we are now planning the 2nd B

We have several projects we would like to tackle.

Project 1. The COLA Space.
We are going to refresh this space by cleaning it with high pressure water blasters and repainting the furniture and some of the walls in really nice colours, based on the existing mosaic.

So we need people who can:

  • Help in removing the timber slats and re fixing them back on with the aid of a cordless drill!
  • Sand the timber slats thoroughly for painting.
  • Paint neatly
  • Wash and prepare larger wall areas, and then help paint them.
  • Use a water blaster- it is easy, once you learn

Project 2. The Courtyard
We are going to straighten up and weed and clip the planters around the courtyard. If we can we will also plant some varying plants in them.

So we need people who can:

  • Help lift, clean and straighten the pots.
  • Garden, clip and prune the existing plants
  • Help us plant new plants.
  • If there is time and enough people, we would also like to finish cleaning the colonnade. This means water blasting skills also.
  • Put together scaffolding
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The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys

The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

For existing or enrolling students in years 7 -9 who meet the scholarship selection criteria.

To apply for a scholarship visit: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarship for full details

Sydney Boys High School
Moore Park, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Ph: 9662 9300

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