High Notes, Vol 15 No 35, November 07 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Kevin Ni who has been selected to attend the AIOC Informatics School of Excellence to be held at ANU during December. Kevin is one of only 26 students in Australia to qualify for the intensive training program. Four students will be chosen to represent Australia at the International Olympiad in Informatics held in Kazakhstan next July. Well done to John Pham and Danny Nguyen for their volunteer work at the recent Cruelty Free Festival. Their courtesy, enthusiasm, willingness to help and obliging manner endeared them to organisers and patrons alike.

Scholarships Offered at High
SBHS offers only two scholarships/bursaries – the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship and the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship. All enrolled or enrolling students are eligible to apply for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. It is a one-year credit on the school account for $1,500. The Selection Criteria covers talented boys in an academic area or a co-curricular endeavour. Good all-rounders qualify as do students with special needs – financial or otherwise. There are many boys in the school who would make good candidates for this award. I urge them to take the trouble to download and complete the application form. The Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc Scholarship is a two-year award with a credit at the school account for $1,500 for each Year – 11 and 12. Only boys enrolled or enrolling in Year 11 are eligible to apply. The criteria for this scholarship are different. It has an emphasis on a prior record of service to others, to the school and/or the community. Boys with initiative, compassion and leadership skills are invited to apply.

Look for the details on the website www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarships. Do not assume that you are not worthy or eligible. Applications close on November 28.

Student Leave Requests Deadline
Granting student leave during the school year is becoming more controversial as governments have a growing concern that far too many students are leaving school early just to take advantage of cheaper flights. A commercial reason for leave is considered invalid. Any family wishing to apply for student leave during term 4 must do so by Friday, November 14. School Policy on granting leave during the school term will be tightened for 2015.

Canteen Volunteers
Our School canteen contributes $75k annually to financing various school projects and programs. It is managed by a sub-committee of the P & C. With just two paid employees, the organisation relies very heavily on its volunteer parents  who give of their time once a month for as many hours as they can spare to help prepare and serve food for our boys. We serve a lot of nutritious, healthy, low-cost food to our boys as a result of the work of volunteers at our school.  At this time of year we have our annual general meeting to form a management committee for next year. Year 12 parents say goodbye and we need them to be replaced.  If you would like to help on the Committee please speak to Karen or Tracy or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 11 Reports
Too many students have not yet discussed their progress with me. Clearance Forms have been issued to all boys and they should be meeting their commitments. The boys are deciding on their courses for the HSC and it is imperative that I speak to them all before Tuesday, November 18. Please ask your son for his report and his plans for courses for 2015. Boys need to start focussing on the important months of HSC learning ahead! As from November 18, strong negative consequences will have to be applied to force boys to comply with school policy.

The HSC exams concluded on November 4. Year 7, 8 and 9 examinations have finished. Year 8 examinations will be held next week. Year 8 boys have ESSA online science assessments next week. Year 10 yearly exams commence next Friday. All boys are expected to attend school until the last official day of term 4, Wednesday 17 December.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Canteen

Thanks to the volunteers for the last two weeks:

MON: Cole Gu, Julie Fox, Jeannie Vye,
TUES: Grace Chung, Lynn Chen,
WED: JaJa (Jiayu) Luo, Dora Shapiro, Helen Kon,
THURS: Kim Ngan Do, Maria Farrell,  Jian Ping Li
FRI: Ru Zeng Rong, Jade Ni, Rena (Yan Mei), Angela Feng,

MON: Stam Farrugia, Lin Jin,
TUES: Agnes Leo, Eddy Pham,
WED: George Haddo, Kitty Chan, Diana Sutherland, Anna Goh,
THUR: Jenny King, Annie Jiang,
FRI: Iris Lau, Shihong Yang,

A special thank you again to all the mums and dads who are continuing to attend their rostered day even though their son has now left the school.  It is so helpful to the school canteen to have the roster filled until the end of 4th Term .
Sharon Hughes

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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian.  If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.  Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9662 9300 and dial “1” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Ms Powell, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after.  Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly.  Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Please be advised the SBHS P&C Annual General Meeting will be held next Monday 10th November at 6:30pm in the Staff Common Room.

I f you are interested in contributing in any way, please contact Ian Sweeting and the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

The November P&C general meeting will be held at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting. This will be the last P&C meeting for 2014.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Tuesday 11th November

Can you spare a couple of hours between 2:00pm and 4:30pm; or between 4pm and 6:00pm?

Please join our team of volunteer parents serving refreshments in the courtyard outside the Great Hall.  Our aim is to make incoming families feel welcome and to encourage their involvement in the school./p>

Please contact Francisca Sjahry on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to help.

TThank You

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From the Junior Library

Considerable time has been spent in the Junior Library in the last few weeks by our hard working network manager and web manager and our Laptop IT technician installing 30 brand new computers and monitors.  They have also just replaced our colour printer/photocopier. Our Libraries and our school are very privileged that IT infrastructure is very well maintained thanks to our parent donations to the Technology Fund and the Library Fund.  More ergonomic staff computer desks have also come our way – thanks to James Rudd for re-connecting computers and our new GA and his assistant who moved all our furniture.

The Junior Librarian has also spent considerable time obtaining quotes for new circulation counters which will make our Junior Library look more professional and run more effectively.  (We have been making do with hand me down cupboards and rather scruffy sorting shelves) It is hoped that these will arrive early next year.  Our Library Staff and our lovely 54 active Library Monitors work in this area for 2 hours every day.  Our 6000 loans annually are processed in this area and all of our shelf maintenance and collection maintenance  - stocktaking, disposals and subject added entry writing and checking is done out in the Library proper. This area is very well used and very busy and needs to be tightly organised.

The Year 9 film festival was held in the Junior Library on Monday at lunchtime.  Our big screen came in very handy for this purpose and thanks the Year 9 boys who transformed the Junior Library into a movie theatre for themselves.  The movies were very interesting (and hilarious) modern adaptations of Macbeth – loved the blood and the gunshot special effects!  The audience loved it.

We have been inundated with wonderful helpers - thanks to an increase in popularity of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme - in our library and my staff has to think very flexibly, often very quickly to find them productive jobs.  However, whenever we find ourselves hard pressed in this regard we also realise how valuable this assistance is to the effort this library makes to put out, clean, tidy and assist in processing a large volume of resources for the boys and to tag and advertise these resources.  Processing 42 boxes of brand new books from the Babic Bequest as well as purchasing more age suitable resources for our readers puts out a lot of incredible resources but it is quite taxing.  We could not do what we do without the assistance of our Library Monitors.  Thank you for your patience with us boys and for your help.

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

Friday 31st October, 2014

Senior students’ feedback in our survey

We had over 100 students who responded to our Senior Library Survey. This provides us with information that we can use to improve or make more relevant the services and resources of the Senior Library to our users. We were encouraged by this feedback with most (93%) using the library for studying with collaboration or working with friends also common at 75%, with 45% doing research and 33% reading for pleasure. Most respondents thought that books in the library are still relevant at 86% as we encourage boys to use a range of resource formats for research and reading for all purposes.  Boys also commented on aspects of the library and how it could be improved.  They want more new resources and more space in the library as it can be very crowded in here at times. We will be attempting to respond to their comments as much as we can in the next year.

New resources added to our DVD collection

Recently the library has had its DVD collection upgraded with the purchase of DVDs which will complement the new Australian Curriculum across subjects such as English, History, Science and Social Science  as well as film versions of literature etc.

Library stocktake coming up

The Senior Library is currently preparing for our annual stocktake of resources. Once again we have added many (nearly 1000 items) to our collection this year! To ensure that they are accounted for and look at how they are being used our stock take serves several important functions. We also often find wrongly shelved items previously thought lost, assess the usefulness and relevance of older items, correct mistakes in the record and aim to assess and remedy any gaps in the collection. As our collection grows this task is increasingly bigger and more important to ensure that the resources available are the most relevant for current curriculum requirements leading up to the HSC examinations as well as resources which will provide wide reading choices for student interest.

Farewell to Year 12

Finally, we are now in the process of receiving materials borrowed by our Year 12 students as they come back after completing their HSC to have their “clearance” forms signed. As they take leave of SBH I’m sure that they feel both excited at the future but at the same time a sense of loss at leaving this school especially the friends they have made during their time here. I’m sure that many of them will be back to visit and some to work coaching and tutoring students who will eventually follow them in the future. Good luck and our best wishes for them in the HSC and hopefully all will achieve their hoped for results. It has been a pleasure working with them during their time in the McDonald Senior Library.
Ms S Gordon
Teacher Librarian – Senior Library

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Music Notes

USA Music Tour Recording

There will be a live recording session for all students in the USA Music Tour this Sunday 9th of November. Attendance is compulsory. Students are to wear WHITE SHIRTS & BLAZERS.

Students have been advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to set up and rehearse.

9.45am 101 String Ensemble Set Up & Rehearsal
10.10am 101 String Ensemble RECORDING
10.30am Courtyard* String Ensemble PHOTO
10.35am Courtyard* USA TOUR GROUP PHOTO (all members)
10.40am Courtyard* Concert Band & Stage Band PHOTO
10.50am 201 Stage Band Rehearsal
11.15am 201 Stage Band RECORDING
11.30am 201 Concert Band Rehearsal
12.00pm 201 Concert Band RECORDING

Semester 2 End of Year Concert

Large ensembles concert on Monday 10th November in the Great Hall from 6:30pm.

Performing Ensembles are:

  • Intermediate Concert Band
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • USA Music Tour Bands (strings/stage & concert bands).

Jazz Workshop, Jazz in the Courtyard & Small Ensembles

Jazz Workshop: Sunday 23rd November, 1pm
Jazz in the Courtyard & Small Ensembles: Sunday 23rd November, 3:30pm
Performing Ensembles: Junior Strings; Philharmonic Orchestra; Senior Strings; Saxophone Ensemble; Junior Stage Band; Intermediate Stage Band and Senior Stage Band

Marching Band

Marching Band rehearsal will commence from Tuesday 11th of November, 3.30pm.

Music Committee Meeting

Our next music committee meeting will be on Tuesday 18th of November 2014 in the Staff Common Room, 6pm-7:30pm.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Grammar

HIGH vs. Grammar: Term 1,2014

1st WIN 80-50 G.GERLACH 21
2nd WIN 49-22 C.SHI 14
3rd WIN 28-24 M.HO 6
4th WIN 46-18 J.YING 8
5th WIN 34-30 S.SI 11
6th WIN 24-23 G.QIN 10
16A WIN 41-21 W.CHEN 10
16B LOSS 24-30 R.CHAN 11
16C WIN 36-11 M.LI 16
16D LOSS 24-29 H.PARK 10
16E LOSS 18-32 J.WANG , B.FU 4
16F WIN 53-13 V.BUI 26
15B WIN 22-16 C.NGUYEN 6
15C LOSS 33-20 K.LOU 9
15E WIN 19-16 D.ZHANG 6
15F WIN 36-2 J.TRAN 17
14A LOSS 25-29 J.CHANG 6
14B WIN 33-17 J.SIU 12
14C WIN 14-11 S.NAWA 4
14D WIN 32-2 D.CHAN 10
14E WIN 11-55 J.KIM 17
13A LOSS 6-68 B.NGUYEN 4
13B LOSS 64-4 R.CHEN 4
13C LOSS 3-23 D.GOH 3
13E LOSS 16-10 T. 4

HIGH vs. Grammar: Term 4, 2014

2nd WIN 42-25 S.MALOLO 12
3rd WIN 30-16 J.YANG 7
4th LOSS 33-32 I.CHANG 18
5th LOSS 38-34 C.WANG 10
6th WIN 19-11 D.WANG 6
7th WIN 26-25 V.BUI 10
16A WIN 32-17 A.LI 16
16B WIN 16-12 S.CHEN 5
16C LOSS 25-18 K.ZHANG 5
16D LOSS 13-17 A.ZHU 6
16E WIN 29-5 F.ZHANG 9
16F WIN 16-14 C.MCGRATH 6
15C WIN 37-24 J.LEE 8
15D WIN 30-20 J.LAI 7
15E WIN 39-8 R.WU, K.ZHENG 12
15F WIN 46-6 T.CHUNG 14
14B LOSS 10-33 J.YANG 6
14C LOSS 18-24 P.BARI 6
14D WIN 28-4 F.NGUYEN 8
14E LOSS 12-22 J.XU 4

Hello all.  This week against Grammar was our time to shine.  The rivalry was brewing, the boys were ready… Our 1st grade came out on top with a 24-point difference. In the 15 As, a buzzer beater made by Nick Lambros would allow for a 29-28 win.

High had a win percentage almost exactly the same as the previous season against Grammar, around 65%.  An unlucky loss in 4th grade, losing by just one point, but a total for and against of 167 points is not a bad result, especially considering a devastating loss in 14 As by 43 points.  (I hear Coach Nives Gilbert will be making you run 43 suicides…)

This should not dampen our spirits, but should motivate us to work faster, stronger and harder in training.  Congratulations to all teams this week, no matter the result, and good luck against Joeys!- Archie

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by editor Archie Fox
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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Sydney High Tennis

“It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

High vs Kings (3rd Round of GPS Trial Season)

1st Grade Result (WIN) 2nd Grade (WIN) Result
D1 1 + 4 L 0-6 3-6 1 + 2 L 5-7 5-7
D2 2 + 3 W 2-6 6-2 10-5 3 + 5 W 6-2 6-4
D3 5 + 6 W 6-3 6-3 4 + 6 W 5-7 7-5 10-5
S1 Matthew O’Sullivan L 2-6 2-6 James Lian L 3-6 4-6
S2 Eddy Wang L 6-3 3-6 4-6 Richard Hao W 4-6 6-3 6-2
S3 Carl Yang L 5-7 6-4 6-7 Danny Yu W 6-1 1-6 6-4
S4 Adam Smagarinsky W 6-2 6-1 Branco Stajic W 6-4 6-1
S5 Stevie Young W 6-1 6-0 Wanyu Tang W 6-3 7-5
S6 Josh Sangueza W 6-2 6-1 Kinzey Rahardja W 6-1 6-0

1st Grade
Full of confidence and with a high morale Sydney High hosted King's a perennial power house in GPS tennis. And again under sweltering conditions we served up another great victory, remaining undefeated so far in the pre-season. Depth in our doubles was further demonstrated with wins in our second and third pairing. Carl and Eddy, although lapsing in the first set, returned to display their consistent doubles performance.  Matthew and I struggled with unforced errors against a very capable opposition. Into the singles with a 3-2 advantage we were again able to capitalise with number 4, 5 and 6 singles, Stevie, Josh and I all winning comfortably. However Matthew, Eddy and Carl were unable to get the edge on their skilful opponents unfortunately losing 2-6 2-6,  6-3 3-6 4-6, 5-7 6-4 4-6 respectively.  The end of the rubber saw High victorious 5-4 and eager for the Top 6 Tournament next Saturday.
Adam Smagarinsky
First Grade Captain

2nd Grade
2nd Grade headed to King's School on a hot Saturday wary of the strength of the opposition, but the team was quietly confident after the 6.5-2.5 win against Newington last week. The number one doubles pair raced to a 5-2 lead in the first set, only to drop the next 5 games. Similarly in the second set, the pair led 4-1 before numerous errors resulted in a 5-7 5-7 loss. The number two pair played aggressive tennis and were rewarded with a comfortable 6-2 6-4 win. The number three pair fought hard from a set down to win their second doubles match in two weeks, 5-7 7-5 10-5. In the singles, James stayed close with a solid opponent in both sets but could not get on top, going down 3-6 4-6. Richard battled through three sets to record a scrappy win, 4-6 6-3 6-2. Danny was in complete control against a good player, but a loss of concentration in the second set meant that he had to finish the job in three, 6-1 1-6 6-4. Branko fought hard in the opening set before cruising through the second, winning 6-4 6-1. Wanyu’s aggressive game proved too much for his opponent to handle, winning 6-3 7-5. Kinsey’s good recent form showed again as he destroyed his opponent 6-1 6-0. The team enjoyed a big win overall, 7-2, and much credit goes to the junior members of the team for playing so well over the last couple of weeks. The future looks bright for High tennis, but for now we are looking forward to a match against rivals Grammar.
Richard Hao
Second Grade Captain

2nd Grade vs Grammar (4th Round of GPS Trial Season)

1st Grade Result 2nd Grade (WIN) Result
D1 1 + 2 TOP 6 TOURNAMENT 1 + 2 L 6-4 3-6 8-10
D2 3 + 5 TOP 6 TOURNAMENT 3 + 6 W 6-1 6-2
D3 4 + 6 TOP 6 TOURNAMENT 4 + 5 W 6-0 6-2
S1 Eddy Wang TOP 6 TOURNAMENT James Lian DNF 6-2 2-6 2-2
S2 Carl Yang TOP 6 TOURNAMENT Richard Hao W 6-1 6-2
S3 Adam Smagarinsky TOP 6 TOURNAMENT Danny Yu DNF 2-1
S4 Stevie Young TOP 6 TOURNAMENT Aaron Tang W 7-5 6-4
S5 Matthew O’Sullivan TOP 6 TOURNAMENT Branko Stajic DNF 4-6 6-4 2-1
S6 Kinzey Rahardja TOP 6 TOURNAMENT Wanyu Tang W 6-1 6-4

2nd Grade travelled to Grammar on a humid and windy day confident of a good result after strong wins against  Newington and King's in the past two weeks. The number one doubles pair came out strong and took the opening set, however unforced errors crept in as the match progressed and the pair lost 6-4 3-6 8-10. Fortunately, the number two and number three pairs were able to win their matches comfortably, 6-1 6-2 and 6-0 6-2 respectively, allowing the team to take a 2-1 lead into the singles matches. James built a commanding lead from the start but his consistent opponent clawed his way back into the match, which ended 6-2 2-6 2-2 due to a downpour. Richard was able to neutralise his opponent’s powerful serve and forehand, winning 6-1 6-2. Danny only played 3 games before his match was also abandoned due to the rain. Aaron played a great match against  a skilful opponent, winning his first singles match in the 2nd Grade competition 7-5 6-4. Branko fought hard in a very evenly contested match, leading 4-6 6-4 2-1 when the rain stopped the match. Wanyu made light work of his opponent with an impressive serving display, recording a 6-1 6-4 win. With only two weeks until Round 1 of competition starts, High 2nd Grade is in a great position, but there is still much to work on in training in order to reach the ultimate goal of winning the premiership.
Richard Hao
Second Grade Captain

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/

Please spare some of your time on Saturday to come down and support High Tennis. 

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SBHS Cricket

 Cricket Results – 2014 Term 4 Week 4

Team Score Result Highlights
GPS Round 1
1st XI SBHS 10 – 160 v SGS 4 - 162 Lost Sudarshan Arvind 64
2nd XI SBHS 3 – 61 v SGS 10 - 138 Lost (D/L) Kabir Agrawal 3-38
3rd XI SBHS 10 – 135 v SGS 0 – 0 W/O Liam Jepson 44, Faiyaz Aalam 41
4th XI SBHS 8 – 50 v SGS 2 - 52 Lost
5th XI SBHS 1 – 102 v SGS 9 – 120 W/O Marc Betbeder-Matibet 39, Thomas Nassif 38
16A XI SBHS 9 – 113 v SGS 4 – 219 Lost Faysal Ayub 43
16B XI SBHS 10 – 62 v SGS 1 – 36 W/O
15A XI SBHS 10 – 110 v SGS 9 – 119 Lost Symeon Ziegler 32, Abhijot Singh 30
14A XI SBHS 0 – 0 v SGS 3 – 209 W/O

W/O = Washed Out
D/L – Duckworth Lewis

MIC of Cricket Report

After the final training session before our first round of the GPS competition what will now become an annual event will be the official presentation of the caps to the 1st and 2nd XI teams. The night involved our boys starting off with sausage rolls, thanks to House of Pies and then moving into the Pavilion where we had a special guest presenter for the occasion to speak about the meaning of the cap. To kick off our first year of doing this it was a great honour to have SBHS old boy and now a current Test opener batsman for England, Sam Robson. Sam spoke about his journey from playing 1st XI at SBHS to Australian U19s to Middlesex County Cricket and most recently representing England against Sri Lanka and scoring his debut Test century. The boys were pleasantly surprised when he pulled out his England Baggy Cap to show the boys. He explained to the boys that a lot of hard work and determination will get you where you want to go.

Our first round of the GPS Season threw us a lot of heart break. Our 1st XI started off very strongly against our arch rivals, Grammar. Winning the toss and electing to bat we had an opening stand of 89 runs after 21 overs. Then a couple of unfortunate run outs, especially Shashank who was standing at the non-striker’s end and the ball was smashed back at him from Sudarshan only to hit his foot then ricochet back to the bowlers hand who only had to take the bails off. Sudarshan batted extremely well smashing the bowlers around the park with a much needed 64. The boys ended up setting a respectable total of 160. We started well having them 2-30. Then a large dark cloud with lightning in the background threatened to interrupt play. Our boys panicked and opted to try and rush through the overs. Unfortunately this was our downfall allowing Grammar to score easily. When the rain finally came after 26 overs Grammar were 25 runs in front according to the Duckworth Lewis Calculation. When we came back on Grammar only needed 40 runs to win which they managed to achieve. The 2nd XI on the other hand had a much more dramatic time with the rain interruption. Bowling well they had Grammar 7-90, but one of their top-order batters kept them in the game with a 69 helping the team post 139, which our boys felt very comfortable to chase. They got off to a good start being 2-59 with Vyaas (24), who has consistently scored well this season, and Yoshi (24) placing them 10 runs in front in the Duckworth Lewis calculations. Unfortunately with the rain approaching the boys lost a wicket and then were unsure whether to protect their wicket or score runs. They opted for the protection of wicket and this ultimately left them 1 run behind after the 26th over when the rain came down and washed out the remainder of the game. What was unfortunate was if we had used a different application on the laptop it would have adjudicated the match as a Tie, but the app we agreed on had us 1 run behind the par score. It was a great effort by the boys and they deserved a better result. Kabir and Raphin both bowled extremely well and have continued to be a threat in the 2nd XI.

The 16As have had a good season thus far, but some poor fielding this week allowed Grammar to post an unbeatable total. Faysal bowled extremely well with a lot of bad luck with many dropped catches. To his credit he decided to take the matter into his own hands and scored a blazing 43. The 15As played their best match for the season with a nail biting loss to a very strong Grammar side losing by just 8 runs. They needed 20 runs off the remaining 80 balls but in the end were all out with 4 balls remaining.

This term we see many of our teams go on fantastic cricket tours. Our top Year 9 cricketers will be participating in the annual Barberis Cup that is played against Melbourne High School. This year our boys will be travelling to Melbourne from 16th – 19th November. The U15s and U14s cricketers participate in the annual East Coast Cup against Brisbane High School and they will be travelling up to Brisbane from 23rd – 26th November. Then our main tour that the 1st XI compete in is the highly competitive 5 Highs Tour. This year Brisbane is hosting the carnival and our boys will be travelling from the 30th November – 5th December.

In the July holidays 2015 we are aiming to participate in a once in a life time opportunity to play in a cricket tournament hosted in Sri Lanka. We will be representing our school and Australia in the “World Premier Schools Cricket Challenge” Tournament. This is open to anyone in the current U15s-Opens cricket team. If you are interested in attending please notify me by email.

I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighCricket
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Cricket

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The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys

The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

For existing or enrolling students in years 7 -9 who meet the scholarship selection criteria.

To apply for a scholarship visit: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarship for full details

Sydney Boys High School
Moore Park, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Ph: 9662 9300

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