High Notes, Vol 15 No 29, September 12 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Mr Kay and his coaches are to be congratulated for preparing such good teams this season. First grade gained the Co-Premiership again with SGS. Second grade were undefeated Champions. Third grade were premiers. The 16A team were equal first with SIC and the 16Bs were undefeated for the season. Well done to all teams!

Manson Luk (Year 9)  won a gold medal at the Australian Taekwando Open Championships in the ‘Black Belt Individual Cadet’ category. A great effort, Manson! The High Open basketball team had two tough wins at the NSW Schools Championships and took out the state title. This great team effort was in the context of some of the players having represented High in hard fought, last round contests against SGS on Saturday.

This team has shown great character, particularly in defence, to defeat stronger teams on paper consistently. Our athletics team has done the school proud again, taking out the Kippax Cup by beating all boys’ schools in CHS. This year as a bonus, we also scored higher that any sporting high school, too! Benjamin Nguyen (7F) won the 12 years long jump with a leap of 4.91m. He also ran 3rd in the 200m and fourth in the hurdles. Luke Schofield ran a 29second PB to win the 15 years 3000m – a great effort! Our 14 years relay team finished a close second, the 17+ team ran third and our 13s team finished 4th. Leonard Mah missed a medal by 0.01 second in the final of the 17+ 200m.

Student Leave Requests
In term 3, I enforced a last two weeks of term ban on processing or approving student leave requests. Parents are reminded that in term 4, leave will not be approved unless four weeks’ notice has been given. The effect of this decision is that all leave requests that involve that last four weeks of term must be lodged with me for approval by the end of week 7, Friday 21st of November.

Parent Information Nights
This week Mr Dowdell presented a series of PowerPoints on the arrangements for curriculum for 2015. He conducted sessions for Year 10 going into Year 11, for Year 9 going into Year 10 (including the requirements for application to accelerate in a subject), and for Year 8 going into Year 9 in respect of the electives system – 2 in Year 9 and 3 in Year 10. Should interested parents have missed one of these presentations, they are available for your perusal.

Please go to www.sydneyboyshigh.com.au/curriculum/subject-choices  to access the PowerPoint presentations.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Mental Health

With mental health increasingly becoming a concern within schools, there are a number of resources out there to help students, parents and families. Some of the organisations that help with a variety of mental health issues include:

If you require any additional information, please contact your son’s year adviser who can help address any issues.

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From the Junior Library

The number of boys entering the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year was 21.  Congratulations to the boys who made the effort to complete the Challenge.  Boys have to read 20 books in a year to qualify for this. Entries were validated for:
Year 7 Ryan Borges, Dennis Chang, Brian Dang, Jeff Ding, Oliver Gao, Tyler Harapin, Liam Heng, Andy Hua, Andrew Lui, Rohan Mudalier, Derek Nguyen, Francis Nguyen, Dinan Pimage, Raghav Ramanathan,;
Year 8 Roy Wu, Gordon Zhuang; 
Year 9 Daniel Cai, Daniel Hu and Nicholas Katsilis. 

Many parents promote reading to their sons by purchasing 20 books for them to read to complete this prestigious and very effective reading program.  This is a wonderful thing to do for your children. 

I had never thought of this before I became aware of it this year.  Good thinking on your part! 


I would encourage all Junior boys to complete this annual challenge.

Each year our Librarians analyse the effectiveness of the Libraries and the Wide Reading Program to coincide with the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  The 2 libraries total loans for a full year are - 7898. Our analysis enables our librarians to send out letters of congratulations to students who are reading extremely well according to our loan statistics.  If you receive one of these letters for your son please take the opportunity to reward him appropriately.  He is polishing a unique and very educationally useful skill.

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Legacy Day at Central

Legacy Day is a fundraising event, which aims to raise funds to help support Australian families where a veteran has become incapacitated, or has lost their life, during or after their Defence Force service. This year, a group of 60 of our students participated in the Legacy Day external collection at Central Station of Friday, 5 September. The students were able to raise a large amount of funds, with each collection duo managing to raise more than $100. Aashray Narula and Gautham Shankar supervised the event on the day, proving to be effective in management. Overall, the event was extremely successful with the Legacy Day representatives extremely thankful for our efforts. Thank you to all the boys who woke up very early to arrive at Central Station at 6:30am.

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Learner Driver Parents Workshop

Free Graduated Licensing Scheme Workshops for Learner Driver Parents in Woollahra

Young drivers are three times more likely to be involved in casualty crashes. That's why the Roads and Maritime Services has introduced a new licensing scheme, with more supervised driving practice for learner drivers.To help parents in supervising learner drivers, the Roads and Maritime Services has set up a FREE 2 hour workshop for parents that offers practical advice on how to help learner drivers become safer drivers.   A FREE parents' workshop will be conducted by David Riches and hosted by Woollahra Council on Wednesday October 15th at Woollahra Council Chambers (536 New South Head Road, Double Bay) from 6 pm – 8 pm. Early bookings are essential, by phoning Woollahra Council on 9391 7112 now to reserve your place, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Blood Donations

On Monday 8th September, Sydney Boys High hosted a blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross Foundation in an effort to collect blood for those in need of transfusions. This year’s blood drive was very successful, with all 48 appointments being booked out by 11am by both students and teachers. However, due to tighter regulations, the number of appointments available were not as high as in previous years and unfortunately many boys missed out on donating because of this. The event was organised by Luke Hoad, who worked in conjunction with the Red Cross Foundation nurses and Mr. Phillipson. Adilmorad Nadir and Bosco Tran also helped out on the day to supervise the event and ensure that it ran smoothly. Thank you to all the donors who made this event so successful, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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From the Canteen

Next week we say good-bye to our Year 12 boys.  I want to take this opportunity to wish them every success with their HSC exams and to thank the Prefects who have given up their lunchtimes to help out in the canteen each week.  We want to thank their parents who have tirelessly volunteered their time in the canteen.  Your help has been much appreciated.  We would however ask if you could continue to attend on your rostered day until the end of the year, as we don’t get replacement volunteers until next year. 

Thanks to the volunteers week over the last three weeks: 

Week of 18/8/14
MON: Julie Fox, Cole Gu, Jeannie Vye,
TUES: Grace Chung, Lynn Chen, Sharon Hughes 
WED: George Haddo, Kitty Chan, Hiroko Kitajima, Fumiko Hirose-Cheong, Jackey Cheng,
THURS: Changzi Wang, Bernadette Snow, Ming Lee
FRI: Ru Zeng Rong, Angela Feng, Emily Yang,

Week of 25/8/14
MON: Stam Farrugia, Lin Jin,
TUE: Agnes Leo, Doreen Wang, Eddy Pham,
WED: George Haddo, Penny Chan, Jaja Luo, Helen Kon,
THUR: Kim  Ngan Do,Jian Ping Li, Maria  Farrell,
FRI: Jade Ni, Usha Arvind, Shihong Yang

Week of 1/9/14
MON: Pam Jepson, Yoshi Kita-Leong, Thajeewa Pingamage, Usha Arvind
TUES: Long Nguyen, Frank Liu,
WED: George Haddo, Kunti Ranade,Brad Humphries, Faidha Razmi, Cindy Tseu,
THUR: Angela Jin, Xing Ping Zhang,
FRI: Okhyun Kim, Sabrina Xu

We very much appreciate all our canteen volunteers giving their time to help out at High.
Sharon Hughes

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SBHS Debating

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Debating MIC's Report

On Saturday we had a wonderful dinner with over 130 guests. This was a very fitting end to the 3 terms of debating in 2014. A huge thanks to all the parents who helped Glynis Bartley organise the evening. Here is a copy of my speech.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to open our annual debating dinner which officially closes the 2014 debating season which was another triumphant year for Debating at High.

"This year our debating program has gone from strength to strength. Now we have over 300 students attending debating coaching on Friday afternoon and 28 coaches delivering a quality program which provides coaching at levels suitable for those students who want to be competitive debaters, those who want develop their skills further and for  those who simply want the award points! There have been a few personal highs for me this year that I would like to share. I have been especially impressed with the enthusiasm of our new Year 7 students  who have been regularly attending each others’ debates and as you all know debating in front of an audience is much more pleasing than debating in front of two coaches and an adjudicator.  Despite the appallingly unfair adjudications we faced, debating at Armidale was an overwhelming success. The enthusiasm from High boys in the audience was testament to the support for debating and the overwhelming understanding by our boys that High had clearly won, shows how far the skills and knowledge of debating reaches at High. At Bogabilla I watched the Year 9s debate each other on a topic that was set and adjudicated by the Year 10s, after only a 15 minute prep. This showed me the versatility and adaptability of our debaters. Finally, though my proudest moment was right back at the start of the year when I caught sight of Khuhsaal and Connor giving their first post debate coaching sessions. To see the debating program at High work full circle made this a very proud moment for me.

"The season began with the first debate in this year’s extra-long Friday Evening Debating competition.  Due to a lack of Year 11 debaters this year we had Year 10s debating as Senior Bs and it was a testament to the talents and tenacity of this year group that they were the finalists both in their own  grade and the Senior B grade. Ironically it was the Senior B FED trophy that we won.

"In Eastside we reached the finals in Years 8, 9, 10 and 12.  Years 10 and Year 12 were able to return to school with trophies – making us the Year 12 winners of Eastside for the sixth year running.

"Our 2014 GPS season concluded last night. With over 80 High students in attendance at the Firsts debate the atmosphere was electric and we were treated to a fitting finale to the season.  In some grades it is too early to actually call the results, but we do know that 10A are runners up and 9A are the winners of their competition. This plus wins against Grammar in Seconds and Thirds can give us hope that we may be able to beat their winning streak in the near future.

"This year we have seen continued competitive success in the NSW Premiers Debating Challenge with our Year 12 PDC team who were able to win the Hume Barbour trophy for the third successive year now. A huge well done to Lokesh Sharma (our debating prefect), Jonathon Frieberg, Riley Irwin and Peter Stephens and to Andrew Liu who debated with them in the Regional Final. The Year 11 team made it to the Regional Finals, but history repeats itself and we were narrowly beaten by the Girls School. I have certainly enjoyed working with the Year 11s and 12s in PDC this year and will miss the conversations I overhear when I taxi them to the various debating venues. Sometimes I think they forget that I am there at all! With our Year 10 and Year 8 team still going strong in the competition we await even more positive results to come. I would like to thank Ms Rigby and Ms Mack for their continued support of PDC this year. Without teaching staff getting involved it would be impossible for us to compete in each age category.

"We have had outstanding success in UN debating this year. A huge congratulations are in order to Andrew McNaughton, Thomas Shortridge and Thomas Ngyuen for coming third in the national MUNA competition. We were sponsored by the Inner West Rotary Club and the boys and I enjoyed a couple of interesting evenings upstairs at the Nag’s Head toasting Queen and Country and talking to the Rotarians.  Thomas Shortridge enjoyed phenomenal  success at the Dr Evatt competition where he and Max Koslowski came third overall out of 200 teams who entered the NSW competition. This was even more successful as the other teams were a year or two older than our boys. We wish you two the best of luck in the National Competition.

"In addition to the boys who gain the praise for their debating I would like to thank the many boys who have chaired debates and a particular thanks to Benjamin Long and Simon Shields who have been my main debating helpers this year. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes on Friday nights and these two boys regularly spend five hours helping me set up rooms for debates and get them ready for class again. Thank you.

"As always I thank Dr Jaggar for his valued support of the Debating program. This year, in spite, of additional salary on costs from the DEC we have been able to have distinct coaches for all A and B teams. This would not have been possible without the support we get from Dr Jaggar.

"The success of our debaters cannot be achieved without our marvellous coaches. I am truly thankful for the high quality coaches we attract at High and their commitment to the program is outstanding. It is unfortunate that this year the debating dinner clashed with an ANU debating competition which most of our coaches are attending so cannot be here tonight.

"Our debating program runs smoothly each week with 28 coaches being directed into their various roles and responsibilities often, by necessity, at the last minute.  The person we have to thank for this is Solange.  Her ability to organise under pressure, her level headedness and her commitment to debating at High are unquestionable and she has undoubtedly made my job so much easier over the last two years. It is with deep regret and some trepidation that I say goodbye to Solange. I wish her all the best for what, I am sure, will be a very bright future.

"This year we have had Year 7 well organised firstly by Sarah Greenbaum and more recently by Khushaal Vyas. Both have a very thorough approach to lesson planning and Khushaal’s quizzes are so popular that I think all the coaches are now using them.  Thanks to Zafar and Suman who have continued to coach Year 7 and were joined by Connor, Albert and Wilber and more recently Nakul. Special thanks to Wilber who worked closely with the UN debaters and I expect there will be some rivalry as he goes off to join the debating circles of ANU. Thank you Year 7 coaches. Year 8 were ably led by Julian and coached by Robert, Nadirah, Ainsley and Natalie who took over from Emily, but will be leaving us as well. In Year 9 Nicky coached the Bs and coordinated the program whilst Angud coached the As and Ashwin, Alexi and Mariah worked with everyone else.  A big thank you Year 8 and 9 coaches.

"Our most successful year group this year is probably the  Year 10 and when Laurin had to leave us Declan took over Year 10 and managed the work of Justin, Lucy and Oliver who have all worked hard to ensure the boys get the best outcomes possible this year.  Lucy will be leaving us as her studies will be overwhelming next year. Lucy has been a well-respected coach over the past few years and added value to our program.  Thank you to the hank you to the Year 10 coaches.

"Year 11s and Year 12s have been fortunate to have a distinct coach for Firsts, Seconds and additionally Tim to coach Thirds. Christopher Wong has found his niche coaching the non-competitive Senior debaters and coaching the mooters . Christopher Chiam has proven himself to be a coach of high quality as he managed to juggle the unusual arrangement of different teams in Eastside, PDC and GPS.

"Finally we have to say good bye to a very special High coach. When I started teaching at High Antony Paul was our School Captain. I could see then that students looked up to Antony and this admiration has continued throughout his time as debating coach.  When he took up employment in 2011 he said he thought two years would be long enough in the role. I am very pleased that I was able to change your mind on that, Antony as you have been an absolute asset to the program.  On behalf of Sydney Boys debating I wish you the very best in the future and hope that you will come back to be guest speaker at a future Debating Assembly.

"Tonight I would like to give a huge thank you to the parents who contribute to the debating program at High. Without the support of your parents SBHS debating would simply not be able to take place. This year we have had even greater numbers of parents helping out with suppers and taking part in parking events. Parents of the UN debaters have been especially supportive which has been a real help to me and particularly encouraging to the boys.  Some parents deserve a special mention as they are willing to take responsibly for  key functions with the Debating Supporters Group:  Craig Phillis our President, Nina Ilina and Dora Shapiro our supper coordinators , Keith Shortridge our Treasurer, Ronald Trent our Parking Coordinator, Victor Ziegler our secretary and Glynis Bartley who we have to thank for this evening.

"Every year we have to say goodbye to parents and it is with regret that this year we will be saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Irwin and Peter’s mum who have been regular attenders of all their son’s debates. As well, it is goodbye to Jonathans’ mum, Eden who has been so generous to the program by providing us with all new table ware and by always bringing delicious food to each home debate.

"Finally, I am sure I speak for every debater who has attended a home debate at High in the last few years, when I say it is with a deep regret that we say goodbye to Nina this year. Nina’s hard work and dedication has made our debating suppers the talk of Sydney Debating Circuit. There is no end to the thanks we can give her for that. I am personally very sad to say goodbye to Nina who has become a friend and I know that she is very sad to be leaving us. Please join me in a huge round of High thanks for Nina.

"Thank you to all of the students, coaches, teachers and parents that have made this year’s debating program so successful. We now face a well-deserved rest before coming back even stronger in 2015."
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit           


High vs. Grammar

With most games called off due to the bad weather it was a fun day for those that got to play. Unfortunately Grammar 1st XV narrowly defeated Sydney High 1st XV in treachourous conditions. Well done on a great season by all teams. The improvement over the course of the season, from the under 13s to the opens, was impressive. A great effort from the whole coaching staff and players at SBHS.
Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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Sydney Boys High Athletics


Sydney Boys High School has won the Kippax Cup (best non-sporting boys high school) for the 2nd year in a row! SBHS managed to even finish above all the sporting high schools in the points score. Our first state-level competition of the year kicked off in style with some solid results, the boys competed in the CHS State Athletics in 3 days of competition. Pete Upatising finished 4th in 17+ long jump, an agonising 1cm off a bronze medal but nonetheless a great effort! Jumps continued in style with Benjamin Nguyen bringing home the first medal of our campaign with a brilliant final jump of 4.91m to win gold in the 12s long jump - congratulations Ben. Ben Nguyen continued his ridiculous form with a 3rd in the 12s 200m, breaking the school record in the process. Ben now holds the 200, 400, hurdles and long jump school records in his age. He finished 4th in his hurdles final after slipping before the first hurdle, and 6th in his 100m final. Big points from the young man with a big future! Luke Schofield followed up his amazing form at national XC to win the 15s 3000m title, running a 29 second PB in the process. That's right, each 100m was, on average, 1 second faster than his previous best 3k. Jayden Schofield also finished up 7th in the same event, awesome work boys. The hurdlers had a streak of 4th placings - Neil Song, Jeffrey Zheng and Ben Nguyen were all solid 4th place finished with Neil and Jeffrey running PB times in blustery, rainy conditions. Well done boys, excellent effort. The relays had a big day as expected - the 13s came 4th in a solid race, 17+ got a bronze medal and the 14s  were just pipped on the line, taking a silver medal. The 16s did not finish. Leonard Mah progressed to the final of the 17+ 200m in 6th position and ran the final in the afternoon to finish 4th behind some exceptionally talented athletes, and into a gigantic headwind. Leonard Mah was again 4th in the 17s 100m, an agonising 0.01 off a medal. Stevie Young finished 6th in the 15's 800m final, a big effort for his first year of running folks!

Other Fantastic Results include:
Ryan Ho-Shon – 14s 400m – 9th
Brandon Nguyen – 14s Hurdles - 10
Thien Dang - 15s long jump - 10th
James Tinker - 16s 800m - 10th
Ethan Merrick - 16s 400m – 10th
Steven Chung -  17+ 3000m – 10th 
Jason Yip – 13s Hurdles – 12th
Neil Song - 17+ discus – 15th
James Cai - 16s 100m - 16th & 16s Long Jump – 12th
James Luo -  12s discus – 17th.

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SHS Cross Country

Congratulations to the Schofield boys!  Last week, Luke & Jayden Schofield raced the 3000m final for track and field at NSW CHS Athletics state championships.  Representing Sydney East, both boys produced impressive PBs in windy conditions. There were 18 entrants from the ten regions of NSW in the race, with Jayden coming home 7th in his first state athletics final, and Luke held off the competition winning GOLD in an impressive time of 9:15. This is the fastest time in four years at the event, wiping a massive 29 seconds off his previous best time.  It was Luke's first individual school state medal.

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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 3 Week 8

Team Against Result Scorers
GPS Round 7
1st XI Grammar 1st XI Won 1 – 0 Chris Nguyen
2nd XI Grammar 2nd XI Lost 0 – 3
3rd XI Grammar 3rd XI W/O
4th XI Grammar 4th XI W/O
5th XI Grammar 5th XI W/O
6th XI Grammar 6th XI W/O
7th XI Grammar 7th XI W/O
8th XI King’s 5th XI Lost 0 – 12
9th XI King’s 6th XI Drew 1 – 1 Eatrend Wang
10 XI King’s 7th XI Lost 0 – 1
16A XI Grammar 16A W/O
16B XI Grammar 16B W/O
16C XI Grammar 16C W/O
16D XI Grammar 16D W/O
16E XI Grammar 16E W/O
15A XI Grammar 15A W/O
15B XI Grammar 15B W/O
15C XI Grammar 15C W/O
15D XI Grammar 15D W/O
15E XI Grammar 15E W/O
14A XI Grammar 14A W/O
14B XI Grammar 14B W/O
14C XI Grammar 14C W/O
14D XI Grammar 14D W/O
14E XI Grammar 14E W/O
13A XI Grammar 13A W/O
13B XI Grammar 13B W/O
13C XI Grammar 13C W/O
13D XI Grammar 13D W/O
13E XI Grammar 13E W/O
Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report

Two minutes remaining and the game was still locked at nil all. We had many shots on goal compared to Grammar’s one shot saved by our goal keeper, John Seroukas, and we were determined to get that match winning goal. Five minutes before full time our coach replaces Shayan Vatandoust with our up and coming rising star from Year 9, Chris Nguyen, to add some more striking power. Just before half time our striker, Jesse Cooper, comes off with an ankle injury, but digs deep to play the whole of the second half on one leg. Before Kick-off the field was three inches under water with the possibility of the fixtures being cancelled. Fortunately the water drained away and we managed to get the 1st and 2nd XI matches on. Now one minute to go in the match and we were pressing hard with the large SBHS crowd led by Ricky Saha chanting war cries. The ball comes to Chris Nguyen who dribbles it inside the box and then passes it out wide to find Adilmorad Nadir. Adil crosses it back and finds the toe of our rising star that passes the goal keeper and into the back of the net. Chris turned around only to find himself swamped by all the SBHS spectators and team mates jumping and celebrating with great excitement. Chris came out of it stunned by the reaction he received. We then had to defend for a short time and the whistle was blown to call full time followed by great elation by our players and supporters. 

What a fantastic way to end a very successful season for SBHS Football. We have been going since mid-March and the boys have trained and played with great enthusiasm and spirit. Our 1st ended up 5th on the ladder with two of our draws coming from high ranked teams. Our 2nd XI full of youth came 8th showing a lot of promise for next season.

Unfortunately apart from our 8th-10th XI teams all other matches were washed out for the third week in a row. To go from a dry period for so long into an unpleasant way to end a season was frustrating for all. But with the success we had for the season I am sure the boys will be primed and ready come 2015.

Don’t forget this Saturday, 13th September we have our end of season football dinner starting at 5pm in The Great Hall.

Thank you all for everyone’s support in the successful season for SBHS Football. Without the coaches and parents we would not be fulfilling our role in developing our students from boys to men and providing them with a holistic education.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC Football

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SHS Rowing Committee


Saturday 11 October 2014
High Rowing Sheds, Abbotsford

  • Junior Rowing Parents 8.00 – 9.00am
  • Year 10 Eights Parents 9.30 – 10.30am
  • Senior Rowing Parents 11am – 12pm

Parents … this is a very important meeting to attend so you are informed on what is happening during the rowing season.



  • The season calendar with important dates and camps identified
  • The weekly rowing schedule
  • Outline of what’s expected of the boys and how parents can contribute
  • Study/tuition sessions at camps
  • Outline of camp duties for Y10 Eights and senior parents
  • Who’s who? Meet the MIC, Coaches, Old Boys and Committee
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