High Notes, Vol 15 No 28, September 05 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
In the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Writing test – Louis Shapiro (Year 9) achieved the top score for NSW and the ACT and is eligible for a medal. Congratulations, Louis.

Deputy Principal Con Barris retires
Highly regarded Deputy Principal of the Junior School, Con Barris, retired this week. He was a student at High (1966-1971). Con contributed a great deal to the academic, co-curricular and social life of the school since his appointment as a history teacher in February, 1985. As Head Teacher of History and as Deputy Principal since July, 2009, Con has made an outstanding contribution to the learning culture of the school. He pioneered acceleration and blended delivery in his faculty and courageously supported my change agenda when it was unfashionable to do so. His interpersonal and communication skills were important catalysts in the school’s evolving collaborative and respectful relationships culture. He is a true believer in High who walked the talk. He was an institution as rowing MIC and later proved to be a passionate rugby coach. As a high quality leader, Con maintained a staunch faith in the past, possessed an engaging ability to keep pace with the present and demonstrated the strength of will to act to preserve the good name of High in the future. He will be missed.

Student Run Organisations
Erratum: When I wrote in High Notes about the SRO initiative I unwittingly omitted the major role of Jemy Ma who authored the first draft of the Proposal.  I apologise to Jemy who did most of the work. I can confirm that the Executive resolved to allow a trial of Student Run Organisations under the revised constitutional requirements which includes the necessity of having a nominated staff patron for the organisation. The staff member will have the authority to approve, edit, modify or disallow SRO publications and activities. The structure will be ‘guided autonomy’ – as long as the SRO operates within DEC and school policy as interpreted by the organisation patron, it will be free to run its own affairs. As a first step the SBHS Community services Committee has lodged with me its Constitution as an SRO.

ASF Direct Donations
The Australian Sports Foundation has revamped its website and it now has the facility to donate directly to a Sydney Boys High registered project online. This new system will ultimately streamline the donation process, with payments direct to ASF becoming the norm. Each project will have its own discrete link. 

For example, the Sports Development Fund has a link:

The Sports Facilities link is:

and the Sports Equipment Project has a link: 

One benefit of online donations is that donors will receive an automated receipt for tax purposes via email as soon as the donation is processed. To make this possible, it is imperative that valid email addresses are now provided by all donors. At the end of each month, each project that has received donations will be emailed a report detailing its donor activity. This will help us to keep track of our fundraising efforts and allow us to send a belated ‘thank you’ to our donors.

Year 12, 2015 – Leadership Group
I want to congratulate all the Prefect Interns who were elected to office recently:
AHN Daniel, ALLINGHAM Anthony, BARANWAL Shaleen, CHAN Brian, CHANDRASEKARAN Ganesh, CHANG William, CHEE James, CHEN Yu-Fan, CHEW Jonathan, CHIANG Desmond, GEORGE Thomas, HOAD Luke, HOSSAIN Alexander, JIANG Bennette, KE Kevin, KULASINGHE Yoshika, LOIZOU Loizos, LUO Yi Dong, MAH Leonard, MALOOF Joshua, MAO Chi, MO Brian, MOSTAFA Niyaz, MUSGROVE Sam, NADIR Adilmorad, NAM Andrew, NIXON Jesse, PHILLIS Nicholas, SAHA Rick, SHANKAR Gautham, TAN Jackson, TINKER James, TRAN Bosco, TRAN Joshua and WU Jonathan.

From this group, Luke Hoad was elected as School Captain with Niyaz Mostafa as Vice-Captain. In consultation with Mr Kesting, these boys selected Bosco Tran for the position of Senior Prefect. I want to thank all those involved in the process and congratulate the senior leadership team. I hope to work closely with you for the remainder of 2014 and in 2015.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Parent Information Evenings

Year 9 2015 Parent Information Evening

A Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 9 September in the Great Hall at 6:00 pm  to discuss the subjects studied by boys in Year 9 2015.

Year 11 2015 Parent Information Evening

A Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 9 September in the Great Hall at 7:00 pm to discuss the subjects studied by boys in Year 11 2015.
R Dowdell
Deputy Principal

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Chess News

Congratulations to our Junior A team who won the semi final of the Metropolitan East interschool chess competition against Sydney Grammar A. These boys are Raymond Li, Peter Boylan, Christopher Yuan and Gorden Zhuang. Rowena Barr

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From the High Store

9th Sept through till the 19th Sept.

Stam Farrugia & Cindy Tseu have kindly volunteered to open the store
On Friday 12th Sept 10.30am – 1.30pm for your convenience.
No exchanges will be processed on this day.
The store will re-open first day back Term 4

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From the Junior Library


Our Open Day display on current magazine articles is meant as a reminder to our present students that our libraries subscribe to 23 popular magazines (as well as purchasing DVDs and books and subscribing to all the newspapers).The Library Monitors have picked articles they felt interested in from the latest magazines on the top display shelf to show everyone what they can read in a magazine if they are” fictioned out”.  So F1 Racing features an article on Daniel Ricciardo the smiling assassin of formula one.  New Scientist features an article on how much you can earn professional video-gaming. The Planetary Report features China on the Moon. The World of Knowledge Australia has a feature on what is the quickest way to build muscle.

Top Gear lists the top five hyper cars – The Pagani Huayara, the Farrari Laferrari, the Mclaren P1, the Konigsegg Agera R and the Lamborghini Aventador as well as an article on the Porsche 911 GT3.

In Australian Personal Computer, APC, the boys found Microsoft surface Pro 3 which they recommend for Bring Your Own Device next year.

Year 9 certainly enjoyed their visiting author this year.  Will Kostakis managed to get his first book published when he was 19.  He provided a living example of persistence achieving success to our students and inspired our boys to take their ability at writing as a serious skill worth polishing. He offered life examples of how editing does make your writing commercially acceptable. Will discussed journalists’ careers in blogs and Facebook as well as newspapers.

It was lovely to once again see Joy Heads bring in her Old Boy husband’s latest journalistic ventures to top up our Ian Heads Collection.  Thanks to both Ian and Joy for ensuring that Sydney Boys High Libraries have a copy of – The Fittler Files (Brad Fittler with Ian Heads),

The Beach Club, One hundred years at Balmoral (Ian Heads) and The Night the Music Died. How a bunch of bushies forged Rugby League’s last great fairytale.(Ian Heads).  Ian is well respected journalist who specialises in interviewing famous sportsmen and he also explores interesting emerging hypotheses or historical changes in particular sports.  Like Will Kostakis our visiting author, Ian’s Collection of books is an inspiration to our budding journalists and an exemplar of following your dream as a career.  Boys can look Ian’s total collection up under his name “Heads, Ian” in Library Enquiry.

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Wear it Purple Day 

On the 29th of August, Sydney Boys High hosted a Wear it Purple Day event to raise awareness about the diverse sexual and gender identities that exist and to promote this diversity as something to be accepted amongst communities. This year’s feature was to host a fancy-dress basketball game to promote the diversity of identities that exist and in turn show that stereotypes don’t define us and that only an individual can know the individual.

This year Wear it Purple focused on stereotypes surrounding the GLBTIQ community and the sort of tags which limit the identity of people. I hope it allowed people to realise that all humans are simply people and we should not be tying down their individualism with stigmas and discriminatory behaviour. To spread this message of equality, Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High together signed a pledge which simply agreed to this statement and to discourage discrimination, bullying, homophobia and transphobia in school environments.

I would like to thank Dr Jaggar, Mr Barris, Ms Powell, Mr Dowdell, Ms Connell, Ms Vickers and Mr Harrison for supporting both schools in continuing to enrich our environment so that people have the right to be proud of who they are. I would also like to extend those thanks to the Surry Hills police who have continued their involvement in our Wear it Purple day proceedings. Thanks also to Siobhan O’Brien, Caitlin O’Brien, Martin Nguyen, Anthony Tan, Darren Taing and many unforgotten others who made the day very special and successful.  Also, thank you to the volunteer basketball players who made the fancy-dress basketball game such an interesting spectacle.

To the rest of the students and staff who wore purple that day, you have no idea how powerful your message of support is to people who are struggling with their identity.  On their behalf I would truly like to thank you and urge more people to spread the message of love and acceptance next year by Wearing it Purple on 29th August.

The full transcript of the pledge signed by students/staff from Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High is available at:
Howard Gu

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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 3 Week 7

Team Against Result Scorers
GPS Round 6
1st XI Shore 1st XI Lost 2 – 5 Nathan Sutton, Tom Nimac
2nd XI Shore 2nd XI Lost 0 – 4
3rd XI Shore 3rd XI W/O
4th XI Riverview 8th XI W/O
5th XI Riverview 9th XI W/O
6th XI Riverview 10th XI W/O
7th XI King’s 9th XI Won 4 – 1 Raunuk Sura, Alif Khondaker, Bosco Tran, Kevin Liang
8th XI Shore 4th XI W/O
9th XI Shore 5th XI W/O
10 XI Shore 6th XI W/O
16A XI Shore 16A W/O
16B XI Shore 16B W/O
16C XI Grammar 16D W/O
16D XI King’s 16D Won 3 – 2 Ryan Chan, Hayden Ou, Joshua King
16E XI Shore 16C W/O
15A XI Shore 15A W/O
15B XI Shore 15B W/O
15C XI Newington 15E W/O
15D XI Newington 15F W/O
15E XI Shore 15C W/O
14A XI Shore 14A W/O
14B XI Shore 14B W/O
14C XI Shore 14C W/O
14D XI Shore 14D W/O
14E XI Shore 14E W/O
13A XI Shore 13A W/O
13B XI Shore 13B W/O
13C XI Newington 13C Lost 0 – 7
13D XI Shore 13C W/O
13E XI Shore 13D W/O
   Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report 

What a wet few weeks it has been. Non-stop rain has disrupted what has been a very enjoyable season thus far. We had to change the location of our 1st and 2nd XI matches from our home ground to Shore’s home ground, Northbridge D. Our 2nd XI started the match with great intensity, but to Shore’s credit they were too fast up front for our defensive back line opening up plenty of space and allowing them to create many shots on target. Our goal keeper, Liam Jepson actually had a good game diving left and right saving many goals. Our 1st XI came out like they have all season, high tempo and physical on the ball.

The score line of a 2-5 loss does not indicate the match. We had over 60% of possession with the majority of the match played in their half, but like our 2nd XI we also lacked speed at the back allowing the forwards to run, pass and take their chances on goal. The boys once again being 4-0 down fought back and scored two well-deserved goals to get it back to 4-2. Nathan Sutton, who has been one of our strongest players all through the GPS season, struck a half volley 20 yards out beating many players and the goal keeper to notch up his first goal for the season.

The opposing captain mentioned in the afternoon-tea presentation, the game was actually one of their most difficult games and the score line did not represent how hard the Shore boys had to work.

This Saturday sees our final match of the GPS season against our long-time rivals, Sydney Grammar School. The boys have been psyched about this match all year and are keen to win the battle of the selective schools. Our 1st and 2nd XI will be kicking off at an earlier time at 10am and

11:15am down at David Philips (synthetic) field. The boys would love to see as many of you there to come and send off the Year 12s on a “High” note.  Afterwards there will be a bus to take them back to McKay 1 to be involved in the opening of the new Fairland Pavilion scoreboard and watch the 1st XV battle up against top of the table Grammar’s 1st XV.

We have also confirmed a date for our end of season Football prize giving night. This will be held on Saturday 13th September starting at 5pm in the Great Hall. I will be attaching the flyer and emailing it out to all families. Seats are limited to 250 so please get in fast to guarantee a spot. I will make preference to families whose boys will be receiving a prize.

I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighFootball

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS tack suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • If you are unavailable to play you MUST notify your coach well in advance. Just doing it online is not sufficient.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

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SBHS 2014 Rugby Dinner

Friday 12 September 2014.  6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start.

Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.

Players, parents, coaches, friends and supporters.
Players to wear school uniform. Adults wear smart casual.

To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our players and because friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime.

$35 per person.
Payable to the school office by Monday 8 September.
Maximum seating 220.

Soft drinks and mineral water provided.

The SBHS 2014 Rugby Dinner RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Annual Football Dinner 2014

SBHS Football will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Football dinner. Events such as these are therefore a great opportunity for students and parents to meet all the other friendly faces in the HIGH Football Community. Each team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved

When: Saturday, 13th September 2014. 4:30pm for 5:00pm start.

Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.

Cost: $35 per person, please pay at the school front office.

RSVP: Monday the 8th September

Dress: All students must wear full school uniform

Beverages: BYO

*Vegetarian and halal diets catered for

Please return the [RSVP form] with your payment to the main office.

The coach of each team will be invited to attend the dinner as a guest.
Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.


The Sydney High Footbal Dinner 2014 RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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