High Notes, Vol 15 No 27, August 29 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to the first grade volleyball team who held to win another Co-premiership – High’s twelfth title in an unbroken run since 2003.The second grade boys remained undefeated to become Champions. High Old Boys commissioned and presented an unofficial trophy – the Michael Kay Shield for First Grade Volleyball. The Shield recognises Michael’s outstanding contribution to the sport for many years. Old Boys David Morrow and Arshdeep Dosanjh are currently touring Kazakhstan with the Australian Men’s Volleyball team. Jack Zhou was announced as National Winner of the UNSW Australian and NZ Business Competition – another great competition success!

Cyber Bullying – Tell Someone!
Professor Katz at UNSW in a recent report discovered that up to 44% of children aged 10-17 are victims of cyber bullying. His best estimate is that about one in five students are victims, with 72% of surveyed schools having received a report of online bullying last year. Whilst cyber bullying has appeared to plateau, its effects are more damaging than face-to-face bullying with abusive text and images potentially being viewed by hundreds of people. Offenders often try hard to conceal their identity, thereby exacerbating the anguish of the victim, not knowing who the perpetrator is. Katz recommends better education, rapid intervention and swift removal of offensive material as the appropriate responses. If you are being bullied online – tell somebody! Confide in your parents, friends, Year Adviser or School Counsellor. We are all entitled to respectful relationships with others.

Student Voice and SROs
Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes the rights of children and young people to express an opinion and to have that opinion taken into account when decisions are being made on any matter that affects them. Best practice programs initiated by young people, have decision-making shared between young people and adults. At High we have several groups who gather for specific purposes – Community Services Committee, PAWS, Economics Society, Chess Club, Islamic Society and others. Students are free to discuss matters of interest to them and to initiate activities to promote their views or their causes. None of the groups has a Constitution or a set of standard operating procedures.

A detailed proposal to establish school-recognised Student Run Organisations (SROs) was put by students to the Executive for discussion. The proposal was considered and returned to the proposers, principally the draft author, Arthur Chau, for amendment and editing. The amended version will be taken to Executive for ratification. I have no objection in principle to Student Run Organisations, providing they act within the agreed Constitution.

Induction Program for New Coaches
Mr Pavone has drafted an induction training package for new coaches. With the Sports Policy increasing the number of training sessions as well as the expected level of coaching expertise, we need to have new coaches inducted properly after appointment. Of critical importance is their obligation to mark the rolls at training and on Saturdays. As well, the AAGPS Code of Conduct is an important foundation for our expectations. The benefits of more training and more widespread coaching are beginning to flow. The performance gap between High and other GPS schools is closing in some areas.

September 6 – High v SGS
We really need your support for the ‘High belongs in the Park’ campaign. The refurbished Fairland Pavilion will be officially opened ahead of the First XV game between High and arch rivals – SGS. We need to show our commitment to Centennial Parklands – a large crowd of High supporters can help to do that. Come and celebrate our >80 year association with the Park at McKay Oval.
Dr K Jaggar

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From the High Store

9th Sept through till the 19th Sept.

Stam Farrugia & Cindy Tseu have kindly volunteered to open the store
On Friday 12th Sept 10.30am – 1.30pm for your convenience.
No exchanges will be processed on this day.
The store will re-open first day back Term 4


Foldable Chair with SHS crest. Great for dad to watch your match 
Normally $50  NOW $25

Limited Time Sale Ends 5th Sept

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Chess News

Congratulations to our Junior A team who won their quarter final against Trinity Grammar and will now play the semi final of the Metropolitan East schools competition against Sydney Grammar on Friday 29th. August.

These players are Raymond Li, Peter Boylan, Lenard Jia, Gorden Zhuang, Christopher Yuan.

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The Armidale School Sporting Exchange

Harris Hannon Cup 2014

On Friday 22 August, 225 boys, 12 staff and 5 coaches travelled up to Armidale for our annual sporting exchange with The Armidale School. Originally conceptualised as a rugby exchange, the trip now involves tennis, basketball, debating, and football as part of the program. The aim is for the SBHS boys to be involved in more than one activity over the weekend where possible. Last year we introduced the Harris-Hannon Cup, which the sporting exchange is now named after. We were unsuccessful in winning it last year so all eyes were on it this trip! The Cup acknowledges the dedication over an extended period of time to both schools of Mr Hannon from SBHS and Mr Harris from TAS.

The weekend’s sporting fixture kicked off on Friday night with our junior tennis team taking to the court in winning fashion. The team consisted of Matthew O’Sullivan (W 7-5), Danny Yu (W 6-2), Branco (L 2-6) and Jack Karnaghan (W 6-1) and the double matches Matthew and Jack (W 6-1), Danny and Branco (L 1-6). The senior team continued the winning ways with all players taking out their singles matches - Adam Smagarinsky (W 6-1), Joshua Sanqueza (W 6-0), Eddy Wang (W 6-0) and Steven Young (W 6-0). Then, the doubles pairing of Adam and Josh (L 4-6) and Eddy and Steve (W 6-0) assisted the Friday night results in favour of Sydney High.

Following the tennis, the junior basketball team then followed suit. With players ranging from Years 7-10, the team displayed the depth in the basketball program as most of these players had rarely played together. This proved no barrier for the boys as they defeated TAS 60-28. The senior basketball team (Years 10-12) then took to the court and continued the winning ways for High. This match was a highlight of the weekend with a great atmosphere created in the TAS gymnasium from both schools due to the loud and continuous chants. With High’s team made up predominantly of 1st grade players, the result was well in our favour, the boys taking out a comprehensive 59-17 victory. Thank you to Old Boy coaches Bill Wang and Shuming Wang for their professional manner in coaching the side.

Saturday sport kicked off early with the rifle shooters setting off at 8.00am. With a balance of the more experienced and new younger rifle shooters, High eventually won the shoot with a score of 1254 to TAS 1202 and also had New England Girls School (NEGS) to compete with. Thank you to Mr Daniel Comben and Mr Sam Kremer for coordinating the shooting for the weekend.

Due to AAGPS commitments, High has not taken football teams to TAS since 2012. However, with a gap in the fixtures for the matches against Scots College over the weekend in Sydney, the school put together a 15B football team under the guidance of Mr Jamie Kay to play the TAS 15A football team. Despite a number of chances and missed opportunities, the team eventually went down 2-0.

The focus of Saturday was for our rugby teams to show how much they have improved since 2013. With the majority of players making the trip up to Armidale, confidence was high heading into the matches. Despite the overall results, the matches were competitive and the score lines were closer than in previous years. A great effort and improvement from our boys.

The official rugby results were:

13Cs – Friendly,
13Bs – Lost 43-12,
13As – Won 12-7,
14Bs – Lost 24-12,
14As – Lost 14-0,
15Bs – Won 31-17,
15As – Lost 31-0,
16A – Lost 56-0,
3rds – Lost 19-17,
2nds – Lost 21-0,
1st Lost 26-7

Before the 1st XV match, the crowd was treated to the 4 x 100m athletics relays running end to end of the main rugby oval with a gauntlet of boys from both schools cheering the boys on. High ended up winning the 14s and 15s years relays, with the 13s and 16s relay teams just missing out on first place.

In 2013, the exchange expanded out to offer debating to the schools. In between games on Saturday morning our boys prepared for their debates and they were quietly confident High would prevail! However, the results went in favour of TAS. Our Year 7 and 8 teams went down while Year 9 and 10 won their debates before 1st grade lost despite their convincing arguments.

I would personally like to thank the following staff for their contribution to the weekend:

Mr Paul Wright (Tennis), Mr George Barris (rugby coordination and 16s coach), Mr Bill Wang (basketball and rugby coach), Mr Graham Moody (rugby coach), Mr Mick Aldous (rugby coach), Mr Paul Scrivener (rugby coach), Mr Anthony Cipolla (rugby coach), Mr Jamie Kay (football coach), Ms Rachel Powell (debating coordinator), Mr Daniel Comben (rifle shooting), Mr Tony Hannon (rugby coach), Mr Bruce Gordon (first aid), Mr Sam Kremer (rifle shooting), Mr Andrew Walters (rugby coach), Mr Shuming Wang (rugby and basketball coach), Mr Eamon Kelly (rugby coach), Mr Oliver Kirk (rugby coach), Mr Ishan Nadkarni (rifle shooting) .

Lastly, a big thank you to all the Armidale staff, coaches and parents for their hospitality and smooth operation of events over the weekend.

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From the Junior Library

Both our libraries are very excited that SBHS Libraries have been chosen as an early tester for Oliver – the new DEC Web based library system.  Trials for Oliver begin in October and our Junior Library has a busy schedule cleaning up sections of our database so this installation will be smooth.  The great news is that our school will now be able to purchase and loan out E books.  E books on our libraries will still register as a library loan.  (This will enable our librarians to report as they do now on the success of our reading programs.)  Our librarians will also still be able to specially select a boys reading collection.  As with paper based loans, books will only be able to be loaned one at a time. If another student has the book out it will not be available to others until the loan period is over.   E -Books at present cost the same amount as the paper based versions. Depending on the publisher the library will only own the books for a designated period of time or a certain number of loans.  Some publishers are making this 3 years.  Others are making it 59 loans.  However books will not be able to be damaged.  They will not need covering or labelling.  They will however still need to be downloaded onto our Library system.  Our librarians really look forward to the boys having the most exciting young adult popular reading at their fingertips.  E books are arriving just as our school is taking on the equipment - BYOD – to use as home and school readers.  This timing is perfect for Sydney Boys High students as far as E books go.

Would Science teachers and students please look at the front page of Library Enquiry to be able to click into an Ebook trial.  History teachers and students can use this link to also trial History E books from Gale. Please let the Librarians know how you liked these resources.  With Oliver coming in October our librarians will be looking for E books and useful databases to purchase – your feedback is essential.

Both of our librarians have found your feedback really valuable. Our Junior library based its purchases on your survey feedback more successfully this year than ever in the past.  With the advent of E resources your feedback and analysing our library statistics is the way we will run our libraries as we will see less of your activities in front of our faces.  So please take the trouble to talk to us via the surveys and email.

Years 9 and 10 are in for a treat next week with their visiting author, Will Kostakis. Will doubles as a stand-up comic. However he does not need any second persona to shine with his teen winner – The First Third. This novel laughs along with every boy who had parents and grandparents - particularly those who share another culture.  The First Third is only Will’s second novel.  He wrote his first, Loathing Lola, when he was 19.  It was shortlisted for the Sakura Medal in Japan.  So you too may be a budding Will Kostakis! Will is coming out for Year 9 on Monday and Year 10 on Tuesday next week

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What’s up in the McDonald Senior Library?

Oliver library system to be implemented at SBH

2014 is proving to be an exciting year in the school library world with the Education Department’s acceptance of Softlink’s tender for the new Library Management system, Oliver. This will mean advanced web-based functionality to the benefit of students and staff using the system and for library staff managing it.

Student learning will be significantly enhanced with digital capability for use of E-Books and online resources and more flexibility for the addition of school based and curated materials to the system.

We are thrilled at SBH especially in the two libraries that we will be in the first group of schools implementing the new system. Oasis has served us well but is long overdue to be replaced with 21st century technology. We look forward to giving our students and school community improved access and more efficient services once this new system is up and running, hopefully sometime in the first half of 2015.

Author visit coming up next week in both libraries

Will Kostakis a talented, new author and shortlisted on CBC Book Awards for the Older Reader’s category for his latest novel The First Third, is coming to speak to our Year 9 and 10 students next week. On Monday he will be presenting to the Year 9s in the Andrews Junior Library and on Tuesday the Year 10 students will be attending his presentation in the McDonald Senior Library. Will began his writing career at the tender age of 19 years, winning the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year Award in 2005 for a collection of short stories. His first novel Loathing Lola published in 2008 was shortlisted for the Sakura Medal awards in Japan. In 2010 Will was selected for the Australian government’s Get Reading! Program.

Will is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and I’m sure the boys will gain much from hearing him speak.

Year 12 end of year Library procedures

As our wonderful Year 12 students approach the end of their school lives we need to finalise a few library matters before they go off on study leave prior to their HSC exams.  We are asking the boys to return all their library loans by 5th September and then re borrow any urgently required resources needed for their studies up to the HSC. To borrow books after this date please see the teacher librarian and you will be asked to sign an agreement that you will return all outstanding items after completing the HSC. It’s always hard to believe that we have reached this time again as it seems only a short time ago that they were starting their Year 12 HSC studies and spending many hours in the Senior Library, studying, reading, discussing, collaborating! We wish them all well and hope they enjoy their final weeks at SBH.

New resources on Library Enquiry - E-Resources at SBHS

The teacher librarians have been busy updating links to some useful and interesting digital resources accessible through our Library Enquiry.  They include:

  • Gale Library – Science (Trial)
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online –
    Use the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition K- 12 to search or browse for information in encyclopaedias, magazines, videos, and Web sites.
  • SpineOut online magazine
  •  Khan Academy -
    Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization aiming to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Open Day in the SBH Libraries

Both Andrews Junior Library and McDonald Senior Library would like to invite all parents and interested visitors to come and see what’s happening in the libraries on Open Day, Thursday 28th August, next week. The teacher librarians and library staff would be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding library services and resources.

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Daffodil Day At Central

Daffodil Day is a fundraising event run by the Cancer Council of NSW, a charity which aims to increase awareness of and funds for cancer research in Australia. This year, a group of 80 of our students participated in the Daffodil Day external collection at Central Station on Friday, 22nd August. Each collection duo managed to raise more than $150, an outstanding effort!  Rick Saha and Luke Hoad, working cooperatively with Daffodil Day representatives and Mr Phillipson, were able to organise the event very efficiently.  In conjunction, Shreyas Pulapaka and Ganesh Chandrasekaran supervised the event on the day, proving to be effective in management.  The event was extremely successful, with the Daffodil Day representatives very impressed with our contribution. Thank you to all the boys who woke up very early to arrive at Central at 6:15am.

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From the Office

Cash Register Window

Please ensure that all students have the correct money when making cash payments at the register. Remember payments can be made before school, recess and lunchtime.

Cash Register Opening Hours

Monday & Tuesday:
Before school (open 8.30)
Lunch time only (11.10-11.50)

Wednesday & Thurs:
Before school (open 8.30)
Recess (11.10-11.30)
Lunch (12.30-1.10)

Before school (open 8.30)
Lunch time only (11.35-12.05)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Medical Conditions

Notice to All Parents

It is a parent responsibility to notify the Front Office First Aid Staff if your son has a medical condition which requires medication. All medication such as Epipen’s need to be clearly marked with your son’s name and have a current expiry date.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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Australian Cross Country Championships

On Saturday, 2nd August, Athletics NSW held the State Short Course cross country championships where Sydney High student, Luke Schofield, won gold for the U16 age group and is now the NSW state age champ.

The pace was fierce at an average of 3:12/km (first km was 2:56).  Most of the competitors are top ranked Cross Country racers from all schools.  Luke came in 2nd in the race to National Champ Joshua Thorley from the ACT, but both Josh & Luke were given GOLD as they were from different states. 

This is Luke's first individual state medal.

This last weekend, Luke then travelled to Albany, Western Australia to compete on the Australian Championships. He came 6th, upstaging all ten NSW boys who were ahead at state at the CHS level. Luke was just 10 seconds off a podium position. The time was fast. According to his GPS watch the flat course pace was fierce, and averaging 3:16 /km. Luke earned a bronze medal from Athletics Australia for the NSW state team (top 4 NSW runners) behind QLD and VIC.       

Australian Cross Country Championships
Albany, WA   - 23/08/2014

Comp# Name                    Team Time
1   444  Josh Torley 15  SsACT 12:28
2   500  Lorcan Redmond 14  SsNSW 12:31
3   765  Getasew Ferguson 15  Tas 12:59
4   799  James Stanley 15  Vic 12:59
5   539  Hayden Baker 15  SsQld 13:05
6   379  Luke Schofield 15  NSW 13:09
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From Rifle Shooting

Last weekend, the High Shooting Team took 16 shooters to the Armidale School for our annual smallbore competition.  On Saturday morning, we headed down to the Armidale smallbore range at 8am as the earliest event of the day, and after witnessing the basketball team’s dominant victory the night before, our team wanted to achieve the same results.  Our shooters consisted of Jeremy Chan (12), Minghao Wu (12),Terry Fong (12,) Kaiwei Liu (12), Justin Ng (12), Rex Yi (12), Desmond Chiang (11), Timothy Tran (11), Angelo Yan (11), Ciaran Farrell (10), John Huang (10), Udayveer Singh (10), James Jiang (9), Wentao Ruan (9), Kenfond Xuan (9), Nathan Pan (7).  For quite a few of our shooters, this was their first competition shoot, but despite their inexperience, the shooters performed very well, with Kenfond scoring 152/180 and Angelo scoring 150.  It was extremely nice to see the smallbore program at SISC paying off as 12 out of our 16 shooters scored higher than 150 and the consistency between all our shooters shows the newfound depth in our shooting team as a result from the new shooting programme.  We ended the day with a score of 1254/1440, defeating TAS by 52 points, to take out the Tankshell Trophy.  Timothy Tran was our top shooter, scoring 162/180.

I’d like to thank Mr Comben for taking care of the shooting team, since Mrs Meaney wasn’t available this year, Old Boy Sam Kremer for handling all the gear allocation, as well as Ryan Woo and Brendan Leo for coming up to support the team.
Jeremy Chan
Captain of Rifles 2014

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


High vs Armidale

It was a tough trip up to Armidale with all teams facing fierce competition at the end of an 8 hour bus journey. Well done to the 13As and 15Bs who fought out tough victories. In the first XV game the size and speed of the Armidale team was just too much for our boys, going down in a competitive encounter.

Rugby Dinner

Friday 12 September 2014.  6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start.

Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.

Players, parents, coaches, friends and supporters.

Players to wear school uniform. Adults wear smart casual.

To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our players and because friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime.

$35 per person.
Payable to the school office by Monday 8 September.
Maximum seating 220.

Soft drinks and mineral water provided.

Game schedule for the remainder of the season

Date Game
Sep 6 High vs Grammar

Mr G Barris
MIC Rugby

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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 3 Week 6

Team Against Result Scorers
GPS Round 5
1st XI Scots 1st XI Lost 1 –2 Adilmorad Nadir
2nd XI Scots 2nd XI Lost 0 – 5
3rd XI Scots 3rd XI W/O
4th XI Scots 4th XI W/O
5th XI Scots 5th XI W/O
6th XI Scots 6th XI W/O
7th XI Scots 7th XI W/O
8th XI Scots 8th XI W/O
9th XI Scots 9th XI W/O
10 XI Scots 10th XI W/O
16A XI Scots 16A W/O
16B XI Scots 16B W/O
16C XI Scots 16C W/O
16D XI Scots 16D W/O
16E XI Grammar 16D W/O
15A XI Scots 15A W/O
15B XI TAS 15A W/O
15C XI Scots 15C W/O
15D XI Riverview 15D W/O
15E XI Riverview 15E W/O
14A XI Scots 14A W/O
14B XI Scots 14B W/O
14C XI Reddam 14 W/O
14D XI Scots 14C W/O
14E XI Scots 14D W/O
13A XI Scots 13A W/O
13B XI Scots 13B W/O
13C XI Reddam 13 W/O
13D XI Scots 13C W/O
13E XI Scots 13D W/O
Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report

After a very dry and warm winter the rain has decided to unload on us causing all grounds to be flooded and washed out. Fortunately the GPS rules allow us to re-schedule 1st and 2nd XI fixtures to be played during the week. So the match was held at Hensley Park on Tuesday. Due to the recent wet weather this has prevented us from training. This was shown with our 2nd XI who lacked fitness, pace and structure. They were outclassed by Scots who won 5-0. Our 1st XI was boosted by the fact Jesse Cooper made himself available for the first time since the horrific clash in the first round breaking his collarbone. The boys applied a lot of pressure and continually opened up their defence. We went in at half time 0-0 with us feeling as though we had control of the game. The second half was similar, but this time Scots had a chance that was saved by our goalie, John Seroukas, but a little fumble and deflection of our own player gave Scots the lead. From the past weeks our boys have a lot of experience about fighting back and having the attitude of “never say die”. They came back firing and Adil scored a great individual goal to square it up. Scots came back and crossed a ball in for the goalie to clear that gave a Scots player a shot on target, but Nathan Sutton decided to use his basketball skills saving the shot with his hands. He was rightfully red carded and Scots were awarded a penalty shot which they converted. We had opportunities to come away with a draw, but we fell just short. We felt the game was ours to win, but just a couple of simple mistakes gave the 3 points to the opposition. We still have two matches remaining. This Saturday is against Shore and with wet weather forecast the game may be moved to Shore to give ourselves the best chance for these boys to get on. Although we beat Shore in the trials they have improved a lot and we are expecting a very even contest. We have also confirmed a date for our end of season Football prize giving night. This will be held on Saturday 13th September starting at 5pm in the Great Hall. I will be attaching the flyer and emailing it out to all families. Seats are limited to 220 so please get in fast to guarantee a spot. I will give preference to families whose boys will be receiving a prize. I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighFootball

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS track suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • If you are unavailable to play you MUST notify your coach well in advance. Just doing it online is not sufficient.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC Football

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Fencing Update

Congratulations to our senior boys sabre and epee teams. In last week’s competitions, the boys A and B sabre teams placed 1st and 2rd, while the A and B epee teams placed 1st and 3rd.

Well done to all involved.
Evan Higgins
Fencing MIC

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 Volleyball Notes

GPS Volleyball Results

The GPS season ended on a high note with the unveiling and inaugural presentation of the Michael Kay Shield for the Premiers of AAGPS Volleyball. First Grade finished the season competitively as Co-Premiers with Sydney Grammar. 2nd Grade completed the season strongly and are GPS 2nd Grade Champions. The Old Boys game was a huge success and as such is likely to become an annual event. In a vigorous and entertaining match Grammar won the Old Boys game 21-17, 16-21, 21-19.

Date: 23/08/14
Sydney Grammar

1st Grade 23-25   17-25   19-25
2nd Grade  27-25 25-23 18-25 25-20

(#) = number of contacts

Skill First Grade Second Grade
% of Serves in play 1st 100% Byron (2) 1st 100% Nick (8), Sunchit (18), Supan (13)
2nd 90% Kevin R. (10) 2nd 94% Anes (18)
3rd 89% Yu Peng (9) 3rd 87% Ryan (23)
% of Serves that were Kills 1st 20% Kevin R. (10) 1st 33% Niyaz (9), Sunchit (18)
2nd 13% Pinyan (8) 2nd 26% Ryan (23)
3rd 11% Yu Peng (9) 3rd 25% Nick (8)
% of spikes kept in play 1st 100% Yu Peng (6), Gordon (9) 1st 89% Anes (9)
2nd 95% Aidin (7) 2nd 82% Supan (33)
3rd 91% Byron (11) 3rd 79% Nick (24)
% of spikes that were kills 1st 50% Yu Peng (6) 1st 50% Nick (24)
2nd 33% Gordon (9) 2nd 38% Ryan (37)
3rd 25% Kevin R. (12) 3rd 36% Supan (33)
% of blocks kept in play 1st 100% Gordon (6) 1st 100% Niyaz (4), Anes (5), Nick (4)
2nd 71% Pinyan (7) 2nd 91% Sunchit (11)
3rd 67% Aidin (6) 3rd - -
% of blocks that were kills 1st 33% Gordon (6), Byron (3) Aidin (6) 1st 40% Anes (5)
2nd 20% Yu Peng (5) 2nd 27% Sunchit (11)
3rd 14% Pinyan (6) 3rd 25% Nick (4)
Serve Reception Passing accuracy 1st 100% Pinyan (9), Kevin R. (3) 1st 80% Ryan (15)
2nd 95% Sean (12) 2nd 69% Anes (16)
3rd 75% Aidin (2) 3rd 67% Sunchit (3)
Freeball Reception Passing accuracy 1st 87% Sean (27) 1st 71% Supan (17)
2nd 86% Kevin R. (11) 2nd 63% Ryan (4)
3rd 86% Pinyan (14) 3rd 57% Jaiden (22)

Results for the last round of GPS Volleyball for the 2014 season were:

All Stars (14B): 22 - 20; 15 - 21; 21 - 19; 2:1 Win.
14A: 21 - 19; 21 - 8; 21 - 14; 3:0 Win.
15A: 21 - 7; 21 - 16; 21 - 12; 3:0 Win.
FliHighs (16B): 21 - 6; 21 - 17; 21 - 11; 3:0 Win.
16A: 23 - 21; 16 - 21; 16 - 21; 1:2 Loss.
3rd Grade: 21 - 19; 21 - 19; 16 - 21; 2:1 Win.
2nd Grade: 3:1 Win.

M Kay
MIC Volleyball    

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Legacy Badge Day

Student Collection Permission Note

Sydney Legacy is seeking help from Sydney Boys High School students to fundraise on Friday 5 September, from 6.30am to 9.00am at Sydney Central Station. Your son is to be commended for his interest in supporting this important charity. Sydney Legacy assists families of Australian Defence Force personnel who have become severely injured or passed away during or subsequent to their military service. Legacy Day provides counselling, special housing, medical and social advice. The support of SBHS volunteers has been an integral part of Legacy Badge Day operations for many years, promoting awareness of Legacy’s purpose, as well as fundraising.

It is expected that students involved will:

  • Dress impeccably in their clean/pressed uniform, including jumper and/or jacket
    (sorry, no Year 12 rugby shirts, please)
  • Arrive on time at 6.30am
  • Always stay with their collection partner
  • Address all members of the public clearly and politely
  • Return all donations and unsold merchandise to the Sydney Legacy representatives
  • Depart promptly at 9.00am
  • Remain with their collection partner at all times, until they arrive at school by 9:25am.

Below is a school permission note for your signature. It is important that your son return the signed permission note by noon on Monday 1 September - either via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to the box outside Mr Phillipson’s door. Because there are limited places, students returning notes after the deadline may not be able to participate.  (For future reference, students should keep the top portion of this letter and bring it on 5 September.) 

Mr Phillipson
Community Service Officer.

The Legacy Badge Day collection permission note is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes.

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End of Season Rifle Luncheon 2014

Please come along to celebrate a great year for High Rifle Shooting

Sunday, 14th September 2014, 12:30pm

The Great Hall, SBHS

Rifle Students (compulsory) , parents, coaches and supporters Dress-Full school uniform for students, smart casual for visitors

To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our shooters and support staff.

$35/person. Payable to the school office by Wednesday 3rd September. 

The End of Season Rifle Luncheon 2014 RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Debating Dinner 2014

Sydney Boys High School
2014 Debating Dinner

Date: Saturday 6th September, 2014

Where: The Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

Time: 6pm for 6.30pm start

Price: $35 per person

Tickets: Available from the Front Office

Ticket sales close Monday 1st September, 2014

*Come and watch our coaches as we test out their debating skills in ‘The Great Debate’!*

The 2014 Debating Dinner RSVP form is available in 
the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Open Day 2014

Sydney Boys High School Open Day
Thursday 4 September 2014
9:30am - 12:00pm

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys
Moore Park
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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