High Notes, Vol 15 No 23, August 01 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Edric Wang was awarded a bronze medal in at the Physics Olympiad in Kazakhstan – an impressive achievement! UN Youth NSW selected Max Koslowski and Thomas Shortridge as finalists in the Evatt Trophy Competition to be held at Parliament House on August 13. Well done, boys! Prizes in the 2014 Business Studies Competition (Junior Division) were: Jack Zhou, Alex Wong, Garry Huang, Jackson Tan, Sung-Chan Kim and Hideyoshi Cheong. In the (Senior Division) prizes went to: Aaron Wong, Ryan Rawnak, Andrew He, Andrew Liu and William Wu. Many boys were also awarded prizes in the 2014 Economics Competition (Junior Division): William Chen, Luke Hoad, Kevin Dang, Kevin Ke and William Chow. In the (Senior Division): Daniel Fang, Geoffrey Liu, Jemy Ma, Julian Tang, Charlie Zeng and William Zhou gained prizes. A great effort boys! At the NSW CHS Cross Country Championships High runners made history, achieving gold medals in both the 15s and 18s teams’ events. Congratulations to Steven Chung, Ned Anson, Kenneth Liu and Jason Garrett for the 18s and Luke Schofield, Stevie Young, Jayden Schofield and Nicholas Katsilis for the15s. At the midseason point in the GPS Cross Country High’s U16s are leading the point score, with the U14s third and the Opens 5th. Keep up the great work boys! Riley Irwin won a prize at the Festival of Music at SGS for piano - $5000 in tuition. Congratulations, Riley!

Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation – Year 11 Project
At the recent Board meeting of the Foundation, CEO Vince Delzio, reported that 6,967 trips for incapacitated people to medical appointments had been completed during the year, a rise of 3.8% on 2012-2013. The Sydney LGA had 5 times as many trips as the Inner West LGA but that demand in the latter area was growing rapidly. As well as providing office space and car parking for 5 vehicles, SBHS directly contributed $10,140 to the Foundation as a result of the Year 11 collection day. In addition, our staff-student team again won the Foundation Cup golf day held at Concord Golf Club. Our sponsorship of a hole and the help of our High volunteers contributed to making the day a financial success, raising $17,000 for the Foundation. On behalf of the Board, I want to thank all the students and staff who have given their time to help this worthy cause.

Winter Sports Assembly –
At this year’s winter sports assembly our guest speaker was Nikil Autar whose inspirational story of his fight against leukaemia really resonated with the audience. After surviving years of chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants, his infectious optimism and joie de vivre demonstrated the power of positive thinking in the face of adversity. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special Guest Nikil Autar (SHS 2011), coaches, parents, staff and GPS representatives, welcome to our winter sports assembly for 2014. We gather today to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of those boys selected for GPS teams in Rugby, Football, Cross Country and Fencing. At the outset I want to thank all of High’s dedicated staff who give so much of their time after school and on Saturdays to coach or manage our teams in training or competition.

"Cross country this year has had a big lift in standard with equivalent training sessions to other sports, professional coaching from Dani Andres and a changed attitude from the boys. They have really built up some strong self-belief. Steven, Ned, Kenneth and Jason ran very well last Friday at CHS 18s. Luke, Stevie, Jayden and Nicholas also did a great job in the 15s. We are awaiting confirmation of medals. Congratulations I want to thank Ms Dam for making all this happen, along with Mr Kesting and Old Boys Adam Booth and Ming Chin (SHS 2012). Our teams in various age groups have been successful in Invitational Carnivals and CHS Competition.

"New MIC Evan Higgins has managed fencing well for High this year in what has become a pretty big program. With competition in foil, epée and sabre, there are several disciplines open to our boys. Their efforts have been rewarded by national level representation. Head Coach Antonio Signorello returned to guide the program with help from Liu Yang, David Lu and Shaun Pak (SHS 2012).

"New MIC Geoff Tesoriero has really shaken up Football administration. He has contracted Sab Travato to supply quality coaches for junior A and B teams as well as securing a very competent senior team, made up of: Tony Dunn (first grade), Jason Conroy (2nd grade), Vince Crimi (3rd grade) and Ilan Vermeister (4th grade).  My feedback is that the recruiting efforts Geoff has made to broaden and deepen coaching for the boys have been appreciated very much by them and their parents. In the CHS knockout our first grade surprised itself and progressed through to the last 16 on the back of some gritty fight back performances after conceding early goals. The Football Committee has contributed to the program. Thank you to Anne Wall and Tony Nimac for their very significant input into the administration of the program.

"In rugby, our teams are showing increased competitiveness on the back of very impressive attendance at training sessions. George Barris as MIC has organised trial games and coaches to give our sides the best preparation in years. In first grade, David Knox has returned and bedded down a more expansive style of rugby for High which has surprised some of our early opponents. The draws against Grammar and Kings were memorable games. In CHS representative teams it is great to see Eugene, Sam, Steve, James, Sama, Bennette and Jacob, get the recognition they deserve for their standard of play.  Thank you to Andrew Walters (SHS 2003) for his assistance with the forwards. Rob Lyon (SHS 2001) has returned to our program along with stalwarts Sam Gribble (SHS 2006) and Pat McDonnell (SHS 2005). I am pleased so many Old Boys are still so committed to High rugby. I am indebted to all the coaches in rugby and to Geoff Andrews and his Rugby Committee and Association for their administrative and financial support to High.

"George F. Will wrote that “sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence”. He was alluding to the modelling and inspirational aspects of sport played well. The service sport provides is contextual. We start seeing great moments from U7s in club games because they stand out so much in their environment. We get the same pleasure and inspiration from successful moments in school, university and open club competition. At the state and national level we thrill to the successes and castigate the defeats of our teams. All of us can recall moments in sport as participants, spectators or coaches when we have seen uplifting performances by athletes in games at all levels.  We all strive for that moment when things go well – the pass, the penalty kick, the big hit, the parry and scoring thrust, the wearing down of an opponent – and these small, random successes keep us interested in the way that game designers know how to do. They have a cumulative, engaging effect. We strive to do better.

"When appreciating sport we need to move away from a two-level rubric that describes merely winning or losing. Other standards of success need to be included, such as; sticking to the game plan, holding the defensive pattern, backing each other up, encouraging each other, playing ethically and showing sportsmanship. Sport is about the time spent in the zone of excellence – fleeting or extended. It is beneficial to both protagonist and observer. Sure it’s great to win, but your development as a team and as a person is of longer-lasting benefit. I congratulate all the boys who have been selected for GPS competition and wish them well for their seasons."
Dr K A Jaggar

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SHS Rowing Committee AGM


Date: Wednesday 20 August 2014
Venue: School Staff Common Room
Time: 7.00pm

Come and find out about new developments for the upcoming season.

Rowing is a great sport that High provides for your boys. It also relies on parents to help facilitate the program. Every year we need new parents to become involved.

All Office Bearer positions will be declared vacant and available for nomination and election.

All parents of rowing students are invited to attend the meeting.

George Comninos
Committee President

Julie Blomberg
Rowing MIC

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From the High Store


$2 $2 $2 – Pencil Case, Orchestra badge, S.H.S Letter Opener

$5 $5 $5 – Basketball brown eyelet singlet (12 & 14 only )

$10 $10 $10 – Basketball sky eyelet shorts, SHS Cuff links

$15 $15 $15 – Satchel bags, SHS Number plate covers (yellow plates)

$20 $20 $20 – SHS Caribee chair, Zoot suits (previous style sizes L & XL only, Supporter jersey ( XXL only )

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Debating MIC Report

Overall we did very well on Friday night against Kings with the 2 losses out of 11 debates. Well done to everyone involved. We have only one more home debate this season.

The PDC debating team won their Semi final against Hurlstone Agricultural College and now face North Sydney Girls on 8th August. This is the third year in a row that we have had a team in the final and so we are very pleased and plan to get a large supportive crowd to watch the debate.  If you would like to watch the debate then you must return a signed letter to Ms Rigby and bring $5. We have 30 places and they will go quickly so make sure you are organised.

The Year 11 have just won their Regional Semi Final and will now debate against SGHS or Caringbah HS in the final. Keep up the good work boys. The Year 7 and 8 teams both won their first PDC debates - well done.   In addition the Year 10 History Debating team beat Rose Bay Secondary College in the second round of the Les Gordon competition.

Thomas Shortridge and Max Koslowski are to be congratulated on their success at the Dr Evatt competition. They are now through to the NSW Final which will be held on 13th August at State Parliament. Here is a report from them:

The UN Youth Dr Evatt Trophy competition is a model United Nations competition, in which you have to represent and argue for a country that is part of the UN Security council, trying to benefit your country as much as possible. Having started with over 200 teams of two throughout the state in the regional rounds this was brought down to the top 30 teams for the state semi finals last Wednesday, in which two teams from Sydney boys made it into. The first team consisting of Arthur Chao and Esmond Ye and the other consisting of Max Koslowski and Thomas Shortridge. After a day of negotiating and arguing with some of the best speakers in the state, Arthur and Esmond (representing France), who sadly were unlucky on the day, weren’t able to proceed. However, Thomas and Max (representing Argentina) were able to stand out and advance to the State final at parliament house in August.

This week we are debating at St Josephs and I have a bus organized to take the boys and return them to school after the Junior debate.

Last week I asked if parents could consider asking local businesses for sponsorship for the debating dinner and we received 2 agreements. This is fantastic and I would urge you to continue to asking your family, friends or a local business you frequent for their support.
Rachel Powell
Debating MIC

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P&C Awards - Writing Competition

Writing Competition

Entries Close: Wednesday 17th September (9am)       

Entries to:
Junior Library
Senior Library
(N.B. late entries not accepted)

Write an opinion piece in response to the following topic:

‘In an increasingly complex social and political world, freedom of speech is a fundamental cornerstone of our humanity’.


  • Entries must be presented in a typed format (12 point) and must be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • The entrant’s name and year level must be clearly displayed on the front page of the published text.


  • Senior Prize (10 – 12)
  • Junior Prize (7 - 9)

Judging will take place at the end of Term 3 and winners announced early in Term 4. Prizes will be awarded at Presentation Night in February.

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Music Notes

Congratulations to Riley Irwin in Year 12 who came in 1st place in the Year 12 Music Festival held at Sydney Grammar. He performed three challenging pieces from his HSC music extension program. He received an Emerging Artist Trophy and a $5000 scholarship.

OLIVER KIRK (ex-student)
Oliver Kirk (2013 graduate) has released his new single, Memories For the Future with Sony. You can listen and download the single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats Music, Rdio and Shazam. Ollie has also made it into ‘Boot Camp’ (top 12 under 25s) on the X- Factor program (Channel 7).

The Senior Strings Ensemble performed and had the opportunity to work with Mr Roger Frisch at Scots College on Saturday 26th of July. Mr Roger Frisch is an award- winning Associate Concertmaster of the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra, also a winner of the Hermann Violin Competition and the Coleman International Chamber Music Competition. Well done to the Senior Strings Ensemble!

Important Dates for Term 3:

  • HSC Performance Trials: Term 3 (Week 4) Monday 4th –Tuesday 5th of August in the Great Hall
  • HSC Compositions Recording: Term 3 (Week 6) Thursday 21st-Friday 22nd of August Room 201.
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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit    


High vs. Riverview

The junior teams showed their continued improvement with strong performances against Riverview. The 13s had a clean sweep winning all games and the 14As had a very comfortable victory. Unfortunately the senior teams lacked the speed and power to keep up with their opposition for the full 50 minutes, with all opens teams within a try of their opposition at half time.

Try of the week – Kevin Fan 16As

Team of the week – 14As

Game schedule for the remainder of the season

Date Game
Aug 2 High vs. Joeys
Aug 9 High vs. Kings
Aug 16 Shore vs. High
Aug 23 Armidale vs. High
Sep 6 High vs. Grammar

Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 3 Week 2

Team Against Result Scorers
GPS Round 1
1st XI King’s 1st XI Won 4 – 3 Adilmorad Nadir (2), Jesse Cooper, Tushar Garg
2nd XI King’s 2nd XI Lost 1 – 3 Michael Libman
3rd XI King’s 3rd XI Drew 2 – 2 Adam Smagarinsky, Eddy Wang
4th XI King’s 4th XI Lost 0 – 1
5th XI King’s 5th XI Drew 3 – 3 Jason Lim, Vishnu Avudainayagam, Varunan Murugananthan
6th XI King’s 6th XI Lost 0 – 1
7th XI King’s 7th XI Lost 1 – 7 Joonho Park
8th XI King’s 8th XI Won 3 – 1 Perry Sim, Philip Lam, Ray Cheng
9th XI King’s 9th XI Won 3 – 1 David Evans, Alex Kuang, Jeffrey Zhao
10 XI King’s 10th XI Won 8 – 1 David Evans (3),  George Farrugia (2), Peter Stephens (2), Michael Hughes
16A XI King’s 16A W/O
16B XI King’s 16B W/O
16C XI King’s 16C W/O
16D XI King’s 16D W/O
16E XI King’s 16E W/O
15A XI King’s 15A Lost 0 – 5
15B XI King’s 15B Lost 1 – 2 Jason Loh
15C XI King’s 15C Won 1 – 0 Akhil Prasad
15D XI King’s 15D Lost 1 – 3 Jerry Sung
15E XI King’s 15E Lost 0 – 1
14A XI King’s 14A W/O
14B XI King’s 14B W/O
14C XI King’s 14C W/O
14D XI King’s 14D W/O
14E XI King’s 14E W/O
13A XI King’s 13A Lost 0 – 5
13B XI King’s 13B Lost 0 – 8
13C XI King’s 13C Lost 0 – 11
13D XI King’s 13D Lost 0 – 5
13E XI King’s 13E Lost 0 – 4
Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report

After four months of training and trials the season finally kicked off last Saturday against a well drilled King’s School. The overnight and morning rain caused cancellations for our U16s and U14s age group. Fortunately though, the remaining age groups all managed to have a run on over at The King’s School. Thank you to those boys for turning up early and having to tough it out through the horrible weather.

I believe the use of Twitter was a major success in keeping families and students up-to-date. Our 8th, 9th and 10th XI continued their strong form with impressive wins, with Dave Evans scoring a hat-trick for the 10th XI and scoring for the 9th XI as well. The team of the week though undoubtedly goes to our 1st XI. They came out firing and scored within the first few minutes with Adilmorad Nadir scoring one of the best team goals and then twice again with Tushaar Garg scoring a magnificent individual goal from 25 metres out to go up 3-0 with just 25 minutes into the match. The boys knew there was plenty of time remaining in the game, which played against us. We conceded two late goals in the first half to go at the break 3-2. Credit must be given to our boys when they returned for the second half. They kept their composure and gave themselves scoring opportunities and eventually converting to go 4-2 up with 15 minutes remaining. Our boys defending hard, but for the second week in a row we conceded an own goal to get them back in the match. We managed to hold them out winning a momentous victory to go equal top of the ladder. The win did come at a major cost though. It was a very intense and physical game with players coming away bruised and battered. Our striker and GPS 2nd XI Striker, Jesse Cooper, had an aerial collision with the goal keeper causing him to break his collarbone and is sadly out for the rest of the season. Jesse has been an important part to the team scoring many goals for us. He we will be a major loss to the team and will be extremely missed by the boys. I would like to quickly thank our 4th XI coach, Ilan Bermeister, for helping Jesse out and driving his car home. We very much appreciate your help. Chris Lee looks like he will also be missing the remainder of the season with a torn muscle in the leg. Chris’ speed and composure at the back will be a huge gap to fill. Adding to our defensive line is our captain, Michael Cui, who also sustained a foot injury and could be out for a couple of weeks. This has left the team a bit shaken up and hopefully with the hard training we put in for this week we will be awarded with another victory over St Joseph’s College.

Overall the day was with mixed results. Five wins, 13 losses and two draws is not horrible, but something we can easily improve on.

This Saturday is our second round of the GPS Season against a very physical St Joseph’s College. We have not played Joey’s in any trial fixtures this season, so we will be going into the match playing to our positive and energetic style. To help improve the culture of football at SBHS please try and stick around and watch the 1st XI come up against Joey’s and help support the boys to another victory.

I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighFootball

Please note all boys must:

  • turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • turn up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS track suit.
  • make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • MUST notify your coach well in advance If you are unavailable to play you. Just doing it online does not suffice.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

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Volleyball Notes

GPS Volleyball  Results

2nd Grade Report (vs Grammar)
On the 19th of June, 2nd Grade braved the freezing weather to battle against old rivals Grammar.   A combination of the cold weather and a lack of communication resulted in High dropping the first set 20-25. Ryan’s aggressive serving allowed High to gain momentum and quickly take the second set 25-13. 2nd Grade was able to take this momentum into the third set to win it 25-20. The fourth set saw Grammar rally around their strong outsider hitters, causing High defensive troubles. This combined with a strong block on our outside hitters meant that High fell behind early on. Despite rallying late in the set High was unable to overcome the early deficit, losing the set 22-25. Tensions were high at the beginning of the fifth and final set and Niyaz stepped up with a series of blistering serves to put High in front 10-0. High utilised this platform to comfortably close out the set 15-5.

2nd Grade Report (vs St Ignatius)
2nd Grade played against Saint Ignatius College. Good passing and communication allowed High to set up attacks across the nets allowing High to create an early lead which allowed High to secure the set 25-11. High’s consistent serving troubled Riverview throughout the second set combined with strong positional attacks allowed high to comfortably take the second set 25-11. The third set saw High attempt to play a much faster game. While this was able to overwhelm the Riverview defence early on, poor serve reception allowed Riverview to comeback late in the set. However, High was able to recover through the strength of the block to win the third set, and the game, 25-20.
Sunchit Sethi

3rd Grade Volleyball Report (vs Grammar)
On the 19th of July, the Sydney High 3rd grade volleyball played Sydney Grammar away at their gym. In the first set, the team was rusty from the early game, going down to Grammar 21-13. However in the second set, we played a much better game after switching around some of the positions but points were narrowly lost due to minor errors as we lost 23-21. In the third set, there were service errors which attributed to the team’s 3-0 loss. Despite the loss, we feel that with ongoing training, we can improve in the next few weeks.
Dylan Goh

3rd Grade Volleyball Report (vs St Ignatius)
3rd grade travelled to Riverview on the 26th of July, hoping to bounce back from last week’s loss to Grammar. With consistent hitting and solid defence, our team managed to win the first set 21-14. However in the second set, our team fell into a slump with poor passing and hitting allowing Riverview to come back and win the set 21-16. Despite this minor setback, our team managed to refocus as we comfortably came back in the 3rd set, winning 21-12.  Overall, 3rd grade played well as we hope to improve on our successes in training.
Thomas Nguyen

Junior Volleyball Results:

14A's: 21-8; 17-21; 20-22. 1:2 Loss.
All Stars: 12-21; 21-15; 14-21. 1:2 Loss.

15's/16's played well.
15A's: 21-13; 21-17; 21-12. 3:0 Win.
FliHighs: 21-12; 21-14; 15-8. 3:0 Win.

16A's: 21-18; 21-14; 16-21. 2:1 Win.

Michael Kay
MIC Volleyball

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‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program 2015

In 2015 students in Years 7 – 10 will be requested to bring their own computing device to school every day.

This expands the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that currently runs with Year 9 students and which has been enthusiastically adopted – all 210 Year 9 students bring a device each day.

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is a technological trend in education and in the corporate world.

BYOD recognises that technology and choices about technology are very much personal.

BYOD acknowledges technology in education means more than meeting specific curriculum requirements.

BBYOD is designed to give you, as students and families, freedom to make technology choices that suit you and all your circumstances.

How will it work?

In 2015 students in Years 7–10 will be expected to bring their own computing device to school every day.

We will be making recommendations later this year as to the model of device you may choose to bring.

Or you can bring something of your own choosing that meets our Device Specification.

There is also some software that you have must on the device. In most cases there are free options for software.

You will be required to sign a User Charter that sets out how the device can be used at school.

A member of the school staff, the BYOD Technical Support Officer, will be available to answer questions and to give assistance.

However, the school does not manage, support, own or warranty the device - it's your device.

Find out more

A letter has been sent to families of Years 7 and 8 students to launch the 2015 Bring Your Own Device program.

Visit the Sydney Boys High School BYOD Program Portal to learn about device and software requirements, view the policy and see answers to common parental concerns:


You can send questions, comments and feedback to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Parent Volunteers Needed: Open Day

Sydney Boys High Open Day

Thursday 4th September
9.30am to 12.00pm

Please come and help the P & C to welcome prospective parents to the School.
We need volunteer parents to help serve morning tea and chat to visiting parents, answering their questions, such as: 
“How did your son settle in?”
“What sport does your son play?”
“Is your son involved in music?”

It’s a very enjoyable morning and all you need bring is your friendly smile.

Please contact Francisca Sjahry on
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0481 381 431
if you are able to help out.

Thank you

Volunteer(s) Needed: P&C Governance

A further reminder that the SBHS P&C is seeking the help of parents with a background in law, legal drafting and/or incorporated and unincorporated associations to help in reviewing the P&C’s structure, governance and constitution.  The P&C executive is looking to complete the review by Term 1, 2015.  If you are able to help, please contact Ian Sweeting at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Next P&C Meeting

Our next general P&C meeting will be held in the Staff Common Room on Monday 11 August at 6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Upcoming Parking Events

Friday 1 August – AFL: Swans v Essendon (Rowing)

Ian Sweeting

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