High Notes, Vol 15 No 22, July 25 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Edward Lin (Year 10) who has been selected to represent NSW in the Duke Trophy, the biggest teams event in Australia for short-course speed skaters on ice. Congratulations to Jason Phu (SHS2007) on being hung as a finalist in the Archibald Prize art competition. Jon Frieberg,  Lokesh Sharma, Riley Irwin and Peter Stephens will debate in the final of the PDC Hume Barbour Competition on august 8 at the University of Sydney against North Sydney Girls. We congratulate them for their semi-final win against Hurlstone Agricultural College and wish them well  in their quest to win a third consecutive title.

Debating, Rifle and Volleyball assembly – 2014
Radio and TV broadcaster and sports commentator, John Stanley (SHS 1973) spoke passionately about the many opportunities offered to him at High and that his only lasting regret about the school was that he hadn’t engaged in more activities when he could. My address to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special Guest John Stanley, staff, students, coaches and representative teams, welcome to our annual debating, rifle shooting and volleyball assembly. It was Lady Bird Johnson who remarked that: “the clash of ideas is the sound of freedom”. Debates are organised arguments with rules. The art of debating is to produce a sustained argument on either side of a topic. The most difficult part is to manufacture passionate support for a counter intuitive or even personally opposed side of the topic being considered. It requires self-discipline, careful preparation under very constrained time limits and the mental agility to follow the ebb and flow of the debate in progress. Debates, like wars, have a life of their own once they get started and never stick to the plan. Similarly, debaters must respond to circumstances as they arise. It is an activity which requires not only training and practice, but continuous research into current contentious social, economic and political topics. Debating in its broadest sense makes a society free, because first and foremost it is allowed. In society where free speech is constrained and information censored, a clash of ideas is not possible. In recent times we have seen robust debates as a feature of our democracy although oftentimes the quality of the clash of ideas was questionable.

"It was another great year for our Eastside Competition team, notching up High’s sixth straight win. In FED Competition our Year 10 boys stepped up to take the title. Well done to Eli, Esmond, Oliver and Fayed for winning the Senior Bs. In the PDC Competition - Hume Barbour Competition, our team has reached the semi-final against Hurlstone Ag. Our Karl Cramp and Teasdale teams have survived the zone contests and are awaiting opponents in Regionals. Our boys are going into tonight’s first round of the GPS Competition with a lot of confidence and self-belief. Let’s wish them well in the weeks ahead. I want to recognise and applaud the work of Ms Powell in her role as MIC of debating. The breadth and depth of the training program is impressive and the competition opportunities many and varied. Her management of a complex operation is highly valued by debaters, coaches and parents. Thank you to Antony Paul for his work with first grade, Chris Chiam with second grade and Tim Sullivan with the thirds.

"Rifle Shooting concluded another very satisfying year of training and competition this week. Our two teams at the All-Schools Championship were successful, defending last year’s title with a 1-2 finish. In this week’s GPS Shoot, second grade, captained by Minghao Wu, blew away the competition with another record point score. Our first grade boys were confronted with a professionally coached, highly drilled SGS team that set records in two of the competitions. Despite their third place overall, our boys were very much up to previous benchmarks. This year the standard has been raised, signalling a need for us to respond next year with an increased intensity in training. Jeremy Chan and Terry Fong were selected for GPS Combined Team, Terry for the second time. Thank you to our most dedicated coaches Sam Kremer, Ishan Nadkarni and Daniel Comben for the great work they have done with the top 21 shooters this year. Once again, our tireless MIC Cathy Meaney has organised the program and the administration and managed the team on tour to TAS, Wingham, Canberra and Hornsby. Our program is highly respected for its quality, depth and consistency, year on year.

"The consistency of High’s volleyball program is really quite remarkable. I’m struggling to remember a year since 2000 when High hasn’t come away with a significant title. Again this year our boys won the All Schools Championship and pushed very hard despite losing in the CHS Knockout Final in a tough five-setter. In GPS the competition is growing tougher year on year with SGS and SIC teams being well-prepared, professionally coached and serious about winning. Michael Kay has managed and coached the squad in fine style again this year with the dedicated assistance of Yaegan Doran, Balraj Ougra, Ritam Mitra, Terry Ly and Nishan Abeysuriya.

"Co-curricular activities at High are disparate but have commonalities – collegial effort, teamwork, goal setting, dedicated training and character developing challenges. What we celebrate is educational and thus a parallel curriculum to the academic one. I congratulate all boys who were selected in GPS teams. I congratulate the rifle shooters on their accomplishments and wish the debaters and volleyball teams all the best for the GPS season commencing tonight. "

Student Leave Requests
Far too many families in recent years have been ignoring school policy when making application for approved leave for their boys during the school term. Up until now I have been very lenient in not denying leave to boys who fail to give the two months’ notice required. The flood of applications in the last week or so of term has become irksome. I am informing the school community that as of this term I will not approve leave in the last two weeks of term. This means that any boy coming to me with a leave request in the last two weeks will have the leave denied. If he should absent himself anyway, the leave will be recorded as unexplained.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Red Nose Day

On the last day of Term 2, the 27th of June, Sydney High participated in Red Nose Day collections both internally and externally to raise more than $7000 for SIDs and Kids Australia.  Eighty boys from Year 10-12 braved the cold this year and arrived at Martin Place at 6:30am to volunteer until 9am.  Many boys were congratulated for their work whilst selling merchandise all over Sydney’s CBD and were praised for their good manners.  School fundraising started at 7:30am with the aim to have every boy in the school with a red nose.  Merchandise included noses and wristbands and collections continued throughout the day until recess.  It got off to a slow start but after a while many boys were seen throughout the school with red noses.  All the funds raised go to SIDs for Kids, an organisation dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood.  In Australia each year 3,500 families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child.  It was a privilege for us to help such an amazing cause and our thanks go out to all the volunteers, Mr Phillipson and to all those that donated on the day.  Overall the event was very successful and I recommend everyone to participate in future events like this to help more incredible causes. 
Anthony Allingham and Joshua Tran
Year 12

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

New study guides have arrived!

As our Year 12 students approach their Trial HSC exams the more support they can have at this stage of their school lives, the better. The library is currently accessioning many new study guides including Cambridge Checkpoints series for 2014, Success One HSC series, Board of Studies 2013 HSC Exam Workbooks, Coroneos Past HSC

Papers up to 2013 – Chemistry, Physics and Biology,  Excel HSC guides for Engineering Studies, Physics, Preliminary Legal Studies and a new copy of Cambridge Mathematics Year 12 4 unit text.

As soon as these are processed they will be available for loan by the end of the week.

Many other fiction and non-fiction titles are also coming out soon. We also intend to order DVD’s to supplement our current collection. Keep checking the school website for the latest new books displayed under the Libraries link.

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From the High Store

Keep warm & cosy with the NEW design HIGH Beanie $22 & S.H.S Scarf $22.

Great gift ideas for Father’s Day to keep dad happy, while watching your match. /p>

The High Store is clearing Satchel Bags in black which would be ideal for taking home paperwork for preparation or marking.

AA special for staff only $15 well below cost price.

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From the Canteen

Thank you to the volunteers last week:-

15/7 - Marion Elton, Grace Chung, Lynn Chen.
16/7 - Hiroko Kitajima, Fumiko Hirose-Cheong, Jackey Cheng.
17/7 - Ming Ming Lee, Jian Ping Li, Charlie Wang.
18/7 - Jenny Beer, Lien Tran.
Sharon Hughes

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC report

It was a good start to the GPS season on Friday with 7A, 9A, Seconds and Firsts all winning their debates against Scots. Well done to the coaches and the boys.

Thanks to everyone who helped with supper. Most boys managed to bring food to share which was very pleasing.

Can I encourage everyone to check out the SBHS debating website and to email me if you are not receiving the weekly emails.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We held a DSG meeting on Thursday and discussed the progress of the debating program and made plans for the debating dinner.

The debating dinner is on 6th September and it is a lovely celebration that we hold at the end of the debating season. It is open for ALL Debaters and their parents. You do not have to be a GPS debater to attend the evening. There is great food, great company and the highlight of the dinner is the coaches debate - which is ALWAYS highly entertaining.  Each coach nominates someone from their coaching group to win an award. Last year some families missed out because they left buying their tickets until too late. So this year make sure you keep your eyes out for the announcement of ticket sales.  

In order to keep ticket prices low we are looking for sponsorship from local businesses.  If anyone has a business or frequents a business on a regular basis please consider sponsoring the dinner. For the past few years we have had successful sponsorship from a range of businesses who were then featured in our program.

On Friday we held the annual Debating Assembly which we share with volleyball and rifle shooting. Dr Jaggar address noted the merits of debating and highlighted the fact that we are lucky to be able to embark on the 'clash of ideas' as this is the mark of a free society. John Stanley ( Class of 1973 and 2UE radio presenter) was the guest speaker and encouraged students to make the most of their time at SBHS and take advantage of the wonderful array of co-curricular activities we have on offer. He requested that debaters consider a career in either the media or politics in order to raise the standard of political debate in Australia.

A huge congratulations to Year 12 who have made it to the Finals of the Year 12 PDC competition. Well Done boys and thanks to Antony for his hard work and determination.

In addition Year 7 and Year 8 won their first debates for PDC and Year 10 won their zone.  Four year 12 boys went to SUSMUN last week and Andrew and James got honorary mentions. Well done.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

Debating Prefect Report

Last Friday marked the start of the GPS season for us and we made a positive start with 7A, 9A, Seconds and Firsts all winning against Scots. The topics for the night were all centred on media with all teams required to think about the effects of reading the news and perceptions people have about different newspapers and other media. Year 7 faced a tough topic – “That the media should publicly name and shame children who commit crimes” whilst Year 10 had to focus on ideas concerning privacy with their topic being – “That governments should be able to constantly monitor private social media accounts for criminal activity”. Looking to build on our solid start to the season we face Kings’ at home again tonight. I’d like to wish all the team’s the best of luck for this week.

In other news, on Tuesday our Year 12 PDC team was victorious in its semi-final against Hurlstone Agricultural High School. Debating a very difficult topic “That support for Israel should be conditional on implementing a two-state solution” it was our general knowledge of the ensuing conflict that pulled us over the line in a close debate. The GRAND FINAL for the Hume Barbour competition is on the 8th of August. I encourage you all to come and watch as we try to defend our title against North Sydney Girls’ and win the competition for the third year running.

Tip of the Week: Listen carefully to the feedback given to you by the adjudicators and your coaches after debates on Friday and try to improve on your weaknesses throughout the season.
Lokesh Sharma
Debating Prefect

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‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program 2015

In 2015 students in Years 7 – 10 will be requested to bring their own computing device to school every day.

This expands the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that currently runs with Year 9 students and which has been enthusiastically adopted – all 210 Year 9 students bring a device each day.

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is a technological trend in education and in the corporate world.

BYOD recognises that technology and choices about technology are very much personal.

BYOD acknowledges technology in education means more than meeting specific curriculum requirements.

BBYOD is designed to give you, as students and families, freedom to make technology choices that suit you and all your circumstances.

How will it work?

In 2015 students in Years 7–10 will be expected to bring their own computing device to school every day.

We will be making recommendations later this year as to the model of device you may choose to bring.

Or you can bring something of your own choosing that meets our Device Specification.

There is also some software that you have must on the device. In most cases there are free options for software.

You will be required to sign a User Charter that sets out how the device can be used at school.

A member of the school staff, the BYOD Technical Support Officer, will be available to answer questions and to give assistance.

However, the school does not manage, support, own or warranty the device - it's your device.

Find out more

A letter has been sent to families of Years 7 and 8 students to launch the 2015 Bring Your Own Device program.

Visit the Sydney Boys High School BYOD Program Portal to learn about device and software requirements, view the policy and see answers to common parental concerns:


You can send questions, comments and feedback to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


High vs. Newington

A great start to the new term with most team wining and all teams having competitive games. The weekend was capped off by a very good performance by the 1st XV who beat Newington 3rd XV 52-7.

Try of the week – Eugene Lee
Team of the week – 1st XV

Training for the remainder of the season

Monday after school – All training on MPW
Wednesday during sport – Years 10-12 – McKay
Wednesday after school – 13s/14s – MPW
Thursday during sport – Years 7-9 – McKay
Thursday after school – 16s/Opens – MPW
Friday morning – 15s – MPW

Game schedule for the remainder of the season

Date Game
July 26 Riverview vs. High
Aug 2 High vs. Joeys
Aug 9 High vs. Kings
Aug 16 Shore vs. High
Aug 23 Armidale vs. High
Sep 6 High vs. Grammar

Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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 Volleyball Notes

GPS Volleyball  Results

Date: 19/07/2014
Opposition: Sydney Grammar


1st Grade 25-17  25-17  25-23
2nd Grade 20-25  25-13  25-20  22-25  15-5
3rd Grade 13-25  25-27  16-25
16A 21-11  21-14  21-16

(#) = number of contacts

Skill First Grade Second Grade
% of Serves in play 1st 100% Byron (5) Kevin R. (3) Aidin (8) 1st 100% Anes (14)
2nd 88% Gordon (16) 2nd 86% Supan (14)
3rd 85% Yu Peng (13) 3rd 85% Niyaz (26)
% of Serves that were Kills 1st 17% Kevin L. (6) 1st 36% Ryan (22)
2nd 15% Yu Peng (13) 2nd 27% Niyaz (26)
3rd 13% Gordon (16) 3rd 21% Anes (14)
% of spikes kept in play 1st 100% Gordon (4) Yu Peng (5) Kevin R. (5) Byron (10) 1st 95% Nick (19)
2nd 82% Kevin L. (11) 2nd 91% Harry (11)
3rd 81% Aidin (8) 3rd 87% Sunchit (15)
% of spikes that were kills 1st 100% Gordon (4) 1st 45% Supan (29) Harry (11)
2nd 60% Yu Peng (5) 2nd 32% Nick (19)
3rd 45% Pinyan (20) 3rd 25% Anes (8)
% of blocks kept in play 1st 88% Kevin L. Gordon (8) 1st 100% Niyaz (6) Anes (5) Ryan (2)
2nd 83% Yu Peng (6) 2nd 89% Sunchit (9)
3rd 80% Pinyan (5) 3rd 75% Nick (8)
% of blocks that were kills 1st 38% Kevin L. Gordon (8) 1st 100% Ryan (2)
2nd 33% Yu Peng (6) 2nd 60% Anes (5)
3rd 20% Pinyan (5) 3rd 13% Nick (8)
Serve Reception Passing accuracy 1st 100% Byron (3) 1st 92% Anes (14)
2nd 92% Sean (25) 2nd 84% Ryan (16)
3rd 86% Kevin R. (7) 3rd 74% Supan (23)
Freeball Reception Passing accuracy 1st 89% Aidin (9) 1st 95% Ryan (19)
2nd 87% Sean (19) 2nd 89% Supan (18)
3rd 81% Gordon (8) 3rd 81% Anes (18)

Junior Volleyball Results:

The Junior Volleyball teams continue to apply themselves with enthusiasm, winning 11 / 12 games.

14B (All Stars): 21-15; 21-19; 13-21; 2:1 Win.
14A: 21-18; 21-14; 21-10; 3:0 Win.
15A: 21-15; 21-16; 21-11; 3:0 Win.
16B (FliHighs): 21-15; 21-13; 21-11; 3:0 Win.

MIC Volleyball

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Rifle Shooting

Training Camp 5-11 July

This year marks the 3rd year that the Sydney High Rifle Team has gone to Canberra for training.  With the harsh conditions that were presented the previous years, our coaches decided that the Canberra Rifle Range was a good place to train and we took a squad of 21 to camp, and were accompanied by over 15 Old Boys over the course of the week, with old boy Sam Kremer, Ishan Nadkarni, Daniel Comben, Brendan Leo, Yujin Wu, Dominic Tran, Bill Deng and Denis Stojanovic who stayed there for the whole week supporting us, whether it be sharing their experience, calming the shooters down, being a range/butts officer or helping with the preparation of food.

The Harsh conditions in Canberra caused a significant decrease in scores from all our shooters, but the overall level of the team increased by a huge margin throughout the camp, with half the team out-scoring previous premiership winners and combined shooters. We knew it was going to be a promising year.  By the end of the camp, our top 16 shooters were all within a 5% margin and made the selection process a very difficult one by the coaches.

Fiona Reynolds All Schools Memorial Match 12th July

The teams for the All Schools match was announced on the last day of training camp, with Jeremy Chan(12), Terry Fong(12), Nick Phillis (11), Timothy Tran(11) and James Jiang(9) being in the first team, and Desmond Chiang (11), Evan Han(11), Keller Huang (11), Julian Tu(10) and Wentao Ruan(9) being in the second team, coached by Jack Zhou(11).  With two teams that were separated by only 1% throughout their training camp scores, it all came down to competition pressure as well as windcoaching that was to decide the results.

By the end of the first 500m range, the 1st team was in first place with 241.21/250 and the second team was in 5th place with 236.12/250.  But when we moved up to 600m for the next 2 shoots, the wind picked up and the scores were dropping from every target, but due to excellent wind coaching, from the practise in Canberra, the Sydney high teams were placed in first and second respectively by the end of the 1st 600m shoot.

In the end, it came down to the last range that was to decide our placing, and once again our teams kept ahead of all the other schools, leading to a clear victory by us, but to our surprise, the team that was going to come out victorious turned out to be our seconds team, coached by Jack, winning by a 8 point margin in the last range, and resulting in a win with 712.34/750, 2 points ahead of our firsts team’s score of 710.48/750.  The best part  of the day was not that we won, but the depth we had in our shooting team, with the top shooter and bottom shooter separated by a mere 7 points, the coaches knew they were going to have trouble in selecting the GPS teams.

GPS Day 1

After the training day, our 1st grade team for GPS Day 1 was announced, consisting of : Jeremy Chan (12), Terry Fong(12),Desmond Chiang(11), Evan Han (11), Keller Huang (11), Nick Phillis (11), James Jiang (9) and Wentao Ruan (9), with Jeremy and James to windcoach.  With the results that were shown in the All Schools match, our team had high expectations going into the Rawson Cup Match.  With a combined score of 274.17/280, we were confident not only in ourselves, but each other, something that was very important to the team.  In the 600m shoot, we once again shot superbly, and ended up with a total of 544.31/560, which the whole team was proud of, as we broke the previous GPS record.  Unfortunately, competition was tough this year and Sydney Grammar also beat the record, and took away 1st place and the 8 premiership points with their 546/560.

Our team however didn’t let the results get to them, they prepared for the NRA Shield and kept a good mindset going into the NRA Shield, posting consistent 47-48s across the board, resulting with a score of 378.24/400, a score that was on par with the 2013 results and a score that would have won in most years.  But we fell short and ended up in 3rd place, ending the day in a 2nd place tie with Scots on 8 premiership points.

GPS Day 2

In the morning of the second day, our second grade team got ready for their premiership match, the team consisted of: Minghao Wu (12, Captain), Timothy Tran (11, Vice Captain), Kaiwei Liu (12), Sam Phillis (12), Jack Zhou (11), Ciaran Farrell(10), John Huang(10) and Julian Tu(10), with Jack and Ciaran to windcoach.  The conditions of the morning was exactly as we prepared for in Canberra, with fog that was covering the entire target for the first 5 minutes, we knew these were the perfect conditions for our team, the ones we trained in.

The second grade team did not hesitate in establishing their lead and had a score of 264.27/280 in the first 500m shoot due to excellent wind-reading by the windcoaches and the shooters handling the rain well.  In the 300m shoot that was to follow however, the team knew that it was no longer a battle for first place, but a battle to defeat their former selves, the record which they had set in 2013.  By the end of the shoot, the 2nd grade team were the clear winners by over 70 points, and beat their previous record with a score of 533.48/560, defending our second grade title.

While our second grade team was celebrating, the 1sts were preparing for their shoot, in the Buchanan Shield Match, a match that has a rapid-firing component called snap, which could decide the outcome of the entire premiership.  Despite valiant efforts, our first grade team was not the most experienced team in Snap shooting, and ended up falling short, resulting in a 3rd place finish for both the Buchanan Shield and in Premiership points.

Although we came 3rd, which wasn’t the best when compared with our recent years’ results, we tried our best and shot our best. And that’s what counts.  The scores of all the shooters easily beat the previous years, and it shows growth not only in our shooting team, but the sport as a whole, which is something that is extremely beneficial for the sport.  The Presentation ended with Jeremy Chan coming 2nd overall and Terry Fong coming 6th overall, resulting in their selections into the GPS Combined team that was to compete on the following Sunday, alongside the 2 Sydney High Old Boys Teams who also nominated in the competition.

Combined Shoot

The combined shoot this year marks the first year we sent in our Old Boys to compete in the W. S. Josephson Shield.  And our Old Boys gladly accepted the invitation to join the competition.  With an old boy team that consisted of Sam Kremer(1992), Daniel Comben (2003), Ishan Nadkarni (2008), Nevin Spoljaric (2009), Dennis Stojanovic (2009), Johan Santoso(2009) participating in the “Old School Team”, as well as our “Old Boy Super Team” that consisted of Wilbert Wu (2013), Dominic Tran(2013), Yujin Wu(2012), Brendan Leo (2011), Peter Tran (2011) and Ryan Woo (2011).

The scores from the Old Boys were extremely promising, with Sam who hasn’t shot in 14 years, out-scoring half the other Old Boys, and Ryan Woo, who scored 199.20/200, beating half the national shooting team despite not having shot for 3 years.  But in the end, they were no match for the GPS combined team, who took 4th and 5th place, with the score of 1142 and 1141/1200 respectively. Defeating the Old Boys Super Team with a huge margin of …….. 1 point.  That’s right. A 1 point difference between our Old Boys and the GPS combined team, showing their skills haven’t deteriorated over time, and reinforcing the reason why they are our coaches.

On behalf of the entire shooting team, I would like to thank all the Old Boys that came out during the year to help out, and it would take another page in the high notes if I had to list you all, but you all know who you are, and that we appreciate your help, but special mentions must go to Sam Kremer, who helps us fix everything that goes wrong, Ishan Nadkarni, our Head Coach, Brendan Leo, Ryan Woo and Joe Banh, who help out every week, as well Bill “Buttsmaster Bill” Deng, marking for us all day.  I would also like to thank our MIC Mrs Meaney for doing all the paper work and coming out to support us throughout the whole year, and for being the best MIC we could ever ask for, as well as Dr Jaggar and Mr Pavone’s continual support to shooting, coming out for moral support on the 2nd day of GPS where everything is on the line.

With the end of another shooting year, I wish the team good luck in future years, and hope that all the Old Boys will continue coming back to support us, because they are the ones that keep the club together and functioning.
Jeremy Chan
Captain of Rifles 2014

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SBHS Football

Football Results - 2014 Term 3 Week 1

Team Against Result Scorers
Trials Round 4
1st XI Scots 1st XI Lost 0 – 2
2nd XI Scots 2nd XI Lost 0 – 1
3rd XI Scots 3rd XI Lost 0 – 1
4th XI Scots 4th XI Drew 1- 1 Ben Nguyen
5th XI Scots 5th XI Lost 1 – 3 Sudarshan Arvind
6th XI Reddam XI Drew 0 – 0
7th XI Scots 6th XI Drew 0 – 0 
8th XI SGS 6th XI Drew 1 – 1 Sam Gallagher
9th XI Scots 7th XI Won 10 – 0 Eatrend Wang (10 – yes all 10 goals)
10 XI Scots 8th XI Won
16A XI Scots 16A Drew 0 – 0
16B XI Scots 16B Lost 0 – 3
16C XI Scots 16C Drew 1 – 1 Anthony Chen
16D XI Scots 16D Won 2 – 1 Justin Lin, Joshua King
16E XI St Patrick’s 16E
15A XI Scots 15A Drew 2 – 2 Hugh Bartley, Aryan Vatandoust
15B XI Riverview 15B Lost 0 – 3
15C XI Scots 15B Drew 1 – 1 Akhil Prasad
15D XI Barker 15F Won 9 – 4 Jerry Sung (5), Charlie Weng (2), Ben Graham, Own Goal
15E XI St Patrick’s 15G
14A XI Scots 14A Won 1 – 0 Lachlan Fong
14B XI Scots 14B Won 5 – 0 Tim Wang (2), Lingyu Wong (2), Matt Tang
14C XI Reddam U14 Lost 0 – 1
14D XI Scots 14C Lost 0 – 4
14E XI Scots 14D Won 4 – 1 Jason Wang (3), Anderson Chan
13A XI Scots 13A Lost 0 – 4
13B XI Scots 13B Drew 0 – 0
13C XI Reddam U13 Lost 0 – 3
13D XI Scots 13C Lost 0 – 6
13E XI Scots 13D Lost 0 – 3
Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report

We have been training now since mid-March and finally we have come to the end of our trial matches. Last Saturday we played against a very competitive Scots school in extreme windy conditions. We had quite a reasonable day with 7 wins, 12 losses and 9 draws. The 1st XI score line does not indicate the story of the game. Our boys played an aggressive style hitting the post twice and conceding a very unfortunate own goal. Jesse Cooper played well up front with his Mark Viduka like style holding up the ball and drawing in two defenders. Our 2nd and 3rd XI also had narrow losses, which has been a common result leading into the GPS Season. I am sure with a bit of luck and momentum they will be able to knock up some wins. One of the highlights of the day was our off-field success with our very first hosting of Afternoon-tea. The parents from the 1st and 2nd XI teams put on a fantastic feast and we are very grateful for their efforts.

The remaining Open’s teams all had very close matches, but the team of the week goes to our 9th XI winning 10-0 and what would have to be one of the school records, Eatrend Wang, incredibly scoring all 10 goals. Our U16As, U15As and U14As had a tough day out, but to come away with 1 win and 2 draws is a step in the right direction for our future years. Special mention goes to our 15As who were behind for the majority of the match, but kept fighting throughout to eventually come away with a draw. The 15Ds had an impressive day beating Barker 9-4 with Jerry Sung scoring 5 goals. Although the U13s age group did not come away with a win they showed huge improvements with their skills and structure. To me this is the most important thing making sure our boys improve throughout the season and this has been evident with our U13s boys.

I would like to congratulate our boys for turning up to our matches on time and playing with great spirit. The culture of football has improved remarkably over the course of the trial season and I am sure we will surprise some schools with our new competitive attitude.

Next week marks the official commencement of the GPS season against King’s. We beat King’s in the trial match and we believe we should be able to start the season on a high note and come away with a win. The teams were officially announced at the Winter Sports Assembly displaying their new playing strips. The boys are very excited and keen to now show all the hard work they have put into training and the trial matches onto the playing field.

I have created a Twitter account for regular updates in results, information and wet weather. This does not replace the school wet weather website. The link can be accessed by phone or web browser without signing in or having a twitter account. https://twitter.com/SydHighFootball

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS tack suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • If you are unavailable to play you MUST notify your coach well in advance. Just doing it online is not sufficed enough.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

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SHS Rowing Committee AGM


Date: Wednesday 20 August 2014
Venue: School Staff Common Room
Time: 7.00pm

Come and find out about new developments for the upcoming season. Rowing is a great sport that High provides for your boys. It also relies on parents to help facilitate the program. Every year we need new parents to become involved.

All Office Bearer positions will be declared vacant and available for nomination and election.

All parents of rowing students are invited to attend the meeting.

George Comninos
Committee President

Julie Blomberg
Rowing MIC

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PDHPE Sport Skill Assessment Perfect Scores 2014

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
10 21 sec: Ryan Seong
22 sec:
Jaeco Agawin, William Chen(F), Adam McCaffrey, Ethan Merrick, Gerry Wang, Marvin Yu, Gordon Yuan
23 sec:
Jerry Gek, Jacob Katafono, Kelvin Luu, Justin Song, Esmond Ye
24 sec:
Dylan Goh, Normorad Nadir, Ryan Sun, Daniel Wang,
25 sec:
Jayden Forday, Daniel Jiang, Nicholas Lee, Raymond Mo, Marcus Plantaniotis, Ellery Smith, Jackie Wang, Benjamin Wu, Albert Yang
20 sec: Ryan Joe Chan, Rafis Rahman
21 sec :
David Kim, Raymond Mo, Marcus Plantaniotis
24 sec:
Louis Shtein
22 sec: Adam Smagarinsky
23 sec :
Peter Yu
24 sec :
James Pope, Louis Shtein, Kathick Subbana
sec: Ryan Seong
: Manning Blackall, Jason Hong, Max Koslowski, Oliver Lethbridge, Justis Nguyen
9 22 sec: Gerard Dawson, Jeffrey Zheng
23 sec:
Ray Gu, Josh Hua, Elliot Love
24 sec:
Jack Karnaghan, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Alex Zhu
25 sec:
Hugh Bartley, Nicolas Katsilis, Chris Nguyen, Michael Qiao, Andrew Xu, Felix Zhang
26 sec:
Sadin Afsar, Jon Luo, Rahul Prabhu, Stevie Young
24 sec: Shadman Habib 25 sec : Michael Zheng 26 sec: 22 sec: 23 sec : Aryan Vatandoust
24 sec :
Sabesh Muruganantha, Marco Yu
27 sec:
Raiyan Yousef
8 21 sec: James Siu
23 sec:
Sinha Nawa
sec: Yirong Shen, Brandon Yoon,
sec: Damien Chan, Jonathon Lee, Timothy Lam, Theodore Pericleous, Leonardo Wang, William Zeng
26 sec:
Chih-Chun Chang, Jeff Chen, Archie Fox
27 sec:
Jason Yip
25 sec: Daniel Thich 26 sec: 22 sec: Calvin Do, Rishi Dhushiyandan, Ryan Ho-Shon, Brandon Nguyen, Isaiah Wibowo
23 sec:
Theodore Pericleous
23 secd: Oliver Avdi-Ohlsson, Matthew Tang
24 sec:
Mursalin Bahar
25 sec:
Rankin Hoque
26 sec:
Lenny Han
27 sec:
Long Do, Lachlan Fong, Archie Fox, Eli Montuno, Daniel Thich, Tim Wang, Max Wiles
28 sec:
Nathan Trinh
7 25 sec: Matthew Ng
26 sec:
Ben Nguyen, Anthony Qiu
27 sec:
Joshua Xie, Jadon Yang
27 sec 22 sec: Nicholas Ma, Terrence Mui, Benjamin Nguyen 29 sec: Terrence Mui

PDHPE Sport Skill Assessment Improved Performers 2014

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
10 Jaeco Agawin, Faiyazbin Alam, William Chen(F), Steven Dai, Jayden Forday, Jerry Gek, Dylan Goh, Raymond Hua, Daniel Jiang, Preetham Kadappu, Yousheng Li, Remington Lim, Darren Lim, Kelvin Luu, Adam McCaffrey, Karsten Michael, Normorad Nadir, Andrew Nguyen, Ellery Smith, Ryan Sun, Daniel Wang, Esmond Ye, Marvin Yu Denny Fu, Raymond Hua, Bob Huang, John Huang, Dennis Huynh, Joshua King Alex Liang, Jun Lin, Nishathan Ravi Raj Harishan Puvanenthiran Kalem Best, Denny Fu, Jason Hong, Justis Nguyen, James Pope, Vyaas Rajan, Ryan Seong, Kentaro Takahata, Daniel Yam, Andrew Zhu
9 Sadin Afsar, Jack Karnaghan, Nicolas Katsilis, Jon Luo, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Chris Nguyen, Rahul Prabhu, Michael Qiao, Andrew Xu, Alex Zhu, Ahad-Anhiang Zafar, Berney Chen, Jordan Chung, Andrew Li, Tony Li, Nathan Wong, Rickey Wu, Michael Zheng Chris Chang, Ben Graham, Shadman Habib, Chen Hao Liu, Jerry Kwak, Vincent Lam, Eric Shen, Jeffrey Sung, Nathan Wong, Eddy Xiong, Raiyan Yousef
8 James Bui, Timothy Lam, Jonathon Lee, Jonathan Li, Daniel Liang, Alec Liu, Eldon Liu, Sinha Nawa, Keanne Nguyen, Yirong Shen, James Siu, Adam Steele, Leonardo Wang, Isaiah Wibowo, Oscar Wu, Royce Xiao Anderson Chan, Adam Feng, Andrew Guang, Dev Lalwani, Max Wharton-Jones, Widhiwipati Widyatamaka Roy Chen, Rishi Dhushiyandan, Leo Hsu, Joseph Huangzhou, Leo Li, Ricky Li, Daniel Liang, Alec Liu, Eldon Liu, Vincent Liu, Jason Wang, Isaiah Wibowo, Royce Xiao, Nelson Zeng, Roy Zheng Mursalin Bahar, Lenny Han, Archie Fox, Rankin Hoque, Brendan Kwan, Raymond Li, Ryan Li, John Mok, Alex Qiu, Adam Steele, Jiaming Sun, Matthew Tang, Nathan Trinh, Felix Yi, John You, Jonathan Zang, Jonathan Zeng, Alan Zhao

Congratulations to all the students who achieved perfect scores and personal bests in the first semester skill assessments. Keep up the good work.
G. Stein

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P&C Awards - Writing Competition

Writing Competition

Entries Close: Wednesday 17th September (9am)       

Entries to:
Junior Library
Senior Library
(N.B. late entries not accepted)

Write an opinion piece in response to the following topic:

‘In an increasingly complex social and political world, freedom of speech is a fundamental cornerstone of our humanity’.


  • Entries must be presented in a typed format (12 point) and must be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • The entrant’s name and year level must be clearly displayed on the front page of the published text.


  • Senior Prize (10 – 12)
  • Junior Prize (7 - 9)

Judging will take place at the end of Term 3 and winners announced early in Term 4. Prizes will be awarded at Presentation Night in February.

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Applications for Enrolment: Years 8, 9, 11

Applications for Years 8, 9 and 11 close 29 July 2014

Application forms available from the school or at: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/enrolment

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys

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