High Notes, Vol 15 No 2, February 07 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
James Luo (7M) had a fantastic day at High’s Swimming Carnival! He broke school records in: 12 years - 50m backstroke (0:38), breaststroke (0:43.08), freestyle (0:31.5) and butterfly (0:35.87); 100m freestyle (1:09) and 200m (2:31). Christian Haddo (10E) set records for 16 years -100m backstroke (1:10.7), freestyle (1:00.4) and 200m. (2:10.00). Jake Rowlands (9R) lowered times for 15 years – 200m (2:10.0) and 400m (4:38.02). Allen Guo (8F) swam 0:36.2 for 13 years backstroke and breaststroke (0:38.34). Eugene Lee set a new mark at 1:15.40 for 17 years 100m backstroke. Great job, boys! It was a competitive, well organised and well attended carnival, thanks to Peter Loizou and his staff. Congratulations to James Siu (8M) who was selected to represent Australia in the Singapore Cadet World Cup for fencing.

New Parents Welcome Evening
Many parents attended the welcome for them held on Tuesday evening. I was encouraged by the very positive comments they made about the school, its teachers and its atmosphere. Thank you to Con Barris, Mick Aldous, Evan Higgins, Madeleine Rigby and Mina Genias for their contribution to the evening, particularly for staying so long to chat to parents. Thank you to stalwart, Graham Moody, who presided over the refreshments stand in his customarily efficient style. Ian Sweeting (P&C President), Geoff Andrews (Sydney High School Foundation), Shuming Wang, (SHS2013), Evan Higgins and the Year 8 Parent Group representative, Connie Chong, spoke to the new parents. Thank you to the Year 8 Parent Group, particularly: Ron Trent, Dawesh Chand, Minhua Zhang, Jeremy Goff, Connie Chong, Peter McGregor and Madura Pereira. Lin Jin from the Sailing Committee was in charge of catering and did a great job. She was assisted by: Helen Vakirtzis, Yoji Matsumoto, Viet Nguyen, Amy Cao, Jasmine Huang, Keith Shortridge, Connie Tay, Katharine Hang Yu, Jun Wu, Rupert Fang and Joanne De Araujo. Thank you to all concerned for a very enjoyable evening.

Summer Sports Assembly
Trainer to some top professional tennis players, Nathan Martin, was our guest speaker at the summer sports assembly last Friday. He spoke about his lifelong love of sports and tennis and how he and his partner established their business. He shared his story about recovery and rehabilitation a debilitating illness. He stressed the value of a determined work ethic and how much can be achieved by it. He cited his close association with Lleyton Hewitt as he battled injury as an example of the power of determination and hard work. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Good morning and welcome to our summer sports assembly. We are gathered here again today to acknowledge and honour our boys selected in GPS teams for tennis, swimming and sailing. To our special guest,   Nathan Martin, MICs, coaches, parents and staff – thank you for helping us celebrate their success. For the last couple of years, two GPS competition rounds of tennis have been played in term 4, but teams are allowed to be re-selected for the beginning of term 1, so we wait to present final teams at a second summer assembly.

"High Sailing is a high quality, popular program. Sailing’s equipment was boosted by a welcome High Club grant and successful fundraising by parents. Last year saw the addition of two new Pacers to our fleet, bringing us up to 10 boats. We can now have at least 20 boys sailing at once. Also, our new match racing season has started, so a different group of sailors can access the boats on Saturday afternoon. Our program is getting more intense and demanding for the competition crews. Thank you to Graham Moody for his great work as MIC in 2013-14. He has given unstintingly of his time to our boys. Thank you again to coach Adam South for his work in building up the program, particularly for being the driving force behind the Saturday afternoon competition. At the end of 2013, we said farewell to Richard and Sachiyo James from the Sailing Committee. Their combined service to the school over six years was invaluable…we shall miss them

"Thank you to again to Mr Loizou for his organisation and promotion of High swimming in 2013-14. I expect that everyone will support the school swimming carnival on Monday. In the GPS competition, particularly in the junior division, High boys are having a good deal of success. Quite a few boys made combined GPS teams and two boys qualified for Nationals. The swimming season is short but hectic, with carnivals each Friday night. As with all sports, in depth participation is the key to success. I urge Year 7 and 9 boys enrolling this year to get involved in the swimming program.

"Thank you again to Mr Wright for his work as Administrative MIC of tennis and taking care of Saturday morning arrangements. We acknowledge Mr Boros for his long term commitment to tennis .Mr David Deep, our resident tennis professional, is building up our tennis program. Some promising tennis players have enrolled this year. We are looking towards improved performances throughout the grades in GPS competition. With our new tennis ‘shed’ courtside, the program is really thriving.

"One of the most common problems that we face as sports people is a sudden loss of concentration.  This can be caused by internal self-thoughts involving future worries of failure or self-recrimination for a recent error.  To combat internal concentration loss, the ARIA method is recommended.  Acknowledge the error, release it, imprint the correct action and ask your non-conscious self to correct it next time.

"When the concentration loss is caused by external distraction (noisy spectators, heckling, unsportsmanlike behaviour by opponents or loss of control by a team mate), Dr Curtis’ 30-second, 3-step focussing technique is a useful strategy.  Take 10 seconds to focus on a single, simple aspect of your surroundings or equipment.  Focus without thinking about what you’re looking at.  Next, close your eyes if possible and focus on breathing deeply for ten seconds.  Finally, spend 10 seconds visualising the correct execution of the swing/stroke/movement/play or throw that was imperfectly performed as a result of your loss of concentration. We all have bad moments in sport.  It is how we recover, how we bounce back, how we re-focus, that sets us apart. I congratulate all boys who have been selected in GPS teams to represent their school in summer competition. "

Early Bird Discount ends Friday, February 28
In order to help all areas of the school we offer a substantial discount to parents who pay their complete invoices before February 28. Having substantial funds early in the year allows us to make sure that orders are made promptly and that the boys get the maximum benefit out of equipment and services deployed for them. Capital for the

Building Fund can be invested to earn interest for longer. Our aim is to encourage at least 55% of parents to make this financial commitment to the school early in the year. Let’s carry on High’s self-help culture to make the Governors Centre a reality by 2016!
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9662 9300 and dial “1” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly.  Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If your son has early leave due to a medical appointment you are required to produce a note from the provider the following day.


Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

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Debating at High

At High we run the largest debating program in NSW with over 250 students and 24 coaches. Each coach is a well accomplished debater in their own right and the majority of them compete at a very high level in University debating competitions. We are very lucky to have these coaches at High. On Thursday 13th February we will be hosting a Parent Information evening at 7pm. This will be held in the Great Hall and will be a good opportunity to obtain essential information about the debating program.

Debating coaching is on every Friday after school (except the last week of each term) for 3 terms. You must attend every session to receive the award points at the end of the year. The first week of coaching is 14th February. The cost for debating is $110 in Year 7. This is excellent value for money. Please pay promptly.

The highest standards of behaviour are expected at coaching and students will be asked to leave if they don’t behave appropriately.

In terms 1 and 2 we are involved in two competitions: FED and Eastside. Anyone can be in a team you just have to ask your coach. We will run trials for GPS and Premiers Debating Challenge at the end of term 1. GPS debating is in Term 3. We will rearrange classes after GPS teams have been selected.

Debates are on Friday evenings. Some are at home and some are away at other schools. Sometimes we will provide transport, but usually students make their own way to venues. It is important to have made arrangements for getting home safely. If Ms Powell hears that students are making their way home, alone by public transport they will not be allowed to debate again. Each debate you take part in you gain 1 award point. You must sign in on the debating sheet which will be available on the night. At Home debates you get involved by offering to chair. In Year 7 you can do this with a friend. Each debate you chair you gain one award point, but more importantly you get to watch the debates and learn from other boys.

After debates we have suppers. When we host we rely on contributions from you for the suppers. If you are debating or chairing you must bring some food to share – a plate of sandwiches, chips, biscuits, cakes etc. SBHS is renowned for providing the best suppers on the debating circuit. Don’t let us down!

Key People

  • Ms Powell is the MIC of debating. 
  • Lokesh Sharma is the Debating Prefect.

We have a debating coordinator in each Year group and it is their job to: communicate on matters of debating; organise teams for social debates etc; contribute to debating events eg Orientation Day, Debating Dinner and play a key role in maintaining records of award points for debating.

I am currently seeking a Year 7 coordinator. In order to apply you must address the above points, in writing to me before 9am on Friday 14th  February. I will announce the successful applicant at the first coaching session. 

Every week I send out a debating email which has essential information for debaters and debating families. In order to receive this you need to send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In addition you need to read High Notes where Lokesh and I write something weekly and check the debating notice board and the Daily Notices regularly.
Ms Powell

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SHS Rowing

Sydney High Regatta Results

This was a full GPS regatta last Saturday with 17 High crews racing. There were some encouraging results, but unfortunately some crews experienced gear failure. Congratulations to the following crews with the best results on the day–

Race/Crew Place Names Time
Year 8 2nd Quad 3rd Widhiwipa Widyatamaka, Jason Wei, Isaiah Wibowo, Anderson Chan, (c) Jiaming Sun 5.13.79
Year 8 3rd Quad 2nd Louie Chen, Lachlan Goff, Jason Zhang, Kaiwen Zhu, (c) Kevin Jin 5.10.83
Year 8 6th Quad 3rd Vincent Liu, Bryan Herijanto, Nathan Vu, Tony Xu, (c) James Liang 5.38.33
Year 10 1st Eight 3rd Kevin Fan, Wesley Zhang, Ed Belokopytov, Jayden Forday, Jason Qiu, Jacb Katafono, William Chen, Oliver Lethbridge, (c) Daniel Xu 5.50.83
Year 10 2nd Eight 4th James Merlo, Tim Luo, Manning Blackall, Robert Yuan, Tony Dong, Ricky Pachon, Darren Lim, Richard Ding, (c) John Chen 6.34.08

Thank You

  • to the many parents, Old Boys, coaches and staff for helping host a successful High Regatta – your time and effort was appreciated.
  • to old boys Karl Kruszelnicki, Dom Grimm, Josh Scharfegger, Yaegan Doran, Jason Phung, Tom Hurrell and Shahar Merom for enthusiastically taking on a working bee at the sheds to apply the chocolate H to our sky blue blades, finishing off the restoration work to over 40 of our oars. The blades were resplendent at the High Regatta.

Upcoming regattas -

Date Junior/Y10 Regatta Senior Regatta
February 8th Grammar Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay Grammar Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay
February 15th St Joseph’s Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay NSW Championship Regatta - SIRC
February 22nd Newington Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay Kings/Pymble Regatta - SIRC
March 1st Shore Regatta – Iron Cove Shore Regatta – Iron Cove
March 8th Shore Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC
March 13/14th NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC
March 15th Y10 – AAGPS Head of the River AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC

2014 Taree Summer Camp Report

The annual senior rowers’ trip to Taree this year went off without a hitch, competing in the last day of the Taree Summer Regatta in a wide range of boats and crews. Congratulations go to Shawn for winning his heat in 1x single scull! Four hours north of Sydney and spanning seven days, the senior sheds practically packed and moved the majority of the Outterside Centre to the Croker farm on Oxley Island. There, we were greeted by the Croker family and the familiar sight of Manning River dolphins.

With something of the order of fifteen water sessions throughout the week, the entire squad surprised ourselves with our capabilities, achieving some of the best rowing we've had all season. Selections for the two eights and four were held over two days of hard seat racing and all of us have learnt just how to get the most out of the boat in competition. In addition, all 24 senior rowers succeeded in the island row challenge (28km) in eights, quads and even doubles, a feat unequalled thus far.

Fish and chips at the beach, a hike to a lookout with an incredible view, and a tour of the internationally renowned Croker Oar Factory were all highlights of the trip, but the parents' cooking will be the most memorable. They pulled out all the stops, with a massive bacon and eggs breakfast each morning, sandwiches and burgers for lunch, and steaks for dinner each day to keep the boys loaded with fuel.

A big thank you to all the parents, coaches and our MIC Julie Blomberg, who supported us the whole week. They gave their precious time and effort to help us and without them, this camp would not have run so smoothly and the big improvements we made would not have been possible.
Ray Fang
Captain of Boats

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Kings

Term 4, 2013

1st WIN 53-49 E.KELLY 19
2nd WIN 53-52 B.MUSULIN 19
3rd LOSS 24-37 J.CLEMENTS-L 6
4th WIN 27-25 A.HE 8
5th LOSS 26-21 W,LU 10
8th WIN 38-8 W.CHOI 10
16A LOSS 43-39 J.YANG 17
16C WIN 34-21 M.NG 9
16D WIN 55-4 C.WANG 22
15B WIN 30-25 G.YUAN 8
15C WIN 17-10 A.KIRIN 4
15D LOSS 15-19 J.NGUYEN 4
15E LOSS 34-16 B.WU 8
15F WIN 27-18 K.LUU 7
14B LOSS 41-14 R.GU 5
14C LOSS 24-14 A.PRASAAD 7
14F WIN 28-12 H.HUANG 20
13A LOSS 19-84 J.SIU 8
13B LOSS 18-24 H.VYE 7
13C LOSS 17-32 L.WANG 8
13D WIN 15-14 K.COURT 6

Term 1, 2014

1st WIN 74-41 M.FLYNN 30
2nd WIN 57-42 C.SHI 13
3rd LOSS 12-36 A.SO 4
4th WIN 33-22 K.DANG 9
5th WIN 33-30 S.SI 12
6th WIN 39-6 A.ALI 10
8th WIN 45-14 J.WARING 10
16A LOSS 30-34 J.GEK 11
16B LOSS 28-25 S.QIU 10
16C LOSS 41-22 L.TAO 6
16D LOSS 15-21 M.YU 4
16E LOSS 23-20 V.BUI 6
16F LOSS 52-18 B.WU 6
15A WIN 36-25 K.WANG 13, A.RANKIN 11
15B WIN 48-10 H.BARTLEY 9
15C DRAW 20-20 A.ZHU 9
15D WIN 24-6 Y.BUSHATI 6
15E WIN 52-5 N.ZHANG 14
14B LOSS 36-18 O.WU 9
14C WIN 47-6 J.WANG 10
14D WIN 42-20 T.WANG 11
14E WIN 46-31 J.YIP 18
14F WIN 20-12 Y.LIN 12

This week, both High 1st Grade and 2nd Grade played fantastic matches to secure wins against King’s, rendering them undefeated in the ‘official’ AAGPS 2013-2014 Summer Sport season so far and still in the running to be the AAGPS Premiers this year. The rest of Opens also posted great wins, with only 3rd grade unfortunately suffering defeat. The 16s division, although losing, posted very close games, with the majority of teams losing by single digits. 13s have improved dramatically from last term, having won the majority of their games going into the 14s division this year. 14s have also improved to be the only undefeated division this week, going into the 15s division. Overall, High posted a very good effort, coming out of the weekend still having won the majority of games this Saturday.

In other news, High 1st Grade also won against many private schools, at Trinity College, during games played in the holidays as a follow up to the 17 day USA tour by both 1st Grade and a junior side. Both sides recorded numerous wins. High pursued in the road trip format that of a professional team around the States. The team flew in to Dallas from Australia for their first game, before winning their debut game to start the USA tour with a bang. The road trip then began, the first stop being Houston, where the team lost in an intense overtime game. The road trip then continued to San Antonio, where High was in top form and won a whole tournament consisting of 3 consecutive wins to secure the title. Travelling to Austin, they lost before travelling back to Houston the following day to win another game against a different team.  The team then won their last two games in Waco and back to Dallas, holding a very high win percentage during the USA ‘road trip’ tour. Concluding the basketball trip, the team then went to Los Angeles for a post-trip holiday, where they went to College basketball games, NBA games, Disney World, California Adventure, Universal Studios then beach, before flying back home. All players participating in the tour would have gained a massive amount of experience and knowledge, as well as having a lot of fun in the process.

I’m still looking for an editor to continue the High Notes Shootin’ Hoops after I graduate. If you are interested please see Mr B Hayman as soon as possible. Award Scheme points apply.

This Saturday High is up against Shore; a school that plays with physicality and vigour, so be both physically and mentally prepared and good luck to all teams this week!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

1st February 2014

Saturday’s racing on Rose Bay was a pleasant exercise, with  a 12 knot SSW breeze to begin the season. With only six boats being used and after a slow start in the first race, High sailors posted exceptional results in races two and three.

Race one was a chance to wash away the cobwebs from the holidays. David Evans with Ethan Tay as crew, took advantage of a controversial pin end start, to sail into a podium position. Other sailors suffered from mediocre starts and had to weave their way through the fleet to finish in the top ten.

Two highlights from race two stand out. Gaining first, second and third places in race two was a most impressive result. High sailors dominated the start, especially Daniel Fang and Alex De Araujo, where they tacked early in front of the rest of the fleet by successfully completing a very difficult pin start. This gave High a great opportunity to signal to the other schools that this term High are here to race competitively.

David Evans /Brian Nyugen followed their first race with another good placing and Darren Tiang/Kai Huang sailed well to fill the final podium position.

Race three saw High try to repeat the same tactics at the start with both David and Daniel at the pin end. Excellent placings for both of these boats at the finish bore out the sense of using these tactics. Other crews sailed well generally, but the main determinant of a good final placing was again, the start. 
G Moody
MIC Sailing 2014

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Chess Coaching 2014

This year the weekly coaching sessions will be changing from Friday mornings to Monday mornings. Our coach, Vladimir Feldman will be offering coaching to committed chess players and those keen to learn and compete in inter school chess competitions and championships.

Coaching begins on Monday 7th. February and will be in room 104 at 8am every Monday. Year 7s who have played chess before are encouraged to attend along with our regular players and new interested boys from all other Years.

In 2013 Sydney Boys High School won the senior, intermediate and junior divisions of the interschool chess competition as well as The Scots College Invitational. Sydney Boys was placed 4th in the Australian Schools Teams Championship.
Rowena Barr
MIC Chess

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From the Canteen

Welcome to all our volunteers for 2014, in particular all the new parents to the school. Canteen provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents, find out what is happening at the school and provides significant contributions to the P&C to fund worthy projects which benefit all of our sons. If you can spare a day a month to help out please contact the canteen on Ph: 9662 9350.  Your sons will love to see you there.

Don’t miss out on food you want!  Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen but keep missing out? 

Order ahead and reserve what you want!
Make sure you are on the right queue!

  • The lines at the front of the canteen are for Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.  Please make sure you are in the correct line to avoid overcrowding and causing delays in service.
  • A quick service window for drinks, ice blocks etc is around the corner – no lunch items can be bought at this window.

In order to avoid disappointment, it is a good idea to put in a lunch order, as sometimes what you want may have sold out.

Thank you to our volunteers at the end of last term:-

MON: Tina Chang,Shannon Hickey,
TUE: Jim O'Sullivan, Penny Chan,
WED: Wei Dong, Julie Zhu,
THUR: Ming Ming Lee, Ha Tran,
FRI: Frances Salmon,Soogie Sim
The Canteen Team

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New Parents Welcome

Last Tuesday evening, more than two hundred parents of our new High boys attended the New Parent Welcome in the Great Hall. The P&C would like to express its gratitude to the many people involved in what is a complex event at a very busy time of the year, including: Ron Trent and the Year 8 parents and boys who organised and ran the evening; Lin Jin and the Sailing parents and boys for their excellent catering; from the school, Dr Jaggar, Messieurs Barris, Higgins, Aldous, Moody, Ms Rigby and Genias for giving up their own time to attend and stay on for discussions with the new parents; members of the P&C and supporters groups; as well as individual parents. Thank you to all for your time and effort.

First General P&C Meeting for 2014

Our first P&C general meeting for 2014 will be held next Monday 10th  February at 7:30pm in the Staff Common Room.  Subjects for discussion will include works to the Staff Common Room, Light Rail and Governors Centre updates, and focal points for the P&C in 2014. We look forward to seeing many of our new parents in attendance.

Setting up Your Individual Parent Portal Login

The Parents Portal on the school website is accessed via individual parent logins. To create a personal account you will require the following two pieces of information:

  1. The Family Correspondence email address you supplied at enrolment; and
  2. The Student ID Number of your son/ward as printed on his timetable.

If you have multiple children attending the school, any ID Number will suffice. If you have trouble recalling the email address you supplied, your son can tell you by looking up the My Details section of the Student Portal. Alternatively, contact the school Administrative Office.

Once you have these two pieces of information, create a personal Parent Portal Account:

  1. Go to the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com
  2. Click Intranet Login in the bottom left-hand menu
  3. Click parent registration on the bottom RH corner of the open screen and follow the instructions.
  4. Securely store the individual username and password you have created to access the Parents Portal.

Upcoming P&C Parking Events

Please find listed below upcoming P&C parking events. Each co-curricular supporters group has a nominated parking coordinator whose role is to ensure that sufficient numbers of parents and boys are available to meet the expected demand. If you are unsure of the contact details of your co-curricular parking coordinator, you should email the parent sub-committee president of the various supporters’ groups or the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Saturday 8 February – Sydney FC v Adelaide United (Debating)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C General Meeting – 7:30pm, Monday 10 February, Staff Common Room

Ian Sweeting

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