High Notes, Vol 15 No 18, June 13 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our Year 12 PDC team for their win in the Hume Barbour Regional  Final. Well done Riley Irwin, Andrew Liu, Lokesh Sharma and Peter Stephens. Well done to Kevin Ke (Year 11) who has progressed to the finals of the Sutherland Shire and St George Youth Music Awards playing piano.

Light Rail Project Approved
A press statement on the Light Rail:  “On Wednesday 4 June 2014, planning approval was granted for the $1.6 billion CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) project.  The CSELR project is expected to transform Sydney, provide improved public transport between the CBD and the South East and deliver over $4 billion in economic benefits.  It will extend from Circular Quay along George Street to Central Station, through Surry HiIls and Moore Park, then on to Kingsford and Randwick. The Minister for Planning’s approval of the project includes conditions to address and manage key impacts during construction and operation of the new light rail system.  A full list of conditions can be found on the Department of Planning and Environment’s major projects portal.

The main contract to design, build, operate and maintain the new system is expected to be awarded as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) by early 2015 with major construction commencing soon after.  Further information is available on the project website at www.sydneylightrail.com.au or by calling 1800 684 490 or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Community Consultation on Strengthening Inner City Schooling Provision
On 16 May 2014 the Inner City Schools Working Party launched its community consultation on the provision of public secondary education in inner Sydney to assist the Department in its ongoing consideration of public education. The consultation is designed to explore a range of possible solutions for addressing the predicted growth in the number of school-aged children living in inner Sydney.

Initial analysis has identified that in the short term:

  • there are some schools in the area with higher enrolments than others; and,
  • there is additional teaching and learning space available within the majority of existing public secondary schools in the short term. In the longer term there is a shortage of teaching and learning spaces to meet the projected demand.
  • Preliminary analysis has identified the following solutions should be considered:
    1. How educational offerings at schools influence parents’ choice of school – should these be adjusted, broadened and/or specialised?
    2. Whether the public school ‘brand’ can be improved through advertising and marketing?
  • Whether selective schools can take on comprehensive students, giving all schools a selective stream?
  • Can schools collaborate more closely to strengthen transition programs?
  • Should a ‘College model’ be introduced to improve educational offerings across schools?
  • Can the hours that a school is open and operate provide another avenue for more efficient use?

Straight Talk is in the process of collating the feedback from the workshops. A series of publicly available issues summaries will be posted on the online forum in the coming weeks.

Have your say
It is not too late to join the discussion; the consultation is open until Friday 27 June 2014!

There are multiple opportunities to get involved in the consultation. Visit the online forum at http://dec.engagementhq.com

It is in the interests of High parents to join the dialogue about the future of inner city provision. At this stage DEC assures us that SBHS and SGHS restructuring is not on the table, even though CLOSE and other local aspirant residents want it to be.

Half Yearly Reports
All boys except in Year 8 should now have their reports and ought to be discussing these with their parents ahead of upcoming Parent-Teacher evenings.  As I write, I still have 6 Year 9 Reports, 15 from Year 10 and 17 from Year 11. It is difficult for us to establish partnerships between students, parents and the school without all parties having up to date information on student progress. It would be good if all those outstanding reports could be collected promptly. Boys should complete Clearance Forms and book a time on the sheets provided on the Waterhouse Desk in the corridor outside the print room.

Parent -Teacher Nights
Don’t forget to book in to see your son’s teacher. The first evening is on Tuesday, June 17, 1500-1900 for Years 9 and 12; the second, for Years 7 and 11 is on Monday, June 23 1500-1900;  and for Years 8 and 10 on Wednesday, June 25 1500-1900.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Educational Access Scheme

Most institutions that participate in the University Admissions Centre (UAC) have an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for applicants who have experienced long term educational disadvantage.  To qualify applicants must demonstrate that their educational performance during Years 11 and 12 or equivalent has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond their choice or control.

Students applying for the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for Universities in 2015 will need to download their booklets and applications forms from the website www.uac.edu.au 

If you require a Statement of Support from the school counsellors, your EAS form will need to be in to them with all required documentation by the beginning of  week 8, Term 3. However a prior interview is recommended with the counsellors as soon as possible. The responsibility for sending the finalised application to UAC by closing date (usually by end of September) rests with the individual student.
E Harman and J Noakes 
School Counsellors

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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9662 9300 and dial “1” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly.  Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If your son has early leave due to a medical appointment you are required to produce a note from the provider the following day.


Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”
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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Years 9 and 12 will take place on
Tuesday 17 June 2014
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Years 7 and 11 will take place on
Monday 23 June 2014
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Years 8 and 10 will take place on
Wednesday 25 June 2014
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Booking interviews with your son’s teachers

This year we will again use a web based electronic scheduling system for arranging interviews.  This produces better results for all participants, especially more compact time schedules for both parents and teachers.  The system works as follows –

  • On Tuesday 10 June all parents of boys in Years 9 and 12 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .
  • On Monday 16 June all parents of boys in Year 7 and 11 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .
  • On Wednesday 18 June all parents of boys in Years 8 and 10 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .
  • This email will be sent to the address currently held by the school.  If you have not received this email by the following day (11, 17 or 19 June) or, if your email address has changed from what had been previously advised to the school, you should notify the school at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it advising of this. Please indicate your son's name and roll class or date of birth so that the information can be forwarded to you.
  • On the Edval website you will see your son’s teachers listed and you will be able to select those with whom you require an interview. (If you hover over a teacher’s name, the subject involved will be shown.)  At the same time you can indicate your availability between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
  • the majority of parents have requested interviews, the overall schedule will be generated by the school and your individual schedule should be available for you to download and print from two days before the interviews.
  • Boys from all Years will be dismissed from class at the conclusion of Period 4 on each day.  School Special buses will run to normal schedules and there will be supervision in the Junior Quad of boys waiting for these buses.
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration.  If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.

Mr R Dowdell
Deputy Principal

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SBHS Debating

MIC Debating Report

A huge congratulations to the Year 12 team who were successful in the Regional Final on Friday. It is a shame Jonathan couldn't join his usual team, but a wonderful opportunity for Andrew Liu to join Lokesh, Peter and Riley. Well done, boys. We owe a great thanks to Antony Paul who is the Firsts coach. Antony is working really hard with the team whilst also studying in his final year at University and applying for career opportunities. I thank Antony wholeheartedly for his commitment to debating at Sydney Boys High. The team will now face a small number of knock out debates with other regional Finalists. The Hume Barbour final is on the 8th August and we are all hoping that Sydney Boys High will be in it for a third successive year.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

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2014 National Chinese Eisteddfod

Saturday, 31st of May was a memorable day that hosted one of the most prestigious events in the High calendar - the 2014 National Chinese Eisteddfod. It is an annual Chinese poetry reciting competition in which hundreds of schools take part. This year, High had group competitors from Year 7, Year 8 and Years 9 & 10 as well as individual competitors. Incredibly, we took home many honours, with the Years 9 & 10 combined group coming 2nd in their division and individual winners such as Jeffrey Yang (3rd), Jinnong Zheng (3rd), Esmond Ye (2nd) and myself (2nd). Although the others did not win any trophies their performance was still outstanding and their competiveness and work ethic deserve to be commended.

My own experience was also very memorable. Although, I am not a native Chinese speaker, with hard work and dedication, it is still possible for someone like me to have a chance at winning against Mandarin speakers. This shows that if you apply yourself, you do not only get exceptional results but also live life to the fullest. Life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what the future is, and thus only through perseverance and hard work can success come rushing at you.

Led by Ms Zhang (Chinese teacher & Chinese Eisteddfod Coordinator), Ms Fong and many other teachers, we were taught conscientiously by them which led to our successes and gave us the chance to perform to our full potential. I urge everyone - not only those with Chinese background to take part in this competition because you will not only improve your public speaking skills, but you can also learn about the rich, ancient Chinese culture. It is a great opportunity to meet friends and many benefits come with it. Take a break from all your schoolwork and go on this rollercoaster ride to greatness!
Daniel Hu
Yr 9

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

Term 2 has been a busy and productive time as usual in the Senior Library with many individual students making use of the facility and teachers with their classes booking in to use the computers or the resources on offer. The collection has expanded giving a wider range of materials available to borrowers. This has been due to purchase of many new resources last year and the injection of a large bequest from the late Old Boy Gregory Babic. The collection has also had a large selection of new books this year after the librarians attended a purchasing day at Kinokuniya Bookstore. Many of the titles chosen will support the new Australian curriculum as well as provide wider reading choices for our seniors.

Please click on the link below to view our latest list or check out our new books list on the school website under Curriculum:


Last term our old computers were replaced by 25 brand new desktops with beautiful, large screens. These are already enthusiastically used by individual students and booked classes and give greater flexibility in use of more programs for art and visual design and the viewing of any graphic application.

The Senior Library ran a survey during Cyber Awareness Week, March 31 to April 4, to gather information about library services, amenities, atmosphere and resources. The last time we surveyed our senior students was in 2011 when the library was relatively new as a facility, so it was interesting to find out what students think and provide us with feedback to assist us ensure we meet student, teacher and school community needs. We will be publishing the results of this survey in the near future.

The Librarians met with our Principal, Dr Kim Jagger, Head Teacher responsible for Libraries at SBH, Mr Jamie Kay, and our parent representative on the School Council Professor Elaine Sadler. The discussion centred around the future direction for the libraries and the libraries’ web presence and how we can make information regarding our libraries more accessible to parents and other school community members. We also discussed how we can make E-resources more accessible to students. Our Oasis library management system is not designed to provide access to E-books currently. We are hoping to solve this problem in the near future when the Department of Education makes a decision about a new system with many more web capabilities. This will mean that online databases which we currently make available on the school student portal will be searchable using a Federated Search function within the library software. This will make searching for articles and information as accessible as doing a library catalogue search.

We are also hoping to organise some sessions in Term 3 to teach students how to access and use these resources. To date Year 10 Senior Transition classes have been joining the State Library and given brief overviews of how to access and search these fantastic resources but more time is needed to cover more skills and ensure that students are successful when they utilise them. We are working on how to provide more time and will let you know when we have a solution. 

Our libraries are well supported by parents and the whole school community and this ensures that students will continue to have access to quality resources and an excellent study facility and support to assist them to achieve success in their studies and ultimately do well in their HSC. We appreciate this support and will endeavour to ensure that the libraries will make the most of this.
Ms Gordon

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


Endeavour Trial Game

For the first time in a while Sydney High 1st XV and 14As took on Endeavour Sports High School. After a competitive first half the size and strength of the opposition took over and Endeavour won the 1st XV game. In the 14As the Sydney High rucking was too strong for Endeavour and we took the game 10-5.

Upcoming games

Date Game
June 14 Scots v High
June 16 High v MHS (15As only)

Holiday training

1st/2nd XV – 7th, 9th and 11th of July (Monday, Wednesday and Friday Week 2 of Holidays)
All teams – 9th and 11th of July (Wednesday and Friday Week 2 of Holidays) 2014

G Barris

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Sydney East Table Tennis Competition

On the 6 June, Sydney Boys High School participated in the Sydney East Table Tennis Knockout Competition held at Sydney Olympic Park. Our team: Lenny HAN (Year 8); Edward BELOKOPYTOV (Year 10); Glanden ZHENG (Year 12) and Gideon KWOK (Year 12) convincingly beat Menai High School and The Conservatorium High School to meet James Cook High School in the finals. Although James Cook played very well, SBHS were too good, winning the match, therefore representing Sydney East at the NSWCHS later this month. What was most impressive on the day was our boys’ good humour and sense of sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Congratulations!

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Sydney High Tennis

“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.”
- Sydney East Stan Jones 2014

On the 26th and 27th of May, the boys headed out to Rockdale Tennis Centre to compete in the CHS Stanley Jones Trophy competition. The team of Stevie Young, Eddy Wang, Matthew O'Sullivan, Adam Smagarinsky and myself, came out strong until the final curtain fell to our rivals, Endeavour Sports High. Having only conceded 9 from the 168 games played prior to the final it was a big confidence booster for the young team. Despite our emphatic efforts in the final, it was Endeavour Sports who were victorious 5-1 and outplayed us on the day.

Hopefully we can emulate this success in the upcoming 2014-2015 GPS season.

The team would also like to thank Mr Paul Wright and coach Mr David Deep for their ongoing commitment towards the tennis program.
By Josh Sangueza

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at:  http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/ 

Thank you to everyone helping to improve Sydney High Tennis.

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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 2 Week 6

Team Against Result Scorers
CHS Knockout Round 4 (South East Regional Semi-Final)
1st XI Gymea High School Won 3 – 1 Jesse Cooper (2), Adilmorad Nadar

MIC of Football Report

Last weekend we had no matches due to it being a long weekend. This weekend sees our final trial match for term 2 against a highly competitive Newington Team. Many matches are being played away so please make sure you double check where you are and plan ahead on how to get there.

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS track  suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • If you are unavailable to play you MUST notify your coach well in advance. Just doing it online is not sufficient.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

High v Gymea

High travelled to Endeavour Sports High for the final of the Sydney East Knockout Competition. A win would ensure a berth in the final 16 of NSW. Having beaten tough opponents in Belmore High, James Cook and Port Hacking respectively, High came into the match against Gymea with a full squad and high on motivation after our first GPS win against King’s two days prior.

For the opening 10 minutes, Gymea played an aggressive attacking game pressuring our backline. Gymea was 1-0 up after a clever run behind our backline left their striker 1 on 1 against John Seroukas. High replied through a cross by Adil outside the edge of the box for Jesse Cooper to nod in powerfully to make it 1-1 at the break. In the second half, an amazing run by Adil from his own half, beating 3 on-rushing Gymea players left him open to unleash a 25m shot on goal at the bottom corner. Fortunately, due to the skidding field, the ball dribbled under the Gymea goalkeeper to give us a 2-1 lead. High withstood waves of attacks by Gymea, who were desperate to equalize to send it into extra time. Jesse Cooper sealed the win with another header from a corner delivered by Chris Lee to cement our place in the final 16.

It’s an amazing achievement by the boys, and a true testament to their hard work and dedication to every training session. I would also like to thank our MIC and coach Tony Dunn for their constant support. Next, High will travel to Hunter Valley to play for a position in the final 8.
Michael Cui
Captain of Football

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Rifle Shooting

Only two weeks since the Cessnock Open Shooting Competition, the Sydney High Rifle Team once again set out to compete in the annual Wingham Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. The SHSRC members consisted of Jeremy Chan (12, c), Minghao Wu (12, vc), Terry Fong(12), Kaiwei Liu (12), Sam Phillis (12), Evan Han (11), Desmond Chiang (11), Gorden Huang (11), Keller Huang (11), Nick Phillis (11), Timothy Tran (11), Jack Zhou (11), Ciaran Farrell (10), John Huang(10), Kieryn Mascarenhas(10), Kentaro Takahata (10), Julian Tu (10), James Jiang (9) and Wen Tao Ruan (9).

Arriving at the range, the team set up camp in near darkness, braving the cold, country air and a small amount of rain, a characteristic that has long-since become inextricably linked with the locale. Consistent results were posted on the first day of competition, from experienced shooters like Evan and Terry who got 144 and 143 out of 150 respectively as well as newer shooters like Kaiwei who shot a 142 aggregate. 

Standouts of the day (out of 50.10) included Wentao’s 49.5, Timothy’s 49.4, Terry’s 49.3 as well as John’s excellent 50.8 which is one of the highest scores ever shot by our club.

After shooting had ceased, leisure and relaxation were offered through the usual trivia and the newly-introduced card-building challenge that took up much of the night. Throughout both activities, every single member of the team pooled their worldly knowledge and engineering aptitude respectively in a valiant effort to come out on top and triumph over the other teams, which consisted of other shooters that had gathered for the prize meeting. From feelings of triumph as individual members displayed an understanding of anything from ‘chopsticks’ to recent sporting events, to looks of disappointment as a meticulously-crafted card tower came tumbling down from a mistaken table nudge, the exuberant atmosphere in the air was almost palpable. 

Day two of the prize meeting saw a good opening range at 500 yards where most of the shooters shot better than a 46 as well as Evan who shot a 50.3 and took out first place, showing good signs for day 2 of the prize meet.  However, inexperience struck the shooters in the 600 yards shoot where there were wind and rain and our scores dropped, but it was a valuable experience for all the shooters, and would surely benefit them in the GPS shoot that is to come.

At the prize presentation, individual prizes were won by Wen Tao, Timothy, John, Evan, Nick, Sam and James for the ranges they top scored in, as well as the Mo Burdett Trophy which was won by our team of Jeremy, James, John and Sam with a score of 1133.78 which was enough to win over the Grammar opposition.

Our yearly campfire concluded the trip and gave us time to relax and reflect on the events of the competition. Personal stories were shared by brave participants over roasted marshmallows and potatoes, and card games were played. Unfortunately, the time soon came for us to return to our tents for the last night at Wingham. Uncharacteristically, the rain never came, leaving our tents relatively dry, save for the dew of the morning. 

Many thanks go to the Wingham Rifle Club for hosting this prize meeting every year. Special thanks must also go to the MIC of shooting, Cathy Meaney, old boy and coach, Sam Kremer, for giving up his entire long weekend to support us throughout the trip as well as driving to and from Wingham while everyone else rested.  Thanks also to our head coach, Ishan Nadkarni, who gave good advice and encouragement to each individual shooter before and after each shoot, as well as helping them fix problems they had.

Thanks must go to Old Boys Joe Banh, Kevin Chan, Brendan Leo and Denis Stojanovic who also came to support us! Altogether, the team learnt many valuable lessons about the tradition of camping at Wingham and the importance of consistency and position in shooting. 
Jeremy Chan & Minghao Wu

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 Volleyball Notes

First Grade Volleyball Report – NSW State Cup 30/5/14

With this state tournament being the only one in the winter season, the SBHS First Grade Volleyball team were eager to make their mark. We knew that with structured play and strong communication, we could go far in the tournament. The day started off with an early game against Baulkham Hills, which we won quite comfortably despite a few stiff joints here and there. This was followed by another match against a team which showed true promise, yet smart plays and quick combinations ensured that the victory was ours. With this, the First Grade team progressed through the group stages, with our next opponent, in the quarter-finals, being Cabramatta High School. Although this was a much more challenging match than the previous one, it allowed us to find our natural rhythm and we prevailed, advancing to the semi-finals with new-found confidence.

Unfortunately, our next opponents were our own Under 17s, and we weren’t overly cheerful when we won, knocking them out of the competition. Yet with this came a great advantage, as the boys were now able to cheer us on in the final against a very formidable Rooty Hill Team. We all knew very well what they were capable of, so we had to remain composed and play our own game. Loud chants and massive hits from the other team were evident from the get-go. Nevertheless, some great serving and well-practiced plays allowed us to take the first set, giving us momentum for the next set. Rooty Hill fought back, however, winning the second set with strong hits and hustle play. Despite this, we still knew that we were well capable of taking the gold, and a mixed variety of powerful hits and soft rolls allowed us to clench the third set.

This was a very successful result for the SBHS First Grade Team in this State Tournament. Having said this, I would like to commend each player for their strong performances, as well as personally thank all involved.
Pinyan Gao

16As Volleyball Report

On the 30th of May, the 16As Sydney Boys High volleyball team competed in a state tournament held at Sydney Olympic Park. The team consisted of two outside hitters: Wanyu Tang and Jon Luo, two middle blockers: Alvin Tam and Dibyendu Roy, a universal: Ray Gu, a libero: Kurt Wang and a setter: Kalvin Xu. The tournament itself was a success overall with us winning a gold medal, but several matches forced us to bring out our ‘A’ game. Before beginning our match at 10:00 in the morning, we watched the 1st Grade volleyball team playing a game against Baulkham Hills. This gave us motivation, as it was exhilarating and we could not keep still. Time went by and our first match of the day began. Our opposition was Kelso, a team that has rivalled us for the past few years at the state tournament. Our undefeated streak against them pressured us, causing the first set to be a tight one but we managed to pull through and win it 25-22. We started to relax and calm down afterwards, resulting in a comfortable victory, 25-17. We had won our first match of the day, but we knew it was not the end.

The victory against Kelso was a major push, as this led to two comfortable wins against Glenmore Park High School and Wycliffe Christian School, both ending in two sets. Another team who we have had trouble playing against was Rooty Hill, our next opponent. Unfortunately, one of our players had suffered a minor injury, resulting in him having to sit out on the match. We fought well and played one of our best games ever, winning a tight first set over Rooty Hill, but sadly lost the next two sets, which were also very close. With 3 wins and 1 loss, we ended up tied for first place with Kelso in our pool. We had finally reached our last game of the day, and once again, against our rivals, Kelso. Luckily, the player who had suffered an injury two games ago, was able to play with us. Everyone was ready to bring out their ‘A’ game as we were prepared to battle it out to the end. This game had shown our coaches (JC and Jason Le who, also, supported us very well) how much we had improved from last year. Kurt (libero) had passed perfectly, allowing Kalvin (setter) to set excellent balls to our outside hitters, Wanyu and Jon, resulting in spikes that ended up as points. Kalvin had also set beautifully to our middle blockers, Alvin and Dibyendu, running ‘quicks’ which the opposition could not handle, also resulting in points. The match had ended in two comfortable sets, both in our favour, resulting in our team receiving a gold medal once again, defending our title as ‘champions’ at this tournament.

Ultimately, not only did we become ‘champions’, the team had enjoyed themselves playing their best. Although we did have one loss, this was a positive as it had indicated that the 16As volleyball team still have room to improve. I wish the team good luck with the rest of the season and hope that we can continue to improve as a team.
Jon Luo

MIC Volleyball

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Red Nose Bay Permission Note

Sydney Boys High School
Community Service Permission Note
Red Nose Day
Friday 27 June 2014

29 May 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Your son has volunteered to sell Red Nose Day merchandise with other Sydney Boys High School students in the Sydney CBD on Red Nose Day, Friday 27 June, from 6.30-9.05am.

Attached is the permission note, which needs to be signed and returned by 3pm Tuesday 17 June - either via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to the box outside Mr Phillipson’s door.  Before signing the note, please discuss the following with your son and ensure that he will:

  • Arrive by 6:30am at the Red Nose Day marquee at Martin Place, near the fountain between Pitt St and Castlereagh St
  • Sign in with the location leader wearing a Red Vest
  • Be impeccably presented in his school uniform (clean and ironed)
  • Remain with his designated buddy at all times
  • Address all members of the public clearly and politely
  • Return all donations and property to the Red Nose Day Marquee coordinators
  • Depart promptly to be on time for the morning school bell at 9.25am.

We congratulate your son for volunteering his time to raise funds which will help the families who rely on the support of SIDS and Kids NSW at the tragic time of their child’s death.  Thank you for your support.

Mr Phillipson
Community Service Coordinator
Sydney Boys High School

The Red Nose Day permission note is available in the
PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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SBHS-SGHS Joint P&C Meeting

Wednesday 18th June 2014
7:30pm – 9pm
SBHS Great Hall

All Parents and Students Welcome
Supper Provided

“Great Moments in the Future”

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki will make you laugh and learn as he discusses how the proper shape for a human being is a cloud of iron vapour, the size of a planet, floating through space and moving along magnetic lines of force  – and immortal to boot. He will show how diet alcohol drinks make people more intoxicated and offer insights into future careers in Computers, Engineering, Genetics, Basic Sciences, Environmental Matters and Politics. There will be a Q&A session to finish. Supper is provided.                                                  

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki AM is the current Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at Sydney University. A doctor of Medicine, scientist, author and well known commentator on Australian radio and television, he appears regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ABC News 24 and presents his weekly show on Triple J. Dr Karl holds degrees in Physics, Maths, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery.

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Applications for Enrolment: Years 8, 9, 11

Applications for Years 8, 9 and 11 close 29 July 2014

Application forms available from the school or at: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/enrolment

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys

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Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

For existing or enrolling students in Years 7 - 9 who meet the scholarship selection criteria.
To apply for a scholarship visit: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarship

Sydney Boys High School
Empowering Gifted Boys


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