High Notes, Vol 15 No 16, May 30 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Manson Luk (Year 9) who won a gold medal at the NSW Taekwondo Championships in the 12-14 years Division Black Belt. He also won silver in the Pair Black Belt 11-14 years. Congratulations to John Tian (Year 9) for his gold medal in the senior schoolboys Epée fencing competition. Chi Mao (Year 11) earned bronze in the senior sabre. Great job, boys! Sam Musgrove was selected in the U18 CHS rugby team. Well done, Sam! Bennette Jiang, Sama Malolo and James Tinker were invited to the CHS U16 rugby selection day after Sydney East trials. Congratulations! At the Stan Jones Cup tennis tournament this week our High team of Stephen Young, Josh Sangueza, Eddie Wang, Matthew O’Sullivan and Adam Smagarinsky were successful 8-0 against Cronulla and Port Hacking High Schools in the knockout rounds. They beat Menai in the quarter final and Port Hacking in the semis. Unfortunately, Endeavour Sports High proved too strong in the final. A fine effort from our very young team! Congratulations to our first XI for their 1-0 victory against Port Hacking in their 3rd round Knockout football competition.

Football Committee – Football Co-payment
The Football Committee has advised that it recommends that the co-payment for A and B teams for each age group and first to fourths open football should be set at $200 and the co-payment for all other teams should be $175. The rationale behind the differential payment is that the Sports Policy requirement of extra coaching sessions for A and B teams, means that additional costs to the program should be borne by those receiving the benefit. Also, the school has made an effort to hire many more coaches to improve the sporting experience of all boys in the program. This has meant a sharp rise in costs. Access to sporting fields has been made much more expensive in the last couple of seasons. David Phillips charges were way too high for our budget. Finally, the season for winter sport has been extended by six weeks as those boys not selecting athletics, were trained in winter sports. It was noted that the common charge by clubs for a season of football is $300 and the coaches are volunteers, mostly parents. The Committee feels that the co-payments are reasonable in that context. Invoices will be sent out in the next couple of weeks for all winter sports.

Rowing Fundraising Dinner
Over 260 guests were fed and entertained in the Great Hall last Saturday night. The Organising Committee, headed up by Rowing MIC Julie Blomberg, staged a memorable event. The rowing community rallied around our appeal to replace the trailer, shells and equipment written off in the accident on the M4. A very impressive $61,000 was raised directly by the appeal with the dinner ticket proceeds yet to be finalised. Our heartfelt thanks go to the donors and organisers who have saved the rowing program with their generosity.

Sorry Day Assembly – May 26
The Sorry Day assembly featured a promotional video for John Pilger’s “Utopia”. Boys who spoke recalled the original Sorry Day text and reported on the Stolen Generation policy effects. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"As we gather again for our third Sorry Day Assembly, it is timely to pause and reflect on the contemporary state of relations between Aboriginal and White Australians.  In the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, Aborigines comprise 40% of the population, whereas they make up just 3% of the population of the state as a whole.  Children under the age of 15 represent 40% of the Aboriginal population of the Kimberley.

"Juveniles (10-14) are 25 times more likely to be arrested and charged by police than their white counterparts and are 18 times more likely to be held in detention.  The suicide rate among Kimberley youth is 12 times the national average.  The leading cause of death for young Aboriginal women (15-29) in the Kimberley is homicide.  Aboriginal women are 14 times more likely to be arrested than non-Aboriginal women.

"These are statistics highlight the impression that racist stereotypes still prevail among predominantly white male officials in the legal system.  Young women are viewed as potential sexual partners and young men as potential criminals, according to Kimberley activist Maria Pedersen.  The effects of institutionalised racism flowing from the Aborigines Act (1905) dehumanised Aboriginal people.  The traditional social and kinship systems of Aboriginal culture were destroyed.  They were non-citizens until 1967.

"More long-lasting have been the psychological effects of racism and oppression.  White society was for a very long time in denial about its treatment of Aborigines and covered up the atrocities committed against them. Aboriginal women have borne the brunt of the effects of domestic violence, sexual assault, alcohol and substance abuse and fear of intercultural violence.  Too often they have been left as sole parents due to the incarceration, premature death or incapacity of their partners.

"White society, since the Rudd Apology, has been trying to address some of the psychosocial and cultural legacies inhibiting the development of cultural self-determination.  Reconciliation needs to be followed by healing but the process will be slow.  The main reason for this slowness is that so many contemporary families in Aboriginal Australia are locked into the cycle of poverty, family breakdown, negative exchanges with authority, police persecution, domestic violence and substance abuse. On Sorry Day we need now to say ‘sorry’ for that which we haven’t done.  It’s not the past massacres or the Stolen Generation that we should focus on, but rather our inability, even in the last decade of mining-driven prosperity, to address the structural problems in health, education and the justice system that still beset Aboriginal people.

"Our patronising policies of the past have wasted multi-millions of tax-payer funds.  Cultural change has been extremely slow.  Occasions such as this assembly are held to raise awareness in the next generation of Australians that we have to address our cultural problems of stereotyping and patronising Aboriginal people before we can ever expect them to feel as though they are accepted as equals in their own country.

"In National Reconciliation Week, May 27 marks the day in 1967 when Aborigines were recognised as citizens in a referendum.  June 3 celebrates the day in 1992 that led the Australian Government to recognise Native Title and acknowledge indigenous Australians as the original occupants of Australia. At our Sorry Day Assembly we also acknowledge that our society still has a long way to go towards making racial equality a reality. During National Reconciliation Week, let’s think about how we can personally change our attitudes towards indigenous people or influence others to change theirs."
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the High Store

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From the Office


Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9662 9300 and dial “1” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly.  Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If your son has early leave due to a medical appointment you are required to produce a note from the provider the following day.

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC report

On Friday I watched James, Masrul, Kai and Richard debate Barker on the topic of “That we should abolish Australian made TV quotas on free to air TV” and they were very unlucky to lose.  

The Year 10  team of Eli, Esmond, Oliver and Fayed won the FED Senior B (Year 11)competition and this was a fitting end to the competition which saw a range of Year 10s debating up for Year 11. 

Well done to everyone who debated in either the Year 10 or Year 11 FED competition this year. Getting so far with a rotation of students each week is quite an achievement.

This week we have teams in the finals in Year 9, 10 and 12 divisions.  I am urging debaters to come and show their support for our teams at Grammar this evening and High Spirit award points will be available (1 per debate) for all who attend.  ALL PREPARATION WILL BEGIN BY 5:30PM INCLUDING SENIORS.  This means that all debates will begin no later than 6:30pm as we will have the trophy presentation at the conclusion of the debates in the Palladium Theatre on the bottom level of the Palladium Building. 

Congratulations to the Year 9 and 10 PDC teams who won their debates last week.
Rachel Powell

Debating Prefect Report

Last week we saw two Year 10 teams debate in the FED finals at Trinity (one as Year 10 and the other for Year 11). Congratulations to the Year 10 boys who won the Year 11 FED competition. It was been a great effort from all those boys who have stepped forth and debated up a year. Commiserations to the Year 10 division team who lost in a tense final, debating the topic about quotas on Australian-produced TV for free-to-air channels. Meanwhile, in the Eastside semi-finals we had another positive result with 3 out of our 5 finalist teams making it through (Year 9, 10 and 12). The juniors were again given the tough topic "That we should abolish state governments". It would have helped to know some statistics from the recent budget and how that affects state government. The Senior teams all had a rather long-winded topic - "That charities should engage in simplistic and emotive social media campaigns to pursue their policy goals (such as, but not limited to, the Kony2012 and #bringbackourgirls campaigns)". Unfortunately, in the Year 12 debate both teams misunderstood the topic to be about social media and its benefits whereas the topic was intended to be about the "simple and emotive" campaigns vs. complex/informative ones. Thankfully, we prevailed in a close and messy debate.

Tip of the Week: Debating is about having fun but then, let’s admit it, no one like to lose! Let’s go out and win some finals and bring back some trophies. Good Luck to all those competing in the finals tonight!!
Lokesh Sharma

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From the Junior Library

All of Year 7 are reminded that they have been automatically entered into the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  Many of our boys have completed this quite hefty challenge of reading 20 books in 12 months many times before.  They can continue their unbroken record this year. 


If you already have a reading record from previous years you will not have to get a new one.  You can just log on to complete the Challenge.  I am now checking that all Year 7 students have been entered.

Wide Reading lessons are the perfect time to look for your next book to read for the Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Challenge runs from 3 March to 29 August (11:59pm) 2014. Students must complete their online Student Reading Records by 22 August (11:59pm). Ongoing reading is encouraged. Books read from 1 September 2013 can count towards the 2014 Challenge.

It is a condition of entry that students entering and successfully completing the Challenge will receive a PRC certificate and may appear on the PRC Gold and Platinum Honour Roll

Today I had a student ask me if I had any Jules Verne classics.  My Library did not have any.  I mentioned the Gutenberg project to the student very briefly and thought that every student had the right to know about this downloadable collection of classic and other writings.

It is a very worthy project to try to read the classic books in our literature.  In many cases the language is beautifully expressed and the subject matter and tone reflects our history and the aspirations of the culture of the time.  Unfortunately our Libraries are not an Archive and while we do purchase classics deliberately every year to keep them in front of our students our classic collection is not all that vast.  It can be found by searching Library Enquiry for “classic literature”.  But we are all saved by Project Gutenberg.  It contains our classic treasures and is accessible online.

Anyone can download an enormous number of free e books by going into Project Gutenberg in Google http://www.gutenberg.net.au/plusfifty.html. Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks". It was founded in 1971 by Michael S Hart and is the oldest digital library. Wikipedia . Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.

I found it easy to download a Jules Verne classic in HTML straight onto my computer.  And if I can do this any student can. 
Mrs Crothers

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Years 7 & 9 Vaccinations on June 18

They will take place in room 801. This is the second visit.

On visit 2, the following will be offered.

  • Year 7 boys:
    • 1) Dose 2 HPV,
    • 2) any catch up  yr 7 vaccines missed on visit 1 (ie HPV dose 1, Hepatitis B dose 1 and dTpa)
    (We are not able to offer Varicella- Chicken pox- until after 30th June 2014, due to a shortage of the vaccine. Therefore, we will offer Varicella to your school on Visit 3)
  • Year 8 boys, who didn’t finish their HPV course at School in 2013-
    they have received a letter from the PHU at the end of 2013, stating we will catch them up at school in Year 8 (2014) – the Team Leader will bring the consent cards for this catch up (The Ministry of Health has consulted with the Board of Studies and we are now able to catch up these Year 8 boys during the whole year at visits 1, 2 & 3- not just up to 30th June as we did in 2013)
  • Year 9 boys:
    • 1) Dose 2 HPV;
    • 2) any catch up HPV from visit 1 (ie HPV dose 1).
    In essence, we are offering 1 vaccine at visit 2 (except for a few catch up vaccines) therefore, the clinic will run faster than normal.

The nurses will arrive at the school at approx 08.00am  to set up and draw up the vaccines in order to start vaccinating students at 09.00am.

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


Grammar Trial Game

For the first time in 13 years the 1st XV did not lose to Grammar, while they were unable to get across the line with a victory it was a very impressive defensive effort to achieve a 14 all draw. Many junior teams were able to achieve victories and competitive games.

Congratulations to:
  • Sam Musgrove for making the CHS Opens Rugby Squad.
  • Bennette Jiang, James Tinker and Sama Malolo for making the final round of CHS U16 tryouts.

Play of the day:
Anthony Zhang in the 16As (the smallest player on the field) making 3 consecutive tackles to stop Grammar scoring

1st XV Report
The highly anticipated Grammar vs High match started with Sydney High on the front foot, scoring a try off the first scrum of the game. Although not another point was scored in the first half, big hits from Jackson Tan, Andrew Dao and Sama Mololo kept the High crowd entertained. The first half ended with High leading 7-0. The physical encounter continued in the second half, with High showing brutal defence whilst Grammar threw everything they had at us. Eventually we were outnumbered on the wings and Grammar scored on the sideline. The scores were locked after a great sideline conversion from Grammar. Although Grammar dominated the possession, Sydney High were able to score a try with 10 minutes to go after Sam Musgrove threw a flick pass to Eugene Lee, who ran 70m to score under the posts. Sydney High was on the brink of making history, leading 14-7 with minutes to go. However with Grammar attacking within our 22m in the last 5 minutes, they eventually scored under the posts on the last play. The game ended with a 14-14 draw, the best result Sydney High has had in 13 years against Sydney Grammar’s 1sts. 
Andrew Barry Dao

Upcoming games

Date Game
May 31 Kings v High
June 14 Scots v High

G Barris

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Rifle Shooting

On Saturday 24th May, the Sydney High Rifle Team set out from Malabar Rifle Range to compete at the annual Cessnock Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting for the first time since 2011. The SHSRC members consisted of Jeremy Chan (12, c), Minghao Wu (12, vc), Kaiwei Liu (12), Justin Ng (12),Rex Yi(12), Desmond Chiang(11), Evan Han(11),Keller Huang(11),Timothy Tran(11), Jack Zhou (11), Ciaran Farrell (10), John Huang (10), Julian Tu (10), James Jiang (9) and Wentao Ruan (9).

Arriving at the range, we braved the cold country air to set up camp whilst the sun slowly began to sink beneath the horizon. After our tents were up, a fire was lit and the majority of the team huddled around a barrel-shaped campfire for warmth.  It wasn’t long before each shooter had to retire to their sleeping quarters. Every member of the team did, after all, have a massive day ahead of them.

The next morning, we were promptly joined by Terry Fong (12), Sam Phillis (12) and Nick Phillis (11), who had all risen early on Sunday to ensure they could participate in the competition. Throughout the day, very impressive scores would be posted all across the board, particularly at the first 500 yard shoot of the day where Jeremy took 1st in B Grade, 50.7/50, James took 1st in C grade, 50.6/50 with John and Jack taking 2nd and 3rd with 49.5 and 49.3 respectively, sweeping all the prizes for the first range.  Jeremy also took 1st in the second 500 yards shoot with 49.5 and James in the 600 yards shoot with 49.2 securing not only 1st in the last range, but in C grade overall as well as taking the Tyro award.

At the conclusion of the shooting, the team arrived promptly at the awards presentation ceremony dressed in school uniform.  We collected our individual prizes for the ranges, and upon reading out James Jiang’s impressive C-grade Tyro result 147.11/50, the presenter followed it up with, “You could teach the B-graders how to shoot!” a statement which received nods of agreement from both young and old present alike, testament to his prodigious success at this competition taking 1st place, which will be moving him up to the B Grade Competition for the next prize meet. Seeing these results from our youngest shooter, our seniors all realised we needed to step it up in our next prize meet in Wingham in order to keep up with the younger shooters.   Kaiwei and Julian should also be commended for their score of 141.7 and 139.7 despite this being their first ever prize meet.

Many thanks go to the Cessnock Rifle Club for hosting this annual prize meet. Thanks must also to go to the MIC of shooting, Cathy Meaney, as well as Old Boy and coach Sam Kremer (1992) for giving up his weekend to support us throughout the trip. Thanks also to Ishan Nadkarni, Joe Banh, Brendan Leo and Ryan Woo, who also came to support us! Altogether, the team learnt many valuable lessons about shooting, particularly ensuring they make each shot count and not to succumb to complacency until the very last shot rings out.
Jeremy Chan & Minghao Wu
Captain & Vice Captain of Rifles

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SHS Rowing

SBHS Rowing Community rallies to support fundraiser

More than 270 Old Boys, past and present rowers, parents and friends attended the highly successful and very entertaining Rowing Appeal Dinner on 24 May in the Great Hall.

The Appeal Dinner was held to raise much needed funds to replace High’s damaged fleet of boats and trailer after an unfortunate accident while travelling on the M4 to a regatta at the Sydney International Rowing Centre.

The accident happened just weeks before the Head of the River and, as High’s misfortune reverberated throughout the rowing fraternity, overwhelming support came forth, particularly from other GPS and Independent Schools to help the High crews compete in the regatta.

The Appeal Dinner, together with generous donations from Old Boys, parents and friends of SBHS rowing, raised more than the target of $90,000.

MIC Julie Blomberg said: “The funds will help to get our Sydney High rowers back on the water enjoying the camaraderie and many rewarding challenges offered by the rowing program.”

The extent of support for High rowing was highlighted at the Appeal Dinner by special guests such as John Coates, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee and President of the Australian Olympic Committee; Kurtley Beale, Waratah and Wallaby rugby player; Nick Purnell, Olympic Rower London 2012 and World Rowing Gold Medallist 2010; who gladly contributed to this worthy cause through their attendance at the function.

Highlights of the evening were the perceptive and engaging interviews of the special guests by Sky Presenter, Greg O’Mahoney, a Rhodes Scholar and former World Champion Debater.

Former old boy rowers Dominic Grimm (2005), World Rowing Gold Medallist 2010 and Mark Prater (2000), Australian Rowing Coach 2012, as well as former High teacher, Greg Harris, now CEO Australian Rugby Union Players Association were others who took part in the interviews.

Another acknowledgement during the evening was for old boy rower Doug Donoghue, who was recently awarded life membership of the Australian Olympic Committee for his work with AOC finances for over 20 years.

Special thanks for a wonderful evening to Dr Jaggar and Master of Ceremonies, Jack Singleton (1990) and major donors the Wine Society and Wake up Sydney and a huge thank you to the SBHS Rowing Committee who did an enormous amount of work to organise such an enjoyable and successful event and 24 of our current senior rowers who did an excellent job waiting on tables.

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Football Results

2014 Term 2 Week 4

Team Against Result Scorers
CHS Knockout Round 3
1st XI Port Hacking High School Won 1 – 0 Adilmorad Nadir
1st XI SGS 1st XI Lost 0 – 3
2nd XI SGS 2nd XI Lost 1 – 3 Raphin Hossain
3rd XI SGS 3rd XI Drew 0 – 0
4th XI SGS 4th XI Lost 0 – 1
5th XI SGS 5th XI Drew 0 – 0
6th XI SGS 6th XI Lost 1 – 3 Anthony Wu
7th XI King’s 7th XI Lost 0 – 3
8th XI King’s 8th XI Lost 0 – 3
9th XI King’s 9th XI Won 2 – 0 Dave Evans, Jeramy Ma
10 XI King’s 10th XI Drew 2 – 2 Dave Evans,  Jonathon Freidberg
16A XI SGS 16A Lost 0 – 8
16B XI SGS 16B Lost 0 – 7
16C XI SGS 16C Lost 0 – 4
16D XI SGS 16D Lost 1 – 5 Joshua King
16E XI SGS 16E Lost 0 – 2
15A XI SGS 15A Lost 0 – 3
15B XI SGS 15B Lost 0 – 1
15C XI SGS 15C Lost 0 – 2
15D XI SGS 15D Drew 0 – 0
15E XI SGS 15E Drew 2 – 2 Lawrence Zhai, Charlie Weng
14A XI SGS 14A Drew 1 – 1 Shokan Johnpillai
14B XI SGS 14B Won 2 – 1 Matthew Tang, Jeff Chen
14C XI SGS 14C Lost 0 – 2
14D XI SGS 14D Lost 0 – 5
14E XI SGS 14E Lost 1 – 5 Jason Yip
13A XI SGS 13A Lost 0 – 7
13B XI SGS 13B Lost 0 – 4
13C XI SGS 13C Lost 0 – 6
13D XI SGS 13D Lost 0 – 11
13E XI SGS 13E Lost 0 – 20

Note: W/O = Washed Out

MIC of Football Report

The CHS knockout is an extremely competitive tournament and for the past few years SBHS have been unable to get past the 2nd round. On Monday our 1st XI went up against a stronger, more experienced team in Port Hacking High School. Last year when we played them we were heavily defeated 8-1, so the odds were against us. The boys showed true character and defended hard while pushing up to create opportunities. It was a close, hard fought match and the game finished 0-0. Into golden goal and we were awarded a free kick just outside Port Hacking’s penalty box. Marcus Plataniotis played short to Adilmorad Nadir who took a shot hitting the back of the net and causing chaos among the SHS team, especially our 1st XI coach, Mr Tony Dunn. The boys were extremely excited to win the match and it was much deserved from the whole team. Our next match is next week against Endeavour Sports High School. Another challenging match, but I am sure our boys will be up for the task.

Before the big game on Monday our boys had to prepare for their 2nd round of trials against our old arch rival SGS. Coming off the back of a successful week against Shore many of the boys felt confident and were keen to have back to back victories. Unfortunately Grammar was a very well drilled side squad, many of them being bigger and faster than our boys. They have invested a lot of effort into their football program and it has paid dividends. The 1st XI played hard with possession being about 50/50, but Grammar was able to capitalise on their opportunities, while our shots on goal were going just wide of the post. Michael Cui defended hard at the back with Shayan showing a lot of passion out wide giving everything he had. The boys were missing a lot of players and with the CHS match just a couple of days away there were still a lot of positives to take away. The U14s had a good day with their As conceding a late goal to drew 1-1, while the team of the day went to the 14Bs coming away victors with a 2-1 win with Jeff Chen scoring a fantastic individual goal running from half way, going past a few defenders and then chipping it over the top of the goal keeper.

On Saturday we have our third of five trial matches against The King’s School. As always it will be another tough round for us, but another hard week of training will get the boys back on track. This will be a first home game for our top Opens teams. So feel free to stay around and support the boys.

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a track suit this must also be SBHS tack suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.
  • If you are unavailable to play you MUST notify your coach well in advance. Just doing it online is not sufficient.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

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 Volleyball Notes

Date: 17/05/2014
Opposition: St Ignatius College


1st Grade 25-10   25-15   25-8 2nd Grade 25-11   25-5   25-9
17A 21-5   21-13   21-7    
16A 21-16   16-21   16-21 16B 21-8   21-6   21-9


(#) = number of contacts

Skill First Grade Second Grade
% of Serves in play 1st 92% Aidin (13) 1st 100% Thomas (16)
2nd 91% Kevin L. (11) 2nd 92% Niyaz (13)
3rd 90% Yupeng (10) 3rd 90% Supan (10)
% of Serves that were Kills 1st 47% Pinyan (17) 1st 70% Supan (10)
2nd 38% Aidin (13) 2nd 69% Niyaz (13)
3rd 33% Kevin R. (3) Byron (3) 3rd 53% Anes (19)
% of spikes kept in play 1st 100% Kevin R. (10) Kevin L. (5) Gordon (7) 1st 100% Anes (3)
2nd 86% Aidin (7) 2nd 83% Supan (12)
3rd 85% Byron (13) 3rd 75% Thomas (8) Nick (4)
% of spikes that were kills 1st 71% Gordon (7), Aidin (7) 1st 75% Nick (4)
2nd 67% Yupeng (3) 2nd 63% Thomas (8)
3rd 60% Kevin R. (10) Kevin L. (5) 3rd 50% Supan (12)
% of blocks kept in play 1st 100% Byron (2) Gordon (3) 1st 100% Sunchit (3)
2nd 66% Kevin L. (3) 2nd - -
3rd - - 3rd - -
% of blocks that were kills 1st 100% Gordon (3) 1st 100% Sunchit (3)
2nd 50% Byron (2) 2nd - -
3rd 33% Kevin L. (4) 3rd - -
Serve Reception
Passing accuracy
1st 100% Kevin R. (2) Yupeng (2) 1st 75% Jaiden (4)
2nd 91% Sean (11) 2nd 66% Supan (3) Thomas (3)
3rd 50% Byron C. (2) 3rd 50% Anes (4)

Junior Volleyball Results

SBHS 15As won 3-0
SBHS 14As won 2-1 (2-0 up, then 17-21 in a close third set).
SBHS 14Bs won 2-1 after 1-1


1st Grade report for 24.5.14
It was a cold Saturday morning as 1st grade strolled into the High gymnasium ready to start the GPS season. We were confident in our ball spiking abilities and keen for a victory. With smart play and communication, High successfully implemented new strategies ultimately attaining a 3-0 win against St Ignatius – maintaining our undefeated record against them in the school’s history.
Pinyan Gao

Second Grade
Score: 25-9, 25-16, 25-15 (Sydney Boys High School wins)
On Saturday, the SBHS Second Grade Volleyball team travelled to Newington College to play our first away game of the season. Following some changes in personnel, the squad knew that they needed to play well in order to avoid any slip-ups against a solid and boisterous Newington team.

Initially, it was a close contest, as Newington’s unconventional attacks and loud, energetic calls caused some confusion amongst our team. However, once we had worked our way into the match, our defence improved and we began to easily deal with their style of play. Scrambling proved to be one of our biggest strengths, as we successfully translated numerous free-balls into structured combinations, which the other team could not handle. Long serving streaks also helped us to build up our lead and close out the sets. And so, the proceedings rapidly swung our way and the SBHS squad never looked back, dominantly finishing the match off.

All in all, it was another successful and enjoyable game for Second Grade.
Anes Karahasan

15 B
In our first set against Sydney Grammar it was clear we were the stronger team with a convincing 19 point difference.  At the start of the second set Grammar took the lead but we were able to regain it at the start of the third set and we went on to win, ending the match with a strong spike.
Oscar Wu

Mr Kay
MIC Volleyball

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Fencing Update

The fencing season has well and truly kicked off to a great start. Chi Mao (Year 11) came equal 3rd in last Saturday’s competition, winning a bronze medal in the senior school boys individual Sabre event. John Tian (Year 9) brought home the gold by coming first in the senior boys individual Epee.

Congratulations to both students. Well done!
Evan Higgins
MIC Fencing

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SBHS/SGHS Joint P&C Meeting

Wednesday 18th June 2014
7:30pm – 9pm
SBHS Great Hall

All Parents and Students Welcome
Supper Provided

“Great Moments in the Future”

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki will make you laugh and learn as he discusses how the proper shape for a human being is a cloud of iron vapour, the size of a planet, floating through space and moving along magnetic lines of force  – and immortal to boot. He will show how diet alcohol drinks make people more intoxicated and offer insights into future careers in Computers, Engineering, Genetics, Basic Sciences, Environmental Matters and Politics. There will be a Q&A session to finish. Supper is provided.                                                  

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki AM is the current Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at Sydney University. A doctor of Medicine, scientist, author and well known commentator on Australian radio and television, he appears regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ABC News 24 and presents his weekly show on Triple J. Dr Karl holds degrees in Physics, Maths, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery.

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