High Notes, Vol 15 No 15, May 23 2014

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From the Principal

High Talent
Andrew Guang (Year 8) came 1st in Australia in the Junior level of the Australian Geography Competition this year. He has won a book prize and a special certificate. Congratulations, Andrew! SBHS  came 6th in the nation in the competition this year. Congratulations to the new Community Service Committee Executive: Chairman (Adilmorad Nadir), treasurer (Bosco Tran), Secretary (Nader Haidar). Thank you to the outgoing Executive: Howard Gu, William Wu, Bevan Xie and Lokesh Sharma. Well done to Steve Comninos, Eugene Lee, Sam Musgrove and Joshua Leo on their selection in the Sydney East Rugby team to play in the CHS Championship. Great cross country results were reported from the first Invitational: Opens 3rd, U16s 1st. and U14s 4th. Congratulations to the team and MIC Ms Dam!

Appreciation of courteous travel behaviour
Recently, a commuter emailed me with a request to pass on her congratulations about the travelling behaviour of two of our students.

 “I write to congratulate you on the excellent manners of two of your students. This morning on a Victoria Road service the two boys promptly stood up on the public bus when they realised adults were standing. As a public transport user, this is not often the case and I notice a distinct difference between behaviour of the different schools. I did ask the boys where they went to school and they seemed proud to say “Sydney Boys”. Teachers and parents alike should be acknowledged in educating students on good behaviour and general manners.” 

Keep up the model behaviour boys. The commuters really do appreciate it when you do the right thing.

Tennis Court Refurbishment
The Sydney High School Foundation has refurbished the four tennis courts using Australian Open colours and high quality surfacing. New court dividing netting has been installed to contain stray balls during coaching. The project (c $100,000) was financed entirely by the Foundation as an obligation in its Deed of Licence to operate and maintain the courts for 10 years. On your behalf I thanked the chairman, Mr Geoff Andrews, for all the preparatory work and liaison that was necessary to bring the project to completion. A tennis professional’s office was constructed adjacent to court 4 at a cost of $30,000. (<$2000/m2). The school financed this as a facility upgrade. High now boasts a first class court complex for nurturing tennis players at the school.

Guttering Replacement
The long overdue replacement of the guttering on the roof of the main building is in progress. The original guttering was quite narrow and blockages created leaks back into the roof and walls, creating damp problems in offices and classrooms. We hope that increasing the capacity of the guttering, will eradicate the overflow problem and allow us to repair and repaint the internal walls affected. In addition to these works, the guttering on the roof surrounding the cloisters will also be renewed, improving drainage in the area and facilitating the healthy growth of the lawn, trees and shrubbery.

Consultation on strengthening public secondary education in the inner Sydney area
The NSW Department of Education and Communities is looking at how to address changing needs for public secondary education in inner Sydney. They want feedback from the community and have organised a number of ways this can occur. Full details are available at  www.dec.nsw.gov.au/sydneyhsconsultation

Consultation is open to parents, teachers, students and the wider community.  Comments can be made online, by attending a workshop or by hosting a Kitchen Table Discussion - please go to the website for more information. The consultation period is from 16 May – 27 June 2014.

Collecting Reports
I still have a large number of uncollected reports for boys in Years 12 and 9. Clearance Forms need to be signed off before boys can book an interview time with me. I urge parents to ask their sons for their reports and to discuss their contents at home.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Canteen

Our delicious homemade chicken and corn soup is now available, come on in and give it a try.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

Mon: Tina Chang,Olivia Yinzhu,
Tue: Farrah Chew,Penny Chan,Marion Elton,
Wed: George Haddo,Lesa Katatsilis,Jim O'sullivan,Maria Dos Santos-Lee
Thurs: Bernadette Snow, Changzi Wang, Ming Ming Lee,
Fri: Emily Yang, Lien Tran,
Sharon Hughes

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From the Office


Applying for Leave:

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

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Red Shield Appeal 2014

Red Shield Doorknock Appeal – Saturday & Sunday, May 24 & 25

Please donate a couple hours of your time next week to help raise funds in your neighbourhood for the Salvation Army on Sat/Sun May 24/25.  To participate, sign up on the noticeboard outside 207 or visit

http://salvos.org.au/get-involved/help-us-fundraise/red-shield-appeal/doorknock-registrations/.  For Award Scheme points, please put a copy of your certificate (including number of volunteer hours) in the box outside Mr Phillipson's door by June 1st.
James Lin

Red Shield Youth Project 2014

On the 13th of May, a group of Sydney Boys High School students participated in the annual Red Shield Youth project, run by the Salvation Army. We were joined by over 80 other students from various other schools at the Salvation Army’s ‘Streetlevel’ venue in Surry Hills. We spent the day learning about key problems facing modern society. The project’s aim is to promote leadership skills to combat these issues in the future.  It also showed the Salvation Army’s commitment to resolving important issues such as homelessness and depression. The presentation, led by John Harris and Bianca Orsini, involved various games, interviews, videos and talks.  A big thank you to the Salvation Army, all their volunteers involved in the program and those from High who attended;

 A special thanks to James Lin (12R) and the SBHS Community Service Committee for organising our school’s participation.  Events such as these are valuable learning experiences and are imperative to the development of well-rounded future leaders.
Joshua Tran

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC report

This week we are competing in both the Eastside Semi finals and we have a team in the Year 10 and Year 11 FED finals. Well done to all the boys who have debated in these competitions as it really is a whole group effort.

Unfortunately this year many of our Year 11 debaters dropped out of debating and many said they wanted to come to coaching, but not compete. This has left us in a very difficult position when trying to field teams in two competitions.

Eastside Semi Finals
Year Level 1 vs. 4 2 vs. 3
Year 12 SCEGGS vs. SBHS Scots vs. Rose Bay
Year 11 SCEGGS vs. SBHS Grammar vs. SGHS
Year 10 SGHS vs. Reddam Grammar vs. SBHS
Year 9 Grammar vs. SBHS SGHS vs. Cranbrook
Year 8 SGHS vs. SBHS Grammar vs. Rose Bay
Year 7 SGHS vs. Grammar SCEGGS vs. Scots

We have compensated for this by putting our Year 10s to debate in FED ( which is considered a B grade competition) and the Year 10 As have done a marvellous job of getting us through to the final. However, this Friday we will be in the awkward position of having to field 3 Year 10 teams at such a high level and this will put a strain on us. However, the Year 10s are a great Year group and I must take this opportunity to thank Arthur Chao who has worked tirelessly to get teams sorted each week.

Congratulations to both the Year 11 and Year 12 teams who last week both won their PDC zones. In PDC the team that wins the zone then debates other zone winners in a knock out until a regional final is held. Good Luck with the rest of the competition boys.  The same Good Luck message for Years 9 and 10 who are just ready to start their PDC competition.

Next week I am hoping to be ready to announce all the GPS teams.

A huge congratulations to Andrew McNaughton, Thomas Shortridge and Andrew Nguyen who won the regional Model United Nations competition at Wollongong and are now through to the National competition. The team represented Pakistan at the event and as you can see they dressed in national costume as well.

We are still waiting for the results of our entry to the Mooting competition. However, Arthur Chao has written a short report to inform students about mooting which I would like to include here. Mooting is a form of court proceedings where both sides present their cases to a judge, however a key difference between mooting and debating is the judge/adjudicator asks you questions throughout your time like a conversation. Gautham Shankar, Ciaran Farrell and I were selected to participate this year, preparing for nearly a whole term for this single court case. There is a lot of preparation involved in a moot, researching case laws, writing up submissions, all for 10 minutes in an actual court with a judge! You don't get through everything you want to say and the judge usually tosses you around argument to argument, making sure that you know your case back to front. On top of knowing your case exactly, you need to juggle court speak, May it please the Court… Nonetheless mooting is an extremely enjoyable activity which feels completely real, like we felt last Tuesday when we went to the Administrative Tribunals Court to moot. It was very exciting and I definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks to Christopher Wong our old boy coach who really helped us understand about mooting and was very supportive throughout.
Rachel Powell

Debating Prefect report

Last Friday, despite only winning 2 out of the 6 debates in Eastside (against SCEGGS), all years except Year 7 qualified for the Eastside semi-finals to be held at Grammar on the 23rd. On Friday the topic area was “Religion and Society” and all teams ended up debating the typical religion topics with the junior topics being – “We should ban religious items in schools” and “We should ban religious schools” – while the Seniors debated that “We should remove the tax exempt status of religious organisation”. Most of these topics were contested on the practical effects they would have on people. It was particularly crucial for all teams to describe what religion meant to people and say why it was more important than other things.

Tip of the Week: If you are stuck for ideas in prep, then think about the stakeholders (i.e. the people that the topic will affect) in the debate. For example, in the junior topic from Friday “We should ban religious items in schools” consider what happens to students wearing religious items, students not wearing religious items, parents as well as the school/government’s role in controlling clothing.

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Public Speaking

A huge congratulations needs to be given to Tushaar Garg who, earlier this month, won the prestigious Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition. This competition between the GPS and CAS has been running since 1935, the last winner from High prior to Tushaar being GD Tilley in 1997.

Tushaar impressed the judges with his humble and thoughtful speech on the qualities that define who we are as individuals. Notable past winners have included the likes of The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, the radio presenter, Adam Spencer and the former premier of NSW, Nick Greiner. A magnificent trophy is on display in the school’s main foyer for the next 12 months.
Evan Higgins
Public Speaking Coordinator

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


First Trial Game

The first game proved a very positive start for our senior teams with both 1st and 2nd XV gaining victories over St.Pius X 2nd and 3rd XV respectively. All junior teams had their first hit out against strong opposition and showed some promising signs for the season ahead.

2nd XV Game Report

Last Saturday, the newly formed 2nd XV played St Pius X College at their home ground for the first game of the trial season. After a summer off, last year’s 16As returned, joined some new players and some members of last year’s 16Bs to form a confident and highly skilled team. Aggressive rucking, and rocket runs from the forward pack allowed for some great plays through the back line which ultimately resulted in scoring the 7 tries that won the game for us. A confident and equally aggressive defence was what allowed us to hold St Pius to a score of 0. Stephen Ngo was voted player’s player for his outstanding determination in taking on players much larger than himself and beating them back consistently. All in all, the game was a positive experience for the team and a final score of 41 – 0 is something we can hopefully achieve again this season.
Jesse Nixon

Upcoming games

Date Game
May 24 Grammar v High
May 31 King’s v High
June 14 Scots v High
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MIC of Football Report

Last weekend was our first trial match for all teams against Shore and we are extremely pleased with the weekend results. Out of 21 matches played against Shore we won 12, Lost 7 and had 2 draw. This is credited to all the boys and coaches who have put in a lot of hard work and already it is paying dividends. The 1st XI once again showed a lot of promise for the first 60 minutes leading 3-2, but unfortunately our fitness let us down again and we conceded three late goals. The 2nd XI kept a clean sheet and won their first match for the season and with the 3rd XI going down by one goal and the 4th XI winning their match this shows we have a lot of depth to work with. The 16As were 1-0 down for the majority of the match, but a great long shot from Ricky Pachon equalised it with about 10 minutes remaining. The match came down to the last kick and Shore shot far from the corner of the penalty box over the top of all the defenders and keeper to win the match. The 16Bs played hard and scored in the second half to win their match, while the 16Cs came from 1-0 down to score two second half goals to win their match. The U15s won all their games being more skilful and showing more speed than their opposition. The U14s and U13s had a tougher day playing away at Northbridge. Our boys were intimidated at first coming up against bigger boys, but the boys fought hard and showed that they were actually more skilful winning the majority of the second halves. The team of the week though must go to our 6th XI who won 10-0 with Anthony Wu scoring a hat-trick.

To add to our successful start to the season our 1st XI had their 2nd round match of the CHS knockout against James Cook. We got off to a flying start scoring the first goal of the match within the 1st minute. James Cook were a very physical team and credit to our boys for standing strong and playing to their strengths and came away with a convincing 3-1 win.

This weekend we have our second of five trial games up against our old arch rival Sydney Grammar School. This will be another tough round for us and hopefully we can continue the great start we have had.

Please Note:

  • All boys must turn up at least 45 minutes before the start of their match.
  • They must be turning up in SBHS football uniform and if they wish to wear a tracksuit this must also be SBHS track suit.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and carry a drink bottle with them to training and fixtures.

Keep up the good effort and I am sure SBHS Football will continue to have a successful season.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 2 Week 3

Team Against Result Scorers
CHS Knockout Round 2
1st XI James Cook Won 3 – 1 Jesse Cooper (2), Adam Smagarinsky
1st XI Shore 1st XI Lost 3 – 5 Jesse Cooper (2), Adilmorad Nadir
2nd XI Shore 2nd XI Won 1 – 0 Sharek Khan
3rd XI Shore 3rd XI Lost 2 – 1 Kartik Subbanna
4th XI Shore 4th XI Won 2 – 1 Jun Park (2)
5th XI Shore 5th XI Draw 2 – 2 James Chee, Bill Zhang
6th XI Shore 6th XI Won 10 – 0 Anthony Wu (3), Ian Chang (2), Justin Chan (2) Anthony Huynh, Bryan lee, Andrew Nam
7th XI SBHS 8th XI Won 2 – 0 Alif Khondaker, Kevin Liang
8th XI SBHS 7th XI Lost 0 – 2
9th XI SBHS 9th XI Won 3 - 1 Eatrend Wang (3)
10 XI SBHS 10th XI Lost 1 – 3 John Freiberg
16A XI Shore 16A Lost 1 – 2 Ricky Pachon
16B XI Shore 16B Won 1 – 0 William [T] Chen
16C XI Shore 16C Won 2 – 1 Anthony Chan, Esmond Ye
16D XI SBHS 16E Won 2 – 0 Josh King, Kevin Andrew
16E XI SBHS 16D Lost 0 – 2
15A XI Shore 15A Won 2 - 0 High Bartley, Dharmesh Sharma
15B XI Shore 15B Won 3 – 1 Gavin Chung,  Marco Yu,  Adam He
15C XI Shore 15C Won 4 – 0 Akhil Prasad (2), Darren Fung, Andrew Li
15D XI SBHS 15E Won 2 – 1 Jerry Sung (2)
15E XI SBHS 15D Lost 1 – 2 Charlie Weng
14A XI Shore 14A Lost 1 – 3 Jonathan Meng
14B XI Shore 14B Lost 0 – 1
14C XI Shore 14C Won 2 – 1
14D XI Shore 14D Won 1 – 0 Tim lam
14E XI Shore 14E Won 2 – 1
13A XI Shore 13A Lost 2 – 4 Ben Nguyen (2)
13B XI Shore 13B Lost 1 – 5 Maadhavan Nadeswaran
13C XI Shore 13C Draw 2 – 2 Kevin Liao, Dylan Ngui
13D XI Shore 13D Won 3 – 0 Jason Yu (2), Srikhar Burju
13E XI Bye
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Table Tennis

NSW Secondary Schoolboys Table Tennis Challenge Cup, Olympic Park Homebush

19th May, 2014

There were some fresh faces and eager new players at this year’s Challenge Cup.  We entered 8 teams, 3 of which made it through to the Knockout Tournament held in the afternoon. These teams were: Richard Hu and Hunter Zhu (Junior SBHS 1); Jagath Narayan and Joshua Qiu (Junior SBHS 2) and Gideon Kwok and Kevin Zhang (Senior SBHS 1). All other teams enjoyed competing in the Repechage with Zhao Tong Zhang in Year 8 winning first place in the finals against Murray High School. An exciting finals game between SBHS 1 and SBHS 2 in the junior division resulted in Richard Hu and Hunter Zhu winning the gold medal and Jagath Narayan and Joshua Qiu winning the silver.

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Volleyball Notes

Junior Volleyball Results

14As vs SGS: 19-21 (L); 21-11 (W); 21-15 (W); Won 2-1.
14Bs vs SGS: 21-19 (W); 21-10 (W); 21-17 (W); Won 3-0.
15As vs SGS: 21- 12 (W); 21-12 (W); 21- 14 (W); Won 3-0.


The game played against St Ignatius on Saturday 17th resulted in a convincing win with Sydney High sweeping aside the opposition in 3 straight sets. The Ignatius team was no match for our strong outside hitters, Harjas and Jono. We played very well as a team and the match was a good indicator of how our team compares with the other GPS teams. Great work boys!
Flidon Wang

Last Saturday the 14As played the Sydney Grammar Junior C team in the SBHS Gymnasium. It was a tough match comprised of three sets. We won 2-1 and the set we lost was the first one that we had played against another school's team. In the end the scores were (our team's score first) 19-21, 21-17 and finally 21-13.
Kevin Court

M Kay
MIC Volleyball

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