High Notes, Vol 15 No 11, April 11 2014

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From the Relieving Principal

Tennis courts refurbishment
Upgrading works on the school’s four tennis courts are continuing. Repositioning of the net post bases; installation of new net anchor points and the posts for new court dividing nets; and grinding, cleaning and repair of the underlying concrete surface are almost completed. Complete resurfacing of the courts in the Australian Open “two blue” colour scheme is scheduled during the school holidays and then new net posts with internal winders, new court nets and the new court dividing nets will be installed. Subject to weather delays, it is hoped to have the courts operational again at the start of Term 2. The Sydney High School Foundation is carrying out this work at a cost of approximately $90,000. It is the first major work since the Foundation built the courts in 2006 and should provide a top quality playing surface and court equipment for the school’s sports training, tennis training and GPS and CHS tennis competition matches for at least the next eight years.

Years 7-9 Dance
The annual dance for boys and girls attending Sydney Boys or Sydney Girls was held on Monday night. About 120 boys attended. Thank you to the members of staff who assisted with supervision (Mr C Barris, Mr The, Mr Smith, Mr Stein, Mr Huynh, Ms Genias, Ms Eggleton, Mr Aldous, Ms Mack, Mr Phillipson, Mr Cipolla, Mr Comben, Mr J Kay and Mr A Hayman).

School Holidays
The school closes at 3:15pm on Friday 11 April. Term 2 commences for staff on Monday 28 April and for students on Tuesday 29 April. Term 2 is a 9 week term, concluding on Friday 27 June.

Term 2
Year 9 Half-Yearly examinations are scheduled from Tuesday 29 April to Friday 2 May. Exams for other Years follow on over the ensuing weeks. Parent Teacher Nights are scheduled for Tuesday 17 June (Years 9 and 12), Monday 23 June (Years 7 and 11) and Wednesday 25 June (Years 8 and 9). Dr Jaggar will advise, via High Notes, when Half-Yearly reports have been distributed to each Year.

Dr Jaggar returns
Dr Jaggar is expected back from his holiday at the beginning of Term 2.

R Dowdell
Relieving Principal

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From the Canteen

Thank you for all the help during Term 1 and especially to the new parents this year, who have settled in so well.  Without your help we could not provide the healthy food choices and raise the valuable funds for the school which benefit all of our sons.  Hope you all have a relaxing Easter break.

Thank you to our volunteers for the last two weeks:-

Week of 24/3/2014
MON: Rachel Fowler, Lin Jin, Stam Farrugia,
TUES: David Xiao, Agnes Leo, Doreen Wang, Eddy Pham,
WED: George Haddo, Dora Shapiro, Helen Kon, Jaja(Jiayu) Luo
THUR: Kim Ngan Do, Jian Ping Li,
FRI: Ru Zeng Rong, Jade Ni, Angela Feng, Emily Yan

Week of 31/3/2014
MON: Carolyn Pope, Nina Ilina, Shannon Hickey,
TUES: Yu Liu (Frank) , Long Nguyen, Penny Chan,
WED: George Haddo, Faidha Razmi, Kunti Ranade, Cindy Tseu, Jenny Chiu,
THUR: Xing Ping Zhang, Stam Farrugia, Annie Jiang,
FRI: Ok Hyun Kim, Sabrina Xu, Sujatha Koreru, Connie Tai,
Sharon Hughes

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From the Andrews Junior Library

CYBER WEEK - INFORMATION SKILLS (AND LIBRARY) SURVEY - 213 respondents – thanks boys!
This survey was very interesting for staff and may also interest parents and boys.  One question which is particularly interesting asked our Junior boys what computer applications or devices they used.

As I send the boys emails and our staff is now enabled to use email more to communicate with the boys I was particularly interested in how many boys checked their personal emails. Nearly 90%.  I am heartened by this response.  I am surprised by the number of boys with smart phones.  It is good to see that 34% of respondents used the online homework diary – most of them are probably Year 9s with their own devices as 29% of respondents say they use laptops.  It is interesting that our younger boys are not using Facebook and Twitter.  It is also very significant to see that nearly a third of our youngest boys are reading E booksUnfortunately until the DEC gets a new Library system state school Libraries are unable to set up E Book collections and loan E books! 

These come up under a search for “computers” or “TAS” if Industrial Arts Staff are searching.

The answer is “not bad”.  We put up this display of resources our trusty monitors looked up today at recess and lunchtime.

The following new library DVDs are also up to date and about Cyber business:

The Virtual Revolution Series – The Cost of Free, The Great Levelling, Enemy of the State, Homo Interneticus; E Business a Case Study; Caught Cheating; Introducing Microsoft OneNote.
Mrs Crothers
Teacher Librarian

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SBHS Debating

This has been a very busy term for debating and I think we all deserve a good rest over the holidays.  We have had an extremely good start to the year with the coaching coordinators taking a very organised approach to their Year groups and the students benefiting from small class sizes and high quality coaching again.

Amazingly we have been able to successfully complete trials for Years 10-12 and for Year 7 which will hopefully provide us with a more competitive edge at GPS this year. In FED and Eastside we have been able to give a number of students the opportunity to compete which is wonderful and especially good for the new boys who have been able to show us their debating talents. In PDC the Year 11s and 12s are now already half way through their zone.

We have seen an increase in support from parents which started at the very well attended Parent Information Night and has continued with the great help provided at Home Debates mainly from Nina and Dora, but also from each and every one who sends food or helps prepare and clear up on the night. In addition, a special thanks to the Jepson family for providing us with our debating signs – which have added a touch of class to proceedings. The DSG continue to support us and this term we had an extremely well attended parking event – thanks.

The boys have been fabulous and I want to make a special note of the seamless transition from Oliver Long to his brother Benjamin who is ably assisted by Simon Shields and a number of other students.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and look forward to seeing you all next term.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

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Music Notes

ANZAC DAY & Holiday Rehearsals

1st week- Wednesday 16th April 9:30-12:30pm (mufti)
2nd Week- Thursday 24th April 9:30-12:30pm (Full Dress Rehearsal- Full school uniform, white shirts, BLAZER)

If you do not own a blazer, please organise to borrow one for the 2nd rehearsal.

Rehearsal will finish no later than 1pm.

Anzac Day 25th April: Students are to arrive at school by 8:30am. For more information please collect a note outside the music staffroom.


Music Camp will be on Wednesday 28th May - Friday 30th May @ Naamaroo- Uniting Venues. Please remember to also complete the online form (Online form instructions on last page). Cabin Lists have been placed outside the music staffroom, Please see the music noticeboard! (First in First Served).


Exciting News!!! Numbers have been finalised for the 2015 USA Music Tour. Thank you to all parents and students who have signed up and paid. A list of names will be put up outside the music staffroom at the beginning of next term.


All music ensemble rehearsals will start in Week 1 from Tuesday (Monday: Staff Development Day).

The 2014 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
unless stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Training Concert Band
Room 202

Terms 2, 3, 4
Junior Stage Band
Room 101
  Saxophone Ensemble
Room 102

Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Intermediate  Stage Band
Room 101
Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4

Chamber Choir
Room 101
Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4

3.30 - 4.30pm
  Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
  Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit


Grammar 10s tournament 5/4/14

The inaugural 10 a side Rugby tournament at Grammar proved very successful with non-athletes getting to play rugby 6 weeks earlier than last year. Almost every team came away with a victory and it established some good foundations to work with. It was pleasing to see Year 7 boys run out for their very first game in the sky blue and chocolate brown and achieve success. The play of the day came from Mitchell Flynn in the Opens when he stepped 4 Grammar players to get his team a victory.

Training program for Rugby 2014

April Holidays Week 2
Tuesday 22nd of April – 12-2 MPW
Thursday 24th of April – 9-11 MPW

Weeks 1-2 Term 2
Monday morning (8am) – scrum training (Juniors) MPW
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training (Opens) the flat, Halfback passing MPW
Wednesday during sport – Seniors minus athletes McKay
Thursday during sport – Juniors minus athletes McKay

Week 3 Term 2 until Term 3 Week 8 (End of season)
Monday morning (8am) – scrum training (Juniors) MPW
Monday Lunchtime – Scrum training (Opens) the flat, Halfback passing MPW
Monday after school – All training on MPW
Wednesday during sport – Years 10-12 – McKay, 15s at MPW with brief session all together after school (This will vary)
Wednesday after school – 13s/14s – MPW
Thursday during sport – Years 7-9 – McKay
Thursday after school – 16s/Opens – MPW
Friday morning – 15s – MPW

Game schedule:

Date Game
May 17 H vs St Pius X
May 24 Grammar vs High
June 14 Scots vs High
July 19 High vs Newington
July 26 Riverview vs High
Aug 2 High vs Joeys
Aug 9 High vs Kings
Aug 16 Shore vs High
Aug 23 Armidale vs High
Sep 6 High vs Grammar
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SBHS Football

Football Results – 2014 Term 1 Week 10

Team Against Result Scorers
CHS Knockout Round 1
1st XI Belmore Boys High School Won 6 – 1 Jonathan Chew, Michael Cui, Adilmorad Nadir, Tom Nimac, Marcus Plataniotis, Adam Smagarinsky
1st XI Riverview 1st XI Lost 1 - 6  Jesse Cooper
2nd XI Riverview 2nd XI Lost 0 – 4
16A XI Riverview 16A Lost 1 – 3
16B XI Riverview 16B Lost 3 – 4
15A XI Riverview 15A Lost 0 – 9
15B XI Riverview 15B Lost 0 – 7
14A XI Riverview 14A Lost 3 – 1 Oliver Avdi-Ohlsson
14B XI Riverview 14B Won 1 – 0 Leon (Ang) Li
13A XI Riverview 13A Lost 7 – 0
13B XI Riverview 13B Lost 5 – 0

MIC of Football Report

I would like to officially welcome all football players and their parents to the 2014 Football season. This season we see 30 teams with every team having their own coach and own equipment to train with. Additionally we have also implemented a football academy coaching company to help with our A-B teams for our junior age groups. We have placed a lot of investment into football not only for this season but for the years to come. We strongly believe SBHS Football will be one of the top GPS schools in the competition.

We have been training now for a few weeks and last Saturday saw our 1st XI, 2nd XI and all A-B teams play their first trial match for the season against a very strong school, Riverview. It was a great hit out to start the season and get an idea of where we stand. All teams showed a lot of promise and it was encouraging to see everyone keen to play their first match. The 1st XI had a great start leading 1-0 at half time. But the fitness got the better of the boys and they were run down in the 2nd half. Well done to our 14Bs who got our only win for the day, whereas the 16Bs lost narrowly in a high scoring game.

Also on Wednesday our 1st XI played their 1st round of the CHS Knockout Tournament against Belmore Boys High School. The boys played extremely well for their first run and showed a lot of skill and team work in a dominant display over Belmore. Our next match is up against James Cook in Term 2.

Over the holiday break our 1st XI will be participating in the St Andrews Cup being played at Oakhill College from April 22nd – April 23rd. Our pool matches are up against Shore, St Pats and Cranbrook. Please feel free to go and support them as the boys would very much appreciate it.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break and look forward to getting straight back into training Week 1, Term 2. The attendance of boys has been good so please continue to with the much improved culture we have already set ourselves.
Geoff Tesoriero
MIC of Football

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AAGPS Athletics Convenors Meet

26 April 2014

Time  Event Name Lane Draw
9:00am 13 HJ S J N E K H G A I
14 HJ A K S G N I H E J
15 SP E N A H S J I G K
16 SP G S E I A K J H N
17 LJ H A G J E N K I S
10:00am 13 800m E A J G K I N S H
14 800m H G N I S K A E J
15 800m J I A K E S G H N
16 800m H I K A J G E S N
17 800m E N A H S J I G K
OP 800m H A G J E N K I S
10:00am 13 LJ K J E N G A H I S
14 LJ N K G S H E I J A
15 HJ S N H A I G J K E
16 HJ A S I E J H K N G
17 SP A E H K G S N J I
10.40am 13 90m Hurd J G I N H A S K E
14 100m Hurd K H J S I E A N G
15 100m Hurd I A E H K G S N J
16 110m Hurd K G H J S I E A N
17 110m Hurd S I J N E K H G A
OP 110m Hurd J E G I N H A S K
11:00am 13 SP N H I K A J G E S
14 SP S I J N E K H G A
15 LJ A J K S G N I H E
16 LJ E K N A H S J I G
17 HJ G N S E I A K J H
11:10am 13 200m K H J S I E A N G
14 200m I E H G K S N J A
15 200m J G I N H A S K E
16 200m K H J S I E A N G
17 200m N I K A J G E S H
OP 200m S J N E K H G A I
11:45am OP 3000m K G H J S I E A N
12:00pm 13 1500m N I K A J G E S H
14 1500m S J N E K H G A I
15 1500m A K S G N I H E J
12:40pm 13 100m G S E I A K J H N
14 100m H S A G J E N K I
15 100m K G S H E I J N A
16 100m I A E H K G S N J
17 100m I J N E K H G A S
OP 100m K N A H S J I G E
1:30pm 13 400m A K S G N I H E J
14 400m E N A H S J I G K
15 400m G S E I A K J H N
16 400m H A G J E N K I S
17 400m I E H K G S N J A
OP 400m J G I N H A S K E
2:15pm 16 1500m N S E I A K J H G
17 1500m S A G J E N K I H
OP 1500m I E H K G S N J A
2:40pm 13  4 x 100m G N I S K A E H J
14  4 x 100m H S J A N E G I K
15  4 x 100m I A K E S G H J N
16  4 x 100m K E H I G S N J A
17  4 x 100m N I K A J G E S H
OP  4 x 100m S J N E K H G A I

 Holiday Training Timetable

Holiday Training Timetable
  Sat Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
Wk 1 (12th-18th) Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am Meet @ Gym Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am ES Marks Weights Room 7-9am Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am ES Marks Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am MPW No training
Wk 2 (19th-25th) Athletics Training 9:30am-11:30am MPW Weights Room 7-9am Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am MPW Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30am ES Marks Weights Room 7-9am Weights Room 7-9am Athletics Training 9:30-11:30 ES Marks
Sat 26th - Convenors Meet ES Marks 9am-3pm Mon 28th Weights Room 7-9am Athletics 9:30-11:30am
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SHS Rowing 90 Year Anniversary Appeal Dinner


To raise funds for boats and trailer after the recent M4 accident

Saturday 24th May 2014

The Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School
Moore Park

Master of Ceremonies:
Jack Singleton (Stroke 1st VIII 1990)

The evening will include canapés in the courtyard
followed by a three course dinner
The night will also feature music, fund raising activities and lucky door prize

Ticket: $70
Drinks: Bar prices
Adult Function only

Dress: Dressed Up
RSVP: Friday 16th May

Bookings can be made online at http://www.trybooking.com/82443

or by email or post with the attached booking form [available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes].

This SHS Rowing Appeal Dinner RSVP form is available
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

Cyber Awareness Week: Poster Prize Winners              

Cyber Bullying: Jason Jung
Plagarism: Thomas George
Time Management: Jun Lin
Social Media: James Lin
Digital Footprint: William Lin

Some useful advice on how to limit or avoid some of the harmful effects of using technology.

Marie Carmen Escribano  Senior Occupational Therapist at Parks Clinic. Marie is based in Woollahra and her website is www.parksclinic.com  She can be contacted on 93894512 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Problem: connections  to Facebook, email, mobiles, can interfere with our sleep

  • disconnect half an hour before bed
  • keep computers, TV, phones out of the bedroom

Problem: Eye strain, headaches

  • Look into the distance every 30 minutes or so, cover eyes with the palms of your hands for a few seconds
  • ensure adequate lighting
  • large font size when working
  • have top of screen level with your forehead
  • use glasses if necessary
  • adjust glare level of your computer screen

Problem: Reduced fitness, weight gain, loss of flexibility,

  • Engage in physical activity at least 3 times a week such as a team sport, swimming, yoga
  • Take computer breaks every hour when using computers during the day, walk, do stretches or move around for 10 minutes before returning to the computer
  • Eliminate unnecessary computer use

Problem: Back aches, neck and shoulder strain

  • Support lower back
  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Knees directly over feet
  • Shoulders down
  • Neck arched in

Repetitive Strain Injury
Problem: Sore wrists, fingers, elbows and shoulders

  • Check posture
  • Use trackball mouse
  • Keep elbows at 90º angle and wrists in neutral position not flexed or extended
  • Move hands over keyboard instead of stretching fingers
  • Use stress ball to exercise fingers and hands

Problem: Prolonged sitting results in shallow breathing, decreased oxygen to brain and muscles

  • Take frequent breaks, practise taking several slow, deep breaths during breaks

Problem: Using a laptop or computer that is connected to the internet tempts the user to ‘multitask’. Studies show that this can have a negative effect on learning and concentration

  • Avoid multitasking by switching off wireless function if not necessary to task at hand
  • Focus on one activity at a time
  • Switch off Facebook/Social media during work time
  • Delegate specific times of the day for specific tasks, e.g. checking email twice a day, going on Facebook after      dinner

Problem: Computer use results in decreased handwriting legibility, decreased handwriting speed and increased fatigue sooner than in individuals who continue doing some writing by hand

  • Practise writing by hand for between 30 to 90 minutes, preferably at least 30 minutes at a time
  • Choose a class during which you will take handwritten notes instead of typing notes
  • Summarise study notes by hand
  • Do some homework tasks by hand
  • Do strengthening hand exercises at least 4 times during the week
  • Practise writing exam questions by hand for at least 40 minutes at a time


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