High Notes, Vol 15 No 10, April 04 2014

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From the Relieving Principal

Dr Jaggar is on leave until the end of Term 1.

High Talent
Jonathan Zeng (8M was selected to join in NSW State Volleyball (Junior Volleyball Academy U15 Boys Team) in February this year. He has been appointed team captain. The team will participate in the Australian U15 Championships in Albury (13th – 17th April 2014). Well done, Jonathan.

Big Night Out
Thank you to the organisers of the Big Night Out last Saturday. Around one hundred people participated. Thank you to the boys in ensembles and the choir who provided entertainment on the night under the guidance of Ms Miller, Ms Kim and Mr Aoun.

Extended absences from school
Parents are reminded that, if their sons will be absent from school for an extended period (often due to overseas holidays) they should download the application form available on the Student Portal or at R:\School Admin\Applying for Leave\Student Leave of Absence Application Form.pdf. You are asked to apply at least four weeks in advance of the absence.
R Dowdell
Relieving Principal

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Harmony Day Film Festival Day

On the 26th and 27th of March, the Junior and Senior Libraries of Sydney Boys High School showcased Australian Stories 2014, a collection of the best of migrant stories from Australia and beyond. Australian Stories 2014 edition is Colourfest’s second short films collection celebrating Australia’s diverse and unique identity in accordance with Harmony Day. Many boys enjoyed these films during the cold and rainy lunchtime, with many more viewing the second screening during 4th and 5th period. We hope to see you there next year!
Joshua Tran (11)

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Bandaged Bear Day

The Bandaged Bear Day appeal was held on the 27th of March this year. It was a great success; raising over $7,000 for sick and extremely ill kids. The Bandaged Bear Day appeal supports The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The hospital heavily relies on community generosity to raise essential funds to purchase advanced medical equipment, conduct vital research and uphold the welcoming environment that the Hospital is renowned for.  This year Jason Zhang organised forty SBHS students from Years 10-12, who sold merchandise at Central and Martin Place from 6am till 10am.  It was fun and it gave us a chance to give back to the community and support the sick kids at the Children’s Hospital. Numerous members of the public came up to us throughout the morning to congratulate us for our hard work and supported the cause by buying a small plush toy bear. Overall the event was very successful and we wish all the best to the patients at Westmead Children’s Hospital.
Shaleen Baranwal, Year 11

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Cyber Awareness Week

This week has been Cyber Awareness Week and we were lucky to have a number of guests present to parents on Monday evening. Over 60 parents attended the evening and were able to benefit from a whole range of promotional material and advice from a range of experts. Here is some information about the presenters and their presentations. 

Jocelyn Brewer: How much is too much? Screen time and digital nutrition. 

This is the introduction I gave for Jocelyn:
Jocelyn is an ex SBHS teacher and in her 4th year thesis she studied a group of Year 10 boys at SBHS and their experiences of gaming and internet overuse.  She is now a psychologist with a special interest in the impacts of technology on learning and behaviour. Jocelyn is the Media and Youth Advisor for the NIIRA – the Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia.  She is regularly asked to write and appear on a range of media as an expert in the field of internet overuse. She uses technology herself to generate discussion and has a fantastic website jocelynbrewer.com and is a proficient and prolific user of twitter. We are very lucky to have Jocelyn join us tonight to help us gain some insight into the world of teenagers and technology. I will place some of Jocelyn’s presentation in next week’s High Notes.

Senior Constable Craig Parkinson spoke to us about the legal aspects of teenagers’ technology and gave us some excellent practical strategies for protecting ourselves and our children online. I will include these in next week’s High Notes.

Estelle Harman our School Counsellor was there to talk about individual concerns. She can always be contacted at school if you have particular concerns about your son.

Marie Carmen Escribano who is the parent of a SBHS Old Boy and an Occupational Therapist had been working with Estelle and two Year 9 classes during the day to provide them with practical strategies to help relieve the physical harms associated with using technology.  Marie is based in Woollahra and her website is www.parksclinic.com  She can be contacted on 93894512 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Rachel Powell
Chair of SBHS Cyber Management Team

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‘Bring Your Own Device’ Year 9 Review Survey

Sydney Boys High School introduced a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program in 2014. Year 9 students are expected to bring a device of their own to school each day; Years 10 – 12 have the option of bringing a device of their own instead of their laptop issued under the former Digital Education Revolution scheme.

We are now evaluating the effectiveness of the scheme so far, particularly the way communication was handled as to:

  1. why BYOD is necessary and important
  2. how you could obtain an appropriate device.

and how you responded to this. Additional space is provided at the end for other comments you may have.

Parent Survey

All Year 9 parents are invited to complete the survey:


Student Survey

All Year 9 students are invited to complete the survey:


Your feedback is important to ensure continued refinement and the ongoing smooth operation of the BYOD program.

The parent survey is anonymous.

You can respond to the survey between now and 11 April.

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SBHS Debating

Debating MIC’s Report

We had a successful double hosting on Friday. A big thank you to all the parents who helped out, my team of helpers and to the chair people.  Well Done to the coaches and the debaters who won 8/12 debates.

In addition, well done to the Year 12 boys who were able to win the second round of the PDC  Zone against Newtown School of the Performing Arts.

In Year 10 Declan, Lucy and Justin have been running trials  for the last two weeks and would like to thank everyone who trialled. Congratulations to those who got into the GPS teams. For those of you who were unsuccessful you will be placed together in a class and given intensive coaching from Declan in the hope that you can make a GPS team next year.

Here are the Year 10 GPS teams: 10As Liam Jepson, Arthur Choa, Max Koslowski, Thomas Nguyen and 10 Bs Esmond Ye, Eli Hall, Kai Matsamoto, James Goh, Masrur Joarder, Tajwar Ali Khan

We also held trials for MUNA and Andrew McNaughton, Thomas Shortridge and Thomas Nguyen were chosen. Well done, boys. If students are successful in MUNA it can result in overseas trips to represent Australia!

Trials for Years 8 and 9 will take place after the holidays because there are so many of you wanting to trial that it will have to run over three weeks.

This week is the last week of coaching and competition before the school holidays. The only students who will be in for coaching in the last week of term will be those Year 7s who are trialling for GPS and PDC.

Enjoy the holidays.
Rachel Powell

Debating Prefect’s Report

Two weeks ago, of the twelve debates (six respectively in Eastside and FED) we had at home, we managed just one win (Year 12 Eastside v Grammar). But we should take heart from the result and look to improve for next week as we give everyone a chance to debate.  For the junior debates in Eastside, the topics revolved around junk food with the Year 7 topic being “that we should ban junk food advertising on television aimed directly at children” and the Years 8/9 topic “That we should tax junk food”. The seniors in Eastside had another prominent social issue to contend with in the form of drinking culture – “That Facebook, YouTube and Instagram should ban all photos and videos that glorify drinking”. In Year 12, being the affirmative side, we argued a case stressing the ubiquitous nature of social media in young people’s lives and how the idea of being popular on social media by doing stupid things is leading to new fads glorifying drinking such as Neknominate. By banning such photos and videos, we would be able to curb the rampant drinking culture in society, we argued. In FED, the seniors had the topic aimed at the recent events surrounding Qantas, the various car companies (Ford, Toyota, and Holden) and SPC-Ardmona – “That we should bail out struggling companies”.

Last week our results were more positive with 8 wins out of 12 against Reddam (in Eastside) and St. Aloysius (in FED). FED received the more interesting of topics with the seniors having “That the ABC should be commercialised”. It was interesting to hear the diversity of arguments presented by our 3 teams with one going for all out privatisation whilst another suggested just allowing ads to be aired on the ABC. Ultimately all argued for the media as the fourth estate in our democracy and why it is essential to have a state broadcaster. In Eastside, the junior teams all had difficult topics to deal with, Year 7 having to argue “that we should ban violent music videos” and Years 8 and 9 having to argue “that we should ban celebrity endorsement of politicians”.

Tip of the Week – Obviously, the prep time you have before a debate is one of the most significant parts of the debate. It is handy to go in with your team and have a silent brainstorm for around five minutes and then come together to share your ideas. Often you’ll be able to gain some of your most insightful and nuanced material in this way.
Lokesh Sharma
Debating Prefect

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From the Andrews Junior Library

CYBER WEEK LIBRARY SURVEYS – click the link http://tinyurl.com/sbhs2014libsurvey  or go to Library Enquiry and click on Library Surveys – it will deliver you to the Moodle Surveys.

Both Librarians would love Seniors and Juniors to complete the appropriate Library and Information Services surveys in Moodle.  AWARD SCHEME POINTS APPLY.  The closing date is this Monday.

Thanks to Mrs Gordon for organising SpineOut Magazine contributions. SpineOut offered a brand new book to a student who did a review.  Thanks to all the wonderful Year 7 boys who volunteered.  Kim Nicholls got in first and has read and reviewed the book.  His review is published below:

The Firebird Mystery
By Darrell Pitt

The Firebird Mystery was definitely one of the best books I have ever read. Its genre could be described as Fantasy/Adventure, for it mixes both concepts in a fast-paced series of events which, literally, kept me on the edge of my seat!

A boy named Jack is an orphan in London who embarks on a journey of grave danger with a famous detective, Ignatius Doyle. Jack is a trustworthy, brave boy, who is willing to risk his life on the adventure. A routine case of a missing person soon involves murder and secret atomic weapons development. The moral of this story is that things done in secret often have unexpected consequences. Exciting stuff!  /p>

A feature of the book is the considerable use of dialogue which just builds the mystery and suspense towards the climax. As the plot unfolds, the reader identifies with the main characters and is carried with them in their adventures. >

I loI loved The Firebird Mystery. It left me with a buzz and a feeling of fulfilment. This is a great book for people aged 11-15 since it provides a suitable language, theme and style, and is above all, highly entertaining.

My rating for this book would be Awesome!

If you write a song, poem, novel or produce a computer sign or piece of art or even an assignment you are submitting for an assessment task and someone copies it and is acclaimed for their vision or insight, you would be furious.  It was your vision or your insight.  While everyone can understand that physically copying or highlighting and heisting and then using without acknowledging the author of the work is plagiarising or stealing someone else’s efforts,  students often fail to realise that even being influenced in your thinking by what you have read, without acknowledging the original author, is also plagiarising/stealing. 

However the digital revolution has blurred copyright/plagiarism issues.  Some creative people have deliberately dispensed with copyright and given permission to others to make what they like of their work. The opportunity to copy material is now much easier and the temptation to pirate films, music or just to highlight and copy almost appears to make a mockery of the concept of original ownership.

In fact mashups are a whole new industry which has evolved by combining public domain programs or the works of others and ending up with a new and different product or an extended product.  It would be impossible to stop this using of others’ work and would in fact be undesirable.  I thought it might be fun to see what our student thought of mashups.

MASHUPS  by Jeff Year – Year 9
A good mashup I’ve come across is ‘Pop Danthology 2012.’ It is a mix of 68 songs blending vocals of some songs on top of the instrumental of other songs. ‘Pop Danthology 2012,’ contains a mix of some of my favourite songs, including ‘When I was your man,’ by Bruno Mars, and ‘Clarity,’ by Zedd featuring, Foxes. Mashups are considered the transformative version of original content; hence they are under the ‘fair use’ clause in the copyright laws.

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Theatresports Report

It was the event that everyone had been looking forward to…THE ANNUAL THEATRESPORTS NIGHT! This year boasted a range of players from Years eight up to twelve, with more teams than ever before. A whopping 16 teams made for a tough and entertaining competition, with eight teams having to be cut after the first two rounds.

After four gruelling rounds of improvisation, the Year 11 team consisting of Noah Fowler, Sama Malolo, Jun Park and Daniel Ahn were victorious, having led the competition from the first round, edging out the defending champs of Year 12 who were runners up. The guest Sydney Girls team also performed well, coming in at third place.

Apart from wanting to be crowned champions, players were all striving to be selected into the intermediate and senior teams for the upcoming Theatresports Schools Challenge. Having placed 2nd and 4th respectively in the Senior and Intermediate teams last year, we are hoping to take the top spot this year with a bunch of newly discovered talent, as well as our super coach Bridie Connell returning for another year.

Kudos to our hosts, William Chang and Varunan Murugananthan, and a special thanks must go out to the guest judges, a trio of old boys: Sam Marques, Kushaal Vyas and Sherman Du.

And of course Ms Rohr for organising it all!
Wenbo Gong
Drama Prefect 

2014 Sydney Boys High School Theatresports Teams

Senior Team – Impro Australia Comp
Jon Freiberg (Captain)
Noah Fowler
Wenbo Gong
Jun Park
Derek Sun
Jacky Yu (Reserve)

Intermediate Team – Impro Australia Comp
Louis Saunders (Captain)
Sanishka Balasooriya
Hugh Bartley
Jaspar McCahon-Boersma
James Merlo
Kai Matsumoto (Reserve)

Senior Team – Melbourne Exchange Comp
Daniel Ahn (Captain)
William Chang
Sama Malola
Varunan Murugananthan
Andrew Trajcevski
Jun Park (Reserve)

Intermediate Team – Melbourne Exchange Comp
Jacob Katafono (Captain)
Jayden Schofield
Luke Schofield
Ellery Smith
Nelson Yin
Kevin Cai (Reserve)

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Volleyball Notes

SBHS represented Sydney East at the CHS Inter-Regional Tournament in Orange.  This was the first time Sydney East was comprised entirely of SBHS students and reflects the strength of the volleyball program at High. The ‘Round Robin’ format of the tournament resulted in SBHS losing only one game against our nine opponents and progressing to the final.  A strongly contested final was ultimately won by Sydney West.

Three members of the Sydney High team (Pinyan Gao, Kevin Lu, Sean McKenna) were selected for the Open CHS Volleyball to compete in the Trans Tasman Tournament in New Zealand during Term 2.  Congratulations must be given to all the High boys for a strong result in a tournament we have won only once before.
M Kay
MIC Volleyball

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Swimming News

Carnival 5 at SOPAC

Congratulations to all swimmers for their outstanding results over the season. A special thank you to Dr Jaggar, Mr Pavone, parents, teachers and students who have supported the swimmers over the season. The 2014 final point score is as follows;

Division Position
Juniors - 12 – 14 years 3rd
Intermediate 15 -16 2nd
Seniors 17 and 18 years 6th

The following boys finished 1st at carnival 5. Congratulations .

Event 2  Boys 12 Years 50  Metre Freestyle Championship
GPS: 28.76 R 13/03/2009 Christopher Dwyer - I
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 30.59 20
Event 9  Boys 16 Years 50  Metre Freestyle Championship
GPS: 23.67 R 13/03/2010 Te Haumi Maxwell - N
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Haddo, Christian 16 Sydney Boys High 25.99 20
Event 28  Boys 12 Years 100  Metre Freestyle Championship
GPS: 01:04.0 R 27/02/2009 Christopher Dwyer - I
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 01:10.7 20
Event 32  Boys 16 Years 100  Metre Freestyle Championship
GPS: 52.94 R 23/03/2012 Angus Hannan - I
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Haddo, Christian 16 Sydney Boys High 56.96 20
Event 38  Boys 16 Years 4x50  Metre Medley Relay Championship
GPS: 01:57.9 R 1/01/2012 St Ignatius
Team Relay Finals Time Points
1 Sydney Boys High     02:03.3 20
1) Haddo, Christian 16 2) McNaughton, Andrew 16 3) Nakamura, Kazuo 16 4) Menzel, Max 16
Event 42  Boys 12 Years 50  Metre Backstroke Championship
GPS: 34.57 R 13/03/2009 Christopher Dwyer - I
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 36.73 20
Event 46  Boys 14 Years 50  Metre Backstroke Division
GPS: 30.33 R 22/03/2013 Callum Lowe-Griffiths - N
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Feng, Adam 14 Sydney Boys High 34.83 11
Event 50  Boys 16 Years 50  Metre Backstroke Division
GPS: 28.96 R 26/02/2010 Te Haumi Maxwell - N
Name Age Team Finals Time Points
1 Menzel, Max 16 Sydney Boys High 32.78 11
Event 55  Boys 12 Years 50  Metre Butterfly Championship
GPS: 31.77 R 13/03/2009 Christopher Dwyer   I
Name Age Team  Finals Time Points
1 Luo, James 12 Sydney Boys High 36.73 20
Event 62  Boys 16 Years 50   Metre Butterfly Championship
GPS: 26.17 R 18/03/2010 Te Haumi Maxwell   N
Name Age Team  Finals Time
1 Nakamura, Kazuo 16 Sydney Boys High 27.82 20
Event 63  Boys 16 Years 50  Metre Butterfly Division
GPS: 26.17 R 18/03/2010 Te Haumi Maxwell   N
Name Age Team  Finals Time
1 Haddo, Christian 16 Sydney Boys High 28.28 11
 Event 71  Boys 16 Years 4x50  Metre Freestyle Relay Championship
GPS: 01:42.1 R 2012 St Ignatius
Team  Relay  Finals Time Points
1 Sydney Boys High 01:46.5 20
1) Haddo, Christian 16 2) McNaughton, Andrew 16 3) Nakamura, Kazuo 16 4) Menzel, Max 16

P Loizou
MIC Swimming

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Scots College Invitational Athletics

The Scots College Invitational
Athletics Carnival

Saturday 5 April 2014

Time Event Age Group
8:10am  3000 m ALL AGE
8:30am    Hurdles U/13 – Open
9:10am    800m U/13 – Open
9:50am    200m U/13 – Open
10:30am    1500m U/13 – Open
11.00am    100m U/13 - Opens 
11:40am    400m U/13 – Open
12.10pm    4 x 100m U/13 – Open 
8.30 am SP  Open
SP U/13
LJ U/17
LJ Open
HJ  U/13
HJ U/14
9.30 am SP U/16
SP U/17
9.45 am LJ U/13
LJ  U/14
10.15 am HJ U/15
HJ U/16
10.30 am SP U/14
SP U/15
11.15 am LJ U/15
LJ U/16
HJ Open
HJ U/17

Please note: Timings are only a guide and numbers of competitors and events will determine the exact timings for the Carnival. Events WILL be moved FORWARD if possible so please ensure you arrive well in advance of the scheduled program.          

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SBHS/SGHS Junior Dance 2014

March 8 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians

The annual Junior Dance for students who are currently enrolled in Years 7, 8 and 9 at both Sydney Girls High School and Sydney Boys High School will be held at SGHS in the Multi Purpose Hall on Monday April 7th, commencing at 6pm and finishing promptly at 9pm.

The dance is fully supervised by staff from both schools. Music will be supplied by Mobydisc, which also will provide atmospheric lighting and strobe effects.

The SGHS Prefects will award prizes for Best Dressed and Most Creative and will also judge a Dance-off, awarding prizes for best performances.

The SRC at SGHS are responsible for selling tickets. Cost is $10 per ticket.

Soft drinks are available for sale on the night. Water is available from bubblers outside the MPH.

Proceeds from the dance, after costs have been taken out, will go to the SGHS's Stewart House charity.

Parents are asked to be sure to arrive to collect their daughters/sons promptly at 9pm.
It is not anticipated that any staff would be required to wait around after the dance for any student to be collected.

Students whose families expect they will be driven home by a friend's parent MUST have the relevant section on this Permission Note properly filled in.

Best regards

Ms Andrea Connell
Sydney Girls High School

Dr Kim Jaggar
Sydney Boys High School

The Junior Dance permission note can be found in 
the PDF version of this edition of High Notes


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