High Notes, Vol 15 No 1, January 31 2014

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From The Principal

Welcome Back to 2014
I hope that everyone had a relaxing break and that we are all energised to equal or surpass our 2013 achievements. The BYOD initiative will require some time to get accustomed to. There are pedagogical implications arising from a stronger reliance on tablet devices in the classroom. We are experimenting with these and adjusting to the 24/7 learning cycle of digital natives. The implementation of the National Curriculum in stages 4 and 5 (Years 7 & 9) is expected to be very seamless at High. Our boosted wi-fi will be a boon to staff and students.

Staff Changes
We welcome Jacqui Chen who has been appointed to Mathematics to replace Chris Kourtesis. Vicky Likourezis is job sharing with Finola Nesbitt in mathematics. Jessica Millar is part time for Taryn Evans on maternity leave. Geoffrey Tesoriero has joined us as temporary 0.8 PDHPE and MIC for both cricket and football. We welcome also Dat Huynh (SHS  2004) who is temporary in IA and Anirudh Rao (SHS 2004) is temporary for Steve Codey in social science. Teresa Britten has joined us in music and will replace Suzanna Lim who will be going on maternity leave. John Beringer is back in English replacing Vicki Richmond.

Valé James Morgan (SHS 2006)
It was with a sense of deep sorrow that Mr Barris and I, along with scores of Old Boys, attended the funeral of James Morgan. James was a highly articulate, capable and gregarious fellow who had that rare gift of spontaneous and genuine warmth for others. His ability to relate to people made him very popular with his peers at school and university. He was well educated and widely travelled and looked forward to a fulfilling career and life ahead of him. His potential was tragically cut short when struck by a vehicle. While at school, James was a highly regarded School Prefect and most worth recipient of the Phil Ainsworth Memorial Award for upholding the ideals and ethos of the school while being highly proficient in English. He played in the front row in the first XV. He represented high in rowing, sailing and cricket. He was a member of the champion Karl Cramp debating team of 2005. James will be sadly missed by many in the wider High community. On behalf of us all I extend our condolences to his family.

Year 7 First Day Assembly
My address to Year 7  students and parents is reprinted below:

"Good morning and welcome to High to all Year 7 students and their parents. I want to congratulate you on your decision to accept a place in our school.  We believe it is the best school for boys’ education in Sydney. I am confident that you will enjoy your time at High. In our wider school community - teachers, parents, Old Boys and friends of High - we work hard together to provide many opportunities for you to pursue excellent outcomes in a range of endeavours. As the graduating class of 2019, you are embarking together on a long journey of personal development, social enhancement and intellectual growth. Make the most of your strengths but also try out new activities. Step out of your comfort zone. Experiment. Join in. Help others where they need it. Ask for help when you need it. Enjoy each other’s company.

"High is divided into two, self-contained schools. The junior school comprises Years 7 to 9. The emphasis here is on the discourse of personal development. We want to help you to expand and grow as a person and as a learner. High Junior School has a separate sports afternoon, separate assemblies, a different uniform, special student planners and also a dedicated library for Years 7-9. For Year 7 there are three Year Advisers. Each Adviser will be responsible for the wellbeing of 60 students. Get to know and collaborate with your Year Adviser. Our High Junior School program has five major priorities.

"Our first priority is to develop you as a whole person. Through all the curriculum and activities of the school and through values education classes, our literacy plan and a structured outdoor education program, we aim to nurture engaged, resilient and self-confident students with a strong sense of self-efficacy – a feeling they are capable of achieving. We want to help you to try new things to help define your self-image and your unique identity, to develop self-awareness. We promote healthy risk taking in a controlled environment. We offer you lots of opportunities to get involved in activities associated with the school. We want to know you as an individual and to meet your needs as a person.

"Our second important task is to foster your academic growth. You will be introduced to new disciplines, such as science, PDHPE and industrial arts. Fortunately, in the junior school there is scope to experiment with learning. There are more choices available as you grow into independent learners. There is more time to follow up on personal interest areas. There is more discovery learning. Our academic competitions program, along with the Da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of Minds team activities, offers opportunities for boys to test themselves in a wider context than the school. You are not just here to learn but to excel in your learning. Our expectation is that you will all go on to university.

"Our third goal is to promote in you a sense of belonging to High, of a personal connection with the school and its purposes. We strongly encourage participation in the co-curricular life of the school. We want you to be engaged in school life, to become physically fit and above all to be happy and to socialise successfully. We believe that participation in team sports is a vital component of personal development. We expect boys to try out for two GPS sports teams each year. Many boys also do GPS athletics, particularly boys striving for selection in A and B teams in GPS winter sports competitions. Boys learn a lot about life through participation in team sports. Many boys join debating groups, music ensembles, chess teams or school and community service committees to expand their experiences and networks of friends. Participation helps you to make friends. At High you participate because you want to, not because you have to.

"Our fourth imperative is to support you in everything you get involved in. We provide a network of people to help and nurture you. Year Advisers, School Counsellors, Head Teachers, School Assistants, Coaches, Trainers, Parents, Old Boys – they are all here to help you if you have a problem. Committees made up of staff, parents, old boys and supporters of High work tirelessly to provide for the needs of team members for Saturday sport and participants in co-curricular activities.

Finally, we have a mission to develop future leaders and global citizens. We provide leadership opportunities and recognition of achievement, participation or service to the school and the community. Our Student Representative Council and Student Awards Scheme foster and reward involvement and leadership in a wide variety of activities. Leadership potential can be expressed in many contexts and while participating in a variety of group activities, including social justice programs. In delivering our curriculum in Year 7, the school applies a Purposeful Grouping Policy. Students are initially assigned to classes on the basis of a significant number having common attributes, interests or needs. The objective of the grouping policy is to assist staff to identify emerging talents, enhance demonstrated skills, meet identified needs, or to deliver appropriate revision, enhancement or remediation strategies. Classes may be comprised of high scoring boys in the Selective Schools Entrance Test, of boys with English enhancement needs based on English component results, of boys with high GAT test scores, of boys with the same language study preferences, or of boys with self-reported skills in sport. In later years some classes are formed by placing together boys who have achieved highly in certain courses. Our overriding desire is to maximise individual performances. Our school focus point this year is “empowering gifted boys”. High prides itself on its traditions and on the successes of its alumni. This focus grounds High boys in a continuum of learning and achieving. We have benchmarks in all areas of school life, tested over our 131 years of history. The culture at High tries to honour the past while being mindful of the call of the future. In technology applied to learning, in personal learning styles and plans, in problem solving, in environmental sustainability and responsibility, in civic duty and in relationships, emerging challenges require the latest in theory, techniques, strategies and equipment. We are continuously striving to improve in these areas.

"Transition into secondary school is always a stressful period in life. There are more teachers, more room changes, more subjects, new subjects, a complicated timetable, a full calendar, more expectations of your independence and maturity. There is more paperwork to complete. Use your School Planner, ask questions of people. Ask your Year Adviser when you are unsure of where to go or what to do or if you are having a personal problem. Ms Harman is our School Counsellor.  Mr Kay is our Head Teacher Welfare. They are here to help you. Communication is important in forming relationships. Each boy has an information folder. Each boy is given a Student Planner that has further information on policies. High Notes, our weekly publication, informs parents and students. Our school website has a great deal of information and an up to date calendar. Increasingly, emails to and within groups are being used. Our Parent Mentor Scheme is aimed at supporting new parents through contacts with existing parents. I hope you all embrace the many opportunities that will be offered to you during your six years at High. Welcome to you all. Enjoy the unique High experience!"
Dr K A Jaggar

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Sydney Boys High Swimming Carnival 2014


The School Swimming Carnival will be held at the Des Renford Aquatic Centre (Heffron Park Pool) Robey Street, Maroubra on Monday 3th February 2014.

The carnival will commence at 8:45 am and finish by 2:45 pm (approximately).

Students of Year 8-12 will make their own way to and from the Swimming Pool.

Public transport is available from Central Station to Maroubra Junction and Eastgardens.  

Buses will be provided for Year 7 at a cost of $5 (cover transport costs) and will leave from the Cleveland St (School Gym) at about 8:30am. The roll will be marked electronically upon entry to the pool.

The pool is located between Bunnerong Road and Anzac Parade, with the entry located on Robey Street. 

School uniform is NOT required. Students should wear their House colours (PE uniform), a hat and sunblock should be used as shady areas are limited.  Food will be on sale from the canteen at the pool.  The Carnival will be held "rain, hail or shine!".
P Loizou
Swimming Co-ordinator


Carnival commences at 8.45am

NOTE:   The age group you compete in is the age you turn this year

1 12years 200m Freestyle
2 13 years  200m Freestyle
3 14 years  200m Freestyle
4 15 years 200m Freestyle
5 16 years  200m Freestyle
6 17+ years  200m Freestyle
7 12 years 100m Freestyle
8 13 years 100m Freestyle
9 14 years 100m Freestyle
10 15 years 100m Freestyle
11 16 years 100m Freestyle
12 17+ years 100m Freestyle
13 12 years   50m Breastroke
14 13 years   50m Breastroke
15 14 years   50m Breastroke
16 15 years   50m Breastroke
17 16 years 100m Breastroke
18 17+ years 100m Breastroke
19 12 years 50m Butterfly
20 13 years 50m Butterfly
21 14 years 50m Butterfly
22 15 years 50m Butterfly
23 16 years 100m Butterfly
24 17+ years 100m Butterfly
25 12 years   50m Freestyle
26 13 years   50m Freestyle
27 14 years   50m Freestyle
28 15 years   50m Freestyle
29 16 years   50m Freestyle
30 17+ years   50m Freestyle
31 12 years   50m Backstroke
32 13 years   50m Backstroke
33 14 years   50m Backstroke
34 15 years   50m Backstroke
35 16 years 100m Backstroke
36 17+ years 100m Backstroke
37 16 years 800m* Freestyle
38 800m* Freestyle
39 15 years 400m Freestyle
40 16 years 400m Freestyle
41 17+ years 400m Freestyle
42 16 years 200m Individual Medley
43 17+ years 400m Individual Medley

* 800m and 400m swimmers will be timed in the SAME event time permitting

1. All places will be decided by times.
2. The 4 x 100m GPS Medley Relay takes place at 2pm

Record Holders

Backstroke 50-100m

  12 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '40.60 Mins 8/02/2010
  13 Male Leonard MAH Eedy '36.90 Mins 8/02/2010
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 0'34.25 Mins 14/02/2011
  15 Male ELLIS LOUIE Eedy '32.03 Mins 4/02/2003
  16 Male Eugene LEE Rubie 1'13.88 Mins 6/02/2012
  17_O Male Darren CHIEN Eedy 1'17.88 Mins 4/02/2013

Backstroke 50-100m

  12_U Male Allen GUO Fairland 0'43.15 Mins 4/02/2013
  13 Male Kenny LA Fairland '38.78 Mins 3/02/2004
  14 Male Kevin GUO Eedy 0'35.19 Mins 4/02/2013
  15 Male Andrew REIS Eedy '33.44 Mins 3/02/2004
  16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 1'10.00 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male Benjamin CHOW Rubie 1'05.00 Mins 8/02/2005

Butterfly 50-100m

  12_U Male Allen GUO Fairland 0'37.60 Mins 4/02/2013
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '32.47 Mins 14/02/2011
  14 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '31.72 Mins 6/02/2012
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 0'29.80 Mins 4/02/2013
  16 Male Ellis LOUIE Eedy 1'03.90 Mins 3/02/2004
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 1'02.25 Mins 3/02/2004

Freestyle 100m

  12_U Male Jason QIU Fairland 1'15.00 Mins 14/02/2011
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 1'05.05 Mins 14/02/2011
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 1'02.30 Mins 14/02/2011
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 0'58.30 Mins 4/02/2013
  16 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 1'01.50 Mins 4/02/2013
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 0'55.57 Mins 3/02/2004

Freestyle 200m

  12_U Male Jason QIU Fairland 2'40.70 Mins 14/02/2011
  13 Male Brandon YOON Eedy 2'28.00 Mins 4/02/2013
  14 Male Kalem BEST McKay 2'17.80 Mins 4/02/2013
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 2'15.20 Mins 4/02/2013
  16 Male Max CHIEN Eedy 2'27.00 Mins 8/02/2010
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 2'05.41 Mins 3/02/2004

Freestyle 400m

  15_U Male ELLIS LOUIE Eedy 5'17.53 Mins 4/02/2003
  16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 4'26.33 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male G BREWER 4'12.00 Mins 31/01/1976

Freestyle 50m

  12_U Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 33.47 Secs 8/02/2010
  13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 29.50 Secs 14/02/2011
  14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 27.94 Secs 14/02/2011
  15 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 26.80 Secs 6/02/2012
  15 Male Christian HADDO Eedy 26.80 Secs 4/02/2013
  16 Male Tom MILLER Torrington 26.15 Secs 6/02/2002
  17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torrington 25.18 Secs 3/02/2004

Freestyle 800m

  16_U Male B EBEL 9'16.34 Mins 31/01/2003
  17_O Male S CROFT 9'30.91 Mins 31/01/2003

Individual Medley 200-400m

  16_U Male Andrew REIS Eedy 2'28.00 Mins 8/02/2005
  17_O Male Barry DUBOVSKY Torrington 6'17.83 Mins 3/02/2004
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SHS Rowing

Welcome to Term One 2014 Rowing!

The January holidays were highly productive … with boys training, and parents caring and catering! We had very successful camps with senior rowers attending the Taree Summer Camp at Crokers on the Manning River, and then Y10, Y9 and Y8 quads camping at the Outterside Centre last week.

Thank you to the terrific coaches who gave many hours preparing the rowers for the upcoming regattas. 

Thank you to the many parents who helped at all camps.

The first regatta of the 2014 season is our Sydney High GPS Regatta at Hen & Chicken Bay on this Saturday 1st February. 

Upcoming regattas -

Date Junior/Y10 Regatta Senior Regatta
February 1st High Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay High Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay
February 8th Grammar Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay Grammar Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay
February 15th St Josephs Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay NSW Championship Regatta - SIRC
February 22nd Newington Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay Kings/Pymble Regatta - SIRC
March 1st Shore Regatta – Iron Cove Shore Regatta – Iron Cove
March 8th Shore Regatta – Hen & Chicken Bay AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC
March 13/14th NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC NSW CHS Championship Regatta - SIRC
March 15th Y10 – AAGPS Head of the River AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC

Note -

  • Crews, including Junior, Year 10 and Senior rowers, will be selected to represent High in the NSW CHS Championships at SIRC on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th March.
  • The GPS Head of the River will be held at Sydney International Regatta Centre on Saturday 15 March. All rowers and families are encouraged to attend this prestigious event.
  • All regatta entries and results can be found on the Rowing NSW website – www.rowingnsw.asn.au

Other Events this Term –

  • MBHS Year 10 rowers will be visiting SBHS from Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd February. All MBHS and SBHS Y10 boys will camp at the rowing sheds on the Wednesday night and Melbourne boys will be billeted to Sydney families for the Thursday and Friday nights. Boys from both schools will race for the Parra Yarra Cup.
  • GPS Rowing Assembly is on Wednesday 12th March
  • Rowing Dinner is in the Great Hall on Saturday 15th February

Sydney High GPS Regatta

Saturday 1 February

High Rowing will be hosting the GPS Regatta at Hen & Chicken Bay

All Y8, Y9, Y10 and Senior crews will be competing

Please come along and support High Rowing
Cheer on the crews
Enjoy the coffee and cake
Bring the family

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