High Notes, Vol 14 No 7, March 15 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Last Wednesday evening Rita Miller and Kevin Eadie accompanied our volunteer musicians to Government House to play for the Governor and her guests. Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir was impressed with the standard of the music played and many guests expressed their pleasure at the performances. Thank you to Rita and Kevin for giving up their time and to the ensemble (Riley Irwin, Tin Wu, Ken Li, Jasper McCahon-Boersma, Jason Lo, Sagar Nagaraj, Nathan Trinh, William Tam and Justin Ng) for their service to the school. Congratulations to Shaleen Baranwal (Year 10) who was awarded the Green (Adventurer) Cord by the NSW Scouting Association.

High Praise
From a member of the Joey’s first VIII after finishing a very close second at the Head of the River: “as we came off the water all disheartened and then having the Sydney Boys High crew congratulating us and shaking our hands…I saw this as a very strong and important moment to our season’s ending and I would like for them to keep their heads up and good will come for them in the future”. Great sportsmanship, boys! Jerry Phillipson received an email from Westmead hospital. “I just wanted to email you to say a HUGE thank you to you and your amazing students for your wonderful support during Bandaged Bear Day on Friday. I also wanted to let you know how impressive the reports have been on your students. The weather could have made the day really miserable but each student was enthusiastic, polite, resourceful and so willing to get involved! The school should be incredibly proud to have these students representing them, we sure loved having them represent the Hospital and out major appeal.”  Congratulations to all involved.

Rowing Assembly
At last Friday’s Assembly, James Gerofi spoke about being an all-rounder who participated fully in school life but never had his picture on the wall. He told how rowing changed his life, particularly how it influenced his decision to move from studying engineering to Health Sciences. He recounted how competing as a rower after school made him want to help people with health issues. He urged all crews to make the most of the great occasion of the Head of the River and give their all. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special guest, James Gerofi (SHS 2004), crews representing High, coaches, parents, teachers, students; welcome to our 2013 rowing assembly. We are here this morning to introduce and honour those crews who will compete for us and themselves at the Head of the River tomorrow. The Head of the River is a very important event for our school because of its long tradition in Sydney sport and its high profile in the wider community. When people ask you in later life what you did at school, if you can say that you rowed at the Head of the River, most people in the business and professional community will know what that says about you as a person, and about how much time and effort you were prepared to expend with your crew in search of a dream. It is more of a character reference than a statement about sports participation. Deservedly, we make a special effort to acknowledge our representatives, particularly because their six months of effort comes down to six and a half minutes of performance.

"I want to thank Julie Blomberg again for her work as MIC rowing. It was another testing and disjointed year for her with coaching and program management challenges. Beryl Crockford has done a lot for the junior rowing program in her time as Head Coach, particularly in getting single sculling back as a focus in the program. I thank Beryl and her coaches for their work this season. George Barris (SHS 2001) helped the school considerably when Lucas McBeath took a full time job in Newcastle, leaving us without a coach for the VIII. George took on the role with enthusiasm and has made a difference to the fitness of the crew and their understanding of racing, as opposed to rowing. Thank you to Beryl and George for their work with the VIIIs. Thank you to Pravin Radhakrishnan who helped with our 1st IV, allnew to the sport and on a steep learning curve.

"Ollie Wilson and Gareth Deacon have brought along our Year 10 VIIIs well Juliette Baloh has coordinated the Year 9 quads this  Everleigh, Bob Henderson and Mitch Estens, thank you for your work. The Year 8 Quads have been coordinated impressively by Hayden Schilling. Thank you to him and to Koren Fang, Walter Santucci, Alan Low, Max Jones, Andreas Purcal and Tim Montanaro. Alan Low has been the Lead Coach for Year 7 crews. Thank you to Alan, along with Ben Wilcox and David Andrews. It is heartening to see so many Old Boys putting something back into the rowing program.

"Parents do a fantastic job supporting their sons in rowing. As cooks, drivers, dormitory supervisors, financiers and fund raisers, they really give a lot for their sons. Thank you to the Rowing Committee, particularly: George and Noi Comninos, Jenny Nixon, Sylvia Peng, Anne-Marie Keogh, Tam Tran, Raymond Qiu, Lancy Feng, Lesley Pereira, Kim Jones and Tevita Katafano. Without your great efforts and those of other parents who helped out we could never deliver the high quality rowing program that we do.

"Rowers, tomorrow you have to face your toughest test yet. Your strength, stamina and will power will be stretched to their limits. At some point in a rowing race each crew member has a voice inside them saying: ‘stop, this is too hard, it’s not worth the pain’ or “”I can’t do this anymore”.  This phenomenon is an adjunct of severe exertion as the mind tries to help the body in crisis. Athletes at all levels hear these voices. Mike McKay, twice an Olympic Gold Medallist with the ‘Oarsome Foursome’ in 1992 &1996, says ”it’s just down to the way you deal with it…You’ve got to learn not to listen to any negativity surrounding you. It’s about not accepting that – but recognising what your own goals are and coming through with them.” Peter Antonie, won a gold medal in Barcelona too, in the double sculls. He and partner, Stephen Hawkins conceded 15kgs. to other crews but the ‘Pocket Rockets’ won. He said: “I think the striving is a really, really good thing, because it’s good living…It’s great to be out there having a go. If you’re doing that and you realise that’s good value, good fun, then you’re not going to hear that little voice”. High crews have an added difficulty, they race against their own history more than against other crews. It is very hard to keep that little voice at bay when you are coming last. The only way to cope is to pick on the next slowest crew right from the start and try to race them. Stay in front of them, or with them or as close to them as possible throughout each 500. Hang on to the margin until the finish. Be determined to row as close to them as possible. Retain your goals to give you strength, your determination to push through pain, and your focus on the next stroke. Follow Antonie’s advice … and just strive.

"Congratulations to all boys who have done the work and been selected to represent the school at this prestigious sporting test."
Dr K A Jaggar

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing
09 March 2013

Saturday sailing resumed on Rose Bay this weekend, in light winds of around 3-5 knots from the NW, for the Fleet Racers and shifting eventually to the N and then from the NE at 5-10 knots for the Teams Racing Competition.

Fleet Racing

With the new format beginning this week, two short course races were held with Sydney High sailors successfully competing in both. In Race 1, the most outstanding result was achieved by Kai Matsumoto with a 7th placing out of a fleet size of 25 boats. Kai had a great start and sailed most legs around the course in the top five boats. Daniel Fang, Angelo Yan and Tiger Zhang also sailed well. David Evans was squeezed out at the start.

In Race 2 the results were even better with David Evans showing his strengths by gaining a good start and clear air up the first beat to windward. Tim Pilien also started well and was nicely placed at the end with a 7th place. Daniel Fan, Tiger Zhang and Angelo sailed through the fleet to secure 8th, 9th and 11th placings out of 25 boats.

Skipper/ crew Race 1 (25 boats) Race 2 (25 boats)
David Evans/Benjamin Long   4th
Tim Pilien/Andrew Trajcevski   7th
Daniel Fang/Nicholas Nguyen 9th 8th
Tiger Zhang/Edwin Zhu 13th 9th
Angelo Yan/Daniel Liang 12th 11th
Kai Matsumoto/Patrick Han 7th 12th
Vincent Xu/Long Do   13th
Arthur Chao/ Dexter Gordon 15th 16th
Hayden Rabone/Ilya Klauzner   17th
Edward Jia Lin/Louis Ye 24th 25th

Teams Racing

With the start of Teams racing, Sydney High teams sailed consistently and showed some very pleasing signs of better results to come. Twenty flights were sailed in 5-10 knot breezes with the following results.

Placing Team Skipper/Crew
3 wins from 5 flights Sydney High 1 Marcus James/Thomas Shortridge
David Evans/Edward Jia Lin/ Vincent Xu
Bec Loder/Alexander De Araujo
2 wins from 4 flights Sydney High 2 Tim Pilien/George Billingsley
Kai Matsumoto/Jayden Schofield
Tiger Zhang/Like Schofield

G Moody
MIC Sailing 2013

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SHS Rowing

Rowing Assembly

All junior rowers attended the traditional Rowing Assembly and experienced the rite of passage of the AAGPS Head of the River. It was a moving occasion with parents and senior students present to hear guest speaker, James Gerofi (2004), address the assembly. His message was ‘you need to fight for what you want’ and ‘there should be no “what ifs”’. Captain of Boats, Alex Pereira, introduced the 2013 GPS Head of the River crews as well as outlining the season preparation for the prestigious regatta, and rallying the rowers with a heartfelt war cry.

Head of the River

A supportive and enthusiastic crowd of High students, parents, old boys and supporters turned up to cheer on the crews at the AAGPS Regatta on Saturday. Congratulations to every boy who rowed for High, and I’m sure the experience will be a positive memory. It was wonderful to see so many parents contribute to a delicious spread of food that was enjoyed by all in the High marquee.

  • Year 10 2nd VIII finished 7th beating Newington with a 2sec personal best time
  • Y10 1st VIII performed well with great oarsmanship to do a 10sec PB under pressure at the HOR
  • School 1st IV – rowing in a race of this standard is a great achievement for a crew of 5 novice rowers who have been rowing for 6 months only
  • School 2nd VIII were the great improvers on the day with a massive 35sec PB. The potential is there!
  • School 1st VIII was the crew under the most pressure on HOR day. Congratulations on the effort they put in with their preparation, and they will always have the honour of being selected and racing in the School 1st VIII 2013. 
Crew Place Time
School 1st VIII 8th 6.44.00
School 2nd VIII 8th 7.05.85
School 1st IV 8th 7.45.21
Year 10 1st VIII 8th 6.55.16
Year 10 2nd VIII 7th 7.08.81

Rowing Dinner

It was fantastic to have 275 people fill the Great Hall for the Rowing Dinner on HOR night. There was a very happy and vibrant atmosphere as we celebrated and acknowledged our rowers efforts and achievements. I think everyone in the hall would have been impressed with our rowers. The speeches and presentation of crews were outstanding by Chris Chang, Year 8 Quads, Jacob Katafono, Year 9 Quads, Jesse Nixon, Year 10 VIIIs, and Captain of Boats, Alex Pereira, School VIIIs.

Certificates for ‘Outstanding Contribution to teamwork, training and performance’ were awarded to –

  • Year 8 Quads – Chris Chang, Jason Huo, Nigel Sun, Cameron Ma, Daniel Fu, Thomas McGrath, William Lin, Brian Wu, Phillippe Tung
  • Year 9 Quads – Jacob Katafono, Stuart Benjamin, William Chen, Robert Yuan, Victor Oh, Andrew Nguyen
  • Year 10 Eights – James Tinker, Stephen Ngo
  • Seniors – Kin Pan, Brandon Vu, Jason Zhang

Trophies awarded–

  •  Ken Robinson Trophy for top oarsman of 2013 – Steve Comninos
  • Alan Grover Trophy for best performing coxswain of the season – Kenneth Liu
  • Merv Wood Cup awarded to the rower with the most potential to row at an elite level – Nelson Tang
  • High Senior Crew Shield - awarded to the most impressive performance by a Senior crew –
    Y10 2nd VIII  - Chi Mao, Brian Mo, Jake Davis, Bennette Jiang, Neil Song, Phillip Mai, Stephen Ngo, Matthew Chan, (c) Keith Chambers
  • High Junior Crew Cup - awarded to the most impressive performance by a Junior crew  -
    Y9 1st Quad – Kevin Fan, Ed Belokopytov, Jacob Katafono, Oliver Lethbridge, (c) Daniel Xu
  • CWP Barris Shield awarded to the ultimate clubman of the season – Ray Fang

NSW Combined High Schools Championship Regatta

A team of High Rowers have been selected to travel to Grafton to compete in the NSW Combined High School Championship Regatta on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April.

Captain of Boats Address to the Rowing Assembly

Good morning Dr Jaggar, Mr Gerofi, parents, teachers and boys. It’s a strange feeling standing here before you, with the knowledge that tomorrow will be my last GPS race for the school. Tonight, I will leave for my last camp, and tomorrow will be my last early wake up. I have raced with the Year 12s seated behind me for four years, and now I only have 6 minutes of racing left.

As you grow up, you realise how the choices you make in your school life define you. Those who do not step up to the challenge of continuing a sport through the HSC become lost in among the average. By the time you reach your senior level of high school, you realise that the ones with the most character and integrity are the ones who are willing to work, and push themselves for their teammates. Every man seated in front of you today has done exactly that

There are thousands of famous quotes applicable to sport, any one of which can skew your perception and fire you up. However, there’s a simple, reflective one that I’ve always had in the back of my head, one that my former coach in Year 10 eights instilled upon me. It’s short and sweet. This quote: “Nobody ever regretted working hard.” Now, there have been numerous times when I’ve been woken at 4:30 in the morning, outside it’s pitch black, rain belting the rooftop of the dorms. I walk out to the pontoon covered in layers of skins and the air is still freezing, and the water is choppy and littered with whitecaps. Next thing I know I’m told I have to go out in a single scull and keep up with a four. So I have a decision to make. In all honesty I could walk back inside into my warm bed and no one could stop me. Every time I’ve encountered that decision I’ve wished I was somewhere else, because even for a rower that’s way out of my comfort zone.

And yet, every time I come off that water two hours later, I never regret powering through my session. It doesn’t matter if it was horrible, or if my legs are so sore I can’t move them properly. It’s that feeling of self-reward, that knowledge that I stood up and took a harder road and came out stronger. It’s a feeling so applicable to everyday life. Every one of you will have had assessments where you decided to work and where you decided to wing it, and there would have been times you’ve received unsatisfactory marks even with both extremes of preparation. If you haven’t done the work then that ominous question of ‘what if?’ starts circling. What if you’d been more disciplined? Studied harder? Did more practice papers? You’ll never know how far you can go, and how much you can achieve, until you push yourself.

For most, we’ve been training for 9 months. Our season started back in August with optional sculling sessions, which quickly built into 2 overnight camps, 3 weights, 7 water and 1 cycling session a week. For the fourth year running the seniors travelled up north for our annual Taree summer camp, amidst the strongest heat wave in Australian history. This is something that everyone who participates in this sport should look forward to; the fantastic opportunity to train in pristine, uninterrupted water for five days straight. The sessions in Taree are mentally the hardest you can do in this sport. They are the ultimate test of what you are willing to give, how much pain you are willing to put yourself through, for up to an hour without any rest. It’s here, in this fatigued state where the most mental gains are achieved, when after an hour of racing in 42 degree heat you find that strength to keep on pushing for your crew.

This year throughout the sheds we’ve had crews achieving outstanding results. Our 1st IV, compiled of brand new rowers from Year 11, have consistently beaten experienced Grammar crews. Our Juniors have dominated, with our Year 9 1st quad smashing crews throughout their season, and winning their race at the High regatta. Our Year 10 2nd VIII have held off Newington in every race so far, making them a crew to watch on the weekend.

Trying to describe the largest schoolboy sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere in a mere paragraph cannot do it justice. However, for the sake of those of you who have never attended the Head of the River, I will try and do just that.

Eight crews fall dead silent on the start line. 2 kilometres of still, glassy water stretch out to the distant echo of 14000 supporters screaming at the finish. 9 months of training, camping, early starts and rivalry culminate in the next 6 minutes of racing. There is no school event like it.

When we enter that last 500m of our race, and our legs are burning and our lungs are groaning, and the roar of the crowd overpowers the voice of our cox, there is nothing that spurs us on more than knowing that there are High supporters there cheering us on.

To the rowers, tomorrow, when you cross that finish line, exhausted, and the boom of the crowd comes into focus, be able to tell yourself that you gave everything and did all you could to put High in front. To the Year 10s, I have no doubt you must be nervous, as I was in Year 10, but don’t forget to embrace this experience, and realize that you only have the privilege of competing for another two years

These are the crews racing in the Head of the River for 2013:

  • Year 10 2nd VIII – Chi Mao, Brian Mo, Jake Davis, Bennette Jiang, Neil Song, Phillip Mai, Stephen Ngo, Matthew Chan, (c) Keith Chambers
  • Year 10 1st VIII – Jing Li, Jesse Nixon, Louis Huyen, Josh Maloof, Sam Musgrove, Jackson Tan, James Tinker, Tom Luo, (c) George Han-McEvoy
  • 1st IV – Jason Zhang, Shawn Noronha, Eugene Lee, Joshua Leo, (c) Kenneth Liu
  • 2nd VIII – Terry Fong, Dinesh Chandradas, Chris Ketkeo, Alan Qi, Solomon Saleh, Damien Duong, Dan Tran, Brandon Vu, (c)

The 1st VIII has been rowing together for nearly 8 months now, being chosen from many sculling and ergo trials. Despite a slow pre-season, we knew from the start that with the right attitude and focus we can make the boat move fast. In the last few weeks the boat has become a different place, and despite our lightweight stature we’re pulling times faster than previous first VIIIs. The first VIII has been coached by Lucas McBeath and George Barris. Lucas took us on for the first half of our season, but was offered a full time job teaching at Merewether High. Mr Barris filled in his position, every session managing to get the best out of us; there has not been a time where the boat hasn’t picked up speed after his words of advice from the bow of his speedy. A special thank you to Beryl Crockford as Head Coach.

The first VIII 2013 reads as follows:

  • Bow – Kin Pan. The first confirmed seat in the boat, his relaxed attitude and wit bring balance to the boat. That, along with his unparalleled passion and heart made the bow his seat early on in the season, firing up the boys from the front. 
  • 2 – Ray Fang. The youngest of our crew, Ray’s precise blade work is unmatched in the eight. The perfectionist of the boat, his lightning fast catches and clean finishes are a testament to his unique skill acquisition and drive to improve every stroke.
  • 3- Ronald Tran. The silent worker. Ronald is the most dedicated and hardworking rower I’ve ever met. Quiet and powerful, his relentless work off the water produced impressive erg scores that rivalled the top three in the eight.
  • 4 - Ashley Chan. Boasting one of the largest squats, Ashley’s technique and consistency under pressure bring essential rhythm to the boat. The joker of the crew, his love of the sport and attitude make him and irreplaceable member.
  • 5 – Daniel Keogh. The Vice Captain of Boats, and our tallest member, Keogh’s length and power directly transfer to the water, sending the boat away and producing efficient boatspeed.
  • 6 – Steve Comninos. The big man. His second year in the VIII, Steve’s dominant ergs and weights all season place him comfortably in the power seat. Weighing a solid 90kgs of muscle, he is an essential asset and a rival of many GPS crews.
  • Stroke – Nelson Tang. Nelson’s animal instinct and control up the front has earned him the stroke seat. His die-hard attitude and composure in the race are unmatched, with his consistent rhythm and smooth technique setting the pace for the crew
  • Coxswain – Daniel Tam. This is Dano’s third year in the first VIII. The heart of the crew, Dano is the most focused crewmember on the water. His confidence and deep knowledge of the rowing stroke makes him an invaluable asset, one the High sheds will sorely miss after he leaves.

Boys, this is it. Know that those who stand beside you are there because they have always been the ones willing to go that extra step for you, have pushed away the pain countless times, have welcomed exhaustion and given everything they can for the speed of the boat. Although we are nine athletes, we race as one crew, and tomorrow we respond as one crew.

With myself as 7 seat, I present the First VIII for 2013.
Alex Pereira
Captain of Boats 2013

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Sydney High Annual Cricket Dinner 2013

Help celebrate another great year of Cricket at HIGH by attending the annual dinner. Each team will receive trophies for the Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Player’s Player.

Students are to attend in full school uniform.

When: Thursday, 21st March 2013. 5:30pm for 6:00pm start.
Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.
Cost: $30 per person, please pay at the school front office by Thursday the 14th of March
(We need to know final numbers by this date)

Soft drinks will be on sale at $1.00 a can or students/parents may wish to bring their own.
Vegetarian food will be included on the menu.

Sydney High Cricket Dinner 2013

The Sydney High Cricket Dinner 2013 RSVP form is 
available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Sydney High Annual Basketball Dinner 2013

Celebrate another fantastic year of basketball at High by organising your team to attend the 9th Annual Basketball Dinner and finish the year in winning style!!

Every team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player. 1 minute speeches will be made by staff members about their age groups and players will be able to show their thanks to them as well! (Buy your coach a present) There will be a big screen projection of the Annual Highlight video presentation!  Be there to win things like an IPOD Portable Speaker System and a giant Jellybean jar!

When: Friday, 22/3/12, 6:00pm. End of Night 9:15pm.
Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Who: Players, parents, friends, supporters and coaches of all teams!
1) Because the friendships made through SBHS basketball last a lifetime
2) Because the program has improved significantly again this season and requires your support for this to continue.


All drinks will be provided on the night. Advise when booking if a vegetarian meal is required.
210 seats only = Limited seats - PAY AT THE OFFICE TODAY!
Especially if you won an award; make sure you pay ASAP.

NB: Proceeds from ticket sales etc go into the basketball program to help improve future basketball experiences for our students.

Please return the slip [available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes] with $35/per person to the front office by Friday 15th of  MARCH 2013.

The Annual Basketball Dinner 2013 RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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SBHS Annual Athletics Carnival

8am - 4.00 pm
Monday 18th March 2013
Warm Up Track

Mr Kurt Rich
MIC Athletics

Time Track Event #1 Track Event #2 Time Field Event
8:30am     Hurdles (outside 6 lanes)
Panel A
Panel B
8:30am 12s Shotput
13s Discus
14s Javelin
15s High Jump
16s Long Jump
17s Triple Jump
Panel A
9:30am 100m heats
(using both straights:
12s, 13s, 14s one area,
15s, 16s & 17s in the other)
Panel A & B
  9:30am   13s Shotput
14s Discus
15s Javelin
16s High Jump
17+ Long Jump  
Panel B
11am 800m      
Panel A
  10:30am 12s LJ
14s Shotput
15s Discus
16s Javelin
17+ High Jump
Panel A
12pm 200m heats      
Panel B
  11:30am 12s HJ
13s LJ
15s Shotput
16s Discus
17+ Javelin
Panel B
1pm 400m      
Panel A
  12:30pm 13s HJ
14s LJ
15s Triple Jump
16s Shot
17+ Discus
Panel A
2pm 100m finals      
Panel B
  1:30pm 12s Discus
13s Javelin
14s HJ
15s LJ
16s Triple Jump
17+ Shotput
Panel B
2:30pm 200m finals    
Panel A
3pm 4x100m House Relay
Panel B


  • All students will be participating in the school athletics carnival on Monday 18th of March.
  • It will be held at Homebush on the Warm Up Track
  • Students are to arrive by 8:30am (please note if your son wishes to participate in the 1500m or hurdles than he must be there by 8am
  • Students are to listen to announcers for when they are to marshal for their event.
  • If your son wishes to compete in a field event that is held on at the same time a track event, they must first compete in the track event then move ASAP to their field event.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own food and drink as canteen facilities are limited.
  • The venue is accessible by public transport
  • Students are to bring sunscreen and hats as there is limited shade at the arena.
  • All boys are expected to participate, and to perform their best; knowing selection to represent the school in athletics is based on results of this carnival.
  • The Athletic and School staff are looking forward to putting on a great Athletics Carnival for your son and hope he enjoys himself and may even find out he is a track/field superstar!
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From the Junior Library


Quite a large proportion of our library resources which we process each year are donations.  The Junior Library is extremely grateful to Josh Lane’s Mother, Francis Salmon, for her thoughtfulness in bringing in a recent book cleanout.  As you can see from her donations below these books are extremely appropriate choices for our Library.  It would have cost us at least $240 to purchase these books.  Our library is also grateful to our lovely school bus driver, Kevin Eadie, who drops in with the occasional gem.  In this case we are very grateful for a biography of Michael Kirby and Spike Milligan’s Goodbye Soldier.

If you are clearing your bookshelves please do think of us.  The boys also love Crime Fiction and most popular adult fiction.  The good readers read above their age level.

Just Processed and out to Loan

(always check Library Enquiry when teaching/learning new topics)

Subject related DVDs were purchased by the Junior Library and are now out for boys and teachers to borrow.  These library resources cannot go onto the W drive for copyright reasons.  They are displayed on the newspaper table for the next week.  Subject related resources are emailed to appropriate faculty staff at the end of processing to alert teachers to the Library’s resource collection.  Recent DVD covers are displayed on the windows of the bridge to the Killip Wing.
Mrs V Crothers
Teacher Librarian
Andrews Junior Library

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From the Canteen

The new Prefects are doing a fantastic job helping out in the canteen.  We are often short of volunteers and they fill in the gaps beautifully.  Keep up the good work. We really appreciate your help.

We have a wide range of hot food on offer and limited oven space. While we are adjusting to the new timetable this year, we try very hard to second guess what all you boys (and teachers) will want to eat on a given day, it is very hard to get it right without your input.  If you want your favourite items, it is best to put in an order, especially on the late recess days.

Order ahead and reserve what you want!

Simply call at the canteen first thing in the morning, place and pay for your order and it will be ready and waiting for you.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

MON:     Annie Long, Xiao Li Wang , Yoshie K-Leong, Usha Arvind
TUES:    Annette Ng, Pauline Chan, Todd May, Melissa Wang,
WED:     Jenny Chiu, Faidha Razmi, Cindy Tseu,
THURS: Annie Jiang, Xing Ping Zhang , Lin Jin
FRI:        Frances Salmon, Soogie  Sim,
The Canteen Team

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Music Notes

Thank you to all the boys in the Senior String Ensemble who performed beautifully at Government House for the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Function last Wednesday 6th of March. You’ve made us proud! Well done!

The 20 boys involved “WotOpera” have been doing a sensational job! Not only have they created their own characters, written the words and music, they have finished painting the set! Dress rehearsals are about to commence before their final performance which will be held at the Seymour Centre on the 26th of March 2013. To book tickets: http://www.seymourcentre.com/events/event/wotopera-2013/

BravO BravA Boys!!!! =D

The Big Night Out will be held in the Great Hall on Saturday 23rd of March. Stage Bands, Senior Strings and Choir will be performing at this event.

We only have 5 weeks to refine the music and have you marching for Anzac Day. There will be two rehearsals during the holidays (TBC) before Anzac Day (ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY). All boys marching on Anzac Day must be in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM (white shirts/blazer).

Remember that ensemble attendance go towards your AWARDS SYSTEM. Rolls are taken and you are only allowed to miss on 2 rehearsals per term!!!

The 2013 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Chamber Choir  
Room 201
Junior Stage Band  
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra  
Room 201
  Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
  Intermediate Stage Band
Room 101
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Saxophone Ensemble
Room 201 8:45am
  Training Concert Band
Room 202

Terms 2, 3, 4
  Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
   Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4
  Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
  Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4
3.30 - 4.30pm
    Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
    Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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