High Notes, Vol 14 No 4, February 22 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Some great results in swimming were recorded by our team last Friday evening at the Newington GPS meet. Christian Haddo won the 15 years freestyle and breaststroke double. Brandon Yoon won the 13 years 50m freestyle and was 2nd in breaststroke. Kevin Guo won the 14 years breaststroke, Leonard Mah the 16 years breaststroke and Darren Chien the 17 years breaststroke. Kazuo Nakamura won the 15 years 50m butterfly. Our team won the 15 years 4x50m freestyle relay. Team members had nine 2nd or 3rd places in individual events. Strong results in six relays rounded out a great night of swimming for High.

Discounts on financial contributions
There is less than a week left for parents to take advantage of the early-bird discounts on our contributions package. February 28 is the last day to receive the benefit. With the maximum contribution you get the value of one year of equivalent private school education for your son for about one-twelfth of the price. Please support the school in its goal to provide opportunity for your sons to pursue excellence in a wide range of endeavours.

Presentation Night
Dr Stuart McGill delivered the occasional address at Presentation Night last Tuesday evening. As a former Exxon senior executive he gave an expert analysis of global trends in energy supply and consumption. The biggest drivers of consumption will be population growth and living standard rises in China, India and Africa. He described a likely 2050 scenario in which renewable energy increased to 15% of the world’s energy supply and coal retreated below 25%. Nuclear energy supply will grow but oil and gas will still be dominant in the energy supply chain. He reassured the audience that the world had enough energy resources if it harnessed them well. My address is reprinted below:

"Special guest Dr Stuart McGill, Mr. Alex Greenwich (Member for Sydney), Dr Phil Lambert (Regional Director, Sydney), Ms Andrea Connell (Principal of SGHS), former Headmaster of High, Bob Outterside, Mr Vince del Zio, Cdr. Andrew Dale, guest presenters, staff, parents and prize winners – thank you for celebrating High’s 2012 achievements with us tonight. Last year we concentrated on ‘personalising gifted attainment’ across the curriculum. We did it by trying to listen and respond to student needs, by designing programs and interventions to help their learning, by supporting them in a variety of ways and by making them more accountable for their outcomes. For example, our three Year Advisers for Year 7 made a difference. The inaugural Senior Science course was a success.

"Great individual results at the HSC were earned. Fred Meng was first in Engineering Studies and Chung Ho 3rd. Christopher Chiam came first in Classical Greek. William Ho was 4th in Latin Continuers, 5th in Latin Extension and 9th in Mathematics Extension 2. Gary Liang was 3rd in Extension 2 and 8th in Extension 1 Mathematics, as well as 7th in Economics. Michael Lee ranked 5th in Extension 2 Mathematics and 7th in Extension 1. Shi Feng placed 4th in the new Chinese Heritage course. Benjamin Laird had his work selected for exhibition at ARTEXPRESS, winning the Australia Post Prize. Nominations for Encore this year were: Ennes Mehmedbasic and Tin Wu (performance) and Jaan Pallandi (composition).

"Overall, the average ATAR was considerably lower than in 2011 at 92.65 for 206 students. Nonetheless, 49 students were ranked at 99 or higher, 70 students 95 to 98 and 37 at 90-94. The standard deviation was wide at 9.33.

"In competitions there were some really impressive results. In the ASX Share market game 1 Aaron Hassan was placed second in NSW. In the ASX game 2, Joshua Lane was ranked 1st in NSW and 3rd in Australia, winning $2,500 for the school.

"In the National Geographic Channel Geography Competition, Thomas Nguyen scored 2nd in NSW and 3rd in Australia. Thomas also won the Year 8 category of the National History Challenge. In ICAS Competitions, gold medals for highest score in NSW and ACT were awarded to: Fayed Morshedi in English; Frank Li, Jason Garrett, Marc Betbeder-Matibet, Philllip Mai and James Ye all in Science; and Sumen Kumareswaran and Terence Zhou in writing. Michael Hauser and Christopher Chen attended the AIOC Informatics School of Excellence in Canberra.

"Our Year 12 PDC debating team (Christopher Chiam, Julian Edgtton, Nicky Pinidiya and Robert Sternhell) won the final of the Hume Barbour Competition, capturing the trophy for the 24th time for High. Chris, Julian and Robert were selected in the CHS debating team. The boys lost only one debate in three years – to SGS in their final debate of the GPS competition.

"Our Year 11 Eastside Debating team (Khushaal Vyas, Agnish Nyak, Wilber Koslowski, Connor Robinson and George Dzero) brought home the title. In the PDC the team lost in the Regional Final to SGHS, the eventual winners of the Karl Cramp trophy. The boys won the second grade GPS competition convincingly. Our Year 10 PDC Teasdale Trophy team – Riley Irwin, John Seroukas, Lokesh Sharma and Peter Stephens were runners up in the State Final.

"High won the GPS chess competition for the seventh consecutive year. Edward Naoumov, Ennes Mehmedbasic, Dominic Mah and Darryl Chan won the Scots Invitational. Our Intermediate Chess team (Michael Hauser, Andrew Tayeh, Ray Cheng, Leonard Mah and Felix Wang) and our Junior A Chess team (Manil Abeysekera Johnson Lin, Andrew Wu, Andrew Xu, and Wesley Yu) were runners-up in the finals of the NSW Junior Chess League Schools Competition.

"Our Marching Band represented us again with distinction at the Anzac Day March. Ennes Mehmedbasic (Year 12) won the final of the Kuringai Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto competition. At the Sydney Eisteddfod, our strings ensemble won second prize. Toby Funston, Richard Hao, Oliver Kirk, Frank Zhang; Shobhan Baranwal, Max Koslowski; Sam Marques; Dexter Gordon; Steve Comninos; and Brendan Hancox were selected by the DEC Arts Unit as members of various NSW Public Schools ensembles.

"The Community Services Committee was very active in 2012, raising over $120k. for various causes. There was also an expansion of our volunteering efforts with boys attending early morning collections, serving as tutors at Vincentian House, assisting at Cleveland St., or helping out at Kira Child Care Centre or at the Gertrude Nursing Home. Tejas Iyer, Julian Edgtton, Gary Liang, Serag Saleh, Shubash Quazi and Siddarth Sethi were the leadership group. I thank them all for their great work.

"Basketball was again our most successful sport in 2012. The Open team won its second co-premiership in the GPS competition. Craig Moller, Christian Jurlina, Daniel Jones and Blake McGlenchy were selected in combined GPS teams. High continued its domination at CHS level winning the Knockout title for the fourth year consecutively. At the Australian Schools Tournament in December a third title proved elusive and our team finished fourth. The 15 years CHS Knockout team was undefeated and claimed High’s sixth title in as many years. 

"Our open volleyball team won the GPS competition and the CHS Volleyball Knockout Tournament, defeating Nowra in the final. Nine of the team represented Sydney East in the NSW CHS Volleyball Championships, defeating South Coast in a close final. At the Australian Schools tournament in Melbourne, the Open team finished 4th in Division 1 and the U15 team won a silver medal in Division 1. Amandeep Dhaliwal was awarded a CHS Blue for volleyball.

"Our first grade target rifle shooting team claimed a GPS co-premiership. Yujin Wu, Wilbert Wu and Jeremy Chan were selected in the combined GPS team. The Sydney High tennis team won the Regional final of the Stan Jones Cup. Ivor Metcalf won the U18 110m hurdles at the Australian Junior Athletics Championship and placed 2nd in the high jump. He won four gold medals at the CHS competition and was honoured with a CHS Blue and the Sydney Markets Sporting Scholarship for best performance by a Year 11 athlete.

"Much of the great work for the school is done by parents. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate all those parents who helped during their son’s time at High. There are too many to list but Geoff and Nada Andrews, Deborah Dukes, Jeannette Brokman, Karen and Harry Chiam, Julie Connolly, Sharon Hughes, Jennifer Jones, Kim Jones, Cia Koukouras, Selma Mehmedbasic and Rick and Leonie Wilcox, are owed my particular thanks for their efforts on behalf of the school.

"In 2005, Jared Diamond wrote a must read best seller for the eco warrior, entitled- “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive”. He argues that a society suffering a drastic decrease in human population over an extended period of time was affected by up to five sets of factors. People inadvertently damaged their environment, principally by deforestation. The extent and reversibility of that damage depended upon the actions of the people and upon the fragility or resilience of the environment. Climate changes, such as variations in the heat put out by the sun or volcanic eruptions, may have affected a society over a multi-decade time scale. Military defeats by hostile neighbours may be the proximate cause of a society’s failure but the ultimate cause will have been one or more weakening factors. Decreased support from friendly neighbours, principally trading partners, often led to a decline in the trading society. The fifth factor is most significant – a society’s response to its problems. Its response depends on its political, economic and social institutions and on its cultural values. Diamond presents many case studies of collapsed societies.  For Australia, Diamond’s argument is that we are ‘mining’ our environment, in that we are exploiting our renewable resources at rates faster than their renewal rates. Overgrazing, salinisation, soil erosion, introduced species, water shortages and man-made droughts, are combining to deplete the productive capacity of our most fragile and unproductive continent. Our imported British cultural values have had negative consequences on our environment. It is time to re-examine our values. As contributing Australian citizens, you all will have to face the problems of the future as we inevitably shift from a Euro-centric to an Asian-centric world view. I am confident that you have acquired the skills to influence the attitudinal changes and difficult choices that Australia will have to make in the coming decades to avoid its own longer term Ozymandian demise. I honour the achievements of the class of 2012 and congratulate all other prize winners."
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Office

Cash Register Opening Times

Due to the change of bell times the cash register will be closed at 2.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Before school and first break register times (be it recess or lunch) remain the same on these days.

There are now 2 cash registers open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. The second register is located opposite the Deputy’s Office (Mr Barris).
Sharon Kearns

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Annual Basketball Dinner Meeting

There will be a meeting to Support Michelle Deng (Basketball Dinner Co-ordinator) Monday the 25th of February in room 901 upstairs in the gym at 7pm. Please attend and show support for your son’s summer sport choice.

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From the Junior Library

Welcome to Year 7

It has been great to see the use Year 7 are already making of their Library and their immediate response to the Librarian’s very brief introduction to the Library and to their Portal.  Big thanks to the Science Faculty for providing me with this lesson time.

Year 7 boys were asked to do several things immediately after this introduction.  Would Year 7 parents ask their “new to the school sons” to show them the Portal in detail?  Parents are really encouraged to register for the Parent’s Portal as there is so much necessary information on it which will make their son’s transfer to a confusing and busy school less stressful.  Registration can be done on the home page of the sydneyboyshigh.com website.

Also would all parents please insist on giving their son $10 to go to the Office and pay for automatic charging for printing and photocopying. Printing or photocopying costs 15c per double sided page for B&W and 70c for single sided colour /double sided costs double that.

New students and parents are reminded that the Junior Library opens at 7.30 every morning and this gives boys an hour and a half to finish homework, assignments, read and study for tests.  Our Library has a very good boys fiction collection.

Library Monitors

What a generous response to our request for monitors!  Many thanks to all the boys who volunteered.

New Library Resources

There are new resources on the Junior Library shelves for boys to borrow this week mainly consisting of DVDs for either staff or student use.
Mrs Crothers
Teacher Librarian  - Junior Library

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SBHS Debating

It was lovely to see the debaters wining their prizes at the Speech Night on Tuesday.  Many congratulations to:

Akeedh Razmi  
Thomas Shortridge        
Niyazul Bari
Lokesh Sharma
Khushaal Vyas 
Christopher Chiam

This week all debating resumes for all Years and with over 250 students and 20 coaches this is our biggest year yet. I am sorry that I have had to turn some students away, but the instructions about signing up for debating were very clear and I have organised coaches based on the numbers who signed up by the deadline.

Thank you to parents who helped out with Parking last week: Thank you very much to following parents and students for their help with the parking event:

Sulani Balasooriya (Sanishka Balasooriya Yr 8)
Eden Freiberg (Jonathan Freiberg. Yr11 )
Sunil Sethi (Sunchit Sethi Yr11)
Dr Celia Finnie (Simon Shields Yr 9).

Parking is a crucial way for co-curricular activities to raise extra funds to ensure that MICs can run activities to a high standard. Without parents helping out at Parking events, we would not be able to provide such a high level of service to students as we do.

Please remember the DSG Meeting which is on Thursday 28th Feb from 6-7pm and followed by the Debating Information Night for Parents between 7-8pm. The Information Night is an opportunity for parents of debaters to meet each other, for me to give you an overview of the debating program at High and to have any of your questions answered. 

This year we are trialling a system of having Year Organisers to help with communication and organisation. Students were asked to apply for the position in writing and I was very impressed with the standard of applications. These are the successful applicants.

Year 8 Hugh Bartley
Year 9 Arthur Chao
Year 10 Adilmorad Nadir
Year 11 Tushaar Garg

Later this term I will advertise for a Year 7 Debating organiser.  These boys will be working closely with our Debating Prefect Khushaal Vyas and me to ensure effective communication this year. They will be using the Debating Notice Board to contact you so make sure you look at it carefully and regularly.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

Each week I send out an email to debating families.  In order to receive this email please send me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please tell me your name and year group or your son’s name and year group and I will add you to the contact list. 


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SHS Rowing

NSW Championship Regatta Results

We had some very exciting results at the Sydney International Regatta Centre last weekend -

  • The Y9 1st Quad – Oliver Lethbridge, Jacob Katafono, Edward Belokopytov, Kevin Fan and (c) Daniel Xu - executed an outstanding race in the heats of the CMU16 4x+ (Championship Mens U16 coxed quad) in a time of 3.37.61, which took them through to the final. In the final, the crew lifted another notch and raced hard to finish just outside the placegetters in 4th position in a personal best time of 3.31.61.
  • The School 1st VIII – Nelson Tang, Alex Pereira, Steve Comninos, Daniel Keogh, Ashley Chan, Ronald Tran, Ray Fang, Kin Pan,and (c) Dan Tam, also experienced an exciting achievement in their second race of the day, the Championship Mens U21 Eight, where they exploded off the start and were able to race another crew through the race. They did a 23 second PB which is encouraging with their final races of the season approaching.   

Scots Regatta Results

The Junior crews found the competition a little tougher last Saturday and didn’t achieve the results they were hoping for. Effort needs to go into training over the next two weeks preparing for the Shore and Riverview Regattas. Don’t forget all boys are encouraged to attend the strength and conditioning sessions at the school on Tuesday afternoons.

This week at rowing

  • Saturday 23rd February -
    • Senior crews will be racing at the Sydney Rowing Club Regatta at SIRC
    •  Y10 and Junior crews will be racing in the Shore Regatta at Hen & Chicken Bay
  • Sunday 24th February -
    • Y9 1st and 2nd Quads and Y8 1st and 2nd Quads will be racing at the NSW Schoolboy Head of the River
    • Y10 and Senior crews will be racing at the NSW Schoolboy Head of the River

Good luck to all crews!

Upcoming Regattas/Events

Riverview Regatta Saturday 2 March Y8 and Y9 Quads -
racing at St Ignatius College, Lane Cove
Rowing Assembly   Friday 8 March Great Hall 11am
This is a very special school occasion for all Head of the River competitors and families. Morning tea is served for parents and rowers after the assembly.
AAGPS Head of the River   Saturday 9 March Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith
This is the big event, with all present and past rowers and supporters making the trek to cheer on High crews. We hope you can join us in the High marquee.
Rowing Dinner Saturday 9 March Great Hall 6pm
All rowers are expected to attend the end of season Rowing Dinner. More information with payment slip in High Notes.

Boatshed Rowing Dinner

Saturday 9 March 2013
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers

It is a very special occasion to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

GPS Head of the River

Saturday 9 March 2013

Hope you can make the journey to the
Sydney International Regatta Centre
tto experience this impressive event.

  • Races start at 10.00am with the Year 10 Eights
  • School 1st IV races at 11.20am
  • The School Eights race at 11.35 and 11.50am

This is the big day on the GPS school calendar and it is quite a spectacle with all GPS schools attending. We have our own decorated marquee for schoolboys and spectators so put on the blue and brown and come and cheer! 

All rowing parents are invited to the Rowing Dinner/Presentation Night that evening in the great Hall, where thanks is extended to everyone involved in the season – coaches, staff, committee, parents and the boys.


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Rowing Boatshed Dinner

Saturday 9 March 2013
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers.

It is a very special opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

All crews will be introduced on the stage and there will be speeches by -

  • Stroke of Year 8 1st Quad – Chris Chang
  • Captain of Year 9 Quads – Jacob Katafono
  • Captain of Year 10 crews – Jesse Nixon
  • Captain of Boats – Alex Pereira

All rowers are required to attend and should wear full school uniform.

The evening is both a formal introduction of our representative crews for this season and a great opportunity to socialise and show support for the boys in the lead up to the GPS Head of the River and the NSW CHS Championships.

The cost of the dinner is $30 for adults and $30 for students.

Flavoured and plain mineral water will be provided.
We look forward to a full house with all boys and their parents attending.

Kind regards
George Comninos
Vice President

Julie Blomberg


The 2013 Rowing Boatshed Dinner RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Rowing: Melbourne High Rowing Exchange

Melbourne High School Exchange Report

The second half of the Sydney - Melbourne High exchange was again a great success. This time it was our turn to travel, and so we travelled the eleven hour trip south by bus. Yes, this was nearly as bad as it sounds, as a tiny bus packed with 19 rowers does not make for an easy trip. However, the trip down actually passed mostly uneventfully, with us stopping at a motel in Holbrook for the night. Most of us did not sleep long that night due to TVs and various other entertainment forms, and so the next half of the journey the next morning was much quieter than the first.

We arrived in Melbourne and headed south through suburbs of the city until we reached the Yarra River, and the Melbourne High boatshed. We lunched there and then headed out to the water for some training, using two of Melbourne's better boats, very graciously loaned to us for the trip. The Yarra River was not something we were used to. There was a distinct lack of anything choppy, making it a very nice place for rowers. However, the place is a coxswain nightmare, a skinny winding river, shallow at the edges, packed with rowing boats and many various bridges cutting the water course at irregular intervals. Luckily we avoided any major incident… at this point.

We went home with our various billets that night and arrived at the sheds the next morning for more training, and our first race against Melbourne, a 4k race from the sheds to the city. Both Sydney firsts and seconds won their respective races for this event. That afternoon we all headed out to the Melbourne city to explore and we ended up going to various venues some of us playing pool, others going to Crazy Wings, the famously spicy chicken shop. That night we again returned to our billets homes.

The next day was the main race day. There were three events, a 1.6k race, a 1.2k race and a 750m race. Firsts managed to win all three of these, although cutting it close on the first and third as Melbourne executed blisteringly fast starts. Although seconds won the 1.2k, they had a mishap with a bridge in the 1.6k costing them race, also closely coming in second for the 750m. Racing over for the day, we returned to the Melbourne sheds where we ate lunch, thankyous were passed around and the Melbourne vs Sydney High Trophy was awarded to the SBHS team this year. After another afternoon of city exploring and heading out to the beach we went to the Melbourne High School grounds for an end of exchange barbeque. The following day we piled onto the bus for a one day cram of driving home, arriving late Saturday evening.

Special thanks to Mr Barris and Mr Morgan for driving us down to Melbourne, our coaches for supporting us in their own time, the various Melbourne and Sydney staff, especially Julie Blomberg our MIC for organisation, and of course the Melbourne boys and their families for billeting us. The Melbourne exchange for summer season 2012-13 has been a great experience for all of us, and hopefully into continues long into the future.
Jesse Nixon
Junior Captain of Boats

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing       

09 February 2013

The Saturday Sailing Series began again on Rose Bay in consistent winds of around 9-10 knots from the NE, turning to the N. Thirty nine boats from four schools raced in the pleasant conditions in the two races held, a long course race and a short course race. With the senior skippers off this week and the introduction of the Year 7 sailors as crews, it was a good chance to see some of the up and coming skippers competing, in some cases such as Edward Jia Lin in his first race as skipper.

Sydney High sailor, David Evans and his Year 7 crew, aided by good starts at the boat end of the line, were to lead for the majority of race one, but unfortunately on the last beat to the line were beaten by a fast finishing Scots College boat. Good places were gained by Kai Matsumoto (9th) and Daniel Fang (16th) and their crews, while the other boats were back in the middle of the fleet, even after sailing well in the race.

The second race was a short race and again David Evans was in the leading pack of boats around most marks of the course and was just beaten to the finish, coming past the start boat, Norman Fox, in 5th place. Daniel Fang (16th), Tiger Zhang and Darren Tiang and crews both had good second races and finished respectably in the middle of the fleet.

Vincent Xu and crew improved their position in the second race and sailed consistently throughout the morning. Five new sailors from Year 7 assisted on the Norman Fox helping out with calling the places and raising the racing flags.

The large group of parents greeted the boys when they arrived back at DBSC and immediately pitched in to de-rig the boats and put them back in the sheds.

Many were pleased with the wide smiles on the Year 7 faces after their first sailing races. There were no absences and it was pleasing to see that students had checked the roster put into place outside Room 603 on Friday.

Enrolment in Sailing is nearly complete and the roll now stands at 57 sailors, evenly spread between juniors and seniors. Students will also be spectators this week for the 18 foot skiff championship. Permission sheets should be filled in and returned ASAP.

16 February 2013

This week the conditions for sailing were very confused. A light NW at 2-4 knots saw a slow sail around Point Piper to Rose Bay. The earlier start was opportune as the weather and wind showed a reluctance to stabilise. Two short course races were held and Sydney High sailors were outfoxed at the start and then recovered to make up places during the race. Marcus James showed the advantage of going looking for better wind and some other advantage and found it, gaining over ten places in one leg of race one. Darren Tiang managed to thread his way to a very respectable 9th position followed by Marcus James (11th) and David Evans in 14th position.

The second race started as a drifter with the very variable NW winds disappearing and then a brisk SE wind coming over with a very long and torrential rain shower. Sydney High sailors did a great deal better this time and sailed very well to 3 places in the top ten. Marcus James sailed very well to take out 4th place. David Evans and crew sailed well to 10th position closely followed by Darren Tiang and crew.

Or so I am told, as the horizontal rain sheets made it impossible to see either the boats or the marks clearly. Sadly my phone didn’t survive the deluge.

The SHSSA AGM will be held at the DBSC sheds on the 2nd of March 2013. Hopefully we will see parents enthusiastically filling all positions on the committee.

The remaining weeks of sailing will concentrate on Teams Racing for the seniors and the introduction of Teams Racing separate from the fleet racing for the junior crews, weather permitting.
G Moody
MIC Sailing 2013

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

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High vs Shore

Term 4, 2012

1st WIN 66-55 N.SUTTON 17, G. GERLACH 26 REBS
2nds WIN 48-35 B.MUSULIN 15
4th WIN 29-23 B.TRUONG 7
5th WIN 28-27 W.ZHUANG 8
6th LOSS 26-30 J.LAM 10
7th WIN 44-32 W.LIU 16
8th WIN 41-12 K.HO 10
16A LOSS 29-26 A.WU 7
16B WIN 44-23 C.LEE 10
16C WIN 40-14 I.CHANG 7
16D WIN 49-30 P.WANG 16
15A LOSS 26-32 J.GEK 10
15B WIN 26-22 R.SEONG 12
15D LOSS 24-26 J.WANG 6
15E WIN 24-17 M.YU 9
15F WIN 36-31 F.XIE 10
14A LOSS 59-24 E.LOVE 6
14B LOSS 47-12 A.LEE 6
14C LOSS 26-19 D.TIAN 8
14F WIN 25-22 M.QIAO 15

Term 1, 2013

2nds WIN 53-48 B.CHEN 18
3rd LOSS 36-27 T.LI 12
7th LOSS 31-30
8th WIN 63-29 K.HO 18,W.CHOI 17
16A WIN 28-16 J.YANG 7
16B WIN 36-16 K.LIANG 12
16D WIN 30-16 D.WANG 11
15A WIN 37-20 M.MENZEL 10
15D WIN 19-16 T.LUO 9
15E LOSS 23-26 M.YU, A.RUSLI 6
14B LOSS 50-15 J.YANG 6
14C LOSS 39-13 R.HUANG 6
14E LOSS 51-25 H.LI 8
14F LOSS 47-18 H.HUANG 10
13D WIN 11-7 A.LI 9
13E LOSS 4-35 R.WU 4
13F WIN 14-3 A.ZHAO 6

AAGPS 1st Grade

Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 11 11 0 1085 573 22
Newington 11 10 1 861 485 21
Shore 11 6 5 724 700 17
High 11 5 6 751 707 16
St. Ignatius' 11 5 6 677 739 16
Kings 11 4 7 553 682 15
St. Joseph's 11 3 8 701 906 14
Grammar 11 0 11 439 1003 11

AAGPS 2nd Grade

Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 11 10 1 530 402 21
St. Ignatius' 10 9 1 570 406 19
St. Joseph's 11 7 4 530 489 18
Shore 11 5 6 433 419 17
Scots 11 4 7 398 465 15
Kings 11 3 8 433 517 14
Grammar 10 3 7 400 452 13
Newington 11 2 9 347 491 13

This week saw 1st Grade obtain a massive 28 point win over Shore in our last home game of the season. Due to injury in the earlier part of Term 4 last year, it was against Shore last year that 1st Grade powerhouse Geoff Gerlach had finally made his first appearance with the 1st Grade team officially on court. With the amazing stat of 26 rebounds in that game, Geoff repeated history with another whopping 20 rebounds this time against the same team. An unbelievable streak of scoring saw Mitchell Flynn of 1st Grade also putting 31 points onto the scoreboard last Saturday. Maintaining High at 4th position in 1st Grade, there is a possibility for High to further improve their rank from 4th place on the AAGPS 1st Grade table as the season progresses into its final stages.

2nd Grade saw Byron Chen rise to the occasion, scoring 18 points to once again pull victory over Shore 2nd Grade. High has managed to maintain exceptionally strong performances during the season with only one narrow lost against St. Ignatius at the beginning of this year. However, this one loss does not hide the fact that High 2nd Grade is easily the most dominant team in the AAGPS, with the most exceptional defence and a 2 point lead over 2nd place St. Ignatius.
G Zheng


In other news, there will be a meeting to support Michelle Deng (Basketball Dinner Co-ordinator) Monday the 25th of February in room 901 upstairs in the gym at 7pm. Please attend and support your son’s event- as many hands make light work for all on the night.

Dates and set-up times:

Basketball: Dinner (setup), Great Hall, 13:00-18:30, 22nd March
Basketball: Dinner, Great Hall, 18:30-21:00, 22nd March 

Good luck to all boys this Saturday! Remember to Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thank you to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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From Tennis

High vs Shore - Round 4

1st Grade Result 2nd Grade Result
D1 1 + 2 W 6-1 7-5 1 + 2 L 1-6 6-7(3)
D2 3 + 4 L 4-6 0-6 3 + 4 L 6-7 1-6
D3 5 + 6 L 5-7 3-6 5 + 6 L 3-6 2-6
S1 Patrick Rynsaardt L 3-6 6-2 3-6 Carl Yang L 4-6 6-7(3)
S2 Frank Zhang W 5-7 7-5 6-3 Richard Hao L 3-6 0-6
S3 Adam Smagarinsky L 7-6(3) 6-7(2) 4-6 Calvin Zhou L 1-6 2-6
S4 Ian Li L 2-6 3-6 Ryo Kawahashi L 2-6 3-6
S5 Josh Sangueza W 6-1 6-2 James Lian L 1-6 1-6
S6 Eddy Wang D 6-2 3-4 unfinished Bohan Deng L 3-6 1-6

1st Grade
The halfway point of the GPS tennis competition saw High face Shore, as we searched for our first win after an average start to the season. Heavy rain before the start of play threatened to affect the home rubber, however with the effort of the players and coaches from both teams, play was able to commence on time. Number 1 doubles, Patrick and Frank played solid tennis to give us the early lead, winning 6-1 7-5. Number 2 doubles, Adam and Ian played a tight, competitive first set, however fell away at the end, 4-6 0-6. In the number 3 doubles, Josh and Eddy were unable to capitalise on a first set lead, going down 5-7 3-6. In the singles, Patrick fought hard to recover and take the second set, however was unable to use momentum to win the match, going down 3-6 6-2 3-6. In the number 2 singles, Frank saved four match points to recover and win the match in his fourth 3 setter of the season, 5-7 7-5 6-3. In the number 3 singles, Adam played a hard fought three hour marathon match that saw the first two sets go to tiebreaks, however fell at the last hurdle, 7-6(3) 6-7(2) 4-6. Ian continued to show great development in his game, despite having to face a tough, consistent opponent, going down 2-6 3-6. Number 5 singles, Josh played his best match this year, comfortably defeating his opponent 6-1 6-2. In the number 6 singles, Eddy played well to comfortably take the first set, however was unable to complete the job due to time constraints, having to settle for a draw 6-2 3-4. The final result, High unfortunately defeated by Shore 8.5 matches to 3.5 matches, with the disappointment that the result could have been in our favour had we taken the pivotal opportunities during the day. Nevertheless, the boys showed an improved performance from the week before and will be looking for that win against Scots this week.
Frank Zhang

2nd Grade
High went out to face Shore at Tennis World for the 3rd rubber in the GPS season this year. The weather started off shaky with it raining for 1 hour giving a large delay. However, after the first shower, the weather was hot and humid for the rest of the day. Number 1 doubles, Richard and Carl, played some loose and weak tennis in the first set, but were able to come back in the second from 4-1 down. Although close, they were unable to convert the second set after losing in a loose tie breaker, finishing as 1-6 6-7 (3). Number two doubles, Calvin and Ryo, have performed the best out of the doubles in the past few weeks and were ready for Shore. The first set was just lost in a tight set resulting in a tie breaker, however, Calvin and Ryo were unable to keep up the momentum and aggressive net play in the first set and lost 6-7 1-6. Number 3 doubles, James and Bohan, faced strong and consistent opponents but were overwhelmed by the net play losing 3-6 2-6. Carl played a tight match against his opponent only narrowly losing the first set, and was pumped for the second set, but was unable to convert the second set due to inconsistent gameplay, resulting in 4-6 6-7 (3). Richard played a consistent and placement type of player proving difficult to play against. His opponent pushed him to the limit running him around the court and he was unable to keep up with the consistent placement by his opponent, losing 3-6 0-6. Calvin played against an unusually soft player who would keep the ball in play leaving Calvin to create the errors and tiring him out. This proved difficult for Calvin as he slowly became frustrated from his opponent's consistency, losing 1-6 2-6. Ryo had a tough fight against an aggressive net type player. While aggressive, his opponent was also consistent making Ryo create the errors losing 2-6 3-6. James played against a consistent player who overwhelmed James with the accurate placing of the ball and the will to get every ball back no matter what, resulting in a loss of 1-6 1-6. Bohan played against a powerful opponent which proved overwhelming to Bohan, resulting in a 3-6 1-6 loss. The results may have been disappointing, however High's Seconds are striving to be the best, ready for next week's opponents.
Carl Yang

Sydney East CHS Tennis Trials

On Tuesday, seven boys from the 1st and 2nd grades went to Illawarra Tennis Centre for the annual Sydney East CHS Trials. All the boys performed exceptionally well, and were successful in gaining a position in their respective teams. Patrick Rynsaardt, Frank Zhang, Josh Sangueza, Richard Hao, and Calvin Zhou made positions on the Sydney East Opens Team; while Adam Smagarinsky and Eddy Wang gained positions on the Under 15s Sydney East Team. Congratulations to all the boys and good luck at the CHS trials on the 5th-8th March.

3rd & 4th Grade Tennis Report

After wins in both grades against Newington the week before, our 3rd and 4th grade teams were prepared to face a more competitive Shore outfit last Saturday. Despite the uneven surfaces of the courts, 3rd Grade came from behind to force both doubles matches into tiebreakers. While Edward and Alan were unlucky to lose in their nail-biting marathon, Denny and Dominic were able to pull away with a win. The singles were just as intense, with everyone grinding in long rallies for almost every point. Unfortunately, three of the matches went Shore’s way, all with close 4-6 scorelines. In the other singles match, however, a stunning performance from Denny Dien saw him produce a comeback from 0-3 down to win comfortably in 6-3. 4th grade continued their undefeated run, battling in even closer matches, with each one going to a tiebreaker. Strong mental strength from Brendan and William pushed them over the line, resulting in wins in both their singles and doubles matches. Great work, boys!
Dominic Mah

5TH & 6TH Tennis

Despite the uncertainty surrounding whether or not we would be playing, at 12:30 the sun came out and the courts were dry enough to play on. What followed was an incredibly successful day of tennis, with the 6ths winning outright with six matches to none, and the 5ths winning five to one. The one game lost by High was also incredibly and painfully close, with the Shore player only coming out on top in the end at 6-5 (8-6) in the tiebreaker. The effort put in by everyone was fantastic, and it paid off. Well done, boys!
Calum York

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GPS Swimming Report

Newington Carnival 1

The first GPS swimming carnival of the 2013 season was held last Friday evening at the Newington College. Following the 11 records set at the school carnival and the 3rd place finish in the GPS Opens relay, higher expectations were placed on the High swimmers to deliver at this carnival. And so they did, and even exceeded these expectations, with High displaying class and dominance in the swimming pool in every race and stroke. This was especially evident in the freestyle and breaststroke championship events, where High took a top 3 finish in each race, a tremendous feat. This is a deserving result to the boys who put in tireless hours into training every week. Everyone’s dedication to training was strongly reflected with success not only in these individual events, but also in the relays. With High finishing in the top 3 for all the medley relays in each of the age group, this shows the strength of the whole swimming team, not just relying on a few individuals. The 9 outstanding 1st place finishes on the night were:

  • Brandon Yoon (13) – 50m Freestyle Championship: 29.88
  • Kevin Guo (14) – 50m Breaststroke Championship: 35.88
  • Christian Haddo (15) – 50m Freestyle Championship: 26.61; 50m Breaststroke Championship: 36.65
  • Kazuo Nakamura (15) – 50m Freestyle Division: 27.39; 50m Butterfly Championship: 29.85
  • 15 years 4x50m Freestyle relay: 1:50.94
  • 15 years 4X50m Medley relay : Time not recorded due to technical issue.
  • Leonard Mah (16) – 50m Breaststroke Championship: 34.23
  • Darren Chien (17) – 50m Breaststroke Championship: 32.88

This also included 25 top 3 places from the High boys, 6 of which were from relays; quite a remarkable performance from High. Thus, congratulations should go to every boy that competed and gave it their 100% effort, win or lose, as the GPS is one of the toughest schoolboy competitions out there. Thanks must also go to the parents, who drove their sons in the trek to Newington, as well as MIC Mr Loizou, who diligently organised for everyone, including reserves, to compete at the carnival.  With High’s success at this qualifying carnival sending an ominous warning to the rest of the GPS, hopefully we can perform just as well or even better at this week’s carnival at Sydney Olympic Park. That marks the beginning of the GPS point score events, with High in great contention for a premiership in each of the divisions.

All results can be viewed by students on the school R drive: Sport\Swimming\2013 folder.
Dominic Mah (Swimming Co Captain)

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From Volleyball

Match Report - High v Waverley 16/2/13

The water polo matchup against Waverley was the most anticipated one of the season, for it was a battle between the underdogs. The High Opens team worked their hearts out all season, including their pre-season and holiday training, and this was radiated in our confidence and playing style

At quarter time, both sides were arguably even, with Waverley one goal ahead, up 1-0. During the second quarter, both sides attacked ferociously, scoring one goal each, bringing the scoreline up to 2-1. By this time, the opposing team totalled three major fouls, all on the same player. Disregarding this, we pounced into the third quarter, except the opponent’s aggression overpowered us, and they consequently brought the scoreline to 4-1 their way. However, we never faltered. Four minutes into the fourth quarter, we earned a penalty which brought us back up to 2-4; a brief minute later, the scoreline was 3-4, with all the players cheering on. It was then, with tensions rising, that the heckling of the Waverley players started a slight uproar. As one of the Waverley players missed the goal, with ninety seconds on the clock, we all swam up. With a Waverley player sent off for misbehaviour and there was an equalising chance at one minute remaining. However their players’ quick reaction resulted in a quick steal, and a goal in the dying seconds which ensured our defeat, 3-5.Despite this, we will remember this extremely close match. It will, undoubtedly, bring hope and renewed confidence for our next season’s open grade teams, and for the juniors, set a benchmark which they’ll certainly beat in the coming years.
Eric Xu – Yr 12

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From the Canteen

Welcome to all our volunteers for 2013, our faithful regulars and all the new parents to the school.  Canteen provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents, find out what is happening at the school and provides significant contributions to the P&C to fund worthy projects which benefit all of our sons.  If you can spare a day a month to help out please contact the canteen on Ph: 9360 4027.  Your sons will love to see you there.

Don’t miss out on food you want!  Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen but keep missing out? 

Order ahead and reserve what you want!

Make sure you are on the right queue!

  • The lines at the front of the canteen are for Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.  Please make sure you are in the correct line to avoid overcrowding and causing delays in service.
  • A quick service window for drinks, ice blocks etc is around the corner – no lunch items can be bought at this window.

In order to avoid disappointment, it is a good idea to put in a lunch order, as sometimes what you want may have sold out.

Thank you to our volunteers for the year so far:-

30/1 WED: Minhua Zhang
31/1 THURS: Jasmine Huang
5/2 TUES Melissa Wang, Penny Chan, Pauline Chan, Todd May, Annette Ng
6/2 WED: Faidha Razmi, Cindy Tseu, Jenny Chiu
7/2 THURS: Sachiyo James, Annie Jiang
8/2 FRI: Soogie Sim, Nina Liu, Frances Salmon
11/2 MON: Rosemary, Jaspal (Jessie) Ahuja
12/2 TUES: Katherine Hangyu, Penny Chan, Elsa Li
13/2 WED: Julie Zhu, Wei Dong, Jim O’Sullivan
14/2 THURS: Rita Wu, Bernadette Snow, Pit Trent, Ha Tran, Kamala Selvakkumar
15/2 FRI: Tina Udler, Stamatina Farrugia
The Canteen Team


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