High Notes, Vol 14 No 34, November 01 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Michael Alexandratos (Year 11) received an ‘Excellent Effort and Commitment ‘award from the Open High School for his work in Italian Beginners. Well done, Michael!  Darren Taing has had his film selected for screening at the Robin Anderson Film Awards next week. Congratulations!

Governors Centre Update
The tender documents for the project management of stage 1 – to Development Application – have been submitted. The invited tenderers have had a site visit. The Project Control Group will be assessing the tenders in November with a decision by the end of the month. The plan is to have a Project Manager in place before the end of the school year so that the project doesn’t lose momentum. Meanwhile, the Project Control Group is firming up its guidelines. They will be critical to the success of the relationship between the two schools as the Joint Project develops. The Project Control Group needs to have an agreed way of making decisions, approving plans, authorising and making payments and regulating itself in case of conflict. In recent months there has been a lot of work done by volunteer members from both schools. The Joint Project has taken a big leap forward. Now we have to finance it! As parents you can spread the word among the wider High community that the project is underway and needs widespread financial support to make it happen.

Year 11 reports should have been collected. If you haven’t received your son’s report, ask him for it. Boys who haven’t completed Clearance Forms for Year 11 will not be able to sit for Year 12 Assessment Tasks because they will not have completed requirements for Year 11 Preliminary. There are still nearly 30 uncollected reports. Year 12 Portfolios are available for collection from the Principal’s Office. Clearance Forms for Year 12 have been printed and are available for collection from the front office.

The HSC is continuing and enters its final week to conclude by November 7. Year 7 and Year 9 examinations have finished. Year 8 examinations will be held next week.

BYOD and the TSO
The DEC has agreed to fund the existing TSO position at the school until June 27 next year. This is a most welcome development and will relieve the financial pressure somewhat in the ICT budget next year. The announcement doesn’t affect our policy. Our plans for next year are now well advanced and all parents can find out more about what we are going to do by reading the previous High Notes and the documents posted on our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com/byod.

Enrolment 2014
In order to ease the pressure on funding our programs, the enrolment ceiling will be reached in 2014. Thirty students will come into Year 9 and three into Year 11, making 210 students in each year. The increase in staffing will be 0.3FTE which will offset some of the 19.5% on costs for all our above establishment employees. I will be re-convening the Enrolment Committee to recommend raising the ceiling in Years 11 and 12 to 215, to allow for more flexibility with Year 11 enrolments. We will maintain our policy of not accepting enrolments into Year 10.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Canteen

The canteen would like to thank all this year’s Year 12 parents who are still coming to help in the canteen until the end of the year even though their sons are no longer at school.  We really appreciate this.

Thank you to our volunteers last week:-

MON: Irene Noronha, Cole Gu,
TUES: Jade Ni, Agnes Leo, Lin Jin,
WED: Jian Ping Li, Sally Allingham, Sabrina Xu,
THURS: Angela  Feng,Maria Farrell,Kim Ngan Do,
FRI: Li Yang, Alana Best, Emily Yang, Theothe Tsirbas
The Canteen Team

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A Visit from a German Exchange student

Three months of my life passed by in a flash of lightning. Three months of enjoyment, laughter, happiness disappeared so quickly and I was left alone, sad but at the same time overjoyed with my choices.

Entering the exchange program had been the best 3 months of my life. I gained freedom, the will to enjoy and most importantly a friend. A friend whose memories I will cherish for my entire life. My exchange student, Alex, and I enjoyed many good times together. We went to places together and had fun, he was just like an older brother to me.

Such an opportunity comes very rarely, and fortunately, I grasped this one tightly with two hands and so began my trip to places I had never ventured to before. I met new people from various cultures, I visited many tourist attractions that I had long since forgotten about and I also drastically improved my German skills. I have gained a significant amount of language skills compared to a few months ago; my German has rocketed up by just speaking German for an hour a day.

Often, Alex and I would head to a tourist attraction, and he would start taking an enormous number of photos. I remember one time he had 700 photos in just a few hours. I have gained an extraordinary amount of wisdom and knowledge from Alex’s trip down under, and I pass this on to you all, in the hope that one day, you too will host an exchange student, have fun and apply for a scholarship to go to a fascinating country for a few months, and explore a new culture, a new way of life and make new friends.
Aashray Narula

A Black Tie Affair…

… was the banquet and ball for the NSW and the ACT recipients of the SAGSE (Society for Australian German Student Exchange) scholarships. The ten girls were resplendent in their dresses and the two boys – one of them Sagar Nagaraj – most elegant in their dinner suits.

The festivities took place in Doltone House with a magnificent view over the bay. There were pre-dinner drinks on the deck and after those we moved into the dining room. The President of SAGSE, Mr Christian Holle, welcomed Mr Hans-Dieter Steinbach, the Consul-General of Germany, the many representatives of German industry in Australia and – last but not least – the parents and the students - the “Stippies”.

 After the main course each student was called to the stage and Mr Holle, Mr Steinbach and the manager of the relevant company handed him or her the framed scholarship certificate to great applause. Sagar received the Volkswagen Sponsorship. Amongst the guests was also André Brokman who is now a “”Gassi” (a chocolate bar to the first person who can tell me what the two abbreviations mean!)

Once the official part was over the band struck up and the dance floor quickly filled up – some exercise after dinner is always recommended! As I drove Sagar to his railway station he told me that this evening had been the best practical lesson in German and should be repeated frequently.
Frau St Leon

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Theatresports Competition

Junior Division Report

The time had come for our first Theatresports competition, with all of us still mastering the fundamentals. Although we didn’t have lots of experience of such competition, this year’s Year 8 were an eager and confident bunch. This was the very cause of the predicament our coach had in picking the team and after a long and anxious wait, the team was announced. Unfortunately, many talented actors had to be left out. The team was comprised of Akeedh, Hugh, Jaspar, Louis and Sanishka. The Year 8 Theatresports coach, Bridie did well in the weeks before the competition, piling us up with priceless advice using her own Theatresports experiences. Regardless of not having performed in the team we now found ourselves in, we looked like a strong and determined group of actors with plenty of potential.

Having decided on a theme of bowties and shirts we all made our way, through public transport to the venue at Newington and after we got lost for a bit in the school, we finally found the auditorium where the competition took place. After Bridie, quickly commented on how smart we all looked, the workshop began. Bridie and John, two really enthusiastic coaches mentored us in the workshops and informed us on how we were to be judged and also gave us and seven other schools valuable tips, while allowing us to put them to use.

After the workshop ended, we were allowed a thirty minute break before the parents and supporters filled the hall. Nerves and excitement engulfed our minds before our first proper Theatresports competition. John, our host and judge of the category entertainment ,guided the teams to sit at the sides of the stage while he introduced himself, Bridie, the other two judges sitting in the audience what Theatresports was generally about and marking technique and narrative. Each category was marked out of five.

The show commenced with the one minute games and we were still hesitant of what we wanted to play. The first few teams put on solid performances and we realised it was going to be tough to come out on top. After about three or four performances, our school was called up and we all finally settled to play the game, “poem”. Hugh, Jaspar, Louis and Sanishka put on a solid performance for a very tough topic and we managed to gain an excellent 12 points (4, 4 and 4) after the first performance, putting us in tied first place with The Scots College. Our neighbours, Sydney Girls were close behind in third place. The second round consisted of two minute games with Akeedh and Sanishka performing in gibberish and Louis and Hugh translating them, our team gained 13 points (4, 4 and 5) after the second round putting us at first place, closely followed by Scots and Sydney Girls. We stopped for an intermission where Jun, “our assistant coach” gave us helpful advice and feedback on how we were going so far in the competition. The competition started again and the third and final round began. Akeedh, Hugh and Louis put on absolutely amazing performance and the whole audience erupted after we finished and everyone cheered louder when the judges pulled out the first five, then the second and finally the third. A cracking 15 out of 15, giving us a total of an amazing 40 out of 45 for the night, putting us comprehensively in first place with Scots in second and Sydney Girls tied third with the home school team.

Overall, the entire night was an experience that we would all keep forever and definitely take into the next heat that we qualified for, in two weeks. Many of us learnt many new things that have really improved our acting and performing skills. This was further re-enforced on Friday night when we came first place, and hopefully we can take this form into the next round. None of this would have happened without our wonderful Ms Rohr and Bridie who have really helped us for almost three terms, bringing us to the standard we are at now. Another thanks to the parents and supporters (Jun) who really had a laugh and enjoyed their night and also who came to cheer us on to our victory. A final thank you to my teammates Hugh, Jaspar, Louis and Sanishka who gave me an enjoyable experience to keep forever.
Akeedh Razmi 8R

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SBHS Tennis

High vs Newington

 (Third Round of Trial Season)

1st Grade Result 2nd Grade Result
D1 1 + 2 L 6-1 6-3 1 + 3 W 6-3 1-6 10-7
D2 3 + 4 L 6-4 6-2 2 + 5 L 7-5 6-1
D3 5 + 6 L 6-2 3-6 5-10 4 + 6 L 6-4 6-1
S1 Josh Sangueza L  6-2 6-3 Calvin Zhou L 1-6 6-1 1-6
S2 Adam Smagarinsky L 6-2 6-3 Bohan Deng L 6-1 6-3
S3 Eddy Wang L 6-1 6-1 Ervin Zhou L 6-1 6-0
S4 Matthew O’Sullivan W 6-4 6-4 James Kuang W 6-1 6-2
S5 Carl Yang L 6-0 6-2 Jason Jung L 6-0 6-0
S6 James Lian L 3-6 6-3 3-6 Joonho Park L 4-6 7-5 1-6

1st Grade
1st Grade headed out to Newington College for the third round of the trial season to challenge ourselves against the best in the GPS. Josh and Adam fought well and showed improvement from last week’s match however went down in the doubles 6-1 6-3. While Eddy and Matthew demonstrated their ability as a pair getting themselves into a lead however Newington’s experiences was the difference in the loss. Richard and James showed their ability as well to fight their match out to three sets unfortunately losing 6-2 3-6 5-10. In the singles in general much necessary improvement was evident. Matthew received a well-deserved win 6-4 6-4. Josh and Adam played very well against probably the best couple of players in the GPS and challenged them. Carl, James and Eddy also gave their all on the court however were unable to showcase their best tennis. Overall, a much needed improvement.
Adam Smagarinsky
First Grade Captain

2nd Grade
Second Grade played Newington for the third match of the GPS trial season, one of the strongest teams in the GPS and against all odds, played surprisingly well and showed huge improvement. The number one doubles, consisting of Calvin and Ervin, won in a tough three setter claiming our first doubles victory out of the past three matches. The other two doubles played tight first sets but were let down in the second sets with disappointing losses. In the singles, Calvin and Joonho played close three setters, both losing the first set but fighting back to claim the second set. Unfortunately they couldn't use their momentum to finish the match off. Junjie stood out with the only victory in the singles, a quick win of 6-1 6-2 and claiming his first match. Second Grade has played well, showing vast improvement and can be relied on to further improve to eventually claim a victory.
Calvin Zhou
Second Grade Captain

3rd Grade
Sydney High's third grade team played excellently over the weekend against the very strong Newington College school, players from both sides showed excellent team spirit and commitment. It was a brilliant effort from all players and most players from Sydney High won their single games with only one loss, we found however that our doubles were our biggest weakness and we as a team look forward to improving as a whole.
Andrew Tayeh

Junior Results

16 As
This week High Tennis played against Newington. However, the distraction of thundering jets above Newington’s home courts proved too much as High suffered a loss at the hands of Newington’s 16As, winning only 2 of the 6 played games. Anthony Yu and Thomas Nguyen took a 6-3 victory in doubles against the A3 and A4 and I fought for a 6-3 victory against their A3. Garry Huang, Anthony Yu and Alex Liang were all defeated in their singles, 6-1, 6-2 and 6-0 respectively and Garry Huang and I suffered a 6-2 loss in our doubles, leaving the tally at 4 wins for Newington and 2 wins for High, leading to our defeat overall in this week, despite our best efforts.
Preetham Kadappu

16 Bs
After a disappointing loss last week against Grammar the 16Bs sought a few wins. The team’s spirit was high as usual and the B1 doubles had a great head start of 3-0 although losing the match 6-4, the B3 doubles lost 6-4. From then on things went downhill with B1 losing 6-2, B2 losing 6-3 and B4 managing to overcome his opponent with an astounding win of 6-0. Unfortunately for us, although we had some spectacular highlights we still lost overall and we hope to improve our game through hard training over the next few weeks.
Hong Ma 

15 As
This week we played against Newington on our home courts. Due to a missing player from Newington, we began our matches with singles instead of the usual doubles. The A1 singles was very close but Wanyu was unable to seal off many match points early on in the match and his opponent was able to catch up leaving the final score 5-6, Tiebreak 1-7 to Newington. A2 and A3 singles were both close but mid-way through their game, the opponent stepped up their game and SBHS were unable to keep up, finishing both singles 3-6 to Newington. A4 singles left much to be desired with an unfortunate loss of 0-6. The doubles concluded as expected with A1 and A2 in a 1-6 loss and A3 and A4 in a 2-6 loss. This week’s result signifies a rising need to increase the number of people attending training and thus being able to improve their skills.
Wanyu Tang

15 Cs
This week, we played Newington and unfortunately we lost 6-0. A1 lost 6-4, A2 lost 6-4, A3 lost 6-3, A4 lost 6-3 and in A1 and A4 doubles, we lost 6-3. In A2 and A3 doubles, we lost 6-1. Even though we were dominated by our opponents, hopefully we will improve in the future. Good luck for next week!
Daniel Hu

14 As
On Saturday, Sydney Boys 14 A tennis played at SBHS courts against Newington. There were a lot of close games and we only just won. A1 and A2 doubles won 6-5. A1 singles won 6-0 and A2 singles won 6-5. A3 and A4 doubles won 6-5. A3 singles lost 6-4 and A4 singles lost 6-2. Good luck for next week.
Kinzey Rahardja

14 Bs
In doubles both pairs tried hard but had no success. In singles B2 play well and ended up with a score of 6-4. Unfortunately everyone else in the B team lost their singles. Good luck at next week’s games.
Gordon Huang

For more info visit the Sydney High tennis website at: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/

Please spare some of your time on Saturday to come down and support High Tennis.

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Table Tennis National Championships

The Australian Junior Table Tennis Open Championships were held in Croydon, Melbourne from the 28th September - 5th October with Lenny Han (7R), Edward Belokopytov (9E) and Glanden Zheng (11E) from High attending the tournament. Events played in the tournament included teams events, singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Lenny won the U/13's Boys Singles once again this year and was crowned back-to-back Australian U/13's Singles Champion. Edward achieved outstanding results in the teams events, giving many National team players trouble, as well as Glanden making it to the Round of 32 for U/18's Singles and achieving an 11 to 9 win-loss ratio in teams events. It was overall, a very fun and highly successful tournament. 
Glanden Zheng
Table Tennis Prefect

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

26 October 2013

Early on Saturday morning, the Sydney High School Sailing Association held its second, new boat christening. After acknowledging the respect for and the significance of the first peoples of Australia to the area where we stood, the President of the Sailing Committee, Dr Nick Evans spoke about the huge efforts that the parents and supporters had undertaken to provide the team with brand new boats. The Principal, Dr Jaggar, added to those words of thanks.

The boats were named “Tamara” after a member of the Gadigal tribe, being the local custodians of the land and the other boat was named “Southy” after the Sailing Coach and Sydney High Old Boy (Class of 79), Adam South (pictured at right).

Sailing Report

After three weekends of light and shifty winds, this Saturday’s racing produced a spirited and gusty fifteen to eighteen knot breeze to test the sailors competing in the three races. David Evans and Daniel Fang were consistent in gaining top ten places in the first two races and there were a number of both improved and pleasing results for other sailors still finding the fresh conditions a little testing. Tiger Zhang and Darren Tiang sailed well and only need to improve their starts, to gain more places and be in the top ten against the strong competition from the other schools. Teams racing have SHS 1 equal fourth with four wins at present.

Fleet Racing Results  26/10/13

(Out of 31 boats)

Sail Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
16 David Evans 6 9 10
12 Daniel Fang 9 5 17
17 Kai Matsumoto 15 - 22
14 Darren Tiang 12 12 24
10 Tiger Zhang 14 13 12
11 Angelo Yan 16 20 13
20 Vincent Xu 19 18 15
15 Edward Jia Lin 25 28 27
18 Thomas Shortridge 26 26 26
19 Dallas Yan 27 30 29
55 Patrick Han 28 27 28
53 Arthur Chao DNF DNF DNF

G Moody
MIC Sailing 2013

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SHS Rowing

Back to the Sheds Morning 2013

The Old Boys VIII challenged the School VIII last Saturday 26 October on the Parramatta River in front of the Rowing Sheds at Abbotsford. This race has been a tradition since 2008 and each year it is closely contested. On this occasion the Old Boys finished 5 sec ahead of the enthusiastic and skilful school crew. Physical growth and maturity won the day, and the outcome puts the Old Boys at 4 wins to the School 2 wins on the Challenge Oar Trophy.

  • Representing the School – Jackson Tan, Shawn Noronha, Neil Song, Josh Maloof, Jesse Nixon, Tom Luo, Steve Comninos, Ray Fang, Kenny Liu (cox) – completed the race in 1.47.
  • Congratulations to the Old Boy crew including Andreas Purcal (2012), Koren Fang (2011), Tim Montanaro (2012), Vlad Boulavine (2010), Shahar Merom (2009), Daniel O’Keefe (2008), Max Jones (2012), Ben Wilcox (2012), and Gareth Deacon (2010) as coxswain - rowed the School Eight down and finished in a time of 1.42.

On the shore, High rowers, Old Boys and spectators enjoyed coffee and breakfast while watching the close and exciting race. Captain of Boats, Ray Fang, welcomed everyone to the sheds and thanked the Old Boys for their support.

Thank you to Doug Donoghue (1953) for donating a wonderful caricature of Olympic rower, Merv Wood (1934). It is now displayed in the upstairs conference room alongside a framed tribute to the school’s modern day World Champion rower, Dominic Grimm (2005).

High Rowing and Coaching Team

Head Coach – Beryl Crockford
6 x Year 8 Quads Lead Coach – Koren Fang
6 x Year 9 Quads Lead Coach – Hayden Schilling
3 x Year 10 Eights Lead Coach – Gareth Deacon
2 x Senior Eights and 1 x Four Lead Coach – Simon Hoadley
Assisted by an enthusiastic team of Old Boys –Pravin Radhakrishnan, Isaac Eveleigh, Alan Low, Tim Montanaro, Max Jones, Dom Grimm, Bob Henderson and Walter Santucci

Parent Committee

The parent committee meets once a month throughout the rowing season (6 meetings) and we are always looking for new parents to become involved. Our next meeting is Wednesday 6 November at 7pm in the Staff Common Room at school.

Boat Naming Cocktail Party – Saturday 16 November Rowing

(please see invitation and booking form in High Notes)

We are naming 5 boats in recognition of outstanding contributors to the High Rowing Program. Ollie Wilson (2002), Cam Lyon (1963), Bernie Desmond, Charles and Fabienne Ovadia, and The High Club are to have boats named in their honour.  Hope you can join us on the evening to enjoy the celebration.

Regattas this week  –

  • Iron Cove Classic – Saturday 2 November – Three senior eights will enter this regatta at Iron Cove
  • Junior Head of the Parramatta – Saturday 2 November – this will be the first opportunity for our Year 10 eights to race in the 4km time trial down the Parramatta River.

More information and regatta results can be found at the Rowing NSW website - www.rowingnsw.asn.au

Julie Blomberg

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High Cricket

Captain of Cricket report:
Last Saturday saw High take on Newington in most Group 1 matches, which were trial games preceding the start of the real GPS season for the 1st and 2nd XI. The 16As once again showed they will be the team to beat in the 16s comp, with many signs of a bright season to come, and possibly selection in Opens soon after Christmas. At McKay on Saturday, it was great to see players from the 14s coming to watch the 1st XI play in between their breaks and even stay back afterwards. Such passion for High is something the cricket program is in search of, and we encourage all teams who are playing near the 1st or 2nd XI to come early/remain behind to support some of the older boys in cricket. Award scheme points are also available for those who watch a couple of hours of senior matches. To add to this section of the High Notes; pictures of batting/bowling/fielding can be sent to MIC Hugo Richards, and the best snap of each week will feature in this article. Lastly, we would like to congratulate Vishal Nomula who, although unlucky in not making the CIS u16s team, made the final cut; which is an achievement on its own.
Tushaar Garg

1st XI
Newington 142 all out. (Y.Wong 4/15 [9], V.Avudainayagam 2/28 [7]) DEF High 98 all out. (R.Sura 38)

After winning the toss, High sent Newington in on a typically slow McKay wicket, with outfield grass longer than any other ground in the GPS. High’s openers bowled accurately and economically early to have Newington 0/18 after 12 overs. High then drew upon the wildcard of Yiu Tao Wong, who bowled with vigour and vitality to bamboozle the opposition top order. He spun Newington in confusion, having them playing and missing ball after ball; getting three signature LBWs. A special mention must also go to Gautham Shankar who took a superb catch in the outfield off Wongy’s bowling. After 30 overs, High had the opposition reeling at 5/61, and a sharp runout from Tushaar had them 6 down soon after. However, loose bowling and fielding to match let Newington off the leash and allowed them to get to 142 all out. High batted with conviction against the Newington openers before two quick wickets saw the experience of Aditya and Vishnu already back in the pavilion. It was then up to Raunak, who stepped up in his role and batted time; accompanied by Tushaar at the opposite end. Both were tied down after some tight spin bowling, with Tushaar soon losing his wicket to an appalling pull-shot, yet Raunak continued to loft with grace to play the anchor role in the innings. Jesse offered some resistance, running hard and guiding the tail towards the later overs, but to little avail. Not even the lofted cow-corner sweep/drive of talented Allen Chen could save High, who were eventually bundled out for 98. This side continues to defy the odds by pushing sides to the limit; and show glimpses of our devastating best – it won’t be long before the 1st XI are a champion team, as we continue to develop as players and as a team.

2nd XI
Newington 8/218 (50) (J. Huang 5/20 [10], V. Murugananthan 2/46 [10], J. Malhotra 1/24 [6]) DEF High 106 (30) (V. Murugananthan 22, N. Selvakkumar 21, A. Dao 14)

After winning the toss and electing to bowl, High got off to a flying start, dismissing Newington’s opening batsman after only 12 runs had been scored in the 8th over. Jackson and Varunan both had brilliant opening spells, keeping Newington to only 2 an over after the first 10. Unfortunately, the 2nd wicket partnership for Newington extended well into the middle of the innings, earning them 116 runs between the two top order batsmen. However, as soon as Jackson Huang came back on to bowl; wickets began to tumble. Dismissing both of their settled batsmen in consecutive overs, as High looked back in the game. Jackson Huang went onto take an incredible 5/20, taking a wicket every over of his second and third spells. In the end, High kept the Newington side down to 218, an achievable total. Heads held high, the 2nd XI opening batsmen went in with nothing to lose. Looking good after the first few overs with a couple of fours and another run here and there, the innings looked as though it was going well. Unfortunately, in the 7th over, High lost two wickets in consecutive balls and by the 18th over, High was 6/47. However, some level-headed batting from Niroshan Selvakkumar and Varunan Murugananthan earned High a 55 run partnership, bringing them right back into the game. When Niroshan Selvakkumar got caught playing a risky shot, the batting collapsed. The innings was brought to a close in the 30th over with High on 106.

3rds – High 9/112 (P.Lam 50*, A.Narula 25) DEF BY Newington 1/113 (S.Vimalanathan 1/26, 0/14)

4ths – Newington 174 (22) (J.Lin 6/5 [5]) DEF High 149 (S. Arudselvan 42 R.Saha 35)

5ths – High 7/74 (P.Ryan 30, T. Nassif 23) DEF BY St. Ignatius 6/173 ( I. Zhou 3/23 [3] T.Nassif 2/31 [4] )

16As –
High 4/161 (32) (S.Nampalli 55, V.Nomula 35, K.Subbanna 30*) DEF Newington 5/157 (32) (T.Moffat 2/16)

High won the toss and chose to bat. After getting off to a shaky start after losing an early wicket, Shashank and Vishal put on a great partnership of 93. Half way through the innings, High was on 1/57 and then steadily increased the run-rate through to the end of the game. Some outstanding performances in the batting include Shashank's 55 and Liam's exciting 21 runs off ten balls toward the end of the innings, giving High a respectable total off 161. Although High's bowling was tight, the fielding was loose at times and Newington took this opportunity to pile on the runs without losing a wicket in the first session leaving them in a strong position at 0/71. High fought back with Kabir getting a desperately needed run out. Some big hitting by Newington put them in a commanding position with 10 overs to go. With 7 overs to go, Newington needed only 36 off 42 balls. With a tight second spell, Tully took 2 wickets for 8 runs in 3 overs which left them needing 27 With 3 overs to go. Vivek and Peter bowled out the inning brilliantly with High winning the game by 4 runs.

16Bs – Newington 4/63 (13.1) (H.Ou 2/6 off 3, S. Sooriakumar 1/13 [3.1], T. Khan 1/9 [2]) DEF High 60

15As –
Newington 207 all out. (F.Aysub 3/31, S.Afsar 2/37) DEF High 84 all out. (F.Aysub 19, E.Hall 14)

High lost the toss and bowled with some mixed results. Some power hitting and some poor deliveries summed up High’s effort; and resulted in a colossal total of 207 by Newington. This wasn’t helped by the fact that we lost both openers early. However, some calm, albeit slow, batting from Vyaas and Faysal added respectability to High’s total. This side has the potential to dominate the competition this year, and only needs to show more application in matches to reflect such talent.

15Bs – Newington 3/267 (32) (B.Nguyen 2/48 [7]) DEF High 5/85 (32) (A.He 42)

14Bs – Newington 7/262 (32) (M.McGregor 3/30, R.Yousuf 2/38) DEF High 56 all out.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Newington

Term 1, 2013

 1st LOSS 76-62 M.FLYNN 19
2nd WIN 54-39 B.ANGELL 13
3rd WIN 35-22 J.PALLANDI 19
4th LOSS 26-27 B.TRUONG 14
6th WIN 21-8 J.CAO 8
7th WIN 25-11 W.LIU 9
8th WIN 31-27 L.ZHU 11
16A WIN 19-16 A.WU 9
16B WIN 19-15 S.MALOL 6
16C WIN 27-15 F.WANG 8
16D WIN 30-20 P.YANG 8
16F WIN 23-14 J.HUANG 10
15B WIN 27-14 J.AGAWIN 10
15D LOSS 27-37 T.LUO 11
15E WIN 26-16 B.WU 8
14A WIN 32-22 K.WANG 11
14B WIN 22-21 H.BARTLEY 10
14C WIN 38-16 Q.NGUYEN 10
14D WIN 47-3 J.ZHENG 12
14E WIN 86-6 A.ZHU 20
14F WIN 90-2 J.HUANG 18
13A LOSS 42-9 J.SIU 7
13B LOSS 60-8 M.WILES 4
13D LOSS 38-2 P.ZHOU 2
13E LOSS 49-8 J.YIP 6
13F LOSS 24-8 T.WANG 3

Term 4, 2013

 1st WIN 68-51 M.FLYNN 19
2nd WIN 32-22 C.SHI 15
3rd WIN 30-23 W.GONG 15
4th WIN 38-15 C.LEE 12
5th WIN 28-14 B.TRAN 10
6th WIN 31-14 P.GAO 9
7th WIN 38-7 K.LIANG 11
16A LOSS 19-37 B.LIN 9
16B WIN 23-19 R.SEONG 8
16C WIN 28-13 D.KIM 7
16E WIN 28-16 V.BUI 8
16F WIN 32-13 B.WU 8
15A WIN 43-20 K.WANG 14
15B WIN 30-17 H.BARTLEY 20
15D WIN 32-11 K.ZHANG 10
15E WIN 98-2 D.ZHANG 20
14B LOSS 27-35 J.SUI 21
14C LOSS 34-36 O.WU 10
14D LOSS(OT) 30-32 T.LAM 7
14E WIN 31-14 J.YIP 12
14F LOSS 14-36 S.PHAM 4

1st Grade Player Profile; Anto Wu;

Anto is 5’7, 60kgs and incredibly quick. His incredible speed and agility makes seemingly impossible feats become possible. So far this season he has made several plays which have brought the crowd to their feet! Nicknamed the Rookie he is playing like a veteran and living in the moment. Come watch him turn on the jets vs St Joseph’s this Saturday at 11am!

This week saw massive wins by High against Newington, with High losing a total of only 6 games out of the 25 matches played on Saturday. High 1st Grade once again pulled off a great win against one of the stronger schools in the AAGPS, beating Newington 1st Grade by 17 points, even when Newington had two very talented athletic players in their team. High 2nd Grade also managed to pull off a marginal win, beating Newington by 10 with star player Charlie Shi scoring nearly half of the team’s points. Special mention also goes out to Manson Luk, who has an integral role of keeping stats for High 1st and 2nd Grade.

Following up on last weeks’ notice, I’m still looking for a student to follow up my duties as Editor of Shootin’ Hoops for the next year, and note that award scheme points do apply. Please go to Mr B Hayman in the PDHPE staffroom if interested. Train hard for next week’s games, boys!

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Please be advised the SBHS P&C Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 11 November at 6:30pm in the Staff Common Room.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please contact the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

The November P&C general meeting will be held at the conclusion of the AGM. This will be the last meeting for 2013.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Volunteer Parents Needed for Orientation Afternoon on Tuesday 12th November

Can you spare a couple of hours between 2:00pm and 4:30pm; or between 4pm and 6:30pm?

Please join our team of volunteer parents serving refreshments in the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Our aim is to make incoming families feel welcome and to encourage them to be involved in the school

Please contact Sachiyo James on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to help out on Tuesday 12th November

Thank You!

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SHS Rowing: Boat Naming Cocktail Party

The Sydney High Rowing Committee invites High rowing friends, supporters, families including former rowers and families, to a very special occasion with the naming of 5 boats.

Saturday 16th November 2013
5pm to 9pm
at the Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Ave, Abbotsford

Smart Casual

$50 per person includes all beverages and canapés.

Boat Naming Ceremony will begin at 6:30 pm

  • Ollie Wilson – Sykes IV/Quad
  • Bernie Desmond – MQR Double
  • Charles and Fabienne Ovadia – MQR Double
  • Cam Lyon – MQR Double
  • The High Club – MQR Double

RSVP with payment ($50 pp) by Monday 11th November 2013

The Boat Naming Cocktail Party RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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