High Notes, Vol 14 No 30, September 20 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to all the Prefect Interns who were elected last week. Welcome on board to the new student leadership team: Shawn Noronha (captain), Ned Anson (Vice-Captain) and Howard Gu (Senior Prefect). I am confident that the 2014 Prefects will be an active and inspiring group. Well done to Brendan Hancox and Madison Wu who performed recently in the NSW Public Schools Millenium Marching Band.

Community Services Committee - Yearly Wrap
Under the passionate and persistent guidance of Jerry Phillipson, the leaders of the Community Services Committee have organised an impressive array of projects. Eighteen fund raising events have been coordinated.  Thousands of sausages have been cooked at barbecues.The hundreds of student volunteers have raised $114,437 since term 4 last year. This school has generated 202 blood donations. Many boys have given generously of their time to serve in one or more of the eight outreach programs. Thank you to all involved, especially our retiring Year 12 students: Shuming Wang (Chairman), James Chan (Secretary), Frank Zhang (Treasurer), George Dzero (Public Relations) and Edward Zhang & Eamon Kelly ( Event Coordinators).

Year 12 Farewell
Thank you to Everett Coan, Anne Wall, Rachel Powell, Suzanna Lim and the P & C volunteers who helped make Tuesday a memorable afternoon. The assembly was very respectful. Elias Hall, Kevin Liang and Shawn Noronha all spoke with feeling about their experiences with Year 12 boys during their time at the school. The musical interludes by Jaan Pallandi (composer) and Oliver Kirk (vocalist), were high quality. There was an air of nostalgia and warm respect by the boys generally. We have never had so many parents and family members in attendance before at one of these assemblies. It is a tribute to the boys in itself that so many came to witness their clapping out from High. My address to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Good afternoon parents, teachers and Year 12 students - welcome to our Farewell Assembly. The Class of 2013 enjoyed enhanced facilities and had access to some interesting new programs during their six years at High. The data projection project was competed so that you ultimately had access to digital media in every teaching space except workshops. You had the notebooks from the Government and taught us the pitfalls of managing boys in classrooms with online access to the world. The computer lab for video editing of film was established in 2008 and room 705 was created. The connected classroom was installed in 2009. The Student Awards Scheme was converted into a points-based scheme in 2009 and your cohort made it all work seamlessly. You pioneered the new Sports Policy in 2012-13 with the accompanying greater expectations and accountability.

"Many of the team an individual accomplishments of Year 12, 2013 are listed in the second and third paragraphs of the ‘Principal’s Message’ in the program you will receive. Without recounting them all I would like to summarise my impressions. For me, Ivor’s performances at the CHS and GPS Athletics Carnivals stand out. Darren achieved great goals in swimming. Kushaal went very close in public speaking at the national level and Oliver was highly recognised for his singing. We kept our GPS record in Volleyball in tact with co-premierships with SGS. It was great to retain the Hume Barbour trophy and win Eastside. Winning second grade for the first time, claiming the All Schools title and the Buchanan Shield gave us memorable moments in rifle shooting. Basketball achieved success, being very competitive again at GPS, CHS and national level without bringing home a trophy. Our expectations for the sport have been raised to a very high level which is very difficult to sustain.

"I want to thank the Year 12 leadership team, the Prefects and the SRC representatives. Shuming did a great job as School Captain, ably assisted by Vice-Captain Alex Nguyen and Senior Prefect Oliver Kirk. Thank you also to Scott Zhou, Edward Zhang, James Wang, Bob Jin and Ian Li for their service with the SRC. The Community Services Committee has generated a lot of energy for social justice. Our collection programs, mufti-days and barbecues and outreach programs add a different dimension to the culture of the school and have helped to grow our reputation as a school with a strong civic consciousness. Thank you to Shuming, James, Frank, Eamon, George and Edward who have led the way in this dynamic group.

"Maintaining participation in GPS at the competition level requires great commitment from our busy students. Thank you to the 94 boys who participated in two seasons of sport in their final year. We were below our benchmark number of 30, with just 24 Year 12 boys in first or second grade in two seasons of sport this year. Thank you to Daniel Keogh and Eamon Kelly as our only ‘Triple Firsts’ Year 12s for 2013. ‘Double Firsts’ for this year were: Kin Pan, Michael Chang, George Dzero, Frank Zhang, Jonathan Clements-Lendrum, Ivor Metcalf, Dominic Mah, Agnish Nayak, Kenneth Yu, Oliver Kirk, Nelson Tang, Ashley Chan, Alex Pereira, Connor Robinson, Patrick Rynsaardt and Ian Li. In the ‘One-Two’ club were: Shuming Wang, Marcus James, Marcus Ekengard, Tuan Shi and Allen Feng. Our only ‘Double-Two’ this year was Braden Angell.

"In the last paragraph of my message in the program I highlighted Yeats’ argument about examining your life as you live it to stay grounded and not too self-absorbed. Balance is always a good state to seek. Today, I want to add an observation from psychologist Ernest Becker who promoted the theoretical position of human dualism. What he meant by ’dualism’ was that we all need to be a part of something, yet also to stand out from the crowd. In a way, death is transcended by people contributing to a wider meaning in life. Immortality is symbolically attained by contributing to something that endures, like building the pyramids. Rituals and customs give that same sense of belonging and meaning to life. In school life we perpetuate rites of passage, rituals like our farewell assembly and symbolic gestures, like honour boards and blazers on the walls, to reinforce the feeling of continuity at High. These experiences are intergenerational and in a sense, timeless. In parallel with the repetition of sameness we applaud individuality in the form of achievement or leadership – academic, sporting, civic, social, co-curricular, school service. This duality of self-discipline for a cause co-existing with striving to be individual and to shine is also a context for life at university and subsequent employment. You will be tested often for both your conformity and for your singularity. I trust that your years at High have developed your capacity for effective dualism. Good luck in all your endeavours and thank you for your contribution to High."
Dr KA Jaggar

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From the Office

Medical information

We are currently undertaking a review of medical information of our students. In particular we have been asked by the DEC to actively encourage all students to carry their own adrenaline injector ( eg epi pen) or asthma reliever with them whilst at school. I will be meeting with all students who, according to our records, have asthma, severe allergies or other medical conditions. Each will receive a letter to that effect.

However, we are concerned that we do not have the most up to date medical information for students.  Information about allergies, medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes and other heath related issues should be provided to the school by parents. Please can you provide all relevant information when required to do so by the administrative staff or when you have any piece of key information (including contact details changes).

We appreciate your assistance in this regard and assure you that any information you provide the school will be stored securely and will only be used or disclosed in order to support your son’s health needs or as otherwise required by law.

I know you understand that it is no exaggeration to say that holding accurate medical information and being prepared for an emergency can make the difference between life and death.
Rachel Powell
Relieving Deputy Principal

Applying for Leave

  1.  You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

Applying for Early Leave

If your son needs to leave early he is required to bring an early leave note This note must be  signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after.  Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly.  Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

Cash Register Opening Times

Due to the change of bell times the cash register will be closed at 2.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Before school and first break register times (be it recess or lunch) remain the same on these days.

There are now 2 cash registers open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. The second register is located opposite the Deputy’s Office (Mr Barris).
Sharon Kearns

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Wear It Purple Day

On Friday the 30th of August, students from Sydney Boys High and Sydney Girls High collaborated in the organization of the Wear It Purple Day event to raise awareness about homophobic bullying.  The goal is to achieve an environment which is free of discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender identity, both verbally and physically, thus creating an environment in which students can feel like they belong as themselves.

The day was marked by a sea of students in purple clothing to support the campaign, featuring a hand painting station and a very colourful fancy-dress basketball game.  It was great to see students from both schools participating in both activities, indicative of the resonance of Wear it Purple’s message with the student bodies of both High Schools.  I would like to thank the local police and representatives from Wear It Purple for attending and speaking to raise awareness about homophobic behaviour.  Overall the day was quite a success in spreading the message of support for acceptance.

Discrimination on the basis of sexuality may not be as prevalent or as serious our school compared to the broader scope, but exists in the most subtle of ways.  It is not a specific goal of Wear It Purple to openly support a marriage amendment allowing same sex marriage or encourage an increase of homosexual relationships.  Wear it Purple simply asks for an end to discrimination on the basis of a person’s sexuality and to create an environment where people feel accepted and supported.  This includes an end to using ‘fag’, ‘homo’ and other derogatory terms, which have led to depression or suicide in some cases.  Take note of the implications of your words.  Hearing them in negative contexts has impact on how young people see themselves or their identity.  It doesn’t take much effort to choose a better word, but it can make a huge difference.  Your words are powerful, choose them wisely.
Howard Gu

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The High Rowing Challenge

Starts Saturday 5 October 2013 at the High Rowing Sheds

This is a 'Lean-to-Row' for the adults ... parents, friends, family, old boys and work colleagues, or experienced rowers can enjoy some social rowing

All ages and abilities welcome

  • Enjoy early morning rowing for 6 sessions with experienced coaches and coxswains.
  • Enter your own crew of 8 or join others in a crew. If you can't make a week we can provide a sub for you.
  • It all culminates with a fun mini-regatta on Saturday 26 October.

$300 per seat (tax deductible)


  • 6 dawn training/tuition sessions - 5th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 26th October
  • Boat, coach, coxswain per crew
  • Post training barbecue breakfasts
  • Mini Regatta Day includes races, brunch and presentation - Saturday 26 October

More information and registration -
Contact Julie Blomberg at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0416 061 759

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High Runners Club

For all abilities

Fridays 8-9am from October 11

  • Officially make up for a missed session
  • Improve your 1.6km time
  • Casual long distance running group

Coached by Adam Booth (class of 2012)

See Mr Pavone to join

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SHS Rowing Committee


Saturday 12 October 2013
at High Rowing Sheds, Abbotsford

  • Junior Rowing Parents 8.00 – 9.00am
  • Year 10 Eights Parents 10.00 – 11.30am

Parents … this is a very important meeting to attend so you know what is happening during the rowing season.



  • The season calendar with important dates and camps identified
  • The weekly rowing schedule
  • Outline of what’s expected of the boys and how parents can contribute
  • Study/tuition sessions at camps
  • Outline of camp duties for Y10 Eights parents
  • Who’s who? Meet the MIC, Coaches, Old Boys and Committee
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Free workshop for supervisors of learner drivers

Ensure your learner driver has the best possible introduction to driving; their life could depend on it!

The City of Sydney aims to improve road safety with a workshop for supervisors of learner drivers.

Tuesday 22 October 2013
6pm -8pm
Customs House
Alfred Street, Circular Quay

The two hour workshop will provide pertinent practical advice regarding:

  • laws for learner and P-plate drivers.
  • how to use the Learner Driver Log Book
  • how to plan on-road driving sessions and supervise learner drivers
  • understanding the benefits of supervised on road driving experience

Bookings are essential, please phone The City of Sydney on 9265 9333 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to reserve your seat.

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From the Canteen

A huge thank you and best wishes to all our Year 12 Prefects and Year 12 boys as they finish school this week.  We wish them all every success in the exams and with their future.  We  look forward to welcoming the new  Prefects next term.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

MON: Jeannie Nguyen Vye, Tina Chang, Shannon Hickey,
TUES: Penny Chan, Sachiyo James, Xiao Li Wang,
WED: Wei Dong, Jim O'Sullivan, Julie Zhu,
THUR: Ha Tran, Kamala Selvakkumar, Rita Wu,
FRI: Soogie Sim, Frances Salmon,

Enjoy the holidays.
The Canteen Team

A note from the canteen to the Year 12 class of 2013

Tracey and I were so sorry we were unable to attend the year 12 farewell, but so appreciated the special presentation in the canteen.

We are so grateful for your thoughtful words in your thank you letter, and your gift to us was beautiful, we wish you all the best in your HSC exams and for wherever life takes you.

Thank you Year 12 Prefects and Year 12 boys for supporting your school canteen and the mums and dads who volunteered.  You will be missed.
Karen and Tracey

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