High Notes, Vol 14 No 29, September 13 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
In the recent UNSW Business and Economics Competition the following High boys were awarded prizes: Daniel Fang, Aaron Wong, William Wu, Alan Loi (Year 11) and Bob Jin, Terence Zhou, Daniel Tram, Tigger Dumonet (Year 12). Congratulations to all! Last week some altruistic and enterprising Year 12 boys organised an online video stream English tutorial that ran nearly 4 hours and at one stage had >70 simultaneous viewers / participants. Thank you to – Terence Zhou, Ian Li, Kongwei Ying, Scott Zhou, Dominic Mah and Yang Hu for their work. Collaborative learning after the Trial HSC can really help to increase the overall pool of examination marks at the HSC to the benefit of the majority of candidates.

Community Service
Well done to Sunny Cheng for organising the Legacy Collection last Friday and to Tony Hannon for his early morning supervision. More than 100 boys volunteered their time to collect money before school and raised c$7500 for a good cause. Daffodil Day was also a great success. Coordinated by Andrew Shi (Year 11) and again supervised by Tony Hannon, the 120 volunteers from High raised approximately $33,386 for cancer research. Thank you to all involved. This week’s Blood Drive resulted in 45 donations of blood from students, staff and a couple of parents. Thank you to those who gave a life-saving opportunity to others. High’s Red Cross Youth Ambassadors gave up their time to assist during the day.

Year 12 update
Most Year 12 students have received their reports. The scholarship forms have been received, processed and despatched. The UNSW Co-op Scholarships will be completed online next week. All reference application forms must be submitted and the personal paragraphs emailed to us by Tuesday next week so that all data can be collated for reference writing by the end of term. Year 12 boys have been very mature, responsible and cooperative so far. I thank them for their cooperation as they wind down their formal enrolment at secondary school.

Light Rail Planning – Community Consultation
Planning for the light rail project has reached a more advanced stage. During the community consultation phase, we are being given our one and only chance to let the planners and decision makers know what we think. The following extract explains the options for Moore Park west.

‘How the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) crosses South Dowling Street, the Eastern Distributor, Moore Park West and Anzac Parade is a complex part of this project. The proposed alignment includes a cut and cover option, however a viaduct is also under consideration. The base case is for a tunnel underneath Moore Park and Anzac Parade, which would bring light rail back to the surface at Moore Park near to the Sydney Cricket Ground. Also under consideration is a viaduct option that would travel above ground along the same alignment as the tunnel. Both options are presented here for public consultation. We would like to hear your feedback on these options before the designs are finalised for the Environmental Impact Statement.’

A viaduct would be ugly. It would attract homeless people because of the shelter it provides. A viaduct would ruin the vista that exists as one approaches Moore Park from the city, particularly including the impressive view to SBHS. A viaduct over Anzac Parade would ruin the memorial drive concept – it is incongruent with the Obelisk monument, the sandstone memorial gates at SBHS and SGHS and the line of Moreton Bay figs planted in memory of the fallen in World War 1.

Students and Parents are urged to support the cut and cover option for Moore Park west and to oppose the viaduct option. Give your feedback on line at - http://engage.haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/cselr

Debating Celebrations
The debating program was celebrated in style at the annual dinner last Sunday. The great work by the MIC Rachel Powell was acknowledged. Staff members Madeleine Rigby, Evan Higgins and Annalise Mack were thanked for their support in PDC debates. The 22 coaches were honoured. The successes of the teams were lauded and the coaches ad-libbed an engaging debate in reverse. I want to thank Glynis Bartley who organised the dinner and Nina Ilina who organised the suppers in a long season. The Debating Supporters Group really assisted the program well. Debating works really well because of the co-operation between students, staff, parents and Old Boys. Congratulations to all concerned.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Office

Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”

Cash Register Opening Times

Due to the change of bell times the cash register will be closed at 2.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Before school and first break register times (be it recess or lunch) remain the same on these days.

There are now 2 cash registers open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. The second register is located opposite the Deputy’s Office (Mr Barris).
Sharon Kearns

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From the Canteen

We apologise if some of your favourites are not available this week as we run down supplies before the end of term.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

MON: Pam Jepson, Usha Arvind, Dongmin Zhao,
TUES: Melissa Wang, Pauline Chan,  Annette Ng, Todd May,
WED: Lan Li, Faidha Razmi, Jenny Chiu, Cindy Tseu,
THURS: Xing Ping Zhang, Annie Jiang, Pit Trent,
FRI: Connie Tai, Angela Jin, Alana Best, Maria Farrell
The Canteen Team

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SBHS Debating

It has been a very busy two weeks and last week’s High Notes report did not get saved in the correct place – apologies. On Friday we had a highly successful night at Newington with only one very narrow defeat out of the twelve competitive debates we were in. A hearty congratulations to everyone involved! Last Friday we had a mixed night at Joey’s with 7A and 9A winning which puts them as joint Premiers of GPS and with Seconds outright runners up and 8A co runners up.

Our inclusive policy of allowing everyone the chance to debate for most of the year is fair and we certainly have no intention of changing that, but it means that we are late to form teams.  This gives other schools (who certainly do not have as big a debating program as us) an advantage and explains why we do better in the competitions with older students who are likely to have been together in similar teams for a couple of years. For these reasons I am pleased to announce a trial debating program for GPS A and selected B students in Term 4. It means that coaching will continue until Week 9 of both Term 3 and Term 4.

Thank you to Arthur Chau, Thomas Shortridge, Andrew McNaugton and Max Koslowski, Akeedh Ahmad, Hugh Bartley, Symeon Ziegler and Tim Trent for their help with the organisation of Open day.

Our Year 7 PDC team won the PDC Zone and have got a place in the regional Semi finals. They are in a Year 7 and Year 8 Zone so this is a fantastic achievement. Well done boys and good luck in the rest of the competition.

I am pleased to announce that Antony Paul has been successful in his application to be Firsts Coach next year and Christopher Chiam will be Seconds Coach. Congratulations to both of them.

On Sunday we held the debating dinner which really was a lovely evening. Thank you to Glynis Bartley and her team of parent helpers who made the hall look wonderful and the evening run so well. I know a lot of hard work went into the event beforehand. It was great to see almost everyone who was awarded a prize there to receive it.

The Golden Pide on Cleveland Street made us a hugely generous contribution of delicious breads and dips which I would like to thank them for. They will certainly have a lull in their takings now that the debating season is over – even my son looks forward to his Golden Pide trip with the debaters each Friday after coaching!Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

We would like to express our appreciation to Gregory Babic an Old Boy of this school whose bequest of 42 boxes of his amazing collection of books to the libraries at SBHS has meant that both libraries Senior and Junior have been able to add many fantastic books to their collections.  This is a great boost to our growing collection in the Senior Library especially.

The Senior Library will also be adding new shelving next Term to house our Non Fiction collection. We hope to create extra space for many of the titles added this year and at the same time maintain plenty of space for students to come and study in the Library as well as ensuring they have the best, most appropriate and useful resources for their research and curriculum needs.

We are now into our fourth year of operation and the library has developed from a space to come and study or relax with virtually no resources, to a fully functioning resource area and library available for all Senior students who wish to study individually or work, problem solve and collaborate with fellow students. This has meant that each year the number of students using the library has increased. One of our senior students, Michael Cui has examined the statistics collected in the first two terms of 2013 and has produced a report detailing how the Senior Library is used and numbers of students using it for study and collaboration. Please see this report below.

 First Semester Library Statistics

  • Maximum number of students this semester: FRI 21/06/2013 (821)
  • Minimum number of students this semester: WED 10/04/2013 (110)
  • Daily average number of students this semester : 432 students

Separate Daily Averages

All Students Desktop Users Laptop Users
Monday (16) 496 43 100
Tuesday (18) 455 41 92
Wednesday (20) 218 25 45
Thursday (20) 405 41 82
Friday (19) 611 61 120


  • Wednesdays have thus far proven to have attracted the least number of students to the library. This is due to the fact that sport is compulsory on Wednesdays for all senior students after period 3.
  • Fridays have attracted the largest number of students due to a combination of students who don’t attend scripture and the late morning bell means more students are going to the library early from home.
  • With the introduction of laptops for students in Year 9 almost 4 years ago, this meant all current Year 10, 11 and 12 have laptops at their disposal. This is reflected by the consistent number of students using their laptops for educational purposes.
  • The number of laptop users increases significantly during examination periods as students can use them more flexibly for their work.
  • There has been a significant decrease in the number of desktops used this semester. This is due to the rollout of “bring-your-own-device”, where students tend to bring their personal laptops as well as bringing their government funded laptops to school.
  • During examination blocks, the use of desktops also increased as students aimed to make notes or research their respective subjects.
  • However, with the cessation of the current “laptop revolution”, there should be an increase use of desktops in the library in the near future. 
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From the Junior Library

With the advent of e-books and the fortuitously timed move towards “Bring your Own Devices” for next year it was good news for our 2 Librarians at our SybaSigns In-service this Monday that all NSW DEC School Libraries are closer to a web based (not our anachronistic DOS based) new Library system. The tendering process is now completed and the State Ministry has to decide which tender to accept. We are told the new system will be rolling out by October and the roll out will be completed by 2015. Thank heavens for that!

It is also great news that the DEC has made it part of the tender process for a system which will show students and staff how to access e-books, e-learning applications and objects, teacher-favoured websites, online documents, online music downloads/databases and film as well as physical books, magazines and DVDs that school Library catalogues are now a specially designed centralised reference- system for all resource collections. Our Library’s recent decision to include W Drive broadcast materials on our Library database and to purchase a $5000 fileserver to store these is vindicated. Decisions about Music streaming and film streaming are still to come.

“Bring Your Own Devices” will need to encompass e-readers for the next generation of students. Hand held devices make it much more possible for our students to access and enjoy online reading materials of all kinds.  Our Librarians who have always regarded their job as encouraging and enabling our boys to become lifelong readers are ecstatic to see on-line and easier access to reading materials now possible. We look forward to the opportunity and a whole new job description developing online fiction and non-fiction collections. All staff and parents are encouraged to join the Librarians in immersing themselves in e-reading so that we understand and share our boys’ new reading and learning method. We eagerly await our new Library System.

As e-books and online learning is “silent” learning our library staff will be making even more huge efforts to publicise and analyse the success of investing in non-fiction databases, non- fiction e-books, fiction e-books and other collections like the broadcast materials on the W Drive. Particularly when we step into e-book purchasing our Libraries will want to know how well resources are being used. At this early stage we would like all our stakeholders to assist us by recommending useful resources for their faculties and to think of ways to refer students to these resources. Our Library staff will need student, faculty and parent feedback on the ease of use of online material. One area Monday’s in-service pointed out was the need for a whole school plan to develop around the use of e-books and multimodal texts. Our 2 librarians heard from Trinity’s experience with e-books and the Catholic diocese of Brisbane’s response to developing a collection of online material – both fiction and non-fiction which is able to be accessed by all Catholic Schools. We heard that the success of this new reading method is dependent on this whole school publicising and involvement. Our 2 Librarians were fortunate to talk to another private school at lunchtime which had not analysed its success and where there was consequently less enthusiasm for the effect of e-reading on children’s literacy. Our whole school will need to work effectively together in this venture.

The Junior Library can be chosen by students only during break times – Before school, lunchtime and recess.

  • One year’s student use at break times = 30,197 users.
  • One year’s laptop use at break times = 7268 laptops. 
  • Junior students can choose to use their Library for 21/2 hours per day in non-class time.
  • Our Junior Library breaks up into 3 main class sized areas and has a small room – the Freddie Deer Room
  • The computer area was full/used 35%
  • The class area was full/used 36%
  • The quiet area was full/used 10%
  • The Freddie Deer Room was full/used 17%
  • The Library Gate counted our use over 25 weeks to be 56,889 which extrapolates to approximately 87,521 student users over a 40 week school year  =  TOTAL USE

Mrs Crothers
Teacher Librarian - Andrews Junior Library

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

Please check out the updated Rugby website where all information on Rugby is located.  http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/rugby/

High vs Scots

All teams showed their improvement over the course of the season with some excellent results in the juniors.

Teams of the week
16Bs – An excellent come from behind win. There were two tries scored in the last two minutes to seal victory.
13As – Another dominating display from our 13As finished a wonderful season for them.

Mr G Barris
MIC Rugby

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CHS Athletics Report

Last week on the 6th-8th September, High athletes competed at the annual Combined High School (CHS) Athletics carnival. Following impressive results at GPS, expectations were no doubt high, but the athletes were keen to showcase their talents against the best in the CHS. Over the three days, High was able to win 9 medals (3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze), and all 4x100m relays from 13s to Opens qualified for the finals in what was a highly successful carnival.

In the 13s, Lucas Wong ran a blistering 11.96 in the 100m heats, and finished 3rd in a close final. He backed this up with another impressive 3rd place in the 200m, running 24.62. After setting a massive PB in the heats, the 13s relay were just edged out by 0.1 seconds to come 2nd in the final with 48.90. The 14s and 15s relays finished 7th and 5th respectively in their finals, both running massive PBs. The 15s 200m hurdles was closely contested by both Rick Saha and Wanyu Tang, finishing 5th and 6th respectively. These impressive results in the juniors provide great hopes for High in the future.

In the 16s, Leonard Mah placed 2nd in the 200m final with a quick 22.75. He also finished 5th in an extremely tight 100m final with 11.34, where the entire race was separated by 0.2 seconds. The 16s relay came a respectable 5th in the final. A special mention goes to Ivor Metcalf, who once again demonstrated his exceptional athletic talents by easily winning the Opens Long Jump (6.84m) and High Jump (2.00m), placing 3rd in Triple Jump (13.18m), and winning the 110m hurdles (14.02) by almost 1.5 seconds. Pete Upatising jumped 6.37m in the Long Jump for 6th place. The Opens relay ran a huge PB (43.47) to finish 2nd in the final: a race only lost in the final few metres.

These remarkable results, both in individual events and relays, resulted in High winning the Kippax Cup (awarded to the Champion Boys school): a strong reflection of the depth prevalent within our Athletics team. It is also worth noting that many of the boys’ performances would have won at this year’s GPS carnival: a testament to the athletes’ and coaches’ efforts between the GPS and CHS season. Congratulations to all the boys who competed at the carnival, as it is a feat to compete at such a high level. I would also like to thank the parents for supporting the athletes, Joshua Tassell for coaching the boys in preparation for the carnival, and finally MIC Kurt Rich for making it all possible.
Dominic Mah

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

The 11th Annual Old Boys Game

At 10 sharp the 2nd Grade game started. The game couldn’t have a more intense start with lightning quick passes and quick hands from both sides, with the first 3 possessions all intercepted before High 2nd broke away to steal the momentum with a tough shot made by rookie forward Jerry Gek. 2nd Grade came out on top from this and kept their momentum to lead the first quarter at 15-8, before a viciously fought second quarter put the Old Boys up 25-24 at half time. Third quarter was neck and neck, with neither side wanting to give the edge over to the other, however in the fourth quarter 2nd Grade managed to break away to a 9 point lead with 1:30 left to play. The Old Boys pulled back at 51-48 with 26 seconds left, and with final possession in 2nd Grade hands, the Old Boys resorted to fouling in order to gain possession. Brendan Fattore managed to score 2 more points off free throws, before a fast break three point attempt by the Old Boys as time wound down missed, sealing the game for High 2nd Grade at 53-48.

In the 1st grade game a matchup between Geoff Gerlach and Shiraz Biscevic was much anticipated. These guys are two of the biggest players we’ve had in the school in the 21st Century. The 1st grade game got off to a much slower start, with both teams calculating and precise in executing their plays, not wanting to lose possession unnecessarily. An effective timeout called by Mr B Hayman as 1st Grade trailed 10-8 saw High coming back on a 7-0 run to lead the game 15-10 with 1 minute left.

The second quarter saw both teams pick up their pace to match that of the 2nd Grade game, with Blake McGlenchy from the Old Boys firing off and nailing two 3 pointers straight away in two consecutive possessions. However, as the shot clock wound down Nathan Sutton managed to fire off a three pointer to put High up again at 20-18. Momentum was on the Old Boys’ side, however, as they continued their scoring to a 7-0 run to lead 25-20 with 3 minutes left. Old Boys then kept the edge and led at half time 31-26.

The third quarter saw the 5 point difference continue until the 4 minute mark, where a smart three point play by James Baraceros saw an 8 point lead by High 1st Grade which they held onto to lead 50-42 at the break. The fourth quarter saw another 3 pointer by star player Blake McGlenchy, which would be his 6th three pointer of the game. Noah Fowler of High 1sts immediately kicked back however, putting the score at 52-45. At 4:42, the Old Boys came back to put the score at 54-52, with 2 alley-oops conversions from Blake in the process putting them back in the game. With 3:05 left to play, the scores were matched at 56-56. The stalemate continued, with many missed opportunities from both sides. This was broken with 36.9 seconds left, when Blake managed 1 free throw after a foul to put the Old Boys 1 point up. With 0.9 seconds left, Mitchell Flynn was controversially fouled in a shot attempt, to which many Old Boys objected, and was given the chance to put the game into overtime or put the win in High’s hands with 2 free throws; however both were missed and the Old Boys ended up pulling off a narrow 1 point win against High.

Overall, a surprisingly outstanding level of play was exhibited on Sunday, with the 2nd Grade game an outstanding highlight of fast-paced action and constantly immense pressure in the 1st Grade game. The first grade side rotated 15 players into the game ensuring it was a practice match for the State Finals the following day, however they lost to Holy Spirit and had to settle for 3rd in the state out of all schools this year. However, judging by the Old Boys game, a very exciting season is coming up for 1st Grade this year. I hope the trials go well for the rest of the basketball players in the school, and look forward to a great season ahead!

The Old Boys now retain the trophy and lead the contest 6 wins to 5.

~ Go HIGH!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~ Thanks to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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Football: The World Game

End of Season Dinner

High Football would like to cordially invite all players, parents and supporters of SBHS Football to the

End of Season Dinner


Sunday 15th of September
5:00pm for a 5:30 pm start
The Great Hall

It is a fantastic chance to celebrate the 2013 season with teammates and coaching staff.

There will prizes awarded for Player of the Season, Golden Boot, Golden Glove as well as the coveted Dolan Cup for best High Football Team.

Tickets are $30 per person, payable to the Main Office. Seats are strictly limited so make sure you and your teammates get in early to secure a spot.

Payments close on Thursday 12th September or when sold out.

Vegetarian and halal meal options available. Soft drinks will be provided.

Committee Meetings

The final committee meeting of the season will be held on Monday, 16th September at 6:00pm. This will serve as High Football’s 2013 season review, looking at topics including:

Coaching  -  Grounds  -  Co-Payments  -  Staffing  -  Fundraising  -  Committee Structure

All parents and supporters are welcome and all feedback will be helpful to give direction to the SBHS Football Program in 2014 and beyond.

If you are unable to attend, all feedback should be directed to the MIC Matt Mulroney This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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High Runners Club

For all abilities

Fridays 8-9am from October 11

  • Officially make up for a missed session
  • Improve your 1.6km time
  • Casual long distance running group

Coached by Adam Booth (class of 2012)

See Mr Pavone to join

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SHS Rowing Committee


7.00am Saturday 14 September 2013

at High Rowing Sheds, Abbotsford

Senior parents … this is a very important meeting to attend so you know what is happening during the rowing season.



  • The season calendar with important dates and camps identified
  • The seniors weekly rowing schedule
  • Outline of what’s expected of the boys and how parents can contribute
  • Study/tuition sessions at camps
  • Outline of camp duties for senior parents
  • Who’s who? Meet the MIC, Coaches, Old Boys and Committee  
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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Light Rail

Parents are asked to support the school by contacting Transport for NSW (TfNSW) during the current community consultation period for the proposed Light Rail through Moore Park. Particular concerns of the school and contact details for TfNSW are included in this week’s High Notes and will be emailed to parents.  Please contact the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you require more information regarding this issue.

P&C General Meetings- New Start Time of 6:30pm

At the last two P&C General meetings, we have canvassed the option of moving the P&C General meeting forward to 6:30pm to provide an earlier finish for attendees.

At both these meetings there was unanimous support for the suggestion and we are proposing to institute the change from the next general meeting on Monday October 14 at 6:30pm in the Staff Common Room.

If you have any concerns regarding this change, please contact the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible.

OBU High Achievers Evening

The OBU High Achievers presentation was held Thursday 5th September, and was by all accounts an extremely well attended and successful event.  Thank you to the Old Boys and the OBU for investing significant time and resources into what is hoped will be an annual event.  Particular thanks must go to the many high achieving Old Boys who gave their time to present and network with the parents and boys on the night.

The OBU would be very interested in any feedback that those who attended might offer, in order to assess the effectiveness of the event and make improvements where required. Feedback can be sent to the P&C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will forward to the OBU for their consideration.

Phillip Day Memorial Dinner

SBHS parents were pleased to be able to attend the Phillip Day Memorial Dinner which proved to be an enjoyable evening for all involved.  Thanks to Dr. Jaggar, Mr Barris and other staff, students and Old Boys who helped make the evening a success.

Upcoming Parking Events

Saturday 14 September, 1:00pm to 7:00pm – NRL Finals Double Header (P&C)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Rugby Dinner: Great Hall – 6:30pm, Friday 13 September.
Football Dinner: Great Hall – 5:30pm, Sunday 15 September.
Football Committee Meeting: Room 901 – 5:30pm, Monday 16 September.
Rugby Committee Meeting: Staff Common Room – 6:00pm, Monday 16 September.
Year 12 Farewell Assembly and Afternoon Tea: Great Hall – 1:00pm, Tuesday 17 September.

Ian Sweeting

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