High Notes, Vol 14 No 28, September 06 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
The OASIS mufti collection and BBQ with entertainment, grossed $2423.4 which was a good result. Thank you to all concerned. U14s cross country team, led by Luke Schofield who won the event, finished second again at GPS – a great effort. Another milestone result from Saturday was the third grade rugby boys convincing win over Grammar thirds. This is our first win in open competition at matching level since 2001! The boys were rightly thrilled with their win. Well done to Chris Morrow (SHS 2011) who was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada to study and play volleyball. Thank you to Nelson Tang and the Promoting Our Diversity (POD) committee for their organisation of the Wear It Purple celebrations last Friday. It is a step in the right direction for us to hold ‘feel good’ awareness raising events of this kind.

Parent Information Evening – Subject Acceleration
Around 65 parents and students attended the information evening in the Great Hall on Tuesday evening last. Year 10 in 2014 will be able to access subject acceleration as one of their electives if they qualify for admission to the course of their choice. For any students and parents who may have missed the presentation or who might be seeking additional information, go to - www.sydneyboyshigh.com/curriculum/subject-acceleration where the presentation has been posted.

Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship Dinner
On Wednesday evening last, we held our third biennial Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship dinner and lecture. Phil’s spirit, love of learning and community values live on in the students awarded a scholarship in his name. The dinner celebrates the life of a great teacher and an impressively dedicated and humble person. He loved teaching economics, so it was very appropriate that the evening had a didactic interlude to punctuate convivial conversations. He nurtured many High boys in their academic development during his long association with the school and followed their subsequent careers and lives with genuine interest. He knew their families, too.

Phil’s life was defined by his faith, his friends and the fellowship he created. He loved teaching, swimming at Clovelly and socialising, preferably over coffee. He was a true believer in the GPS sports program and was an enthusiastic and effective MIC for Swimming for many years. He believed in helping people in need and he wholeheartedly supported the excellent all-rounder ethos.

After his passing in February, 2007, Phil’s friends took up a collection in order to do something in his memory. The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship Trust Deed was executed on July 4, 2008. The initial capital to establish the fund was $16,000. The Trustee, the Sydney High School Foundation Inc, is empowered to sponsor or organise fund raising activities for the benefit of the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund. Previous fundraising dinners in 2009 and 2011 lifted the total of funds in Trust considerably. Last year the terms of the Trust Deed were altered to allow 50% of the interest earned on capital to be applied to scholarships. Over the five years, the trust funds have grown with the help of the school underwriting the scholarship each year. The first Phil Day scholarship went to Alex Belokopytov in 2009. Since then, Terence Pham, Jesse Nixon, Adam Booth and Thomas McGrath have been awarded scholarships to the value of $1200.

The Trust Fund stands at $58,236. In order for the scholarship fund to be self-sustaining another 7 or 8k is needed. If you were unable to attend the dinner but would like to help in this worthy cause, go to our website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com/donations/scholarship-fund where you will find out more about the trust and the scholarship. I urge you to download the form and make a tax deductible contribution.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Office

Applying for Leave

  1. You must have a Parent Portal account
  2. Go to https://parent.sbhs.net.au/reference-documents/
  3. Log in to the Parent Portal
  4. Click “Applying for Leave”
  5. Download the “Student Leave of Absence Application Form”
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French Student Exchange Program

Dorian, France - July 2013 - 10 months

Dorian, a French 17 year-old from Bordeaux, is really enjoying Australia and Sydney Boys High School. 

Dorian arrived in Australia in mid-July, and has experienced Sydney during a 3 day intensive cultural immersion course put on by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.  He is living in Redfern, but his host family were only able to commit to hosting for 3 months.  We are therefore looking for a family to take over in late September or early October. 

If you have considered hosting, now is the time.  Dorian is a friendly, outgoing boy. He enjoys jogging and martial arts.  He’d like to become an engineer in robotics in the future.

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange, a not-for-profit student exchange company operating nation-wide, is responsible for all of Dorian’s travel expenses, insurance and school placement.  We also provide 24 hour support for host families.  Dorian himself provides his own spending money, and is responsible for any school costs.

If you are interested in getting more information about Dorian, or any of the other nationalities we bring to Australia, please contact Claire Cummins at 1800 500 501 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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From the Canteen

Once again thank you for being a canteen volunteer. ALL canteen profits are returned back to the school to help fund projects and facilities which benefit all our sons.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

MON: Tina Chang, Amy Yan, Sam Guo, Rachel Fowler, Christiana Haddo
TUES: Jade Ni, Rena Yin, Agnes Leo,
WED: Sally Allingham,  Vikki Angell, Helen Kon, Sabrina Xu,
THURS: Jasmine Huang, Annie Long, Jenny King
FRI: Nina Lina Liu, Vila Bing Fai, Shihong Yang, Iris Lau
The Canteen Team

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What’s up in the McDonald Senior Library?

Friday 6th September, 2013

Last week SBHS Libraries hosted a visit by award winning author Scot Gardner. Years  9 and 10 attended his presentation on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday the 28th of August. The visit was a great success with the audience riveted to his interesting, amusing and inspirational talk.

Scot related stories from his own life and of his family which related to his view of the world as expressed with passion and humour as a successful author. He was able to relate to the boys and they in turn identified with his ideas and sense of humour.  In describing his own experiences and feelings he revealed some of the themes that emerge in his books. His latest title The Dead I Know won the Children’s Book Council’s Book of the Year Award for Older Readers in 2012. As the title suggests one of the main themes of the book is death and how it can affect people, especially a traumatic death as in this story.

Scot also told the darkly amusing story of his family and the death of Tiny the cow, who drowned in the local creek. A wake was held for the unfortunate animal and after amusing the audience with this tale of woe went on to tell us that not long afterwards both maternal and paternal Grandmothers died. In describing how the family dealt with death he subtly reminded students that good writing comes not from exotic or spectacular events but from the ordinary stuff of life and the emotions emanating from it.

We were privileged to have such a fantastic writer speak to our students and hopefully they will have been inspired by him or in the least have picked up some small kernel of truth to make a difference in their writing and/or life!

Final days for Year 12 students
Year 12 students are nearing the end of their school lives with the HSC just around the corner and an exciting future ahead. The Senior Library while sad to see such a wonderful group of young men leave us, also needs to gather resources loaned out so that these can be useful to the students following them. All families of students with resources outstanding will be sent a letter asking for the return of all library resources with a list of their borrowings attached. A list of the names of students with items on their record will be kept in the Principal’s office and the receipt of their final reports will depend on them returning all resources and having their name removed from this list.  So parents can assist at this busy time by reminding them of their responsibilities regarding this.

We wish them all a happy and successful future in whatever paths they choose to take.
Ms Gordon
Teacher Librarian, Senior Library

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From the Junior Library

After 5 rounds of blitz (sudden death) chess the winner was Jacky Yu, Year 11.  So the Seniors took home the box of chocolates this year! It is worth saying that Jacky Yu had to defeat all comers, including staff entries, to make the playoff against a valiant Faysal Ayub, Year 8.  There were 22 competitors this year.

Thank you to the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Library Monitors who supervised the Chess Competition this year.  These boys sacrificed their lunch and recess breaks for 2 days straight to do this work.

Boys learn to play chess against one another in the Junior Library which can afford to be a little more light hearted than the more studious Senior Library.  Chess has taken on an impetus this term which is assisted by this competition which is only for non -Chess Club players.

Every boy who enters this draw has to read 10 books in order to go into the draw.  Daniel Cai has read 26 books this year from our Library and is a very worthy winner of this award.  It was very pleasing to see such a deserving winner of this semester’s  book voucher.

All Year 9 classes experienced a visit from an author last Wednesday.  Scot Gardner proved to be a refreshingly and non-commercial, self -depreciating  achiever who would rather tell jokes than sell his books.  However when Masrur Joarder,  Year 9, and  Jason Zhu, Year 9, discussed two of his books they had read, Scot unbent to tell the boys how he had based his inspiration on events and people he personally knew.  He then played a game with the boys and got them to tell stories about their lives which they could then use to write about.  Many of our Old Boys send our Library the books they have written and there is a whole bay in the Junior Library which forms an Old Boys Collection.

Both of our Librarians agree that Scot Gardner writes good quality and edgy children’s literature. Scot Gardner books available from out Library are Australian Children’s Book of the Year Winner – The dead I know, Burning Eddy, Gravity, Happy as Larry, Bookmark Days, The Detachable Boy, Kevin the Plumber.

Despite some frantic last minute efforts and pleas to the organisers on my part I was unable to validate some latish entries into the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  I really feel for those students and the parents who sent me validating emails. Thank you so much for supporting your son’s reading.  I am sorry that you missed out this year.  However…..

Coinciding with and because of the Premier’s Reading  Challenge,  the Junior Library investigates OASIS library system loan records at this time each year.  This gives some feedback to the boys and English teachers involved in the Wide Reading Program.  This year our records informed us that 25 boys could have qualified for the Premier’s Reading Challenge if it actually accepted school reading records and did not stipulate the titles the boys had to read.  To make up for this shortfall in this otherwise prestigious Award our school offers certificates to boys who are good readers acknowledging how many books they have read.   Congratulations to the following great readers in 2013: Tama Widyatamaka, Year 7, 50 books,; Patrick Zhou and Jonathon Lee , Year 7, 39 books;  Jack Jiang , Year 7, 32 books; Richard Zhong and Nelson Zeng, 30 books ;  Kevin Jin, Year 7, 26 books; Kevin Court, Guy Suttner and Anderson Chan and Jeremy Ma,  Year 7,  23 books. Kevin Guo, Year 8 , 37 books,  Daniel Cai,  Manson Luk,  Andrew Xu,   year 8, 32 books , Daniel Cai , Year 8, 25 books,  Dibyendu Roy, Year 8 , 22 books, Harrison Li, Hamzah Mulla, Richard Truong and Daniel Hu, Year 8  20 books;  Year 9 boys who read over 20 books were: Roy Shen , 55 books;  Joshua King, 27 books  Joshua Chin, 23 books;  Simon Shields  - 21 books; Andrew Nguyen, 20 books.

Parents please congratulate these lifelong readers.  All of these boys will be receiving VIP Certificates.

NEW RESOURCES JUST OUT (and record number of resources accessioned)
Our library has just been investigating some statistics and can very proudly announce that the 2 Libraries combined have accessioned 2652 resources for our students in the last year.  We think the 500 resources we are up on last year’s accessions is due to the incredible effort put in by Library monitor extraordinaire – Darren Huang – (…hours) to accession W drive broadcast materials.
Mrs V Crothers
Teacher Librarian

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Blood Donations

Save Some Lives – Donate Blood on Monday 9 September

The Red Cross mobile unit will be accepting blood donations in our Gymnasium on Monday 9 September from 8.30-3.30.

Family members, staff and students over 16 are can donate by making an appointment on the bulletin board outside Room 506.  Students are encouraged to book a time which coincides with a free period or at the beginning of lunch/ recess.  Students/parents/staff are invited to book any remaining times on Friday 6 September. Walk-ins will be accepted if time permits.

The duration of the screening process will be drastically reduced for previous donors who include their donor number when reserving an appointment time.  All donors are required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire before eligibility to donate is determined.  Red Cross medical staff will follow stringent screening procedures used in medical facilities.  Permission notes are not required.

Special thanks for coordinating this blood drive go to our Red Cross Youth Ambassadors: Adilmorad Nadir (Y10), Azam Malik (Y11), Bosco Tran (Y10), Glanden Zheng (Y11) and Jeramy Ma (Y11).

From Australian Red Cross - www.donateblood.com.au

The most common factors that will determine if you can or cannot give blood follow.*

Before giving blood:

  1. DRINK UP - In the 24 hours before donation, especially in warm weather.  Also, drink at least four good-sized glasses of water/juice in the 3 hours prior to your visit
  2. EAT UP - Make sure you eat something in the 3 hours before donating
  3. BRING ID – Please bring at least one form of photo identification

Most  people are able to give blood if they:

  • bring photo ID
  • feel fit and healthy
  • are aged between 16 and 70
  • weigh over 45kg (50kg if under 18)

You may be temporarily unable to give blood if you:

  • are on certain medications or antibiotics
  • have a cold or feeling unwell in any way
  • have certain medical conditions
  • have recently had surgery

You will not be able to give blood if you have:

  • visited or lived in the UK for a cumulative total of 6 months or more between 1980 and 1996
  • engaged in male to male or other specified at risk sexual activity in the past 12 months
  • recently been pregnant or given birth
  • had a tattoo in the past 6 months
  • ever had a serious heart condition
  • ever had a serious blood disorder or disease
  • ever “used drugs” by injection or been injected with drugs not prescribed by a doctor or dentist

* Further eligibility criteria apply.

For further information, or if you are unsure about your eligibility to give blood, contact Australian Red Cross and ask to speak with a medical professionals.  Phone 13 14 95 or visit www.donateblood.com.au.

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High Runners Club

For all abilities

Fridays 8-9am from October 11

  • Officially make up for a missed session
  • Improve your 1.6km time
  • Casual long distance running group

Coached by Adam Booth (class of 2012)

See Mr Pavone to join

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

Please check out the updated Rugby website where all information on Rugby is located.  http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/rugby/

High vs. Grammar

All teams showed their improvement over the course of the season with a much more competitive encounter than earlier in the season. The big improvers were the 16Bs and 3rd XV who turned around 60 point losses earlier in the year to win this time.

Team of the week – 3rd XV – Turned around a 60 point loss earlier in the season to beat Grammar 3rd XV, the first time an opens team has beaten an equivalent Grammar opponent  in 12 years.

3rd XV report
The Sydney Grammar School. An unforgettable fixture on our calendars, marked with a bloody X upon all our calendars. With the resounding boom of the High crowd, the mighty 3rd XV stormed the McKay fields. Clear skies. Moderate temperature.  The sun high in the sky. The stage was set for a historic battle. From the very first whistle, the physically perfected squad of Sydney High ran rings around the Grammar 3rd XV. Within the 10 minutes, the larger-than-life Stefan Bell crashed over the line for the first of many points in the Sydney High column. Confident, yet humble, High's spectacular forward pack headed by none other than the Angry Bird and Senor Lau, continued their unstoppable rampage. Rucks. Lineouts. Scrums. There was not a place where they could not be seen.

In the dying seconds of the initial half, fly-half Mitch Flynn discovered he had legs. Breaking the line with Bolt-like pace, Flynn had secured an additional 7 points next to the might Sydney High. Under the wise guidance of Hall of Fame coach, Guoxi Bill Wang, the High Boys were energetic out of the half-time break, ready to gain another victory in their many seasons. Respectfully, High allowed Grammar to re-enter the contest with several points of their own. The almost-perfect play of the High 3rd XV backline, however, ensured that the margin never dipped below 10, thanks to the play of Hayden "Baby" Lam and Ethan "Calves" Ou. The victory was assuredly in the bag when Flynn and Tony "Heart Attack" Li put up 3rd XVs highest scoring output in its short history of 28 points.

Famed for their brilliant back line and their gargantuan forward pack, the Sydney High Boys triumphantly cheered at the final whistle. Beneath the Spring sun and the rowdy support, the High Spirit proudly triumphed with the year 12s Ryan Xi, Brian He, Will Chang, Tony Li, Hayden Lam and Ryan Dewan, finishing the closing chapters of their High Rugby careers.
Charlie SHI
Captain 3rd XV

Upcoming fixtures

7th of September – Scots (A)
13th of September – Rugby dinner

Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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Volleyball Notes

First Grade GPS Volleyball Report

Looking to avenge our loss against Grammar last time we played, we knew we would have to play well and consistently to beat this will prepared team. Coming in with a host of new skills, particularly running faster balls around the net thus strengthening our isolation plays (and thus reducing necessity for riskier combination plays), we felt that we had the extra edge that would get us over the line. This is all in thanks to the work of our coaches, Mr Kay and Yaegan Doran. Additionally, the larger serving space of our home gym allows for jump serves – one of the cornerstones of our play that had been unable to be used at our away game against Grammar last time.

We opened strongly in the first set, with our aggression matching our excellent consistency. Amazing serving gave us needed runs and was a mental edge over the grammar team. Despite being the best passing team we’ve come against all year, the faster balls allowed us to get between blocks and hit hard line balls, resulting in well-earned points. As such, we won the first set convincingly, in a testament to the new style of play.

The second set followed in similar suit, as we pulled away to an early lead, again with serving giving us those extra points which allowed some breathing space. Our faster plays continued to consolidate, and we were winning the psychological battle – despite the fact that Grammar had brought more supporters to our gym who were very vocal in their support for the Grammar side.

The third set was far closer, winning in extra points 26-24. It was our own poor passing that inhibited the quality of sets, and thus reduced our attacking power. For a game built heavily on attack, we needed excellent passes – and their absence saw us with a significant mid set point deficit. However, a strong finish saw us win in straight sets against an excellent team.

With this win, High are officially Co-Premiers of 2013 GPS Volleyball. Unfortunately, set and point count back are not used in calculating first – which would have put us as the only premiers. Despite this, it is an honour to share the title with the Grammar team (due to our loss earlier in the season) who are undoubtedly one of the best sides the GPS competition has seen. The continued trend of the other schools putting more resources into Volleyball has seen a shift to a new era of Volleyball, an era where High is unable to expect to win the GPS competition. As such, I am incredibly proud of the team as we remain the side to beat in the GPS competition.
Jonathan Clements-Lendrum

Mr M Kay
MIC Volleyball

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SHS Rowing Committee


7.00am Saturday 14 September 2013

at High Rowing Sheds, Abbotsford

Senior parents … this is a very important meeting to attend so you know what is happening during the rowing season.



  • The season calendar with important dates and camps identified
  • The seniors weekly rowing schedule
  • Outline of what’s expected of the boys and how parents can contribute
  • Study/tuition sessions at camps
  • Outline of camp duties for senior parents
  • Who’s who? Meet the MIC, Coaches, Old Boys and Committee  
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SBHS 2013 Rugby Dinner

Help celebrate another great year of High Rugby

WHEN? Friday 13 September 2013.  6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start.

Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School.

Players, parents, coaches, friends and supporters.
Players to wear school uniform. Adults wear smart casual.

To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our players and because friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime. 

COST? $30 per person.
Payable to the school office by Monday 9 September.

Maximum seating 220.

Soft drinks and mineral water provided. 


The 2013 Rugby Dinner RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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End of Season Rifle Luncheon 2013

Please come along to celebrate a great year for High Rifle Shooting

WHEN? Sunday, 15th September 2013, 12:30pm

WHERE? The Great Hall, SBHS

WHO? Rifle Students (compulsory) , parents, coaches and supporters.
Dress-Full school uniform for students, smart casual for visitors

To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our shooters and support staff.

COST? $35/person. Payable to the school office by Wednesday 4th September. 


The End of Season Rifle Luncheon RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Football: The World Game

End of Season Dinner

High Football would like to cordially invite all players, parents and supporters of SBHS Football to the

End of Season Dinner
Saturday 14th of September
6:00pm for a 6:30 pm start
The Great Hall

It is a fantastic chance to celebrate the 2013 season with teammates and coaching staff.

There will prizes awarded for Player of the Season, Golden Boot, Golden Glove as well as the coveted Dolan Cup for best High Football Team.

Tickets are $30 per person, payable to the Main Office. Seats are strictly limited so make sure you and your teammates get in early to secure a spot. Payments close on Wednesday 10th September or when sold out.

Vegetarian and halal meal options available. Soft drinks will be provided, BYO for parents and supporters.

Committee Meeting

The final committee meeting of the season will be held on Monday, 16th September at 6:00pm. This will serve as High Football’s 2013 season review, looking at topics including:

Coaching  -  Grounds  -  Co-Payments  -  Staffing  -  Fundraising  -  Committee Structure

All parents and supporters are welcome and all feedback will be helpful to give direction to the SBHS Football Program in 2014 and beyond. If you are unable to attend, all feedback should be directed to the MIC Matt Mulroney This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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