High Notes, Vol 14 No 18, June 14 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Our PDC Hume Barbour debating team (Wilber Koslowski, Kushaal Vyas, Connor Robinson and Albert Chau ) were busy last week contesting the regional semi-final and final. Proving that they are running into form at the right time, the boys defeated SGHS again to take out the regional Final. The President of the Lak Saviya Foundation, Tissa Liyanage, wrote to thank High for the cheque for $2336.05 raised by the Year 10 project team.  “SBHS's continued support for making a difference in the lives of needy students at KRMV is highly appreciated. Please convey our sincere thanks to Year 10 students and others who were involved in organising the Mufti Day and the BBQ for raising these funds.” Well done, boys!  In the Latin Reading Competition held last week at the University of Sydney, Christopher Chen (Year 11) won through to the final 6. He will represent High in the final. Ranked as Highly Commended were: Peter Choi, Jens Waring (Year 11). Commended citations were earned by Rick Saha and Madison Wu (Year 10). Congratulations, boys! The annual visit to Wingham for competition in full bore target rifle shooting was very successful. Our boys (Jeremy  Chan, Wilbert  Wu, Bill Deng and Dominic Tran won C grade and would have won B grade also. Jeremy was the 13th ranked shooter in an open competition! Well done to the team! There was great work again by the High golf team – Mr Kay, Mr Bigelow, Shuming Wang and star Jason Hong (Year 9) - to clean up all comers at the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Golf Tournament. Congratulations!

Joint Project Update
This week the School Council nominated its members for the important governance bodies for the joint project with SGHS. The Project Control Group will have a membership of: the DEC Project Advisor (chair), the two school Principals, two representatives from each school, the Assets Management Unit Manager or delegate and the consultant Project Manager (who has yet to be appointed). The function of the PCG will be to manage the development process up to DA in the first stage. Once we have a DA the two schools will have to secure the total funding for the construction of the building and lodge it with DEC. Once that is done, the second stage will be to tender for a builder and then to move to construction. The second stage will again be managed by the PCG.  For SBHS membership of the Project Control Group, Danny Flynn and Geoff Andrews bring experience in project management and commercial agreements. They were endorsed by the School Council.

The Steering Committee looks after the relationships between the two schools and monitors the overall project. For SBHS membership of the Steering Committee, the Presidents of the P & C (Ian Sweeting) and the School Council (Julie Connolly) have been endorsed by the School Council.  One or two members of the Executive of SBHS will be invited to join the Committee.

The process to realise the vision of the Governors Centre is starting. We need your financial support to make it become a reality!

All Years except Year 8 should now have their reports. Parents are reminded that they should book appointments with teachers online for Parent-Teacher interviews. The evening for Years 9 and 12 is on Tuesday June 18th.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Years 9 and 12

will take place on
Tuesday 18 June 2013
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Years 7 and 11

will take place on
Monday 24 June 2013
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Years 8 and 10

will take place on
Wednesday 26 June 2013
3.00pm – 7.00pm

Booking interviews with your son’s teachers

This year we will again use a web based electronic scheduling system for arranging interviews.  This produces better results for all participants, especially more compact time schedules for both parents and teachers.  The system works as follows –

  • On Tuesday 11 June all parents of boys in Years 9 and 12 were sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .
  • On Monday 17 June all parents of boys in Year 7 and 11 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .
  • On Wednesday 19 June all parents of boys in Years 8 and 10 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book .


  • This email will be sent to the address currently held by the school.  If you have not received this email by the following day (12, 18 or 20 June) or, if your email address has changed from what had been previously advised to the school, you should notify the school at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it advising of this. Please indicate your son's name and roll class or date of birth so that the information can be forwarded to you.
  • On the Edval website you will see your son’s teachers listed and you will be able to select those with whom you require an interview. (If you hover over a teacher’s name, the subject involved will be shown.)  At the same time you can indicate your availability between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
  • Once the majority of parents have requested interviews, the overall schedule will be generated by the school and your individual schedule should be available for you to download and print from two days before the interviews.
  • Boys from all Years will be dismissed from class at the conclusion of Period 4 on each day.  School Special buses will run to normal schedules and there will be supervision in the Junior Quad of boys waiting for these buses.
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration.  If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.

Mr R Dowdell
Deputy Principal

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SBHS Debating

Year 12s were rushed to complete a Regional Semi Final Debate on Thursday and a Final on Friday last week. They won both which is wonderful news. 

All other Years PDC Debates are well under way now. Both Year 7 and 8s won their debates against Ashfield Boys today.  Year 9 and Year 11 have not been as lucky, but Year 10 have won their first round debates. Good luck to you all in the next few crucial weeks.

Boys who are interested in watching PDC debates or chairing need to see the teacher in charge of the PDC groups:

Ms Rigby - Years 7 & 8
Mr Higgins - Years 9 & 10
Ms Mack - Year 11
Ms Powell - Year 12

I have an invitation to the Hume Barbour for the Final of the Premier's Debating Challenge for Years 11&12 which is on Monday  5 August 2013, 11.30am - 1.00pm, The Great Hall, University of Sydney.

These places will be limited and I will be looking for enthusiastic members of the Debating Community to attend.  Come and see me if you would like a ticket.

There are two more weeks of coaching left this term. 

Next week on Thursday 20 June it is a DSG meeting. All parents are invited to attend this meeting. If you are interested in attending but are not a committee member please contact me before next Wednesday.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

This week’s debating roundup is one with a lot of fantastic news!

After Year 12’s Eastside Finals victory over their rivals from Sydney Girls, there was a grand final rematch in the Hume Barbour Debating Competition the very next week! Going in with confidence from the week before, the team consisting of Wilber, Khushaal, Connor and Albert debated at the NSW Parliament house on the topic “That voting should be optional”. In what was a truly high quality and outstanding debate, our Year 12s won for the 2nd week in a row with a unanimous decision in their favour. A very positive result and we hope there’s more to come! A big thank you to Ms Rigby for driving the boys to Caringbah for the semi-final against Caringbah along with organising for an audience to come and watch the final against Sydney Girls.

In some more positive news from Year 12, Connor Robinson and Wilber Koslowski both made the cut of 12 for the NSW State Debating squad! A very impressive achievement!

Both Years 7 and 8 won their PDC debates against Ashfield Boys and are looking strong for their respective competitions. Year 10 has also had a successful start to the PDC rounds winning their first round debate.

With FED and Eastside over, PDC will be taking over our focus for the next couple of weeks before the beginning of the GPS season next term!

So stay sharp boys and congratulations on a great season thus far!

Tip of the Week: There is a noticeable trend in younger debaters trying to write out their speeches word for word during prep. Some carry this harmful habit right up to their senior Years. It is important to get used to writing out speeches in dot points so as to look more confident and more prepared, rather than reading directly off paper. It is also a good way to show the audience that you know exactly what you’re talking about.
Khushaal Vyas
Debating Prefect.

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Charity Golf Tournament

Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

The Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation provides a free community transport service for those most in need.  Last Thursday  6 June the Foundation held its annual charity day at Concord Golf Club.

Sydney High is a supporter of the Foundation providing office space at the school and parking for the Foundation’s vehicles. As part of its ongoing support Sydney High sponsored a hole at the charity day and sent  senior  students James Lin, Adilmorad Nadir and Matthew Zhang to help run the raffles.

The school entered a team of 4 to compete in the 4 man ambrose competition. The team consisted of Jason Hong (Year 9), Shuming Wang (Year 12) and staff members Mr Bigelow and Mr Kay. This was the second year Sydney High has entered the charity day and the experience paid off as they won the overall trophy with a gross score of 61 (10 under par) and a net score of 55.5.

Team High started the day nervously with a shaky par on the first hole but managed to string together 10 birdies in the following 17 holes to win the trophy now on display in the school foyer. 

Low marker Jason Hong provided the back bone for the group with his straight driving and accurate putting. The team strategy featured numbers man Mr Bigelow leading each shot with the range finder. Shuming would play second to refine the line followed by Jason and Mr Kay. The Bigelow-Wang-Hong combination was so deadly on the greens that Mr Kay didn’t need a putter for 12 of the 18 holes (he was very happy with this arrangement).

A highlight for the team was when Craig Parry joined the group on the 15th green and played the 16 hole with them.

At the presentation lunch Shuming Wang accepted the trophy from Lady Cutler and responded on behalf of the group and Sydney High. He thanked the participants for their support and spoke of the valuable work being done by the Foundation. Shuming concluded by recounting his experiences during his work with the Foundation’s volunteer drivers in the school holidays.

The charity day raised over $10 000 which will go towards computer upgrades for a more efficient booking system and administration.
M Kay

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Rifle Shooting

Only two weeks since the Armidale Sporting Exchange, the Sydney High Rifle Team set out once again to compete in the annual Wingham Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. The SHSRC members consisted of Wilbert Wu (12, c), Dominic Tran (12, vc), Bill Deng (12), Jeremy Chan (11), Minghao Wu (11), Sam Phillis (11), Rex Yi (11), Nicholas Phillis (10), Timothy Tran (10), Evan Han (10), Jack Zhou (10), Terry Fong (10), Desmond Chiang (10), Keller Huang (10), Ciaran Farrell (9), John Huang (9), Wentao Ruan (8), and James Jiang (8).

Arriving at the range, we set up camp in the last lights of the day, braving the crisp, cold, country air. The next day was only met by light rainfall, and change from the usual Wingham Rain Festival. Very impressive results were posted on the first day of the competition, especially from those who have never entered an Opens competition before.

Standouts on the day include scores out of a total of 50, from Bill a 49 with 4 centres, 50 with 5 centres by Jeremy, and 50 with 5 centres by Wilbert, which placed them 2nd in C Grade 500 metres, 1st in C Grade 400 yards, and 1st in C Grade 300 yards respectively. As a result, Jeremy won a prize and was placed first in the C Grade day aggregate, while Wilbert took a work bench as a prize. Well done also to Dominic, who placed 2nd in the C Grade day aggregate, posting a 50.1 at 400y and 49.4 at 300y, as well as John who shot a 49.6 at 300y, despite it being his first ever prize meeting. Well done!

After the first day of shooting, we had the chance to relax and enjoy ourselves, the Wingham Rifle Club providing trivia and karaoke for the night. The team each took turns stepping up to the microphone, swallowing our embarrassment and entertaining the clubhouse with our singing, retaining our reputation as the stars of the night!

Day two of the prize meet saw an improvement in our shooting overall, with 13 of our shooters improving their scores. In particular, Nick improved from 110.7 on day 1 to 125.3 on day 2, and Jack improved from 128.9 to 141.8. Congratulations to Wilbert Wu, who shot extremely well on all three ranges (500 yards, then 600 yards twice), posting a very commendable 50.2, 50.1, and 49.7, dropping only 1 point the whole day. Congratulations must also go to Jeremy Chan, who shot a 50.3 at the first range, and 49.2 on the second range.

At the prize presentation, Jeremy collected his 500 yard badge as well as another prize, plus 1st place in the C Grade grand aggregate, dropping only 6 points throughout the whole two days. Wilbert took 2nd place in the C Grade grand aggregate, dropping only 9 points over two days, Bill took 3rd place, dropping only 10 points, and Dom took 4th place, also dropping only 10 points. The presentation was followed by another delicious dinner from the auxiliary ladies at Wingham.

Our yearly campfire concluded the trip and gave us time to relax and enjoy our time. Stories were shared over roasted marshmallows, pizza from a local store, and spuds, and some music was shared. The time came for us to return to our tents, unfortunately, for the last night at Wingham. Uncharacteristically, the rain never came, leaving our tents relatively dry, save for the dew of the morning.

Many thanks go to the Wingham Rifle Club for hosting this prize meeting every year. Thanks must also go to the MIC of shooting, Cathy Meaney, as well as Old Boys and coaches: Sam Kremer (1992), Justin Hill (2002), for giving up their entire long weekend to support us throughout the trip. Thanks also to Ishan Nadkarni, Joe Banh, Brendan Leo, and Jacky Yang, who also came to support us! Altogether, the team learnt many valuable lessons about shooting and the tradition of camping at Wingham.
Wilbert Wu
Captain of Rifles

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SBHS had an amazing Athletics season; increased involvement in training and a change in training culture set a new standard for the boys to strive for in all sports and for next athletics season. The boys rose to the new sports scheme and the consistent hard training paid off. Special thanks must go out to all those involved, students, coaches, supportive staff and a big thank you to all the parents, in particular to the parents who came and supported. The junior team came 7th – Intermediate 8th – Senior 6th. Below is the list of the athletes’ individual results.

2013 AAGPS - 11/05/2013
118th Annual AAGPS Athletics Championships
Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre
Meet Summary - AAGPS

Anson, Ned -
#22 Men 800 Metre U17 Championship  2:01.56 (6)
#75 Men 1500 Metre U17 Championship 4:26.49 (7)

Cai, James -
#16 Men High Jump U16 Championship 1.65m (6)
#46 Men Long Jump U15 Championship 5.42m (5)

Chang, Ian -
#57 Men 100 Metre U15 Division 12.34 (7)

Chang, Michael -
#17A Men Shot Put U17 Division 12.22m (4)

Chang, William -
#12 Men 800 Metre U15 Championship 2:12.13 (8)
#70 Men 400 Metre U15 Championship 53.89 (4)

Chen, Byron -
#61 Men 100 Metre U17 Division 11.98 (7)

Chen, William -
#3A Men Shot Put U15 Division 11.32m (3)

Chen, William -
#11 Men 800 Metre U15 Division 2:09.91 (3)
#52 Men 1500 Metre U15 Championship 5:13.10 (8)

Chung, Steven -
#76 Men 1500 Metre Open Championship 4:33.26 (7)

Clements-Lendrum, Jonathan -
#24 Men 800 Metre Open Championship 2:02.53 (5)
#43A Men 3000 Metre Open Division 10:07.89 (5)

Comninos, Steve -
#17 Men Shot Put U17 Championship ND 13.14m (5)

Dang, Peter -
#14 Men Long Jump U14 Championship 5.07m (5)
#38 Men 200 Metre U14 Championship 24.98 (2)
#56 Men 100 Metre U14 Championship 12.28 (4)

Duong, Dennis -
#18 Men Shot Put Open Championship 11.26m (8)

Fowler, Noah -
#4A Men Shot Put U16 Division 11.81m (4)

Goh, Dylan -
#55 Men 100 Metre U14 Division 12.68 (4)

Gu, Ray -
#1 Men High Jump U13 Championship 1.40m (6)
#13 Men Long Jump U13 Championship 5.01m (4)
#53 Men 100 Metre U13 Division 12.97 (2)

Guo, Kevin –
#9 Men 800 Metre U14 Division 2:26.47 (7)

Haddo, Christian -
#39 Men 200 Metre U15 Championship 24.66 (7)
#58 Men 100 Metre U15 Championship 12.26 (6)

Hancox, Brendan -
#43 Men 3000 Metre Open Championship 9:51.99 (6)
#74 Men 1500 Metre U16 Championship 4:34.28 (4)

Hoad, Luke -
#20 Men 800 Metre U16 Championship 2:10.79 (6)

Hong, Jason -
#3 Men Shot Put U15 Championship 11.46m (8)

Ho-Shon, Ryan -
#8 Men 800 Metre U13 Championship 2:26.80 (6)
#68 Men 400 Metre U13 Championship  61.15 (7)

Huo, Jason -
#29 Men 100 Metre Hurdles U15 Division 16.54 (5)

Keogh, Daniel -
#42 Men 200 Metre Open Championship 23.62 (6)
#73 Men 400 Metre Open Championship  50.87 (2)

Kuang, Kenny -
#18A Men Shot Put Open Division ND 9.86m (8)

Lee, Eugene -
#21 Men 800 Metre U17 Division 2:05.53 (4)
#63 Men 100 Metre Open Division 11.92 (8)
#72 Men 400 Metre U17 Championship 51.98 (4)

Leo, Joshua -
#59 Men 100 Metre U16 Division 11.87 (3)
#71 Men 400 Metre U16 Championship 54.27 (5)

Love, Elliot -
#10 Men 800 Metre U14 Championship 2:20.94 (7)

Mah, Dominic -
#34 Men 110 Metre Hurdles U17 Championship 15.50 (4)
#41 Men 200 Metre U17 Championship 22.85 (3)
#62 Men 100 Metre U17 Championship 11.33 (3)

Mah, Leonard -
#40 Men 200 Metre U16 Championship 23.11 (4)
#60 Men 100 Metre U16 Championship 11.70 (5)

Meroni, Oliver -
#23 Men 800 Metre Open Division 2:11.55 (6)

Metcalf, Ivor -
#6 Men Long Jump Open Championship 7.13m (1)
#36 Men 110 Metre Hurdles Open Championship 14.36 (2)
#49 Men High Jump Open Championship 2.01m (1)
#64 Men 100 Metre Open Championship 11.36 (4)

Montuno, Eli -
#44A Men Shot Put U13 Division 9.11m (6)

Musgrove, Sam -
#4 Men Shot Put U16 Championship ND 12.25m (5)

Musulin, Bailey -
#19 Men 800 Metre U16 Division 2:11.85 (4)

Nguyen, Brandon -
#26 Men 90 Metre Hurdles U13 Championship 14.65 (4)

Quan, Nathan –
#7 Men 800 Metre U13 Division 2:32.89 (8)
#50 Men 1500 Metre U13 Championship  5:20.12 (9)

Saha, Rick -
#30 Men 100 Metre Hurdles U15 Championship 15.91 (7)

Schofield, Luke -
#51 Men 1500 Metre U14 Championship  4:46.47 (6)

Song, Neil -
#47 Men Long Jump U16 Championship  5.15m (9)

Strauss, Ben -
#25 Men 90 Metre Hurdles U13 Division 17.89 (9)

Tan, Jackson -
#31 Men 110 Metre Hurdles U16 Division 17.69 (5)

Tang, Wanyu -
#28 Men 100 Metre Hurdles U14 Championship 16.10 (3)
#45 Men Shot Put U14 Championship 9.58m (9)
#69 Men 400 Metre U14 Championship 60.05 (8)

Upatising, Pete -
#5 Men Long Jump U17 Championship  6.40m (2)

Vatandoust, Shayan –
#48 Men High Jump U17 Championship NH

Wang, Flidon -
#2 Men High Jump U14 Championship NH

Wong, Lucas -
#37 Men 200 Metre U13 Championship 25.63 (2)
#54 Men 100 Metre U13 Championship 12.31 (2)

Yang, Carl -
#33 Men 110 Metre Hurdles U17 Division 18.02 (6)

Yi, Roy -
#44 Men Shot Put U13 Championship 11.80m (2)

Yuan, Gordon -
#15 Men High Jump U15 Championship 1.55m (6)

Zhang, Edward –
#35 Men 110 Metre Hurdles Open Division NT 18.65 (4)

Zhang, Nigel -
#45A Men Shot Put U14 Division ND 8.80m (8)

Zheng, Jeffrey -
#27 Men 100 Metre Hurdles U14 Division 16.73 (4)

Relay Seed Heats Finals
1 Sydney Boys High School -
#65 Men 4x400 Metre Relay Junior 4:12.09 (7)

2 Sydney Boys High School -
#66 Men 4x400 Metre Relay Intermediate 3:50.35 (7)

3 Sydney Boys High School -
#67 Men 4x400 Metre Relay Senior NT 3:33.95 (7)

4 Sydney Boys High School -
#77 Men 4x100 Metre Relay U13 Championship 50.50 (2)

5 Sydney Boys High School -
#78 Men 4x100 Metre Relay U14 Championship 49.16 (5)

6 Sydney Boys High School -
#79 Men 4x100 Metre Relay U15 Championship 47.23 (7)

7 Sydney Boys High School -
#80 Men 4x100 Metre Relay U16 Championship 45.52 (6)

8 Sydney Boys High School -
#81 Men 4x100 Metre Relay U17 Championship 45.06 (6)

9 Sydney Boys High School -
#82 Men 4x100 Metre Relay Open Championship 44.86 (7)

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Junior Fencing

School Championships

This weekend we had some very impressive results in both competitions. We started the day early with some warm ups, before practicing some bouts.  Everyone was very eager for the win as we entered the poules.

In the Sabre competition there was some bitter fighting in the poules, then Direct Eliminations started. Slowly High Boys got knocked out, but not without stiff resistance! Chen Yu Wang triumphed over stiff competition in the final to come first, after a very close bout, winning 15-14. Garry Huang placed equal third, after losing to Chen Yu 8-15. Simon Nguyen also placed third, after a narrow defeat 13-15. Peiyuan Li ended in fifth place, losing 8-15 and Aaron Tse came seventh, losing 10-15 after a long fight. Overall, the Sabre results were impressive. High won 3 out of 4 medals!

There were some very strong clashes, in the Epee poules, and especially in the Direct Eliminations. John Tian stayed up top throughout and after a long, intense and suspenseful fight, he won his final bout 15-10, winning the competition! After a very long and tough fight, Arthur Chao lost 11-14 to the competitor who came second, after a passivity rule was invoked, placing sixth but not without style at the end, bowing out with a roar. Lut Ming Chan came seventh against a very skilled opponent, ending 9-15. Raphael Ng placed eighth, unfortunately losing 7-15. After that, Ahad-Anhiang Zafar came ninth, James Ye came eleventh, Kentaro Takahata came twelth and Peter Lin came thirteenth. The silver lining of the epee cloud was our gold medallist John Tian.

It was a very educational weekend for the new fencers in Year 7 as they turned up and supported us and saw what real fencing is like. Overall it was a very pleasing weekend with quite a few medals, especially as we were competing against some very tough schools like St Aloysius. Well done to all fencers with their commendable results!

Photos to come next week.
Arthur Chao
Junior Fencing Vice-Captain

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Parking for Grease

Limited ‘Grease’ Parking Saturday Evening

 If you’re planning to attend Grease on Saturday evening parking will be limited due to the Rugby at Sydney Football Stadium, Moore Park. Please consider catching public transport or arrive early.  Some parking will be reserved. Thank you.

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From the Canteen

Once again thank you for being a canteen volunteer. ALL canteen profits are returned back to the school to help fund projects and facilities which benefit all our sons.?

Thank you to our volunteers last week. 

Mon: Dongmin Zhao, Yoshe Leong, Usha Arvind, Jeannie Vye.
Tues: Pauline Chan, Annette Ng, Todd May, Melissa Wang.
Wed: Faidha Razmi, Jenny Chiu,Cindy Tseu.
Thurs: Pit Trent, Xing Ping Zhang, Annie Jiang.
Fri: Kati Westlake, Connie Tai, Theothe Tsirbas.
The Canteen Team

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Governors Centre for Excellence in Education (GCEE) Fundraising Committee

As you are aware, Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High Schools submitted a proposal to the Department of Education to fund and develop a shared multi-purpose facility (to be known as the Governors Centre for Excellence in Education) on the Cleveland Street frontage between the two schools.

The department has recently given approval for the two schools to proceed with the proposal. The estimated cost of this much-needed building is $8 million and each School’s parent and Old Boys/Old Girls community is planning to contribute $4 million, raised through tax-deductible donations to the Schools’ respective building funds. SBHS parents and Old Boys have donated almost $2 million towards the project in recent years and it is planned to raise the remaining $2 million over the next two years while Development Approval is obtained and project planning is completed. The P&C is seeking the help of parents or parent contacts who have some expertise or experience in fundraising to provide advice to the GCEE fundraising committee.  The P&C is also seeking the help of parents who would be willing to be part of the GCEE fundraising committee. It is envisaged that this committee would sit regularly over the next eighteen months to formulate and execute a fund-raising plan aimed at achieving the project’s financial milestones. Consequently, the functions of this committee are crucial to achieving the projected completion dates for this landmark building.

  If you can assist, please contact Ian Sweeting, President of the SBHS P&C, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Joint SGHS-SBHS P&C Meeting

A further reminder that the next P&C General meeting is the joint SGHS-SBHS P&C meeting which will be held Wednesday 19 June at 7:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall at Sydney Girls High School.  The guest speaker at this year’s joint meeting is Dr Ramesh Manocha.

Upcoming Parking Events

Please make sure you check with the co-curricular parking co-ordinator to confirm the exact start and finish times for particular events.

Saturday 15 June 7:30pm–Waratahs v British Lions (Basketball Supporters Group)
Sunday 16 June 6:30pm–Roosters v Warriors (Sailing Supporters Group)
Friday 28 June 7:50pm–Swans v Carlton (Rowing Supporters Group)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Years 9 and 12 Parent-Teacher Night: Great Hall –  3:00pm to 7:00pm, Tuesday 18 June.
Joint SGHS-SBHS P&C Meeting: SGHS MPH – 7:30pm, Wednesday 19 June.

Ian Sweeting

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Applications for Enrolment: Years 8, 9, 11

Sydney Boys High School
Building personal capacity in gifted boys

Applications for Years 8, 9 and 11
Close 30 July 2013

Application forms available from the school at: www.sydneyboyshigh.com/enrolment

Moore Park
Surry Hills NSW 2010
9361 6910

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