High Notes, Vol 14 No 16, May 31 2013

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our representative volleyball players! Pinyan Gao and Yu Peng Man were selected in the 2013 NSW CHS Volleyball team. They will compete in the Trans-Tasman tournament held in Surfers Paradise. Kalvin Xu and Dibyendu Roy were selected in the 2013 NSW Under 16 CHS Volleyball team to compete in the Australian U16 Schools Championships. Well done to our boys who competed in the Stan Jones Trophy Knockout tennis competition. Pat Rynsaardt, Frank Zhang, Adam Smagarinsky and Josh Sangueza won through to the final against traditional rivals – Endeavour Sports High. The boys lost to a stronger team 1-5. In the CHS basketball knockout, High defeated Albury High to advance again to the round of 8 in Terrigal. Congratulations to: Eamon Kelly,  Mitchell Flynn, Geoffrey Gerlach, James Baraceros, Jack Hutchison, Nathan Sutton, Braden Angell, Bailey Musulin, Noah Fowler and Stephan Bell. Congratulations to Michael Alexandratos who was accepted into the National Art School’s Intensive Studio Practice for sculpture.

Armidale Visit
Congratulations to the participants in the Armidale visit. Your behaviour and attitude brought credit to the school. Well done particularly to the Rifle Shooting team for their strong win against co-premiers TAS in the small bore competition. A highlight for me was the strong win by the 13A rugby team coached by Mick Aldous. The boys played really well. Great courage was shown by the first XV also. They played with <5% of possession but held on to lose 5-10 against TAS in the first 3rd grade competition round of the GPS season. High had wins in both basketball games and the tennis matches, but lost the majority of the rugby contests and the two debates. My thanks go to the staff who gave up their weekend to go on the trip.

Sorry Day Assembly
This week we commemorated National Sorry Day – May 26. While promoting healing for the Stolen Generations, Sorry Day is also a time for reflection about government treatment of aboriginal people in a wider context. My speech to the Sorry Day Assembly is reprinted below.

“Today we pay our respects to Aboriginal people and their elders past and present. To reinforce that respect we commemorate Sorry Day. To say ‘sorry’ is not just symbolic but also a powerful gesture towards reconciliation. I would like to honour Sorry Day by saying ‘sorry’ on behalf of white bureaucrats who institutionalised racism in Australia. Such racism became an intergenerational response that led to the murder of many innocent aboriginal people.

"Last year I recounted the events of the Myall Creek Massacre from the first half of the nineteenth century. To our collective shame, such atrocities continued until the first half of the twentieth century. The Coniston Massacre of August, 1928 was the last recorded incident of indiscriminate murders of Aboriginal people by government officials. During the 1920s in the Northern Territory outback a competition for land and water had developed between white settlers and traditional custodians of these resources. A dingo hunter, Fred Brooks, lived near Coniston Station in the middle of the Northern Territory, a place occupied by both white settlers and Aboriginal people of the Walpari tribe. After a dispute involving tribal women, Brooks was killed by an Aboriginal called ‘Bullfrog’. His body was found pushed into a rabbit hole.

"When news reached Alice Springs the circumstances of the attack had been distorted and embellished. What happened next was the all too familiar pattern. Policemen are sent to arrest alleged perpetrators but instead, murder all those involved and any witnesses to their actions. Murray was sent to arrest Bullfrog and any other Aboriginals who had speared cattle belonging to white men. . On arriving at Coniston Murray did make two arrests, ironically of two Aborigines who were subsequently acquitted. During the following weeks Murray staged a series of punitive raids during which he and his men shot between 31 and 100 Aboriginal people, including innocent women and children.

"Public outrage, led by missionaries and settlers in the area, forced an enquiry to be commissioned by Prime Minister Stanley Bruce, comprised of three officials, one of whom was responsible for sending Murray to Coniston. Murray and his accomplices gave evidence that they acted in self-defence. As was depressingly common, the enquiry found that the police party had indeed acted in self-defence and had been attacked by Aboriginals armed with spears, boomerangs, nulla-nullas and tomahawks. No guilty party was punished but the ensuing publicity fuelled national and international outrage at the handling of the case. Such pressure ensured that Coniston Station would be the final massacre of Indigenous Australians.

"Aboriginal people were denied natural justice and crimes against humanity were covered up by one-sided ‘enquiries’ whitewashing events. Regrettably, inhumane and unjust treatment of Aboriginal people by police has not ceased in Australia. Annual memorials such as Sorry Day are important in the reconciliation process. Australians in each succeeding generation need to know about our history, confront the dark side of our national story and resolve not to allow such behaviour to recur. Let us say ‘sorry’ and mean it today.”
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Canteen

If you have ever wondered what people do as part of the Canteen Committee, then here’s your answer……

  • Meet once a month with Dr Jaggar and the Managers to discuss policy, menu, budget and other relevant issues to canteen.
  • Sample tasty current or proposed menu items as needed at said meetings
  • Help out in canteen as well as help with the stocktake count once a term.
  • Be prepared to assist with any occasional jobs that may need to be done as decided at a meeting.

The Canteen Committee is a friendly easy going team to be part of and welcomes mums and dads and others able to help. It is a good opportunity for you to be actively involved in a part of your son’s school that makes a sizeable financial contribution each year towards his education.

The Committee meets on the 2nd Friday of each month from 3.00- 4.00pm approx.

If you feel you could help the school out by being on the Canteen Committee, we would love to see you...especially parents from the junior school.  Just let Karen or Tracey know or come along.

Thank you to our volunteers last week.

MON:     Lynn Chen, Cole Gu, Shannon Hickey
TUES:    Sachiyo James, Peter Jin, Sharon Hughes,
WEDS:   Vikki Angell, Lin Jin, Sabrina Xu,Sally Allingham,
THURS: Helen Kon, Jian Ping Li, Maria Farrell,Kim Ngan Do
FRI:        Emily Yang , Maria Nguyen
The Canteen Team

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High Store June Sale

1st Week 3rd – 7th June

50% OFF Sydney Boys High Number Plate Cover
Suitable for yellow plates
Normally $39.95 NOW $20

50% OFF Rugby Cap
Normally $20 NOW $10

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From the Office

Late Arrival & Absence Notes –
All Students and Parents

Please ensure you include your son’s Full Name/ID number/Year & Roll Class when submitting absences, late arrivals or leave applications.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Applying for leave of absence

To apply for a leave of absence for your son:

  1. Log in to the Parent Portal
  2. Access the School Reference Documents section
  3. Download the Student Leave of Absence Application Form in the Applying for Leave folder

Please return this completed application form to the Principal giving at least four weeks’ notice of intended absence.

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SBHS Debating

This has been our busiest debating week so far in 2013.

Last Friday we hosted the Eastside Semi finals and, as I was unable to attend, I owe thanks to Ms Rigby, Ms Mack and Mr Higgins and all the student helpers on the night especially Oliver Long and Arthur Chau. By all accounts you did a marvellous job.

Well done to Year 8 and Year 12 who both won their debates and are now facing SGHS in the finals. These debates will take place at 6.30 at High.  It would be great to get big crowds to cheer the boys on.

In the FED finals, also this Friday, we have Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11. Good luck to you boys. These debates will be held at Trinity at 6pm and 7pm.

The Year 11 PDC team beat Endeavour High in their zone debate, but we already know that the Year 12 team have won the zone. However, it was a good experience for the Year 11s who were involved. 

Also last Friday the Year 9 and 10 began there PDC debates against Rose Bay. Good luck to those two teams as they move forward in the competition.

Finally, I am writing this from Armidale where some of the boys, who were up here for rugby and other sports, took part in some debates. Thanks to everyone who took part in this and well done to the winners. I was particularly proud of James, Sam, Damian and Nathan (Year 11 debaters) who were willing to take part in the show Debate against Armidale Firsts. It was a really close debate (which was awarded to Armidale on a split decision) which is testament to the high quality of the debating program at High.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

Debating Report

This week we had one of our most hectic days on the debating calendar with Sydney Boys playing host to the Eastside debating semi finals! With an intense night of debating both our Year 8 and Year 12 have qualified for this year’s Eastside final!

Before we go into a full run down of Friday night, a huge thank you must go to Mr Higgins, Ms Mack and Ms Rigby for working so hard in Ms Powell’s absence to ensure everything ran smoothly. A big thank you must also go to Arthur Chau and Oliver Long whose organisational skills and helpfulness were unrivalled on Friday. Thanks a lot, guys!

Both Year 8 and Year 12 will now face off against Sydney Girls in what should be a very entertaining grand final. This week the Year 8 boys debated the topic that “Vaccinations should be compulsory for children” and did an amazing job right down the bench to ensure they qualified deservingly for a chance to be crowned Eastside champions. All debaters, especially those who are not debating this Friday night are strongly encouraged to come and support the boys this Friday in what promises to be a cracker!

Year 12 debated a very economical topic “That the RBA should limit the government’s spending capacity”. Negating the topic, the Year 12s  were able to nail some extremely intuitive economic arguments to steal the debate from what was a very strong Sydney Grammar outfit. The boys will now debate Sydney Girls in the finals at the Great Hall Friday night beginning at 6:30pm. All those who are interested are welcome to attend; it will most certainly be well worth watching!

In the Fed Competition Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11 have all qualified for the finals! Best of luck gentlemen and congratulations!

With so many exciting grand finals taking place on Friday, it’d be great if the school community (along with the debaters) were there in numbers to support our school and hopefully see us win an array of silverware! (Touch wood.).

A big congratulations to all debaters thus far. The fact we have qualified for so many grand finals is testament to High’s talent. Best of luck to all those in finals week!

Tip of the Week: Winning grand finals is lots of fun and it feels good. So let’s win!
Khushaal Vyas
Debating Prefect

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit     

Please check out the updated Rugby website where all information on Rugby is located.  http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/rugby/

High vs Armidale

The first GPS game was very competitive for most teams, with two wins, a draw and many other close games. The 1st grade team bounced back from last week to match the Armidale team throughout the game, going down in a close game 10-5. The 2nd and 3rd grade teams did very well and were both in the match until late in the game.

Team of the week – 13As – A win in only their second game together.
Play of the week – Max Chao’s try saving tackle in the 2nd XV game. He tackled the opposition player over the line to force the ball loose.

CHS Representatives

Congratulations to Joshua Leo (Year 11) and Sam Musgrove (Year 10) who both made the CHS under 16 team. A great effort after two exhaustive rounds of trials.

Press release from the GPS

For the upcoming 2013 GPS Rugby season, a pilot scheme in which players in the Under 14 age group who weigh 50kg or less, may be allowed to play down an age group.

Players will have to register and weigh in on (June 14) and again on (July 20).

This is an initiative to allow smaller boys to play and enjoy Rugby, an essential principle of GPS sport.

Upcoming fixtures

1st of June – Grammar (A) - Trial
15th of June – St. Ignatius (A) - GPS

See you all at training
Mr G. Barris
MIC Rugby

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Football: The World Game

NSW CHS Futsal

After the success of our under 16s team, the Open’s squad were hoping to go one better in the regional qualifiers held last Friday. Unfortunately a couple of late withdrawals via injury to Arjun Punekar and Michael Cui left the squad bent but not broken. After a tough opening round loss, High hit its straps with a big comeback in game 2 before faltering again to Emanuel. Unfortunately this was not enough to progress beyond the group stage but the boys played with determination and spirit.

The school was represented by Connor Robinson, Marcus James, Agnish Nayak, Jackson Lam, Jesse Cooper and Alex Pereira

Weekend Results

With the closure of grounds for training and games this weekend, make no mistake: Winter is coming.

All the home fixtures were washed out, leaving the 14s and 15s with the weekend off so it was up to the new Year 7s and the seniors to fly the flag for High. The 1st XI were narrowly beaten in a 7 goal thriller, dropping a 2 goal half time lead to lose 4-3, however there was enough evidence in the opening stanza to assure the supporters that this team will be a competitive force this season. The 16s had a topsy turvey afternoon, with the As going down by a handful, before the Bs and Cs restored some pride, both recording 8-0 victories. Bill Zhuang knocked in 3 for the Cs, but not to be outdone, James Chee thumped home 5 of his own to rocket to the top of the Golden Boot tally.

Photography competition

Each week, The World Game will be looking to feature the best shots of High boys in action on the football field. If you (or mum or dad) have taken any photos of football in action, please send them in and the best shots of the week will be displayed in the newsletter. Please submit your photos to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Football Committee

If you would like to be involved in the football community, please email the Football Committee President Mr Ian Robinson This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fixtures – 1st June

Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XI Scots David Philips 12.15
2nd XI Scots David Philips 11.00
3rd XI Scots David Philips 10.00
4th XI Scots David Philips 9.00
5th XI Scots McKay 4 2.00
6th XI Scots McKay 4 1.00
7th XI St Pats 7th XI Mason Park 3 1.30
8th XI St Pats 8th XI Mason Park 3 12.30
9th XI Scots 7th XI McKay 4 12.00
10th XI Scots 8th XI McKay 4 11.00
16A Scots McKay 3 9.00
16B Scots McKay 3 10.00
16C Scots McKay 3 11.00
16D Scots McKay 3 12.00
16E Knox 16F McKay 4 10.00
15A Scots Mission Field 6 9.00
15B Shore 15B Northbridge D 11.00
15C Shore 15D Northbridge D 10.00
15D Scots 15B Mission Field 5 9.00
15E Barker 15F McKay 4 9.00
14A Scots Mission Field 6 1.00
14B Scots Mission Field 6 12.00
14C Scots Mission Field 6 11.00
14D Scots Mission Field 6 10.00
14E Waverley 14F Queens Park 8 8.00
13A Scots Mission Field 5 1.00
13B Scots Mission Field 5 12.00
13C Scots Mission Field 5 11.00
13D Scots Mission Field 5 10.00
13E St Pats 13F Mason Park 3 11.30

All players must arrive and be ready at least half an hour before the match’s scheduled kick off time.

In the event of bad weather, please make sure you check the school’s website prior to leaving home.


The first 5 students who correctly answer all 3 questions [available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes] goes into the draw for the major prize to be drawn at the End of Season Dinner. Entries to Mr Mulroney in the PDHPE Staffroom.

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Volleyball Notes

GPS Volleyball Results

Date: 25/05/13

1st  Grade   2nd  Grade   16s
25-6  25-12  25-15   25-9  25-15  25-14   21-7  21-14  21-16
Skill First Grade Second Grade
% of Serves in play 1st 100% Sunny, Kevin L. 1st 100% Byron
2nd 92% Ivor 2nd 92% Niyaz
3rd 87% Jeffrey 3rd 91% Sunchit
% of Serves that were Kills 1st 54% Gordon 1st 50% Callum
2nd 46% Ivor 2nd 44% Niyaz
3rd 40% Kevin R. 3rd 43% Byron
% of spikes and blocks kept in play 1st 100% Kevin L., Kevin. R, Jeffrey 1st 100% Thomas, Callum,
2nd 88% Ivor 2nd 92% Byron
3rd 83% Gordon 3rd 78% Sunchit
% of spikes and blocks that were kills 1st 100% Kevin R. 1st 75% Thomas
2nd 78% Kevin L. 2nd 67% Callum
3rd 67% Gordon 3rd 58% Byron
 4th 65% Ivor with 9 consecutive kills! 
Serve Reception Passing accuracy 1st 100% Ivor 1st 100% Callum
2nd 85% Jason L. 2nd 90% Jason G.
3rd 83% Jonathan 3rd 81% Sean

First Grade Report

The game against Scots this weekend proved a very important learning experience for the team. Watching the second grade match before us, we were very surprised to see the Scots team contest early on – a stark contrast to the Scots teams of the past years. Despite this, seconds pulled through in a strong finish promising further improvement through the season.

As a team we were very surprised to see an apparently all new Scots outfit. Their new coaching staff had already had a marked improvement on basic skills such as serve reception and defence which allowed a few rallies to be played out. Noticeable was also the Scots determination to play well, which was surprising from a team that has historically not performed as well as they could have. As a result of this, after losing the first two sets, Scots came out in the third with far more intensity than we did, pushing to a two point lead half way through the set. It was only once our consistency returned that we were able to grind out the final points of the set, to win by five points.

Interestingly, the same trends noticed last season have continued – namely the improvement of the other GPS schools. Playing Riverview next week in the last match this term, we can expect to see a strong outfit who will give us a significant challenge. The extra training sessions have allowed for more time on much needed skills such as consistency with hitting and putting up a strong block with good penetration all across the net. This should allow us to compete professionally this week and it is good to see such improvement all round in the lead up to the CHS finals in June.
Jonathan Clements-Lendrum

Second Grade Report

The match against Scots on the weekend was a success, with High 2nds winning in straight sets, 25-9, 25-15, 25-14. Initial play was dogged by balls from the junior courts rolling onto our own, justifying replays, but this proved to be no problem for us. Being a home game, the net was once again at a height we recognised (after the Newington match last week), which allowed us to play with confidence. A combination of excellent serving from our side and poor serve reception from the opposition meant we were quickly able to take the lead and keep it in each set. Niyaz and George once again made up a fantastic pair in terms of attack and excellent passing and setting all round meant our front-court hitters could dominate the field. Overall 2nd grade played really well, and I hope to see us playing to the same level in next week’s match against Grammar, who will be our toughest opponent to date.
Calum York

Junior  GPS Competition

Round 1 SBHS 14A v SBHS 14B
25 - 22
25 - 23
15 - 8
25 - 17
15 - 12
Round 2 SBHS 14 A v Grammar C
25 - 18
25 - 13
SBHS 14B v Grammar D
25 - 17
25 - 18
15 - 10
Round 3 SBHS 15A v Grammar A
25 - 18
25 - 19
SBHS 15B v Grammar
25 - 9
25 - 13

NSW All Schools Tournament  

16 As Volleyball Report
Last Friday the 16As travelled to Olympic Park to play in the first NSW All Schools tournament of the year. Knowing that there were a large number of teams entering the tournament, we knew that the competition would be tough and winning would be a challenge.

Our first match was against a strong Homebush team who we were able to beat with some good serving and passing, 2-0. Next was Rooty Hill 2, a regular competitor in the tournament with a tough team to show for it. Through a strong service game and great hitting by our team, we were able to win the match. After that we had a duty and a long break, and played Dungog as our third opponent. We started off shakily, maybe because of our long break, but we were able win a close first set. We steadied in the second and finished strong winning 2-0.

In the semis we met a tough West Wyalong team and through great team play and communicating well, we pulled out the win. We had made it to the finals and we found our opponent to be Rooty Hill 1, a strong competitive team that we had played in the past. We made sure to communicate with each other and focus on our passing. It was a close set at first with Rooty Hill leading at the start, but we were able to swing things around and win the set in a close one. The second set was a battle at first, but we were able to take a dominant lead and win the second set comfortably. That marked the end of an exciting day of volleyball at Olympic Park from which we were able to come out with gold medals. A huge thanks to Balraj and Mr Kay for coaching us and Ms Trompetter for making sure the day went smoothly.

Also, great work by the team; Kevin Robinson (OH), Supan Arudselvan (OH), Ryan Seong (OH/M) Harry Park (M), Thomas Nguyen (M), Jaiden Chin (Lib) , Ryan Sun (S) and Aidin Karahasan (Uni), for winning the tournament.
Sunny Xu

Michael Kay
MIC Volleyball

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Rifle Shooting

In the week leading up to Friday the 24th of May, 14 members of the Sydney High Rifle Shooting Squad packed their shooting jackets, gloves and slings in preparation for the 2013 Armidale Sporting Exchange. Expectations were high as always, with many months of training at the Sydney International Shooting Centre boiling down to this event.

One 7 hour trip later, we received a warm welcome from TAS, contrasting with the numbing cold of the countryside. After this welcome, we set off to camp around a rare power point in the gym, settling in for a good night’s rest before the competition on Saturday morning. As part of the tradition devised in 2009, a shooting match consisting of 10 deliberate shots and 8 5-second shots takes place. A grand aggregate of 1800 is then used to determine the winner of the 105mm tank shell trophy.

The morning got off to a great start as all the shooters rose for breakfast on time before heading to the 50 yard smallbore range for an 8:30am start to the match. Once we arrived at the range, the rifles were set up, the shooters suited up, and the rules were explained. First shot went off at 8:35am.

A solid 97 and 97.5 by Sam Phillis and John Huang were posted to start off the first deliberate round.  Exceptional shooting came from Bill Deng in the second round, scoring 99.5 and 68, as well as Wen Tao Ruan, scoring 96.4 and 67. Minghao Wu also shot well, posting 99.3 and 70, taking 2nd place on the range. Well done to Nick Phillis, who scored 165.4 (97.4 and 67), Wilbert Wu 163.5 (98.5, 65), Timothy Tran 162.2 (95.2, 67), Dominic Tran 158.4 (95.4, 63), Jeremy Chan 157.3 (98.3, 59), and Evan Han 151.1 (86.1, 65), whose scores were also used to determine the grand aggregate. With a grand total of 1605 and 36 centres, we cleared Armidale’s score of 1477 with 15 centres by a whole 128 points! With this score, we were finally able to make our mark on the trophy, having never won the tank shell since the competition’s inception 5 years ago.

Many thanks go to the Armidale School for hosting such a great competition every year, as well as for their incredible hospitality. Thanks to both The Armidale School and New England Girls School for making such great competition. Thanks must especially go to Cathy Meaney, MIC of shooting, as well as our Old Boy coaches Ishan Nadkarni (2008) and Sam Kremer (1992), because without their organisation, we could never have achieved such great results. Such a great result shows promise in the upcoming GPS Premiership this year!
Wilbert Wu
Captain of Rifles

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Senior Fencing

School Championships
High arrived at Marrickville with all three weapons (foil, sabre and epee) having competitions. When both the sabre and epee poules were finalised, the majority were High fencers, thus increasing our chances of claiming several medals. After all poule matches were completed, it was time for direct elimination where the top four fencers in the sabre competition earned themselves a bye in the first round, and the other eight fencers battle it out for the remaining spots in the top eight. Ian Lai was High's only sabre fencer left in the semi-finals going down 15-10 and claiming bronze. Meanwhile, Hayden Raybone our only foil fencer who made it through to direct elimination in the foil competition from the previous week, unfortunately went down 15-14 in a highly entertaining bout. Our epee fencers also fenced very well in their poule matches. With only one epee training session up his sleeve, Michael Hauser showed his talent in this new weapon, with his extremely long arm being the advantage in his bouts. High had two of the four fencers in the finals for epee and this guaranteed at least two medals. Unfortunately Ashley and David both lost their semis but both claimed bronze medals. High had claimed a total of three bronze medals in the School Championships, setting our goals to achieve silver or gold in our upcoming competitions later this year.
YiuTao Wong
Fencing Captain

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 Blood Donations

Save A Life – Donate Blood 14 June at SBHS Great Hall

The Red Cross mobile unit will be visiting us again on Friday 14 June (the same day as Y10 Science excursion).  This term they will be set up in the Great Hall.

Family members, staff and students over 16 are encouraged to donate by making an appointment on the bulletin board outside Room 506.

  • Appointment times are at 10 minute intervals from 8.30am-4.20pm.
  • Students should attempt to make appointments for themselves during lunch, recess and free periods.
  • SGHS staff/students will be invited to book any remaining available timeslots from Friday 7 June.
  • Walk-ins will be accepted if time permits.

The duration of your pre-donation screening process will be drastically reduced if you include your previous donor number when reserving your appointment time.  All donors must complete a comprehensive questionnaire before eligibility to donate is determined.  Red Cross medical staff will follow stringent screening procedures used in medical facilities.  Permission notes are not required.

Special thanks to Azam Malik, Jeramy Ma and Glanden Zheng (Y11) for coordinating this blood drive.

From Australian Red Cross


The most common factors that will determine if you can or cannot give blood follow.*

Before giving blood:

  1. DRINK UP - In the 24 hours before donation, especially in warm weather.  Also, drink at least four good-sized glasses of water/juice in the 3 hours prior to your visit
  2. EAT UP - Make sure you eat something in the 3 hours before donating
  3. BRING ID – Please bring at least one form of photo identification

Most people are able to give blood if they:

  • bring photo ID
  • feel fit and healthy
  • are aged between 16 and 70
  • weigh over 45kg (over 50kg if under 18)

You may be temporarily unable to give blood if you:

  • are on certain medications or antibiotics
  • have a cold or feeling unwell in any way
  • have certain medical conditions
  • have recently had surgery

You will not be able to give blood if you have:

  • visited or lived in the UK for a cumulative total of 6 months or more between 1980 and 1996
  • engaged in male to male or other specified at risk sexual activity in the past 12 months
  • recently been pregnant or given birth
  • had a tattoo in the past 6 months
  • ever had a serious heart condition
  • ever had a serious blood disorder or disease
  • ever “used drugs” by injection or been injected with drugs not prescribed by a doctor or dentist

* Further eligibility criteria apply.

For further information, or if you are unsure about your eligibility to give blood, call Australian Red Cross (131495) to speak to a medical professional, or visit www.donateblood.com.au.

Jerry Phillipson

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 7 Information Evening Date Confirmed

The date for the Year 7 information evening has been set for Wednesday 12 June at 6:00pm in the Great Hall.  The Year 7 Advisers, Julie Eggleton, Annalise Mack and Mick Aldous will be presenting on a variety of issues related to your sons’ school life, as well as answering any questions you may have.  Thank you to John Walker and our new Year 7 parent representatives, Minhua Zang, Connie Cheong, Peter McGregor and Ron Trent for organising the evening.  Should you have any questions regarding the event, please contact the parent representatives at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Joint SGHS-SBHS P&C Meeting

A reminder that the next P&C General meeting is the joint SGHS-SBHS P&C meeting which will be held Wednesday 19 June at 7:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall at Sydney Girls High School.  The guest speaker at this year’s joint meeting is Dr Ramesh Manocha who is a practising medico and researcher at the University of New South Wales. Dr Manocha’s main area of research is meditation and its potential application for mental health and wellbeing in schools. Dr Manocha will be speaking on the topic Dealing with Teenage Stress and Enhancing Academic Performance which will deal with the rising tide of mental, social and emotional challenges affecting young people in our increasingly complex world. It will provide accurate information and reliable advice on how to deal with these unprecedented challenges.   We look forward to seeing you there.

Locally Selected Year 7 Class

In recent days, there has been mention in the media of High’s proposal for a locally selected Year 7 class.  As mentioned in a previous edition of High Notes, Dr Jaggar presented on the subject at the May P&C general meeting which formally supported the proposal. The P&C believes that the proposal allows for increased engagement with our local community which will bring significant benefits for the school, parents and students, while at the same time maintaining the school’s high academic standards we as a parent body expect.

The proposal is available on the Parent Portal at Reference Documents>Locally Selected Class Proposal.

Upcoming Parking Events

Please make sure you check with the co-curricular parking co-ordinator to confirm the exact start and finish times for particular events.

Saturday 1 June 4:40pm–Swans v Essendon Bombers (Football Supporters Group)
Saturday 15 June 7:30pm–Waratahs v British Lions (Basketball Supporters Group)
Sunday 16 June 6:30pm–Roosters v Warriors (Sailing Supporters Group)
Friday 28 June 7:50pm–Swans v Carlton (Rowing Supporters Group)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Football Committee Meeting: Room 901– 5:30pm, Monday 3 June (TBC).
Rugby Committee Meeting: Staff Common Room– 6:00pm, Monday 3 June.
SBHS-SGHS Senior Drama Production: SGHS Campbell Hall– Tuesday 11 June to Friday 15 June.
Year 7 Information Evening: Great Hall– 6:00pm, Wednesday 12 June.
Joint SGHS-SBHS P&C Meeting: SGHS MPH– 7:30pm, Wednesday 19 June.

Ian Sweeting

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Student Production: Grease

Sydney Boys & Sydney Girls High Schools present


Book, music and lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Thursday 13 / Friday 14 / Saturday 15
June 2013

Book Now - Seating is Limited - Don't Miss Out

Venue - Sydney Girls High School - Multipurpose Hall
Anzac Pde & Cleveland St, Surry Hills 2010 (Gate 4 or 5)

Adults: $20
Family: $60   (2 adults, 2 children)
Concession: $15
Children < 5yo: $5

Cash payments and ticket collections via Sydney Girls High School office before school, recess or lunch
Preferred payment is by credit card or cheque
Bookings can be made by phone, in person, via email or by mail
Ensure you attach the below payment slip with your payment

The SBHS and SGHS production of Grease booking form is available
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes



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