High Notes, Vol 13 No 37, November 23 2012

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Michael Hauser (Year 10)  who has been invited to be a member of this year’s AIOC Informatics School of Excellence, to be held in Canberra in December. Only 26 students from around Australia are invited to the School, held at ANU, which is a precursor to selection into the Australian Team for the International Olympiad in Informatics, to be held in Brisbane in 2013. Good luck, Michael! Well done also to Bill Zhuang (Year 9) who qualified for a medal in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. He was one of 161 students in NSW honoured for their outstanding commitment to reading. Thanks again to Joshua Lane (Year 10) who caused the Social Science faculty to become $2,500 richer as a result of his efforts in the ASX Share Game. The cheque arrived this week.

Scholarship Applications
It is the last chance this week for students to apply for the Phillip Day and Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Scholarships. If you have financial needs due to family or special circumstances; if you are a great all-rounder; or if you have a special talent that needs extra resources to help you develop, please consider applying. Application forms can be downloaded from the school website. Applications close on November, 30.

Examinations are underway for Years 10 and 11. It is important for boys to prepare and perform well. Year 10 mathematics students are vying for the 168 places on offer in Mathematics Extension 1 in Year 11, 2013. Entry is competitive. Science students are advised that freedom of choice to study two or three science courses in Year 11, 2013 may well be constrained if Mr Kay judges the decision a poor one in the light of a student’s record in Year 10 Science. Students in Year 11 know that they need to reach Band 4 standard (70%) in order to qualify to continue in Physics and Chemistry beyond Preliminary Stage.

Subject Acceleration
Year 9 students who applied for accelerated Preliminary Courses have been informed of my decision. The rank order as determined by marks awarded was used to assess the claims of each applicant.  Students and parents need to realise that acceleration is a privilege that must be earned, not a right to be enjoyed just as another ‘elective’. Students selected for acceleration should not only have a demonstrated ability and interest in their chosen course, with the capacity to succeed in the upper 5% or 10% at least in the HSC;  but also must be able to demonstrate that they are ‘above average’ students in their cohort. This is necessary so that students are not forced to put all their energies into their accelerated stage 6 course to the detriment of their academic standards in their other stage 5 courses. Some students who have completed the Preliminary Course were terminated from acceleration because they did not meet the published criteria for continuation in the program.

Financial Rollover
The school has to do a financial rollover each year on November 30. This process necessitates a complex series of steps to be completed. Consequently, the cash registers have to cease transactions this Friday, November 23. Boys with Clearance Forms who are trying to finalise payments prior to picking up their reports, may still go to the office and make their payments. However, a register-generated receipt will not be available.  The Office Staff will prepare manual receipts for the boys to record the transactions made. The details will be entered fully after Rollover. This may be as late as December 7 as schools wait in a queue to be officially rolled over by central DEC accounting. Boys and parents are strongly urged to keep all manually written receipts safe as they are the only record of the transaction described.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Music Notes

Schools Spectacular 2012

Oliver Kirk (Year 11) has been selected as a Featured Artist in the Schools Spectacular this year. The Schools Spectacular is a showcase highlighting the talents of the students of New South Wales schools. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement, Oliver!!!

Sunday Concert

WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS to all the boys who performed last Sunday. Also, a big THANK YOU to all the parents for coming and watching the boys perform and also bringing a plate to share after the concert.

Marching Band

Marching Band has commenced and is on Tuesday after school 3:30pm and Friday Mornings 8am.

Ensemble Rehearsals

Please check the timetable and arrive ON TIME! There are NO EXCUSES for not attending or arriving late to ensemble rehearsals. ALL ENSEMBLES START AT 7:45AM (unless stated otherwise). Remember a ROLL is TAKEN, and 80% of ATTENDANCE is required. PLEASE REMEMBER to pack up after rehearsals (tidy up the room/and stands back on rack). EVERYONE needs to help and not leave it to one or two boys. THANK YOU boys for your co-operation! Please remember PRACTICE DAILY, if only for 20 minutes is required for you to develop your awesome musical skills and make your music tutor happy. Practice makes PERFECT!!!!!

The 2012 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals 7.45am
unless stated otherwise
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Junior Stage Band
Room 201
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
  Senior Stage Band
Room 101
Intermediate Stage Band
Room 101
  Saxophone Ensemble
Room 201 8:45am
Training Concert Band
Room 202
Terms 2, 3, 4
Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
Chamber Choir
Room 201 8am
Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
Woodwind Ensemble
Room 202
Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
Marching Band (MPW)
TERM 1 & 4

3.30 - 4.30pm
  Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
  Percussion Ensemble
Room 201
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Theatre Society 2013

Come and join the Sydney Boys High School Theatre Society and see a bunch of shows at Sydney Theatre Company next year.

Membership is now open for any student in Year 10-12, and limited to 30 students!

As a member of this group, you will be attending six plays at the Sydney Theatre Company

Why become a member?

All students need to study plays as part of their English HSC coursework, and this is a great way to come to understand theatre forms and conventions, as well as how directors interpret, adapt and bring to life a playwright’s text into that of a realised production. As a member of the Theatre Society, you will see a collection of plays in a variety of theatres, in a range of genres and performance styles – a perfect supplement to your English and Drama studies.

To become a member, there is an annual registration fee of $15, along with the theatre subscription price of $190.00 (great value for six plays!)

The plays for next year are:

Play Theatre Month
Fury Wharf 1 Theatre April
The Maids Sydney Theatre June
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Sydney Theatre August
Romeo and Juliet Drama Theatre, Opera House September
Waiting for Godot Sydney Theatre November
The Wharf Revue Wharf 1 Theatre December

To secure your place, payment will need to be made by Friday November 30th, 2012 at the Front Office.

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‘Lord of the Flies’ Performance

12 December 2012  

The Flat

Year 10 Drama is proud to present “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams. “Lord of the Flies” is a classic didactic fictional adventure story set on a deserted tropical island where a group of boys are stranded in an adult-free world. It is a tale of their struggle to remain with their instincts of civilisation and order or the instinct of descending into savagery, anarchy and chaos. The themes of the play – loss of innocence, innate human evil and civilisation vs. savagery – explore a deep philosophical question of whether humans are innately evil, or harbour these feelings that are expressed under strenuous circumstances.

This is a site-specific production to be held on ‘The Flat’ of Sydney Boys High School on Wednesday12 December at 6:30pm.  We encourage you to come along with your picnic, chairs, family and friends.  Entry is by gold coin donation.  Hope to see you there!

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From the Office

First Aid

Notice to All Parents

It is a parent responsibility to notify the Front Office First Aid Staff if your son has a medical condition which requires medication. All medication such as Epipen’s need to be clearly marked with your son’s name and have a current expiry date.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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From the High Store

Year 9 Students Senior Uniform

Purchase your senior uniform NOW to avoid long queues.

Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $69
Short Sleeve White Shirt 14-22 $29, 24-28 $31
Long Sleeve White Shirt 14-22 $31, 24-28 $33.

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SHS Rowing

Grammar Regatta Results

This was the first GPS regatta of the season and we had mixed results. Overall, it was great to have all crews experience good racing conditions and fully functioning boats!

Crew Distance Place Time
School 1st Eight 1500m 3rd 4.51.84
School 2nd Eight 1500m DNS
School 1st Four 1500m 5th 5.25.28
Year 10 1st Eight 1500m 4th 4.51.29
Year 10 2nd Eight 1500m 4th 5.13.98
Year 9 1st Quad 1000m 5th 3.35.73
Year 9 2nd Quad 1000m 5th 3.55.38
Year 9 3rd Quad 1000m 4th NT
Year 9 4th Quad 1000m 3rd 4.07.79
Year 9 5th Quad 1000m DNS

Melbourne High Visit

This was a very successful visit with 25 Melbourne High boys attending. Thank you to the parents who helped with the catering for 60 at the Friday night camp, and a big thank you to all the families who billeted the Melbourne boys in their homes for the Wednesday and Thursday.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday 24 November – GPS St Joseph’s Regatta at SIRC. All Year 9 Quads, Year 10 Eights, and School Eights and Four will compete in this regatta. This will require an early start for everyone as the boys need to rig their boats before racing.
  • Friday 30 November – Year 9 Quads camp
  • Saturday 1 December - Riverview Gold Cup at Lane Cove. High boys will row from the school sheds to the regatta course, and all parents are invited to St Ignatius College to watch the races.
  • Friday 14 December – Year 8 Quads camp
  • Saturday 15 December – SHS Shed Race. This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’ with the finish line in front of our shed. All parents are invited, and a delicious barbecue brunch is served for all rowers and families to enjoy under the marquees by the river.

Melbourne High Rowing Exchange Report

The exchange trip from Melbourne High to Sydney was a great success this year despite a few last minute billeting issues. However, all the boys were billeted and the program began successfully on Wednesday with the arrival of the Melbourne boys in the afternoon. They were taken to our homes and hosted for the night before all of us woke up early to get the sheds for three days of rigorous training.

After hours under the quickly changing, but always hot conditions, the five crews (2 Melbourne 8s and Quad, 2 Sydney 8s) met up in Hen and Chicken Bay for several races, preparing us for the coming regatta on Saturday. Sydney 1sts took the first race after some steering issues from Melbourne, and Sydney High 2nds took the second. After an afternoon of exploring the city from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour, we settled at a laser tag joint where we finished our day.

The next day followed a similar structure, but with higher intensity training and Sydney 1sts taking out both races. After going out to the city for a second time we returned to the sheds for a camp, leaving us to wake early in the morning ready for our GPS regatta at Iron Cove. The race itself was a great experience with both crews from Melbourne fighting brilliantly against the Sydney GPS schools. Despite their losses, the Melbourne crews proved to be strong competition for us, and hopefully for their competition back home.

The Sydney Y10 8s are looking forward to visiting Melbourne next year. Many thanks to the parents and families who billeted for the duration of the trip, the parents who came and cooked food for lunch and dinner at the sheds, the parents who slept there that night, and especially to Julie our MIC and Bill the Melbourne MIC  for organising and making sure the whole trip ran smoothly. It has been a great experience and we hope it can be for many years to come.
Jesse Nixon

Contact Details

 If you would like to receive more information about what is happening at Sydney High Rowing please email your details to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs. Scots

High vs. Scots: Term 1 2012 Results

1st WIN 68-63 C.JURLINA 19
2nd LOSS 57-35 N.SUTTON 10
3rd LOSS 40-27 O.KIRK 8
4th WIN 34-23 T.CHIN 11
5th WIN 42-29 W.KOSLOWSKI 13
6th WIN 37-14 A.WU 8
7th WIN 20-15 L.ZHU 6
8th WIN 34-26 R.MAHAJAN 11
16A WIN 30-20 A.YE 9
16B WIN 51-17 B.TRUONG 21
16C WIN 28-20 P.GAO 13
16D WIN 26-22 G.QI 10
16E WIN 16-9 J.MA 8
15C LOSS 33-21 C.WANG 9
15E WIN 45-15 A.HAN 18
14A LOSS 25-50 J.SONG 8
14B WIN 38-28 G.YUAN 12
14C WIN 34-20 D.WANG 10
14D WIN 25-13 M.YU 13

High vs. Scots: Term 4 2012 Results (14W, 12L)

1st LOSS 91-58 M.FLYNN 30
2nd WIN 61-38 B.CHEN 25
3rd WIN 58-18 J.PALLANDI 17
4th WIN 42-35 B.TRUONG 15
5th WIN 22-21 A.KUANG 7
6th WIN 16-11 G.LEE 6
7th WIN 26-6 H.XU 8
8th LOSS 28-23 M.LAM 8
16A WIN 32-13 A.WU 16
16B WIN 54-10 D.AHN 12
16C WIN 40-13 I.CHANG, A.NAM  8
16D WIN 52-20 P.WANG 15
16E WIN 36-18 J.CAI 14
16F WIN 69-19 Z.HWANG 22
15A LOSS 37-48 Y.LEONG 10
15B LOSS 22-26 J.SONG 8
15C LOSS 29-39 A.CHEN 8
15D WIN 18-15 B.WU 11
15E LOSS 17-35 N.LEE 8
15F LOSS 14-15 F.XIE 6
14A LOSS 56-27 K.WANG 7
14C LOSS 26-44 A.LEE 18
14D LOSS 9-28 D.XIAN 5
14E WIN 20-8 P.YU 8
14F LOSS 6-18 J. LOH 4

AAGPS First Grade Table

Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 6 6 0 623 315 12
Newington 6 5 1 451 267 11
Shore 6 4 2 422 384 10
St. Joseph's 6 3 3 415 457 9
High 6 2 4 417 417 8
Kings 6 2 4 321 365 8
St. Ignatius' 6 2 4 333 455 8
Grammar 6 0 6 242 564 6

Last week High 1st Grade were playing the leaders of the table, Scots. Scots featured massive players in all positions and posed a gigantic size advantage over our 1st Grade, especially with our big man Geoff Gerlach injured. Scots were on a high percentage run throughout the game with a 50% shooting percentage from all areas of the court, the highest that coach Mr B Hayman has ever seen in the AAGPS. High managed to still gain great momentum against Scots however, with High actually scoring more baskets than Scots in the second half of the game. MVPs of the game were Mitchell Flynn and Michael Chang, with Mitch scoring a massive 30 points against Scots and Michael Chang playing fantastic defence, stopping any chance of the ball from going into the post and also pulling off a massive block against a dunk attempt by Scots.

One of the setbacks of our 1st Grade games is the attendance at the 1st Grade games. 1st Grade needs YOUR support at Home games to push them over the line, and juniors are strongly encouraged to attend more 1st Grade games. Mr Hayman will be giving a canteen voucher for free food and drinks to the 5 loudest and most enthusiastic junior players at half time of the home game Dec 1, so make sure you’re there against Joeys! Juniors, 1st Grade is where you should aim! As Ms Ward says “there is no glory in playing at a level below what you are capable.”

The High 2nd Grade is still in fantastic shape, easily defeating Scots with a 23 point margin. A team that is also to be recognised is 3rd Grade: they had only allowed Scots to score 3 points by half time, and 3 players on the team scored in double figures. In the dying seconds of the game Nirav Autar also pulled off two back-to-back monster blocks to finish the 3rd Grade game in a fantastic 40-point win. High basketball has fantastic depth!

Next week’s game is against Shore, the second last game of the season. Good luck to all players! This week’s 1st Grade Player Profile features Michael Chang, the MVP of the game against Scots by showing courage when needed.

1st Grade Player Profile

Name: Michael Chang
Grade: Year 11
Position: Power Forward
Why you started basketball: Because I played 5 years of ‘NBA InsideDrive 2002’ and so I tried it in real life
Most appreciated value of High basketball tradition: The team spirit between High basketball players
Favourite basketball move: The post spin move.

~ Go HIGH!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the Editor Glanden Zheng
~Thank you to Mr B Hayman for all his contributions to HIGH Basketball

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From Tennis

High vs Scots

Division 1st Grade Matches Final Position/16 2nd Grade Result
1 2 3 4 D1 1 + 2 W 6-4 4-6 10-6
1 Patrick Rynsaardt W L L L 8th D2 3 + 5 L 3-6 6-7(6)
Frank Zhang W L L W 7th D3 4 + 6 L 0-6 0-6
2 Josh Sangueza L W W W 9th S1 Carl Yang L 5-7 6-7(4)
Adam Smagarinsky W W L L 4th S2 Robert Risteski W 2-6 6-4 6-3
3 Eddy Wang L W L W 11th S3 Ian Li L 6-4 3-6 0-6
Calvin Zhou L L L L 16th S4 James Lian L 3-6 3-6
  S5 Ryo Kawahashi L 1-6 1-6
S6 Bohan Deng L 6-7(3) 0-6

1st Grade
1st Grade headed to King’s for the annual Top 6 Tournament. All the GPS 1st grade tennis teams were there to compete, with the day focusing on individual competition. The tournament consisted of three divisions. Division 1 consisted of all the number 1 and 2 players of each team, division 2 consisted of all the number 3 and 4 players of each team, and division 3 consisted of all the number 5 and 6 players of each team. With the compass draw being used as the format of competition, each player was guaranteed 4 matches regardless of win or loss. The format of each match was only one set with a tiebreaker at 5-5 as a result of the number of matches that had to be played on the day. Patrick played well despite being faced with a tough draw in division 1 to finish in 8th place. Frank missed out on the semis after going down in a tiebreak in the second match, however he finished strong defeating fellow team mate Pat in the final match to finish in 7th place. Josh in division 2 showed resilience to finish with 3 straight wins after going down in a tough opening matchup with the second seed to finish in 9th position. Adam played exceptionally well throughout the day in division 2, claiming a major upset in his opening match to finish in 4th place. In division 3, Eddy had a rollercoaster day with some extremely close and long matches finishing in 11th place. Calvin, making his debut in 1st grade, showed some encouraging signs despite the results not going in his favour. The boys definitely gained some valuable experience at the tournament with the 4 matches providing a variety of different playing styles that the boys had to adjust to quickly. The team will look to build on this experience next week in our final trial rubber against Shore.
Frank Zhang

2nd Grade
High headed to Scots for the penultimate rubber of the trial season. The day started off well, with Carl and Rob playing excellent tennis to win their match in a super tiebreak 10-6. Ian and Ryo had a tight match with their opponents, with only a couple of points deciding each set, going down 5-7 6-7. James and Bohan were outclassed by a very strong Scots combination, losing 0-6 0-6. In the singles, Carl stepped up as number one against a flat-hitting and accurate opponent, the close match going 5-7 6-7. Robert, who had limited mobility due to an ankle injury, chopped, chipped and sliced his frustrated opponent, earning a hard-fought 2-6 6-4 6-3 victory. Ian played well in the first and second set, but had mental issues in the third and losing 6-4 3-6 0-6. James lifted his game against a big hitting and serving opponent and played very well in his 3-6 3-6 loss. Ryo played far from his best as he struggled against a strong opponent, losing 1-6 1-6. Bohan fought hard in the first but could not maintain the pressure in the second, going down 6-7 0-6. While the team lost the rubber, the players made marked improvements on their game. With further match experience, a victory is in our sights.
Ian Li

For more info check out the tennis website at: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/tennis/

3rd-6th Grade
Last Saturday, our teams faced Scots College in what was our poorest performance to date. 3rds to 5ths lost by significant margins with only 6th grade having a draw. However there was one stand out win and that was by Alan Stoneham who won his match 6-0, in the only win from 3rds to 5ths; so fantastic work, Alan! However, I hope to see an improvement in our performance next week.
Edward Zhang

6th Grade
On the weekend Sydney High’s 6th grade tennis team played off against Scots College in a chain of tough sets. Having heard about earlier matches in the day, we were ready for some strong opponents. At first Rakulan Arulmurugan (6th1) and Jason Garrett (6th2) lost their doubles in a close set 3-6, while Aaron Hassan (6th3) and Michel Hauser (6th4) overcame their opponents 6-1. In singles Rakulan Arulmurugan and Jason Garrett met with tough opposition and unfortunately lost their sets 6-0 and 6-2 respectively.  However, on the lighter side both Aaron Hassan and Michel Hauser crushed their opponents in straight games for easy wins.
Jason Garrett

15s Tennis
The 15As and Bs tennis teams looked hopeful as all players turned up ready to play. However, the matches started off on the wrong foot with the A1+A2 doubles suffering a loss. The B1+B2 doubles had a close match with Scots losing by the slightest and finishing with a 6-5 (7-4) loss. Singles went well for the A3, Anthony Yu, finishing easily with a 6-0 win. The A2 singles was a nail biting match but luck was not on his side and he ended with a 5-6 (7-9) loss. Although with some disappointing results and some extraordinary plays, the 15s tennis team hopes to come off with an overall win next week by playing more percentage tennis.
Ervin Zhou

15D Tennis
On the 17th of November, 15Ds played against Scots College on our courts. Although there were some problems with organising matches on the Scots side, we were able to continue playing.  With a good mindset at the beginning the team managed to secure most of the doubles game 6-0, 6-1, 6-2 with the exception of one game 0-6. However with the support and encouragement of our team we managed to recover and defeated Scots in the singles with an overall score of 36-3. Well done 15Ds!

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Water Polo

Congratulations to both water polo teams on a great start to the season. After being thrown in the deep end of the tough 2nd grade competition, our new Opens team are performing well. We have closed the margin on our opposing teams in every game, and have put up some strong shots on goal. Daniel Wei returns as our key attacking player, ably assisted by Kenneth Yu and Vish Prapakaran. Newcomers Alex Nguyen and Patrick Chen have also shown a flair for the sport, and round out our attacking team. Brendan Guan and Andrew Rong are proving strong in goals, and Allan Feng is unbeatable in defence. 

The U16s team have started strongly with convincing wins over Trinity and Barker College to place us near the top of the table. Our trio of shooters; Jason Tjahjokusumo, Ian Lai and Wes Beare continue to put pressure on our opposing defence teams, and have been joined in attack this year by Kazuo Nakamura. We have also had a change in our defensive line up, with Beizi Zhao moving out of goals and onto the field to make way for Madison Wu, who made a great start against Barker College on the weekend. Along with returning players Alex Jiang, Jonathan Zhang and Karsten Michael, we welcome Shayan Vatandoust and James Goh to the defensive line up this season.
Rhiannon Davis 
MIC Water Polo

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

17 November 2012
Round Six of the Saturday Points score Term 4 Series was sailed on Rose Bay in very light and shifty winds ( 5-7 Knots) from the S turning to the SE at times and shifting back to the SW. High sailors gained valuable top ten finishes in the two long course races held. Marcus James and Dallas Yan sailed very well to lead around the course on the first three legs in race one, only to be beaten into fourth place in a tight finish at the end.

Connor Robinson with Andrew Trajcevski with sailed consistently and intelligently to finish in the top ten places in both races, including a fourth place in the second race. Tim Pilien continues to improve his boat handling and his tactical approach to the races. His very good finishes this week will improve his overall standings in the series. Kai Matsumoto sailed particularly well in the second race and improved his placing dramatically.

Hayden Rabone sailed consistently again and he seems to be gaining more confidence and enthusiasm as each week of the regatta progresses. Vincent Xu again showed the Sailing Coach and MIC that he deserves his place on the helm and shows potential for the future. Daniel Fang, Tiger Zhang, Darren Tiang and crews both had good second races and finished respectably in the middle of the fleet.

With only a few weeks of sailing left, Sydney High sailors are looking good to achieve top five and top ten placings in the Saturday series this term.

Tim Pilien (2602) and David Evans (2549) are well placed five seconds from the start of a training race.

A reminder that the SHSSA AGM is on the 24th November 2012 at DBSC sheds at 8.30 am. All parents and interested parties are welcome to attend.

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