High Notes, Vol 13 No 3, February 17 2012

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From the Principal

Uncollected Reports
I still have too many reports. I will apply negative consequences to all boys who have not collected their reports by Monday, 20 February.

Sydney Boys High School Council - Annual General Meeting - 14 March
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Sydney Boys High School Council will be held on Wednesday, March 14 in the Boardroom at 6pm.

Principal Seminar on Financial Management for Co-Curricular Activities - 28 February
I will be conducting my second annual seminar for MICs and Treasurers of P & C Sub-Committees in the Great Hall at 7pm on Tuesday, February, 28. It is vitally important that representatives attend, even if they attended last year. Of course new Committees with bank accounts should be there. There are new arrangements this year that everyone needs to know about. When preparing budget figures for 2012, Treasurers should be guided by the monthly expenditure reports provided by Valerie. All activities officials should understand their cash flows better by reference to their 2011 history.

Co-payments for Activities
This year there will be a standard levy of $100 for an activity. In music, students can perform in several ensembles for the one fee. Some activities, such as sailing, rowing or rifle shooting, are inherently expensive and P & C Sub-Committees have agreed to a higher co-payment than $100. Parents are aware that the standard fee for club participation in a season of sport is $150. Our activities are heavily subsidised, using the sports levy and school funds. Several activities are paid for from school funds. To encourage fitness and participation, the school absorbs costs for athletics, Monday afternoon sprints and cross-country in winter.

Programme for International Student Assessment – background to a problem
PISA is a survey of the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds mainly in industrialised countries. It was first carried out in 2000 and on each third year since. In 2009, 475,000 students in 65 countries took part. As well as an assessment booklet questioning reading, mathematical and scientific literacy domains, respondents completed a survey about their backgrounds, attitudes to school and the learning strategies they use. Principals answered a questionnaire about the level of resources in the school, the school environment and the qualifications of staff. Importantly, PISA assesses young people’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life problems and situations, rather than how well they have learned a particular curriculum. To be successful, students had to understand key concepts and use a range of processes in the correct way. As well as multiple choice questions, they had to construct and write their own answers. What future ready skills do our young people have? Will they adapt to change? Can they analyse, reason and communicate their ideas to others?

There were 14251 respondents from 353 Australian schools in 2009. In reading literacy there were six ’countries’ significantly ahead of Australia’s mean of 515 -Shanghai, Korea, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. The OECD mean was 493. In mathematical literacy there were 12 countries that outperformed Australia’s mean of 514. Chinese Taipei, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands and Macao joined the previous 6. The OECD mean was 496.In scientific literacy six countries were significantly better than Australia’s mean of 527 – the original five with Japan replacing Canada as the 6th country. The OECD mean was 501.

When monitoring changes over time it is readily apparent that Australia’s internationally ranked performance has declined over the last decade. In reading literacy male performance declined by 17 points (overall 13). Of concern to us was the decline in the proportion of top performing Australian males (6%) and females (4%) between 2000 and 2009- [overall 18% to 13%]. [The OECD average decline was one per cent for males and females]. In mathematical literacy there has been a ten point decline in the mean since 2003. In 2003 20% of Australian students reached level 5 or 6 [OECD average 15%]. By 2009 the percentage was 16 [OECD average 13%]. In scientific literacy in 2006 and 2009 15% of students performed at the higher two proficiency levels.

High boys are among the group of students performing in the level 5-6 area. In NSW >16% of students receive an ATAR of 90 or more. We had 172 students at that level in 2011. In order to maintain or improve our c. 83% percentage success rate, more boys have to acquire interpretive and inferential skills at advanced levels. To become an independent, autonomous and flexible learner requires practice in the kinds of applied skills tested by PISA. The attitude desired is one in which High Senior School students decide to take control over and responsibility for their own learning. I urge boys to become proactive partners with their teachers and make learning an integral and exciting aspect of their lives.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Peer Mediation at SBHS

Peer mediation is a program run by trained Year 11 students which seeks to help solve conflict between students without getting teachers involved. The program helps the students resolve conflicts while under the guidance of two Year 11 students. The program is confidential and stays between the peer mediators (Year 11 students) and the students who have a dispute.

How it works
If you are feeling unhappy with the way another student is treating you, in class, in the playground or on the way to and from school or if you think another student is undermining you behind your back or in cyber space you can do something to stop the problem. By e mailing the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it you can request a peer mediation which will result in a resolution and an agreement so that you can get on with the rest of school life in peace.

Peer mediations are friendly, unthreatening and quick and have a very high success rate. So don’t put up with feeling unhappy or let things get out of control. Take charge and e-mail a request with your details.

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News From Latin

HIGHER SCHOOL Certificate, 2011
Last week, the school was informed that two students gained positions in the Top Ten in the State for Latin in the Higher School Certificate, 2011.

The students are Samuel Beston and Jeffrey Tang.

Samuel achieved a place in the Top Ten in the State in both Latin Continuers and Latin Extension. Jeffrey Tang achieved a place in the Top Ten in the State for Latin Continuers.

Both boys have been awarded Merit Certificates by the Classical Languages Teachers’ Association of New South Wales.

Congratulations to these boys on their excellent achievement.

NATIONAL LATIN EXAM, 12th March, 2012
Once again, students of Latin in Years 9-12 will be participating in the National Latin Exam. This international exam, organised by Mary Washington University in Virginia, USA, involves about 110 countries each year. Students sit a multiple-choice examination testing their knowledge of Latin Grammar, Word Derivation and Culture. Students at Sydney Boys High usually achieve well, gaining Gold and Silver medals and Merit Certificates.

Bona Fortuna to all this year’s participants.
D Matsos
Latin teacher

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

SBHS Big Night Out

Sydney Boys High Big Night Out has been rescheduled – Sunday 1st April
Due to a calendar clash, the date for the Big Night Out has been rescheduled to Sunday 1st April. Please adjust your diary for our annual family event. We look forward to seeing you for what will be a fun filled evening - food, music and games from around the world that the whole family can enjoy.

Upcoming P&C Parking Events

Please find listed below upcoming P&C parking events. Each co-curricular supporters group has a nominated parking coordinator whose role is to ensure that sufficient numbers of parents and boys are available to meet the expected demand.

If you are unsure of the contact details of your co-curricular parking coordinator, you should email the appropriate supporters’ groups.

Friday 17 February – ODI Australia V Sri Lanka (School)

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Speech Night – 7:15pm, Tuesday 21 February.
SBHS Big Night Out – 5:00pm, Sunday 1 April.

Ian Sweeting

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Die Deutsche Frage

Clue nr 2
Eine Flasche Wein? Eine Flasche Wasser? Eine Flasche Maggi (seasoning – somebody misread seasons!)?

Diese Antworten sind alle falsch. Also kommt hier ein neuer Hinweis:

Hält kalt, halt heiss,

Ohne Feuer, ohne Eis!

Remember – you need to figure out the German connection as well!
Frau St Leon

From the Canteen

We have added a new menu item, a very tasty Spinach and Ricotta burger, perfect for our vegetarian boys, come along and give it a try.

Thanks to our volunteers last week.

MONDAY: Swimming Carnival
TUESDAY: Anna Goh, Pauline Chan, Melissa Wang
WEDNESDAY: Jim O'Sullivan, Penny Chan, Anne Xiao
THURSDAY: Rita Wu, Bernadette Snow, Jenny Loh
FRIDAY: Soogie Sim, Frances Salmon, Nina Ilina Liu, Susan Rynsaardt

Thank you
The Canteen Team

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SBHS Debating

Debating at High got off to a tremendous start on Friday with the Show Debate for Year 7s. Over 70 Year 7s came along to sign up for debating and were able to watch some of our most Senior Debaters debating the topic “That smoking should be banned.” This was a great opportunity for the younger students to see a debate and have their questions answered. I would like to thank Christopher Chiam, Debating Prefect, for organising the debate; Robert Sternhell and Nicky Pinindiya for helping him oppose and to Khushaal Vyas, Connor Robinson and Wilber Koswolski for proposing. The audience adjudicated (in a manner of speaking!) and the debate was given to the affirmative. It was also very pleasing to see so many older students come along to support the debating program.

Coaching begins this week. We have 70 more students signed up for debating than last year. It is good to see the program is being so well received. This does mean we have over 220 students staying behind from 3.30 to 4.45 each Friday. Students will have two weeks to decide if they want to keep debating and then co-payments will be requested. It is important that students are doing debating for the right reasons as anyone who is disrupting the group will be asked to leave (even after they have paid their co-payments). I expect the highest standards of behaviour and effort from all of our debaters. Anything less than one hundred percent effort will not be tolerated.

In addition I am insisting that email contacts are provided by debating families. Each week I write a team bulletin with important information about the week ahead. At least one member of the family needs to have access to this information, but it is preferable if parents and sons give me an email address. I will be talking more about this in the Compulsory meeting for Juniors.

There is a real buzz about debating this year – from the boys and from all the new coaches. The coordinators met with me last term and completed some forward planning. I am very impressed with the organisation of the plans and I think this will allow our debaters (particularly the Juniors) to make more significant progress than ever before. A big thank you to all the work completed on this by the Coordinators.

Friday 24th February will see the start of the Junior Debating Club. This will be run by Seniors who will be able to share their knowledge and skills with targeted Junior debaters. Juniors need to read the Mango Sheet for more information on this.

On the 2nd March we will begin debating competitively with two Home debates. Parents of debaters and chair people are requested to provide food for supper on these nights. We are well known for providing the best suppers out of all the schools that debate. Please help us to retain this reputation by following the guidelines provided by our Supper Coordinators.

On the 1st March we will be holding an Information evening in the Great Hall at 6.30. Please come along to meet the Debating support Group and gain a better understanding of the biggest debating program in NSW.
Rachel Powell
Debating Coordinator

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Welfare and Wellbeing

The Learning Curve Planners

One of the most significant improvements to our Welfare & Wellbeing Program this year has been the move to make the School Planner the focus for our Values Education courses in Years 7 to 9. The planner has been developed to reflect a range of material and issues which will engage students in each Year. The cover designs are the result of a competition held in 2011 to create an appropriate cover for each year planner. Congratulations to the winners who will receive a $50.00 book voucher. (Cover Design Competition Winners: Ihsan Mohamed, Kelvin Lau, and Gideon Kwok)

Parents are encouraged to visit the Learning Curve website to find more information about the contents of the planner and the positive ways they can assist in supporting their son at school every day. Browse through the many articles in the parent section by going to: learningcurveplanner.com.au 

Each fortnight we will be featuring a newsletter article in High Notes to help parents better understand how the planner is used and helpful hints about how to improve communication and time management at home and school. This week the article we are featuring is entitled: Daily Planner Usage.

We hope you enjoy the first of our series of newsletter articles for 2012 and that you will find time to take a close look at the website and have a discussion with your son about how he is incorporating the planner into his daily routine in Values Education and all the other subjects he is studying this year.

(Oh, by the way, there is a small comment box at the bottom of the weekly planner page which has been designed specifically for parents to use for home/school communication. This section can be an effective tool for teachers and parents to use as partners when monitoring and supporting improved student outcomes throughout the year.)

John Walker
Head Teacher Student Welfare

Daily Planner Usage

Effective Planner usage is a skill that is an essential ingredient to not only a successful study program, but also for lifelong organisation and prioritising. As such, time and effort must be devoted to cultivating it as a habit in students; habits are things our brain sees as patterns that we do easily and often.

Many of the beneficial features built into our program have little effect unless the students are explicitly taught how to use them and are very clear on their correct day to day usage.

Following are some tried and proven ‘musts’ for effective and efficient planner usage:

  • The students and their planners must be inseparable partners at school and be brought home each night.
  • In every class, all work set and the date that it is due should be recorded; this must be done immediately their teacher tells them; don’t wait till afterwards, it’s too easy to forget.
  • They should write it in the ‘Priorities/Due In’ column and also record it on their ‘Forward Year Planner’.
  • After school, before they leave for home each night, they should look at the home learning that has been recorded in their planner during the day for each subject and then take the required books and folders home.
  • It is important to look extra closely on Friday nights before the weekend.
  • If they haven’t a great deal of home learning to do on a particular night, they should look ahead in their ‘Forward Year Planner’ for what is coming up, and make an early start, especially on assignments. They may start revising for an upcoming test next week, do extra study to add depth to their understanding, or additional reading.
  • That night or before they leave for school the next morning, a good idea is to check what is coming up for the day ahead. Any preparations or pre-reading required? Any learning due in? Any sport or music practice? When they know this, they can plan their day more effectively.
  • Every Sunday night after tea, they should spend 15 minutes planning their upcoming week in the ‘Priorities/ Due In’ and ‘Things to do’ sections. Also, on individual days highlight work that is due in. This puts them in control and reduces their anxiety.
  • When they have assignments, essays or tests coming up, they should look in the ‘Index’ on page 2 for the focus that will help their efforts. The focuses will cover most of their needs and positively develop their lifelong learning habits; they teach students what to do when they don’t know what to do.

Learning to use a planner is a lifelong skill for independent functioning in an ever changing world.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding your son’s progress please do not hesitate to contact his/her Year Level Co-ordinator/Advisor.
After effort comes success.” - Anon

Sydney Boys High School Tennis

High vs Newington

  1st Grade Result 2nd Grade Result
D1 1 + 3 L 3-6 1-6 1 + 2 L 1-6 0-6
D2 2 + 4 L 4-6 3-6 3 + 5 L 0-6 1-6
D3 5 + 6 L 0-6 1-6 4 + 6 L 6-7 3-6
S1 Brian Tran L 5-7 1-6 Adam Smargarinsky L 1-6 1-6
S2 Patrick Rynsaardt L 0-6 4-6 James Chan L 1-6 0-6
S3 Frank Zhang L 4-6 2-6 Yuan Shi L 3-6 2-6
S4 Lachlan Day D 2-6 2-5 Ian Li L 0-6 0-6
S5 Josh Sangueza L 1-6 0-6 Denny Dien L 0-6 1-6
S6 Anton Brockman L 1-6 1-6 James Chee D 6-4 0-6

1st Grade
Week 3 of the GPS competition saw High pitted against tennis powerhouse, Newington. The boys knew that they were going to be in for a tough day with Newington not having lost a single match this season. It was a tough start to the day with High going down in all three doubles. Number 1 doubles, Brian and Frank competed well in the first set, however were unable to change the momentum of the match, going down 3-6 1-6. The number 2 pairing of Patrick and Lachlan, played a highly competitive doubles with the difference in each set being a break of serve, going down 4-6 3-6. In the singles, Brian, Frank, Josh and Anton were well into our singles when the curse of Newington struck for the second time in two years, as the rain started to pour down. The rain came at a horrid time for the boys with Brian 3-4 on serve in the first set and Frank at 4-4 also in the first set. After the hour and a half rain the delay, the boys returned to their courts for the resumption of their matches. However, we quickly found ourselves down 5 matches to 0 with Josh and Anton going down shortly after the rain delay. Brian played a very entertaining and competitive match, going down 5-7 1-6 despite having set points in the first set. Frank was unable to recapture the momentum in the first set, going down in straight sets. Patrick put up a great fight in the second set of his match after dropping the first cheaply, losing 0-6 4-6. In a drama filled end to the day, Lachlan played a gritty match against an emotional opponent to hold out for half a point, as the match was still in progress at 5:30pm, 2-6 2-5. A special mention must go to David Ghezelbash for his loyal support at the rubber on the weekend, with his words of encouragement and wisdom in supporting Lachlan in the dying stages of that match. The final result, 11.5 to 0.5 in favour of Newington in what was a dramatic day where the rain delay hurt the outcome of the rubber for the boys. The boys will now turn their attention to Iggies in what will definitely be a winnable rubber for High.
Frank Zhang

2nd Grade
Last Saturday our team played Newington away, hoping to turn our season around and put some points on the board. Newington came out swinging in the doubles, gaining the lead in the first two doubles quite easily. However, in the No 3 doubles Ian and James put up a tough fight, and were extremely unlucky not to take the first set in a close and entertaining tiebreaker. Halfway through their second set, there was rain and the rubber had to be stopped temporarily. At this point we were down 2 matches to 0, and most of us thought we would not be able to get back on. However, after a couple of hours the weather cleared up and we were able to continue playing. After the rain interruption we played poorly which led to us losing 3 matches in quick succession. Down 5 matches to 0 our No 6 James Chee was able to clinch the first set 6-4, which turned out to be the only set we won on the day. Unfortunately James was not able to take his momentum into the second set. At 6-4 0-6, the match was stopped as it had reached 5:30pm. The final score read 11.5 – 0.5 to Newington, a disappointing result on our part but nevertheless many lessons were learnt and hopefully we can put up a good performance tomorrow when we face Iggies at home.
James Chan

16s Tennis
16s tennis suffered poor results against Newington on the whole with our opponents being very well trained and competitive. The As, Bs and Cs finished with a total of 3 from 15 games won. Our Ds players however continued their winning streak winning 4 games to 1 with an additional forfeit from Newington. A special mention to Chris Chan who won his debut game in the As (as A4) 6-1. He was promoted from B3.
Brendan Hancox

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

11 February 2012

Sydney High sailors achieved great results in Round Two of the Saturday Points Score Series sailed on Rose Bay with a light to moderate wind, initially with a fluky NW- SW wind at 0-3 knots which later filled in to a 5-6 knot breeze from the SE. The earlier start this week saw a larger fleet with thirty boats from four schools (High, Scots, Cranbrook and Ascham) contesting the second round.

Marcus James and Calum York (pictured at right becalmed before the first race) showed excellent consistency this week with three thirds in the three races completed. With a combination of good clean starts and correct on-course tactics, Marcus sailed near the front of the fleet in all races and was the only High sailor to gain three top ten positions.

Ennes Mehmedbasic with Dallas Yan (in his first competitive races for the school) as his crew, put in three good races with two top ten positions and an eleventh placing. David Evans, sailing with Angelo Yan, also showed glimpses of his great 2011 form by gaining a second and a seventh placing.

Connor Robinson/Gavin Sutton and Darren Tiang/Thomas Shortridge both sailed well with one top ten placing each and other consistent results. Tim Pilien and Daniel Fang swapped the helm between them in different races and also achieved some good mid fleet results.

The Junior crews also showed increased confidence during training this week with some younger sailors stepping up and taking responsibility for being the skipper. Arthur Chao showed potential and Angelo Yan was rewarded for his efforts with the helm in a race on Saturday, his first as skipper.

Other juniors to skipper this week at training on Thursday included Vincent Xu, Gordon Lu and Dexter Gordon.

Next week is the beginning of the All Schools Challenge (the renamed Tri series) with four races on Rose Bay, followed by The Prince Edwards Cup off Point Piper (25th February) and the third leg hosted by Sydney High (3rd March) in Double Bay.

Also coming up is the JJ Giltinan Cup for the 18 footers on Double Bay and the harbour and students will again be able to view this unofficial world championship from the spectator ferry on their training day in week 5.

A final reminder that the Annual General Meeting of the SHSSA will be at 8.30 am on Saturday 18th February 2012 at DBSC.

Round One sailing results are summarised below.
11 February 2012

Place Sail
Skipper/Crew Race 1
(30 boats)
Race 2
(30 boats)
Race 3
(30 boats)
Final Points
1 16 Marcus James/Calum York/Hayden Rabone 3rd 3rd 3rd 9
2 14 Ennes Mehmedbasic/ Dallas Yan 11th 2nd 5th 18
3 15 David Evans/Angelo Yan 2nd 17th 7th 26
4 12 Darren Tiang/Thomas Shortridge 4th 13th 15th 32
5 11 Connor Robinson/Gavin Sutton 12th 12th 8th 32
6 10 Tim Pilien/ Daniel Fang 15th 10th 13th 38
7 17 Ben Hillier/Dexter Gordon  20th 27th 23rd 70
8 18 Kai Matsumoto/ Tiger Zhang 23rd 24th 24th 71
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Annual Basketball Dinner Committee

Meeting Monday February 27 at 7:30pm.

Please attend the meeting and help to support your son’s evening.

Benjamin Hayman PDHPE
Staff Director of Basketball
1st Grade Basketball Coach
Master in Charge of Basketball
0438 942 073

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Newington

High Newington 2011 Round 1 Term 4 (Last Time)

 1st WIN 56-49 D.JONES 19
2nd LOSS(2OT) 45-51 M.ECKENGARD 13
3rd LOSS 23-26 J.ZHOU 9
7th WIN 37-7 WILLIAM CHOI 14
8th WIN 47-29 JUN PARK 10
16A WIN(OT) 38-35 C.SHI 15 HWINNING 4 FT’S!
16B WIN 25-21 H.FENG, B.TRUONG 6
16C WIN 35-16 P.GAO 10
16E WIN 22-13 E.WANG 6
16F WIN 36-34 D.SHAO 8
15A LOSS 15-37 MVP C.LEE
15C LOSS 22-15 MVP M.JUN
15E WIN 26-8 T.JIANG 11
15 F WIN 52-4 G.HE, J.HUANG 12
14C LOSS 23-5 J.NGUYEN 2
14D LOSS 0-70? ...
14E LOSS 3030-2 MVP J.ZHU
14F LOSS 17-18 MVP W.LIN

High vs Newington 2012 Term 1 (This Time)

High Vs New Term 1 2012
(This time)
 1st WIN 52-49 C.MOLLER 28
2nd WIN 34-27 N.SUTTON 12
3rd LOSS 33-22 J.ZHOU 6
4th WIN 30-20 L.FANG 11
5th WIN 36-29 J.PALLANDI 22
7th WIN 31-10 WILLIAM CHOI 14
8th WIN 30-14 JUN PARK 11
16A LOSS 32-24 B.CHEN 17!!
16B WIN 35-24 B.TRUONG 15
16C WIN 39-24 P.GAO 14
16D LOSS 26-28 J.HUO, W.LU 6
16E WIN 30-28 E.WANG 13
16F LOSS 27-28 OT S.CHENG 9
15B WIN 40-15 J.YANG 12
15C WIN 29-14 D.BANG 5
15D WIN 31-26 M.NG 6
15E WIN 30-14 D.WANG 4
14B LOSS 33-23 R.SEONG 12
14F LOSS 22-26 W.LIU 15
13A LOSS 36-14 K.WANG 5
13D LOSS 14-11 J.HARTILL 8
13E LOSS 12-10 C.NGUYEN 6
13F LOSS 20-7 S.CHEN 4

1st Grade Table

  Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 10 9 1 772 519 19
High 10 9 1 739 544 19
Newington 10 5 5 622 482 15
St. Ignatius 10 5 5 739 645 15
Shore 10 5 5 582 549 15
St. Joseph's 10 5 5 711 695 15
Grammar 10 2 8 534 690 12
Kings 10 0 10 324 901 1010

A win over Newington meant High kept its top of the table place with Scots and is looking well placed to contest at least a co premiership this season. With the season drawing to a close and only 4 games remaining, every match is crucial and the ladder could change dramatically after a single round, so make sure you come and support our first grade team to maximise their chance of winning!

This week the top four teams play each other, with High vs Ignatius and Newington vs Scots. Both of these are crucial matches, since if we win and Newington defeats Scots (a highly possible outcome) then High will be outright first on the ladder!

Congratulations to our 15s age group teams who won all their matches this week (As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es and Fs). With depth like this in our junior squads the future of High basketball looks bright!

Senior House Basketball

The senior house basketball competition has begun each Tuesday, providing a great opportunity for players to practise their skills in game situations. Even if you aren't participating, please come and support your house! All spectators should be in the gallery and players should be changed into their house colours ready to play. The game for this week is Rubie vs Saxby, with last week's game being replayed at a later date.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the NEW Sydney High Basketball Website/facebook!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


1st XI – High 6/199 (87) (O. Duffy 71, S. Dias, 28*, A.Nayak 17*) vs. Newington. No report received.
Congratulations to this week’s Player of the Week – Owen Duffy

2nd XI – High 8/74 (32) (D. Smith 25*, S. Dhingra 5*) vs. Newington
At Marrickville Oval it was cloudy on arrival and with covers rolled back revealing one end virtually saturated and news that a delay was inevitable, until a roller was transferred from Newington. We navigated the first 7 overs with the pitch playing reasonably well considering grass and dampness, awareness being the order of survival. Lalitha and Thilan got us off to a careful start but in the 6th over Lalitha (0) was caught outside the off stump and in the next over Thilan (6) was out LBW. Shivaangar and Tushaar who had replaced the openers steadied the innings with some sensible running and saw us through to lunch at 2/21 (16). Disaster struck first ball after lunch when Tushaar (2) was run-out and our 3rd wkt was down, Daniel replaced Tushaar but we lost Shivaangar (9) at 4/27 and we were struggling. Jesse (0) and Vishnu (0) came and went with Daniel marooned at the non striker’s end with no addition to the score and we had slumped to 6/30 in the 23rd over.

Then some fire power erupted and Daniel (7n.o) was joined by Aadil (8), then Sai (5) and finally Sachin (4n.o) and he added a further 17 runs to his score to be 24n.o. plus 15 sundries saw us reach 8/74 (32) before play was abandoned 15 minutes after the tea break with rain falling and no chance of a start before 5.00pm due to wet run-ups and field.

We are all hoping that Daniel, Sachin and Dhruv Guptaa (who has yet to bat), can provide us with a solid addition of runs and give us a defendable score so our bowlers can take the Newington batting line-up head on next Saturday. Our biggest problem on the day was lack of solid match practice and some inexperience in some areas that can be addressed at training sessions this week. We are still in this match.

3rd XI - High 100 (A. Fu 38, K. Pham 24, V. Thayalan 15) vs. Newington 1/42 (V. Thayalan 1/5 [4])

4th XI – Newington 1/125 (N. Lazarus 1/11) vs. High –
Match Abandoned Due to Rain

16A – High 114 (52) (A. Koneru 17, J. Seroukas 15, A. Chen 14) vs. Newington 0/17 (5)
With Andrew and Michael injured, we called upon Anup and Aditya to play for us in our 2 dayer against Newington. High won the toss and elected to bat in very favourable conditions. Our top order were dismissed very quickly, with the batsmen struggling to remain patient and recognising the need to get forward. Lasith and Aditya bonded well together in an attempt to bat through the first session. Lasith was the next to go being caught behind off a good ball. A half an hour rain delay had stopped play; this was a great opportunity for our remaining batsmen to think up a strategy in order to create a defendable score. Although most of our middle order had decent starts, no one showed the capability to bat along with Aditya, who batted nearly 30 overs. Then the partnership of the day, the last wicket partnership of 21, between Allen who smashed the ball to all parts of the field and Jackson with great shot selections, lifted High’s run total to 114. With 20 minutes of play remaining, High looked to take a few wickets. We did not start well with a spate of wides allowing Newington to build momentum into their innings. High looks forward to next week, where we will start afresh and hope to bowl Newington out below our total.

16B – Newington 4/205 (32) (L. Sharma 3/40 [6]) defeated High 55 (15) (D. Feng 21, S. Vimalanathan 10*)
High started the first game of the year off with a well bonded team playing with great spirit on Old Boys 1. The game started with Newington looking solid in the first over then faltering slightly but regaining their footing and smashing some spectacular sixes. Despite all the pressure and disheartening moments these boundaries caused us, High never lowered their heads a fraction; they were always looking up to the planes, waiting for them to pass. Our bowling was good with Lokesh picking up six wickets from mistakes made by the batsmen, and good line and length from Sai and Sid. Inspired by the planes and our motivating talk in the field, High looked forward to a good total in batting. Unfortunately a lot of our wickets were with the opening bowler’s out swing which destroyed our higher order. Then things slowed down and High hoped on a partnership to keep them going. Misjudgement caused more wickets and soon the game was over. Despite this Tony, the Newington Coach, lauded our team’s sportsmanship; whilst we were still losing, we kept up our good spirits. Great effort boys.

15A – Newington 85 vs. High 5/49
The day’s play started out with Newington winning the toss and electing to bat. The wind was picking up and the weather was overcast so we decided to bring on pace bowlers to start off despite the great conditions for spin bowling. Due to some great fielding and bowling, we managed to pick up 3 early wickets. Then, a great run out by Rick got us the fourth. Unfortunately, rain came along and we were stopped for 40 minutes with the score sitting pretty at 4/48. After the rain, we picked up wicket after wicket with some great spin bowling by Gautham and Kevin Ke. We managed to clean up the innings in under 35 overs with 85 runs to win. With still 2 hours of play left in the day, we decided to have a bat. Knowing that we had over 90 overs to get 86 runs, we decided to take things slow. Due to some unlucky mistakes, the score at the end of the day’s play was 5/49.

15B – Trinity 117 (25) (J. Zhou 2/14 [2]) defeated by High 5/120 (23) (B. Lee 33*, J. Tran 30*, A. Khondaker 13*)
Sydney High arrived at the game eager for a solid win to start off the year. Our bowling started off well, keeping their run rate low, our first wicket coming from debutant Yoshika. Wickets soon fell in quick succession, with great catches coming from Alif and Yoshika, who both took two and Anthony, who took three catches. Eventually, we had them all out for a very achievable score of 117. Unfortunately, our batting started off shakily, with our first three batsmen out by the 6th over for a score of only 15. A partnership built between Bryan and Anthony, but Anthony was caught soon after. Bryan then batted with Joshua, before he had to retire on 33. Joshua also was forced to retire at 30, but with the help of Alif and Niyaz, we achieved their score with two overs remaining

15C - Waverley 7/119 (20) (A.Taing – 3 wkts, A.Wong + I.Zhou – 2 wkts each) defeated High 3/56 (17) (R.Joseph 16, A.Wong 14*) [On Duckworth-Lewis Method]
High won the toss and elected to bowl. Tight opening spells from Thomas and Alex gave High a good start. This was followed by disciplined spin bowling from Anthony and Ian to restrict Waverley to 80 runs at the conclusion of the 16th over. However the tailenders scored freely in the last 4 overs to give Waverley an imposing score of 119. High started their chase well with Thomas and Renjith hitting the ball well. Unfortunately, Thomas was caught on 8. Another good partnership between Alex and Renjith brought High to the score of 3/56 before the match was rained out.

14A – High 1/45 (15) (J.Pope 33*, E.Hall 11*) vs. Newington
Newington won the toss and sent High into bat. Although High began poorly, losing an early wicket, James and Eli showed great application to get the innings back on track. James in particular displayed important counter attacking batting in response to Newington’s short pitched bowling. Stumps was called early due to rain. High on day 2 will be looking to set a formidable 1st innings lead whilst leaving enough time to bowl out the opposition.

13B – Newington 4/120 (Benjamin Graham – 1 wkt) vs. High –
Match Abandoned Due to Rain

13C - High 27 (Kenfond Xuan 5) defeated by Newington 4/126 (Arthur Wong 1/15)

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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SHS Rowing

Newington Regatta Results

This was a Junior regatta with all Y8, Y9 and Y10 crews racing. They all found it a bit tougher gaining results last Saturday, and effort needs to go into training this week ready for the Scots Regatta. Don’t forget all boys are encouraged to attend the strength and conditioning sessions at the school on Tuesday afternoons. The crews with the best result were -

Race/Crew Place Names Time
Year 8 2nd Quad 2nd Kevin Fan, Ed Belokopytov, Wesley Zhang, Jason Qiu, and  (c) Dan Xu 4.23.08
Year 9 3rd Quad 3rd Phillip Mai, Joshua Maloof, Brian Mo,
William Chang, (c) Stratton Vakirtzis
Year 9 2nd Quad 3rd Jackson Tan, Jing Li, Bennette Jiang,
James Tinker, (c) Stephen Ngo
Year 10 2nd Eight 3rd Dan Tran, Soloman Saleh, Perry Sim,
Andrew Rong, Byron Zhou, Brandon Vu, James Pham, Damien Duong, (c) Terry Fong

NSW State Rowing Championship Results

The School 1st and 2nd VIII, and the Y9 1st quad, competed at SIRC over the weekend. The Y9 1st quad - Nick Phillis, Louis Huyen, Yi Luo, Jesse Nixon, (c) Keith Chambers rowed exceedingly well to make the final as second fastest qualifier, only to have the keel fall off their boat in the final which gave them 6th place in a time only one second off 2nd place.

Regattas this week, Saturday 18 February -

  • The Scots College Regatta at Hen & Chicken Bay – This is a Junior regatta with Y8 and Y9 crews racing.
  • Kings/PLC/RNSW Regatta at SIRC – The School 1st and 2nd VIII will be racing at SIRC.

All regatta entries and results can be found on the Rowing NSW website – www.rowingnsw.asn.au 

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Upcoming Regattas

Date Junior Regatta Senior Regatta
February25th High Regatta - Hen & Chicken Bay
We need lots of parents helping to host our regatta please. More information will follow.
SRC Regatta - SIRC
March 3rd GPS Junior Time Trial Parramatta River  
March 10th   AAGPS Head of the River - SIRC
March 17th and 18th NSW CHS Champs
Nepean River
NSW CHS Champs
Nepean River

Other Events this Term –

  • Rowing Boatshed Dinner is in the Great Hall on Wednesday 29 February - all boys are expected to attend …. in full school uniform
  • Rowing Assembly for all competitors in the AAGPS Head of the River is on Friday 9 March
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Boatshed Dinner

Wednesday 29th February 2012
The Great Hall

The Rowing Committee invites you to the traditional Boatshed Dinner for all rowers.

It is a very special opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters.

All crews will be introduced on the stage and there will be speeches by -

  • Captain of Year 10 crews – Ray Fang
  • Stroke of Year 8 1st Quad – Stuart Benjamin
  • Stroke of Year 9 1st Quad – Jesse Nixon
  • Captain of Boats – Andreas Purcal

All rowers are required to attend and should wear full school uniform.

The evening is both a formal introduction of our representative crews for this season and a great opportunity to socialise and show support for the boys in the lead up to the GPS Head of the River and the CHS Championships.

The cost of the dinner is $30 for adults and $30 for students.
Flavoured and plain mineral water will be provided. Parents may BYO wine/beer.

We look forward to a full house with all boys and their parents attending.

Kind regards
Craig Phillis

Julie Blomberg


2012 Rowing Boatshed Dinner [RSVP form is available in the 
PDF version of this edition of High Notes]

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Chess Recruitment

All students at Sydney Boys High,

SBHS CHESS is looking for new players.

Coaching lectures and practice sessions are on Friday mornings 8:00-9:00 in room 104. The first class is on Friday, February 10. Come along and find out more.

Everyone is welcome to join

In 2011 we won:
- Senior and Intermediate divisions of the NSW interschool competition
- GPS chess championship
- Our open team came 4th in the Australian Schools Teams Championship

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