High Notes, Vol 13 No 10, April 05 2012

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From the Principal

End of term 1
Thank you to all staff, parents, students and Old Boys who have once again worked collaboratively to make so many things happen at High this term. Some programs, such as athletics, preseason rugby, football and athletics continue through the vacation period. As a community we have much to be proud of – in academics, sports, co-curricular activities, community service and social justice involvement. To those who can do so, enjoy the break ahead!

High Talent
Ennes Mehmedbasic (Year 12) has won through to the semi-finals of the NSW Secondary schools concerto competition – a great effort! Congratulations to Khushaal Vyas (Year 11) who won the local final of Rostrum Voice of Youth competition. Khushaal Vyas represented SBHS successfully in the Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest. After winning the first two rounds, Khushaal placed a very close second in the NSW District round. Well done! Nine of our First Grade Volleyballers spent last week in Taree representing Sydney East in the NSW CHS Volleyball Championships. They competed against the other 9 regional teams. Our team defeated South Coast in a close Final. Aman Dhaliwal in Year 12 captained the team and was selected to represent NSW at the Trans Tasman Volleyball Tournament held next term in Christchurch.

Big Night Out
Despite everything – Souths and Wests in golden point overtime, gridlock, rain – Sunday evening was very well attended and most enjoyable. The opportunity for several hundred of us to cooperate together to produce food, refreshments and entertainment and to share with each other, is very valuable as a culture-building activity. There are so many people to thank for the success of the evening which was coordinated so well overall by Nan Chen with the assistance of Julie Connolly. Well done to treasurers, Richard James and Jason Chen and Anne Wall for games and prizes. Thank you to the coordinators of the food stalls: Min Xia Wang and her team (Chinese BBQ), Soogie Sim and her team Korean BBQ; Geoff Waring and his team (Greek BBQ), Shuangyu Wang and Sam Guo and their team (Hot and Spicy House), Susan Adams and Anne-Marie Keogh (desserts), Bill Cotis and Sachiyo James (entrees), Nina Liu soft drinks, tea and coffee, and Chris Andrews and Julie Connolly (bar). There were more than 28 parents involved in preparing or serving food, selling drinks or manning stalls. Thank you also to the musicians and performers who entertained us from the Senior Jazz Ensemble, the Intermediate Stage Band, the Choir, the Jazz Trio and Old Boys, Muhamed Mehmedbasic and James Mackay, in the cloisters. Well done to the boys who helped out with raffle tickets, Chris Chiam and Anton Brokman.

Thank you to the music staff Rita, Suzanna and Michael for their preparation of the ensembles and attendance on the occasion. Well done to Lorraine Dwyer for ticket sales and Brett Harrison for transport. Special thanks go to Samson Lou who not only supervised parking for the league game but also acted as venue manager for the evening; and also to Ian Sweeting, P & C President, who worked tirelessly to make the evening a success.

What schools need to do to attract parents
The value of schools and schooling is much in the public gaze since the Gonski Review was published. Thankfully, there are still some comfortable consistencies in what parents are looking for in schools to send their children to. According to one researcher “the perceived social environment of the school” is an influential factor (Proctor, H). At High we work hard at being inclusive, welcoming, transparent and responsive. We strive to produce a relaxed, friendly ambience. Another question for parents is” how well does the school develop their child by exposing them to a wide range of ideas and experiences?” We aim to jam pack each

boy’s week with as many different activities as he can handle. A desirable school develops leadership skills, explores individual talents and places an emphasis on forming successful relationships with others. The way to build social skills is to become a member of a group or team. We emphasise team sports and group activities for this important educational training for each boy.

One finding from the research was that successful schools had a high level of parental engagement in their activities. We are firm believers that the more parents who become actively engaged in the affairs of the school, the more satisfying the educational experience for their sons and themselves

Parents want the school to produce a decent, well rounded person with similar friends. Regrettably, too much oxygen is given in the media to the discriminatory and not so subtly racist idea that “a good school is one where minorities are in a minority”. As a society more closely linked than ever to Asia, we had better start getting used to the idea that in our Region, citizens of European background are very definitely in the minority.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Football United

On Sunday 25 March, six year 7 boys attended the Sydney FC home game against Newcastle to help raise funds and awareness of Football United – an organisation that provides football coaching and events for disadvantaged youths in Sydney. Together, the boys helped raise over $1500 at the Harmony Day event, and had a lot of fun in the process. Well done to the boys from 7R, Ben Graham, James Snow, Kurt Wang, Christopher Nguyen, Elliot Love and Jaspar McCahon Boersma for helping out with this worthy cause.
Mr J Kay

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From the Libraries

What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

First term is nearly at an end with the Senior Library being used more and more. Students are using the library for group work, discussing issues and problems with their class mates and many for individual quiet study. This has resulted in creating a noise problem with those wanting to work individually and silently finding it difficult with the numbers overall crowding into such a small space.

We are still hoping that classrooms adjoining the Senior Library will eventually be freed up to allow us to expand to create more space for quiet working areas and resources, however, until then we have divided the space we have into a quiet individual working area with a combination of separate corral desks, adjacent computers and magazine/reading area and the other end of the library where quiet discussion groups can gather to work on collaborative projects and complete other work requiring some talking.

With new signs to indicate these two areas after comments from students through the SRC that the library was still too noisy we have strictly enforced silence and quiet work in areas designated and students are asked to move to discussion areas or out of the library if they are unable to comply.

This so far has worked well but it will take constant efforts by staff and students to maintain this productive and quiet study atmosphere.

Other news in the Senior Library is that many seniors have decided to join the State Library and take advantage of the great resources (access to databases) from outside the Library. The Teacher Librarian can show students how to join and what is available to them once they do so. Please ask next time you visit the library.

We are also starting to add many new resources as well and images of covers and information is available from the school website. Just click on the link to Curriculum/Libraries at Sydney High/Senior Library.
Ms S Gordon
Teacher Librarian

From the Junior Library

The new books our library purchased this year are now trickling out of our workroom in time for some holiday reading.

Boys can borrow up to 10 resources at a time and the borrowing period is for one month. Renewals can be made online from the Portal for another month.

Students are encouraged to read by being entered into a $50 book voucher draw which is current for the next term. Students have to have borrowed 10 books to be eligible for the draw.

Boys and parents are reminded that $10 needs to be deposited at the Front Office to pay for printing and photocopying. An automatic accounting system then charges the boys for printing/photocopying. Black and white printing costs 15c a piece of paper. This can be printed double sided. Colour printing costs 70c per page. Lots of boys are forgetting to make this $10 deposit and are panicking then when they cannot print their assignments.
Ms Crothers

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Die Deutsche Frage

Michail Schwarz (Yr 12) came close to the correct answer – and because we now have a break, he will get his chocolate bar. He said “Rapunzel” – but I wanted to hear “Haar” since we don’t get to see her! (For the uninitiated – the calendar picture has a tower on it.)You will have to wait till next term for the new question.:)
Frohe Ostern und viele Ostereier!
Frau St Leon

The two sleuths in Yr 8 have done it again! Stratton Vakirtzis and James Goh found the correct answer – and no, they had no new hints – that it was Rapunzel’s long, long, long hair that was missing. They can conclude their lunch today (Tuesday) with a shared chocolate bar.

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High Invitational Carnival - 2012

The GPS Athletics season for Sydney High has opened with great promise. There were many remarkable performances in the recent carnival hosted by our school. One of the standout performances on the day was by Scott Renzenbrink in the opens 100m with a time of 10.8, 1st place and a personal best! We have much young talent coming through the junior years. In the U13’s we have Dylan Goh, who ran a 28.03 in the 200m, attaining a 4th position. In the 100m Dylan Goh and Lucas Wong in Year 7 ran times of 13.22 and 13.38 respectively. The U14’s continue to improve on last year’s accomplishments. William Chen (the non-nugget one) ran a 4 second P.B. of 2:17. Congratulations William! I Rick Saha attained a P.B. in the 200m time by .4 seconds, now standing at 26.3.

With an injured Leonard Mah in the U15’s 200m, Joshua Leo took charge, running a 24.5 to claim 3rd position. Not only this, he went on to run the 400m, narrowly missing out on 1st with a 55.22. Boris Amromin, in his debuting year of GPS Athletics, has high-jumped 1.55m, taking 1st place. The U16’s was the standout year by far with performances from Dominic Mah in the hurdles (15.4), 100m (11.15) and 200m (23.18), all in medal contention. Anton Brokman, continuing his solid form, put in a 1.58 in the 800m for 2nd place.

Ned Anson competed in the opens 3000m alongside Adam Booth, getting a 10.07, a promising prospect for the near future. In the U17’s hurdles Ivor put in a 14.54 to completely destroy all opposition, winning the race by more than 100m. Not only this, he ran a 11.33 in the 100m, claim a podium finish. Scott dominated opens not only in the 100m but also the 200m, 1st with a time of 21.94. Through proper training and preparation in the form of the holiday sessions, I hope we can continue this form into the 21st April, the 3rd Invitational carnival, and eventually, the GPS Final, on 5th May. Good luck to all the boys competing!
Rick Saha (9E)

Athletics Holiday Training

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9 10
Training  9.30am
Moore Park West
11 12
Training 9.30am
Moore Park West
13 14
15 16
Athletics Camp
ESMarks Fields
Athletics Camp
ESMarks Fields
Athletics Camp
ESMarks Fields
19 20 21
3rd GPS Invitational
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Music Notes

Music Performance Program

Students in the Music Performance Program, ALL Music Ensembles are now up and running, please ensure that you are attending the appropriate Ensembles as 80% attendance to rehearsals is required for award scheme points.

The 2012 ensemble rehearsal timetable is provided below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning rehearsals
7.45am unless stated otherwise
Concert Band
Room 201
Chamber Choir
Room 201
Junior Stage Band
Room 201
Senior String Ensemble
Room 101
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Senior  Stage Band
Room 101
  Intermediate  Stage Band
Room 101
Senior Concert Band
Room 201
Saxophone Ensemble
Room 201 8:45am
  Training Concert Band
Room 202
Terms 2, 3, 4
  Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208
  Marching Band
TERM 1 & 4
String Ensemble
Room 208
  Woodwind Ensemble
Room 202
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
  Marching Band
TERM  1 & 4
3.30 - 4.30pm
    Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
    Percussion Ensemble
Room 201

The Marching Band will be playing in the Sydney City March on ANZAC Day in 2012.

Anzac Day Marching Band Holiday Rehearsals

Marching Band holiday rehearsals will held in the 2nd week of the holidays on Thursday 19th April from 10am-1pm with a break in between and Monday 23rd April from 2-3:30pm. ALL students in the Intermediate and Senior Concert Band are required to attend, please let the Music Staff know if there are any concerns.

Annual Music Camp

The Annual Music Camp will be held at The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops this year from Monday-Wednesday (28th - 30th May 2012). We invite ALL students in the Music Performance Program to attend the 3-day camp. Music Staff and instrumental tutors will rehearse new repertoire that will be performed at the Camp Concert upon return to school Wednesday afternoon. Please collect a note from the Music Staff if you have not yet received one and make payments to the Main Office.

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SBHS Debating

MIC Report

This week we have the Eastside results. Congratulations to the following teams who are through to the Semi Finals which will be held at Scots College on 5th May. With one more week of FED debating we will be able to soon see which teams were successful in that competition as well.

This term has been a busy one for debaters, but it has been an excellent one. I have been especially impressed with the enthusiasm shown by our new Year 7 debating families. I have more debating email contacts for Year 7 than any other year now and this is a great sign of support. Of course I am also thankful for the support of our DSG and was relieved on Friday to not be hosting a debate for the first time this year as this gave me the opportunity to watch Year 9 and Year 12 debate at SCEGGS – two marvellous debates, but also an chance to catch up with some of the parents who are so supportive of the debating program ( in a more relaxed atmosphere than is usually the case at SBHS!). A special thanks to Nina who has continued to organise the suppers each week for us and for Reeta who has volunteered her time to help.

Any debating parents who would like to get more involved please feel free to contact me via the gmail account. I hope you enjoy the break – I know I will!
Rachel Powell

Year 7 Semifinal 1 SBHS SGHS
  Semifinal 2 SGS Reddam
Year 8 Semifinal 1 SGHS TSC
  Semifinal 2 SGS Reddam
Year 9 Semifinal 1 SBHS SGHS
  Semifinal 2 TSC SCEGGS
Year 10 Semifinal 1 SGHS Reddam
  Semifinal 2 SGS SCEGGS
Year 11 Semifinal 1 SBHS TSC
  Semifinal 2 SGS SCEGGS
Year 12 Semifinal 1 SCEGGS Sydney Boys
  Semifinal 2 TSC Grammar

Debating Prefect Report

This week we performed much better in Eastside against SCEGGS, with wins to the year 7, 9, 11 and 12 teams on the complex topic area of International Relations. That wraps up debating for term 1, with semis and finals for Eastside and FED starting next term. For Eastside, our year 11 and 12 teams have gone undefeated going into the knockout stages and year 7 and 9 have also qualified (year 10 qualification depends on a mixture of other results and the rules for tie breaking falling in our favour). Semis are week 2 next term at Scots, good luck to all teams!
Christopher Chiam

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Athletics Convenor’s Meet Warm up Arena

21 April 2012

Time Event Name Lane Draw
9:00am U/13 HJ E K N A H S J I G
  U/14 HJ I J N E K H G A S
  U/15 SP J K S G N I H E A
  U/16 SP K N A H S J I G E
  U/17 LJ N S E I A K J H G
  Open LJ S A G J E N K I H
9:00am U/13 800 S I E J H K N A G
  U/14 800 G E K H N J S A I
  U/15 800 I H S J A N E G K
  U/16 800 K J E N G A H I S
  U/17 800 N K G S H E I J A
  Open 800 A E H K G S N J I
10:00am U/13 LJ I E H K G S N J A
  U/14 LJ S J N E K H G A I
  U/15HJ A K S G N I H E J
  U/16 HJ E N A H S J I G K
  U/17 SP G S E I A K J H N
  Open SP H A G J E N K I S
10:00am U/13 90m Hurdles G H J S I E A N K  
  U/14 100m Hurdles A K S G N I H E J  
  U/15 100m Hurdles G S E I A K J H N  
  U/16 110m Hurdles I E H K G S N J A  
  U/17 110m Hurdles G N I S K A E H J  
  Open 110m Hurdles N I K A J G E S H  
11:00am U/13 SP I A E H K G S N J
  U/14 SP J E G I N H A S K
  U/15 LJ K G H J S I E A N
  U/16 LJ N H I K A J G E S
  U/17 HJ S I J N E K H G A
  Open HJ A J K S G N I H E
11:00am U/13 200m I E H G K S N J A
  U/14 200m J G I N H A S K E
  U/15 200m K H J S I E A N G
  U/16 200m N I K A J G E S H
  U/17 200m S J N E K H G A I
  Open 200m A K S G N I H E J
11:45am Open 3000m J E G I N H A S K
12:00pm U/13 1500m K G H J S I E A N
  U/14 1500m N H I K A J G E S
  U/15 1500m S I J N E K H G A
12:40pm U/13 100m E K N A H S J I G
  U/14 100m K H J S I E A N G
  U/15 100m S J N E K H G A I
  U/16 100m E N A H S J I G K
  U/17 100m G N S E I A K J H
  Open 100m A J G K I N S E H
1:40pm U/13 400m E N A H S J I G K
  U/14 400m G S E I A K J H N
  U/15 400m H A G J E N K I S
  U/16 400m I E H K G S N J A
  U/17 400m J G I N H A S K E
  Open 400m K H J S I E A N G
2:30pm U/16 1500m K G S H E I J N A
  U/17 1500m S I E J H K N A G
  Open 1500m I A E H K G S N J
3:10pm U/13 4x100 Relay G N I S K A E H J
  U/14 4x100 Relay H S J A N E G I K
  U/15 4x100 Relay I A K E S G H J N
  U/16 4x100 Relay K E H I G S N J A
  U/17 4x100 Relay N I K A J G E S H
  Open 4x100 Relay S J N E K H G A I
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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Big Night Out - THANK YOU

Last Sunday evening, some 260 parents, teachers and students braved the traffic and the inclement weather to come together and enjoy this marvelous cultural and social event.

Many, many people need to be thanked for the incredible generosity displayed which ensured the success of the evening. Unlike many of the events held during the year which have a fund-raising focus, the Big Night Out’s primary objective is to bring together the High Family to celebrate our shared interest and commitment to the school. The necessity to involve so many parents, teachers, staff, students, old boys and friends of the school on a voluntary basis, drives the creation of long-lasting bonds between those involved and the school community in a very positive way. Although fund-raising is not the primary focus, nonetheless, in excess of $6000 was collected in ticket sales, raffles and games. The generous donation of goods, services and food by parents and others means that the vast majority of this money will go to providing benefits to the school and students.

So thank you to all the parents, teachers, staff, students, old boys, friends of the school and students’ relatives for your efforts, donations, time and interest in this event. Space constraints prevent the inclusion of the large number of people that were involved; however, the P&C would like to particularly thank the following people, without whom the evening would not have eventuated:

Min Xia Wang, Geoff Waring, Sharon Wang, Sam Guo, Susan Adams, Anne-Marie Keogh, Bill Cotis, Sachiyo James, Soogie Sim, Nina Liu and their fantastic and dedicated teams of helpers for providing such a delightful and diverse range of food.

Ms Miller, Ms Lim, Mr Crouch and the members of the Senior Jazz Ensemble, Intermediate Stage Band, Senior and Junior choir, for bringing us their musical wares. Old Boys Muhamed and James with Ennes Mehmedbasic (Year 12) for the provision of cool Jazz in the Kasbah.

A big thank you to the parents who generously donated food to the various stalls, volunteered to help set-up, manned the ticketing stalls, and were there at the end cleaning and packing up. Particularly notable and heartening was the number of Year 7 parents who volunteered their help.

From the school, for their support with ticketing, logistics, transport and drinks: Mr Barris, Ms Dwyer, Ms Northey, Mr Harrison and Old Boys Samson Lou and Chris Andrews. The prefects, lead by Christopher Chiam, gave their unqualified support to tasks as presented.

From the P&C, thank you to Nan Chen, a new Year 7 parent who took on the daunting role of BNO co-ordinator, and turned out to be a giant of the genre, ably supported by Julie “been there, done that” Connolly. Thanks to Richard James and Jason Chen on treasury, Anne Wall on gifts and prizes. The Rowing committee for their donation of a beautiful silver service prize.

And finally, a huge thanks to the parents, students and their families who came along and supported the evening with their presence and positive response to the challenges of Cleveland Street and the weather. I look forward to seeing you all at the Big Night Out next year. Have an enjoyable break and see you all next term.
Ian Sweeting.

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From the Canteen

As Term 1 comes to an end we would like to thank all of our volunteers who have helped out in the canteen this term. Thanks to the following helpers over the last two weeks.

WED: Fumiko Hirose-Cheong, Doris Fong, Hiroko Kitajima, Khoa Bui, Shuangyu (Sharon) Wang.
THURS: Kyung-gi An (Jenny), Lin Jin, Jian Ping Li, Sachiyo James,
FRI: Shuangyu (Sharon) Wang, Emily Yang, Maria Ngyuen,
MON: Annie Long, Sam Guo,
TUES: Jade Ni, Angela Feng, Agnes Leo,
WED: Vikki Angell, Rebecca Tsai, Sally Allingham,
THURS: Mary (Li Ling Chen), Debbie Dukes, Mehrnoosh Johnstone,
Fri: Anna Goh, Shihong Yang, Faidha Razmi, Katrina Morrow (lovely last year’s mum)

Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break and we’ll see you all back next term with a couple of new items for the cooler weather!
Canteen Team

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