High Notes, Vol 12 No 4, February 25 2011

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From the Principal

Staff Changes
This week we welcome Michael Crouch, Music Teacher, who is replacing Debra Gilmore; and Duncan Stedman who is replacing Celia Finnie in Social Science, who is on secondment with the Selective Schools Unit for the rest of Term 1.

High Talent
At the NSW Junior and Youth Championships, Frank Torok won a gold medal in the U20 5000m. Chris Morrow won a silver medal in the U20 high jump. Ivor Metcalf competed way above his age for a fourth in the U18 110m hurdles and a fifth in the high jump. Adam Booth ran a creditable 9th in the U18 2000m steeplechase. Congratulations, boys! Well done also to Adam Booth for his success in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest. He has progressed to the next round. Congratulations to Eedy House for its win in the School Swimming Carnival, the first of our major House Competitions. Well done to our High Swim Team who put in a strong showing at the first GPS Meet at Newington, recording 10 victories in the 56 event program.

Student Awards Assemblies
Guest speaker, Corrin Varady (2001), presented to both Awards Assemblies on his international community work in Uganda, rehabilitating escaped child soldiers. He proved an inspiring role model for the boys as a person who is both building a career and also giving much of his time to global citizenship. The Awards Scheme is designed to nurture and recognise: engagement in school life, team work and service to school and community. This year Year 7 (2010) - 31 bronze; Year 8 -65 bronze, 37 silver; Year 9 – 4 bronze, 41 silver, 28 gold; Year 10 – 2 bronze, 11 silver, 13 gold, 31 platinum and 1 plaque; Year 11 – 2 bronze, 4 silver, 6 platinum and 29 plaques. I am pleased that so many boys are maintaining their involvement over the years. In this first year of the new points system, tracking and authorising the participation in activities by boys have been more accurate.

UNSW Advantage
At an information breakfast held at UNSW this week, Vice-Chancellor Prof Hilmer, emphasised the advantages that accrue from being involved in school, university and community life. At the entry point to university, the Sports and Performance Scholarships attracted 456 applicants, of whom 259 were given places. Community service and charity work, leadership and performance in sports, music or the arts, were considered favourably by the Assessors. At the exit point, there is a new scheme to add co-curricular activities as statements of attainments to accompany the testamur when students graduate from UNSW. The benchmark for tertiary level engagement for students is established by a national survey – AUSSE – the Australian Survey of Student Engagement. The five important behaviours are: activities with University Clubs or societies; evidence of engagement with others through University Life; leadership records at the University or in the community; involvement in the final year of a University course; and evidence of exposure to cosmopolitan or international influences. In many ways, the co-curricular programs at High provide great preliminary training in many skills and attributes that are valued at University. I encourage all boys, and more particularly, their parents, to embrace the culture of engagement and participation that is such a feature of the High experience.

Student Representative Council Elections
Congratulations to all boys who were elected to the SRC this week. The Year 7 representatives were determined at the Year 7 camp. The names of the Council will be published in High Notes when finalised.

Co-payments for activities
Summer activities will soon be invoiced. Boys should have had enough experience of the activity to make a commitment.

Some activities are covered by school general service contributions and sports levies. Such activities may have a $40 transport fee attached if the school bus takes students to and or from their activity. Swimming, water polo, cross country, chess, Monday sprints and athletics will be funded from school sources this year. Co-payments will normally start at $50 per season, unless the Sub-Committee decides on a higher fee due to the expense of the sport / activity, or if it decides to charge per term rather than per season. For example, sailing boys have been paying $200 per term for their sport for many years. Debating has set its fees. In music, boys can join as many ensembles as they wish for the one payment, which has been revised to $50 per term.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Peer Mediation at SBHS

Hey got a problem? Get peer mediated! Peer mediation is a program run by a select group of Year 11 students which seeks to solve conflict between students without getting teachers involved. The program seeks to help the students resolve their issues while under the guidance of the Year 11 students. The program is confidential and stays between the peer mediators (Year 11 students) and the students who have a problem with each other.

How it works
When two students have a disagreement they are to email the following address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting a Peer Mediation session. From this point Ms Barr will receive the request and will appoint two Peer Mediators to accompany the disputers in a closed off room, whereby the two students will eventually resolve their problem and sign an agreement to not create more problems with each other. Remember. The email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Adam Booth & Thomas Zhang

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From the Office

Are your details up to date? Have you moved or changed phone numbers? Please inform the front office with any changes in your living situation so we can contact you if the need arises.

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9361 6910 and dial “4” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.


If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

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From the High Store

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Selective High Schools Placement Test

17 March 2011

The selective high schools test is held annually for Year 6 students wishing to enter a selective government high school. For key dates, online applications and more information for parents, see www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/k-6assessments/shsplacement/index.php 

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Music Notes

Rehearsal Schedule 2011

Music ensemble rehearsals have begun this term, please check the rehearsal below and attend your appropriate ensemble. ALL new students welcome, please see the Music Staff for ensemble information. We look forward to your son’s involvement in the Music Performance Program.

Morning rehearsals 7.45am (Unless stated otherwise)  TrainingConcert BandRoom 202Terms 2, 3, 4  Chamber ChoirRoom 201  Also Lunchtime rehearsal  Intermediate  Stage BandRoom 201   Senior String EnsembleRoom 101    Symphony OrchestraRoom 201 
   SeniorStage BandRoom 101   Jazz EnsembleRoom 101   JuniorStage BandRoom 101   Senior Concert BandRoom 201   Guitar Ensemble/ Saxophone EnsembleRoom 101/102
   Intermediate Concert BandRoom 201    Philharmonic OrchestraRoom 207     
   Junior String EnsembleRoom 207        Marching BandTERMS 1 & 4Moore Park West 
Afternoon rehearsals Start @ 3.30pm   Marching BandTERMS  1 & 4 BB Courts3.30 - 4.30pm      

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons have now begun. Please contact your music tutors ASAP if you have not yet started with lessons this year and organise a time before / after school. ALL students in the Performance Music Ensemble Program must be having weekly lessons on their selected instruments.

NEW Students this year, if you were unable to attend the Instrumental Recruitment evening and are interested in learning as instrument and joining the Music Performance Program, please see the Music Staff in the Music staffroom at recess or lunchtime to collect a Program booklet and tutor contact sheet.

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SBHS Debating

Our Debaters had two great opportunities last week. The Seniors went to the UNSW Senior Debating Day and Year 7 – 9 were given the chance to go to Sydney University for a debating training day. Remind your son to listen to the messages in the Mango Sheet and make sure you have signed up to the Debating emails to ensure you receive all the notices regarding Debating and that your son does not miss out on such good opportunities.

UNSW Senior Debating Day
Wednesday 16th February saw 5 High teams contest the annual Seniors Debating Day hosted by the University of NSW. We had 3 teams representing Year 10 and 2 representing Year 11. Kudos to Calum York for debating up with the Year 11s to ensure all teams had enough speakers!

After watching a demonstration debate, there were three rounds of competition debates with each team getting runs on the board across the day. The biggest success of the day was the Yr 11A team consisting of Christopher Chiam, Al Hughes and Robert Sternhell who were victorious in all three debates. This put them in strong contention for the finals however it came down to speaker scores across the day with our boys missing out by 1 point!

Fort St were the eventual winners of the competition but the whole day was a fantastic, fast-paced return to debating in 2011. Well done to all boys involved.

Sydney University
Thirteen students took the opportunity to attend debating training at the University of Sydney.

The day began with an exhibition debate by the university’s (world class) top debaters including Old Boy Dominic Bowes.

After this the students were placed into age relevant workshops and were either reminded or instructed for the first time on the core skills of debating. They had opportunities to role play the key “dos and don’ts” of debating and speak in front of their peers.

This was a great start to the year – especially as some of our coaches were involved in the day. Well done to the students who took part in this event – especially the students who are new to the school both in Year 7 and in Year 9.

Tonight for Eastside we are debating at Scots.

Next week the Eastside Comp takes place at Reddam (Social Policy) and FED takes place at Knox. (TBA)

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Sydney High School Cadet Unit

From recent conversations with school staff, students and parents it seems to me that there may be a general lack of understanding of what the Army Cadet program at High is all about.

The following thoughts on the aims of the program may help to bring about a better understanding of what we are about in Cadets at High.

Cadet training introduces boys to a wide range of activities and skills which, it is hoped, will give them recreational and service options later in life.

It teaches them self reliance and endurance, especially by participating in camps, bivouacs and expeditions that can be, at times, arduous.

It builds confidence and self esteem, especially when they participate and succeed in activities which, to them, are new and perhaps frightening.

It places them under a relatively uncompromising system of control and discipline which, if accepted, can develop their efficiency and dependability, and teach them to accept and appreciate authority, and to carry out legitimate directions efficiently and willingly.

It gives them individual areas in which to strive for excellence – in their dress, performance and endurance,

Cadet training develops teamwork, especially in rigorous and adverse conditions, developing generosity and care for others, and combating the tendency to complain and give up.

Cadet service provides opportunities for promotion to very real positions of authority and leadership. Promotion is offered on merit and cadet responsibilities develop efficiency, integrity, dependability and sense of service. Promotion is not offered lightly and cadets must understand that behaviour outside cadet service is included and, so, his lifestyle should improve.

Cadets, especially those in positions where they must teach, instruct, plan, control and lead will develop personal attributes of character often not found in the average adult, and this while they are at school!

Involvement in various ceremonial and public events such as the School’s ANZAC Day Service, Remembrance Day, ANZAC Day city march and support to ex-service organisations and charities helps in their becoming more civic and nationally minded, more patriotic and more appreciative of those men and women who have served the Nation when called upon, and of those in the community who serve voluntarily, and often unknown, in so many organisations that help the needy and afflicted.

High boys who commit themselves to cadet service should, over their period of training, and it is designed on a four to five year cycle, learn much, give much and gain much.

I don’t know just how much of the above was in the minds of school authorities when the Unit was raised back in 1883, but I expect that their aims for the boys then may have been something pretty similar.

Over the years the Army Cadet programme has continued to contribute to the social capital of Australia.

I know that the system works and that the boys gain so much from the cadet programme that will help them as they progress through life.

There is no doubt that they, and the Nation, are richer through their involvement in the Army Cadet programme.

Students are reminded that Unit enrolment applications must be received not later than 22 March.
Enrolment will than cease until the next phase, commencing in August 2011

Richard Knowles Major AAC
Officer Commanding
Sydney High School Cadet Unit.

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SHS Foundation Inc Chairman's Report 2010

The SHS Foundation has an important role in facilitating many of the activities and opportunities provided by the School as a leading public high school and a GPS School.

The Foundation is an incorporated association managed by representatives from the Parents and Citizens’ Association and the Old Boys’ Union, working with the School Principal. Many of the school’s facilities are in the care of the Foundation so they can be used to the greatest possible benefit for the school. The Foundation manages the tennis courts and cricket nets, the High Store, the McKay playing fields and Fairland Pavilion, the Outterside Centre rowing sheds, the Centenary Building Fund, the art collection in the School and three other trust funds for scholarships and academic prizes for the boys.

These are facilities and resources that no other public school enjoys. Nearly all of them have been provided through the efforts and contributions of previous generations of parents and old boys. The Foundation’s task is to maintain and extend these resources for the benefit of current and future generations of students.

The 2010 year saw considerable progress in meeting these challenges. Highlights included:

  • Construction and installation of a state-of-the-art replacement pontoon and ramp at the Outterside Centre rowing sheds utilising substantial financial support from the High Club and also working with the Rowing Committee and the Old Boys Union to raise over $70,000 towards the project;
  • Provision of $120,000 of the Casey Bequest funds for construction of the COLA to cover the cricket nets and provide a venue for fencing and outdoor learning;
  • Provision of $30,000 of the Casey Bequest funds to assist funding of the new Great Hall kitchen;
  • Liaison with the Centennial Park Trust to allow repainting and refurbishment of the Fairland Pavilion and an upgrade the Pavilion surrounds and a possible upgrade of the McKay Playing Fields;
  • High pressure cleaning and other major maintenance of the tennis courts;
  • Preparation of Development Applications for extended use and improved facilities at the Outterside Centre;
  • Upgraded booking and management arrangements for the Fairland Pavilion, the Great Hall and the Outterside Centre;
  • Increased revenue from hire of the facilities to external users, when not being used by the school, which will be used to fund Foundation projects and School activities;
  • Streamlined management of the Trust Funds.

In addition, the Foundation started to focus on identifying future projects and the organisational structuring and financial planning needed to implement and fund them. Given the unique involvement of High in GPS and other co-curricular activities, there are many needs, and many challenges in addressing them, but the Foundation is now in a stronger position to progressively provide further facilities and resources to the School.

For their tireless efforts during the year, I would like to thank all the members of the Foundation Management Committee and the Outterside Centre Management Committee and the many other voluntary parent and Old Boy workers who enable the Foundation to function. I would particularly like to thank retiring Management Committee members David McDonald, Mark Paul and Ish Rajendram from the P&C and Karl Kruszelnicki from the Old Boys Union for their years of constructive advice and work on the Foundation’s behalf.

I would especially like to thank former Headmaster, Bob Outterside, who retired after 10 years as Chairman of the Foundation’s Outterside Centre Management Committee, for his extraordinary and outstanding commitment to, and work for, the Foundation and the School over four decades. This contribution has been recognized previously in the naming of the Outterside Centre and, in January this year, the Foundation unveiled in the Centre a portrait of Bob, with a citation recording his remarkable efforts.

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Year 9 Old Boy Research Competition - 2011

English/History Faculties

First Prize - $100
Runner-up - $50

This competition aims to acknowledge the role of the Old Boys if Sydney Boys High who have served their country. This could be in any theatre of war.

Year 9 students are invited to submit a 500 word essay acknowledging the service of any Sydney High Old Boy.

Submissions should recount the serviceman's war experience and discuss how this service reflects one of the following themes of sacrifice, loyalty, tradition or pride in being Australia.

Entries should be on A4, double-spaced and 12pt.

year 9 students will have the opportunity to present their research from the War Archives in Canberra as well as any other research opportunities that are available. All references should be acknowledged.

The winning submissions will be entered in the "Australia My Country" competition with the Returned And Services League of Australia during Term 2 with the aim of building a relationship between the local school community and the RSL sub-branch.

Closing dates for entries is 8 April 2011
The winner will be announced at the beginning of Term 2
Enquiries should be directed to Mr Wright (English Faculty) and the History Faculty staff.

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

Saturday 19th saw the first weekend of the Tri-Series regatta, one of the most important events on the schools’ sailing calendar. In addition to the usual schools’ racing fleet, a number of other schools compete in the event resulting in a larger and even more competitive race. Schools competing in the Tri-Series include Sydney Boys, Cranbrook, Scots, Riverview, Sydney Tech and Marist Sisters Woolwich, to name a few.

After strong performances by High in the point score in Term 4 including one crew in 1st place overall, High went into the 2011 season with great enthusiasm. The team placed well in the first two weekends this season and went in to the Tri-Series full of confidence. This was demonstrated in our encouraging results on Saturday.

It was a great morning for sailing with a steady 10-14 knot nor-easter blowing into Rose Bay. High was represented by 6 Pacers and 2 Lasers. Three short and fast races were sailed in both classes resulting in exciting and competitive sailing. The top three High results from each race are below.

Pacers (fleet of 30)

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
5th Bart Daniels Dexter Gordon 5th  Bart Daniels Dexter Gordon 2nd David Evans Darren Taing
6th  David Evans Darren Taing 8th  Daniel Fang VincentXu 5th Bart Daniels Dexter Gordon
10th Connor Robinson Tim Pilien 10th  Adam Ceh Toby Funston 9th Daniel Fang Tiger Zhang

Lasers (fleet of 20)

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
4th Marcus James 3rd Marcus James 6th Ennes Mehmedbasic
8th Ennes Mehmedbasic 9th Ennes Mehmedbasic 9th Marcus James
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Sydney Boys High School Cricket

SBHS vs Shore

SBHS 10-55 (Sudam Dias 15no, Sangeeth Subramaniam 11, Oliver Meroni 7) and 0-30 (Tom Connolly 18no, Michael Phung 8 no) vs. Shore 10-108 (Siva Sooriakumer 5-33 off 12 overs, Jesse Moffat 2-10 off 12 overs, Tom Connolly 1-3, Oliver Meroni 1-6, Sudam Dias 1-24 off 10 overs)
Michael did win the toss and soon Sydney Boys were ruing the decision as they collapsed to be 7-24 after 17 overs. Only some rearguard action from Sudam Dias (15 no) and Sangeeth Subramaniam (11) prevented total embarrassment. High bowlers and an enthusiastic group of determined fieldsman had other ideas. They showed tremendous strength of character and great skill to dismiss the talented Shore lineup for 108 runs after having them five wickets down before they passed our meager total. Siva Sooriakumar led the way with a haul of 5-33 off 12 penetrating overs whilst Jesse Moffat continued his amazing run of “economy rate” bowling to take 2-10 off 12 overs. We only conceded a lead of 53 runs and when Tom Connolly and Michael Phung successfully negotiated the remaining 14 overs left on day one we came off at 0-30 and we were back in the game. With 10 wickets in hand and only 23 runs in arrears at the beginning of day two we hold high hopes of being able to put some pressure back onto the formidable Shore combination.

2nd XI-
SHORE – def. - HIGH K.Sivayogarayan (23), A.Ansareen (18n.o), K.Gunaratne (13), S.Dhingra 0 /12 (5), A.Ansareen 0 /9 (3), K.Gunaratne 0 /13 (5), K.Sivayogarayan 0 /17 (5),S.Sivayogarayan 2 /25 (10), D.Guptaa 0 / 6 (4), A.Ramesh 0 /9 (3) and D.Smith 0 /4 (1)
Winning the toss on a Shore deck which had something in it for both the bowling and fielding side. High elected to bat and were in trouble early. Shore's understanding of swing bowling was something which all batsmen and many high coaches coaching lower grade teams were in awe of as the opening bowlers managed to swing the ball both ways and cut it off the pitch. 1/8 at the 5th over, 4/20 at 15 overs. Little resistance or High spirit was shown from the boys except for the captain, who continued his fine form scoring 23 runs. Kumudika combined with him scoring 13 before both batsmen were dismissed off leading edges. Aadil provided resistance at the bottom of the batting order scoring 18 not out. Having been bowled out for 78 High set about defending the meagre total and did so with conviction and belief. The bowlers bowled generally to a 8, 1 field and did so with much success, with Shore only able to go along at 2 runs a over, a fine performance by the boys considering that Shore had wickets in the sheds. A spin master class was shown from Sai who bowled 2/25 of 10 overs, unlucky not to have more

The bowlers bowled generally to a 8, 1 field and did so with much success, with Shore only able to go along at 2 runs a over, a fine performance by the boys considering that Shore had wickets in the sheds. A spin master class was shown from Sai who bowled 2/25 of 10 overs, unlucky not to have more. Sachin and Aadil bowled an excellent opening spell creating many plays and misses. With Shore at 2/90, it will be an interesting second day

Batting; K.Sivayogarayan (23), A.Ansareen (18n.o), K.Gunaratne (13), A.Hughes (7) Bowling : S.Dhingra 0 /12 (5), A.Ansareen 0 /9 (3), K.Gunaratne 0 /13 (5), K.Sivayogarayan 0 /17 (5),S.Sivayogarayan 2 /25 (10), D.Guptaa 0 / 6 (4), A.Ramesh 0 /9 (3) and D.Smith 0 /4 (1)

3rd XI – No report issued by the captain or coach

4th XI-
High 6/200(32) O Pierce 76 S Danziger 46 L Li 32, O Pierce H Sit I Bari all 2 wickets each def Shore 8/192(32)
High 3/5 before a 100 run partnership between Shimon and Oliver resurrected the innings. With the help of the middle order lea by Leon, we reached our target of 200 on the last ball. They made a great start to an exciting innings. Shore was 0/61 after 10 and looked well on track before an incident involving a car stopped play. It all came down to the last few overs with 36 required off 6 and plenty of wickets in hand. We lifted our intensity in the field and took some crucial wickets in the end winning by 8 in a nail-biter.

5th XI -
SHORE 3/156 - defeated - High scored 9/97
Jason Pham, Eric Zhu and Francis Lin

16A XI
VS Shore - 3/265 (66), Anup Kaluve - 3/43 (16), Thilan Subasinghe 0/28 (10)
After a steady start by Shore, they were 0/69 after drinks. This week saw much more consistent bowling from our bowlers, but unfortunately we failed to take our opportunities. Furthermore, poor ground fielding and pointless dives were some of the main factors resulting to the high total. The only real resistance came from Anup Kaluve, who bowled tight and consistently, ending up with 3/43. Tushar also bowled very well, bouncing back from his forgettable performance last week

16B XI
SHORE 8/190 def. HIGH 10/103 Victor Ho (3/36), Vasu Bhakri (2/32) Chris Mao (32) and Simon Luong (26)
After winning the toss and sending the opposition in, High struck an early couple of blows, sending back the aggressive Shore openers with just 22 runs on the board. However, a big partnership then saw Shore reach 2/131. High regrouped and seized the initiative, taking 6/50 in the next 15 overs to bring the target to under 6 an over. However, our batting start was disastrous - losing a wicket to a peach of a first ball, High was soon 4/20 within 8 overs.

16C XI
High 9/71 vs. Shore 5/76 Eric 42, Alan 5, Ray 3 wickets
At the start of the match nothing much happened for the first over with the openers scoring 0 each for 3 overs. On the third over David got out and was replaced by Alan. Alan tried to drive all his shots through and obtained a 4 from a boundary. He then followed through with a single. As he tries to do it again he is caught by the opposition. As the game goes by Eric leads a strong score with his total of 42 smashing the balls everywhere. Alas at the end he was bowled by the opposition.

15A XI
SHORE 10/233 (57) vs. HIGH Philip Lam 4/27(10), George Farrugia 2/41(13), Lasith De Fonseka 1/22(3).High 1st Innings - 1/17 (9) Jason Zhang 5, Philip Lam 4*.
Shore won the toss and elected to bat. A bad start for High with Shore being 0/94 just after the first drinks break until we took quickly took 3 quick wickets for about 30 runs with great bowling from Tushaar, You Tao, Aditya and Andrew. Philip and George then came on and bowled many overs, restricting Shore and taking another few wickets. By the next drinks break, Shore was 6/148. A strong 9th wicket partnership was broken with a caught behind of some great bowling by Lasith. After a shaky start, it was overall a good day in the field. Jason and Philip went in to bat with half an hour of play left.

15B XI
Shore 8/185 (Sai Vimalanathan 3/28, Sagar Nagaraj 2/34, Haotian Zhang 1/23) defeated High 70 (Lokesh Sharma 26, Niroshan Selvakkumar 11, Michael Yu 6, Sharek Khan 6)
Shore won the toss and elected to bat, with their openers racing along to be 0/106 after 19 overs. Sagar got the opening breakthrough and the wickets continued to fall at regular intervals throughout the innings, with Sai finishing with 3 wickets. A monumental mix-up caused Sagar to be run out on the first ball of the innings and High struggled to recover early on, as impatience and lack of footwork saw the score progress to 4/13. However a great knock by Lokesh in the middle order stabilised the innings and meant Shore had to work a lot harder for their wickets.

15C XI
Shore: 4/76 - def. - High: 9/71 Eric (42), Alan Qi (5), Shabhan (2)
At the start of the match nothing much happened for the first over with the openers scoring 0 each for 3 overs. On the third over David got out and was replaced by Alan. Eric got a strong score with his total of 42. Shore managing to snare the victory with the loss of four wickets.

14A XI
VS Shore - 9/277 (63): Wicket takers: Kevin R 3-30 (10), Varunan M 2-31 (10), Raunak S 1-36 (10), Marc B 1-13 (4), Vishnu A 1-27 (5)
We won the toss and elected to bowl starting extremely well and having Shore 5-53 at the drinks break thanks to brilliant bowling by Varunan M and Kevin R, and a terrific run out by Niyzaul B. After this wonderful start Shore managed to build a partnership that held us out there until the 32nd over with them at 5-130. Determined to break the partnership we managed to find another 2 wickets and held them at 7-150 at the 40th over. From here unfortunately runs started to flow as they managed to creep through to the 200 mark after the loss of 8 wickets. Then, predominantly because of the heat, our battered attack sought one more wicket as they finished up at 9-277.

SHORE 3/79 - def. High - HIGH 10/76 Jason LIM (27), Raycole DAI (6), Aashray NARULA (4) Niyaz MOSTAFA - 1/0 (1), Jason LIN - 1/4 (2), Felix WANG - 1/4 (2)
Having lost the toss High was sent in to bat. Opening batsman Lim got the scoreboard going with a 27 run contribution. The top order attempted to support with Dai getting his 6 runs at a steady pace. A middle order collapse against the swing bowling of Shore saw the team struggle to reach its total. In the field wickets were picked up with a solid catch to Mostafa off the bowling of Lin and a perfect delivery from Wang to clip the top of off.

14C XI
Shore9/157 – def - High 8/143 Alex Wong (59) Peter Stephens (20) Alan Qiu (13) Alan Qiu – 13. Alex Wong - 4 Wickets, Peter Stephens & Shaleen Baranwal - 2 Wickets, Ian Zhou & Yilun Zhou - 1
Wicket After winning the toss, High elected to field and began well with early wickets from Alex and Peter. Good fielding along with some tight bowling saw High reach the break in a strong position with Shore at 5/59. However a drop in intensity and poor fielding resulted in Shore reaching an impressive 9/157 after 32. High after 16 were 3/54 and largely helped by a steady partnership by Peter and Alan. Although behind the required run rate, High remained confident as wickets were in hand. Alex got the run chase back on track with some hard hitting which led to him accomplishing his maiden half century.

13A XI
Shore 151 def High 99 Eli Hall 2/19, Peter Yu 1/7, Eli Hall 39, Rick Saha 15
This was a huge improvement on our last game. At one stage we had Shore 9/105 and in hindsight had we got the last Shore wicket early we could have come a lot closer. Eli was man of the match by performing strongly with the ball and bat. A top effort by all of the team and we are looking for a win next week. A big thank you to Mr. Nimac for scoring and Mr. Pope and Mr. Koslowski for umpiring.

Shore (5/265) (Saran’s 3 wickets) - def. - High 13Bs (9/61) (Fayez Bin Alam 11, Louis Shtein 10
It became apparent that Shore was a skilled and powerful lineup as they hit boundaries at regular intervals. However despite this, High were able to create many opportunities. With more practice and concentration, High will definitely be able to capitalize on these chances in the upcoming weeks and restrict the opposition to attainable totals. Our batsmen showed tremendous patience and determination as we were able to bat the whole 32 overs without being bowled out. Credit must go Saransh for his three wickets and Fayez and Louis for their batting performances.

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Sydney High Water Polo

Round 7

Opens v Barker College Won 5 - 4
Anticipation was high this Saturday for a return to winning form for the Opens team. Training over the previous weeks had seen many of the boys staying back quite late, working on their skills and fitness. The addition to our squad of Darren and Max Chien was a further boost to our game, and allowed the trial of a new offensive formation.

High took the opening lead with 2 unanswered goals from Oliver Sabau. The second quarter was more closely contested, but a highlight was the solid effort in defending 3 attacks on end - 90 seconds of goal line defense without cracking. The half time score read 3-3 and at three quarter time 4-4. Sticking to the basics in the final quarter, High found the net through Brendan Hancock and was able to maintain the margin. Our game plan proved very successful, and it was a deserved victory for the boys.
Samuel Beston

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Sydney Boys High Football AGM

5.00pm, Monday 28th of February. Staff Common Room, Main building.

Sydney Boys High football requires the input of parents to help run and develop the program. High Football is in need of parents to become more involved in the organisation and running of teams, as well becoming involved in the football committee that oversees the development and implementation of the program.

In particular we need parents to become involved in the coaching and managing of teams this year.

A meeting will be held on Monday 28th of February at 5pm in the Staff Common Room to outline what needs to be done to ensure that football at High continue to grow and improve. Key points to be addressed at the meeting include:

  • Election of The Sydney High Football committee.
  • Discussion of fundraising initiatives to help fund the football program.
  • Outlining the roles of team coaches and managers.

Parents of Year 7 boys and new students to the school this year are particularly encouraged to attend. If you are unable to attend, but are interested and able to support the program in some way please, email me and let me know how you may be able to help out.
Mr R Gifford
MIC Football
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Shore

High vs Shore 2010 Term 4 (Last time)

1st WIN 80-55 C MOLLER 28
2nd LOSS 47-37 N AUTAR 8
3rd LOSS 40-27 B OU 11
5th WIN 45-21 N LEONG 10
6th WIN 42-26 J HYDE PARK 16
7th LOSS 32-18 C YE 6
16C WIN 19-17 J CHUNG 6
16D WIN 19-14 W CHOI  7
16F LOSS 30-28 A ZHOU 14
15A LOSS 26-31 J  LEO 7
15B WIN 28-26 W LIU 9
15C LOSS 31-38 S PHAM 10
15D LOSS 31-38 J GILL-LEE 10
15E WIN 48-16 D SUN 23
15F WIN 29-14 R IP 14
14A LOSS 49-19 J YANG 8
14B LOSS 18-19 P KING 9
14C WIN 41-24 C WANG 12
14D LOSS 20-37 K SZET 6
14E WIN 17-16 H ZHU 7
14F WIN 28-14 S ZHANG 6

High vs Shore 2011 Term 1 (This time)

1st WIN 90-52 C. MOLLER 21
2nds LOSS 40-44 B.MCGLENCHY 10
3rd LOSS 21-31 B. OU 6
4th LOSS 23-40 G.LI  7
15B LOSS 23-31 S.WANG 6
15C WIN 38-27 B.TRUONG 16
15D WIN 33-29 S.NORONHA 6
15E WIN 42-14 E.WANG 10
15F WIN 44-16 MVP J.MA
14A LOSS 53-19 K.LIANG 11
14B LOSS 24-22 S.MCKENNA 8
14C WIN 38-37 K.LU 16
14D WIN 44-42 K.SZET,D.WANG 12
13A LOSS 30-14 J.GEK MVP
13C LOSS 36-2 T.DANG 2

1st Grade Table

First Grade Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 9 9 0 769 445 18
Newington 9 7 2 621 396 16
Scots 9 7 2 667 473 16
St. Ignatius' 9 5 4 614 641 14
St. Joseph's 9 4 5 510 572 13
Shore 9 2 7 483 641 11
Kings 9 1 8 320 625 10
Grammar 9 1 8 420 611 10

High continues to dominate the ladder with a 38 point win over Shore. Newington came back into equal second place after a 1 point win against Scots and both sides will provide strong competition for the premiership at the end of the season. A home game this week against 5th placed Joeys will be a tight contest and I urge everyone from the school (even if you don't play basketball) to come and support our 1st grade side. The huge tunnel we made for them last week really set the atmosphere of the game and created true High Spirit.

Match Reports
Had a great win on the weekend? Don’t be afraid to write up a report straight after your game and send it in to Mr Hayman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Crowd Attendance – Show your High Spirit!
The tunnel made for the 1st grade side on Saturday was an excellent show of support for the High Basketball team. We want this to happen every week because the support for the 1sts and 2nds help them perform and creates a great atmosphere for the games. This means that if you are playing at home or are in another sport and want to watch a high quality basketball game please come to the gym for the 1st grade match at 11:15 and if possible the 2nd grade match at 10:00. It was great seeing juniors come and watch our senor teams after finishing their own games…….

Note to all teams: Please find out where you are playing and at what time so that when the game starts you are warmed up and ready to play!

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SHS Rowing Committee

Kings/PLC Regatta Results
Conditions at SIRC (Penrith) haven’t been ideal for rowing regattas so far this season with some events once again being cancelled due to the heat. In their one race, the School 1st VIII improved on their time from the week before finishing in 6.27.31, and the School 2nd VIII rowed the 2000m in the time of 6.51.56, much the same as last week. It is great to see senior boys in both crews turning up consistently now for training and racing.

The Year 10 1st VIII had their first experience racing at SIRC this season and did the 2000m in 7.12.26. Unfortunately, three Year 10 boys in the 2nd VIII didn’t turn up for the Regatta which left 6 committed boys unable to race in the Year 10 2nd VIII at SIRC. This was very disappointing for Sydney High Rowing.

GPS Junior Regatta Results
The Years 8 and 9 Quads competed in an informal regatta at Hen & Chicken Bay. While no points were awarded the boys had some racing practice.

Point Score
At this stage of the season we are in 7th position on the GPS Junior Point Score ladder, one point in front of Scots. Let’s keep racing fast!

This Week at Rowing – Saturday 26 February -

  • Sydney Rowing Club Regatta at SIRC for our School 1st and 2nd Eights
  • Shore Regatta for all Year 10, Year 9 and Year 8 crews at Hen & Chicken Bay

Upcoming Events –

  • Year 10 Melbourne Trip – Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 5th March where the Year 10 rowers will be guests of Melbourne High School. They will experience rowing on the Yarra River and race the Melbourne crews.
  • Rowing Boatshed Dinner – Wednesday 23rd March in the Great Hall for all rowers and parents
  • SBHS Regatta – Saturday 26th March. This is a full regatta and we will need many parents helping with this event from 6am until approx 2pm.

Rowing Regatta entries and results can be found at www.rowingnsw.asn.au.
If you would like to receive information from the Rowing Committee please send your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Good luck to all crews
Julie Blomberg

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Swimming News

School Swimming Carnival 2011 The school swimming carnival was held on Monday 14hrd February at Des Renford Pool, Maroubra. The carnival was well attended with over 850 boys showing up. It was great to see so many boys participating in so many events. This year, we have discovered some extraordinary talent, especially in the junior Years, with many school records broken. All results/records can be viewed on the school website listed below:


In Summary House points and age champions are as follows:

  1     Eedy       190   148    338     
  2     Fairland   143   142    285     
  3     Rubie      141    99    240     
  4     Torrington 112   128    240     
  5     Saxby       90   148    238     
  6     McKay      108   128    236     

Record Holders

  Backstroke 50-100m
  12        Male    Kazuo NAKAMURA  McKay   0'40.60 Mins    8/02/2010       
  13    Male    Leonard MAH     Eedy    0'36.90 Mins    8/02/2010       
  14    Male    Leonard MAH     Rubie   0'34.25 Mins    14/02/2011      
  15    Male    ELLIS LOUIE     Eedy    0'32.03 Mins    4/02/2003       
  16    Male    Max CHIEN       Eedy    1'16.70 Mins    8/02/2010       
  17_O  Male    Max CHIEN       Eedy    1'18.10 Mins    14/02/2011      

Breaststroke 50-100m 12_U Male DOMINIC MAH Eedy '44.96 Mins 8/02/2008 13 Male Kenny LA Fairland'38.78 Mins 3/02/2004 14 Male ANDREW REIS Eedy '35.57 Mins 4/02/2003 15 Male Andrew REIS Eedy '33.44 Mins 3/02/2004 16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 1'10.00 Mins 8/02/2005 17_O Male Benjamin CHOW Rubie 1'05.00 Mins 8/02/2005

Butterfly 50-100m 12_U Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '38.25 Mins 8/02/2010 13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay '32.47 Mins 14/02/2011 14 Male Patrick ZHOU Torring '33.11 Mins 3/02/2009 15 Male ELLIS LOUIE Eedy '29.83 Mins 4/02/2003 16 Male MAXIMILLIAN KITETorring '52.27 Mins 8/02/2008 17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torring 1'02.25 Mins 3/02/2004 Freestyle 100m 12_U Male Jason QIU Fairland1'15.00 Mins 14/02/2011 13 Male Kazuo NAKAMURA McKay 1'05.05 Mins 14/02/2011 14 Male Leonard MAH Rubie 1'02.30 Mins 14/02/2011 15 Male Eugene LEE Rubie 0'59.70 Mins 14/02/2011 16 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 1'03.29 Mins 8/02/2005 17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torringt0'55.57 Mins 3/02/2004 Freestyle 200m 12_U Male Jason QIU Fairland2'40.70 Mins 14/02/2011 13 Male MAX CHIEN Eedy 2'36.02 Mins 2/02/2007 14 Male Michael SAWANG McKay 2'22.80 Mins 14/02/2011 15 Male Andrew REIS Eedy 2'18.72 Mins 3/02/2004 16 Male Max CHIEN Eedy 2'27.00 Mins 8/02/2010 17_O Male Thomas MILLER Torringt2'05.41 Mins 3/02/2004

Age Champions 2011

12 Years- Jason Qiu
13 Years- Kazuo Nakamura
14 Years- Michael Sawang
15 Years- Eugene Lee
16 Years- Shaun Pak
17+ Years- Max Chien

Congratulations to all participants and age champions.

The GPS relay (4X100) medley
Despite our best efforts we were unable to overcome a strong Newington relay team who went on to win the GPS invitational relay event. Congratulations to them. SBHS finished 5th. Well done boys.

GPS Captains dinner (Shore School) - Monday night 14th Feb 2011
Congratulations to both Max Chien and Jeremy Dobrowolski who represented our school with such pride at the Captains dinner on Monday night. They were both fine ambassadors for the school. Max’s speech impressed the swimming MICs. In short his speech emphasised the importance of training, love for swimming, commitment and never give up attitude and always perform to the best of your ability. A key feature of the speech focussed on High’s attitude towards sport which was one of always performing to your best, whether you are first or last. Well done.

GPS Carnival 1 – Newington
The 1st GPS carnival was held last Friday at Newington College Stanmore. We were able to field a full strength swim team led by our captain Max Chien. As it was the start of the season most of our senior swimmers were a little rusty. I am hopeful that with further training our overall performance should improve from last year. We welcome to the team our new swimmers, Jason Qiu, Tiger Tsang, Kyne Kim, Michael Sawang, William Chen, Nelson Tang and Kenny Kwang. A strong performance by the Juniors saw HIGH take out 10 events out of 56. A fantastic result. Well done, boys. Results can be viewed on R Drive, Sport Swimming folder.
P Loizou
MIC swimming

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Tennis report High vs. Shore

High tennis has had a great start to the season. We now have a 2-0 winning ratio after beating Shore on Saturday 10-2. The day started as usual, warm up, introduction, and doubles played first. Patrick and myself were first to complete our match with a comfortable win, second to finish were Lachlan and Robert who had a great win to confirm a winning doubles ratio. Unfortunately, George and Frank went down after a long match against two consistent players. Our singles on Saturday is where we dominated most. With 5 matches won out of the 6, each player has gained an extra bit of confidence for our next round against Joeys. Even though Robert lost his match we are all confident that he will start putting up the singles wins in the matches to come as he is currently in a building stage. The impressive wins on Saturday were, Frank and George; in their singles they defeated their opponents quite comfortably with a 6-3 6-0 win for George, and a 6-1 6-3 win for Frank. Lachlan showed true character in his win on Saturday, he was up a set and 5-3 with a match point and all of a sudden found himself down a break in the third. It takes a lot out of a player to just forget about the drastic change and continue without wanting to break a racquet but Lachlan pulled through in the end. Patrick overcame a great amount of frustration against a very consistent tennis player, and despite being down a break in the second set Patrick managed to prevail in straight sets. We go into the coming Saturday against Joeys with a great amount of confidence and our expectations are high.
Arman Abdollahi

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

SBHS Big Night Out – Change of Date

PLEASE NOTE: Due to conflict with a major parking event at the school (Neil Diamond concert) the date for Sydney Boys High Big Night Out has been changed to – Sunday 27th March – starting promptly at 5.00pm.

High families are gearing up to help out with food preparation for Big Night Out. Over the next few weeks in the count down to 27th March, we will be calling for parent help for our various food stations.

The Big Night Out Entrée Team is calling for volunteers to make sushi rolls, rice paper rolls and filo pastries for Big Night Out - Sunday 27th March.

If you can help, please contact Sachiyo James on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0403-482-530.

Thank you!!!!

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events

Fencing Supporters Group Meeting – 4.30pm, Monday 28th February, Staff Common Room
Football Committee Annual General Meeting
- 5.00pm, Monday 28th February, Staff Common Room
Rowing Committee Meeting – 7.00pm, Tuesday 1st March, Staff Common Room,
Cricket Committee Meeting – 6.00pm, Wednesday 2nd March, Staff Common Room
P and C General Meeting – 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th March, Staff Common Room SBHS
Big Night Out for families – 5.00pm, Sunday 27th March, Great Hall and Courtyard

The Big Night Out Dessert Team

The Big Night Out Dessert Team is calling for parents to make chocolate cake and meringues for Big Night Out - Sunday 27th March.

Just make at home and bring to the Staff Common Room at school on either Friday 25th or Sunday 27th March.

If you can help, please contact Susan Adams on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0411 412 332.

Thank you!!!!

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Big Night Out 2011

Sydney Boys High Family Event of the Year

Mark Your Diaries Now. Everyone is welcome – Old Boys, New Boys, Staff and all your families.

5.00pm Sunday 27th March
(note change of date)

Great Hall & Courtyard

All our favourites are back. Music, Dance, Games, Delicious Food Stalls

$20.00 a ticket for 3 courses and more. Come and support the High Family friend and fundraiser.

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SBHS Cricket Dinner 2011

SBHS Cricket will celebrate the 2011 cricket season at the SBHS Cricket dinner on

Wednesday 30th March 2011
at 6.00 for 6.30pm pm in the Great hall

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and $25 per student.

Players are asked to take responsibility for coaches’ thank you gifts on a team by team basis - captains, please organize. LAST DAY FOR PAYMENT AT THE MAIN OFFICE IS FRIDAY 18th MARCH. Tickets are limited. Boys are to wear school uniform at the dinner. Some soft drinks will be provided and students may bring additional soft drinks. Parents may BYO wine/beer, if they wish. Please detach the form [available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes] and hand it in with payment at the Main Office before 19th March 2011

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SBHS Annual Basketball Dinner

Celebrate another fantastic year of basketball at High by organising your team to attend the 7th Annual Basketball Dinner and finish the year in winning style!!!

Every team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player. 1 minute speeches will be made by staff members about their age groups and players will be able to show their thanks to them as well! The team with the best highlight footage of their season will show off their talent on the big screen. There will be a raffle and auction for huge prizes. Be there to win any of the following: Gourmet Food Safari Wine, Courtside Corporate Box tickets to the Sydney Kings last home game and more…..

When: Friday, 1/4/ 11, 6:00pm. End of Night 9:30pm.

Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

Who: Players, parents, friends, supporters and coaches of all teams!

1) Because the friendships made through SBHS basketball last a lifetime
2) Because the program has improved significantly this season and requires your support for this to continue.

*All drinks will be provided on the night. Alcohol is BYO. Advise when booking if a vegetarian meal is required. 210 seats only. If you won an award make sure you pay ASAP.
NB: Proceeds from ticket sales etc go into the basketball program to help improve future basketball for our juniors.

Please return the slip [available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes] with $35/per person to the front office by 18 MARCH 2011.

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